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[Music plays]

Colby: This? Just a runway preview of the fall shows. Nothing major. The party of the century. Really? Just something I threw together.

Singer: You're so predictable

Colby: Nice hands, Sydney.

Sydney: Hungry, Colby?

Krystal: Hold that thought, ladies.

[Krystal lowers music]

Krystal: Colby, I want to talk to you about your party.

Colby: Well, me, too, Krystal. And I just want to apologize for being a pain in the ass. And I promise, from now on, I will be a dream. Please, uncancel my party? Please? Mom?

Singer: You should know by now that I am too much you just

[Jack turns music off]

Sean: What's up, Uncle Jack?

Jack: Sean, do me a favor -- keep the music down. Lily really doesn't like the noise, ok?

Sean: Oh, no problem. Anything else?

Jack: Yeah, actually we need to talk about your stay here.

Sean: No talking necessary. Erica's not down for a long sleepover. Got it. I'll pack up my stuff and hit the road today.

Jack: So what are you going to do, just turn around and drive back home?

Sean: Home? Are you kidding? I have a new car and a credit card my mom pays for. Places to go, people to see. First stop, Memphis -- the king. Then --

[Doorbell rings]

Sean: There's New Orleans.

Jack: Excuse me. Amanda, thanks for coming over. Um -- Lily’s in her room.

Amanda: Sure.

Sean: The king can wait.

Ryan: Hey, what's going on? Are you ok? Is Emma all right? The head of my security said that you left the penthouse last night and --

Annie: He found us. He's -- he's going to take Emma away.

Ryan: What? Who? What are you -- what are you talking about?

Annie: Terry called me at the penthouse last night. I won't let him take my daughter. What -- what are we -- what do we do now? We have to leave.

Ryan: Ok, all right, slow down. Don't worry, we'll take care of this.

Annie: I will kill Terry before he gets near my little girl again.

Kendall: Ooh. What are you doing here so early? Is Lily taking inventory?

Jonathan: You don't know?

Kendall: Know what?

Jonathan: I'm not impaired anymore, Kendall. My mind has been fine for quite a while now. I'm back to who I was.

Kendall: Oh. Ok. So you're ok and does -- did you tell anybody? Does anybody know?

Jonathan: Almost everybody knows. Including Lily. I -- I lost her. I thought I was -- I was doing something to help her, and it, you know, blew up in my face.

[Knock on door]

Dixie: Come in.

Zach: Erica.

[Erica walks into Dixie’s room and finds her and Zach in bed together.]

Erica: I saw the really disgusting footage of you two last night on TV. And I wanted to see for myself. I have my answer.

Dixie: Yes, you do, so if you'll excuse us --

Erica: I always knew this day would come. I knew that you would hurt my daughter Kendall again. I knew that. I dreaded it for her sake, but -- she's surrounded by really good friends in her life, like Ryan.

Zach: Come on in, Derek. Didn't know we were having a party. Excuse us.

Derek: Erica, I need to speak with Dixie and Zach alone.

Erica: Yes, of course. So I hope the next time I see you two, it'll be in front of a judge. I'm sure you'll look great in orange. But I'll leave that to you, Derek.

Dixie: What's going on here? You know, we're having a private moment here, so if you don't mind --

Derek: Come on, Dixie. Isn't that exactly what you and your new boyfriend wanted to happen?

Kendall: Jack actually went through with that? I mean, he -- he tried to declare Lily incompetent?

Jonathan: Yeah, Jack did. And I couldn't let him put her through that, so I had to tell her everything.

Kendall: What did you really want? Never mind. You know what? I don't even want to know.

Jonathan: No, what -- what do you mean, what did I really want? Did you think that I was playing Lily? That I was going to use her?

Kendall: Well, what am I supposed to think?

Jonathan: That I wanted my marriage to work? I'm -- I'm sorry. I just -- I didn't want to lose her, and I knew that I would if she found out I changed. She would think that I -- that I wouldn't understand her anymore. That's why I lied about my recovery. I mean, come on, you -- you -- haven't you ever bent the truth for someone that you love? I -- I'm not sorry I did it. I would do anything for Lily, Kendall. Anything.

[Knock on door]

Amanda: Lily, it's me, Amanda. Can I come in? Lily? I'm sorry to interrupt. I just came to see if you're ok.

Lily: I'm busy.

Amanda: I'm sorry about what happened at the courthouse.

Lily: Why are you sorry? You didn't lie to me.

Amanda: What your dad did -- it sucks.

Lily: No, my dad helped me. He made Jonathan confess that he was pretending to me. He was lying.

Amanda: He loves you.

Lily: I'm on the web right now searching for someone who really is like me.

Amanda: You don't need to find someone else. You've got Jonathan.

Lily: No, I don't. We're not a good match!

Amanda: You were a perfect match. How are you feeling right now, right at this moment?

Lily: Not very good.

Amanda: Neither does Jonathan. You both feel the same way. You're both miserable, because you miss each other.

Sean: Who's the hottie?

Jack: That was Lily’s friend Amanda. I'm hoping she can get through to her.

Sean: She can get through to me. Look, I don't get this whole Autism thing Lily has going on, but I think Lily should be able to do what she wants. She's 18, right?

Jack: And that would be the Barbara Montgomery school of child rearing, I presume?

Sean: Works for her, works for me. No one needs to hold my hand. She has some boy toy's hand to hold now. God, is that guy boring. And what an attention whore. God, "Me, me, me, me." Don't need to watch that channel. So when they took off for Europe, I drove them to the airport myself.

Jack: Tell me something, Sean. Why would you leave when you had the house all to yourself? I mean, God knows, you seem to know what to do with an empty house.

Sean: Well, Mom gave me the new car before she left. Thought I'd take it for a spin.

Jack: That's a spin of a couple thousand miles.

Sean: I'm just getting started, mi compadre.

Jack: Well, mi amigo, where else will you be visiting, besides Elvis, of course?

Sean: I don't know. Plans are lame. I like to fly without a map.

Sean: Not really my style, you think?

Colby: Come on, Mom. Can I please have my party?

Krystal: You can start by taking your lips off my backside first. And call me Krystal.

Colby: Whatever you want, Krystal.

Krystal: All right, look, the only reason why I am agreeing to this little soirée of yours is because your father agreed to my conditions. Your budget.

Colby: Are you kidding me? This is like nothing. This means no shrimp shooters, no band, not even any costume changes.

Sydney: Oh, no costume changes? I guess the swans are out, too, then.

Krystal: Look, if you want a party at all, you'll deal with it.

Colby: Looks like I'll have to turn tricks to get the rest.

Krystal: Funny. I'm sure your father would love to hear that. Oh, and one more thing. I was talking to Winifred, and she told me that it's your 16th birthday at the end of summer, too.

Colby: Uh-uh. No way I am sharing this party.

Krystal: Ah, ah, ah -- Sydney, you can co-host the party with Colby. You can invite whomever you want.

Sydney: Thank you so much, Mrs. Chandler. This is going to be the best.

Colby: I'd rather die.

Ryan: You see Emma? She's fine. She's watching TV in the other room, and I have security there. I have security outside this office. You have nothing to worry about.

Annie: I can't stop worrying, Ryan. Terry said he would see us soon. He's coming for us. He's probably here already. What if -- what if he's already watching us? What if he saw us leave last night? Oh, my God. I've ruined everything!

Ryan: That's not possible. I just got off the phone with Aidan, who just got off the phone with the tail on Terry in Ireland, ok? It's all right. He said that Terry hasn't made a move yet.

Annie: Ok. So what if Terry's guy convinced -- convinced Aidan to look the other way while he hopped in a plane back here? What if Aidan’s guy is -- is sipping black and tans in some Irish pub while -- while Terry's looking at us through the window?

Ryan: That is so not possible. That has not happened.

Annie: Can you guarantee that? Absolutely guarantee it? I thought I could trust Terry before. Look what he turned out to be. God, I feel more alone now than when I first left him.

Ryan: Oh -- no, you're not alone, ok? You got a lot of people here that care about you. Erin, Jamal. You have the people at the Miranda Center.

Annie: I don't know if I can trust anyone anymore.

Ryan: I want you to listen to me -- very carefully, ok? I swear on the life of my own child that you can trust me.

Zach: Dixie asked you a question. What are you doing here?

Derek: I have some questions about your newfound alibi. I'd like to talk with you separately, though.

Zach: We're not going to answer any questions, not without our lawyer.

Derek: It would be within your best interest to cooperate with the department.

Dixie: Why should I cooperate with you? Why should I give you anything? What have you done to help me? What have you done to help my daughter? All you seem to care about is finding the person, or anybody, who might have killed Greg Madden, but you don't care about me. You don't care about finding Kate. Why don't you just stop harassing us, Derek, and find my daughter?

Emma: Mommy, are you ok? I heard you yelling.

Annie: Oh, yeah, everything's fine, sweetie. Mommy's fine. Mommy will be quiet from now on. Why don't you let Sara take you into the other room, so you can watch some TV? Ok? I think your -- your favorite show's about to start.

Sara: Come on, Emma.

Annie: Want to do that? Huh? You can go with Sara. I'm so sorry. Call it temporary insanity.

Ryan: Are you kidding? With everything that you have going on right now? We're talking about your daughter here. No worries.

Annie: I do trust you. I do. I just -- you've done so much for us. I wasn't trying to sound ungrateful.

Ryan: You have absolutely nothing to apologize for, ok? The call from Terry obviously freaked you out. It would freak anybody out.

Annie: It was a warning. He's coming back, sooner rather than later. And Emma and I can't be here when he does. I'll -- I'll ask Jamal to arrange for new identities for Emma and me. We'll -- we'll disappear, start a new life somewhere far away.

Ryan: Oh. I just -- I don't think that's the way to go. I hope it's ok to say, but I think you should stay in Pine Valley. I think you should go back to the penthouse. And if and when Terry comes for you and for Emma, my guys will be there waiting.

Annie: You want me to use my daughter as bait?

Lily: I don't feel the same way I used to about Jonathan. He used to make me feel normal.

Amanda: You're hurt because he kept something from you. But that doesn't mean you don't love him.

Lily: Well, loving Jonathan is what made me hurt. I didn't read his face right. I couldn't read the signs that he was lying.

Amanda: What was the last thing you thought of before you fell asleep last night? Or what was the first thing you thought of this morning?

Lily: It was Jonathan. But I made myself stop.

Amanda: If you had to make yourself stop thinking about him, then that means you wanted to think about him. You wanted to think about all the fun things that you guys did together. Like the wreath that he made you last year for Christmas, or the tree house, or --

Lily: That was before he was different from me. Now he's changed.

Amanda: It doesn't matter if you differ on other things. All that matters is that you're crazy about each other. And you guys -- you both -- you make each other laugh, smile -- you bring out the best in each other. You make each other feel safe, and that is love. And that's why you belong together. Please, Lily, just give Jonathan one more chance.

Jonathan: You think Lily’s better without me. I get that. I don't want to argue with you about it, Kendall. I -- I packed up Lily’s things when I packed up mine. We won't be needing Greenlee’s old place anymore. I don't want Lily going back there, so -- you know, she's been through enough.

Kendall: You got that right.

Jonathan: The last thing I want is to cause her any more pain.

Jonathan: You know, for a while, this is as close as I got to Lily. We would each grab an end of it. It was -- it was Lily’s version of holding hands. We first used it in our tree house. We walked through New York City with it. And it wasn't really touching, but it felt like it to me. And then after I banged my head in the hospital, she -- I mean, did Lily ever touch you?

Kendall: No, no, Lily’s not into touching.

Jonathan: She hugged me -- at the hospital. She felt safe enough that not only did she reach out, but she let me hold her. And that was the moment that Lily touched my heart. I only -- I only hoped that -- that I could have helped her see that she was normal. That she's better than normal. That she's perfect. I'm sorry, I'm -- I'm going to get out of your way now.

Kendall: Where are you going?

Jonathan: I'm -- I'm going to go look for a job. I know I don't have one here anymore.

Kendall: Jonathan, Jonathan, wait, wait. I'm not going to fire you. I believe you. I believe that you did all of this for Lily, and I do believe that you love her.

Jonathan: Thank you. I mean it, thank you. You -- you're the last person I ever thought would be on my side.

Kendall: Well, I'm on Lily’s side, and she loves you. She wouldn't be the first girl to fall for a guy who's made a mistake. So I hope in time she'll understand that and forgive you.

Erica: So do I.

Colby: I can't share this party with Sydney. She's hired help.

Krystal: She is entitled to a birthday party, just the same as you.

Colby: But she's not the same.

Sydney: That's for sure.

Krystal: You two learn to share, or no party.

Colby: I won't have to talk to her, will I?

Krystal: I suggest that you two get over your issues and learn to get along. You're going to be spending a lot of time planning this party together. Have fun, girls.

Sydney: Ahem -- I have lots of ideas, princess. Where do we start?

Colby: You know, you're pathetic. The only reason why my tacky stepmom made you co-host is because she felt sorry for you.

Sydney: No, when we have this blowout, you're going to be the one booking the table at the pity party -- for one.

Colby: You think you can top me?

Sydney: Mm-hmm. I'm going to be hot, and you're going to be trying way too hard.

Colby: You know, stay clear of this one, honey. You'll only embarrass yourself.

Sydney: Colby, you may be onstage, but for this one, I'll be center stage.

Colby: God, you're so deluded.

Sydney: You know what? I'm sorry, I don't have time for this. I have a guest list to plan.

Colby: Oh, just to let you know -- we won't be providing shuttles for Losertown.

Sydney: Keep talking. You know, it's only going to make you look that much more stupid when you see my invites. You know, you better call rent-a-friend soon, because I heard that they book up fast. And you wouldn't want to be alone at your own party.

Ryan: The only way to stop Terry is to put him away. I mean, if we don't, then he's free to -- to go out and prey on other innocent young --

Annie: Don’t. Don't try to guilt me into this. I lie awake at night thinking about those other girls that Terry's gone after, but -- but my priority is my child. My greatest fear is that Terry will somehow get to Emma. He'll take her by the hand, and she will walk with him into a hell on earth. He will molest her, Ryan, and I will never see her again.

[Knock on door]

Man: This just arrived at the penthouse, Mr. Lavery. I thought you should take a look at it.

Annie: What is it?

Ryan: It's addressed to you.

Annie: Give it to me.

Ryan: Let me -- let me open it.

[Annie sighs]

Annie: "Give this to Emma, Annie. Tell her I'll see her soon." Oh -- oh, God.

Lily: Jonathan and I are too different to be together.

Amanda: Jonathan was different before your dad found out about it, and you were happy. It was working. Lily, I saw Jonathan right after the hearing -- being second-best friend and all. And he was so sad. Devastated. Please, just go talk to him. Go see him.

Lily: I don't want to go see him!

Amanda: But I will take you to him. I'll go with you if you want.

Lily: That's unnecessary.

Amanda: He's your husband. He loves you.

Lily: No, he lied. He doesn't love me.

Amanda: You guys were so happy. You can't just walk away from that.

Lily: No, he lied! He can't love me anymore.

Amanda: But he does. He told me that he does.

Lily: No!

Amanda: Lily, please just go and --

Lily: No, Amanda! He doesn't love me anymore! He's changed! He's different! He can't! Get out! Just get out! Get out! Get out, get out. Get out, get out.

Jack: Lily -- Lily -- Lily --

Lily: Get out, get out.

Jack: Please, please --

Lily: Get out, get out. Get out, get out, get out, get out, get out, get out. Get out, get out. Get out, get out, get out.

Jonathan: Thank you, Erica, for your support. I wish that -- I wish your husband shared in your enthusiasm.

Erica: I would be thrilled about your recovery, except it's cost you so much.

Jonathan: I -- Lily’s -- Lily will never forgive me.

Kendall: You would be surprised what a woman will forgive.

Jonathan: Erica, can I -- may I throw these in your car? I need to take them home to Lily.

Erica: Of course.

Jonathan: I -- ok.

Erica: Yeah.

Jonathan: Thank you.

Erica: Yes, of course.

Kendall: How? How can Jack do that? How the hell can he drag Lily to court like that? What the hell was he thinking?

Erica: None of that matters now. The only thing that matters is you.

Kendall: You know.

Erica: About that tramp, Dixie Martin, and your so-called husband? Honey, you are so well rid of him.

Zach: Why don't you leave us alone and focus on doing some good instead?

Derek: Don't tell me how to run my department.

Dixie: Are you doing this because Tad is your friend?

Derek: You used to call me a friend. This isn't personal.

Zach: This isn't personal? Families are torn apart, a kid's been taken away. It doesn't get more personal than that.

Derek: It's hard to argue against the evidence.

Zach: Evidence that showed up pretty late in the game, don't you think?

Derek: Forensics takes time.

Zach: Let me ask you something. If you make an arrest in a high-profile case like that, it's probably promotions all the way around, huh?

Derek: What are you insinuating?

Zach: All I'm telling you is you didn't have anything for weeks. And then you have a fingerprint in the coffin, you have Madden’s blood in the car. What is that?

Derek: If you're trying to say I set you two up, that's a serious accusation.

Zach: Derek, we have an alibi. I'm sure you checked it out. Tried to bust it, and you failed. Now you're looking for a confession. What is that? You have two innocent people. You want to try and make them look guilty. Now, that is a serious accusation.

Dixie: Come on, Zach. We both know I'm no innocent.

Erica: Not only does he betray you while you're in a coma, but he flaunts it on television. Now, what kind of a man would do that to a woman he supposedly loves? Zach Slater loves only himself.

Kendall: Mother, he did not flaunt it on TV.

Erica: Was he sitting vigil by your bedside, just to hide the fact that he was having an affair? I won't let him humiliate you.

Kendall: Mother, it's not an affair. It was a one-time thing, ok? Now, please, I can take care of myself.

Erica: One time? Well, then why did I just catch him in bed with Dixie?

Derek: Why are you saying you're not innocent, Dixie? Is there something you want to tell me?

Dixie: Come on, Derek. Just look at my life. I gave birth to a child and I gave it to that monster. My entire family hates me, my life is pretty much ruined. I wish I had killed Greg Madden, I really, really wish I did, but the night that he was buried, I was a sad, lonely woman who's now managed to break up a marriage.

Zach: You weren't the only one in that motel room.

Dixie: Come on, Zach. You felt sorry for me, and I took you to bed.

Derek: Where was this heart-wrenching story the night you two were arrested?

Zach: I was trying to save my marriage.

Dixie: And I felt I owed him that.

Derek: If you were trying to save your marriage, what are you doing here with Dixie?

Zach: Kendall threw me out last night. I needed a place to sleep.

Kendall: Zach was not in bed with Dixie.

Erica: Honey, I saw them together, less than an hour ago. There was Zach under the sheets with Dixie.

Kendall: No, no. He -- he wouldn’t.

Erica: Honey, you are just so much better off without him. And you will get over him -- just take a little time -- and you are not alone in this. You have your beautiful baby boy and you have Ryan.

Kendall: No. Don't go there, Mother.

Erica: Well, honey, I can't help it. Ryan still loves you. You'd have to be blind not to see that.

Kendall: Ryan's feelings for me have got nothing to do with this.

Erica: Well, then what about your feelings for him? I mean, why on earth would you pine over a man who treats you like dirt when you have this wonderful, caring man to take care of you?

Kendall: Mother, Mother, stop.

Ryan: Ok. Thank you, Aidan. You tell me the second McDermott makes a move, all right? Thanks, pal.

Ryan: I know what it's like. I know what it's like to try and run from someone, to try and, you know, disappear, because I did it. I got to tell you, I never -- I never really got away. You know, running never really gave me what I wanted, which was peace.

Annie: I just want to keep my daughter safe.

Ryan: Mm-hmm. I know. And you can keep running from Terry, but you won't ever really get away. I never really got away from my old man. You'll live every single day of your life in fear that Terry will track you and your daughter down, and let me tell you, that is no way to live. You deserve a life, you know, a good life.

Annie: It's impossible.

Ryan: No, it's not, not if you take him on. The only way to stop him and get rid of him is you take him on, and you bring him down.

Sean: Dude, what happened?

Jack: Well, Lily had a bit of a meltdown.

Amanda: "A bit"?

Jack: She's quiet now. But I don't know when or even if she's going to be ok. You -- you brought up Jonathan, didn't you?

Amanda: He loves her. He could help her.

Jack: Amanda, I don't want to hear it.

Sean: What's up with this Jonathan guy anyway?

Jack: Just a minute, Sean. I know you care about Lily, and you're trying to help, but I do not -- I repeat, do not -- want you to ever mention Jonathan again. You got it?

Amanda: No, you don't get it.

Jack: Why don't you put off your trip to see Elvis for a little while, so we can get a chance to really talk?

Sean: I can hang if Erica doesn't mind.

Jack: I'll handle Erica.

[Doorbell rings]

Colby: Hey there.

Sean: Hi.

Colby: Just the guy I was looking for.

Sean: Here I am.

Colby: I was at your party the other day -- which was killer, by the way -- until I got busted.

Sean: It happens.

Colby: Yeah. I dropped an earring, and it's one of my favorites, and this one's kind of getting lonely.

Sean: Hmm. Well, I would hate for someone to be lonely.

Colby: Thanks. Colby Chandler, by the way.

Sean: I remember who you are.

Colby: You do?

Sean: Yeah, hard to forget. Sean Montgomery.

Colby: What are you doing in Pine Valley?

Sean: Why not?

Colby: Ok, what's your story?

Sean: I'm a born healer.

Colby: What do you heal?

Sean: Lives.

Colby: You're some teenager by day, superhero by night?

Sean: Actually, I was a donor baby -- totally made to save my sister's life.

Colby: Is that cool?

Sean: Hell, yeah. I've done my good deed for my life. Now I get to coast. How about we do some coasting right now? Take out my new hybrid, maybe do a movie.

Colby: I can't. I'm sorry, I'm really busy. I got some serious party planning to do.

Sean: Party planning?

Colby: You bet. You should come. It's my Sweet 16.

Sean: I'm down.

Colby: Ok. I'll call you with all the details, and -- take a rain check on that coasting, ok?

Sean: Rain check.

Colby: Huh.

[Phone rings]

Sean: Hello?

Sydney: Sean? Hi. My name is Sydney, and I was at your party the other day.

Sean: The blonde, light-blue bikini?

Sydney: Yeah, that's me. Anyway, I think I left something at your house. I'm in the neighborhood. Would you mind if I stopped by and picked it up?

Sean: You can pick up whatever you want.

Amanda: I -- I saw Lily today.

Jonathan: Don't tell me.

Amanda: It wasn't good.

Jonathan: She -- she still wants nothing to do with me, huh?

Lily: 1017, 1018, 1019, 1020, 1021 --

[After her computer beeps, Lily reads messages on a website.]

Lily: "Hi. I'm not autistic, but I work with autistic kids. I like your profile. You sound very interesting. Little Helper." "Thank you for your -- replying, but I must have someone like me." Oh. "Hey, Autism girl, I saw your profile. I'm 18 years old. I have Asperger's. Do you know what that is? It means other people don't think I'm normal, either."

Colby: What's up, Krystal-with-a-K?

Krystal: Say what you like, just don't call me "Mom."

Colby: So "Mommy’s" out, too, huh?

Krystal: I hope your mood means that you've dealt with sharing your birthday party.

Colby: I'm cool with it, cool with everything.

Krystal: What, no complaining? Whatever did you do with Adam Chandler’s daughter?

[Music plays]

Colby: I've been healed by a born healer. Come on, Krystal. Break it down with me. Whoo!

Sean: So when is this party anyway?

Sydney: Well, they haven't decided the details yet, but you'll come?

Sean: I'm always down for a party.

Sydney: All right, cool. I'll give you a call, then.

Sean: Hey. Didn't you lose a necklace or something?

Sydney: Oh, right. You know what? Don't even worry about it. I can live without it.

Zach: Why don't you save your reputation and the taxpayers some money. Come on.

Derek: This isn't over.

Dixie: It is way too early for all this acting.

Zach: I knew Derek was coming. I saw him on the security monitor, but Erica? I mean, that's -- I jumped into bed with you, because I knew he was going to be over.

Dixie: Right. Do you think this alibi thing will work? Do you think it'll get us out of this?

Dixie: Thank you.

Ryan: So, what's it going to be, Annie? Are you going to fight, or are you going to hide for the rest of your life?

Annie: It's not that easy. If I stay here, I have a world of legal problems. I mean, Terry still has grounds for a kidnapping charge. He could have me arrested. Emma would be at his mercy.

Ryan: I won't let that happen. I promise you that Emma is going to be protected.

Annie: No, he'll get to her.

Ryan: We can make Emma disappear if we have to until you're cleared, ok? Look, I'm very fortunate. I have -- you know, I have a lot of money, I have a lot of clout, and I will use that to make sure Terry is the one put away and not you. I mean, don't forget, we have a -- a witness that can ID Terry as the man who attacked Lily, all right? And I know the other women, all of the other women -- they haven't testified yet, but I don't know, maybe we can convince them. We'll get -- we'll get them therapy. We'll get them whatever they need, whatever they need. I mean, who's going to grant custody to a child molester -- who? And I'm not saying it's not going to be a battle, because it is. But it's a battle that we can fight, and we'll win, and you'll have your daughter.

Annie: He can't do this to us anymore. I won't let him.

Ryan: That's what I wanted to hear.

Annie: I'll work with Aidan, your guys, whoever. When Terry comes back to Pine Valley, he'll be in for a big surprise. He'll never get to Emma or -- or any other girls again.

[Annie sighs]

Annie: All right, Terry. Come out, come out wherever you are.

[Annie sighs]

Erica: From one fresh hell to another.

Jonathan: I can't get Lily back.

Amanda: Lily still loves you. She wouldn't be this upset if she didn’t. And she's going to find her way back to you -- you have to believe that.

Jonathan: That's -- that's getting hard to do.

Amanda: You can't give up on Lily. She needs you.

Lily: "Thank you for your message, Asperger boy. Your profile looks cool. I have heard of your disorder. I have some questions for you. Number one -- do people confuse you? Number two -- do they lie to you?"

Terry: Hmm.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Krystal (to J.R.): What is Josh doing for Babe that you aren't?

Erica (to Ryan): Zach has betrayed Kendall. Shove him out of the picture and keep him out. Ryan, make your move now.

Dixie (to Kendall): What do you want?

Kendall (to Dixie): I'm confronting the tramp who's after my husband.

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