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[Arriving at ConFusion, Babe flexes her hurt left hand then sits down at the bar.]

Amanda: Hey. If you're looking for J.R., you missed him.

Babe: Well, what did he want? Why was he here?

Amanda: Relax, he wasn't drinking if that's what you're thinking now. He was looking for you. And I'm really sorry about him getting arrested and all. He and Jamie said they had it covered. I had no idea when they asked me to decoy Derek it would get them busted. I was just supposed to get him out of the office.

Babe: Excuse me? I go out of my way to help you when no one else gives a damn, I get you this job, and this is what I get? You helped my husband get arrested?

Colby: No, give me the dress!

Sydney: No, you're not wearing it!

Krystal: Would you dial it down, will you?

Colby and Sydney: No!

Krystal: Ok, you both are acting like brats, and I am not going to stand for it.

Colby: Then sit

Sydney: It's just like my lacy dress!

Colby: You mean the one you stole from me?

Sydney: What? You gave me that dress. You're not wearing this one, Colby!

Colby: Oh! Besides, it looks better on me!

Sydney: You wish!

J.R.: All right, that's it! I can't believe that I'm sitting here listening to this. Colby, you are the most shallow, self-absorbed kid that I've ever seen. You need to grow up.

Colby: Please. You're going to sit here and give me the same lecture in a pair of handcuffs behind prison bars?

J.R.: Oh, you're fighting about a dress, are you, huh? You fighting about this dress?

[J.R. tears the dress in half and hands each girl a piece of it.]

Colby: Oh!

J.R.: There. Settled.

Colby: Ugh!

Annie: Why hasn't Terry taken the bait? I mean, I practically dared him to take Emma.

Jamal: Terry is still in Ireland, right?

Ryan: Yeah. Aidan's guy is still over there watching him. Aidan is flying over to give him a hand. Terry hasn't left the hotel in a couple of days.

Annie: Why is he holed up in some sketchy hotel?

Ryan: He's obviously waiting for something before he makes his move.

Annie: Or someone.

Lily: "R U there? It's me, Lily."

[Sitting at her computer, Lily enters the message board then is thrilled when Asperger Boy enters.]

Lily: "Yes, I'm here. I'm really excited to finally meet you in person."

Josh: What do you want?

Jeff: Well, I've been giving you some space and, well, if I give you any more, you're going to think I don't give a damn.

Josh: Well, note to self -- Jeff Martin cares. I'm honored. Everything else, wiped away.

Jeff: Come on, Josh. Let me buy you a beer.

Josh: No. I cut back.

Jeff: Josh, look, if you think –

[Opening the door wider, Jeff spots the coffin in Josh’s room.]

Josh: Sorry, but I have other plans tonight.

Colby: You son of a bitch!

J.R.: Oh, well, there's that mouth again. What'd you do, steal a truck on your way up here?

Sydney: It was a really great dress. Too bad.

Colby: You know, you're just trying to ruin my party!

Krystal: Ok, both of you, go upstairs to your rooms.

J.R.: Your party? Your party? You think I care about your party? My mother is going on trial for murder! My stepfather has to testify against her. I come home, and I have to listen to you argue about your stupid dress?

Colby: You know, you're just pissed off, because your wife is out messing around with Josh.

Krystal: That's a lie.

Colby: Where's Babe tonight? She's not here, is she?

Krystal: Vicious little thing, aren't you? What, are you sharpening your claws for the party?

Sydney: I have my dress, Colby, and I guess you'll have to go out and find a new one for yourself --

[Sydney chuckles]

Sydney: Unless, of course, you know how to sew.

Josh: What's the matter? Afraid I might try to finish the job Erica started years ago?

Jeff: Josh, you're a doctor --

Josh: Was. Was a doctor.

Jeff: No, this is nothing you haven't learned in medical school. Now, if you have issues, don't think that you can find the answers --

Josh: "Issues"? Oh, yeah, I have issues -- with people who live lies. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got plans. If you want to try it out, feel free. Good times.

[Door closes]

Jonathan: Hi. Are you ok?

Amanda: Awesome. Good times.

Jonathan: Help me out. Yeah?

Amanda: Oh, it's got to be better than getting chewed out by Babe.

Jonathan: I want you to cut some limes. Here. Ok. No, we -- here. You want to -- you want to go this way.

Amanda: Oh.

Jonathan: You want to go lengthwise first.

Amanda: Aha.

Jonathan: Aha. Ha-ha. There you go. Ok. See, look at it? You're perfect. It's a pro.

Amanda: Oh, hey.

Jonathan: You're a pro at this already. Hey, don't -- don't beat yourself up about this. You meant well. Look how -- look how you helped Lily.

Amanda: And look how good that turned out.

Jonathan: That wasn't your fault. All I'm saying is just -- just know that you're appreciated, ok? Thanks.

Amanda: Oh.

[Jonathan laughs]

Amanda: Thank you.

Josh: Get a bourbon, straight up.

Jonathan: Hey.

Josh: How you doing?

Jonathan: Well. Thank you.

Josh: Good.

Jonathan: One second.

Babe: Hey.

Josh: Hey.

Babe: How are you doing?

Josh: Better, thanks.

Babe: Don't know how you thought you were going to nail that thing shut yourself.

Josh: Yeah, well, you're the only one who could understand what I was going through, and you helped me through it.

Babe: Can you give me a minute?

Josh: Yeah.

Amanda: Back for round 2?

Babe: Actually, no. It's an apology for round 1. I'm sorry. I have been so frazzled, and my marriage is a sore spot. I'm extra sensitive to anyone who might shake it up.

Amanda: Does that go for him, too? I'm sorry.

Babe: No, it -- I don't have feelings for Josh, not like that anyway. He's a good friend.

Amanda: You can fall for a friend.

Julia: Welcome back.

Jamie: I'm sorry. I know I've been -- I've just been thinking a lot lately, and I think I've made my mind up about something.

Julia: Cool. Care to clue me in?

Jamie: I am not going to med school on Monday after all. To the end of my brief medical career.

Julia: All right. To the end of your medical career.

Jamie: Aren't you going to talk me out of this?

Julia: No.

[Knock on door]

Lily: Come in.

Sean: Hey, Lily.

Lily: Hi.

Sean: What you doing?

Lily: I'm waiting on my friend.

Sean: Really? Will I do?

Lily: No.

Sean: Ouch. What's wrong with me?

Lily: You're not like me.

Jamal: You want my advice? I say we get you and Emma as far away from here as possible. The network is ready.

Annie: How fast could we make it happen?

Jamal: I'll make some calls, and we can be out of here in an hour.

Ryan: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down. Just -- this is not the time to get impatient, ok? Terry's obviously not being impatient.

Annie: You know I don't like playing chicken with my daughter.

Jamal: Yeah, he knows where they are now. It's not safe.

Ryan: If you run now, you're going to be running for the rest of your life.

Jamal: But at least you'll have a life. With the network, I can make you disappear completely.

Livia: I know I didn't hear what I think I heard, and I certainly better not have heard it from my own son.

[Music plays]

Amanda: It can really sneak up on you. One minute, they're just a good person to be around, a good friend. And then, suddenly, you want to do things for them. You want to help them, hold them, comfort them, be with them -- I mean, really be with them.

Babe: Ok, wait, hold up. Jonathan?

Amanda: It's weird, huh? I -- I know that he is still crazy in love with Lily, but if I could help them be together, I would. It doesn't make sense.

Babe: No, it does. You just -- you want him to be happy.

Amanda: Yeah. I've never had feelings like this for a guy before. But I have seen Jonathan love Lily and sacrifice for her. And I saw how intensely he could love, and I saw how that love made someone feel.

Babe: It can be the best thing, and it can also be the worst.

Amanda: Oh. You know, this was a lot easier when I was a selfish little ho. You know, if I could go back to that, I might not go crazy.

Babe: Ok. Well, good luck with that.

Amanda: Yeah. So, what do you do when you feel like this about somebody? When you know that you can't be with them, but you can't stop wanting to see them?

Singer: ¯You are the one I can feel it's true every time we kiss. The day you came to my rescue I was blessed, it was bliss¯

J.R.: "What big eyes you have."

Adam: You ok, son?

J.R.: Um -- Little Red Riding Hood's the one who's actually in trouble. It's all good.

Adam: I heard downstairs you were -- you were upset. You want to talk?

J.R.: Um, actually, I want to finish reading this story and then it's bedtime for everyone else, huh? Isn't that right, buddy?

Adam: Babe was here. She fed the little guy, and then she left again. So, good night, then.

J.R.: Good night, Dad. "What big eyes you have. All the better to see you with."

Sean: Uncle Jack says you have some stuff going on. You freak out kind of easy?

Lily: Do you think I'm pretty?

Sean: Hell, yeah. A blind guy would think you're pretty.

Lily: Well, how is that possible? Blind people can't see.

Sean: It's just an expression.

Lily: Well, you wouldn't ask me on a date, would you?

Sean: I -- I don't know. I don't know if we have that much in common. You know, usually you date someone who you understand and someone who understands you, too. I'm not really, really sure if I'm that guy.

Lily: Exactly. I've made a new friend online. He's almost just like me.

Sean: Cool. Do you know his name?

Lily: No, just his screen name. He has Asperger's. It's a pervasive developmental disorder similar to mine. He writes just the way I think.

[Computer beeps]

Lily: He's back. I have to talk to him now.

Sean: Cool. I'm glad you found a friend, Lily.

Sydney: Oh. Colby, everyone's going to see me looking so cute in my party dress, and they'll all want to be me. Then they'll catch a glimpse of you in your pitiful, last-minute wannabe dress, and they're going to feel sorry for you.

[Phone rings]

Colby: Shut up. Hmm. Excuse me. This is very important. Hey. How's it going?

Sean: Good. Everything's set up for tomorrow.

Colby: Awesome. So should I start?

Sean: Yep. Start spreading that money around.

Colby: Done. I'll see you tomorrow.

[Colby sighs]

Colby: Now, you're the one who should start looking for a dress.

Sydney: Really?

Colby: You know that one in your closet? It's mine again, all me.

Sydney: Um, no. That dress is mine, fair and square.

Colby: "Fair and square"?

Sydney: Mm-hmm.

Colby: Oh, my God, that's pathetic. What are we, some kids on a playground? There's nothing fair about it. You blackmailed it away from me.

Sydney: Yeah, Colby, and I'd do it again. You deserved it.

Colby: You know, I deserve what's rightfully mine. Get used to it.

Sydney: Not if I still have that picture of you sipping champagne.

Krystal: Well. Won't that look nice sitting on the piano. Or we could blow that picture up and hang it right over the mantel.

Livia: Let's go. What the hell do you think you're doing?

Jamal: I'm helping a woman who needs help.

Livia: You are aiding and abetting.

Jamal: Yeah, if I have to.

Livia: There is a bench warrant for her arrest.

Jamal: I'm well aware of that, Mom.

Livia: You told me you wanted a career in the law. But you're going to throw it away, because if you do this, the only thing you'll be doing in a courtroom is as a defendant.

Jamal: If it comes to that, so be it. You know, you once helped out a little kid -- little boy hiding in a basement, looked a lot like me?

Livia: Different set of circumstances. What the hell happened to my son?

Jamal: A woman happened. She needed a network like this one to protect her, but we didn't know groups like this existed. I was going to bring her home to meet you and Dad. But a restraining order wasn't enough to save her life. Now she's gone. But Annie and her daughter are still here. Oh.

Annie: I'm so tempted to run. I know I said I would stay and fight, but --

Ryan: It's your choice, Annie. It's your choice. And whatever you decide, I'll be there.

Jamie: Wait -- wait a minute. There's no comments on my big decision, no "Jamie, isn't medicine what you've always wanted? You're going to regret this"? Nothing?

Julia: If you wanted advice, you came to the wrong girl. You know what you need to be happy. Your life, your call.

Jamie: I just want this nightmare to end. I don't want to be here for another trial. I don't want to watch my dad put away my stepmom. Actually, I want to get out. I want to leave Pine Valley. I want to travel the world. I want to see everything that I've always wanted to see and do everything I've always wanted to do. And what about you? What do you want?

Julia: I want another drink. I'll be right back.

Julia: I'll have another one of the same. Thanks. You have a snide comment to make, go ahead and make it.

Josh: No, I just want to drink in peace.

Julia: So, where were we? Oh, yeah -- traveling the world. Oh -- do me a favor, will you? My favorite shoes are only available in Paris, so if I give you my size, could you --

Jamie: I want you to come with me. Just give your notice tomorrow. You can be picking out your own shoes in Paris by tomorrow night.

Babe: Don't look to me for advice. Everyone thinks I'm just asking for trouble by being friends with Josh, or they think that I'm messing up my marriage. But I'm not -- that's not what this is about. I -- why can I not be friends or see my friend just because of what other people think? So maybe I'm just as screwed up as you.

Amanda: Well, it's your life, Babe, and I am in no position to give advice. But if you need to talk to me comment-free, I'm here.

Babe: Ditto.

Sean: Hey. Got a minute?

Jonathan: Yeah.

Sean: I got some 411 on Lily.

Jonathan: What's up? How is she?

Sean: Still all up in her room. But she made a new friend, though, some kid online? He's got Asper whatchamacallit? Some disorder like hers?

Jonathan: Does -- does she seem happy?

Sean: When she talks to this guy, at least. Her face lit up like the slots in Vegas when they were IM'ing. She says this guys is --

Jonathan: Thinks just like her? That they're alike?

Sean: Exactly what she said, almost to the word. How'd you know that?

Jonathan: Because I know what makes Lily happy.

Lily: "I miss Jonathan. I miss him when he was like me, not how he is now. I miss being married." "Did u ever have sex?" "No. I'm not ready 4 sex." "I've never had sex either. My mom is very protective. She doesn't even like me to meet people she doesn't know." Well, "my dad is like that 2." "I'm not telling her we're meeting. Do you think your dad will let you see me?" "I'm not going 2 tell my dad."

[Sitting at his computer with Lily’s picture next to him and a satisfied smile on his face, Terry types out, “C U 2morrow, then?”

Josh: Here you go. On me.

Babe: I own the bar.

Josh: On you, then. So, listen, I was sitting over there, and I had this flash of brilliance.

Babe: Really? Just one?

Josh: Chill out. I know we have a lot of work to do for Phase 1 of the campaign still, but I got this great idea for Phase 2. Now, I know it's only in the beginning stages, but the storyboard could be awesome. What do you say we go upstairs and -- and we'll brainstorm?

Babe: You know, Josh, I'd love to, but I can't. I got to get home. I'll -- we'll talk about it tomorrow, ok?

Josh: Yeah, sure.

Jonathan: Thank you for keeping an eye on Lily.

Sean: Anytime. So, how about a beer?

Babe: Yeah, right.

Jeff: Beer. Do you have a --

Babe: You know, actually, I don't. I've got to get home.

Jeff: It's about Josh.

Babe: I -- I can't talk about Josh right now.

Jeff: Do you think -- do you think that he might try and kill himself?

Babe: You saw the coffin?

Jeff: Yeah. It's more than a little disturbing.

Babe: And it's nothing to worry about. He -- look, he needed to get out some emotional stuff, in kind of a weird way, yes, but he's in a better place, and I don't think he would do anything stupid.

Jeff: He's still messed up.

Babe: Maybe, but he's also your son, and I don't have time to baby-sit him. He's my friend, but -- and he's a big boy. And if he needs me, he'll come to me. But right now, I have my own family to take care of. I'm sorry.

J.R.: "And I'll never talk to strangers again. The end." The end. Hmm. All right. Bedtime, come on. Oh. Say good night. Good night.

Krystal: How do you think your father would feel if he knew that his not-quite-16-year-old was out boozing it up?

Colby: He's not supposed to. That's just the point.

Sydney: Sorry, Colby, but I can't take it anymore. I won't keep secrets for you.

Colby: You know, zip it. No one buys your BS.

Krystal: Note from the pot to the kettle.

Colby: I want my dress!

Krystal: That's enough. After all your father has been through with J.R. and his alcohol, you do this? What are you thinking?

Colby: You're going to cancel the party, aren't you?

Sydney: You mean, our party? Please don't, Mrs. Chandler.

Krystal: You know what? You two are lucky. The invitations have been sent, the deposits were made. Your father's friends' kids are going. I mean, it wouldn't be fair to him.

Colby: Or us.

Krystal: That's debatable. Look, I -- I came in here to make a deal actually, and I'll buy you a dress.

Colby: You will? Really? Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Krystal: Well, don't thank me yet, sweet cheeks, ok? J.R. was harsh, but he did have a point about you and why you feel so darned entitled.

Colby: Well, maybe it's because my mom took me away from my dad, and I never got --

Krystal: Oh, oh, please, please, save the song and dance for the spotlight tomorrow, ok? I've been to that rodeo. Now listen up. I have a deal. You agree to this, both of you, and your father doesn't see Sydney’s photograph, you both get new dresses, and the party goes off as planned. You got it?

Julia: I've done enough traveling for three lifetimes. I like it here. I like my job. I feel needed. Patients look forward to seeing me every morning. It's nice to be needed.

Jamie: So that's it?

Julia: Thanks for the invite, but I'll have to settle for getting those shoes airmailed.

Jamie: You think if you stay, that's going to keep me from leaving?

Julia: I don't think for you. You have to do whatever you have to do. What you and I have had has been great. But if it ends tomorrow, it ends tomorrow.

Livia: You've done this before? Helped people in this network?

Jamal: I've helped a few women escape flawed rulings from judges, yeah.

Livia: So lecturing you about the value of the law, flawed as it is, would be meaningless?

Jamal: The only law I'm interested in practicing is the one that helps people.

Livia: Be careful.

Jamal: I always am, Mom. At least if I get caught, I'll have the best lawyer in town.

Livia: Ha, ha, ha. Not funny.

Jamal: I wasn't trying to be.

Ryan: Everything ok?

Livia: Ask me in about 20 years. Then you'll understand.

Annie: Ahem -- what have you found out?

Livia: It's a no-go. All of the other women are not willing to testify. They want to pretend that Terry never existed.

Ryan: So now what do we do?

Livia: Well, my son seems to have some options that I don't really want to know about. So I'll be seeing you around.

Ryan: Ok, see you. How you doing? You ok?

Annie: Do you know how to handle a gun? Do you have one?

Ryan: I could get my hands on one.

Annie: Will you teach me how to use it?

Ryan: Annie, there's a whole army of security guys outside --

Annie: Will you teach me? Terry has taken enough from me. I'm taking it back.

Sydney: So let me get this straight. We have to auction off our dresses? This -- this dress is the nicest thing I've ever owned.

Colby: Consider it a lease.

Krystal: And you'll donate the proceeds to the Miranda Center.

Colby: Who wants to wear the same dress twice, anyways? That's for poor people. Ok, now let's talk about this 100 hours? Ok, how about, like, two, and I promise never to drink again?

Krystal: How about the 100 hours of volunteer service at the Miranda Center? And if I catch you drinking, I'll have your tail, not your father.

Colby: This is slave labor.

Krystal: It's called honest work, Colby, and you should try it. I volunteer at the Miranda Center. It's not slave labor. You'll be baby-sitting for mamas who can't afford daycare, women who aren't as lucky as you are.

Colby: What's the difference between Sydney blackmailing me out of my dress and you blackmailing us to do this?

Krystal: Power. As in I have it and you don't. Don't force me to show it to you, honey.

Sydney: It could be worse. We could be stuck on some farm like Paris and Nicole. It's just kids. How hard can that be?

Krystal: Spoken like someone who's never had one.

Colby: This is just great. Snotty-nosed, ear-splitting, poopy-diapered kids?

Sydney: Maybe it'll be fun.

Colby: I'd rather shop discount.

Krystal: Ok, perfect. Then it's agreed?

Adam: I am getting so sick and tired of hearing all of this squabbling going on down here. So now, time to lay down the law.

Krystal: Squabbling, dear? I mean, I -- I haven't heard any squabbling. Have you heard any squabbling?

Colby: Uh-uh, I -- I haven't heard anything at all.

Sydney: I haven’t.

Krystal: Oh. Well, it's bedtime. Girls, big day tomorrow, right?

Colby: Yes, it is, Krystal.

Sydney: Good night, Mrs. Chandler.

Krystal: Good night.

Colby: Sweet dreams.

Krystal: Mm-hmm.

Colby: Ah. Good night, Daddy.

Adam: Ok, good night.

Sydney: Good night, Mr. C.

Adam: Hey.

Krystal: Well, you really laid down the law.

Adam: Well, it worked, obviously. Hmm.

Krystal: Mm-hmm.

Adam: They're -- they're even behaving themselves.

[Krystal chuckles]

Krystal: I hope you're ready for tomorrow night.

Adam: Oh.

Julia: Let me know what you decide to do, ok?

Jamie: Of course.

Julia: Can I kiss you good-bye?

Babe: I love you, J.R.

[As soft music plays, Babe and J.R. strip their clothes and fall into bed, kissing passionately, while Josh sits in his dark hotel room thinking.]

Lily: "I know a special place we can meet. No one will find us there. My husband and I used to meet there. But it's not the same as it was before. It's a very special tree. It always made me feel safe. I hope you will feel that way, too."

Jonathan: Lily has a new friend. A boy, with a similar condition than hers. I just -- I hope that she's -- that's she's finding what she needs.

Amanda: What she needs is you.

Jonathan: I'm hating being normal.

Amanda: Come here.

[Amanda comforts Jonathan with a friendly hug.]

Jonathan: Thank you. Thank you. You're -- you -- you're very sweet.

Ryan: Ok, go ahead and -- go ahead and load it, and you always point the barrel in a safe direction, obviously. And never put your finger on the trigger until you're ready to use it, ok? All right, that's it, good. Your hand under there for support, and just before you point the barrel at the target, you put these on. How's that? Is that good? All right. Go ahead and point it right at the target. And when you're ready, just pull that trigger back.

[Annie adjusts her protective earmuff-style headphones and sighs as she prepares to shoot at the target.]

Ryan: Hey. It's ok. It's always a little bit scary the first time, ok? So just take a breath and try it again whenever you're ready.

Man's voice: [Echoing] You still have -- still have -- very, very scary. You still have -- you still have -- very scary. Very, very scary. Very, very scary. Very scary.

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Josh (to Kendall): Do you realize Babe totally saved you? I was this close to going to the cops. I'm beginning to rethink my decision.

Di: Dixie doesn't have a chance. You need to tell her that, Zach.

Lily (online as Autism Girl to Asperger Boy): What time do u want 2 meet?

Jonathan: Lily?

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