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David: Where's Dixie?

Zach: I don't know. Maybe she heard your voice.

David: I heard from a moron the two of you were having an affair. So now I want to hear it from you. I want to hear the truth.

Dixie: David? Zach, what's going on?

Zach: Good news travels fast. He knows about you and me.

Babe: You are so incredible, Josh. How did you pull that off?

Josh: Would you expect anything else?

Babe: I guess not, huh? I -- it's the best song. It's perfect. It's --

Kendall: Step away from the tramp, Josh. Step away.

Livia: I put my friendship with Jackson on the line for this case.

Ryan: You did the right thing, Livia.

Livia: I swore that this was not an act that Jonathan was doing, that he actually loves Lily.

Ryan: This is not an act. He does love Lily. He loves Lily more than he loves his own life.

Lily: Did I ruin everything? Normal people have meltdowns, too, but mine -- mine made me look incompetent.

Amanda: I'd like to melt down the witch your dad hired.

Erin: Yeah.

Lily: I don't like Martha Leighton. Your dad's good luck charm didn't help me. Where did Jonathan go?

Erin: We don't know, sweetie.

Amanda: He'll be back soon.

Lily: I'm Lily Lavery. I'm competent. I'm Mrs. Jonathan Lavery. And I want my husband.

[Door closes]

Jack: What's the matter, Jonathan? No innocent wimpy stare? No stu -- stu-- stutter? Come on, let me have it like that again.

Jonathan: You win, Jack. You happy?

Jack: No. But at least maybe I've stopped you from destroying my daughter.

Jonathan: You just destroyed your daughter out there, not me. Was it worth it?

Lily: "Soon" is a relative term, but I think that my father and Jonathan should be back by now. Did they leave the courthouse? Is Jonathan ok?

Amanda: You don't have to worry about Jonathan.

Lily: Well, Jonathan likes to worry about me, he said, so -- he said that it was a husband thing. I really want my husband back.

Erin: Lily, did I ever thank you for marrying my brother?

Lily: No. Why would you?

Erin: Because he's happy. Jonathan thinks that you two falling in love is the best thing that has ever happened to him. And I agree.

Lily: Jonathan and I are like two parts to the same equation. Alone, we don't solve or prove anything. But together, we make everything work. Everything fits perfectly. Matching someone like I do with Jonathan -- it's the best feeling in the world.

Jonathan: Well, you just put Lily through hell --

Jack: I would give my life to get Lily away from you.

Jonathan: You sacrificed Lilyís life, not yours!

Jack: Oh, no, you're not going to be able to spin this to make you look good.

Jonathan: I love your daughter, and you can't -- no, you -- you won't accept that! You think that you're helping Lily out there by separating us? You're going to ruin everything that she's accomplished. Jack, she needs me. I make her happy.

Jack: She doesn't know who the hell you are, Jonathan! You are the one that made sure of that.

Jonathan: Jack, she loves me! I make her happy!

Jack: And I'm going to make sure that you never get near her again.

[As music plays, a man packs up Erica and Jackís wedding photo then lets another man in carrying a duffle bag and presses a button on the remote control.]

Man: We're in the right place.

Josh: What are you doing here? Please just leave.

Erica: Josh, this is Kendallís business.

Josh: Fusion, yeah. Babe and me, no.

Babe: It's ok, Josh. I'm used to it.

Josh: Well, you shouldn't be.

Erica: Josh, we didn't mean to upset you.

Kendall: It's complicated.

Erica: Certainly, you know exactly what Babe did to your sister, Bianca.

Josh: My sister? We share DNA, Erica. That doesn't give you any rights as far as I'm concerned.

Erica: I don't expect any rights.

Kendall: My mom doesn't want to upset you.

Josh: What your mother wants doesn't matter. I took this job for Babe, not to bond with you.

Simone: Ok, who wants to veg out in front of "Mid-day PA," watch our new ad, and tell me I'm brilliant?

Danielle: Or not.

Josh: I'm up for it.

Danielle: Good. We've got tons to catch up on. My life's one big bore fest, so be prepared to do all the talking.

Simone: Ok, later. Later, later. We've got plenty of time for that. Yeah, actually I need to --

Erica: Josh, can we talk privately?

Josh: You know what? We've been there, suffered through that. And only because Babe urged me to hear you out. You should thank her, really. You know, you don't know what to say to the one person who does give a damn about me. Babe's never lied to me, she's never tried to -- to run my life or destroy it. See, you two have nothing in common.

Babe: Josh needs some alone time.

Erica: Don't tell me what Josh needs.

Babe: Well, somebody obviously has to because you don't listen to Josh.

Erica: Kendall, will you please go and check on your brother while I deal with this?

Kendall: Yep.

Babe: What? Can't say my name?

Erica: Babe -- so close to a term of endearment. Sticks in my throat.

Ryan: I'm thinking that you need some backup, some additional firepower to defend Zach and Dixie, ok? That's what I'm thinking. And I will underwrite anything -- anybody that you think that can help us.

Livia: Hmm. That's very generous of you. Why are you doing that?

Ryan: Because Kendall doesn't need any more hassle in her life, ok? So if you run into problems with the defense, you bring them to me, no matter what, no matter what it costs, to get Zach and Dixie off.

Livia: You think they're guilty, don't you?

Zach: Our secret's out.

David: Just tell me straight out -- what the hell's going on between you two?

Dixie: You said he knew.

Zach: Yeah, he's in denial.

David: This doesn't make sense. You and Slater? He's married to Kendall, Dixie. The guy barely grunts in complete sentences.

Zach: Maybe she's not interested in conversation.

David: Well, that would be a given. Tad I can almost understand. You two have a history together. It's like a bad habit. But this? Him? Come on, Dixie, tell me, please, this is a sick joke.

Zach: It's time for you to move on.

Dixie: No, no, no, no. It's ok, really. It's fine. Um -- David, Zach and I got close when he was helping me search for Kate, and I realized that he's a wonderful man.

David: Wait, wait a minute. Ok. I've been helping you, too, Dixie. Quietly, behind the scenes. And not just because I want something in return, but because of the feelings that I have for you, which I have made very clear to you.

Dixie: Yes, and I understand that, and I appreciate all of your feelings and everything that you've said. And thank you so much for understanding what I've been through and how I've needed someone, how much I needed someone to comfort me and -- and care for me in Europe and how I've needed someone in my life.

David: Yeah, right, but someone who genuinely loves you.

Dixie: And I've found that person.

Zach: And he's not you.

David: Shut up, Slater. This is between the two of us.

Dixie: Actually, it's not, anymore. Perhaps this is too soon to ask you for this, but I -- I hope that you can be happy for me. I was at my lowest point, and Zach gave me everything that I needed. He's made me feel happy and alive again.

David: You faithless slut.

Lily: If the judge declares me incompetent, my father would say and tell me what to do. He'll annul my marriage and keep my husband out of my life forever. I'll be miserable if I'm not his wife.

Jack: Lily does not need you. In fact, she never needed you.

Jonathan: That's strange, because this whole time, I -- I thought this was about you hating me.

Jack: No, this is about me having only love for my daughter.

Jonathan: And pity. Oh, and pity. Because you've got a lot of that. You just -- according to you, she's incompetent, she's different. She's not a little girl, Jack. And she's not your pet.

Jack: Oh, you insulting, condescending little son of a bitch.

Jonathan: She's autistic, so she thinks differently from other people. Her needs aren't the same as ours. But when I look at her, I'm telling you, I see this ambitious --

Jack: I know what you see. You see somebody who'll believe any damn thing you say!

Jonathan: I see an amazing, intricate, a beautiful mind.

Jack: So do I, Jonathan. That's why I'm not going to stand by and let you destroy her.

Jonathan: You don't think a normal man can love your daughter?

Jack: I don't think there's one damn thing normal about you, Lavery.

Jonathan: I do love her. And I want to know how she feels about things. I want to know how she thinks. Jack, I want to help her through this life, because she's helped me so much.

Jack: Oh, you know what, Jonathan? I don't want to hear what she does for you.

Jonathan: Oh, Jack, she -- we sleep with a board between us. All right? And when we do -- when she allows me to touch her hand, it's a miracle. But it's happened. It's happened. And as small as it is, when it does -- I don't have the words to tell you -- I don't have the -- how it makes me feel --

Jack: Well, I have the words to tell you how I feel. You don't deserve my daughter.

Jonathan: Don't you think I know that? Come on. But I do love her. So I lied to her because we're great together. Oh, we really are. With me -- me, for the first time in Lilyís life, she doesn't feel alone. And now what do you want to do? You want to -- you want to get rid of me? You want to take her and you want to put her back in this little box? So that she's alone again? Tell her that she can't be independent, that she's incompetent? That's she's not normal, that she's less than? Who the -- what father does that to a daughter that he claims to love so much?

Zach: You want me to throw him out?

Dixie: No, no, no. No, no. Where do you get off? Do you think you have some right to me?

David: I loved you. Does that not mean anything to you?

Dixie: I can be with Zach or Tad or some stranger from a convenience store, and you have nothing to say about it. You have no right to an opinion about my life. I have found someone that I can trust, that makes me feel alive and safe. There's nothing that you can give me, nothing that you can do for me anymore.

David: Really? I can keep you out of prison for murdering Greg Madden. Or do you not care about that?

Simone: It is sad when you have to work outside to get a little peace and quiet.

Danielle: If we had a pool up here, it'd be perfect.

Simone: Hmm. You know what? Why don't you read me those customer postings from our site.

Danielle: Ahem.

Kendall: Hey.

Simone: Oh, not again.

Danielle: Let's go.

Kendall: I didn't know at first. Not for a long time. But then when Mom finally told me who you were, I -- I begged her not to tell you. I told her that you should never know.

Erica: Why Josh? I mean, I guess because it's payback time. You know very well I could never forgive you for kidnapping my daughter's baby.

Babe: Interesting theory.

Erica: Well, then try this one on. Your interest in Josh is merely another attempt on your part to destroy my family.

Babe: Hmm. Must be a big responsibility -- you know, being the center of the universe, having the planets revolve around you.

Erica: Actually, yes. And it's so empowering.

Singer: With your hand you fan the fire you turn a spark into a flame

[Four men work together throwing items into a bag.]

Man: Switch.

[Sharing a six-pack, the men open the cans and proceed to spray the contents all over the place.]

Singer: It laps the walls I built around me nothing would be the same

Lily: Can you get the judge back in here right now?

Ryan: What's wrong? 

Amanda: I didn't get to say everything I wanted to on the stand. Now, I have gotten to know Jonathan really well, and he is completely amazing. Yeah, other guys -- they lie about loving and caring about you, but not him. He is completely into her, and he deserves to stay with her.

Lily: And I deserve that, too, right?

Ryan: Yes, you do. Absolutely.

Amanda: Because you guys are what true love is all about. So I will retestify or give a deposition or whatever.

Livia: Thank you. I'll call you if I need you.

Lily: Thanks, Amanda. You're the best second-best friend any couple could ever ask for -- if Jonathan convinced my father we can still be a couple.

Jack: You've certainly got a lot of nerve questioning my love for my daughter.

Jonathan: Lily is a responsibility to you.

Jack: No, Jonathan. Lily is a sacred trust to me that I take very seriously.

Jonathan: You want her to need you, more than she needs anyone in the entire world.

Jack: You don't even know who Lily is. I swear -- you weren't there when Lily was a child hiding out in her own head. I was the first person she spoke a complete sentence to. I was the one that went to that school and brought her home so that she could live a life!

Jonathan: To -- to lock her in the apartment? I want Lily to live everything that life has to offer!

Jack: Yes, yes, Jonathan, so do I, but not with you.

Jonathan: I'm her husband.

Jack: Yes. Well, that's a mistake I'm about to correct.

Jonathan: Jack, please, ok, I'm beg-- I'm begging you, please call this hearing off. If Lily is declared incompetent, it's -- it's going to crush all the faith that she has in herself.

Jack: You keep hammering away at me like this is my fault. Jonathan, I -- I did everything I could to accept this relationship.

Jonathan: Marriage. Marriage, ok? Husband and wife.

Jack: Until I found out it was a total con job.

Jonathan: It was not a con, Jack.

Jack: Sure it was. You -- you're faking your condition. My daughter doesn't have any idea who she's really married to. You know, everything that's happened, right up to and including this hearing, is your fault.

Jonathan: Because I'm in love with your daughter? Because I'm in love with Lily? This -- this is my fault?

Jack: No, no, prove it. Prove your love for Lily. Walk away. Leave Lily right now.

David: I can save you, or I can watch you get convicted and thrown in jail for a very long time.

Zach: Hmm. Last time Dixie believed in you, you were supposedly helping her find Kate.

David: Tell him to get lost, or I turn my back on you for good.

Dixie: Take your threats and get out, David.

David: Fine. Enjoy the time you have together, because after the trial you're not going to be able to get your hands on each other until you're too old to remember what to do with them.

Dixie: Use it in the hall.

David: Hey, why wait? Why not call Kendall, bring her into this love fest?

Zach: I hate to spoil your fun, but Kendall knows all about it, courtesy of Tad.

David: She's going to be dumping your sorry ass before you know it.

Zach: Whatever helps you go to sleep at night. I got what I need.

Dixie: What the hell was that?

Livia: You think Zach and Dixie killed Greg Madden, don't you?  

Ryan: They pled not guilty, and I'm going with that.

Livia: But you want me to come up with a fail-proof defense?

Ryan: With the fingerprint evidence against Zach and the blood in Dixieís car, we need more.

Livia: Well, should I interview magicians?

Ryan: You think this is funny?

Livia: No, I'm just trying to get a lock on how far you're willing to go to get them off.

Ryan: Well, you are the expert, Livia. I'll leave that up to you.

Livia: You wouldn't suggest jury tampering, bribing judges, anything else illegal, would you?

Ryan: I wouldn't dream of telling you how to do your job, Livia. But I know that you will do whatever you have to do to protect your clients, and in return I will protect you.

Livia: You are scaring me, Ryan. I cannot have you interfering with a very legitimate defense.

Ryan: Well, then I'll stay out of your way.

Livia: You do that. And don't you do anything without confronting me first.

Ryan: You know what's funny? It's how having a child can instantly redefine your life. I get it now. All of a sudden, I understand that I would do anything to help or protect my family.

Jonathan: If you call this hearing off right now, I'll tell her the truth. I'll tell her that I'm -- that I'm back mentally. But if Lily still wants me, if she still wants me around, then I don't go, and we stay married. Do we have a deal?

Jack: Sure, Jonathan, we have a deal. Because I know the minute you tell Lily that you were lying to her, making a fool of her, she'll never want to see you again.

Josh: I wasn't supposed to find out I was your half brother.

Kendall: I didn't want you to go through all of this, not like I did -- and I'm not saying it's the same. I know it's not. Erica gave me up for adoption.

Josh: Yeah, well, it was all right that you lived. I wasn't even supposed to be born.

Kendall: Josh, you weren't you then. And -- and you know what? I know exactly how you feel. The mother that I wanted to find didn't want anything to do with me.

Josh: Well, you managed to work it out. I don't want to.

Kendall: All right. Well, that's your prerogative. Think about how you feel right now. Think about what finding out has done to you. Would you wish that on anyone else? That's why I asked Mom not to tell you. I didn't think it would help you.

Josh: Well, it's been one interesting ride.

Kendall: It has taken me years to work through being the daughter that Erica Kane never wanted, watching her fawn all over Bianca.

Josh: Until you were accepted. Lucky you.

Kendall: Yeah, after I tried to ruin her life. Just so no one accuses you of redundant revenge, here is some of what I've tried. I humiliated her in a Mommy-Dearest tell-all book. I set her up to nearly kill her then husband. Oh, and this one -- this one was very effective. I brought back, technically, my father, the guy who raped her.

Josh: Be tough to top that.

Kendall: No. Mom does have her weak moments, but they pass, so you got to stay strong. Keep whomping up that hurt and anger. Just repeat to yourself every day, "She didn't want me, she didn't want me." You got to push her away, stay as mean and vile as you can.

Josh: Well, in the end, you failed.

Kendall: That's because Erica is a force of nature. She will never give up.

Josh: Well, Ericaís my ex-boss -- that's the extent of our relationship -- and the only thing I want from her is to stay away from the woman that I actually care about.

Babe: Ooh, I'm shaking. What, you think that you're so powerful you can take me down? Bring it on.

Erica: Ok.

Babe: Look, I know that I made mistakes with Bianca and Miranda.

Erica: "Mistakes"? You call kidnapping my daughter's baby a mistake?

Babe: And for the millionth time, I am sorry. But no matter what you feel about me, Josh likes me, and he trusts me. And just for your information, this has nothing to do with you -- not to me -- it's about Josh.

Erica: And Josh is way too smart to ever trust you. I only want what's best for Josh.

Babe: Then how about you take about ten giant steps back and stop crowding him?

Erica: So he can be with you?

Babe: You are so unbelievable. You don't just hold a grudge. You conceal it next to your heart like this concealed weapon and then pow. You know, it'd actually be kind of funny if it weren't so sad and pitiful. You don't forgive anyone, but you expect Josh to forgive you?

Erica: You know what? You simply have no idea what you're talking about. And tell me something -- why are you so concerned about a man who's not even your husband, Ms. Trailer Park?

Babe: Well, excuse me, Ms. High-and-Mighty, how about you answer me this one little question? Have you ever, ever in your life forgiven anyone for anything? Anybody that truly needed your forgiveness? I'll settle for just one, one name and date.

Erica: Oh, really, will you? Well, you can spare me your psychobabble, and just know that your name will never be on my forgiveness list. Because you've done too much to try to harm my family.

Bailiff: This court is back in session.

Judge: Be seated.

Lily: But Jonathanís not here yet.

Judge: So I see. Ms. Cudahy?

Jack: Your Honor, if I may address the court?

Judge: If it'll move things along.

Jack: It will, Your Honor. I'd like to withdraw my petition to have my daughter declared incompetent.

Judge: Are you certain? I will not revisit this action in the future.

Jack: Yes, Your Honor, I am. I've given the matter considerable thought. The petition was a mistake, and I apologize for wasting the court's time.

Judge: Very well. The petition is withdrawn.

Lily: So what does this mean? It's over?

Judge: Yes, Mrs. Lavery. Your father regrets his mistake.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Bailiff: All rise.

Lily: It's over!

Livia: And Jonathan?

Ryan: Yeah, where is my brother?

Lily: Yeah, where's Jonathan? I can be with him. We can go home now, right?

Jack: Yeah, he's -- he's in the witness room right down the hall, first door on the right.

Lily: You did it, Jonathan! You said you would, and you did! But why didn't you come into the courthouse with Dad when he dropped the petition? The judge ordered it, Jonathan. It's done, it's over, I'm competent! Now we can be together just as our vows said -- "Till death do us part." Forever.

[When Lily puts her hand up, Jonathan holds his up in front of hers.]

Ryan: He gave up a career, all right? Jonathan gave up a regular life, because that's how much he loved Lily, and now Jack has rigged it so that he could lose her.

Erin: You know what, Ryan? No matter what, Jonathan has done something wonderful. He puts Lily first, he always has. And you know what? It's the same way that you put Kendall first.

Ryan: What? I think you're confused, Erin.

Erin: Uh-uh. You love Kendall. You and Jonathan, you give me faith. No matter what issues people grow up with, they can come through it these amazing and unselfish human beings. You can love unconditionally.

Ryan: Until someone steps in and shoots that love to hell.

Lily: You understand what this means, don't you, Jonathan?

Jonathan: Oh, yeah -- no, I -- I understand.

Lily: You won, we won, and winners celebrate. Let's have milk and sugar cookies. And what else can we do? Oh, we can dance, our way.

Jonathan: Li -- like that time that we danced at ConFusion. That was amazing. I'm going to remember that my whole life.

Lily: Well, same here. That's one of my favorite things about being married to you, is the memories. And the newest ones seem to be the best, and we keep making more and more.

Jonathan: Yeah. Yeah, we do.

Lily: Is that the same thing for all couples, or is it just us, because we're so special?

Jonathan: I don't know. I do know that you've given me the best memories of my life, like -- like the day that we got married, and -- and when you hugged me, when you really hugged me at -- at the hospital.

Lily: Of course, I remember that. I'll never forget that.

Jonathan: Me, either. You, right here. Your -- your hand was right here.

Lily: Over your heart. I could feel it beating. It's as close as I'll get to actually holding it.

Jonathan: You do hold my heart. You always will. What -- what I mean is the day that -- that I fell in love with you, I -- I lost my heart and I -- I gave it to you. It's yours now. I can still feel your hand right here on my chest. And everything that we've ever done together and every minute, it's -- it's part of me now.

Lily: That's because it happened to both of us, and it's in your memory now.

Jonathan: Just when I -- I think I love you as much as I -- I possibly can, then -- then, like right now, you -- you come -- you come running through that door, and you're smiling and -- and I -- I fall in love with you even more.

Lily: That's because there's no limits or way to quantify love.

Jonathan: That's right. There arenít. You know how much I love you, don't you?

Lily: Yes, I do. As much as anyone can love anyone else -- that's what you say, and you always tell me the truth. I trust you. I trust you more than anyone. That's why we got married.

Jonathan: That -- uh -- that day that Terry and I got into that fight in New York, and -- and then we came back to Pine Valley and I collapsed in the park. At the hospital --

Lily: I was so scared. But why aren't we talking about this at home?

Jonathan: Because I -- I needed to tell you that something happened that day.

Lily: No, Jonathan, it's over now, it's fine. We can go home and be happy.

Jonathan: Lily, I need to -- to tell you this -- I need to tell you this first. When I regained my consciousness, I wasn't the same. Um -- the Jonathan that fell on the ground and had that seizure just wasn't the same.

Lily: Because the headaches stopped.

Jonathan: The blow to -- to my head, it hurt me, but -- um -- it changed me, too. Lily, I'm -- I'm so sorry.

Lily: My dad was right. You've been lying to me.

Livia: You consider this a victory, huh?

Jack: I consider this my getting my daughter back.

Livia: Well, you may have succeeded at ruining what she has with Jonathan, but they really do love each other. I don't see a win here, Jack, and the one who may lose most of all is Lily.

Jonathan: You're used to hearing me speak and watching me think and act in a certain way -- the way that I was when we were up in the tree house together, when we first met -- and you counted on that. And you said that -- how we fit together. I didn't want to take that away from you.

Lily: You lied. It was all an act.

Jonathan: Lily, I didn't want to upset you. I didn't want to set you back, because I still loved you. I do still love you. That's never changed. I think we're perfect together. I think that we -- we can still fit. We can still match. Lily? Lily, please, just read my face. It'll tell you the truth -- I am only happy when I'm with you. I still want to be with you, the same as always, if you'll let us be that way -- happily married, till death do us part? Lily, nothing has to change if you let me go on being your husband. Will you still be my wife?

[Music plays as Erica walks into her home and finds a wild party going on.]

Erica: Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Man: Hello, baby!

Erica: Who are you? What are you doing?

Man: Ow!

Zach: So that's it. The night that Greg Madden disappeared and was buried in his coffin, we were together all night. We can't keep it secret anymore, we have to make our alibi public.

Dixie: You really think the evidence can convict us?

Zach: Yeah, I do, I think it can. What if they find more?

Dixie: Do you realize this could ruin your marriage? And we didn't sleep together.

Zach: What do you think 30 years in prison is going to do to my marriage? And don't worry, Kendallís onboard.

Dixie: Oh, you told her about this whole thing?

Zach: Yeah, I did. She's cool about it.

Dixie: Even though I told her that I was falling for you?

Kendall: I know so much information has hit you so fast. So just give yourself some time to --

Josh: Look, I never missed Erica. I never felt like I didn't belong. I'm not you, Kendall, I don't need her.

Kendall: Believe me the hatred mellows.

Josh: Look, if you want another sibling to bond with, go get Bianca back from Paris. I'm not interested.

Kendall: Ok, listen, Mom is not the same person she was when she went to that clinic.

Josh: Who cares?

Kendall: I think you do, and someday you'll be able to admit it. And just so you know, this whole thing -- the idea of you, the fact that she has a son now -- this is new to her, too.

Josh: Yeah, well, sure, given the lengths she went to prevent me from being born.

Kendall: Ok, listen to me. When your plane went down, Erica was terrified. Terrified. She -- she doesn't want you gone. She wants to get to know you and do what she can for you.

Josh: That's nice, positive PR -- What an episode for "New Beginnings."

Kendall: Mom doesn't expect anything from you. You don't have to come to us or even meet us halfway. Just consider letting us come to you.

Josh: Tell Babe I need to take care of some things.

Erin: Zach is standing in the way of you and Kendall, and you are still willing to do everything in your power to keep him out of prison, Ryan. And you know what? If that's not the most insanely romantic, selfless kind of love, then I --

Ryan: No, no, no. Zach -- he makes Kendall happy --

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Babe: Oh, my God.

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Kendall: Is that -- our new commercial's on?

Simone: Uh -- actually --

Kendall: What's wrong with it? Get -- get out of my way. Seriously, what is wrong with it? Come on, move.

[Kendallís smile disappears as she stares at a photo of Zach and Dixie kissing passionately.]

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Reporter: Miss Hart, does your husband's betrayal mean the end of your marriage?

Kendall: You want to find out about my marriage? Come on with me, guys, we'll find out together. Come on. It's going to be good.

[With a camera crew following her, Kendall confronts Dixie with a nice slap to the face.]

Kendall: You should have stayed dead.

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