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J.R.: All right, all right. The best way to spend your Sweet 16 -- a few hundred of your closest friends -- and Jesse McCartney, ladies and gentlemen!


Jesse: Hey, birthday girl. Did you make a wish yet?

Girl: He is so hot!

Second girl: Did you see the way he looked at you?

First girl: How did you pull this off? Totally monster.

Sydney: Total monster.

Colby: It was easy. I just smiled and said "Pretty please," and Daddy took care of the rest.


Jesse: Well, I brought along some of my buddies from LA. I'm not sure where they are. Guys? Of course -- hitting on the ladies. Uh -- guys, we're going to be back in 10 minutes, ok? We'll get this party started.


Jesse: Don't go anywhere.

[In ConFusion’s back room, Jonathan and Amanda engage in some heavy kissing.]

Jonathan: Amanda, what -- what is this? What are we doing? We're friends.

Amanda: You know what this is. I want to be with you.

[Music plays]

Ryan: Which one is he?

Bodyguard: Over there.

Ryan: All right, I got it. Pardon me. Pardon me. Hey -- how you doing? Don't mean to interrupt you. Are you having a good time?

Sean: What's not to love?

Ryan: Yeah, it's true. Where's your date?

Sean: Which one?

Ryan: Wow. How about the one you came with? Lily?

Sean: It's a party. She's around here somewhere. What's the problem?

Lily: Asperger Boy, is that you?

Terry: [Disguised voice] No, stay there.

Lily: It's me. Autism Girl. You don't have to hide.

[Lily’s phone rings, and she receives text messages from her shy friend.]

Lily: "You are so pretty. Can't look at you." Ok. We don't have to look at each other. We can just talk. "Can’t. 2 afraid. I should go." No. Wait -- but we planned this. I'm really good at making plans. We can make it work.

Terry: Please, no, don't.

Lily: "I have trouble meeting new people." That's ok. So do I. But I'm not a new person. You and I are already friends from all of our online chats. Remember I told you that this place makes me feel safe? It can make you feel safe, too.

[Tad wakes up on his sofa and finds Zach standing over him staring in the dark.]

Tad: Took you long enough. I assume you've heard the news?

Zach: You should lock your door. You never know who's going to walk in.

Tad: Now he tells me. Should I be scared?

Zach: Your testimony could put me away for a very long time.

Tad: Yeah. Yeah, it could. A long time. You just remember one thing. You're in enough trouble without them adding assault and battery and stupidity to those charges. You can lose everything. Everything, Zach -- your stepson, your wife, my ex-wife.

Zach: We both know what happened to Madden that night. But you mouthing off about me didn't make sense -- until just now.

Tad: And you come to share the wisdom. I don't think that would be a very good idea.

Zach: You should be concerned about what I'm going to do about it.

Tad: Hire yourself a very good lawyer.

Zach: I have one. Hearings, motions, all the paperwork -- it takes too long. I've opted for a more direct approach. You're not sending me to prison.

Tad: So what are you going to do? You've come too far, Zach. How do you think you're going to stop me?

[Music plays]

Jesse: You guys having a good time?


Jesse: Yeah?

[Music stops]

Jesse: I have to say I grew up in a town just like this -- fancy houses, pretty little parks. It's quiet on the outside, but underneath, all kinds of crazy, right?

All: Yeah!

Jesse: You guys ready to party, or what?


Jesse: What do we got here? Colby Chandler’s number. Check it out.


Jesse: This one's definitely going on speed dial, right, guys?


Man: Miss Chandler, can we get you and Jesse together? Great.

Boy: Whoo.

Jesse: Is it true what they say -- "Sweet 16, never been kissed"?


Colby: Not exactly --

[Everyone cheers as Jesse kisses Colby on the cheek.]

Jesse: Happy birthday.

Colby: Oh, my gosh. Well, I definitely know what I'm going to wish for now.


Ryan: I want -- I want you to check the clubs.

[Music plays]

Ryan: I want you to check the marina, the club rooms -- everywhere, all right? And Jack and Erica, they have a yacht here Lily knows about, so check that out, too. Now, she's -- she's afraid of this. She's afraid of crowds and loud noises, so she might be hiding. Check all the quiet places, someplace that she would feel safe.

Bodyguard: Ok, you got it. We're on it.

Ryan: Ok, you call me when you find her.

Bodyguard: Ok.

Ryan: All right.

J.R.: Look who it is. What are you doing here?

Ryan: You guys seen Lily?

Babe: Not recently. Is she not back yet? Is everything all right?

Ryan: Everything's fine. I just want -- I just want to make sure that she's ok, that's all.

Babe: Well, the crowd and the music -- it's not really her scene. Maybe she went somewhere to get some air or something, chill out.

Ryan: Yeah, that's what I'm hoping.

Babe: Ok, well, I'll let you know if I see her.

Ryan: Ok. Thanks.

J.R.: Bye-bye.

Ryan: Bye.

Lily: You don't want me to look at you, and I don't like to be touched or yelled at. So we can agree -- I won't look at you, and you won't touch me or yell at me. We could just talk.

[Lily receives text messages from the guy in the hooded sweatshirt hiding in the shadows.]

Lily: "I'm 2 nervous. Might have meltdown." I have them, too. It's ok if you have one. "I've met girls I've liked B4, but they turn mean. They laugh. I don't want U 2." Sometimes people laugh at me, too. But don't worry. I don't make fun of people. I don't know how. "What if U don't like me?" You and I are friends. I already like you. Please stay. Let me help you.

Jonathan: I don't -- uh -- I don't get it. I don't get it. Um -- where this coming from?

Amanda: Because you love Lily, and you miss her. I miss her. We both lost her. And I see you missing her, Jonathan. I want you to let me help you. I'm here. Ok, you don't have to be alone.

Jonathan: Don't -- don't do this.

Amanda: You're afraid you'll hurt me? You can't. I know what this is.

[Amanda approaches Jonathan and kisses him passionately.]

Amanda: I could explain it. We could discuss it all night if it's right or wrong, if we should or if we shouldn’t. I don't want to talk, ok? I don't want to think. I want this. I want you.

[Jonathan responds to Amanda’s hot kisses by picking her up and body slamming her against the wall, kissing her all over. Then they remove each other’s clothing and make their way to the floor.]

Jesse: All right, I think we're ready to do this.


Jesse: Now, how do you want to start, fast or slow? It's your call.

Colby: Hot!


Jesse: You heard her, guys.

Boy: Ow!

Jesse: This is one of my favorite songs, and tonight it's for the prettiest girl in town.

All: Aw.

Jesse: This is for you, Colby.


Jesse: ¯ Girl
There's somethin' 'bout me that you oughta know
I've never felt the need to lose control
Always held on back and played it slow
But not this time

Baby, don't be gentle,
I can handle anythin',

Baby take me on a journey
I've been thinkin' lately
I could use
A little time alone with you
Crazy, let's do something maybe
Please don't take your time
You've got me right where you want me

Woo hoo hoo
Right where you want me

I'm gonna let you have your way with me
When you move like that it's hard to breathe
I never thought that it could be like this
But I was wrong

Baby, don't be gentle,
I can handle anythin',

Baby take me on a journey
I've been thinkin' lately
I could use
A little time alone with you
Crazy, let's do something maybe
Please don't take your time
You've got me right where you want me

Can't explain it
How you swept me off my feet
In slow motion
My imagination's runnin' tryin' to keep my body still
Oh, I can hardly stand the thrill


Well, Baby, don't be gentle,
I can handle anythin',

Baby take me on a journey
I've been thinkin' lately
I could use
A little time alone with you
Crazy, let's do something maybe
Please don't take your time
You've got me right where you want me

Baby take me on a journey
I've been thinkin' lately (oh yeah)
I can use
A little time alone with you (a little time alone with you)
Crazy, let's do something maybe
Please don't take your time
You've got me (whoa whoa)
You've got me
Right where you want me


Colby: Daddy? Daddy, Daddy, Daddy? Oh, I love you so much! Thank you! This is the best night of my life, and you made it happen just for me. You're awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Adam: My daughter inspires me. We'll have lots more wonderful times together.

Colby: My dad is the best dad in the entire world.

Tara: Colby, Tara Kraft from "Star." So, how does it feel to be Pine Valley’s hottest celebutante of the year?

Colby: Oh, totally amazing!

Tara: Well, that dress -- totally fabulous. Who's the designer?

Colby: Actually, I decided to go with a design of my own.

Tara: You designed it?

Colby: You know, people are so caught up in labels these days. I wanted to make a statement, stand out.

Tara: Gorgeous and talented. What else can we expect from Colby Chandler?

[Colby giggles]

Colby: Have you met my friends?

Tara: No.

Colby: Yeah, come on!

J.R.: Hey, Dad, Krystal, have you met Jesse McCartney?

Adam: Young man, you've put my daughter over the moon tonight. It'll be days before her feet touch solid ground again.

Jesse: She's a very sweet girl.

Adam: Yes, she is. Have we met?

Jesse: I don't think so, no.

J.R.: You know, as a matter of fact, now that you mention it, there's something oddly familiar about you.

Jesse: Really?

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Jesse: Past life.

Adam: Pleasure meeting you.

Jesse: Yes. Thank you very much.

Colby: Hey, Jesse.

Jesse: Colby. Hey, thank you so much. I'm sorry I have to take off. You have a good birthday, ok? Take care.

Colby: Thanks.

Babe: Grab your guys and show us how to move.

Colby: Come on. This song is my favorite.

Sydney: Wait. What are you doing? He's my date.

Colby: He's mine!

Sydney: No.

[Object breaks inside Tad’s house]

Officer: Chief? It sounds like they're killing each other.

Derek: Get in there and stop it. Martin's our chief witness.

[Both men grunt as Zach gets one more punch in on Tad.]

Officer: Police! Freeze!

Tad: Damn --

Jamal: The time to vanish with Emma is still now, not once Terry's back in the States.

Annie: It feels cowardly, running. I should fight.

Jamal: Come on, you're living in total fear. You want to wake up with Terry standing over you? Or that next time that Emma’s a couple minutes late from a play date, you want to worry that maybe this is the day Terry got to her?

Annie: Of course not.

Jamal: Annie, there's no shame in running. The network can set you up with a new identity, a new life. I say we start now, we do this right, and we can make sure that you're safe from Terry forever.

Annie: We'll be safe from Terry forever when he's caught. Emma has been through enough. New life, new names -- no. I want to say. I like it here.

Jamal: But you could live anywhere. Why are you so stuck on Pine Valley?

Ryan: Hey, guys. Is there anything new on Terry at all? Do you have anything?

Annie: Not -- not recently. Why? He's still in Ireland, isn't he?

Ryan: Yeah. As far as we know, he is. It's just that Lily Montgomery has gone missing, and Terry's been really quiet, and I just -- I don't like it.

Annie: Do you think Terry's back, he's gotten to Lily?

Ryan: Lily gave my guys the slip at a party, all right? It's probably nothing.

Jamal: Yeah, but the timing is --

Annie: If anything has happened to Lily --

Ryan: Do you have anything else on Terry, anything from, you know, hobbies, friends, family?

Annie: His mother lives in Ohio. There's a brother, some friends from work, but I haven't seen any of them since the divorce.

Ryan: He's got a brother, huh? They close in age?

Annie: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: Where does he live?

Annie: Pownal, Vermont. His name is Neal.

Ryan: And what does he do?

Annie: He owns an insurance agency.

Ryan: Hi. Yes -- uh -- Pownal, Vermont, please. Neal McDermott.

Annie: You think he could be involved?

Ryan: Hello. Is this Mrs. McDermott?

Mrs. McDermott: Yes.

Ryan: Hi. I -- I'm shopping for some insurance, and your husband comes very, very highly recommended, so may I speak with him, please?

Mrs. McDermott: I'm sorry, Neal’s out of the country.

Ryan: Really? How far out of the country, and will he be coming back soon?

Mrs. McDermott: He is in Ireland, family matter.

Amanda: Wow. That was --

Jonathan: Us messing up our friendship?

Amanda: I'm feeling very, very friendly.

Jonathan: No, that -- that wasn't -- you know -- you know how it was, you were here.

[Amanda giggles]

Jonathan: But --

Amanda: Lily. I get it. I'd be an idiot if I didn’t. You and Lily -- deep, true, mad love, and you and me -- the basic friends-with-bennies package.

Jonathan: There was nothing basic about what just happened.

Jonathan: Are you sure? Are you sure that you're ok with this?

Amanda: If we never do it again, it's totally fine. And if we do, we do.

Lily: Two people together can be much better than one. I learned that when I was married. Jonathan was really good at crowds and the color red, and I was really good at Math and planning. Together we were even better than normal. But now Jonathan’s not like that anymore. And I'm really lonely a lot. "I'm always lonely 2." Maybe you and I are enough alike to help each other. Maybe we can be not lonely together. "I'd like that, but I've never had a girlfriend." I could be your girlfriend.

Ryan: Aidan's on this, ok? He's checking out when the brother's passport was used last. He just checking the possibilities -- hopefully it's nothing -- and we can get some sleep.

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Hmm. Aidan, talk to me. Ok, hold on a sec. Neal came back to the States a week ago.

Annie: But -- but Neal’s wife said that he was still in Ireland.

Ryan: Aidan?

Jamal: Damn.

Ryan: Aidan, you need to get into that flat, all right? I don't care what you have to do, you got to get in there. Look, I'll -- I'll get flyers, I'll do whatever I have to do on this end, all right? You do what you have to do on that end. We have to make sure the guy in that flat is Terry McDermott.

[Amanda squeals as she and Jonathan playfully put their clothes back on.]

Amanda: Come on, you can do better than that.

Jonathan: Come here, come here.

[Amanda squeals]

Amanda: That's not fair. Cheater. Thank you.

[Phone rings]

Amanda: Oh -- I'll get it. ConFusion, can I help you?

Ryan: Hey, it's Ryan. Is Lily there?

Amanda: Uh -- Lily hasn't worked here for weeks, since the hearing. Ryan, what's up?

Jonathan: Ryan? Ryan, what's going on? Why are you looking for Lily?

Ryan: Lily was at a party at the Yacht Club, and she got it in her head to sneak away from the guards.

Jonathan: Ryan, what the hell is going on?

Lily: "If U were my girlfriend, I wouldn't know what 2 do. I would make a mistake." Well, it's ok to make mistakes. Jonathan taught me that, too. We taught each other a lot of things. Like Jonathan taught me how to not be afraid of thunder, and I taught him how to always be on time. "I'm always on time. Could U teach me something else?" Well, my old boyfriend, Sam, taught me how to kiss. He said that that's what boyfriends and girlfriends do. "I've never kissed anyone." Well, I could show you how. We could practice right now if you want to. "But if anyone surprised us -- total meltdown. "Oh, I hate surprises, too. But you don't have to worry. Hardly anyone ever comes here except for me. "I'm afraid. I saw a cabin. Maybe we could practice kissing there." It would be easier for you to concentrate. That's a very good idea.

[When Terry motions her, Lily follows him through the woods.]

Lily: I'll teach you how to kiss, but I'm not in love with you. Love is difficult to quantify, but love takes time.

Colby: Sean is my date.

Sydney: He's mine.

Colby: No, I invited him.

Sydney: So did I. Sean, tell her you're my date.

Sean: Well, there's enough of me to go around. I'll dance with both of you.

Sydney: No, not a chance.

Colby: No, I had to share this party with a loser. I am not sharing my date.

Babe: Birthday girls? Hey, hey, let's get a move on, ok? Your guests are waiting.

Colby: You choose. Remember my dad paid for this party.

Sean: Maybe I should dance with Colby first.

Sydney: Why does she always come first? Because she's rich? Is that all it takes, a little bling, and everybody loves you?

Colby: No. They love me, because I am fabulous.

Girl: What is your problem? Everyone knows this is Colby’s party.

Second girl: She's totally cool to share it. Why are you ruining it for her?

Sydney: You know what? Go for it. There's plenty of other guys for me to dance with.

Sean: Look, we'll -- we'll dance later.

Colby: If you're lucky.

Sydney: Break a leg -- please.

Derek: My, my, it looks like one hell of a sleepover. Anybody want to share?

Tad: What do you mean, "share"? It's perfectly obvious! This lunatic busted into my house, so he could beat me to death. Because he doesn't want me to testify.

Zach: Oh, he's lying, Derek.

Tad: I'm lying? You are a psychotic son of a bitch. You're a killer.

Derek: Easy. Enough.

Zach: You're pathetic, you know that, Martin? Dixie is with me, sleeping with me, and you can't handle it.

Derek: I said, "Enough." Cuff him.

Officer: Which one?

Derek: The guilty one.

Ryan: We don't know why Terry's brother went to Ireland to visit him, ok? It could be nothing.

Jonathan: You're worried.

Ryan: Well, Lily’s missing. I just want to make sure, that's all.

[Phone beeps]

Ryan: Hold on a second, it's Aidan.

Amanda: Did something happen to Lily? Is she all right?

Jonathan: I don't know. I'm going to find out.

Amanda: Do you want me to call the police? Derek?

Jonathan: No, I don’t. I need to handle this.

Amanda: What can I do, Jonathan? Let me help.

Jonathan: Listen, I'm going to take care of it. Ok?

Ryan: Jonathan, you there?

Jonathan: Yeah, yeah, I'm right here. What's going on?

Ryan: It's bad, man. It's -- it's as bad as it gets. Terry has been using his brother as a double. Aidan's crew has been watching the wrong guy.

Jonathan: Damn it, Ryan!

Ryan: Terry's been here since last week.

[The phone disconnects when Jonathan hangs up and runs out.]

Ryan: Jonathan?

Amanda: Jonathan -- Jonathan, what's wrong?

[Amanda picks up Jonathan’s T-shirt and hugs it.]

Lily: Well, it's really dark in here. Oh, I can light these so we can start practicing.

Terry: [Disguised voice] No! Please!

Lily: "No light. No looking. 2 nervous." Ok. "Your voice is pretty. Like U." You know, boyfriends do that -- say sweet things -- especially before kissing. What are you doing?

[Terry pushes a large bureau against the front door.]

Lily: "I do this in my room. Makes me feel safe." I do this in my room, too. I have everything in a certain order. Here, let me help you. We can be safe together.

[Music plays]

Colby: Meet me on the dock at midnight -- that's when the real party starts. No strays allowed.

Sean: Don't say I don't keep my promises.

Sydney: Well, what's with Colby?

Sean: I don't know.

Sydney: Tell me. Come on, give.

Sean: It's no big deal.

Sydney: Just tell me, please? My birthday present?

[Sean whispers something in Sydney’s ear.]

Sean: Catch you later.

Colby: What was that?

Sydney: What was that? I saw you working the room -- something totally up.

Colby: You know, it's none of your business.

Sydney: Yes, it is. You know, half this party is mine.

Colby: Oh, what half did you pay for, huh?

Sydney: Colby, I didn't ask to be included. It was Krystal’s idea.

Colby: And you jumped. My God, Sydney, clue in. Krystal feels sorry for you -- that's why you're here -- and so does everybody else. You're a charity case. You know, you better hop back into your pumpkin. It's almost midnight.

Ryan: Terry has the jump on us, ok, but you're -- you're safe, Emma is safe. And I'm going to walk out that door, you're going to lock it, and you're not going to open it up for anybody. You got that?

Jamal: I'm here all night.

Annie: Would you mind camping out in Emma’s room? She's the one that Terry's after, so --

Jamal: Done.

Annie: Thanks.

Ryan: Hey -- it's going to be ok. We're going to find him.

[Once alone, Annie opens a little box and looks at a handgun.]

Zach: This isn't over.

Derek: It is for you, Slater. As of right now, bail's revoked. You're a guest of Pine Valley’s finest till the end of your trial.

[Derek leads Zach out in handcuffs.]

[Holding the small pearl-handled gun, Annie remembers a young girl's voice: I thought Terry was so cool. Your husband treated me like a grown-up. He even gave me my first cocktail. He said that's what friends do for friends -- teach them, help them. Then we started talking about boys. Terry said guys my age don't know anything about sex. It could be really terrible the first time, and he wanted my first time to be special, something I'd never forget. He promised if I let him touch me, I would like it. And he would show me how to be a good lover, too, so when I got a boyfriend I'd be able to please him. I didn't really want to do it, but Terry said I could trust him. I let him kiss me. Then he touched me. I didn't like it, and I wanted him to stop, and I told him to, but he wouldn’t. He said it was our special night. I tried to leave, but he wouldn't let me.

[At the cabin in the woods, Lily helps Terry block the front door with furniture.]

J.R.: All right! Make a wish!

Babe: Oh, my God --

Sydney: Colby --

Babe: Colby.

Adam: Colby --

[Colby and Adam laugh]

Adam: Here.

Colby: Oh, thank you. This -- God --

Sydney: Colby, you already blew out the candles.

Colby: You're embarrassing me! The first slice goes to the most awesome father in the world!


Winifred: Oh, my --

[Partygoers gasp when Sydney smashes birthday cake on Colby’s face.]

Colby: You brat!

Winifred: That was uncalled for! What --

Adam: Let's not --

Sydney: You want another taste?

Adam: No, no --

Colby: God, you're such a brat!

J.R.: All right, Colby, don't!

Colby: Yeah, she's ruining my party!

Sydney: No, you're such a skank!

Sean: Cake wrestling, go for it! Whoo-hoo!

Jonathan: Where's Lily? Where's Lily? None of your bull!

Sean: She's around.

Jonathan: Where? Where is she?

Sean: Dude, relax, she's totally safe. She's with some slow guy.

Ryan: Jackson, you in there? Jack, if you're in there, you got to open the door, it's important!

Jack: Ryan, what the hell do you want?

Ryan: We've got a serious problem, Jack.

Sean: Dude, I told you about this guy -- she met him online, the Asperger kid? Not exactly a threat, dude.

Jonathan: Where? Where'd she go to meet him at? Are they here? Are they here at the club? Where?

Sean: She wanted to meet --

Jonathan: Where are they?

Sean: Someone and be alone. They both freak out around people.

Jonathan: They're alone? Oh, my God.

Lily: Look ok to you? No, some people would think this was funny, they would laugh. Well, I know exactly where to put this thing -- here. No? You don't want me to move it? "We need it 2 sit on. The floor is dirty." You're right about that. Don't you feel a lot safer now? "Very. Ok 2 light lantern." Good. I like light. It's a good thing. I hope these matches work. I hope they're not damp or wet, because then they'll never work. Ah. Got it.

[When Lily sees Terry’s face, she gasps in horror.]

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Adam: A bunch of rowdy teenagers hijacked a yacht and kidnapped my 16-year-old daughter.

J.R.: You stalking my wife? Is that why you're here?

Josh: You got a problem with that?

Terry: I'll make you feel really good about yourself. Would you like that?

Lily: No.

Terry: Wrong answer.

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