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Ryan: No, I don't understand. Tanking the deal's one thing, right? You tank the deal, but then you keep it to yourself? You let something this large slip through your fingers? I mean -- Doug, come on! That's -- that's unemployment line irresponsible.

[Knock on door]

Doug: I had no idea that deal was dead in the water. I mean, I thought I could still salvage it.

Ryan: Oh, really? With box seats to a Phillies game? Doug, come on, man. We're talking seven figures here, all right? You got to think! All right? Your future is not the only future on the line here. I -- I mean, you try to salvage a deal this big -- it's not only dangerous, it could ruin us.

Kendall: Do you mind?

Babe: Excuse me? I have something in my eye. What's your excuse?

J.R.: Well, well, well. Look who decided to show up. About time.

Zach: Let me try to explain something. The only reason my security hasn't removed you two from my office is because of my respect for Dixie. However, my generosity is wearing very thin. Time to get out.

Jamie: What the hell did you do to my father?

Tad: You've got to be kidding. You mean to say that you're the evil genius behind this whole crypt-stashing scheme?

Del: Mm-hmm. I'm going to make damn sure you never hurt my sister again.

Dixie: Derek, we need to talk.

Derek: Um, unless you're ready to confess, I doubt there's anything you could say that would interest me, Dixie.

Dixie: What if I was going to tell you that I do admit it? That I killed Greg Madden?

Derek: You didn't kill Madden all by your lonesome. Where's your partner in crime?

Dixie: There is no one else.

Derek: You're telling me you did this all by yourself?

Dixie: Yes.

Derek: "What if I killed Madden?" Is not a confession, it's a half-assed hypothetical.

Dixie: All right, I did it, ok? So you can lock me up. Save the taxpayers some money. It's a win-win situation for everyone.

Derek: How is it a win for you? What do you want in return for this so-called confession?

Dixie: Your word. Promise me you'll leave them alone. J.R., Jamie, and Zach.

Zach: Now, when you think about it, it really is a little embarrassing. Here is my favorite Martin, got a chance to play hero, and he screws it all up.

Jamie: You can be smug, you can act innocent -- whatever you prefer, but I'm not leaving until you tell me where my father is.

Zach: Wasn't my turn to watch your daddy this week. My job is to keep him and you two idiots away from Dixie, so she stays out of prison.

J.R.: You're the reason she got arrested in the first place.

Dixie: I'm just trying to make things right.

Derek: For whom? You take the fall for Slater, he hits a bigger jackpot than any of his customers will ever see. But where does that leave you? If you're trying to save Jamie and J.R. from the mess they're in, it's not going to work. Take my advice, Dixie -- go home, forget we ever had this conversation. That's me being a friend.

Dixie: I am telling you I killed Greg Madden. Why don't you believe me?

Derek: I'm desperate, but I'm not stupid. There's not a judge or a jury out there that'll believe you acted alone. Now, unless you're willing to turn state's evidence, cooperate with the DA’s office, and admit you had help burying Madden, we have nothing more to discuss. But if you give me that much, I'll drop the charges against Jamie and J.R. for stealing evidence.

Dixie: That's ridiculous. Isn't this what you want, someone to pay for the death of Greg Madden?

Derek: I don't want "someone." I want the one. It's time for someone to tell this joker that it's all over.

Kendall: Nope. No eyelash stuck in my eye. These are real, honest-to-goodness tears. If that makes me a big, stupid baby, whatever. Call the tabloids, tell them the ice queen has a heart. I really don't give a damn. I'm so sick of all these lies.

Babe: Meaning Zach and Dixie’s affair?

Kendall: I just came from giving my husband divorce papers. That is not a lie. Does that answer your question?

Babe: If it's true, then I'm sorry --

Kendall: No, you're not. You love it. You love watching me suffer, just as much as I love watching you suffer. In fact, if I could be the cause of all of your suffering, I'd be one damn-happy camper. So -- so don't go pointing fingers at liars here, and don't go all pity-party on me.

Josh: For the last time, Kendall, will you get off her case?

Babe: She didn't do anything.

Kendall: You don't know what you walked in on, Josh.

Josh: It's not bad enough to taunt her, humiliate her? Now you got to make her cry?

Babe: She didn’t.

Kendall: I didn’t.

Babe: It was -- um -- it was an eyelash.

Josh: Oh, that's -- you know what? I know her, Babe. She's a control freak, just like her mother is. She's also got a mean streak just like Erica, too. It's all about number one, isn't it, Kendall?

Kendall: Can we please not do this right now, Josh? I don't want to fight with you.

Josh: What do you want to do? Get rid of me? You know, Erica already tried that one. And you tried to get rid of Babe in far less lethal ways, but that didn't work, either. And your selfish ass of a husband may have succeeded in getting rid of the man who raised me, but it hasn't exactly turned out the way you all hoped, has it? I got to tell you something, Kendall. Doesn't matter who your mother is, how deserving or important you think you are. What you want and what you get, it's two different things.

Kendall: I know that now.

Zach: I have a business to run. So it's time for the Hardy Boys to be on their bikes. Find someone else as a suspect in the case of the missing Martin. Good-bye.

Jamie: Where is he? You have him holed up somewhere till after your trial is over? Or were you so scared that he could blow your alibi and your life that you went drastic?

Zach: I don't have a clue where your daddy is, and I don't care, as long as it's not here.

Jamie: See, that was the wrong answer.

J.R.: We covered for you at the police station. We had about a million reasons to rat you out, tell Derek that you were the one that snagged the tape, but we didn’t. But that can all change if you don't let us know where our father is alive, and fast.

Tad: You know, Del, there are times I don't know how a moron like you gets through the world unscathed. You ought to wear a sandwich board that says something like "Beware, idiot approaching." Do you have any idea how badly you screwed things up? I could've been in Timbuktu by now.

Del: Talk smack about me all you want, Tad. Call me an idiot, call me a moron, call me a big, dumb ox. I don't really care. But when it comes to calling Dixie a killer, better watch that big mouth of yours.

Tad: That was my plan all along. You stuck me in that crypt for no reason. From now on, you stay out of my way, you big doofus. God.

[To stop Tad from leaving, Del points a gun at him.]

Del: Oh -- better watch it, Tad. The "doofus" has got a gun.

Ryan: Doug, your arrogance cost us a manufacturing plant and now I have to find a way to fix that.

Doug: Ryan, I'm really, really sorry, ok?

Ryan: Well, yeah, good.

Annie: Ok, so -- so we send out a press release, beat Willington and Helms to the punch, say that -- say that we backed out of the deal due to lack of disclosure. Just kind of spin the whole mess in our favor. What do you think?

Ryan: Do it.

Annie: Ok. I'm on it.

Ryan: Annie?

Annie: Yeah?

Ryan: Nice save. Thank you.

Annie: No problem. Nice front.

Ryan: I don't understand.

Annie: Your mind is somewhere else completely, but you're doing an excellent job of hiding it.

Ryan: Wow. You're good.

Annie: Yeah, it's a female thing. Is it Kendall?

Ryan: I may have tanked her marriage. So you think you can find a fancy spin on that?

Kendall: I'm not trying to blow you off, Josh, and I don't want to get into it with you. But you have no idea what you walked in on, and you don't know why I'm so upset.

Josh: Why are you harassing Babe? You know, I don't know why. But whatever the reason is, it stops right now.

Babe: You have it all wrong, Josh. Kendall didn't upset me, and she didn't make me cry.

Josh: Babe, I heard her lay into you.

Babe: Yeah, and? Kendall's life pretty much sucks right now, so if she needs to take it out on me, let her. I don't care. I actually kind of get it.

Josh: You're defending her?

Kendall: Don't stick up for me.

Josh: She hates you. She wouldn't be this nice to you.

Kendall: Yeah. You got at right. We're not friends. You don't get me. And don't think just because I haven't thrown you off this roof, it means that we've suddenly bonded.

Babe: Don't worry. I would never make that mistake, believe me. God forbid we admit we actually have something in common -- sons we adore more than life itself, a passion for our work, a business that we co-run. Oh, and let's -- let's not forget our husbands -- a couple of lying, scheming, accused murderers.

Josh: Wait, is that what you're upset about, J.R.? What the hell did he do now?

J.R.: We're assuming that you trashed that tape, made Tad’s eyewitness account disappear -- the same way you made him disappear.

Jamie: Just tell us where my father is and Derek will never find out that you're the one who swiped his key evidence. Tad will still leave the country, and he'll never testify that he saw you and Dixie stash Madden’s body in the trunk of a car.

J.R.: You want to secure your freedom, Slater? You best start talking.

Jamie: Where the hell is my father? Did you kill him like you killed Greg Madden?

Zach: Final warning, boys.

Babe: Just drop it, Josh.

Josh: I'm trying to help you, Babe.

Babe: Yeah, well, I don't need any help. I'm fine, and my marriage -- it's fine.

Josh: Oh, yeah, I'm supposed to believe that as truth? Why won't you let me help you? Hello? You're not even listening to a word I'm saying. You know what? Fine.

Babe: The roof's all yours.

Kendall: How do you do it -- forgive a man who's hurt you?

Tad: Don't you get it, Jethro? Your sister was this close to getting a clean break. She wouldn't have had me around pointing the finger and accusing her of being a killer. She wouldn't have had me around to testify against her, but now you sure beat the hell out of that. Good work.

Del: Oh, trust me, Tad, you're still not going to testify against her.

Tad: Oh -- thank you, God, an angel. Would you please tell your brother he's too stupid to handle a gun?

Del: There's a pile of rope in the corner, Di. Why don't you tie him up.

Tad: Yeah. Like that's going to happen. Stop messing around. Do something before he hurts himself.

Di: Get up there and put your hands behind your back.

Dixie: Derek, I would do just about anything to keep Tad from testifying against me in court it would kill J.R. and Jamie, and they've been through enough hell watching Tad and I constantly pitted against each other. Now they're stealing evidence to keep me out of prison to protect me? I can't have them risking their freedom for mine.

Derek: You want to save Jamie and J.R.? Turn state's evidence, give up Slater.

[Zach barges into Ryan’s office.]

Man: Stop right there!

Zach: Now get the hell out of my way. Whoa! What's all this? Are you afraid I'm going to bury you next?

[With his hands tied behind his back, Tad lies on top of a mausoleum coffin.]

Tad: Don't you two get it? We all want the same thing -- me out of here, out of Pine Valley, out of the country so I can't testify against Dixie. And not for nothing, but keeping me somewhere where Derek can find me is not exactly going to do wonders for our plan.

Di: Well, if that ever was your plan, Tad. You can't exactly be trusted these days. You've been running around town telling anybody who'll listen that Dixie’s a murdering tramp. Now, it's pretty hard to believe that you'd risk becoming a fugitive instead of just going and telling that to a judge and a jury, too.

Tad: No matter how tired I am of Dixie, you know me better than that. You should realize I would never do anything to hurt either of my boys. I'm not going to jump up and down on the stand and send their mother away for God knows how long.

Del: Dixie's not going anywhere, I'm making sure of that.

Tad: Del, I know I didn't bring my flash cards along, but try to keep up, ok? The fact is, I have a better way. My way, you don't have to point a gun at me. All you have to do is turn around. I'll be gone, I'll be out of Pine Valley in an hour. You'll never see me again, and I promise I'll stay away until after Dixie’s trial is over and she's free.

Di: You'd really do that? You'd walk away from your life here? Your business, your -- your family, your kids?

Tad: To prevent J.R. from losing his mother all over again? I'd do it in a New York heartbeat.

Del: Don't go soft on me, Di. My way, Tad stays off the witness stand. We don't have to worry about him putting anything over on us.

Tad: Does your way include access to the Chandler jet and $10,000 in unmarked bills? I didn't think so. Then you better untie me and let me the hell out of here.

Babe: I am so sick of you ragging on my marriage. J.R. is still my husband. We took vows and that means something to me, and if you can't relate, that's your problem.

Kendall: I'm not ragging on you. I really want to know. After everything that you and J.R. have been through -- alcoholism and mommy issues aside -- how do you look at him, kiss him, and tell him that you love him without thinking, "This man tried to kill me"? How do you do it? How -- how do you get past such a huge betrayal? How do you forgive him for something so big?

Babe: I -- um -- I don't know if I am past it. I don't -- I don't know if I ever will be.

Kendall: Please. I've seen you, Babe. You forgive anyone for anything. Someone could poke out your eyes and rob you blind, and you'd say they needed the money. Hell, you even make excuses for me, and I flat out can't stand you.

Babe: I let you in on my deepest, darkest, and all you can say is, "That's not good enough, I hate you"? Bite me, Kendall. I don't have the magic answers. I don't know how to tell you to forgive the unforgivable, because I don't even know how to myself.

Kendall: Please come up with something. I need an answer. I need to know that there's still hope.

Zach: So here's how I see it. You told Kendall that I had a disc with Madden’s last hours on it, because you want me out of the way, you want to be with her. Or you want to punish her, because she doesn't love you. Am I warm or --

Ryan: You see, Kendall is killing herself to convince me that you were set up, that the disc was planted. Is she warm?

Zach: No. Disc was mine. Your turn.

Ryan: What did you tell her you were doing with it?

Zach: Ok. So you're not going to answer my question? All right. I'm not going to answer yours anymore, either. Thank you for solidifying my alibi with Dixie, and now I think you're going a little too far.

Ryan: Huh. Same could be said for you, Zach.

Zach: Hey, Ryan?

Ryan: Yeah?

Zach: Don't hurt my wife again.

Ryan: You see, that. What possessed you, man? I'm just -- I don't understand. You say that you love her, and yet how could you possibly take that chance?

Zach: I didn't touch Madden.

Ryan: No, that's not what I'm asking. How could you leave Kendall’s side when she was dying?

Zach: Kendall is alive, Spike is healthy, we have a whole future ahead of us, and that's all that matters now.

Ryan: Wait -- that night, though, that you left, I just -- I honestly don't understand that you left and you helped Dixie find Madden. Was -- was there just, like, a single part of you that was terrified that when you came back, Kendall’s bed would be empty?

Zach: The cops had to drag me out of there.

Ryan: You know, I know. You're right, they did. And then they put you away, and then you got out on bail. But what I'm asking is, after that, instead of going back to your dying wife's side, you left. You left with Dixie, and I don't know how you could do that. How could you do that, knowing that Kendall could lose that fight any second?

Zach: I don't answer to you.

Ryan: Really? Who do you answer to?

Zach: I answer to no one!

Ryan: Wow. Because this is who I answer to.

[Ryan holds up a framed photo of Kendall and the baby.]

Kendall: If you haven't forgiven J.R., then how could you lie in court? How could you give him another chance to hurt you, maybe even try to kill you again?

Babe: I did it because I love him. I -- I did it, because I believe that he wouldn't do it again. I -- I believed that he wanted to change, that he had changed. Keeping J.R. out of jail was the only chance at our son having a family. It was our only shot at making our marriage work.

Kendall: Why would you even want to? You just said you may never forgive him.

Babe: Hmm. And since when are love and forgiveness the same thing?

Kendall: Don't look at me. I -- this -- this is a whole new concept to me. My motto his always been, "You hurt me, I hate you." I tried to learn to forgive, even thought I had it right for a while there. Now it seems like every time I turn the other cheek, it gets slapped with a fresh lie. How many times am I supposed to forgive a person before I make a damn fool of myself?

Babe: It was -- hmm -- supposed to be better by now. J.R. is the love of my life, and how many times have I proven that to -- to him, to myself, to Little Adam, to my mama, the world? So how come it still doesn't feel right?

Kendall: I don't know. I learned to say "I forgive you." And I actually meant it, too. I figured since anger and suspicion and rage didn't work for me, maybe I finally figured out the secret to a successful relationship -- trusting and understanding, forgiving. I was actually happy, too -- for about 10 minutes -- and then it all fell apart. And now things aren't good anymore. They aren't better. They're not even ok.

Ryan: I mean, it didn't have to be you, Zach. You could've hired an army of guys to help Dixie find Madden that night. I mean, every single second counted, right? Am I right? I mean, you knew that. There -- there were times when I would look at Kendall in that bed, and I would be terrified that her chest would stop rising, you know, I was afraid that she'd stop breathing. So I just -- I'm asking you, how could you possibly live with yourself if when you came back, she was gone? I don't understand. I don't. I mean, it would've been bad enough if you were locked up against your will, but you made the conscious decision to leave, so – I mean, was helping Dixie more important than staying with Kendall?

Zach: I had to help Dixie, because I know what it's like to lose a child. And if there was a way to make it right, I had to do it.

Ryan: Huh. So you just couldn't resist the urge to be a hero? I mean, come on, man, I'm serious. What is it with you? Have you looked at your track record, Zach? Look, Maria, Ethan, Kendall, Dixie -- where are they now? Hmm? Maria's gone, Ethan -- Dixie is on the verge of being put away for life, and Kendall is hurting right now more than she has ever hurt in her life, and honestly, your heroics -- they're not going to help her.

Kendall: How depressing is that? I think if I take the high road, life would be easier and happier. I come to find out it doesn't make a damn bit of difference. Life sucks, no matter how understanding or forgiving you try to be.

Babe: I thought that I could forgive J.R., get past what he did to you, what he tried to do to me. But every time that he -- he ticks me off or he shuts down, I go right back to him wanting me dead. Getting past J.R.’s one big betrayal is hard enough. How the hell am I supposed to get past a million little ones? So much of J.R.’s life is still a mystery to me. He doesn't tell me what he's thinking or what he's feeling. He won't -- he won't let me -- help him or comfort him, and if I do, he just shuts down. How does a marriage like that work? Can it?

[J.R.’s cell phone rings.]

J.R.: Jamie, it's Tad. He's alive, he's ok.

Jamie: Thank God.

Tad: Is the jet still ready?

J.R.: Ready when you are.

Tad: You're going to have to meet me there.

J.R.: All right, we're on our way.

Babe: And I'm proud of him for it. But the things that had gotten in the way before -- the anger, the jealousy, the lack of trust, his inability to open up -- they're still there. And I'm just terrified that they always will be. I don't know if I can handle that.

Di: So this is it. You're leaving. You don't know when you're going to be back.

Tad: Or if I'll be back.

Di: The things I said before, I'm sorry about that. What you're doing for Dixie -- just -- thank you.

Babe: We've had some of the happy family moments that I've hoped for, dreamed of when we first got back together, when I took him back -- the picnics in the park with our son, sharking milk shakes, laughing so hard until our guts hurt. The three of us cozied up in bed, the jokes, the -- the laughs, the kisses.

J.R.: Let's get out of here.

Jamie: Couldn't be fast enough for me.

Babe: When you're in those moments, it almost seems worth it. And then it's back to reality -- the doubts, no trust on both of our parts. Wasn't supposed to be like this. Maybe it's time to imagine a different life.

[From Josh’s Valley Inn room emanate the sounds of hammering, sawing, and sanding.]

[Knock on door]

Josh: Hey.

Man: Everything okay in there, Dr. Madden?

Josh: Yeah, fine.

Man: Because we've had some guests complain of noise -- hammering, sawing. If there's something I can help you with --

Josh: No, no, no. It's fine, it's ok.

[Josh gets back to his building project.]

Dixie: For the hundredth time, Derek, Zach didn't help me kill Greg Madden. He is my friend. Yes, he is my lover. Yes, he would do anything for me. But helping me bury Greg Madden was not one of those things.

Derek: Then this discussion is over.

Dixie: Come on! Give me a chance.

Derek: The same way you gave Greg Madden a chance to turn his life around?

Dixie: Greg Madden didn't deserve a chance. The man was evil. He took my child away from me and refused to tell me where she was. Can you imagine that? Can you imagine how you would feel if somebody took Danielle away from you? How much you would hate them, how much you would want to watch them suffer? Nobody cares that Greg Madden is dead. Why do you?

Derek: That's why, Dixie. That's why.

[Phone rings]

Derek: This is Chief Frye. I'll be right over. Why don't you sit with these for a little while. Then maybe you can understand why I give a damn.

[After Derek leaves the office, Dixie stares at an autopsy photo of Greg.]

[While music plays, Dixie opens the file and sees the booking photo of Zach.]

Zach: You have no right to question me or my love for my wife.

Ryan: Well, you kind of brought it on yourself when you left the hospital that night, Zach.

Zach: I gave you my reasons for that. If you don't believe me, that's your problem.

Ryan: You know what? Forget about me for a second. What about Kendall? Does she believe you? Does she understand? You tell me that, because you keep doing the same thing, man. You keep leaving to help Dixie.

Zach: If she thinks there's a problem with Dixie, it's because you -- you brought it on, you.

Ryan: Really? When are you going to face the facts, Zach, that you're the reason that you're in this mess? It's your fault.

[On Fusion’s rooftop, Kendall sits on the steps crying while Dixie continues sifting through Derek’s file and sees a picture of Zach kissing her.]

Singer: ¯Don't take it slow, don't take it slow
We're part of a series of complex lies
We're part of a system that I can't fight
Your story berates my mind

With complex lies, complex lies, complex¯

[Onboard the Chandler jet, Tad hugs and says good-bye to J.R. and Jamie. Back at the police station, Dixie holds up the booking photos of her son and Jamie.

Singer: ¯I've been safe I broke the rule
I played it smart I've been the fool
Is it something? Do it again it's painful so painful
We're part of a series of complex lies
I'm part of a system that I can't fight

Jamie: Thank God you're all right.

J.R.: Where the hell have you been?

Tad: You're never going to believe who my captor was -- Del Henry. It was humiliating. Suggest we keep this amongst ourselves, ok?

Jamie: At least you got away.

J.R.: You don't have to worry about things here. The tape Derek made is destroyed. Mom's in the clear.

Singer: ¯And we'll be gone
For the red light is on
And we'll be gone
For the red light, the red light's on

[Dixie holds a picture of Tad while Babe tentatively approaches Josh’s room as he continues to work on his project. After seeing all of Greg’s grim autopsy photos, Dixie piles all the pictures up on Derek’s desk.]

Singer: ¯The red light is on, it's on
Welcome to the house of pain
They are writing out your name o visitors of love and fame it overcame it overcame

Tad: It's probably best I get out of here before the cops start looking for me. I'll tell the pilot I'm ready to go.

Derek: You're not going anywhere.

Ryan: I told Kendall about the disc, Zach. You know what? Her head is really messed up right now, and it kills me that I had anything to do with that, but you should know something, Zach. This whole thing got into motion the night that you didn't return to her bedside, so if you want to be angry at anybody, be angry at yourself.

Zach: You won't get anywhere with Kendall. I'm going to beat these charges, and my wife and I, we're going to have a wonderful life together. Nothing's going to change that.

Kendall: I wouldn't be so sure.

J.R.: Mom? What are you doing here?

Jamie: What's Derek pulling now?

Dixie: I'm fine. What happened to you?

Derek: No reason to be alarmed, Dixie. Just think of it as a little family reunion -- and I'm so glad I could make it possible.

Tad: What the hell do you want from me? We both know you lost that tape, and you're about to lose your star witness, because I don't remember seeing Dixie the night that Madden disappeared.

Derek: You want to play it that way, Tad, your call.

Tad: You won't use me to send her to prison.

Derek: Fair enough. But if you don't get on the stand and tell the truth about what you saw that night, you'll be sending your sons to prison instead.

[When Babe knocks on his door, Josh tries to keep her out, but she looks past him and sees what he’s been frantically building: a coffin.]

Josh: Rotten timing.

Babe: Well, too bad.

>> Next week on "All My Children" --

Kendall (to Zach): If you don't tell me the truth right now, we are over and done.

Tad (to Derek): I'll testify.

Derek (to Tad): I'll get someone to take your statement.

Josh (to Babe): I'm ready.

[With Josh inside the coffin, Babe nails the lid on.]

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