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Ryan: Our houseguest is a fugitive? That's what you're telling me?

Erin: It doesn't mean she's a criminal.

Ryan: So the law is after her because?

Erin: Ryan, do you trust me, or not?

Ryan: Livia Cudahy -- she's an attorney. She's one of the best. I can set up a meeting for you. I'll cover the cost of the meeting --

Erin: No --

Ryan: Is that enough? Does that work for you?

Erin: This isn't about money.

Ryan: Well, then what is it about?

Annie: It's about my family. I have a daughter. And my husband molests young girls.

Lily: Wow, Jonathan. Your glasses have satisfying symmetry.

Jonathan: This is way better than my job at the hospital. It's a lot easier, too. But I don't know -- the club still hasn't opened yet.

Lily: I know. I'm expecting at least a 75% increase in my assistant accounting responsibilities when it does. But the best part of this job is being with you.

Amanda: Ok, Laverys, the new manager wants to see if we're cool.

Jonathan: So, are -- are we cool?

Lily: Very.

Annie: T's smooth, smart, always charming. He's so sincere when he talks about his love for Emma. The judge was convinced. I think T's even convinced himself. But Emma's growing up. What will T's love turn into? What will he see when he looks at my little girl?

Ryan: So your husband --

Annie: Ex.

Ryan: Your ex-husband is a predator? Why couldn't you prove it?

Annie: When's the last time proof landed smack in your hands?

J.R.: What was that?

Babe: All hell trying to break loose on one compact disc.

J.R.: Josh is Erica's son? That doesn't make any sense.

Babe: It was explained pretty clearly -- minus the gory details.

J.R.: That was Greg Madden on there.

Babe: Spilling secrets, cursing Pine Valley, screaming not to die.

J.R.: Whoever recorded that must have killed him. Where did you get this?

Babe: From your drawer.

J.R.: You still think I killed him.

Babe: Who hated Greg Madden more than you?

Erica: I'm sorry. I'm sorry for all the secrets and all the lies. I don't want to shut you out again. Not when I need you so much.

Jack: Thank you. Honey, what -- why are you trembling?

Erica: What if Greg Madden didn't only take my son? What if he did much, much more?

Zach: Just you and me, little guy. Man time. You're sleeping, aren't you? Yeah, that's the best thing. Your mom will be back in a minute. She's getting some DNA results. Complicated stuff, you know? She thinks it'll give her some answers. I already know the answer. You're our son.

Josh: The lab tech's solid.

Kendall: And the markers were there?

Josh: Yeah, Spike and I --

Kendall: Blood relatives. You and I are not. So the only way that that can be true is -- Spike's dad --

Josh: Was my dad. The sick bastard they say he was. He did it. He did it all.

Kendall: I should go. I have to -- I have to do things. I have to tell people.

Josh: Who? Ryan? Zach, Erica?

Kendall: I should go.

Josh: I'm sorry.

Kendall: We didn't do this. Um -- your -- your father and Spike -- we -- we didn't do this. We didn't do it.

J.R.: Well, how about Josh Madden? If all this weirdness is true, he probably hated his father more than I did.

Babe: So Josh killed Greg Madden? Recorded everything that he said, and then snuck the CD into your drawer? Be serious, J.R. Josh wouldn't spread his business if he knew the truth.

J.R.: Not even to nail me for murder and score with the woman he wants?

Babe: This is not about you.

J.R.: Somebody planted a CD in my dresser drawer! The hell it isn't about me! Somebody wants me hanging out with Bubba and Moose in lockdown. Where did you get this?

Babe: Colby and her happy hands took a little stroll. But don't worry. I snagged it before she heard too much. Other than thinking Josh is hot, Colby is clueless.

J.R.: And this close to dead meat if she doesn't --

Babe: Colby is not the problem. J.R., did I get you off the hook for attempted murder just so you could finally go all the way? Fine, if you didn't stash this there, who did? Who killed a man and then snuck the proof into our house to ruin your life? Ruin our lives? Who would do that, J.R.?

J.R.: Well, I don't know, Babe. Who hated Greg Madden and me? Your father? Zach, Ryan? Maybe they did it for Kendall or Dixie. And if everything is true on there, they did it for Erica, too.

Erica: If this disgusting man impregnated my daughter -- if he invaded her -- the same feeling of violation all over again. And then my daughter has to look into the face of her -- her newborn baby -- into her newborn baby's eyes and wonder who is looking back at her, she has to wonder, did he do to her what he did to me?

Jack: Sit down. Come here a second, ok?

Erica: No, no -- can you feel it? The filth? I need a shower. I need 1,000 showers to wash this all away. I thought that Greg Madden was gone from our lives forever, but he's still laughing at us from the depths of hell. His sick, cosmic joke on me! Now he's part of my family, forever!

Jeff: Is this some -- some quest for cleanliness, or is there something else? You're not about to quit, are you? Did you and Jamie get into it again?

Josh: Not even on my radar.

Jeff: Come on, Josh, you're a natural. Joe and I have both seen it.

Josh: That's because medicine is in my blood. It's what I do, Doctor. Ever wonder what else is in my blood, lurking beneath the surface? Ready to jump out and latch its teeth in?

Jeff: Josh, no one gives a damn about Greg Madden, you hear me? We don't care what he did or who he was. And no one is ever going to judge you on his actions. My father and I told you that, and we meant it. Now, it's time you believe it.

Josh: Wow. That's some pretty impressive bedside manner. I don't have it. I would have said something like "You're the son of a sick freak, Madden! Suck it up and deal with it!" But I don't have a choice, do I?

Annie: All the other wives would gush about how lucky I was. Great guy, great husband. Loving, attentive, generous. Coaching girls’ soccer at the field all those afternoons. He'd cheer them on, I'd cheer him on. But slowly, the girls drifted away. Just stopped playing.

Ryan: Well, I mean, something's got to give, right? Better they give up soccer than their homework.

Annie: Yeah. That's what T said, too. And it made sense to me. Until I -- I ran into the little blonde forward who wouldn't meet my eyes. And then the -- the wiry goalie who pretended she didn't see me and took off in the opposite direction.

Ryan: Could be a dozen reasons.

Erin: But we know why, Ryan. Why -- why can't you just believe it?

Annie: It's not his fault. People don't want to believe these things actually happen. Nice, normal guys don't have ugly secrets. I didn't think so, either. Until I hit the wrong button on his computer. And files popped open. Just girls. Hundreds of them. Fresh, smiling, innocent girls.

Lily: So, what are we doing?

Amanda: Just look hot and be smooth.

Lily: Ok.

Jonathan: Oh -- we should stand up straight.

Willow: So, our friend Del is a writer and a drink slinger. How very secret identity of you.

Del: Always looking for new material. You know, ways to keep the creative juices flowing.

Willow: Well, I'm sure ConFusion will take good care of your juices. And bachelor number -- I mean bartender number two.

Jamal: AKA Jamal. Scheduled to hit law school in the fall.

Willow: Save-the-worlders are so sexy. Don't talk politics, and smile like you mean it, and you'll be making enough tips to pay off your bills in no time. Next?

Amanda: Amanda Dillon, hostess. But my unofficial title is horndog magnet.

Willow: Way to own a title. More cleavage, less skirt, and you'll be all set.

Del: Less skirt? The girl's half naked as it is.

Lily: Naked is an absolute. One's either naked, or they're not. Amanda's not. And I think she looks nice.

Willow: Nice? You're so precious. Since when do nightclubs hire jailbait?

Jonathan: Hi. I'm Jonathan. It's really nice to meet you.

Willow: There's that word again -- "nice." I don't sweat when I look at you. Maybe cringe, maybe I'll faint -- oh. But sweat, not so much, no.

Jonathan: Um -- I'm -- I'm a busboy. I -- I clean tables, and I -- I restock glasses. I don't want women to sweat on me. I'm married. Lily's my wife.

Willow: Oh, sweetie, what were you thinking?

Lily: No touching, please!

Jonathan: No, don't!

Willow: Are you for real?

Jonathan: Lily has Autism Spectrum Disorder, and she doesn't like to be touched.

Willow: Oh, no. No, no, no. This is so not happening, not in my club.

Amanda: Is there a problem, Willow?

Willow: Maybe you can translate to those less fortunate, but ConFusion is a club. And clubs are about cool. And what I'm seeing -- not cool at all.

Jonathan: Lily can add 10 five-column numbers faster than I can say my name. And she works in the back so that the noise and the colors won't bother her. And, yeah, she may be under 21, but Lily’s not going to be anywhere near the alcohol.

Lily: No, I've had two really negative experiences with alcohol, the most recent one when I was in New York and this horrible man --

Willow: Whoa, whoa. TMI, sweetie. Save it for someone else.

Amanda: Lily is brilliant.

Jamal: Yeah. 10 minutes around her, you'll see it.

Willow: Lucky for us. You're fired.

Del: What? Are you kidding?

Willow: All right, let me explain. Hot, sexy, brainy, save-the-worlder. Hot, chiseled, built, hot, and hot. You? Your shirt is too big. And you've got this weird stuttering thing going on. You walk around with your shoulders hunched up, and you blink and act as if it takes some major brain power. You're fired.

Jamal: Major lawsuit first day on the job. Score one for the boss lady.

Willow: Yeah, whatever. Sue me.

Lily: No, this isn't going according to our plan. We really need these jobs for our budget.

Willow: Personal calls on the job? No, no, no, no, I don't think so. Either say bye-bye to hubby, or you can go with him.

Lily: But I have to call my sister. She's going to be really confused when she doesn't see us working here anymore.

Amanda: That would be Kendall Hart Slater, co-founder of Fusion.

Del: Are you sweating now?

Willow: Kiss mine.

[Amanda laughs]

Willow: Get to work.

Lily: Did we win?

Amanda: Oh, yeah, you won.

Annie: The pictures were just the beginning. I came home late from a meeting, and T had visitation that day. And the babysitter was still there. And she was crying. And she just -- she bolted as soon as I walked in. And T gave me some -- some story -- "Oh, poor kid. You know, all -- all torn up over some boy." But I went to the sitter the next day. T had handed her a piña colada. Told her she was pretty, smart, such an interesting young woman. "Here, have another drink." He cranked out the charm and the liquor, took her virginity, and then said he only did what she wanted. Too late for regrets.

Ryan: And why isn't this guy doing time as we speak?

Babe: This is pure evil on here -- the words and how they got there. It's all that Chief Frye needs to throw you in jail.

J.R.: All right --

Babe: So if it's enough for Chief Frye, why isn't enough for me?

J.R.: Give me the disk. I'll take care of it.

Babe: Oh, no. No way. What, this is your solution? Destroy the evidence?

J.R.: I'm taking it to the police.

Josh: Well, it's just you and me, Pop. The medical genius and the miracle child. You thought you were so much better and smarter than everyone else. You had to spread your genius around, didn't you? Conquer the world, one kid at a time. Well, too bad. You blew it! Someone finally beat you. Chandler. He took you on, and he won. He buried you, he tortured you, and he killed you.

Kendall: Look at his eyelashes. The way they just hit his cheeks so perfectly. He deserves more. He deserves Ryan. He deserves a father he -- he can look up to and he can respect and he can brag to his friends about. Zach, he should be able to say "I throw a ball just like my father." He should be able to say that, and I want that for him. I want that for Ryan, too. And now they will never have it. They will never have each other.

Zach: Ryan loves this boy. He'll always love him.

Kendall: No, it eats at you, Zach, who your father was. Ryan's father, my father -- it tears us all up to know what each man who created us was capable of. I didn't want that for Spike. It'll kill him, just like it's killing Josh.

Zach: You told Josh already?

Kendall: Yeah, he was with me when I found out. We used his DNA.

Zach: What do you mean, you used his DNA? What are you talking about?

Kendall: Well, we couldn't use Greg's. Greg was cremated. And I couldn't ask Ryan because you guys told me to leave it alone. So Josh offered. And it made sense. The only way that Josh and Spike could be blood-related is through Greg Madden. And the markers were there. Spike is Greg Madden's son. Wait, what are you doing? Who are you calling?

Zach: I'm calling Ryan.

Kendall: No. No, Zach, no. Please, not yet. I'm not ready to tell him yet.

Zach: I'm going to tell him to meet us at the hospital. We're doing another DNA test right now.

Kendall: Greg Madden is Spike's biological father, and there's not a test in this world that will change that.

Zach: What if there was a mistake? What if it's not accurate?

[Spike cries]

Kendall: Mama knows, honey. Mama knows. The world goes crazy, but you still need to eat.

[Spike fusses]

Kendall: Listen to Spike, Zach. We know the truth, the truth is out, and no matter how much it hurts, life goes on.

Zach: This isn't over.

Kendall: It'll never be over, will it?

Zach: I don't want to leave, but I --

Kendall: It's all right. It's ok. Do what you need to do. I need some alone time with Spike, anyway.

Babe: You take this disk to the cops, and they're going to think that you murdered Greg Madden.

J.R.: I've got nothing to hide. I didn't kidnap Madden.

Babe: So, that's what you're going to tell them? Then what -- they're just going to take your word for it all over, no biggie?

J.R.: I don't give a damn about the cops, Babe. When you walked in here, you told me you had to make a decision whether or not you were going to leave me, because you found that in my drawer. Somebody wants you to leave me. Somebody wants me locked up.

Babe: So, what, you're just going to roll over and do what people say? Who are you?

J.R.: Are you kidding me? I'm not going to hide because of some homicidal coward terrorizing me and trying to tank my marriage!

Babe: BS. You are going to clear your name and ruin Josh's life while you do it.

Josh: Light up a stogy, old man. You're a dad again -- another miracle child? Spike Lavery? My brother? How many other miracles did you send out there, huh? Huh? How many other little Maddens are running around out there? You raped Kendall with your ego! You tried to steal her son? Because you were entitled, right? Because he was yours! You sick, disgusting son of a bitch! How many more, Dad, huh? How many more victims?

Ryan: And the babysitter wouldn't file a complaint?

Annie: Denied it happened, denied she even told me. Folks didn't want to believe it, so I'm --

Ryan: T went for joint custody and he won?

Erin: Yeah, Annie had to run.

Annie: I owed Emma that. But before you ask, no, he hasn't touched her. She's still too young for him, but what happens when she's not?

Erin: Annie came to the Miranda Center for help, and I promised her I would do whatever it takes.

Ryan: Um -- I'm sorry. The Miranda Center now is about breaking custody agreements and kidnapping?

Erin: No, none of this will ever touch the center.

Annie: You have no idea how amazing your sister has been.

Ryan: Yeah? Well, maybe she'll fill me in now since she didn't before.

Erin: I'm sorry. Without secrecy, this network is useless.

Ryan: I'm sorry -- "network"? This isn't just you?

Erin: For some people, the only way out of danger is to disappear, and until we can relocate Annie and Emma for good, she needed a safe haven, and that's why I brought her here. T's hired detectives, Ryan.

Ryan: And it all clicks into place -- Aidan.

Erin: I can't risk moving Annie right now, not with T and Aidan so close. When T moves on, when he looks elsewhere, then --

Annie: I'll do whatever it takes to keep my daughter safe. Um -- I should probably go check on the munchkin.

Erin: Yeah.

Annie: Summer locked indoors is tough on little kids. Thank God for DVDs and singing monkeys, right? I'll just go.

Erin: Ok.

Erin: How can you be so cold? That woman needs our help, Ryan.

Ryan: And what if that woman has found the perfect way to steal a child?

Jack: Zach, come in.

Erica: Oh, God. The test results. Is it true? Is Madden the father of Kendall's baby?

Zach: Now, this minute. Josh, Madden -- you tell Kendall everything.

Josh: Rot in hell where you belong.

Julia: Josh, what are you doing?

Josh: Oh, Keefer. Now's your chance. You hate us both, the arrogant, obnoxious doctors Madden. Now's your shot. Go on, bury him. Go on. Throw him in the hole where he belongs -- in that sick, disgusting black hole where he died. Well, he's home now, where he belongs. Ashes to ashes. Come on! What are you waiting for? Come on, Keefer! What are you waiting for? Throw it on the grave! Come on! What are you waiting for? Put the dirt on the grave right now! When you finish, you can dance on it. You can pretend it's mine. Doesn't make a difference, right? Come on! Just throw it on there! What are you waiting for?

Julia: I'm so sorry.

Josh: Don't you pity me! Don't you pity me!

Kendall: The way I love you, you can feel it, can't you? You know you are -- you are loved today and tomorrow and every day after. Yeah, you are. And your daddy, Ryan, he -- he didn't even want the test. He says he loves you no matter what. And I'm so sorry. I'm sorry, my baby.

[Spike fusses]

Kendall: I know, I know. Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. I know, I know. Mama's here, Mama’s here. I know someday -- someday the truth is going to break your little heart. And mine's going to break for you all over again. But we could do this, my love. We can. We can do this. We will find a way. We will find a way, and we will make it work. We will make it work, you and me. Yeah. We can do it. We're going to do this.

Zach: Kendall thinks that that filth is Spike's father because Josh had a DNA test and the markers matched. Do you get it?

Jack: Well, of course the markers matched. Both Josh and Spike have your genes.

Zach: Ah. And that's why you going to come right now and explain it to her. Come on.

Erica: Explain what? That the man who tried to steal her son also stole mine? And what does that prove? Only that the test doesn't tell the whole truth and that that maniac Madden was -- was more than capable of what Kendall fears. Greg Madden could still be the father of her baby.

Zach: "Could be" -- did you hear that? "Could be." Kendall is at home sobbing because of what she thinks is a reality. I think she'd take "could be" over that. Let's go.

Erica: Spike could still be Greg Madden's son. And if that's true, telling Kendall and telling Josh the truth -- that only makes the pain much worse for everyone.

Ryan: Custody battles get ugly.

Erin: What is wrong with you, Ryan? You think she's lying?

Ryan: It's possible. It happens.

Erin: And children are victimized by their own parents -- that happens, too, Ryan.

Ryan: Yeah, and we would know that firsthand, wouldn't we, Erin?

Erin: Yes.

Ryan: Which is maybe why a stranger spins some rotten father, son of a bitch story at you, and you buy into it like that.

Erin: And maybe your history with Greg Madden has got you calling this woman, this innocent woman, a child stealer.

Ryan: Yeah, it's true. I know firsthand what it's like for somebody else to decide whether you get to see your child, I do. I had to fight like hell to help raise Spike, and maybe that's what this guy T's doing. I mean, who knows?

Erin: You cannot do this. You can't do this, you can't think like this.

Ryan: Where are you in all this? Because you ditch Aidan, right?

Erin: Yeah.

Ryan: And correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't he the first bit of happiness you've ever had because of a woman and her daughter?

Erin: You're damn straight, Ryan. A child is at risk here, ok? And -- and I -- I did it for Aidan, too. He's got a life, he's got a career, and if -- if he keeps quiet about his girlfriend aiding and abetting a fugitive, he could lose his PI license, Ryan.

Ryan: Mm-hmm.

Erin: He could end up in prison, Ryan.

Ryan: Right. That's nice -- so you're protecting Aidan, but not you? Look, let me just give Annie a whole bunch of money, enough money for her --

Erin: No.

Ryan: To get out of here. You'll never see her again.

Erin: Yeah, but T might! And that's the point, Ryan -- he gets Annie arrested, he gets custody of this little girl.

Ryan: There's got to be another way. There has got to be another way. Let me take over.

Erin: No --

Ryan: Let me look into it.

Erin: What, you're -- you're going to start asking questions about a woman you're not even supposed to know? Subtle, Ryan.

Ryan: I'll handle it.

Erin: You listen to me. A woman and a child's safety are my responsibility, so if I need to move Annie and Emma, and if I need to go with them, then I will do it.

Ryan: Ok, ok. Stop.

[Ryan sighs]

Ryan: Annie can stay for a while.

Erin: And you will back off, and you'll let me do what I need to do?

Ryan: You're in this deep, Erin. I don't have to like it.

[Erin sighs]

Erin: Thank you, Ryan. Thank you. You're doing a really good thing here. You might be saving a little girl.

Jonathan: You stood up for me. You're amazing.

Lily: Well, of course, I did. I'm your wife.

Jonathan: I know, but -- I should still thank you. And I want to take you on a -- on a date or something, maybe to a club like this one.

Lily: I don't know if I would like a club. I mean, there's a lot of people there and a lot of music, and someone might wear red.

Jonathan: Hmm. Once ConFusion opens, we're just going to be staff -- never customers. Wait here, ok?

Lily: Ok.

Amanda: Could your husband love you any more?

Lily: Might be possible, but not probable.

[Music plays]

Singer: You're a beautiful woman I'm just a man I want to please you the best that I can you're my kind of heaven and I want you to see wow, last year I had a baby,

Annie: It's all surreal -- on the run, kindness of strangers. This is my life now, what it takes to keep Emma safe. But T's still out there. I wish I could protect all the girls he'll decide he has to have.

Singer: And let my love in

Singers: Let my love in I promise you

[Music stops]

Jonathan: May I get you a drink, madam? A -- a ginger ale?

Lily: Sure. Thank you.

Amanda: Wow.

Terry: Hi.

Amanda: We have our first customer. Too bad you are way, way too early, and not hours -- days.

Terry: But I heard music and I thought I saw some dancing.

Amanda: Oh. Employees on break, perks of the job.

Terry: Hmm. I guess I'm just desperate for a little nightlife.

Amanda: Well, you have so come to the right place, just not the right night. But when ConFusion opens, this place will be all you could hope for.

Terry: Oh. I'll just have to come back then and see if you're right.

J.R.: How did we get back to Josh Madden?

Babe: Uh -- Greg Madden stole Josh the exact same way he stole Kate.

J.R.: Then Josh should hear the truth.

Babe: Why? So you can rub it in his face? No. No way.

J.R.: Why? Because you care about him?

Babe: Actually, yes, I do!

J.R.: Oh, yeah.

Babe: And because Kendall and Erica have enough horrible stuff that they're dealing with right now without us piling on more. They might not even know about Josh, and we are not going to be the ones who put it out in the universe! In case you haven't noticed, our karma sucks pretty bad as it is.

J.R.: Yeah, so we should just sit here and eat it? Let somebody screw us up, ruin us, ruin our relationship?

Babe: I don't want to think that you killed Greg Madden. I also don't want to think that you would twist the knife in people when they're already bleeding.

J.R.: Fine. Then I'll destroy the disc, pretend that we never even heard it.

Babe: No. J.R., give it to me.

Erica: There's no way for just Kendall to know. She'd probably feel she has to tell Josh, and Josh can't hear all this. It'll hurt him too much.

Jeff: You don't think that Josh is hurting now? Damn it, Erica, enough of this back-and-forth and waiting. You tell him or I will.

Zach: All right. You go ahead and do that, and tell my wife while you're at it. See? All done, not your problem anymore.

Jack: All right. Why don't you both just back off from the ultimatums. What do you say?

Erica: Look, Ryan said that he's going to get Josh an incredible job out of town, and once Josh leaves town, I think this will all go away.

Jeff: Oh. You really think it matters where he moves or what his job title is? Josh thinks that his father -- Greg Madden -- is the worst kind of evil, and that just doesn't go away.

Zach: I gave you my word. But Kendall is in pain right now, and you can help her. You say you love her -- you do, too, right?

Erica: Don't you dare question my love for my daughter. And of course, Jack loves Kendall, too. And Jack knows that I'm right. Oh, no, Jack. Not you, too.

Jack: Erica, things have changed, ok? Kendall needs your help, and this is the only way that you can help her.

Erica: No. I've made my decision, I've made the right decision.

Zach: Tell her before it's too late.

Kendall: He's not your son.

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Erica (to Jeff, Zach, & Jack): Why don't we have Ryan tested?

Kendall (to Ryan): This changes everything.

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