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Josh: Babe, anything you need, I'm here.

Ryan: I'm not going anywhere, Kendall. I'm not, not as long as you need me.

Kendall: They -- they -- they took Zach down like some wild animal, Ryan. And I tried to help him. I tried to be there for him, but -- but he hates me. I don't understand this. I never, ever thought he would ever look at me like that.

Ryan: I've seen rage like that before, Kendall. Hell, I've -- I've felt it, and it's too much to be all on one person.

Kendall: No, no, you're wrong. You're wrong -- I felt it. I felt all of that hate aimed right at me.

Ryan: And me and everyone.

Kendall: I -- I don't know how this happened. I have no idea who he is anymore.

Jack: Come on, Derek, what are you trying to prove? You can punch lower, play dirtier than any criminal out there?

Kendall: It's ok, go on. I'll be fine. I'll be fine.

Ryan: Hey.

Livia: Hey. You stay.

Jack: Come on, Derek. You know this is premature.

Derek: Jack, you know the system.

Jack: So you bring in Pennsylvania and New York? Now, what are they supposed to do -- arm-wrestle to see who gets to prosecute Ms. McDermott first?

Livia: I guess I got here just in time. I'm Livia Frye. I represent Ms. McDermott.

Jack: Please meet Stanford Wiler, one of New York City’s glorious assistant DAs, and I believe you know our own local prosecutorial god.

Livia: I wish I could say it was a pleasure, but it's not.

DA: You're making a lot of noise about normal, everyday procedure.

Jack: No, I'm making a lot of noise about a lot of cheap muscle flexing.

DA: You flexed enough to get your murderer out on bail.

Livia: Come on, guys! This is legal overkill. The bottom line is one flesh wound and one dead piece of scum.

Ryan: Exactly. Terry McDermott is dead, he's gone, and he's never going to tear anybody apart ever again.

Jonathan: I'm here, Lily -- Jonathan. Your dad asked me to come. It's amazing, huh? All I've wanted is to be with you, and your dad, of all people, helped out of a -- out of a really tough spot so I could be here. Your father loves you very much, Lily, and he wants you to know that you're safe, that it's safe to come back.

Amanda: What's it like to be loved like that? It must make everything better, fix whatever's wrong.

Erica: It's the best chance we have.

Jonathan: Lily, please talk to me. Terry's dead, Lily. He can never hurt you or anyone else again. You're completely safe now, no margin for error, just like -- just like the equations that you like to do. The problem is solved. I found the answer. You are completely safe. And you can --

Josh: Tell me anything you want. Tell me what you need -- anything.

Babe: What do I need? Hmm. I need to get to work.

Josh: Babe, don't just --

Babe: No, our ads have to be ready to air by the end of next week.

Josh: All right, I'll give it my best shot. I think we can come up with what you need. What do you say?

Simone: Oh, there are times, Dani, that I am glad that I have to work because it's a challenge. Oh, gosh. You know, you have to check your life crud at the door and get on with the day-to-day business of business because you know what? In actuality, no one really cares about your angsty personal issues -- nobody cares. You have to get on with your life. Babe -- huh. I -- I didn't mean you. I mean, you can hold on to your personal issues and all that. I mean, Lord, you have a whole hell of a lot to park at the door. Well, I -- you know, I mean, with J.R.’s sister missing and possibly even --

Danielle: Simone, what about work?

Simone: Well -- well, you know, Josh, with your parent issues -- oh, you know what? It's a miracle you can even walk and talk at the same time. My God, my dad is a shrink, so I know about issues.

Danielle: Hey, time-out!

Simone: What?

Danielle: What about work -- remember, the glory of the challenge? You asked me to cue up the 30-second spot.

Simone: Oh, yeah.

Danielle: Babe?

Babe: Oh, yeah, there's not much to see, but go for it.

Annie: You know I didn't mean to shoot Ryan.

Kendall: Of course not.

Annie: You know that I'm sorry that Jonathan was arrested.

Kendall: Me, too. I am glad he shot that Terry guy. Sorry, sorry. Um -- I know that he was your -- your little girl's father, but at least he can't hurt anyone anymore.

Annie: All those years together thinking I loved Terry, I never really knew him. I just knew his lies and the man he'd invented for me. So now I need to fight a dead man I didn't even really know for my daughter.

Kendall: You could actually lose Emma?

Annie: I could go to jail. I've got Emma hidden, so it's -- it's not like they can just hand her off to someone right now, but --

Kendall: Livia won't let that happen. I have faith in her. I do, I have faith in her and Ryan. He's the best. As long as you have Ryan on your side, you'll be fine.

Annie: Thanks for sharing -- Ryan, I mean.

Kendall: I can't share Ryan. He's not mine to share.

Ryan: Annie shot me by mistake. It was an accident.

Derek: Because the plan was to shoot her husband?

Ryan: Derek, there was no plan!

DA: Your shooting supports Ms. McDermott’s assertion that her husband was a madman who had to be stopped.

Derek: She was so upset, so distraught by the thought of her husband coming back to take her daughter, the woman shoots her protector and savior instead.

DA: Meanwhile, Jonathan Lavery is stalking this guy he found his soon-to-be ex-wife with in New York --

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa --

DA: Where she went willingly.

Jack: Hold on a second.

DA: She's meeting this same man again, also willingly, no coercion.

Jack: We told you how this happened!

Ryan: Whoa, whoa, wait a minute, wait a minute. You think Annie convinced my brother to kill Terry?

DA: Payoff for your brother is pretty obvious. McDermott’s death was the sure end to whatever went on between him and your daughter.

Jack: Ok. Derek, you, me, outside now.

Jack: Where is your memory, Derek? Garret Williams, going after Dani, what he wanted to do to her? Now, do you really think that Lily was asking for it, that she wanted to have an affair with Terry McDermott -- my Lily?

Derek: This is the district attorney's show. You prove to me Terry McDermott was a perv, I'll use it. Until then, I --

Ryan: If you morons think that you can pull this off --

Livia: Ryan -- I'm sorry. Just go outside, Ryan.

Jack: Ryan, listen to me -- just leave. Go for a walk, a 10-mile run, a swim, something. Just let me handle this, ok? Your brother trusts me enough to represent him. I need you to trust me, too.

Ryan: You better not screw this up, Jackson. Hey, it's me. What do you got? Well, you keep on that, all right, and remember that I am behind you whatever it takes. Ok. Something you want to know?

Annie: Yeah -- can I ship you home and force you to get some rest?

Ryan: Nope.

Annie: All right. Then how about you sit down, maybe put your feet up, and I'll get you a glass of water? Something stronger, if I can find it.

Ryan: Oh. I take lemon in my water.

Annie: Oh, high-maintenance.

Ryan: Yeah.

Annie: Would you just sit down while I find the cop in charge of citrus? Hmm?

Simone: Ok, well, ah, it needs some work, but I like it, you know? The music's good. I need a mocha frappe -- anyone? Babe? Josh?

Babe: I'm ok, thank you.

Josh: I'm good.

Simone: Are you sure? You know, I am going to bring you back some fuel. Dani!

Babe: It's tired. It's the same thing, and it's my second attempt. I obviously can't do anything right. What?

Josh: Do you realize what you did for me? I cried. That was huge.

Babe: Josh, that coffin that you built for yourself -- no one should ever have to go through pain like that.

Josh: Yeah, but everyone does, Babe. And if I ever have to go through anything like that ever again, can I come to you?

Babe: Of course, you can.

Josh: Now, why are you looking at those?

Babe: Uh, I'm on a deadline?

Josh: Babe, Colby is missing. We all know what that could mean -- J.R., Adam, everyone has to be going crazy right now, and you are in the middle of it. Why can't I do for you what you did for me? At least let me try -- if not now, whenever you're ready.

Babe: Did I really help you?

Josh: Babe, you understood what it meant to me. No matter how screwed up it seemed, I had to share that experience with the man who raised me.

Babe: Josh --

Josh: I had to sort out of my feelings for what they did to him and how he died. Babe, I needed you. I will always need you.

Babe: Josh, I did not mean to bring that out of you again.

Josh: You didn’t.

Babe: Oh! Yeah, I did. I was fishing -- "Tell me I matter, Josh. Tell me how important I am." I -- I shouldn't have. I haven't any right.

Josh: What, to the truth? That you mean the world to me, that I need you? I'm not ashamed to say that.

Babe: It has to stop.

Josh: I can't stop loving you, Babe. You were there for me when I needed you. You were the only friend that was there for me, when I was completely alone. Let me help make things easier for you. I can.

[The elevator door opens and Kendall walks in as Babe and Josh hug. As Kendall tries to work at her desk, Babe and Josh steer clear of each other.]

Simone: Ok! So, we got them all with double shots. Got an extra just for you.

Kendall: Why, thank you.

Simone: Of course, love.

Kendall: Ok, so have you seen the college focus group studies?

Simone: Ah, yes, and you know what? They love us, but the winter tints didn't pull the numbers that I expected.

Kendall: Oh.

Simone: I know.

Kendall: That's weird.

Simone: It shocked me.

Danielle: Here.

Babe: Thank you.

[Distracted by Josh, Babe absentmindedly staples her hand.]

Babe: Ow! Aah!

Simone: What happened?

Kendall: What is your problem?

Josh: Hey, you all right? What'd you do?

Babe: Oh, nothing, I'm ok.

Danielle: That's blood.

Simone: Oh, my God, there's blood?

Josh: Let me get some antibiotic --

Babe: You guys, I am cool. I'll take care of it.

Simone: Oh. Aah!

Josh: Oh!

Simone: Oh, gosh, that looked horrible.

Josh: What?

Kendall: Babe really is the center of your universe, isn't she?

Josh: Yeah, well, what do you think you're going to do about it?

Jonathan: You remember how I wanted to fill our tree house with daisies? And you wouldn't let me? You wouldn't let me cut them down because you knew they'd die. So we -- we dug them up, and we put them each in cups, and we kept them in the tree house. I wish I was with you in the tree house right now watching those daisies bloom. Lily? Hey, I'm -- I'm going to be right back. Ok? I won't be gone long, I promise. I'll be right back.

Amanda: If anyone can reach her, it's you. She needs you, Jonathan. And I don't want you to think -- I understand, ok?

Jonathan: Thank you. Thank you.

Amanda: You need her, too. Oh. Look, what you two have is really beautiful.

[Jonathan gratefully kisses Amanda on the forehead then leaves.]

Jonathan: Thank you.

Amanda: Hey, Lily. Guess what I have -- our lucky dollar. Look -- our silver piece. I'm just keeping it safe for you. It's yours, Lily, just like Jonathan.

Jeff: Oh. Sorry, I -- I didn't mean to startle you.

[Erica sighs]

Jeff: Lily -- no better?

Erica: Well, Jonathan is in there now. He's -- he's talking to her. He's trying to reach her. But Lily is just lying there. She's lying there in her own world. She's not responding to the man who adores her, who she adores. I just hate that Lily’s all alone right now.

Jeff: Well, she has you and a blue shawl that turns red purple?

Erica: You heard that?

Jeff: Part of why I want to get to know you better.

Erica: Why do I feel so uneasy?

Jeff: Because, uh, you're thinking, after all these years, you have to play catch-up with a guy who didn't get you the first time around.

Erica: To tell you the truth, I don't think that I even got me the first time around.

Jeff: Oh, yes, you did. I watched your show today. You always knew that you were going to be bigger, burn brighter. You were already a star. Me? I had blinders on.

Jonathan: It hit me that you could use our song right now. Do you remember? No matter how -- how bad or how stressful any of our days were, that -- that we would -- we'd play this before bed, because it would guarantee good dreams.

[While a sweet melody plays, Erica and Jeff sit and chat over coffee, the women of Fusion work happily together, Josh and Babe keep smiling at each other while putting the finishing touches on a campaign, and Ryan holds Annie’s hand at the police station until he spots Erin.]

Jonathan: Please, Lily, talk to me. Show me that you know I'm here. Please talk to me.

Ryan: Come on out! Everybody out! I want you all to know I have the solution. I realize you all want to think that this was a complex plan to kill an innocent man who got in his wife's way. Well, I think this will prove you wrong.

Jack: And what is that?

Ryan: It's Terry McDermott’s laptop straight from his hotel room in Philly. Now, I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready to let the dead man speak for himself.

Derek: Let's start with the one to victorious. "Sweet Tori, all love and congratulations on your 14th birthday. My new woman. We passed a milestone last night, didn't we? I felt new with you and so good, I imagined you all night. Did you still feel -- feel me with you this morning?" Here's one to Lily. "Lily, I want 2 see U. We should meet, but I'm scared. It has to be alone. I get too anxious around normal people because of my disorder. You're different because you're like me, and we're the same age. It feels safe if it's just U and me." He signed it "Asperger Boy."

Jack: I told you he tricked her into seeing him.

Ryan: He's a pervert.

Stanford: None of which has any bearing on Ms. McDermott’s actions in New York.

Livia: You have got to be kidding.

Stanford: She defied a court order.

Livia: Which would never have been issued if the judge had been apprised of the facts.

Stanford: That isn't the issue.

Jack: Oh, for God’s sake, of course, that's the issue!

Ryan: He is sick, and he's twisted.

DA: Even if that's true -- and we have no proof that this is legitimate evidence -- your brother did not have the right to take McDermott’s life.

Jack: A few months ago, I would have been 100% behind these prosecutions. It took me a long time to realize the truth of all this, but I know it now. And I will tell you, if you continue on with these prosecutions of Jonathan Lavery and Ms. McDermott, I will go public. Loudly, visibly public. Jonathan loved my daughter. And he saved her not once, but twice from Terry McDermott. I owe him a debt that I can never repay, but I will try. And I'll tell you how I will try. I will see your careers crumbling around you before I will see Jonathan Lavery do one day of jail time. You follow me? Do you want to know where he is right now? He's at the hospital, trying to reach my daughter, trying to get through the damage and trauma that Terry McDermott here caused. Oh, come on, gentlemen, what good will prosecuting these two do? All that happened in both of these cases is that someone cared enough about another person -- a mother for her daughter, a young man for the woman he loves -- to put themselves in harm's way, to put themselves at risk to protect another human being. I'm not asking you to toss the law out, I am asking you serve the law without any thought toward personal advancement. Because, gentlemen, that is what we are supposed to do, isn't it? Huh? Aren't we supposed to serve and protect? Well, that is exactly what Jonathan Lavery and Annie McDermott did.

Jonathan: I'm so sorry I tricked you. I did the wrong thing. I should never have lied to you. But the love -- the love was real. Lily, that was not a lie. The way that -- that I needed you and you needed me, the way that we were -- we were better together than apart -- that wasn't a lie. I wish that I could just -- I wish I could just pull you back from wherever you are right now, but -- but I can't touch you, so -- so -- but -- I was going to give this to you after I packed up your things, but -- I kept carrying it, just in case. I'll hold on to one end if you hold on to the other. Here.

[Jonathan gently lays one end of a silk scarf over Lily’s hand.]

Jonathan: Please, Lily. Please hold on to me.

Erica: Josh doesn't hate me. He actually told me that himself. That's pretty big, right?

Jeff: No, that's huge. When did this happen?

Erica: The night that we couldn't find Lily -- the -- the night that she was with that Terry person. I went to see Josh. I needed him to know that -- well, look, I was so worried about Lily. I -- it brought back a lot of really horrible memories, and I -- I just know that things can happen to a girl who's that vulnerable.

Jeff: Well, you've learned that from experience.

Erica: Yes, but I wanted Josh to know that -- I wanted him to know that he wasn't one of those terrible things that was done to me. I wanted him to know that he wasn't "done" to me. Do you know what I mean?

Jeff: Did he understand?

Erica: Well, it's all been such a shock. You know, finding out who he is and how it all happened, and -- I just wanted him to know -- I just want our son to find a life that brings him joy.

Jeff: If Josh gives you a chance, he'll realize just how lucky a guy he really is.

Josh: That's all it needed.

Babe: Yeah, and now it is --

Josh: Fresh.

Babe: Fresh, yes.

Josh: Uh -- I still have time to catch Riley, run these numbers --

Babe: Yeah.

Josh: So I'll see you in a little bit.

Babe: Ok.

Kendall: I found the answer.

Babe: Did I ask you a question?

Kendall: No, actually, I did, but I think you really need to hear the answer. On the roof, when we were talking about the guys who hurt us, and how we can't forgive them, it just hit me. We can't. Because if we forgive them, it's like giving them permission to do it all over again -- and they will. So you don't ever forgive them, ever. It's the only answer that makes any kind of sense.

Kendall: I'm telling you to get it together. Ok? Where's the tough decision here? A great caring guy who wants to be there for you and -- and support you and protect you? Or the not-so-great guy who lies to you and keeps secrets and hurts you and makes you suffer? And he's the one that you stick with? It's -- it's time to stop being stupid and get a clue or buy one or something.

Simone: Question -- well, it's a public discussion, right? Which good guy/bad guy combo are we talking about here? J.R. and Josh, or Zach and Ryan?

Kendall: It -- it's a generalization about life, ok? You hook up with a not-so-good guy --

Simone: And he's there. Right? All gorgeous and misunderstood --

Kendall: Hmm.

Simone: He needs you, and maybe, just maybe you can change him.

Danielle: Oh, yeah, right -- like that ever happens.

Simone: Seriously.

Danielle: But you fall for his charm and the motorcycle --

Simone: Motorcycle?

Danielle: They're hot, yeah.

Simone: Ok.

Kendall: So you click with the bad boy, but you stick around, because you've invested time and energy and emotion.

Simone: You love him.

Kendall: Or you think you do.

Danielle: And you can't turn love on and off. It rules you.

Kendall: And you have no idea if the night's going to end up in hot, steamy sex or tears.

Simone: Or both.

Babe: And then suddenly, out of nowhere, another guy comes on the scene.

Kendall: Yeah, and he's got so many of the qualities that you used to list.

Danielle: Oh, on your notebook when Mr. Creech was drawing on and on about the Mesopotamians.

Babe: And he's everything you always thought you wanted. But he's the new guy, not the investment.

Kendall: Or maybe he's not so new. Maybe you've known him for ages, and he's back in your life again. Well, I don't even have a man in my life.

Babe: Oh.

Kendall: Never mind two of them.

Babe: Really?

Kendall: So -- yeah, really. So obviously, the conversation here is about Babe.

Babe: Me?

Kendall: Yes, you have two men on strings.

Simone: The best guy in the entire world was mine for a while. Yeah. Dreamy, sexy, loving, even. Why anyone would pick the other -- obviously, they just want to be hurt. I mean, you -- you want your -- your man -- your guy to be able to -- to be there for you. You know, you help him as much as -- as he helps you. Now, I had that. You know, Ethan -- he never hurt me, he never broke my heart. Well, you know, until he died. I'm telling you, if I ever find a man half as wonderful as Ethan was, I am grabbing onto him, ladies, and I am never letting go. And that speech actually made sense.

[After Ryan gets off the elevator, he stands next to Josh.]

Danielle: If you wish them, they'll come.

Livia: Justice was served. I know it cost the department a big investigation and probably a lot of overtime, but you don't look too unhappy.

Derek: I'm a simple guy. No jokes, Livia.

Livia: I never joke with the chief of police, or with my baby brother.

Derek: I don't ask for much -- my daughter safe and reasonably happy, my job, to chug along with as few ulcers as possible.

Annie: I can't believe it. I mean, it'll -- it'll really happen, won't it?

Erin: Yes, yes, you're in the clear. You're in the clear. They're going to make the bench warrant go away.

Annie: Oh, my God. Ah! Emma! Hi, my little girl! Oh! Come here, come here, come here, come here.

Derek: And every now and then, I like a happy ending.

Jack: Hi, sweetheart. It's me. It's Daddy. I have some great news for you. Jonathan won't have to stand trial. He's safe.

Jonathan: See? We're both safe now.

Jack: Please come back to us. We both love you so much.

[Lily recalls unhappy events from her past when people took advantage of her.]

Lily: No -- no red, no red. No red, no red. No red. [Echoing] Don't touch me.

China: Stop, Chantal. Lily's not a moron.

Autumn: She's special.

Chantal: Prove it, Lily. Prove you're hot. Drink this.

China: It's just a milkshake.

Chantal: Our special brand for our special friends. Like you.

[Girls laugh]

Boy's voice: [Echoing] Once. We'll see.

[Lily sighs]

Terry: I'm afraid of them. They're normal. They don't like people like us. We're the same. You make me feel good. You're just like me.


Lily: [Echoing] No. No. No. No. No. No.

Jonathan's voice: [Echoing] You're safe with me. I love you. We're a lot alike, Lily. We -- we are. Because -- because we match. But I -- I feel safe with you. Because I -- well, I love you. Till death do we part. Right? Well, I do. [Echoing] I do. I do.

Lily: No. No. No, no.

[Echoing stops]

Jack: It's ok. Everything can be ok again.

Lily: It won't go red again? No more red?

Jack: You've taught me to be a better father. You'll see. Just come back to us. I only want you to come back.

Lily: It's safe? I'm safe. Daddy --

Jack: Yeah, honey, we're here. It's me. I'm here.

Jonathan: We've missed you. I've been so scared for you, Lily. I --

Lily: Not him. Only Daddy.

Jack: Honey, Jonathan has been here talking to you.

Lily: Daddy --

Jonathan: I played my music for you.

Lily: Daddy, Daddy -- Daddy --

Jack: No, no, no. Wait, wait --

Jonathan: Tell her --

Jack: Wait, Jonathan, just --

Jonathan: That I'll never bother her again.

[Hurt by Lily’s rejection, Jonathan takes off.]

Erica: Jack --

Jack: Honey --

Erica: Lily's back?

Jack: Yeah.

Erica: You have to concentrate on that, and we can worry about the rest later.

Jack: Yeah.

Lily: Daddy --

Jack: I'm right here.

Kendall: All right. What going on?

Ryan: Something good for a change.

Kendall: Yeah, yeah, I get that. Jonathan?

Ryan: Not facing charges, with Lily, admired by Jackson.

Kendall: Oh, my God, wait a minute -- I think the world just turned upside down.

Ryan: No, no, no. It's the stars and the planets -- they're perfectly aligned. You see, everything is going right.

Kendall: Can we have world peace?

Ryan: My fingers are crossed.

Kendall: Well, I think Jonathan free is a really good start.

Ryan: Ah, ah, ah.

Kendall: Oh, oh, sorry, sorry. Sorry, sorry.

Ryan: Yeah, it's a start.

Josh: Do you know what that is?

Babe: Uh -- the result of fantastic teamwork?

Josh: If we put as much energy into polishing this thing, I see a Cleo nomination in our future.

Babe: Only a nomination?

[Babe chuckles]

Kendall: So? What do you have in mind?

Ryan: Well, those perfectly aligned planets and stars -- they're -- they're all around you.

Kendall: Oh, the stars can't help me.

Ryan: But I can.

Josh: Oh, wait, let me just zoom in here and change this color. Make it pop better. Better. Perfect, in fact. You're not looking. You don't like it?

Babe: After this project is over, I -- I have to let you go.

[On Fusion’s rooftop terrace, Ryan takes Kendall’s hand.]

Ryan: Just -- just give me tonight.

Kendall: It's yours.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Krystal (to Tad): Whatever happened between us was a one-time thing, and it's never going to happen again.

[Colby eavesdrops on her stepmother from the darkness of the Chandler Mansion secret tunnels.]

Josh: All right, this is it. What do you think?

Babe: Better than I dreamed.

Ryan (to Kendall): You're trusting and beautiful, and if Zach can't see that, maybe he doesn't deserve you.

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