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Erin: A toastÖ

Annie: To being safe.

Erin: Yeah, this is nice. Hmm!

Annie: You're just in time.

Erin: Hey. You want some coffee?

Annie: Mmm.

Ryan: Yeah. Hold the whipped cream.

[Erin chuckles]

Ryan: Please.

Erin: You're no fun.

Ryan: You know, it looks good and everything, but --

Annie: Good.

Ryan: What's going on? All this because the sun came up?

Erin: All of this because Terry the perv is somewhere in Ireland.

Annie: Not skulking in the bushes of Pine Valley.

Ryan: Ah. Hey, look, I -- I love the enthusiasm, and I don't want to slam on the parade, but Annieís not safe and neither is Lily.

Jack: Morning, sweetheart.

Lily: Hi, Dad. I'm so glad you're here. I have good news, really good news.

Jack: I've got news, too. But it's not good.

Jonathan: Hey, I'll take it.

Amanda: Delivery was scheduled two days ago. "Extenuating circumstances" -- have you ever tried to make martinis without olives? Next week? Quick, before I kill him.

Jonathan: Yeah, hi, yeah. What's with the runaround? No -- ok, you're not the only supplier in town. You know that, right? Ok, so drop the attitude. No, cut the excuses, stop the bull. You either deliver or we're done.

Amanda: Oh.

Lily: You're unhappy.

Jack: Yes, honey, I am.

Lily: Is it because of what happened at the party? When Josh finally found out that Ericaís his real mom? He's my stepbrother now, isn't he?

Jack: Yeah, I hadn't really thought about that, but -- yeah, I guess he is. Have a seat.

Lily: And it must've been really strange for him to find out that Ericaís his biological mother.

Jack: Sweetheart, can we talk about this later? I found out something else last night -- about Jonathan, something you need to know.

Lily: No, Jonathanís my husband. I know everything there is to know about him.

Jack: No, Lily. No, you don't.

Jeff: Josh Madden. Any flight, any time last night. How about Josh Martin? I know it's a -- it's a long shot, but it's worth a try. Nothing, huh? All right, thanks. It's a dead end.

Tad: Maybe not. Why would Josh fly commercial if he had access to a private plane?

J.R.: Josh Madden. Check again.

Clerk: I have, sir, twice.

J.R.: Look, that lunatic put my wife on his plane and took off last night. I want to know where the hell they went.

Clerk: I'll get my supervisor.

J.R.: Oh, you do that, or you start thinking about another line of work. How hard can it be to find out where a damn plane went?

Tad: Yeah, I'm trying to track down a private plane. It would be owned by a Dr. Greg Madden.

J.R.: Aren't pilots required to file flight plans or is it just one big free-for-all up there?

Man: Mr. Chandler, you're inquiring about the Madden plane?

J.R.: What is it? What happened?

Tad: Yeah, yeah -- Regeneration, that's it. What do you mean, it's gone? When did it take off? Listen, I need to know where it was headed and if it's landed yet. Can you give me that information? Yeah, absolutely I'll hold.

Erica: Josh took Gregís plane?

Tad: Looks that way.

Jeff: Well, what time did he leave? Where was he going?

Tad: We'll know soon enough.

J.R.: I don't want to sit down. Have you found the plane? Where did it land?

Man: Sir, would you like a glass of water?

J.R.: Damn it, I want to know what the hell's happened. Just tell me what happened.

Erica: What's taking them so long?

Jeff: I mean, come on. Flight plan, departure, arrival -- how hard can it be?

Tad: No, no, no. I'm -- yeah, I'm here. You're sure? There was nothing after that? Well, can you call me as soon as you do know? Yeah. Thank you.

Jeff: What is it?

Tad: It hasn't been confirmed, so, look, there's -- there's got to be a chance they made a mistake.

Erica: What? What, Tad? Come on. Just -- just say it.

Tad: Josh's plane went down.

Man: At approximately 2:30 a.m., terminal control reported that pilot Josh Madden radioed a distress call requesting clearance to land. The nearest major airport was fogged in -- zero visibility. Mr. Madden was then instructed to perform a VFR approach. At 10 miles out, the plane disappeared from the radar.

J.R.: That's it? That's all you have? That doesn't mean a thing.

Erica: No, that's not possible. Your contact must be mistaken. Greg Maddenís death -- that was all over the papers. Someone knew he had a plane and -- and they took it. But it -- it's not Josh. It can't be.

J.R.: So Josh missed the airstrip. He probably landed in a field or a road. This sort of thing happens all the time.

Man: I'm sorry, Mr. Chandler. Based on the last coordinates we have, the aircraft went down off the coast.

J.R.: They went into the ocean?

Tad: Erica, Josh got his pilot's license five months ago.

Erica: That doesn't mean that he knew how to fly Gregís plane.

Tad: He logged all of his qualifying hours on that plane. That means he had to know it inside and out.

Erica: Oh.

Jeff: I refuse to believe this. I wonít. I will not accept this.

Jamie: Did I ever thank you properly for getting my mind off e drama at the ConFusion party?

Julia: Yeah, you did actually, several times.

Jamie: Good.

Julia: But you didn't thank me for breakfast.

Jamie: Yeah, about that -- um --

Joe: Am I interrupting?

Jamie: Uh -- no hands, no touching, no inappropriate, unprofessional behavior.

Joe: Did you know what J.R. was going to do at that party? Did you have any idea he planned to destroy Josh in public?

Ryan: Thanks for coming on such short notice.

Livia: This kind of situation can't wait.

Ryan: No, it can't. Annie, this is Livia. Livia, this is Annie. Now, Livia happens to be the best attorney on the East Coast.

Livia: He exaggerates. Top five.

Annie: It's nice to meet you.

Ryan: Now, I know you know my sister, Erin.

Livia: Hi.

Ryan: I hope it's ok. I've brought Livia up to speed on everything -- on Terry, on why you ran and why you took Emma, on what he's done to Lily -- everything. Now, I'm all for celebration, but I just -- I guess I just wanted you guys to have a realistic appraisal of your legal position.

Annie: Translation -- no big brass victory band following me down the street.

Lily: Because of Jonathan -- and Aidan -- the bad man that tried to have sex with me in New York is gone for good. I don't have to worry about him anymore. Jonathan saved me -- again, like he's done so many times before. That makes him a hero. He's my hero.

Jack: Now, there's nothing I want more than for you to be safe.

Jonathan: You see, Jack? I -- I can take care of Lily. And I want to be your hero every day.

Jack: Yeah, Jonathan, you've really outdone yourself. I have a whole new appreciation for your gifts. Last night really opened my eyes as to what you're truly capable of.

Lily: Oh, you noticed? Jonathan's doing such a wonderful job of protecting me.

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, Jonathanís certainly doing a job -- no doubt about that. He's doing it right now. Aren't you, Jonathan?

Jonathan: I am. I'm protecting Lily.

Jack: Honey, you know how much I love you, how much I don't want to see you hurt. And you know, I've been trying desperately to accept your marriage to Jonathan here, to believe what you believe -- that he's this kind, gentle man who has only your best interests at heart. But, sweetheart, listen to me. That Jonathan, the man you love -- he doesn't exist.

Joe: Tell me you had nothing to do with what happened at ConFusion. Tell me you weren't a party to destroying Josh.

Julia: Dr. Martin, I was there. I saw Jamie when Madden started talking about Josh being Erica and Dr. Martin's son. He was as shocked as everyone else.

Jamie: You don't have to defend me.

Joe: Is that true? You didn't know anything about what he intended to do to our family?

Jamie: Well, if I had, I might've asked J.R. to schedule it for later because that party was starting to rock.

Joe: Oh, my. That's funny, isn't it? Young man's life is shattered, you make a joke of it. Josh is your cousin. He's part of the family. Don't you feel any compassion for him?

Jamie: Compassion? Compassion is the last thing I feel for that snake.

Lily: That's illogical, Dad. Of course he exists -- he's standing right here.

Jack: Not the Jonathan you love, isnít.

Lily: Is this a joke? Because you know I'm not good at jokes. I don't understand them, and I don't understand this at all, so it's got to be a joke. Do you understand this?

Jack: This isn't a joke, honey, but believe me, Jonathan understands.

Lily: Why are you doing this? I don't like this. I want to go home.

Jack: Lily? Lily, honey -- please listen to me -- Lily? Please stop, please? Just listen to me for a second. I want you to think back. All the years I've been your dad, have I ever once lied to you? Have I ever once told you something that wasn't true?

Lily: You told me that Jonathan was bad and that was a lie. He's good.

Jack: No, that was an opinion, honey -- an honest opinion, an accurate one as it turns out.

Lily: It's only your opinion that he's bad for me.

Jack: Honey, I can give you a fact, a fact that proves that Jonathan is not who he says he is, who wants you to believe that he is -- a fact, honey, not an opinion.

Lily: I don't understand.

Jack: If Jonathan has any decency, if he loves you even a fraction of what he says he does, he could explain this to you. So go ahead, Jonathan -- here's your chance. Explain to your wife, explain to my daughter -- the woman who loves you -- who you really are.

Erin: There is no way that Terry can fight Annie for custody of Emma.

Livia: What's to stop him?

Erin: Um -- a charge of attempted rape, for starters. If Jonathan hadn't gotten there when he did, Terry would've attacked Lily.

Livia: I agree. But we need irrefutable evidence.

Annie: But there's -- there's a victim, an eyewitness. What more do we need?

Erin: And Jonathan and Lily will both give depositions because they want Terry put away as much as we do.

Livia: And it should be as simple as that, but the problem is that Lily has Autism Spectrum Disorder and Jonathan is cognitively impaired.

Erin: So, what -- so case closed, they lose?

Ryan: It's just that -- Lily thinks and speaks only in facts. And under questioning, she will admit that Terry asked her permission, that she allowed her clothes to come off. She took them off voluntarily -- she'll admit that he asked her permission every step of the way leading to sex --

Erin: It was not like that!

Livia: Of course it wasn't, but in black and white, on paper, it doesn't make for much of a case for sexual assault.

Erin: But Jonathan saw both of them. He saw how scared Lily was, he saw what Terry was about to do. It's not enough. Oh.

Livia: Even if the case against Terry went to trial -- and there is a very slim chance that it even would -- any lawyer worth his weight in salt would pulverize Lily and Jonathan, squash them.

Annie: See, I don't want anyone else hurt in this. I mean, there has to be something else we can do.

Livia: Your options are limited. You are still a fugitive from the State of New York. You could be arrested for kidnapping Emma. As good as your intentions were, you were in violation of a court order.

Annie: So -- so Terry's the criminal, but I have to live like one? I mean, I was just -- I was trying to give my daughter a better life, a safe life. I mean, we'll spend every day looking over our shoulders.

Ryan: Not as long as you're with us. I will grind your pervert ex-husband into the dust before he hurts anybody else -- you, Emma, Lily, anybody.

Lily: What is he talking about?

Jonathan: Your father doesn't believe that I -- I love you, but I do. I do. I love you more than I've loved anyone --

Jack: What "I" is that, Jonathan, huh? What "I" is that? The sweet, simple Jonathan that my -- my daughter fell in love with? Or the calculating, dangerous Jonathan that the people of Pine Valley came to know all too well.

Lily: He not dangerous. Tell him.

Jack: Yeah. You go ahead and tell me you're not dangerous. You tell me that you're not faking your condition to stay close to my daughter. You go ahead, and you tell me that --

Jonathan: Don't upset Lily, Jack. I'm not faking it.

Jack: Oh.

Jonathan: I'm not. I -- I am the man that Lily married. And she knows that my heart, it's a --

Jack: I overheard you last night, Jonathan, talking to your sister. You two had your heads together about something. You told her "wise up." You said, "If you want someone, you have to do whatever it takes to get them. And sometimes, that involves more than a concerted effort." "More than a concerted effort," Lily -- that's what he said. Does that sound like the man you married? Does that sound like Jonathan?

Jamie: Well, see, you're all about family. Doesn't it even bother you that Josh has done nothing but trash ours? When he knew that we were looking for Kate, he wouldn't shut up about how we'd never find her. In fact, I believe he threw it in my face, and J.R.ís. Hmm. The whole time, he defended his father -- how brilliant he was, how stupid the rest of us are.

Joe: Josh didn't know what Greg Madden had done, and it's understandable he would defend the man he thought of as his father. But for J.R. to go ahead and trash him in front of all those people --

Jamie: Hmm. Doesn't get much more public than when Josh drugged Erica, put her in front of rolling cameras, live on national TV.

Joe: He also saved her life.

Jamie: Ah, but when Josh almost killed a patient, did he step up, take responsibility? No. He blamed it all on Julia, lied through his teeth, and you listened to him. You took his side.

Julia: I think I should get back to work.

Joe: No, no, no, no, no, no. You both need to hear this. Josh came to me and Jeff, and he admitted it was his fault that that patient was compromised. He apologized, and he said you were completely innocent, and he resigned.

Jamie: Oh, so, that makes it ok that Josh is a scheming slimeball?

Joe: He's a Martin.

Jamie: Yeah. Last time I checked, so am I.

Krystal: It can't be true. It can't be true.

J.R.: It's not. We'll find them. We'll bring Babe home.

Krystal: Go -- go ahead. Let it rip.

J.R.: What are you talking about?

Krystal: Let me have it, J.R. For once in your stubborn, pigheaded, all-about-you life, you asked for my advice. I steered you straight over a cliff.

J.R.: Whatever you're talking about, whatever's going on in your head, you're wrong.

Krystal: No, no, I set you up, J.R. I told you "Go ahead, go for it. Push the button, take down Josh Madden and all those stinkers with him." My sterling advice pushed Babe right into his arms and right onto that plane.

J.R.: No, no, hold on. Just back up a second. I asked you for your advice. You told me exactly what I wanted to hear. Now, if you would've said something different, I would've did it my way anyway.

Krystal: You're saying that if I had told you to play nice and turn the other cheek, you would've blasted that CD anyway?

J.R.: Yeah, from the rooftops. I'm a stubborn, pigheaded, do-it-my-way kind of guy. To hell with everyone else -- I do what I want. You know that better than anyone else does -- except Babe. Your scum-sucking son killed my wife.

Erica: You attack me? After what you did to Josh? You publicly humiliated him. No, you lobbed a grenade at him. You exposed to the world what no one ever should have exposed at all. I mean, you are a -- a sick, evil man, J.R.

Krystal: Tone it down.

Erica: Oh, you get a grip. He almost killed your daughter, and you stand up for him? Are you out of your mind? Why are you doing that? Why are you here? I mean, why are either one of you here? Are -- are you here to gloat? Are you happy? You got what you wanted. Josh's plane has gone missing.

J.R.: Babe's missing, too. You know, your science experiment of a son has been all over my wife, twisting her into his problems, messing with her head. She followed him onto that plane.

Erica: Yeah, I saw Babe chase after him. What do you think that was about, concern? Or did she just hope to get lucky?

Krystal: My daughter could be out there hurt, or worse.

Tad: Nobody wants that.

Erica: Josh better be safe, that's all I can say, for your sake.

J.R.: Is that a threat?

Erica: Oh, no, that's a promise. You almost killed my daughter Kendall and her baby, and now, you do this to Josh, my son?

J.R.: You never wanted him born in the first place.

Jeff: That's enough out of you.

J.R.: And props to you for trying to off Madden Senior.

Tad: J.R., stop.

J.R.: If Josh brought Babe onto that plane, and they don't come back --

Erica: You know what? If your wife is on that plane with my son, it is not my fault that she acts like a slut.

J.R.: Oh, shut up. You need to shut up right now.

Jamie: You're all wound up about the Martin family. Doesn't it bother you just a little bit that Josh is trying to nail J.R. for Maddenís murder?

Joe: Yes, yes, of course it does.

Jamie: But J.R.ís only a grandkid by marriage, so I guess that doesn't really count, is at it?

Joe: Oh, come on now. Don't push it. Don't push that now.

Jamie: Oh, you want to be angry? Be angry the cops are building a case against J.R., and Dad, and Dixie. Be angry that people like Erica and Slater, who have plenty of motive, are out walking around, no questions asked.

Joe: Well, how is any of this Josh's fault? He's got nothing to do with the police investigation. He's a -- he's a victim.

Jamie: God, I can't deal with this.

Julia: Jamie, don't --

Jamie: No, no, no. He doesn't even care that someone planted evidence to implicate J.R. in Maddenís murder. You know what? I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I care more about my brother, who's being framed, than my new cousin, who wants to bring him down. Excuse me if I don't feel the love.

Joe: You don't have to feel love, but I would like a little understanding.

Jamie: And what about the truth? When was "tell the truth" eliminated from the Martin family code? When was the top priority to protect someone like Josh over Dad, Dixie, J.R., Julia?

Joe: I'm not choosing Josh over any --

Jamie: The hell you arenít. Josh is an example of everything that you hate. He's a manipulating, selfish liar. But for him, you change everything. You gave him a free pass.

Joe: He was raised by a madman. You had the advantage of a loving, warm, and stable family. Don't you see?

Jamie: Well, I guess Josh has it made now, doesn't he? He has you -- and Uncle Jeff -- taking his side, defending him, even when he is guilty as hell. So much for the good old Martin values.

Joe: Come back here.

Jamie: No, I don't take my orders from you.

Joe: We're not finished yet.

Jamie: Yes, we are. I quit.

Julia: He's entitled to his opinion.

Joe: Yes, he is. He's also upset. And he could use somebody to talk to. You think if you were to sign out for the rest of the day -- I mean, I could get another nurse to take over your shift.

Julia: I've only been on the floor an hour.

Joe: That's ok. I -- I'd be glad to juggle the schedule. And I would be relieved.

Julia: I'll do what I can.

Ryan: You should know I had my security team watching Emma and Annie around the clock.

Livia: That's good to know.

Ryan: Of course, if I happen to see Terry first, I have no problem drawing and quartering him so he doesn't get to any other young woman.

Livia: As an officer of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I did not hear you suggest a vigilante gig.

Ryan: Did I say that out loud? I did?

Livia: I don't think so.

Ryan: Look, I just -- I just want these women to be safe, that's all. And Aidanís special-ops contacts are keeping a very close eye on Terry. If he moves, we'll know about it before he can do any more damage.

Livia: And if Terry returns to the States and presses his case for custody, I will be happy to represent you and squash him like a bug.

Annie: Can't you get in trouble for this? I mean, officer of the court and all? Don't you have some duty to turn in fugitives?

Livia: Well, your warrant was issued in the State of New York, which is outside the boundaries of my license to practice, and therefore, I can confer with you and advise you without jeopardizing my standing with the bar.

Annie: Thank you. Um -- so now what?

Livia: Don't dance in the streets. But live your life and keep a low profile.

Annie: I'll do my best.

Livia: I have someplace to be.

Ryan: You do?

Livia: Keep me posted.

Ryan: All right. Thank you so much.

Livia: And all of you, stay out of trouble.

Ryan: Hmm. I didn't mean to take the air out of the celebration, I just -- I wanted you guys to have all the facts.

Erin: No, no. No, no. Feet, ground --

[Ryan chuckles]

Erin: Firmly planted. Well, the good news, though -- I mean, Annie can have an almost normal life.

Annie: Hey, so can you. Isn't there a phone call you'd like to make? A certain hunky detective you'd like to see? Hmm.

Erin: You know what? I've got to get to ConFusion, and then one doll for Miss Emma.

Annie: Oh, you're the best.

Erin: Huh. Bye.

Annie: Bye.

Erin: Good-bye.

Ryan: See you later, little sister.

Erin: Later.

Ryan: Yeah. Thanks, buddy. What about you, big plans?

Annie: Live my life, like Livia said. That's the best advice I've gotten in a long time. Only problem, I don't really remember what my life is.

Ryan: You're going to have to start a new one, from scratch.

Annie: Yeah. How exactly would that work?

Ryan: I bet between the two of us, we could figure it out.

Annie: Your life is way too complicated already. Why would you want to add a woman without a life into the mix?

Ryan: I'm great at multitasking. No, no, no, I -- you know, I -- I thrive on challenge. What? I'm easily bored.

Annie: Right.

Lily: No, Jonathan doesn't talk like that. He doesn't use those words.

Jack: Oh, but he did, honey. And he said all that without a single stutter.

Lily: No, the party was very loud. That's why I wore my earmuffs. And you must have misunderstood what he said. Therefore, your premise is false.

Jack: No, honey. No, what I'm telling you is the absolute truth. The party was over. Ok? It was quiet. I heard what I heard quite clearly. There was no mistake. Jonathan has been lying to you.

Lily: Jonathan wouldn't lie to me, Dad. Jonathan loves me.

Jack: I know how much this must hurt you. And I know how much you don't want to believe me, but this is the truth, Lily. Jonathan has been tricking you.

Lily: No, the bad man in New York tricked me. Because he wanted to hurt me. But Jonathan loves me. He would never do that.

Jack: I'm sorry, Lily. It's just not so.

Lily: No, why are you doing this? You just don't want us to be happy together. You don't want us to be married, so you're lying to break us up.

Jack: I knew you wouldn't believe me. Would you believe Jonathan? Would you? Jonathan, please talk to your wife using your full vocabulary. And you tell her, please. You tell her that you're not the man you're pretending to be.

Lily: You're not pretending, are you, Jonathan? You wouldn't trick me, would you?

Jonathan: I love you, more than I -- I love anyone in the whole universe. You and me -- we're a perfect fit.

Amanda: Ain't that the truth. I have never seen anyone so crazy in love as these two.

Jack: Yeah, but if you knew what I know, I doubt you'd be so enthusiastic, Amanda.

Amanda: They're happy. And that kind of happiness is beyond hard to find. Why don't you just let them do their thing?

Jack: Because Jonathan is too dangerous. I want him the hell away from you.

Erin: Is there a problem?

Jack: Yeah, Erin, there's a problem. It's Lily and Jonathanís marriage. It's -- it's a lie, and you know it. Did your brother tell you last night that if you want someone, that you had to do anything to get them? Did your supposedly challenged brother confidently instruct you to make a "concerted effort"?

Erin: No, he didnít. Do you know what's going on here?

Jack: Oh, the Lavery family -- just so loyal. It's just -- it's just really admirable, if it wasn't so disgusting! The two of you conning this innocent young girl -- shame on you.

Erin: No --

Jack: Both of you.

Erin: Shame on you, Mr. Montgomery.

Annie: You've been so great to me and Emma, but I -- I feel like a total parasite. I mean, I live at your place, eat your food --

Ryan: Oh, well, wait -- didn't anybody tell you that I am outrageously rich? And I have a very good sense of humor, no matter what everybody tells you.

Annie: That's not the point. I -- I can't just sit around being taken care of. I mean, I -- I need to start my new life. A life I can be proud of. I need to work, I need a job --

Ryan: Ok.

Annie: I --

Ryan: I understand. I respect that. You're hired.

Annie: No, an actual job, not an imaginary one. I mean, I happen to be very good at what I did before all this.

Ryan: Really? And what was it that you were -- you know, just very good at?

Annie: Corporate communications.

Ryan: Perfect. Because I happen to own a corporation, and I am in desperate need of a communicator.

Annie: Hmm.

Jamie: This the part where you tell me my grandfather's a great man and I treated him like dirt?

Julia: You -- you expressed your opinion. He respects that. So do I.

Jamie: That's it? You're not going to get on me to apologize?

Julia: Why would I?

Jamie: You're not even going to say I overreacted?

Julia: You reacted. You're entitled to feel the way you feel.

Jamie: I feel like a swim. What do you say?

Julia: Yeah, that's a good idea.

Man: Hey.

Julia: Hey.

Jamie: Hey.

Julia: Clothing definitely not optional.

Jamie: Well, at least not until we get in the deep water.

Julia: Hmm. What is that?

Jamie: I don't know. I can't make it out.

Julia: Hey, hey -- um, can you -- can you see? There's something floating out there. Can you tell me what it is?

Man: Oh, my God.

Julia: What is it?

Jamie: What do you see?

Julia: Oh, my God. It looks like part of a plane.

Ryan: What? I mean, if you don't believe that, you know, I need a corporate communicator, then you can just call my VP in charge of operations.

Annie: All right, that'll work. He's just going to tell me what you want him to tell me.

Ryan: It's a she, actually. Carol. She's very good, and you are paranoid.

Annie: Duh.

Ryan: Good point.

Annie: Ah, yeah.

Ryan: Hey, look, I don't -- honestly, I don't want to put any pressure on you. If you want to pass your resume around, I completely understand. No pressure.

Annie: No, I mean, I -- I like this job, if the offer's still open.

Ryan: Are you sure?

Annie: Well, let's see. Ahem -- I almost attacked the guy who owns the company, twice. Uh -- a start like that? I think things can only get better.

Ryan: Yeah?

Annie: Yeah.

Ryan: I'll get the paperwork started.

Annie: Uh -- just one thing, though. I can't work for you and live with you, so Emma and I -- we'll -- we'll move out before I start.

Ryan: Oh. I respect that. And, you know, as fate would have it, I -- I happen to know a -- a penthouse that's available.

Annie: Yours?

Ryan: It's a, you know, great view. Very -- very affordable rent, and -- very good roommate.

Annie: You?

Ryan: Oh. Just, you know, some of the time, maybe, but mostly Erin, who is a friend of yours and who also happens to volunteer at the Miranda Center, right, which -- it's weird, because it happens to have a preschool program exactly the right age for Emma. What?

Annie: You're good. Better than good. Too good to be true.

Ryan: Hmm. I mean, thank you. I'd take that as a compliment, but you know what they say. When something is too good to be true --

Both: It usually is.

Annie: Yeah.

Ryan: Mm-hmm.

Lily: I thought that if my dad saw us together enough -- when he saw how happy we are together, that he would finally see that we're perfect for each other. I just don't understand why he's acting like this. He's never lied to me before. Why would he lie to me now? Why would he say these things?

Jonathan: I just think that your dad made a mistake, that's all, Lily. This is not -- I know that he really does love you. I don't think that he -- he meant to upset you.

Jack's voice: But you have to promise me something. You have to promise you will never stop telling me exactly what you feel. That's part of you. That's part of what makes you so special.

Lily's voice: I love you, Daddy.

Livia: Jack?

Jack: Finally.

Livia: What's wrong? What's so urgent?

Jack: My daughter's marriage -- it's a travesty. It's -- it's based on a lie. It has to end before she really gets hurt.

Livia: Have you talked to Lily?

Jack: Yeah, sure, of course I have, but she refuses to listen to me, refuses to see Jonathan for what he really is, and it has to stop. I have to stop it. And you and I both know there's only one way I can do that.

Livia: Oh, God, Jack, no.

Jack: She'll hate me, Livia. My daughter will hate me. Maybe for the rest of her life.

Jamie: No, it is definitely part of a plane. It looks like it's part of the fuselage. Hold on. Do you see any numbers?

Julia: No. But there's a logo. Um -- wait, I know it. I know whose plane this is.

J.R.: You tortured a man. You let him die. Now, you have the right to slam my wife?

Erica: Oh, you are crazy. And you're worse. The day you and your daughter came to this town, everything --

Tad: Erica, I know you're upset, but there's no reason to land on Krystal.

Erica: Are you kidding? After what she and her daughter have done to my family? And to yours? Get past the cleavage and see this woman for what she really is.

Tad: She's a human being who's made her fair share of mistakes. She's not the only one.

Erica: Well, you know what? This whole thing is insane. I've got to get out of here. Let's get out of here.

Krystal: You know, you can badmouth my baby doll all you want, but the fact is she cares a heck of a lot more for Josh than you. Or you.

Jeff: You know nothing about our situation.

Krystal: The truth is if you had told the truth to Josh a long time ago, he would have known who his parents are, and that CD wouldn't have sent him up in a plane in some kind of crazy state!

Erica: You have the nerve to lecture us on telling the truth?

Jeff: Come on, you're completely out of line.

Krystal: No, your ex-wife is out of line.

Tad: Krystal --

Man: We just received word -- pieces of wreckage from the Madden plane have been found at sea. I'm sorry.

Krystal: Oh --

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Jack (to Jonathan): You may be fooling my daughter, but you're not fooling me for a minute.

Dixie (to Tad): We have a picture of Kate.

Erica (to Jeff): We should have told Josh the truth weeks ago. He'd be alive.

J.R. (to Tad): Who said anything about giving up? I'm going to find my wife.

Adam: They found the cockpit.

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