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Greg's voice: Hello? Can anyone hear me? I'm down here. I'm buried -- help. Please. Help. You haven't beaten me. I will get out of here.

Colby: I totally recognize that voice. It's the guy from the CD I found in J.R.ís drawer, right? Who is he, anyway?

Greg's voice: You never will win, because I won't give up.

Babe: Greg Madden.

Greg's voice: I'll see you in hell.

Colby: The dead guy? Oh, my God. Ew!

Greg's voice: Erica, is that you?

Erica: Jack, please make it stop!

Greg's voice: How you managed to pull this off. You obviously had help.

Jack: Dani, where's the sound room?

Danielle: Over there.

Jack: Here?

Danielle: Yes.

Greg's voice: Buried alive, but not completely tortured. I have a heart condition. I could have an attack at any moment. You've obviously brought me here to toy with me, not to kill me.

Babe: Turn it off, J.R., now! I am not playing!

J.R.: Neither am I.

Greg's voice: You don't want me to die.

J.R.: It's out. There's nothing you can do about it.

Babe: Watch me.

Greg's voice: Before you get the answers you're looking for?

Babe: Hey, how do -- how do we even this off? And whatever it takes -- smash the soundboard, break the speakers. Just make it stop.

Del: We've got speakers throughout the ceiling, but a flick of a switch --

Babe: Ok.

Jack: Is there anybody in there?

Del: What's the problem?

Jack: The door's locked.

Del: Well, there's got to be a spare key somewhere.

Jack: Get it, get it, please!

Greg's voice: I can't be sure I'll make out of here alive. I've come to realize that I can't take anything for granted. Whether you'll ever hear this, Josh, I don't know. But I want to go on the record, anyway. My son, you were right. After I collapsed at "New Beginnings" and you ran that tox screen, you were certain Erica tried to kill me. I covered for her then, but you were right, my son.

Erica: Someone stop him, please.

Greg's voice: Erica did poison me.

Erica: Kendall, you've got to get Josh out of here. God knows how much Greg will say.

Greg's voice: I am through trying to spare you the ugly truth, Josh.

Erica: Oh, God, don't, please not like this.

Greg's voice: I saved my son. I gave Josh the love and guidance every child deserves.

Babe: Jack, we have to hurry.

Jack: It's got to be --

Babe: No, you have --

Gregís voice: Creating families, saving children --

Jack: What are you doing, Jamie?

Greg's voice: Who otherwise would be lost or worse.

Babe: Jamie, move.

Greg's voice: Saving Joshua --

Jamie: I'm sorry. I can't do that.

Jack: What do you mean you can't do that? Get the hell out of the way!

Greg's voice: You don't understand --

Jamie: People need to hear this, and I'm going to make sure that they do.

Greg's voice: My son is proof of what a proper upbringing can accomplish. Josh is at the top of the charts --

Kendall: Come on, Josh. Come with me. Come on. Don't -- don't --

Josh: Who would do this?

Kendall: Don't listen to this.

Josh: My father dying inside that coffin --

Kendall: Listen to me. I know it's sick, and it's disgusting, but let's go somewhere and talk, ok?

Josh: No, I'm not going anywhere.

Greg's voice: If you ever hear this, son, I performed a miracle to save you.

Kendall: Josh, come on --

Josh: I am not going anywhere!

Greg's voice: But she doesnít. She's not worthy of motherhood. She has no right to the child at all. No child --

Colby: It's that dead doctor, the one we found in the park?

Amanda: I know.

Colby: Oh, my God. Somebody recorded him rotting away in that creepy box.

Amanda: Shut up!

Colby: Man, that is some twisted you know what.

Greg's voice: I gave Josh life.

Kendall: Come on, Josh. This is really morbid. You don't have to listen to this!

Josh: I have to hear this!

Greg's voice: She wanted to terminate her pregnancy. I did, but I saved the embryo, and I was able to give my wife the child she always wanted -- you, Josh.

Erin: Aidan, can I talk to you?

[On Fusionís rooftop, Erin finds only an empty bottle.]

Aidan: One way to get over a broken heart, huh?

Di: Huh.

Aidan: Oh, come on. Don't tell me you're chickening out on me now.

Di: No! No. It's over fast, right? I mean --

Aidan: Come on.

Di: Ok. I'm ready, yeah.

[Di screams as she and Aidan bungee jump off the bridge together.]

Ryan: Ok. There. Ah.

Annie: Oh, God.

Ryan: At least your choice of weapons has improved.

Annie: I'm sorry. I'm the houseguest from hell.

Ryan: No, no, it's ok.

[Spike fusses]

Annie: Oh. You need -- you need some help? Experienced mom onboard.

Ryan: No, I'm ok. I'm ok. Are you ok?

Annie: Yeah.

Ryan: Yeah -- no. I've got -- I've got plenty of experience, you know, with my kid brother and sister. I'm -- I'm all right.

Annie: Well, I mean, it might not exactly be the same.

Ryan: Well, also, this is -- this is good, too, because this is -- it's, you know, our first night alone together. Spike's mom is out all night, and so Spike and I are going to have --

[Spike cries]

Ryan: A blast.

Greg's voice: I wanted Josh. I saved him. Erica knows. That's why she hates me. She wants me dead. How could she hate me for saving you? Erica Kane, who so disregarded you she did not want to welcome you into the world. And even know she knows you are her flesh and blood, she chooses her two daughters over you. She tried to kill the only man you've ever known as father. I never wanted you to find out, Josh, especially not like this. But you know in your heart who your true parents are. You always hated it when I called you my miracle child. Now you understand. I'm the one who gave you life. It doesn't matter that Erica Kane and Jeff Martin made you. I, Greg Madden, will always be your rightful father.

Aidan: Wow.

Di: Oh! Oh! Oh, my God! My hair's wet. Oh!

Aidan: Well, that usually happens when you bungee over water.

[Di laughs]

Aidan: Are you all right?

Di: Yeah. No. No, I want to do it again. I want to do it again.

Aidan: Well, that can be arranged.

[Di laughs]

Aidan: But we're going to have to get back up there first.

Di: How?

Aidan: Brace yourself.

Di: Well, Aidan, what -- wait, what are you doing?

Aidan: You ready?

Di: Oh, my God.

[Di laughs]

Ryan: And then what happened was I could've slipped on the banana peel and went right into his stomach. It was really --

[Spike cries]

Ryan: It was really -- you know? I thought it was funny. I guess to certain individuals it wasn't as funny. What's the matter? What's the matter? Daddy doesn't have the same soft places as Mom does? Is that what it is? I thought my lack of working out made me pretty soft, no?

[Spike cries]

Ryan: Oh, it's, uh -- it's just a little gas, you know? It's colicky. We just got to work out a little, I think. Would you mind holding him for just one second? Would you mind?

Annie: Sure.

Ryan: Thanks.

Annie: Oh, come here. Ok.

Ryan: There we go.

Annie: Ok, baby.

[Spike cries]

Ryan: Wow, that's loud. Little guy, loud. Going to find some golf on TV. Golf will make anybody --

[Spike stops crying]

Ryan: How'd you do that?

Annie: Maybe it's the soft places. It's ok.

Ryan: Wow. My son, one hell of an operator.

Greg's voice: Should these be my final moments on -- or should I say under earth, I leave my last will and testament. I bequeath to you, the vilest citizens of Pine Valley, the following -- to Erica, eternal torment and hatred from Josh, your only son.

Lily: Your mouths are down. And Delís eyebrows are down, too, and his forehead's all wrinkly. Is something wrong?

Jonathan: No, it's ok. We just, uh -- nothing for you to worry about. I think the party's over.

Del: Lily, have you seen any spare keys around here?

Jonathan: He needs to get into the sound room, Lily, right away.

Lily: Ok, maybe the sound room keys are on here.

Del: Thanks.

Jonathan: Well, I got to get back out there, too, but I'll be back soon, ok?

Lily: Ok. Are you sure there's nothing I should worry about?

Jonathan: No, no. I'm absolutely positive. There's nothing for you to worry about. Just keep crunching numbers or -- and then I'll be back soon. It's all going to be over very soon. Ok?

Jack: There's 50 keys on this ring. Which one is it?

Del: Your guess is as good as mine.

Jack: Oh, Del, you got to be kidding me.

Greg's voice: Kendall, who I cared for so much, may you be forever torn between two foolish men. Hayward, in your search for Katie, Dixieís child, may you always come up empty-handed and be forever a fool in Dixieís eyes. Finally, one last condemnation --

Jack: Got it.

Greg's voice: Hell on earth.

[After the disc stops, Josh recalls past events as Erica walks toward him.]

Erica's voice: Can't be my son.

Erica: You don't even know who you are. But you will. You will know who we are to each other and who we're going to be.

Erica's voice: There is quite a secret that Josh and Kendall don't know, and you couldn't imagine it in your wildest nightmares.

Josh's voice: You're saying my mom was some sort of sick experiment for you? Is that what you're telling me? She never wanted to have kids in the first place?

Greg's voice: There was nothing sick about what I did.

Josh's voice: Just shut up!

Jeff: Stop it! Son!

Erica: Josh?

[Music plays]

Erica: No, Josh -- no, please don't go. I have to talk to you. We have to talk.

Josh: Let go of me.

Erica: I have so much to explain.

Kendall: Don't do it. Don't -- don't do it, Josh. Don't leave without hearing what she has to say to you. Listen, I know you're freaking out right now, but believe me, in a few hours, you're going to have the questions coming at you fast and furious. You're going to wish you stayed for the answers. Now, she is right here and she wants to talk to you. At least just hear all the facts, just for a few minutes. If you don't want to stay after that, I won't try to stop you.

Jack: Sweetheart, is there anything I can do?

Erica: Kendall and I need to do this alone.

Danielle: Whoever said Fusion parties were a snooze? Come on, please don't leave. We still have tons of food left. The bar's open until 2:00.

Erin: Yes.

Danielle: Anybody feel like dancing?

Erin: Yes, and the next round of drinks is on the house.

Derek: Looks like you went all out tonight, Babe. I caught the preparty pageantry on TV, never thought I'd be invited to join in.

Babe: You werenít.

Derek: Oh, not true. I got an anonymous tip this was the place to be tonight. Any idea how a dead man became the party's MC?

J.R.: You're always accusing me of trying to kill people, Derek. For once, I thought I'd bring a guy back to life.

Julia: It's a lot to absorb, huh?

Amanda: It's unreal.

Julia: Yeah, except it's all real.

Amanda: You know, everyone told me how twisted Dr. Madden was, but I never once saw it. He was nothing but good to me -- like a father.

Julia: Because he knew that's what you needed, and he wanted something from you.

Amanda: Yeah. I don't see how me volunteering to be a surrogate mother was that important to him. Obviously, he had other things on his mind.

Julia: No. He only had one thing on his mind -- control. Amanda, Jamie and I weren't going to tell you this, but the reason why it was so important to him that you be a surrogate mother was because the child you carried would've been his. He was sick, Amanda. He manipulated hundreds of women. I was one of them. He would zero in on a woman's weakest point, and he would -- he would exploit it. Ask Erica. Ask Dixie Martin. We all wanted something, and he claimed that he knew what was best for us, and we believed him.

Amanda: I feel so stupid.

Julia: No. You should feel lucky. He didn't have a chance to hurt you.

Jonathan: Erin? Hey, hold up.

Erin: Sorry. I'm sorry. I'm a little distracted. Can you believe what happened in there?

Jonathan: Did you see Maddenís face?

Erin: Did you see Erica Kaneís face? This whole thing is weird and it's creepy. If I had known tonight was going to turn out like this, I would've stayed home.

Jonathan: Things didn't go well with Aidan?

Erin: I couldn't even find Aidan. I went up to the roof, nobody was there.

Jonathan: You'll find him.

Erin: I'm not going to try.

Jonathan: You go find him, and you tell him that you broke up with him because you're trying to protect Annie and her child.

Erin: I have done so many horrible things to Aidan, Jonathan. I lied to him. I made out with someone right in front of him to get him to hate me. And it finally worked. No, I've got to let Aidan get on with his life.

Jonathan: He doesn't want to, Erin. He loves you. All right, I know that you don't have a lot of relationship experiences, but I see you two together and what you have, it doesn't come along very often. And when it does, you don't -- you don't walk away from it. You hold onto it. You do whatever it takes to make it work.

Erin: Like you and Lily. God, when I think about everything that you have given up to keep her happy --

Jonathan: You have to stop putting other people first. Your entire life has been about saving, protecting everyone around you -- me. Now you're doing it with Annie and her little girl. For once -- please, for once, fight for yourself. Fight for what you and Aidan have. He's out there right now somewhere. He's missing you. You two, you really deserve to be happy.

Di: Whoo!

Aidan: Ha-ha.

Di: Ah!

Aidan: Oh, the look on your face when I unhooked that cord was priceless.

Di: Well, I didn't think we were going to have to take a header down the river just to get back on dry land.

Aidan: Well, what did you think I was going to do, shoot some spider web back up to the bridge so we could both climb up?

Di: Yes, spidey. No, no, I didn't think about it at all. I didn't think about anything. That's what I love about tonight, man. There's no plans, there's just one surprise after another. Whoo!

Aidan: Yeah, you're telling me. I really thought you were going to back out on me when we pulled over on that bridge. I'm glad you didnít.

Di: Yeah. Yeah, I should probably be offended that you misread me, but you're not the first one. There seems to be a few people who don't know the real me, huh?

Aidan: So who is the real you? Huh?

Di: When I figure it out, I'll let you know.

J.R.: The anonymous tip that you got to come here, that was me. The anonymous tip that you got to raid my house for evidence that I buried Greg Madden, that was what you were supposed to find. That disc was planted in my drawer as a setup. Babe found it.

Derek: And yet you didn't turn it in.

Babe: J.R. wanted to, but I wouldn't let him. I was afraid that you'd think he killed Dr. Madden.

Derek: Now why would I think that?

Babe: I also wanted to protect Josh from exactly what just happened.

Josh: Just so you know, the clock's ticking. If you have something to say, you better say it fast.

Erica: Josh, I can't even begin to imagine how you're feeling. This whole thing has been just such a horrible shock for all of us.

Josh: What does that mean? Are you saying all those horrible things I just heard downstairs, they never actually happened?

Erica: No. It's true. I am your mother.

Kendall: Josh, wait. Wait.

Josh: No. You know, I asked my only question. You said I could leave after that.

Kendall: Listen to me. I have been where you are, ok? Just listen to me. The parents who raised me, it turns out they weren't the same people who gave life to me, either. I know exactly how you feel. I do. You feel as if someone's erased everything you thought you knew about yourself. But that's not true. That's not true. Over time, you will realize that you are still the same person. I can help you get through this, if you'll just let me.

Josh: The DNA test on your son, you ordered another one?

Kendall: Yes.

Josh: And Ryan is Spike's father?

Kendall: He is.

Josh: Good.

Erica: Josh, let's go somewhere where we can talk, you and Kendall and me. And I'll call Jeff. And we'll explain everything to you. We can try to explain to you what happened.

[Music plays]

Derek: So you both listened to this disc, you knew how incriminating it was, and yet, you just sat on it.

J.R.: Not for long. You have it now.

Derek: After you broadcast it to half of Pine Valley.

J.R.: You know, I'm so sick and tired of being public enemy number one, Derek, watching your men come in to my house, harass me and my family, falling all over yourselves looking for any little clue to use against us, so damn sure that we buried Madden because he gave away Kate.

Derek: Is that what I think? Well, I'm nothing if not logical.

J.R.: It's time for you to focus on a new suspect. You heard Madden. Erica Kaneís at the top of that list, not to mention Ryan Lavery, Zach Slater, David Hayward. You know, if you want to find out who planted that disc, I would start with David Hayward.

David: Now, Junior, is that any way to talk about your father-in-law? I'm proud of you, kids. Tonight was inspired. I'm just sorry your father wasn't here to witness all the destruction. Very Chandler.

Derek: If you have any ideas about calling it a night, Hayward, don't. I have some questions for you, too.

David: I'd be insulted if you didnít.

Derek: I'm not done with you, either, J.R.

J.R.: What a surprise.

Babe: Spare me the "I'm protecting my family" speech. You did this for one reason -- to shred Josh.

J.R.: Someone's out to hurt us, Babe. I'm not going to let them get away with it.

Jamie: J.R.ís right. Someone is setting him up. I was with my brother the entire night Greg Madden disappeared. And guess what -- we didn't bury the guy. And your husband has no choice but to fight back.

Babe: So it's just one big bonus to crucify Josh in the process?

Jamie: Hey, you need to get your priorities straight, Babe. Josh is a snake, no better than the man who raised him. How does she not get this?

J.R.: Maybe when she cools down, she will. Thanks for having my back. I wasn't sure if you were going to be on my side after we -- you heard what Greg Madden had to say.

Jamie: Yeah, well, it would have been nice if you'd have told me everything that was on the disc.

J.R.: Well, I didn't want you to stop me from going public with it. You know, that -- that piece of -- he's your family now.

Jamie: Thank you for reminding me.

J.R.: Well, would you have stopped me if I told you in advance?

Julia: How are you doing?

Jamie: Oh, now that I know that I'm cousins with the lying snake? Oh, I'm great. I understand why you did it. And besides, I'm pretty sure that the only main player that we took by surprise tonight other than me was Josh. I'm pretty sure that my grandfather and Uncle Jeff already knew.

Julia: That would definitely explain some things.

Ryan: Magic.

Annie: Oh, I'm sure if you had found a nice, slow golf game in time, that would've worked, too.

Ryan: Unless, of course, he's destined to be a golf pro.

Annie: Ah.

Ryan: Do you think it's too early to teach him the golf swing?

Annie: Well, I gave Emma a keyboard before she could talk.

Ryan: Oh, yeah.

Annie: I didn't hear Mozart.

Ryan: No?

Annie: No. Nope.

Ryan: Well, apparently, I did need a little help in the baby department, so thank you very much. It's been a while since Jonathan and Erin were young -- but I've been reading the books. You know, I got the -- I've been reading them. It's just different.

Annie: Here's a tip -- as he gets older, even if you get the feeling Spike's the next Andy Warhol -- you know, he's staring at the soup cans, and you can just -- you can just tell his creative juices are dying to get out? Do not leave him alone with a purple crayon. Just don't do it, especially not near your brand-new clothes.

Ryan: Ok, I got it. That's probably very good advice. No solo purple crayon projects or probably any color crayon projects.

Annie: Yeah.

Ryan: Got it.

Annie: It's hard, you know? It's hard to know when to say no to them.

Ryan: You ok?

Annie: Yeah.

Ryan: Really, because I don't think you are.

Annie: Terry wanted a child so badly, even before we were married.

Ryan: Oh. There was no way that you could've ever known what kind of man he was.

Annie: And he was -- he was desperate to have a girl, but didn't even acknowledge the possibility we could end up with a boy. Boys names, anything blue in the nursery -- forget it. God, that should've tipped me off.

Ryan: No. No, there's no way that could've tipped you off. There's no possible way. There's no tipping off when somebody's that deeply twisted.

Annie: When Emma came along, it made him so happy, and I was happy for him, you know? I never for a second thought that -- and now I've dragged down all these people.

Ryan: No, no, you have not.

Annie: Tell that to your sister after what I did to her love life.

Erin: You know what? You -- you're right. You're right! I'm going to go find Aidan, and I'm going to tell him the truth.

Jonathan: I think he's going to surprise you.

Erin: Yeah.

Jonathan: I think he's going to understand why you hid Annie. Erin, you are in a difficult situation here. You're sacrificing your personal happiness to help someone that's in trouble while still trying to protect him.

Lily: Jonathan?

Di: Whoo! Whoo!

Aidan: Oh, yeah. I recognize that word. You want to do it again, don't you?

Di: Don't you?

Aidan: Maybe.

Di: Maybe?

Aidan: Yeah.

Di: Ok! Ok, that sounds more like it.

Aidan: Come over here. Let me get you of that harness.

Di: Ok. Oh.

Aidan: You know, I don't think I've ever seen you --

Di: I know, I know, I know. God, Aidan, it's because -- the past year I've -- no, you know what? For more time than that, I've been pretending to be somebody else, you know? And you know what the really -- the messed-up thing about it is, is like I've just forgot who Di Henry was, you know? Like what I like, what turned me on. But tonight the rush, the -- the "what the hell of it all?" God, it's bringing it all back.

Aidan: So what you're saying is you're most happy when you're drunk, wet, and out of control?

Di: Yes! Yes. No. God, it's just -- all I'm saying is that the days of trying to please everybody else, they're out the window, without a bungee cord. Tonight it's all about being me.

Lily: Hey, I know you told me to stay in the office, but I could really use your help with something.

Jonathan: Sure. Lily, I'd -- I'd love to help you.

Lily: Thanks.

Police radio: 720, report of an abandoned car on Clearview Bridge -- dark-green Alston Healey convertible, license number 7-5-apple-2-6.

Erin: That's Aidanís car. He would sooner die than abandon his car. You know what? I've got to go find him.

Jonathan: Erin, no. No, wait. I'm sure Aidanís ok. Aidan probably just broke down, and he's going to find help right now.

Erin: I really hope you're right.

Police radio: 720, car 15 responding. Someone was spotted bungee-jumping off the bridge.

Danielle: I am so over this night. Uh, can I get one of these chocolate martinis, please? Thanks.

Jamal: Sorry, I can't help you.

Danielle: Oh, it's ok. I work for Fusion. I helped plan this party.

Jamal: Well, we don't serve minors.

Danielle: Maybe you didn't hear what I said -- I'm paying your wages tonight.

Jamal: Yeah? Well, I answer to Babe and Kendall.

Danielle: I'm going to make sure Babe and Kendall hear about your attitude. What's your name?

Jamal: Jamal. Long time no see, Dani.

Danielle: Jamal? Are you serious?

Jamal: Your long-lost semicousin, and don't think I don't know how old you are, miss chocolate martini.

Danielle: Whatever.

David: I know a stairwell where you can hide. You can hear everything they say. They won't even know you're there.

Jack: Get away from me, Hayward.

David: So touchy, Jack. I would think you'd be rejoicing by now. I mean, this makes, what -- how many kids that came out of left field? And Erica -- a son, a doctor no less.

Jack: Tell me something, are you the one behind this? Are you the one that destroyed my wife's life tonight?

David: You know, as much as I would love to take credit for this, it all belongs to J.R. So if you're looking to be mad at someone, the man is standing right back there.

Erica: You have to believe me. For the longest time, I didn't know you were my son. And when Greg first came to Pine Valley, I had this feeling that I knew him from somewhere, but it never dawned on me that he was the same doctor --

Josh: Erica, just stop.

Kendall: Josh, Josh --

Josh: No, you know what, Kendall?

Kendall: Josh, don't, please.

Josh: Kendall, it's enough, ok? I've heard enough.

J.R.: What are you still doing here?

Colby: Well, not much since you totaled the party. Talk about a buzz kill.

Erica: He wouldn't listen to me.

Jack: Sweetheart, I'm so, so sorry.

Erica: We have to find Jeff. We have to tell Jeff what happened because maybe he can get through to Josh.

Jack: Ok.

J.R.: Babe! Wait!

Josh: Yo! My car.

J.R.: Babe! Babe, please, don't. Don't do this. Just let him go.

Erica: Look, I can't just stand here. Josh is devastated. God knows what he might do. I've got to stop him.

Derek: Not until we talk about this.

Colby: Hello.

Man: Hey.

Colby: Oh, yeah. This party was fun for, like, two minutes.

Man: Yeah. I was just about to take off.

Colby: Me, too. I think I'm going to go check out that party at the beach.

Man: Hey, that's where I'm headed.

Colby: No way.

Man: You want to come with?

Colby: That could be arranged.

Danielle: Fine. You don't want to serve a girl a much-needed cocktail, I get it, but somebody's going to have to drink all this alcohol. Especially after tonight's disaster, ConFusion Bar is going to be about as popular as a contusion.

Jamal: Are you kidding me? This place is going to get even hotter. You watch. Check her out. You bet she's going to report every dirty little detail that went down tonight. I mean, people are going to be lining up just to see where all the drama went down.

Danielle: Maybe you're right.

Jamal: Always.

Danielle: Well, it's really good to see you, Jamal, especially after all this time. Aunt Livia must love having you back.

Jamal: Yeah, well, Mom doesn't know I'm back yet. Actually, no one does, so it'd be cool if we could keep this between us, until I could surprise her?

Annie: And who knows what I did to Jamalís life besides having him break the law to hide me out. I mean, did he give up somebody he loves the way your sister did? Or did he quit a great job or -- what are you doing?

Ryan: Me? Oh, I'm just trying to get your mind off the subject, cheer you up a little bit. And don't worry, if Erin and Aidan were meant to be together, they'll be together.

Annie: What's with the cocktail shaker? You trying to martini me out of this?

Ryan: No. No. I'm actually trying to ConFusiontini you out of this.

Annie: I think you're a little ConFusiontini'd.

Ryan: I've heard that before. No, ConFusion -- you know, tonight, the bar. It's the big opening, and this is their signature drink. And since you can't show your face in public -- you know, you can't go to the bar. I'm bringing the party to you. Don't worry, I washed my hands. That's right. Ah, it's good.

Annie: Nice. Nice.

Ryan: Now, this is as I said the signature drink. Unfortunately, can't find the good stuff, the vodka, but there you go.

Annie: You're tasting it first.

Ryan: Oh, no, no, you. Be brave, go.

Annie: Spike, get your burp cloth ready.

Ryan: Ok, toast.

Annie: No, no, no. You have to look me in the eyes when you do it or it's bad luck.

Ryan: Really? Never heard that.

Annie: Or else it's no sex for seven years.

Ryan: Wow.

[Annie laughs]

Ryan: That's what happened. It all makes sense now.

Annie: I mean, I don't really believe it, but it's true, even if you don't believe it.

Ryan: I'm not taking any chances, so eye contact, no blinking. Seven years is a very long time. Cheers.

Annie: Cheers.

Ryan: Eye -- oh.

Di: Oh!

Aidan: Um -- well, I hope that dress didn't cost you that much because it's pretty much ruined.

Di: It was ugly anyway. There. It's garbage, gone, just like all this time. I'm done with all the stupid pretense, with being a fake, a phony, and -- oh.

Aidan: Yeah.

Di: Oh, shoot. Oh.

Aidan: I'll help you with that.

[After helping remove Diís dress, Aidan picks her up and kisses her passionately while Erin watches from the shadows.]

Erica: I can't do this now, Derek. Josh needs me.

Derek: You don't have any choice.

Jack: Oh, come on, Derek. Let her go, please.

Kendall: She can answer questions for you at the station.

Derek: Look, you people don't seem to understand. What I have here is a very serious deathbed accusation. I don't care where you think you need to be, Erica. You're going to tell me about all your dealings with Greg Madden, how you poisoned him, and if you buried him alive.

Singer: I felt the moment you laid eyes on me

J.R.: Look, I get that you're pissed off at me. You hate what I did. Let's just go home, let me explain it to you. I did this for us, for you and me.

[Car approaches]

Singer: Just the way I like it

Babe: Josh, wait. Look, I don't know where you're going, but you're not going by yourself. I'm coming with you.

J.R.: What?

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Dixie (to Zach): Oh, my God. Kate could be in here.

J.R.: I did what I had to do.

Kendall: You didn't have to mess with Josh's head. And now my mother is the number-one murder suspect.

J.R.: With good reason.

Josh (to Babe): Buckle up, you're about to take the ride of your life.

[Holding Babeís face in his hands, Josh kisses her.]

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