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Ryan: Come on, let me get you something. Sit down. I'll get us something to drink. Make yourself comfortable. Please, sit down.

Annie: So does this happen to you often? You know a woman five minutes and it's, "Hey, how about you move in?"

Ryan: Hmm, not so often.

Annie: Ah.

Ryan: No. Actually, never, but, you know, it works for me and for you.

Annie: If nobody finds out.

Ryan: I'm not going to tell anybody.

[Kendall arrives and wonders who Ryan is with.]

Jonathan: Thank you, Aidan. Hmm, you got the creep that tried to hurt Lily.

Terry: What the hell --

Jonathan: You belong in jail.

Terry: What's your problem?

Aidan: Seems to be you. Why is that?

[J.R. watches from the sidelines as Babe hugs Josh.]

Josh: You thought I didn't know about the game my father was playing?

Babe: It's almost too much to believe.

Josh: Not for my father. You know, I was supposed to worship him, I'm his only son. It's hilarious. He's no better than a -- a rapist. I mean, nothing I believed about him was true, not a damn thing.

Babe: I am so sorry that you have to go through this. Hey. You don't have to go through it alone, ok?

Julia: How does Josh get away with lying like that and how does he live with himself? Oh, what am I even saying -- it's in his DNA, him and Daddy Greg. "DNA" stands for "diabolical nasty ass."

Jamie: I've had better weeks.

Julia: Oh, you've just been guilty of lust. I supposedly almost killed someone with asthma, and I'm an inept, horny nurse that cares more about sex than saving lives.

Jamie: Nobody thinks that.

Julia: Dr. Joe. After Josh led him to us in the supply closet, and how about those two smarmy intern losers just now?

Jamie: You know what this is going to get Josh? Another big karmic bite where he deserves it.

Julia: Hmm.

Jamie: Oh, trust me. When he least expects it, he's going down in flames.

Julia: Oh, well, I want to be there, front-row seat with popcorn.

Jamie: And I'll bring the beer. It's a date.

[Julia sighs]

Julia: No, Jamie, no more dates. We're over.

Kendall: Hey, Dad. Spike's a little hungry there. You want to help with the next feeding?

Ryan: Yes, I want to help. What's -- what's on the menu?

Kendall: Well, I will grab him and the formula right now.

Ryan: No, no, no, don't bother. I'll come with you. I'll do it at your place.

Kendall: Yeah -- you don't have to if it's not a good time. I mean, you -- you do have a life. You've got other things to do, people to see. It's not like he's taking his first step or anything.

Ryan: Right. Well, Spike's hungry, my son is hungry, and I -- I want to feed him.

Kendall: Yeah. That -- that's the sucky part. Might not be your son at all.

Ryan: Spike is my son, and who knows? Maybe he'll end up being my blood, too.

Kendall: Ok. Well, if the DNA test doesn't show that -- that Spike has part of you in him --

Ryan: Spike is my son. The DNA test isn't going to change anything.

Kendall: You know what? I'll -- I'll feed him myself. You can get back to whatever you were doing.

[Kendall and Ryan walk into her townhome.]

Kendall: Back. How is my boy?

Rachael: Your little man baby is the best. We've discussed colors, numbers, and all 50 United States.

Ryan: You got to be kidding me.

Rachael: Well, I tried poets and singers. He dozed off.

Kendall: Hmm.

Rachael: You might have a little scientist here.

Ryan: Oh. Hey, you know, your reward for doing such a good job teaching is that you get to have lunch away from spit rags and diapers, ok?

Rachael: Ok.

Ryan: There you go. I'll take that.

Kendall: We'll see you in two hours.

Rachael: Ok.

Kendall: Bye.

Ryan: You know, I thought that -- I thought that when I interviewed her that she was too hot to be a nanny. Hi, little guy. Hi. She's good, right?

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: I mean -- oh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. Can I? That's it, ok. Can I? I mean, she's teaching and everything. You're a lucky -- you're a lucky little guy, yes, you are. You got your mom, you got -- you got me, you got your nanny. Yeah. Look at him.

Kendall: Don't do that, Ryan. Don't -- don't do that. Don't pretend that the test results don't matter to you. We could lose everything.

[Annie hears footsteps approaching and hides.]

Annie: Oh. Gosh. Now I know how tired antelope feel when lions lope behind them waiting for one to trip.

Erin: Terry doesn't know you're here.

Annie: Well, not that we know of. He's not camped outside yet.

Erin: How are you feeling? No more -- no more asthma attacks, right?

Annie: No. Even if I did have one, I wouldn't go back to that hospital, not after my ex-husband from hell tracked me down there.

[Annie sighs]

Erin: Emma ok?

Annie: Yeah. She's watching her "Cinderella" DVD for the 100th time --

Erin: Aw.

Annie: Like everything's fine and normal.

Erin: Well, Terry won't be a problem much longer.

Annie: Hey, Jamal only punched his lights out. He didn't get him between the eyes with a silver bullet.

Erin: No, no. Right now, Jonathan is telling Aidan about how Terry the pig attacked Lily in New York.

Annie: Hey, just curious, but why didn't you tell me the guy Terry hired to find me was your guy?

Aidan: My friend says you hurt a young woman -- another friend of mine.

Terry: Not me, that's crazy. How, like insulted her or something?

Jonathan: You know what you did.

Aidan: Well, I don't. Terry, you care to fill me in?

Terry: Um, pal, whoever you think I am, we've never met. Maybe you're looking for somebody else, someone that looks like me.

Jonathan: New York City? When I was looking for Lily, I ran into you, and you said that you couldn't help me.

Terry: This is -- seriously, I don't know what he's talking about.

Jonathan: And then I hear Lily yelling "no touch." You were in that room, that hotel room.

Terry: Man, I don't know any Lily.

Jonathan: When I busted in, his shirt was off.

Terry: Hold on just one second. Now, what is this?

Jonathan: He got Lily to drink. He wanted to get her drunk, Aidan, so that he could -- so that he could have sex with her.

Terry: Ok, now you're starting to scare me a little bit, man. Does this guy get violent?

Jonathan: I need to. I could again, because somebody needs to teach you a lesson.

Terry: Well, what is with this town? I catch one glimpse of my wife, and I get my face bashed in and now this intellectually challenged individual is saying I tried to do some girl I've never met? Annie. Annie put you up to this, didn't she?

Jonathan: No, Annie -- no, Aidan, everything I'm saying is --

Terry: My wife has run somewhere else with my daughter.

Jonathan: Stop lying and you -- you admit what you did to Lily.

Terry: I've had enough of this clown. Go waste your own time. I got to go find my little girl.

Aidan: Hey, T? I think you should just stick around for a bit.

Julia: I should've done this before -- no dates, no dinners, no movies.

Jamie: Is supply-closet sex out of the question?

Julia: What do you think?

Jamie: Come on. Is it because we shocked my grandfather?

Julia: I'm sure he's seen worse.

Jamie: Ok. Is it because we're hot hospital gossip?

Julia: No. I've made my decision.

Jamie: Ah, but based on what? It's because while you were grooving to Michael Bolton, I was riveted to the "Ducktales."

Julia: It's always difficult when a relationship ends. And the person who gets the news is usually --

Jamie: Commonly known as the dumpee.

Julia: That person usually feels the worst, and if I could've spared your feelings, I would have.

Jamie: Yeah. The only thing that I'm feeling right now is amazed. I thought you were the toughest woman that I'd ever met, but deep down, you're -- well, you're a wuss.

Josh: I only just heard. How'd you get the news so fast?

Babe: It doesn't matter. Look, I promise you I will not tell anyone.

Josh: No, shout it from the rooftops, design a website. Everyone should know what my father was.

Babe: No. I would not do anything that would make your life even rougher, Josh.

Josh: You know, I believed him, I trusted him. I might as well be an accessory to his crimes.

Babe: Does Erica know?

Josh: About the newest member of her family? Sure. And in no time at all, the whole town will know that my father impregnated Kendall and led everyone to believe that Ryan Lavery was the father. No wonder my dad wanted to steal the kid. What? Isn't that what you were talking about?

J.R.: I'll take over from here. It's time you heard the full story. Your father was a real man of mystery, huh?

Josh: All his secrets are out.

J.R.: That's what you think.

Babe: That is enough, J.R. I mean it. Don't --

J.R.: My wife is a little too softhearted, but you never really knew who your father was. That's tough.

Babe: I am not kidding, J.R.

Josh: No, let him talk. He can't hurt me.

J.R.: Your father was a sick twist who'd invite women into his office who were asking for help.

Babe: No, J.R..

J.R.: But he never gave a damn about what happened to those women and those babies. He got exactly what he deserved -- a living hell buried alive. It's just too bad it didn't happen 25, 30 years ago.

Babe: Josh is suffering enough already as it is.

J.R.: Stop trying to pin your dad's murder on me. The world's a better place without him. And whoever did it -- more power to him.

Ryan: Madden is the one that's lost, Kendall. I mean, we've got everything. Nobody's going to take Spike away from us. I mean, think about it -- Madden couldn't do it when he was alive. He sure as heck can't do it now that he's dead. Spike's a lucky guy. He's got you, he's got me, he's got Zach, and that is the way that it's going to stay. I thought we were done with this.

Kendall: Well, I've changed my mind and sat and thought about a few things since the second test. I mean, why should you be expected to -- to raise this child when he's not even yours by blood?

Ryan: It's not about what is expected, Kendall.

Kendall: Ok, I would rather just cut you loose from Spike and me before we -- we cling to you so much that we get attached, and we can never let you go.

Aidan: Were you in Manhattan in the middle of May?

Terry: Where else would I be? I live there.

Jonathan: It was you, ok? I wouldn't forget your face!

Terry: Some creep made a move on some girl you know, right? Deal with it. I'm getting skewered by my worthless ex-wife. I'm looking for my daughter -- that's it.

Jonathan: You took advantage of Lily, ok? And she's my wife now, and I will not have you --

Terry: I did not -- listen, friend. It's obvious you love this young woman. You couldn't stop someone from hurting her, and it's got you so freaked out, you're not thinking straight. Believe me, I understand. It's how I feel about my daughter. I can't protect her, it's making me sick. My wife kidnapped my child. Now, you've made a mistake. Let me go and find and protect my little girl.

Jonathan: I didn't make a mistake. You did a horrible, sick thing.

Terry: Aidan, get this kid out of here, or I'm going to call the cops.

Aidan: 555-0177. It's a direct line to the chief.

Erin: Aidan would never give you away. He doesn't even know I'm helping you.

Annie: No, no, no, no. This isn't me being all girlie and scared. I mean, this is me wanting to know why you would dump a guy to help me.

Erin: Don't worry about that.

Annie: Erin, you didn't have to do that for Emma and me.

Erin: This is my work. It's more like a mission, ok? Nothing matters much to me.

Annie: Even him?

Erin: I -- I can't bring Aidan into situations like this, you know? He -- he would have to risk his job, maybe even do jail time. I --

Annie: I mean, this work is your passion. Share it with him. Why not?

Erin: What I do, what I do, helping in this rescue network, is my choice. It's also illegal. It's not fair for me to ask Aidan to put everything on the line for me.

Annie: Ok, so how much longer will you put your mission before everything else, including your own happiness?

Erin: As long as there are kids being abused and in danger.

Annie: Ok, so that's, like, forever, you know? Which leaves only one question -- ok, you want to, you know, help a stranger, but, you know, why would an intelligent, in-love woman throw away all her chances of love and happiness?

Erin: Because I don't deserve it, not any of it!

Jamie: It's ok, you can breathe. Yeah, that's right -- I called you a wuss. What, I don't get a chokehold or a karate chop? God, you're a bigger wuss than I thought.

[Jamie sighs]

Julia: Oh, you are this close to -- could you wipe that smile off your face and drop the charming attitude, would you?

Jamie: How about you stop fighting it?

Julia: You know, if Dr. Joe were not such a good guy and if I had been in that closet with anyone else, my career would be toast right now?

Jamie: But you couldn't have been in there with anyone else. I mean, some couples have their -- their song, their restaurant, their hotel suite. We, on the other hand, have our closet.

Julia: Huh. What we have -- had -- was supposed to be sex, fun, no drama, no commitments, not go anywhere.

Jamie: Oh, yeah. Why was that your idea again? Was it because I was a couple of years younger?

Julia: No, no. This isn't about numbers. This is about experience.

Jamie: Oh.

Julia: I'm a widow. I loved my husband so much. We went through so many wonderful and terrible experiences together.

Jamie: You had to go into Witness Protection.

Julia: Yeah, that's right, and I'd probably still be on the run if it hadn't ended with Garret, and do you remember how it ended?

Jamie: You had to kill him.

Julia: No, I killed him. And then you come along, and you're young and handsome, smart, funny -- young.

Jamie: And it was supposed to be nothing going nowhere, but it's not. How did I screw up, Julia? How did I make you care about me? Well, if it's any consolation, we're even. I care about you, too.

Josh: Went to see Chief Frye this morning. Guess what he told me.

J.R.: Um -- that you're full of it?

Josh: He said tips have been coming in on you, so he tossed your place.

J.R.: And came up empty.

Be: It's true.

Josh: Well, then on to the next most likely suspects -- your mother and her ex.

J.R.: Tad and my mother?

Josh: You know, Babe said you were reformed. Why don't you prove it? Take one for the team. Admit you killed my father and let them go -- unless Tad and Dixie helped you out. The family that slays together stays together.

J.R.: Oh, you think you know things about family? You don't even know about your father.

Babe: Ok, Josh, how about --

J.R.: You don't even know who he was.

Josh: Why don't -- why don't I go away, right? Is that what you want to say? I've gotten a lot of that from you lately, Babe. This guy is a murderer, all right? This is your last chance. You don't want to see it, but if you look closely enough, it's there. Don't stay with him. Come with me.

Ryan: So you -- you expected me to be gone.

Kendall: I'd understand if you were.

Ryan: Hmm. Ok. No more DNA garbage, Kendall. Why are you trying to get rid of me?

Kendall: Come on, Ryan. You're some -- you're some guy who's -- who's chained to some miscellaneous woman who's not even your wife.

Ryan: Oh, I'm assuming that would be you.

Kendall: Yeah, and -- and my son may not even be related to you at all.

Ryan: Oh, ok. So I'm chained, right? So that's why my heart gets stuck in my throat every time I look at my son?

Kendall: Whatever. It just -- it makes no sense for you to be glued to us, that's all.

Ryan: Huh. How about this? How about I love you ,and I love Spike?

Kendall: Ok, and someday, you're going to fall in love with another woman, and what will she think of all of this?

Ryan: Why don't we ask her when I meet her?

Kendall: You're not a monk, Ryan.

Ryan: Ok, is this some sort of delayed reaction to, you know, you talking to your mom about Josh being your half brother? Is that what this is?

Kendall: No. This is something entirely different.

Ryan: Ok, so this is about me. This is about you not trusting me to stick around, like I'll get sick of Spike. Maybe he's just taking up too much time or my energy or something like that, that he'll cut into my make-out time with a woman that I haven't even met yet? I'd like you to tell me something real and fast or this conversation is over.

Kendall: I'm afraid I'll lose you.

Ryan: Come on, Kendall, I just -- I want you to sit down with me.

Kendall: Why? So you can tell me I have no right to mess in your personal life? Predict what you will or won't do down the line?

Ryan: No, that wasn't it exactly.

Kendall: No, actually, you're right. You're right. You're 100% right. I mean, where do I get off? I can't predict the future. You know what? Even if I could, I -- what you do with yours is completely none of my business.

Ryan: Well, you realize, like, a few fingerprints are ok. It's not exactly a crime scene in here.

Kendall: Hijacking your life doesn't qualify?

Ryan: You didn't take anything from me, you actually gave me something. You gave me something incredible, a family. Spike is my son. And if medical science doesn't back that up, then the hell with them. I mean, you created a miracle. A miracle inside your body. I'm sorry, but miracles are rare. And I can't turn my back on that.

Kendall: I wanted Spike because I thought you were dead. I thought he would be a part of you that I could keep alive in this world. But if you're no part of Spike --

Ryan: Well, now you have both of us.

Kendall: Yeah, but poor Spike, Ryan.

Ryan: No, no, not poor Spike.

Kendall: No, his father may not be one of the good guys, one of the guys I want him to grow up and be like.

Ryan: Really? Well, my father was a vicious alcoholic, and you think I turned out all right. I mean, what about you? You turned out, you know, so-so, considering your dad.

Kendall: Yeah, but I just -- I just feel like something will be missing. Something will be lost. I will lose something, and so will Spike. So will the entire world. You should be his dad 100%. No one should have to grow up with Greg Madden for a father.

Josh: J.R. killed my father. You don't want to spend the rest of your life with him, let him raise your child.

J.R.: Are you trying to proposition my wife and steal my son right in front of me?

Babe: Ok, J.R., it's ok. Josh, please -

J.R.: Oh, he's just begging to join the other Dr. Martin, aren't you, buddy?

Babe: I don't know what you are doing, but I need you to stop it right now. I am with J.R. I will always be with J.R., not you.

Josh: Well, that's too bad. For both of us. Save me a VIP spot for the opening. Wouldn't want to miss it.

Babe: Thank you. Thank you for not telling Josh that he's Ericaís son. I mean, did you hear what he had to say? It's just now getting worse. And Greg Madden is Spike's father, instead of Ryan? I have been so awful to Kendall. Nobody deserves what's happened to her.

J.R.: Where is it, Babe? The disc that proves what that freak did? Where did you hide it?

Terry: Talk about an ambush -- this is ridic -- Annie -- Annie got to you, too, didn't she? It's the classic double cross. Or have I been scammed right from the start? What, you accuse me of some crazy crime, and then, what, you lock me up or fix it so I can't leave town? Is that it? Well, it's not going to work, gents, because I'm on to you. Now, let's just call this a draw, and I'll walk out this door.

Aidan: You sit down. And you don't move.

Jonathan: I'll watch him, Aidan.

Aidan: Hello, Lily? Hi, it's Aidan. Can you come over to the office right away? Yeah, I need help on a case.

Annie: Well, Emma hit the pillow before the fairy godmother did her whole pumpkin-carriage-mouse-magic thing, so --

Erin: Oh, God, I'm starved. You?

Annie: Well, I'm starving for the whole story. You don't deserve love or happiness?

Erin: Hey, honestly, I don't know why that came out.

Annie: You can trust me, Erin.

Erin: I know. It's just -- Aidan -- God, he is -- he's such a man, you know? He is, but he -- he feels everything, too. He feels everything deeply. Even talks about it.

Annie: You know, it's not too late.

Erin: Yes -- yes, it is. Aidan taught me what full, complete, trusting love is. How incredibly fine a man can be. It wasn't enough.

Annie: Why not?

Erin: Well, you know how some people have got baggage that you, like, throw into an overnight bag? Well, now, me -- I've got a full freight train chugging behind me. And in back of that, I've got a caravan with camels and pack mules and -- oh, and -- and then there's the stuff that I have to send Air Express to meet me wherever I go.

Annie: Yeah, well, we all have more than carry-on. Aidan, too, I bet.

Erin: I -- I didn't hide any of it from him. I couldnít. He -- he was totally accepting. He was so sure that we could work through anything.

Annie: So, maybe you still can.

Erin: I would make fantastic love with this man. Fall asleep in his arms. And then I would bolt awake in -- in a sweat with my stomach like all one big knot. And -- and my heart would be racing, it would be keeping time with the screams inside my head -- "No, Daddy, don't -- don't. Don't, Daddy. Daddy, donít. Please, don't hit me again. Please, no. Please, no. I'll be good. No more hitting."

Annie: Right. Ryan told me things were rough for him, but I didn't --

Erin: No, they never laid a hand on me, except to pat me on the head. No bruises or split lips for me. I got to hear them cry and beg. And the sound of my dad's hand or his belt as it connected with my brothers' arms and backs and -- and their faces!

Annie: Oh, God, I'm so sorry.

Erin: I -- I'm sorry, too. I'm sorry I didn't do enough to stop my dad from smacking them around. Or my -- my mom from hiding in a vodka haze.

Annie: But you were too young, Erin.

Erin: No, it's funny. It's funny, but every -- every time I'm happy, I have this dream more. It's always the same. Always. And -- and I wake up hearing screams.

Annie: But, Erin, that doesn't mean that you --

Erin: No, no. No, what matters now is that I can -- I can stop other moms and dads and at least help the wives and kids that they're hurting run away. Every single one that I help's one less dream.

Annie: You think you can stop the dreams completely?

Erin: It's work. This is my chance to silence the screams, and, until I do that, I -- I don't deserve peaceful sleep or some perfect, loving existence. I -- I didn't call the police on my father. I didn't call Social Service. I didn't call anybody. I kept my mouth shut!

Annie: You were a terrified kid.

Erin: I was scared, I was scared. But I was relieved. I was relieved that my dad wasn't picking me up by the hair and batting me around. I forfeited my right to happiness a long time ago.

Julia: No, it wasn't supposed to work.

Jamie: Hey, I'm about to get offended.

Julia: No, not us, in here. The whole part of me that doesn't love stuff. And devotion -- I thought it was on permanent shutdown.

Jamie: You're different than when you first came back. I mean, it's not a bad thing. I mean, then, you were all energy and in your face sort of angry and defensive.

Julia: Maybe I'm tired.

Jamie: Or maybe you're calmer. You smile more. Got a nice laugh, too.

Julia: Who knew?

Jamie: I had a feeling.

Julia: Well, it's all your fault.

Jamie: Yeah, I'm a pig.

Julia: No, you -- you don't worry about the unimportant stuff. And when something is important, you deal with it, instead of freaking out.

Jamie: Now, you're making me sound way too boring and careful.

Julia: No, not at all. You're brave.

Jamie: Well, it feels right.

Julia: I hate to let this go. But you know why we have to. You get it, right?

Jamie: Hey, if you want it over, it's over. That's cool with me.

Julia: It is?

Babe: We agreed not to let anyone else hear that disc. Too many people could get hurt.

J.R.: Yeah, but whoever planted that disc in my dresser probably has other copies.

Babe: Will you stop it with the disc, please? J.R., do you not see how lucky we are? So many people were hurt by Greg Madden. You couldn't even feel a little bit sorry for Josh? And now Kendall and her son? Honey, we have each other and we have Little Adam, and they have all these awful problems to deal with. And right now, our biggest problem is making sure Burly Bear is in Little Adamís crib so he can fall asleep at night.

J.R.: He can't close his eyes without that bear.

Babe: It's guaranteed sweet dreams. Look, we promised we wouldn't use the disc, ok?

J.R.: That was before Josh and the cops came after Tad and my mother. They're on the suspect list. You heard him.

Babe: And what does this have anything to do with the disc?

J.R.: Our motive for torturing and killing Greg Madden is what he did to Kate. And think about what he did to Erica and Kendall. Let the cops lean on them for a while. That disc could put my family in the clear and turn up the heat under Ericaís.

Babe: No. No, you and Tad and Dixie -- you guys are innocent. The police can't build a case against you.

J.R.: If this wack job keeps planting evidence in the house, they can.

Babe: We won't let it happen. We'll find out who was trying to trap you, and we'll bring him down, but we're not going to cause any more pain if we don't have to. J.R., Greg Madden caused enough as it is. And as for the disc, I don't want you to be tempted to do the wrong thing. The disc stays where it is.

Annie: Guilt? Oh. I should be tattooed with a scarlet G. I mean, I fell for Terry. I mean, I was -- I was crazy about him and hid my head in the sand until he messed with Emmaís babysitter. I mean, how many girls did he take like they belonged to him? Did I see it? No. I gave that animal a daughter. I mean, how long -- how long would it have been until he preyed on his own little sweet girl?

Erin: You cannot take that on. You are not guilty of anything.

Annie: Well, right back at you, new best friend. We both got out of those situations. You know? I figured I could run to a safer, happier, better life. Now you're telling me I can't.

Jonathan: I will not let Lily walk into this. Hi.

Lily: Oh, hi. Oh, Aidan, I'm here to help you solve your case.

[Lily screams]

Lily: Oh, no, don't touch. Get away, go away.

Jonathan: Lily, it's ok. Lily, it's ok. Hold on. Lily --

Lily: No. No, he followed me. He wants to make me drunk. He wants to have sex with me. I don't want to have sex with --

Jonathan: Damn it, Aidan, I told -- I told you!

Aidan: I'm sorry, Jonathan, but --

Lily: No, no, no, no!

[Terry pushes Aidan aside and runs.]

Jonathan: Hey! Terry! I'm sorry, Lily. Lily, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, it was a mistake. I didn't mean to touch.

Lily: Stay away.

Jonathan: Lily, I'm so sorry.

Lily: No, no, no --

Jonathan: It was a mistake, ok?

Annie: You know, on a personal level, I should be thrilled that you released this guy back into the dating pool.

[Erin laughs]

Annie: Another good guy out there.

Erin: See? I was doing you a favor.

Annie: Yeah. Hate to break it to you, but you're a role model.

Erin: Yeah. Sure, yeah. Let's see -- it's me, Rosa Parks --

[Annie chuckles]

Erin: Eleanor Roosevelt --

Annie: Erin, I -- I can't repay the help you've given Emma and me. But I can tell you absolutely, your suffering doesn't help anybody. But showing us what's -- what's possible -- the dream we're running towards is actually getable -- well -- well, that's handing us hope.

Jamie: I don't let other people run my life, make my decisions. And no, I'm not talking about you. It's them. The stupid, whispering, jealous jerks that I don't know, and wouldn't want to. I've had a great time with you, Julia. I wouldn't trade what we've shared for a pitcher of margaritas and a platter of barbecue-pulled pork burritos.

Julia: I'm flattered, I think.

Jamie: But if the age thing weirds you out, and you think everyone's going to be whispering and watching --

Julia: It's not that big a deal.

Jamie: Hey, whatever. If that means more to you than being with me and the fun that we've had, then that's how you feel. Hey, personally, I would tell them to flip off. They don't know who we are or what we've shared. You're incredible. And I consider myself lucky that you shared yourself with me, and we had as much fun as we did.

Julia: Flip them. Who cares what they think?

Jamie: No, wait, wait -- you're breaking up our break-up?

Julia: Oh -- I'm with you for as long as it lasts.

[At Davidís cabin, Babe finds incriminating evidence against her father.]

Babe: A transceiver -- it's what the police were looking for when they searched our house.

David: Babe, hey. What are you doing here?

Babe: You did it. My own father killed Greg Madden and set up my husband to take the fall.

[Searching his sonís nursery, J.R. finds the disc hidden inside a stuffed animal.]

J.R.: Mr. Burly Bear has a secret.

Ryan: Now, his hair Iím not so sure. I'm not positive about his hair, but he's definitely got your eyes.

Kendall: I don't know about that.

Ryan: No, no, you can see it. You can see it. I mean, I wanted him to have your eyes, remember? I -- I wanted him to have your eyes, and you wanted him to have my patience, because you don't have any.

Kendall: No, that's wrong. Actually, I wanted him to have your sense of humor.

Ryan: Oh.

Kendall: And not really because you're funny, because you're really -- you're absolutely not funny. But the thing is you look sort of ridiculous when you think yore being funny, and no one else does.

Ryan: Huh. Ouch. Ow, Spike, your mom just smacked me down. But it's ok, because we brought her out of her imaginary fear tunnel. It's all right.

Kendall: You're a very interesting man, Ryan.

Ryan: And you're stuck with me. Of course, I'm not sure what you meant by that, but you're stuck with me, both here and here. Because Spike is part of me, heart and soul. And he always will be. And you're part of me, too.

[Knock on door]

Ryan: I got it. I'll get it. Oh, hey.

Courier: Hi.

Ryan: Yeah. Where should I sign?

Courier: Right there.

Ryan: Thank you.

Courier: Thank you.

Ryan: Mm-hmm, thanks. And the envelope, please. Spike's biological father is --

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Babe: I need to know who killed him.

David: And I can help you. I know who killed Madden.

Krystal: That's your weapon?

J.R.: It'll do more damage than a loaded gun.

Josh: I guess I came to say good-bye.

Erica: Josh, don't go.

Ryan (to Kendall): Ok.

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