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Terry: Hi -- again. Ok, so I'm not who you were expecting, but I am really happy to see you, Lily.

Lily: No. You're not Asperger Boy. You said you had Asperger's. You said that you were my age. You said you were my friend -- you lied, you lied. You're the bad man from New York.

Terry: But I do want to be your friend.

Lily: No, no, no. Don't touch, don't touch!

Terry: No touching, no touching. I'm not going to touch you, not until you're ready.

Lily: I'm not ready. I'm not ever going to be ready. No.

Terry: Look, don't be scared.

Lily: No, I'm not.

Terry: I'm not going to do anything to you, I swear.

Lily: No, no. No, no.

Terry: Lily, look at me.

Lily: No, no.

Terry: You're safe with me.

Jack: Lily isn't safe. What happened to the men you had watching her, Ryan, huh? I would never have let her go to this party if I'd known these guards of yours were so inept.

Ryan: Lily ditched them on purpose, Jack.

Jack: Well, only proving my point, Ryan. Wait a second -- wait, wait, wait, wait. I -- I talked to Aidan. He said that this maniac McDermott was still in Ireland -- that was as of today. How the hell did he get back to the States so fast?

Ryan: He had help, from a look-alike brother. You see, his brother paid him a visit in Dublin, only Terry was the one who came back using his brother's passport -- fooled everybody.

Jack: So the man that Aidan and his crew are watching isn't Terry at all?

Ryan: We're looking at two possibilities, Jackson.

Jack: Yeah, either my daughter is out there on the streets late at night with no protection from the pervert who is stalking her -- or Terry McDermott’s already got her -- doing God knows what to her while you and I stand here and talk about it.

[While counting to retain her composure, Lily removes the furniture blocking the door piece by piece.]

Lily: 22 -- 23, 24 -- 27, 28, 29 --

Terry: Ok, you're a little sketched out.

Lily: 30.

Terry: It's totally understandable. I mean, I wasn't --

Lily: 32.

Terry: Upfront with you.

Lily: 34.

Terry: But I had to figure out a way to get you alone, so you could see where I'm coming from --

Lily: 38 --

Terry: Understand what I'm all about.

Lily: 39, 40 --

Terry: You'll learn to like me, Lily.

Lily: 41, 42 --

Terry: I'll make sure of that.

Jack: Terry McDermott is Lily’s worst nightmare. Her cousin Sean took her to this party. I'll -- I'll call him and see if he knows anything.

Ryan: No, no, I spoke to your nephew when I was at the Yacht Club. He was no help, no help at all.

Jack: Oh, the damn kid was supposed to keep his eye on her.

Erica: Well, how long has Lily been missing?

Jack: Too long. Look, let's go back to the Yacht Club. We'll search every inch of it. If it's that crowded, maybe she's still there. Come on.

Ryan: Let's do it.

Erica: Jack, you're going to call me as soon as you hear anything.

[Door closes]

[Music plays]

Adam: You please get that out of my face. Colby? Where are you, darling? Colby, I insist that you come back here this instant. Colby?

Singer: I don't want to feel anymore

Adam: I told you to keep that out of my face.

Man: Ok, ok.

Singer: Going up and down

Krystal: Well, let us know if she shows up back at the house, ok?

Singer: When there's no one in sight but her I don't want to think anymore

J.R.: I want to take a header off the pier and get away from screaming kids as far as humanly possible.

Babe: I'll race you to the water.

J.R.: You think I'm kidding?

Babe: You think I am?

Singer: In this cold, dark room

Babe: Colby?

J.R.: Colby!

Krystal: All right. Well, let us know if you hear anything, ok? Thanks.

Singers: We go on and on and on

Adam: What -- whatever it takes. I want you to find her. She's young, she's pretty, she's wearing almost $500,000 in jewelry.

Man: Right.

Adam: God knows what could've happened to her.

Man: She wasn't kidnapped, if that's what you're wondering, sir.

Adam: How do you know that? Did you see her?

Man: No, no, not personally, but your daughter was spotted sailing away on an unidentified yacht with a number of guests, waving back at the dock, shouting "See you later, suckers."

Krystal: Well, it's -- it's pretty safe to say that she left of her own free will.

Adam: That makes no sense. How could a group of rowdy teenagers hijack a yacht without the harbormaster knowing it?

Krystal: When one of those rowdy teenagers is your crafty, carjacking Colby, do you even have to ask? Like it or not, Adam, that precious daughter of yours has shadier talents than throwing tantrums.

[On board the yacht, Colby is making out with Sean.]

Babe: Stop it.

Adam: You think this is funny?

J.R.: No, no, no, I don't. Yeah, actually, I do.

Babe: Just pull it together.

Jonathan: Erica, please tell me that she's here. Lily!

Erica: She's not. Jonathan, I'm sorry.

Jonathan: I have to find her. I have to get to her before it's too late.

Erica: Well, Jack and Ryan just ran down to the Yacht Club to look for her.

Jonathan: No, she's -- she's not there. I just came from there. Erica, she's with him right now. She's meeting him right now.

Erica: Who, who? Who is she meeting?

Lily: 130, 131, 132, 133, 134, 135 --

Terry: You want some help with that?

Lily: 136 --

Terry: I'll move it so you can walk right out of here. Would you like that? Oh, I'll help you -- just as soon as we're finished here. And, Lily, we haven't even begun.

Lily: Move the dresser! Move the dresser! Let me out! Please let me out! You said you had Asperger's Syndrome -- you lied. You said you were my friend. You said you were like me.

Terry: Lily, I am your friend. I want to be your friend.

Lily: I thought you were my --

Terry: You said you wanted to be my -- you said you wanted to be my girlfriend.

Lily: No, no, no!

Terry: You said you would teach me how to kiss. Were you lying, Lily?

Lily: Oh, you lied! You're the bad man --

Terry: I am not a bad man, Lily, I am a lonely man.

Lily: I thought you --

Terry: And I want to be your friend more than anything in the world.

Lily: No, no. No, no --

Terry: I didn't mean to trick you.

Lily: No, no.

Terry: I just had to figure out a way --

Lily: No, you lied!

Terry: To get you to talk to me!

Lily: You lied. You lied. No! You're not my friend -- no talking.

Terry: Fine. You don't want to talk? Then I'll do the communicating for both of us.

Jonathan: I can't get on to Lily’s computer. She changes her password every six weeks like clockwork. You don't have any idea what the new one could be, do you?

Erica: No, I'm sorry. I have no idea.

Jonathan: Her last one -- it's -- usually she groups them in letters and numbers, and her last one was 1J1L2L06. Um – 1J, Jon—1J, Jonathan, 1L, Lily, 2Ls, Laverys, and 06, but wait a minute, wait a minute. Maybe -- maybe now that Sean’s staying here, it's some combo of your family. Damn it.

Erica: I'm sorry. I wish I knew what to do. I wish I could help in some way, but I'm really -- I'm at such a loss. I mean, Jack said that Lily went to Colby’s party to try to make friends, but I -- I had no idea that she was going to try to slip away to meet up with somebody that she -- she chatted with online.

Jonathan: Yeah, well, she -- she thought that she was meeting some innocent kid, and she's hoping that nobody would find about it, which might've happened if I didn't force the truth out of Sean.

Adam: Sean Montgomery did this. He had to. He was the only one who has access to Jack and Erica’s yacht. Well, when that no-good twerp gets on dry land, he's going to be -- I'm going to make him -- Colby? Colby --

Babe: J.R.?

Adam: Can you -- not to take my calls --

Babe: Hey, I've had enough fireworks for one night. Don't you think?

Adam: I know where you are, and I know who you're with.

Babe: J.R., please.

J.R.: This is a private party, Madden.

Babe: That's right. The -- the hostess bailed with half of her guests. I'm pretty sure the party is over.

J.R.: You stalking my wife? Is -- is that why you're here?

Josh: Well, I was under the impression that ConFusion was the new Chandler family hangout, so I decided to come here for a nightcap. You got a problem with that?

J.R.: Put his drink on my tab.

Josh: Well, I'm not going to waste this opportunity. I'll take a bourbon on the rocks.

Krystal: Sydney is missing, too.

Sydney: Hey. What's up?

[The kids laugh as Sydney groggily emerges from under a table.]

Man: Hey, so let me know if I missed one, but I think that makes two unforgettable entrances for you tonight.

Sydney: Yeah, you're right on target. Um, do you know how far we are from the dock?

Man: If you're trying to swim to shore, I'm pretty sure you'll drown.

[Colby and Sean continue kissing on the yacht’s deck.]

Colby: Tell me this is not the greatest party ever in the history of parties.

Sean: This is pretty tight.

Colby: Hmm. It got a whole lot better when we stranded the rejects. Oh, I still can't believe how brilliant your idea was.

Sean: Thank you, thank you.

Sydney: You're so right, Colb. Ooh. Sweet. Excellent call -- ditching the dorks?

Colby: Sydney, what are you doing here? The cruise is for invited guests only.

Sydney: It wouldn't be a party without me.

Colby: Please. You are so Z-list.

Sydney: Hmm, like you're not the biggest wannabe.

Colby: What did you just call me?

Sean: Ok, hey, hey, come on, guys. Ok, Sydney’s cool, ok? More peeps equals more fun, right?

Sydney: Right.

Man: Right.

Colby: Wrong.

[Phone rings]

Colby: Ugh. I'm over it. Not again -- my father. God -- get a clue! Leave me alone already.

Sydney: Colby, why don't you just answer?

Colby: Um -- no. How about not? Why don't you just toss it overboard and jump in with the thing?

Adam: Your phone had better be buried at sea, young lady. That's the only excuse I'll accept for refusing to take my calls -- unless, of course, that hooligan Montgomery has coerced you into working against your own best interests. If so, sweetheart, don't worry. Daddy will save you.

Jack: Where's Sean?

Adam: He's on your yacht with my daughter and half her underage guests.

Ryan: Is there any chance that Lily got on the yacht with them?

Krystal: Uh -- I didn't see them leave.

Babe: Lily's still missing?

Adam: I want to know what you're going to do to get that renegade nephew of yours back onshore. He has my daughter with him.

Jack: Adam, right at this moment, I'm much more concerned about my daughter than yours, all right? Who was the last to see Lily?

J.R.: Well, there were some guards that were looking for her not too long ago.

Jack: We have guys combing this area, but they haven't found a bloody thing.

Ryan: Listen, did Lily come back here before the boat left?

Jack: Is there any chance that she is on that boat with Sean and the rest of those kids?

Terry: Hey, Lily? I want to show you something. Come on, turn around and look. Lily, don't you want to see what I have in my hand? Lily? Don't make me have to touch you.

Lily: No, don't -- no touching. No touching.

Erica: Please, tell me that you're getting somewhere.

Jonathan: Wait, wait, wait. Yes, yes.

Erica: Yes?

Jonathan: Yes.

Erica: You got in?

Jonathan: I'm in. That filthy -- he set her up. That pervert set her up.

[After Jonathan leaves, Erica reads Lily’s chat log.]

Erica's voice: You think it's easy for a woman to stand up and announce she was violated? None of you will blame yourself or become his victim all over again. None of you will have to relive one of the hardest moments in your life, the moment when you were vulnerable and scared and manipulated.

Erica: Don't let this happen to Lily. Please don't make her have to suffer this hell.

Lily: Purple tulips, purple tulips. Think of purple tulips when you're scared --

Terry: Come on, Lily.

Lily: That's what Julia said.

Terry: Will you just please turn around?

Lily: Purple, I think that --

Terry: Lily?

Lily: Purple -- purple tulips.

Terry: Ok, you're forcing my hand. I'm going to have to touch you.

Lily: No, no! No, I'll turn. I'll turn.

Terry: See? It's just a picture. I wanted you to look at it. See?

Lily: Who are they?

Terry: These are my girls.

[Annie picks up her gun and loads it.]

Emma: Mommy?

Annie: Hey.

Emma: I dreamed about Daddy. I want to see Daddy.

[Marian hums]

Stuart: Boop. Ah. Oh, you know, you -- Little Adam, you ought to be in dreamland. You should be cutting -- cutting Z’s and -- yeah. Cutting Z’s and, uh, sawing some wood. Ok. You know, you're not supposed to be all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Didn't you know your mom and dad are giving Colby, your Aunt Colby, a really big happy 16th birthday party? Huh? Did you know that?

Little Adam: Yeah.

Stuart: So -- yeah.

Marian: Stuart? Just give him a kiss and tell him it's night-night, ok? In no uncertain terms.

Stuart: "No uncertain terms"! Got it. Oh. I know you want to play and -- and break your curfew and have all kinds of fun things, but it is late.

Little Adam: What's that?

Stuart: Yeah, that's -- and it's -- your Aunt Marian is on to us. You know what that means?

Little Adam: What?

Stuart: Well, that -- well, that means that we have to be real quiet while we're playing hide-and-seek.

Little Adam: Ok.

Stuart: Shh. Tag. You're it.

Little Adam: Tag.

Stuart: You're it, you're it!

Little Adam: Tag.

Stuart: Shh. You -- you got ants in your pants.

[Music plays]

Jack: Have you spoken to Jonathan at all? Maybe Lily did run off to meet him.

Ryan: Jonathan hasn't seen or heard from Lily. He's just as freaked out as we are, Jack.

Jack: Derek, Jack Montgomery. I really need your help here.

Adam: J.R., I want you to give me a speedboat.

J.R.: Forget this party ever happened? Works for me.

Adam: Yeah, I'm going to go after Colby on the Montgomery yacht.

J.R.: Well, suddenly I'm not so down with this plan.

Adam: No, J.R., please. I hate to even imagine what's going on out there.

J.R.: Colby is hosting the bestest party that a daddy could ever give her. Are you sure you want to bust up Princess' fun?

Singer: Never let me go

Babe: Mama, are you really worried about Colby?

Krystal: Kids, a boat, and God knows what else?

Babe: You are worried.

Krystal: She just thinks she knows everything, has it all under control.

Babe: Well, it sounds like somebody that we both know. And I think I turned out all right, don't you?

Singer: But I know

Krystal: Well, sometimes, you think you have it all under control when you don’t.

Babe: Anyway, Colby is going to be fine, and she's going to go down on record as having the best party ever.

Krystal: Yeah, well, if the boat doesn't go down first. Honey, if anything happens to her, it will kill Adam.

Adam: Arrested, Jack. I'm having Sean arrested the minute he steps foot off that boat.

Jack: Adam, please, not now.

Adam: It's a clear case of kidnapping.

Jack: Are you kidding me? You know very well that Colby got on that boat with Sean willingly.

Adam: No, I know nothing of the kind. I do know that he could get her killed. What the hell does that boy know about riding a boat?

Jack: My brother was an accomplished sailor. Sean has been around boats his whole life. He knows what he's doing.

Adam: Huh. Oh.

Jack: If I were you, I would consider myself lucky that I knew where my daughter was, and with whom.

Ryan: Lily has -- has been stalked by this guy for months.

Jack: He has already attacked her once.

Ryan: Yeah, and we don't know what state of mind that she's in.

Jack: She could be traumatized. She could be -- she could be hurt. She could be hiding anywhere around here.

Ryan: Right, which means -- honestly, which -- we really need to search all of your crafts and all of your guest rooms.

Jack: Especially the occupied ones.

Mr. Summers: Ok, I'm sorry. Mr. Montgomery, I cannot abuse the privacy of my guests.

Jack: Mr. Summers, I understand your position, but now you understand mine. My daughter's life is at stake here. You are going to open every one those rooms for us -- do you understand me? She's 18 years old, but she cannot protect herself like an adult. If we don't find her soon, we could very well lose her completely.

Jonathan: Lily? Lily? Lily, it's -- Lily!

[At her favorite tree, Jonathan finds Lily’s ribbon.]

Jonathan: Lily? Lily? It's me. I'm looking for you, Lily. Answer me. Lily? Lily?

Terry: See the goalie, the one on the far right? Her name is Jenna. Oh, she was really shy. You could barely make out what she was saying. When she spoke she was so quiet, so I took her under my wing, and over time, we got to be really close. Soon, she came out of her shell and now, she is president of her high school debate team. I could do the same thing for you, Lily. I can make you feel really good about yourself, make you feel like you fit in. Would you like that? Would you like to be my friend the way Jenna was my friend?

Lily: No!

Terry: Wrong answer.

Babe: Hey. So what you said to J.R. before, how it was a coincidence that you ran into us here -- that was a bunch of bull, wasn't it?

Josh: All right, I came here to see you. Even if it was from a distance.

Babe: That was a mistake.

Josh: You're a big part of my life now. I can't explain it. I can't seem to get along without you. Maybe because I don't want to.

Babe: Well, you'll have to.

Josh: Yeah, I know.

Adam: Babe, I need your help. I'm not able to get through to Colby right now, but -- but she likes you.

Babe: What?

Adam: I think maybe you'd have more luck in getting through to her than -- than I would right now. So would you please use your phone, please? Try to contact her? For me?

[Rock music plays]

Colby: Boy, hit me, baby.

Sean: You have to get rid of some cards first.

Man: Yeah!

Colby: Ugh. I hate this game! I lose. Whoa.

Sean: Oh.

Colby: Whoa-ho-ho!

Sydney: Oh, my God. Guys, who is driving this ship, anyway?

Colby: It's not a ship, it's yacht, dork dong.

Sean: Clark is the captain on duty.

Sydney: Well, you know what? All right. All right. Well, whoever it is, he or she is doing an excellent job.

[Phone rings]

Colby: Oh, my God! Geez Louise. Give it a rest already. I thought I told you to jump overboard with the thing.

Sydney: You know what, Colby? They're never going to stop calling unless you --

Girl: That's mine.

Colby: No, no, no, no, no! Sydney -- Sydney, don't! I mean --

Sydney: Colby Chandler’s phone.

Babe: Sydney, it's Babe. Where are you guys?

Sydney: Uh -- good question. I don't know. There is not really any street signs out here, Babe.

Babe: Well, a lot of people are worried sick about you.

Sydney: Well, tell them not to be. We are fine.

Babe: Ok, is -- is Lily Montgomery with you?

Sydney: Are there any Lilys onboard?

Girls: No.

Sydney: No, ma'am. No Lilys on board.

Adam: Tell her to put Colby on.

Babe: Sydney, can you put Colby on, please?

Sydney: Oh, you -- you wan to talk to Colby? All right, all right. All right. It's for you, darling.

Colby: What?

Babe: Colby, hey, it's Babe, I --

Adam: Colby, Colby? I want you to turn that boat around and come back to this club this instant.

Colby: Ugh! Oh, don't worry, Dad, it's all good.

Adam: Are you drinking?

Colby: Hmm -- yeah. Maybe. It's my Sweet 16. What did you expect?

Adam: Well, I expect you to behave like the mature young woman you are, not some drunken party animal. Colby, you are grounded for life, honey. That jewelry you're wearing -- I'm selling it for charity. And the convertible goes back to the dealership tomorrow. And if you think you're going to keep that wardrobe -- Colby? She hung up on me. Did Sydney tell you where the boat was?

Babe: I'm not sure she knew where she was.

Ryan: Did you get in touch with the -- the kids on the boat?

Babe: Briefly.

Jack: Did you find out if -- if Lily was with them?

Babe: I'm sorry, Jack.

Jack: Oh, dear God, where the hell is she?

Lily: Just let me go! No!

Terry: Lily, what are you so afraid of?

Lily: No soccer coaches. No special friends. No!

Terry: Stop resisting me.

Lily: I don't want to! No!

Terry: Please. Give me a chance.

Lily: Let me go! Let me go!

Terry: I think we'll be really close, you and I.

Lily: Let me go. No!

[After Terry grabs Lily and kisses her, she breaks away and flings a stool in his direction, to which he responds with a slap on the face.]

Erica: Oh -- I've been waiting for you. I -- I hope you don't mind.

Josh: Actually, I do mind. I'm not really in the mood --

Erica: A lot of terrible things have happened to me in my life. Some were my doing, and some at the hands of others. But you are not one of those terrible things. In fact, you've turned out to be one of the greatest blessings in my life. You are talented and beautiful and extraordinary. And I am so glad that you're alive. I understand if you don't want me to be in your life. But live it, Josh. Be happy. Love your life.

Josh: Erica. Wait.

Jamal: Emma's prayer --

Annie: How do I tell her to stop praying for her daddy?

Jamal: I don't know, but you know eventually, you're going to have to tell her why her father's out of the picture.

Annie: And say what, exactly? Daddy's a total pervert? "You can't be around him, sweetheart. He might try to molest you"?

Jamal: Well, there's a way to handle it without going to graphic detail.

Annie: I'm not ready. Not now, not knowing that Terry's out there, knowing he could just pop in at any minute.

Jamal: No, he's not getting anywhere near this place. Ryan's got it swarming with security. He's got it covered.

Annie: No, but see -- see, that is what everybody said when Terry was in Ireland. "He's still there, Annie. There's no way he's getting past Aidan’s men, Annie." Well, guess what. He found a way. Because that's what -- that's what Terry does. See, he finds a way around these traps that people set for him. I mean, he fled a judge, Jamal. He fooled my attorney and his. He fooled Aidan and -- and private detectives. I mean, he tracked down Lily, Emma, and me in this building in a town -- a neighborhood he knew nothing about. Terry's dangerous, because he's -- he's sneaky. And -- and he's brilliant.

Jamal: Yeah, but he's not invisible. They'll see him, Annie. They'll know if he tries to come here.

Emma: Jamal?

Jamal: Ah. I told her I'd read her "The Little Mermaid" again.

Annie: Well, you better hurry. She'll never forgive you if you flake.

Jamal: Yeah. Look, just try not to freak yourself out, ok? Everything's going to be fine. No one's coming after Emma.

[Once Jamal is out of the room, Annie lifts up a napkin and picks up her little pearl-handled gun.]

Annie: Damn right.

Terry: I'm so sorry. I did not mean to hit you. I wasn't even thinking. Lily? Lily, did you hear what I said?

[Sitting totally still, Lily doesn’t respond when Terry begins lightly touching her arm.]

Josh: Come on in.

Erica: Thank you. I didn't expect this.

Josh: I'll take your blood pressure. You look a little pale.

Erica: Oh, no. No, no, no, no. I'm fine. I'm fine physically. I just -- I just have a lot going on.

Josh: Lily?

Erica: You heard?

Josh: Yeah, I just came from the Yacht Club. Jack and Ryan were there looking for her.

Erica: The thought of Lily out there all by herself, terrified and maybe in the hands of that predator -- that just -- that just makes me want to scream. Well, you have enough of your own problems to worry about. I'm going to go.

Josh: I don't hate you, Erica.

Erica: I -- I can't tell you what that means to me to hear you say that.

Josh: I hope you find Lily safe.

Erica: Me, too.

[Little Adam laughs]

Stuart: You found me again! Oh, I thought I had such a good hiding place. Just stay right there. Stay right there.

Marian: Stuart?

Stuart: Oh! How did you get so good at this?

Marian: Stuart?

Little Adam: Let's -- let's do it again.

Stuart: Uh-oh -- oh, yeah, we'll do it again, in a minute. First, we're supposed to be asleep. Ok, now, let's be asleep. Come on. Pretend to be asleep.

[Stuart snores]

[Little Adam laughs]

Stuart: You're supposed to snore.

Marian: Stuart, are you keeping that child awake? Because if you --

Stuart: Shh.

Marian: Oh, dear. Oh, dear, I thought Stuart and Little Adam were in here, but there's nobody here at all.

Little Adam: Hey!

Marian: And I am so very sleepy, you know. I think I'm going to sit down in this nice comfy sofa and take a nap.

Stuart: Surprise!

Marian: Oh! Oh! Oh. My goodness. Oh, my goodness, you are here. Oh, I am so glad.

Stuart: Oh.

Marian: I am so glad.

Stuart: Marian knows we're awake. And she's not mad. You know what that means, don't you?

Little Adam: What

Stuart: You're it.

Marian: Oh, thanks!

Babe: To us.

J.R.: To our future.

Babe: And many happy years together.

J.R.: And never having another Sweet-16 birthday party as long as we live.

Babe: Mm-hmm.

[J.R. laughs]

Babe: Amen to that one.

J.R.: Mm-hmm.

Babe: It doesn't tempt you, watching other people drink?

J.R.: Not really. Not anymore. What, does that impress you?

Babe: Not as much as the way you handled Josh.

J.R.: What did you think I was going to do? Punch the guy's lights out for having a drink at a public place?

Babe: The thought did cross my mind.

J.R.: Yeah, it crossed my mind, too.

[Babe chuckles]

Babe: Seriously, though, that was really cool of you to buy him a drink. I know that it wasn't easy for you, and I know that you did it for me, so thank you.

J.R.: Well, if what you say is true, you're mine, and mine alone. And so there's no reason to be jealous of any other man. Especially Josh. Except maybe that guy. It must be illegal to be that buff.

Babe: Look, I just need you to understand that we really need Josh at Fusion for this mega-project. But once it's done and the ink is dry, I'm not so sure that cosmetics are his thing.

J.R.: You're going to fire your good buddy.

Babe: He'll always be my friend, and you'll have to live with that, but as far as ConFusion goes, and Fusion, I don't know if -- if we'll really be needing him around.

Adam: I don't want to talk to you. No, I want to talk to the head of the Coast Guard. The big cheese. The guy who's in charge. Because a bunch of rowdy teenagers hijacked a yacht and kidnapped my 16-year-old daughter, and I would like to get her back, that's why.

[Music plays]

Sean: Will the next card be higher or lower?

Man: Ho-wer.


Sean: Ho-wer?

Man: Lower, lower. I mean, lower. Give me lower.

Sean: Oh, higher, dude.

Man: All right, all right, awesome.

Sean: Now drink.

Girl: Oh, I've got a very good hand right here. Hey.

Sydney: Hello. He's all mine. All mine.

Colby: Hmm, yeah. I don't think you got a chance with Sean.

Sydney: You don't think? By the end of tonight, that hottie is mine, guaranteed.

Colby: Oh. We'll just have to see, won't we?

Sydney: Yeah, you will.

Erica: Jack? Any news on Lily?

Jack: No. Where'd you go?

Erica: Well, Jonathan was here, and he figured out Lily's password. Did -- did you see the messages that he pulled up?

Jack: Yeah. Oh, my God. No, no.

Erica: What? Jack, what? Jack?

Jonathan: Lily? Lily? Lily? Lily?

[Terry begins to disrobe a catatonic Lily]

[Holding her handgun, Annie remembers Terry’s taunting laugh]

Terry's voice: No one believes you, Annie. No one will ever believe I'd hurt Emma. Even your own lawyer thinks you're full of it. Haven't you noticed how skeptical she is? That judge sees me as the perfect father. You? You're nothing more to him than a hysterical bitch. [Terry's voice echoes in Annie’s mind] You're a terrible mother. You don't deserve Emma. You never did. I'm the best thing that ever happened to that girl, the best thing that ever happened to her. Emma is daddy's little girl, and that's how it's going to stay. Daddy's little girl. Daddy's little girl. Daddy's little girl. Daddy's little girl. Daddy's little -- Daddy's little girl. Daddy's little -- Daddy's little girl. Daddy's little -- Daddy's little girl.

[When Ryan unexpectedly walks in to his apartment, Annie reacts by shooting him. Struck in the right shoulder, Ryan falls against the wall then slides down to the floor]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Adam: She was drunk. I could tell by talking to her.

Krystal: Well, as I recall, that's exactly how we ended up getting married.

Sean: What'd you have in mind?

Colby: A little birthday surprise.

[Jack slowly walks in after Jonathan finds Lily in the dark cabin with Terry]

[Sitting by Ryan’s hospital bed, Kendall holds his hand and cries]

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