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Krystal: So tell me, Erica, is this genuine maternal instinct kicking in, or are you just trying to save face?

Erica: Don't take me on right now at this moment, Krystal.

Adam: You'd better watch who you're challenging, Erica.

Erica: Josh --

Singer: Keep me from my own

Erica: Josh, I -- I came to see you. I'm here because I wanted to see for myself that you're ok.

Josh: Well, you've seen. I'm in one piece, thanks to Babe.

Erica: I was really hoping that we could go somewhere to talk.

Josh: No, you -- you had your chance to talk, Erica.

Jeff: I haven't had mine. Look, I can imagine what's going through your head right now. Anger, resentment, ConFusion. But if we could just go someplace, someplace private -- let us have a chance to explain.

Josh: Thanks, but no, thanks.

Jamie: Now would be a good time to get Babe home.

Dixie: Yes, I think that's a great idea. Jamie is absolutely right. Your son must be missing his mommy and daddy.

Josh: Do I look shattered to you? Because I'm not. Not physically, not mentally. I'm just tired, and a little sick of this whole concerned parent act.

Erica: It's not an act.

Jeff: Josh, you misunderstand.

Josh: No, don't worry, I'm not going to do anything stupid over this, I promise. So you can get back to your busy lives and not worry about the son you never wanted in the first place.

Erica: Oh, don't say that.

Jeff: We do want you.

Josh: And I'll get on with my life that is the science project.

Jeff: Josh --

Erica: Oh, Josh --

Babe: Josh?

Zach: Hey. What's wrong?

Tad: She just found out you're sleeping with Dixie.

Dixie: You ok?

J.R.: I've been better.

Jamie: Babe needs to cut him loose.

Erica: Oh, I couldn't agree more.

J.R.: What the hell is he saying to her?

Dixie: Sweetie, calm down.

Erica: "Sweetie, calm down"? Oh, that's priceless, coming from the woman who -- the only thing you've ever done is incite men to homicide.

Zach: Now, why would Tad say that I'm sleeping with Dixie? Maybe he's confused. Maybe it's a twisted joke. Or maybe you're a liar.

Tad: Well, at least your first pitch was a base hit. You're right. I am confused. Your wife just cheated death. Ordinarily, I would think that would mean something.

Kendall: My husband risked everything for me. He's -- he's the reason my son is alive.

Tad: Exactly. So why would he risk all of that to get busy with Dixie? Which leads us to guess number two -- if this is some kind of joke, I don't see anybody laughing, so we can scratch that off the list. Which takes us to three --

Zach: You're a liar.

Tad: Ordinarily, I would say it takes one to know one. But then again, that would incriminate me. You're the one in the hot seat.

Zach: I'm not lying about anything.

Tad: You're not fessing up to anything, either. I know what I saw.

Kendall: Wait a minute. What -- what you saw? You saw the two of them together?

Tad: Damn right. See, maybe you were too busy with that pants-popping lip lock with my ex-wife to notice me standing in the doorway of that hotel. But at least your husband had the common decency to slam it in my face a second later.

Babe: I know you, Josh. You think by storming out of here that you're giving the big middle finger to Erica and Jeff. But you're also hurting yourself, probably even worse. How can you not see that? Can you see it?

Josh: No, not so much.

Babe: Then take it from me. Don't walk away. Listen to what they have to say.

Josh: Maybe I am hurting more than I care to admit. Maybe I just need to make a clean break. I wish I really could tell you one way or the other, but I'm not seeing very clearly right now. I don't see how you can be.

Babe: You're right. Can I get inside your head, or -- or know what you're thinking or feeling? No. But I do know you, and I have for a while, long before this hit the fan, and before we washed up on that desert island. And I'm beginning to know you more every day.

Josh: Well, you know me, but when will you want to be with me? That's the million-dollar question.

Babe: Why do you always have to do that?

Josh: It was a joke.

Babe: No, it wasn't, it was a way to blow me off. You think if you can put up this "I am so cool, nothing can shake me" act, that you don't have to deal with the ugly stuff. Well, guess what -- I have nothing to say to this, Josh. So when you want to get real, call me.

Josh: Babe, wait. I'm here. The real me, all right? I'm always here for you.

Jeff: Babe must be doing something right.

Jamie: That's debatable.

Adam: J.R., get over there and put a stop to this.

Krystal: Leave her alone.

Erica: Babe is just trying to worm her way into one more of my children's lives under the guise of being a friend.

J.R.: Babe's a friend. Josh is the one you can't trust.

Erica: Oh -- and this out of the mouth of a man who tried to murder his wife, but nearly killed my daughter?

Kendall: You're lying. I don't care what you think you saw. My husband would never cheat on me.

Tad: You think I'm lying? Ask him. Go ahead, ask him. He's standing right there. I'm kind of interested in the answer myself, and I don't hear you denying anything.

Zach: Is that what you're after?

Tad: That didn't sound like "no, I didn't kiss Dixie" to me. How about you?

Zach: Let's go home.

Tad: And "let's go home" doesn't translate to "no, I never touched her."

Zach: You having fun yet?

Tad: Yeah. I'm having a ball. I love to watch an innocent woman's life fall apart.

Kendall: I don't believe you.

Zach: Go ahead. Say one more thing to upset my wife. Do it.

Tad: Easy, Zach. You're starting to look guilty.

Kendall: Tell me that he's a lying son of a bitch. Just tell me that you didn't sleep with Dixie.

Zach: I didn't sleep with Dixie.

Kendall: Never?

Zach: Never.

Kendall: Ok. Well, Tad is not exactly the type to make up a story like that. He did make it up, didn't he? I mean, there's no way he actually saw the two of you together?

[Music plays]

Dixie: I know how tough this is for you.

J.R.: Tough doesn't even begin to describe what I'm going through right now.

Babe: I am not saying that there's a right way to deal with this, Josh. Believe me. And it's understandable that you'd want to bail.

Josh: Then why are you giving me a problem?

Babe: Because I really think that you need to do this. I just -- I -- I want you to see your options. Either the real you can listen to what Jeff and Erica have to say, or you can keep hiding behind this act and maybe miss out on a world of love from people you never expected.

Singer: Like the one you trusted going out

J.R.: Is everything ok?

Babe: Let's go home.

Josh: I seriously doubt you have anything enlightening to say. But if you want to talk, I'll listen.

Zach: Put yourself in her shoes for a minute. What if Madden had convinced you to give up Spike? And then you changed your mind. You're looking for him all over the world, trying to see who's raising him. But you can't. And then Madden turns up missing, and he's dead -- the only hope of finding your kid. How do you think you'd feel?

Kendall: Ok, so this is supposed to excuse you fooling around with Dixie?

Zach: I didn't fool around with Dixie.

Kendall: All right, so you're telling me that Tad was lying 150%? He -- he never saw anything going on between the two of you?

Zach: What Tad saw was one desperate kiss.

Kendall: You kissed?

Zach: Dixie was a wreck. She'd lost everything. She was just looking for some comfort, that's all.

Kendall: Wait a minute. Hold on a second. So she kissed you?

Zach: It didn't mean anything.

Kendall: I am so sick of that stupid little bitch.

[Music plays]

Dixie: Not that I -- I don't appreciate you inviting me to lunch, but what are you up to?

Krystal: I was wondering the same thing myself.

Adam: Well, can't a fellow do a nice thing without everybody becoming suspicious?

Krystal: When it's you --

Dixie: No.

Adam: No? All right, I have no ulterior motive -- other than possibly to keep you out of the ever-loving grasp of some 25-to-lifers, like big-boned Bertha or meatpacking Marge.

Dixie: Oh. Now I know something's up. If there's one person on this planet who would like to see me trading my sanity for cigarettes, it's you, Adam.

Adam: You see how I am misjudged? I was hoping the three of us could find a way to help you beat this murder charge.

Dixie: Right. Because we're such good friends.

Adam: Because J.R. loves you. And he just got you back. If you're sent away now, our son will spend most of the rest of his life in prison waiting rooms. Neither of us wants that.

Dixie: No, of course not.

Adam: I realize it must be terrifying, the thought of being locked away in maximum security for God knows how long. But I think that the three of us can find some kind of a wedge to use to stop that from happening.

Dixie: Ok, all right. This is really, like, freaking me out. I mean, wanting to protect J.R. -- that's one thing. But you're beginning to show signs of actual empathy.

[Adam laughs]

Dixie: Or are you just mellowing into a puddle of mush?

Adam: Well, if I am, you can blame this beautiful woman at my side. Quite honestly, I can't remember ever being happier.

Singer: The sense of possibilities

Krystal: Hi, Tad. You -- you want to join us? Tad? Is everything ok?

Adam: Tad, what is it? Come on.

Dixie: Is there something we can help you with?

Tad: I doubt it. See, I was wondering what happened to the woman I fell in love with.

Adam: Oh, my God -- we're going to be here all night. Waiter? Another chair, please.

Erica: Well, please, make yourselves comfortable. Would either of you like something to drink? I mean, Jack usually keeps this place pretty well stocked.

Jeff: No, no, I'm fine, thanks. Josh?

Josh: No, I'm ok, thanks.

Jeff: Um -- maybe Josh would like a blanket.

Erica: Oh. Of course. Of course. Actually, Josh, if you'd like to shower and clean up, you can borrow a change of clothes from Jackís closet.

Josh: No, that's ok. That won't be necessary. I don't plan on staying very long.

Erica: Ok, well, at least -- at least take this. You -- you must be cold.

Jeff: Are you hungry, or --

Josh: Look, you know what? Both of you, please, just -- we may be blood related, but that doesn't mean you have to act like you're actually my parents or anything.

Erica: It's not an act.

Josh: Well, sure it is. Greg Madden pulled one over on you. I get it. You know, all those covert conversations you had with him -- I could never understand why you hated him so much, but it makes perfect sense now. You don't want this. You never did. Well, I don't, either, so you can relax. I don't need or expect anything from either of you. You didn't want me then, so you don't have to be burdened with me now.

Erica: Josh -- Josh, please, don't -- don't talk like that.

Josh: No, listen, Erica, I'm not trying to be rude. I'm being kind, actually. Believe me, cutting this off now is as much for me as it is for you. I'm just -- I'm so sick and tired of being my parents' miracle child, their pride and joy. I'm just so looking forward to living my own life the way I want to, without worrying how every move I make is going to affect my mom and dad. I appreciate the effort you're making, but I don't need anything from either of you.

Jeff: Josh, I'm sure this hasn't occurred to you. Maybe we need you.

Julia: Stop! Hold on!

Jamie: I can't stop once I start. We'd better.

[Julia tears off Jamieís shirt then takes off her own and pushes him onto the sofa where they proceed to make out.]

Julia: Oh. Is that how it is, then?

Jamie: That is how -- ok. Hi.

Julia: Oh, that's how it is. I got it, then.

Jamie: All right, then.

Julia: Then that's how it is.

[Julia laughs]

Jamie: Mmm, you taste like salt.

Julia: Oh, yeah.

Jamie: That's ok, because I like salt.

Julia: Really?

Jamie: Yeah.

Julia: After all those hours out at sea -- you know all I really want is to take a shower. Yeah, get all steamy and all lathered up, huh? What do you think about that? Oh -- oh!

[Julia laughs as Jamie picks her up and carries her to the shower.]

Julia: Ah!

Babe: I love your new car. That's the coolest. Let me see that.

J.R.: Hey, Little A, have you told Mama how happy we are to have her home? Back home with us?

Babe: Well, he hasn't had the chance, because I've been smothering -- with kisses ever since I got back, haven't I? I missed you so much.

J.R.: We both missed you. We never want to lose you again.

Babe: You don't have to. Hey.

Winifred: It's time for Little Adamís nap, unless you want me to come back later.

Babe: If it were up to me, I'd always go for "come back later" --

[Winifred chuckles]

Babe: But -- why don't you go with Winnie, sweetie, ok?

J.R.: Come here.

Babe: Mom and Daddy will be here when you wake up.

J.R.: Sweet dreams, big guy.

Winifred: Whoa, so big. Whoa, so big. Here we go.

Babe: You're staring.

J.R.: I can't help it. I was so afraid that we would never be here again. You, me, Little A. I thought I lost you for good.

Babe: Ironic, since you tried to get rid of me not too long ago.

J.R.: Don't think that didn't cross my mind -- that God was punishing me for trying to get rid of you.

Babe: Yeah, well, I'm here, J.R. I'm safe. You found me.

J.R.: Staring out into that black ocean, thinking that I'd never see you again, hold you again, that you were out there somewhere. I mean, I could tell you that I love you every single second of every day, and I don't think it would cover how I felt when I heard that plane went down. How I felt when I found you alive. I love you so much, Babe.

J.R.: What'd you say to Josh to make him stick around?

Josh: You have a busy life, Erica. A husband, two amazing kids. Not to mention, Jackís kids, "New beginnings." You have a successful medical career, a life you always dreamed of. Do I get that you want to play Mom and Dad to a kid you ditched way back when? Not so much.

Erica: Ok, Josh. You really need to know something about -- about my terminating the pregnancy.

Jeff: Erica, you don't have to --

Erica: Yes. Yes, I do. Jeff had no part in this. Jeff didn't even know I was pregnant until after the procedure was done. I deliberately kept the pregnancy from Jeff, because I knew what it would mean to him to have a child. Jeff would have done anything to keep me from setting foot into that clinic. Jeff would have moved heaven and earth to be your father.

Dixie: Tad, I am beginning to think that the Dixie you fell in love with never existed, much as I am beginning to think that the Tad that I fell in love with wasn't real.

Adam: Another wine, please? Actually, make that two.

Krystal: No, no, I'll pass.

Dixie: The man that I fell in love with was sweet, forgiving, kind. The person that I am looking at now is -- is a bitter man who seems like his sole purpose in life is to hurt me.

Tad: I think you're giving yourself a little too much credit.

Dixie: Am I? The old Tad wouldn't have gone to court and acted like a royal jerk. The old Tad wouldn't try to get me convicted for a crime I didn't commit.

Tad: The old Tad was a chump you abandoned -- along with your family. Not to mention, robbing me of my only daughter. The Dixie I fell in love with was kind, compassionate. Those days are obviously gone. I look at you now, I see somebody who's heartless, a selfish woman who obviously gets off on sleeping with married men.

Zach: Never was, never has been, never will be anything between me and Dixie, other than one desperate, meaningless kiss. Ok. Now I got to go, because I have an appointment, got to get a tattoo on my forehead -- "Property of Kendall" -- red.

Kendall: Well, that works for me. I do believe you, Zach.

Zach: Good. But I really do have to go. I promised a little boy I'd watch the game with him.

Kendall: Ok, I -- I'm set. However, I do think that it would be in your best interest to tell Dixie to leave. Tell her to go find somewhere else to live. I mean, you have been more than generous letting her stay at the casino. It's time for her to go find her own place and start taking care of herself. And I also think it would be wise to end the friendship. No -- you -- yes. You have this murder trial on the horizon, and it's a really bad idea for the two of you to share an attorney. I mean, clearly, Dixie is unstable. You even said so yourself.

Zach: If I launch a defense separate from hers, I might as well just come out and say she's guilty.

Kendall: Well, do you really think I give a damn if Dixie goes to prison? I want her out of your life.

Zach: What's important is that you said you trusted me. And you know I love you.

Kendall: Yes, I know that deep down in my heart, Zach. But I also know that my husband is a devoted and loyal friend. And right now, I have no idea where your loyalties lie. What about our marriage and our future? Are you really willing to throw all of that away?

Dixie: You know, I don't care what you think you saw, but there is nothing going on between Zach and me, and I resent the accusation.

Tad: Wow. You've really got that righteous indignation thing down pat. Guess it isn't the first time you've tried to bust up a marriage.

Dixie: What -- you know, you want to do this? Because I will go there.

Tad: I'm not doing anything. All I'm doing is calling it like it is.

Dixie: Well, then you've been sadly misinformed, because I happen to respect marriage, unlike some people I know.

Adam: Oh, Tad Martin, you old dog, you. Have you actually gotten yourself involved with another married woman? Huh. Well, you better be careful because this town is smaller than you think. Won't be long before everybody knows what you did, who you did, and -- including the woman's husband.

J.R.: It's not a trick question.

Babe: It sure as heck feels like one.

J.R.: I just want to know what you said to Josh.

Babe: Is this because you don't trust me? Are we back to that again? What, do you think I'm having an affair with him?

J.R.: I never thought that.

Babe: My telling you a million different ways that you're the only man that I love, the only man that I want, and that just means nothing? That kiss that we just shared -- you didn't feel what I felt?

J.R.: Of course, I felt it.

Babe: Ok.

J.R.: I know how much you love me, Babe.

Babe: So then why bring up Josh?

J.R.: When we found that CD of Madden dying in his hot box, you told me not to go public with it, but I didn't listen to you. And the next thing I know, you were chasing after Josh. Now, did you do that out of pure compassion for a guy whose world was just rocked? Or was that part of the payback for me broadcasting his secret to the world?

Babe: Why did you go public with that CD? I mean, was it really to protect your family from murder charges, or did it have something to do with Josh hitting on me?

J.R.: Both.

Babe: Same goes for me.

J.R.: I know you think that Josh is your friend, but he's not. He's playing you, Babe, and he's coming between us.

Babe: You're the only one who sees it that way.

J.R.: Well, I can't ask you to ditch him. But I can ask you for me, for our family, for Little Adam. Will you kick Josh out of your life?

Babe: No. I wonít.

Josh: So when you came back to Pine Valley to work at the hospital, you knew I was your son back then.

Jeff: Yes, I did. It's why I came back. I wanted to see you, get to know you.

Josh: But you had no intention of telling me I was your kid?

Erica: Jeff wanted to. I did not.

Josh: Huh. Well, God forbid the truth disrupt your cozy little life.

Erica: This had nothing to do with me. The reason I didn't want the truth to come out was because of you, Josh, because I didn't know what it would do to you.

Josh: Erica, I've known you long enough to know it's always about you.

Erica: The selfish part about my not wanting to tell you the truth was because I was so afraid that you would hate me. But you have no reason to hate Jeff. Jeff didn't do anything.

Josh: Tell me what you regret more -- going in to terminate the pregnancy or the fact it didn't work?

Erica: Honestly? I don't regret either.

Jamie: Mmm. You smell good.

Julia: Hmm? You don't miss the salt?

Jamie: Oh, no, I totally miss the salt. That is why we are going to the beach as soon as I get my energy back.

[Julia chuckles as she and Jamie lie in bed together.]

Julia: Well, you know what? I think I've had enough of the ocean for a while.

Jamie: Good.

Brooke: Jamie, honey? It's your mom.

Kendall: Sucks. It sucks. It sucks that Dixie made a move on you. I don't care how out of her mind she was at the time. It sucks even more that you're such a good friend to her, you're willing to risk your freedom and our future to protect her.

Zach: I don't look at it that way.

Kendall: No, of course, you don't because all you see is good. You think it's the right thing to do, because you're loyal. But I'm still really shaky when it comes to turning the other cheek and -- and trusting and having faith. I mean, I am trying like hell to do it, but it goes against every instinct I have ever had. I'm really struggling with it, and I am scared to death that of all the struggles I've had to deal with lately, this is the one that I might not get out of.

Zach: You think we're not going to make it through?

Kendall: Please don't take this as a threat. I am just trying to be completely honest with you the same way that you were honest with me about Dixie and the kiss. And I'm grateful to you for telling me that you love me and assuring me that everything will be fine and there's nothing to worry about. But I'm sorry -- when it comes to Dixie, I just don't think that words are enough.

Zach: Kendall?

Kendall: No -- no, Zach, not now.

[Music plays]

Dixie: The truth hurts, doesn't it, Tad?

Krystal: Could we go, Adam? I am -- I'm exhausted.

Adam: Yes, well. I'll leave this tab open in case either of you would like a drink.

Dixie: Thank you, Adam, but I don't plan on sticking around.

Tad: Krystal, I apologize if we ruined your lunch.

Krystal: I'm fine.

Adam: Here we go.

Singer: Someone else inside my eyes everything

Tad: I don't care how much you hate my guts right now. Leave Krystal out of it. Whatever happened between her and me is a mistake. It doesn't have anything to do with you and me.

Dixie: I am just trying to stop you from attacking me. What is wrong with you? Do you want me to go to prison? Do you think that if you find Kate while I'm all locked up, then you just get to keep her for yourself? Is that the plan?

Tad: Dixie, you and Zach killed a man. You can't afford to wonder about what I'm up to. Next time you're with Zach, think about that. Think about how you're going to get out of a lethal injection. You should just leave me the hell out of it.

Babe: Why should I bail on Josh? He's the only real friend that I have right now.

J.R.: Thanks.

Babe: Oh -- stop it. You know what I mean. Everyone knows that I lied to keep you out of jail, and they all hate me for it.

J.R.: But not Josh? He thinks it's great that I'm a free man?

Babe: He may not like it, but he doesn't beat me up for it. He's still my friend.

J.R.: He's not your friend. He's a cold manipulator who's about as deep as a paper cut.

Babe: Really? Then why is Josh in love with me?

J.R.: He's what?

Babe: He -- he knows that he doesn't have a chance. He knows how in love I am with you. J.R., come on. The only reason that I told you that is because I need you to see that Josh has real feelings, that he's human.

J.R.: Ok, so that smarmy sack tells you that he loves you, and you're still hanging out with him?

Babe: I don't see why not.

J.R.: Because he's never going to be ok with just being friends. He's going to do anything and everything he can to get you in his bed.

Babe: I'm not going to do this again. Either you trust me or you don't.

J.R.: It's Josh that I don't trust.

Babe: Me. Do you trust me? Let me know when you figure it out. And when you do, let's be sure we never have this conversation again.

Josh: Let me get this straight -- it's cool that I'm here, but if I was never born, you'd be fine with it.

Erica: I could lie to you. I could tell you that I am sorry that I ever stepped foot inside that clinic. But so many people have lied to you, Josh. So many people have lied to you over such a long period of time, including me. And I promised that I would make my best effort to be completely honest with you from now on.

Jeff: Erica and I don't want you to have any more questions or doubts.

Erica: Which is why you have to hear everything. When I made that enormous decision, there were many, many reasons I had. But I wasn't terminating you. I was ending my pregnancy, because I knew that I could not be a good mother to anyone. I wasn't ready to take on that responsibility. And -- and there were deeper emotional reasons, events from my past that, although I didn't know it at the time, had a tremendous impact on the choice that I made. So, I did what I had to do at that particular moment in my life, and I can't apologize for that.

Josh: So, what, now that I'm here, you'll take me anyway?

Erica: No. It's -- it's not like that. Look, I know that this is so hard to grasp, and it's hard for me, too. But my feelings for you are very clear. When I heard that your plane went down, I was devastated. If I had never seen you again, if I thought that our last moments together were full of pain and regret, I couldn't bear that. I care for you, Josh, very, very much, and I want to be part of your life.

Josh: I got to go. This is -- this is too much.

[Jeff sighs]

Jeff: Josh? Try not to analyze this. Logic rarely applies to the heart.

Josh: This is just too much information, or maybe not enough.

Brooke: This is really -- huh. I -- I had no idea --

Julia: Brooke --

Brooke: I'm really sorry. I --

Julia: You -- I'm -- uh, no. I'm sorry. I --

Brooke: No --

Julia: We're just -- I mean -- we were just --

Brooke: You know what? I'm just going to go, and I'll come back later.

Julia: No, I'm going to go. I'm going to go. I'll just be --

Brooke: No, no, no. I'll go -- really, I'll go. It's ok.

Julia: It's no problem. Really, I'm -- I'll -- yeah.

Brooke: I'll just -- Jamie Martin, stop laughing right this minute. You know, that was a very uncomfortable, awkward --

Jamie: Hilarious?

Brooke: Moment.

Jamie: Oh, I'm sure you've seen worse.

Brooke: Well, hello. You know, your door -- you door was open.

Jamie: And that wasn't just any girl that ran out of here naked.

Brooke: Well, I was -- I was very surprised to see it was Julia Keefer.

Jamie: Well, if it makes you feel any better, it's not just a fling. We're really into each other.

Brooke: You and Julia?

Jamie: Me and Julia. You're freaking.

Brooke: No. It was just so -- unexpected. You know, she's -- older.

Jamie: That's ok. We still have a lot in common. In fact, you just walked in on one of my favorites.

Brooke: More information than I need.

Jamie: Mom, I love you, but one of these days, you're going to have to let me go.

Brooke: We'll talk when you have more clothes on. Ok.

[Jamie sighs]

Jamie: She's gone. And she wanted you to know that you have the cutest little mole on your thigh.

Julia: Oh.

Jamie: God.

Julia: Ah. I'm mortified.

Jamie: Not more so than when my grandfather found us in the supply closet.

Julia: Hmm. Oh, God. Your whole family must think I'm a nymphomaniac. Oh, she didn't say that, did she? Does she think that?

Jamie: You're fine. So my mom freaked out -- she'll live.

Jeff: I think we made some headway. He stayed with us, listened.

[Jeff sighs]

Jeff: I think he wants to understand.

Erica: But he doesnít.

Jeff: Well, it's a -- it's a lot to process. We just have to give him time, that's all. Just going to take some time.

Adam: So Tad the cad is back with a vengeance.

Krystal: I wouldn't know.

[Adam chuckles]

Adam: Well, obviously it's not Dixie. And Di, that -- that lasted about 10 minutes. No, this is a married woman. That's his specialty, you know? He uses his "Oh, Tad, poor Tad" routine to seduce other men's wives. He's been doing it for years, Krystal.

Krystal: Adam, it is none of our business.

Adam: Oh, well, that is the question at hand, isn't it? Is it any of our business?

[The crowd at the yacht club gasps as Zach decks Tad.]

Kendall: Are you in love with my husband?

Dixie: What if I am?

>> On the next "All My Children" --

J.R. (to Erin): If I go up there and Babe is with Josh, I swear, I'm going to push him over the edge.

Tad (to Zach): If you or anybody who works for you gets in my way, I go right to Derek, tell him everything I know.

Kendall (to Dixie): If you don't stay away from Zach, you'll be sorry.

Dixie (to Kendall): Is that a threat?

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