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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 7/12/06


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J.R.: Hey. Break time.

Jamie: What's up? Am I about to regret switching to decaf?

J.R.: That depends on how you like your blackmail.

Jamie: What are we being threatened with?

J.R.: An eyewitness to Greg Maddenís burial.

Josh: Babe.

Colby: Even better, Dr. Josh.

Josh: Colby, what the hell are you thinking?

Adam: Krystal! Where in the hell have you been all night?

Adam: Well?

Krystal: I was out all night trying to figure out if I want to stay married to you.

[Knock on door]

Zach: Hey, Dixie, you ok?

Zach: Well, this isn't depressing, is it?

Dixie: Don't, please. I like it.

Zach: You like sitting in a dark room?

Dixie: It's fine.

Zach: It's miserable.

Dixie: I'm miserable. I've lost Kate for good.

Zach: You took a hit. It'll get better.

Dixie: You know, uh, no offense, but that's a total crock.

Zach: It's what you told me when my son died. You got to work through it and not give up, and it'll get better.

Dixie: Well, you should've called me a self-righteous jerk and walked away.

Zach: Couldn't do that, you were right.

Dixie: No, I wasn't because I never knew it could hurt like this. I can't do it.

Babe: Well, they don't call it top-shelf liquor for nothing. It needs to be in the customer's sight line. How about, you know, let's try it up there for now and I'm going to put the cheap stuff down here. Hey, our first customers, huh? Now, I don't want any trouble, buddy, but something tells me that you're not 21.

Rachael: He swore to me he was old enough to drink.

Babe: Well, welcome to ConFusion.

Rachael: You think?

Babe: No, it's -- it's really the name of the bar. It's ConFusion.

Rachael: Hmm, cute.

Babe: No, cute is this little guy right here. Look at you in your outfit and your funky little hat. You are so --

Kendall: Mine! If you move one inch closer to my son, Babe, you're a dead woman.

Kendall: Get your grubby mitts off of my son now.

Babe: Does this mean our kids won't be playing together in the Fusion nursery?

Kendall: Oh, you can forget we ever mentioned any Fusion nursery. The last thing I need is your kid with his white-trash, psycho-killer genes knocking over a pile of blocks on my son's head. And you can bet your butt I'm never stepping foot in that room again, and neither is Spike.

Simone: Spike! Oh, I knew I heard that "beautiful baby in the house" alarm going off.

Erin: How's my little favorite nephew? I want to kiss him.

Simone: What are you doing here anyways? You should be home eating chocolate and ordering couture baby clothes online.

Erin: Yeah, and making my big brother change dirty diapers.

Kendall: Oh, yeah, I did that. I did all of that. Besides, we're on our way to the hospital for a little checkup. I thought it was the perfect time to swing by and show him off, and introduce you to my new, fabulous, little nanny. Rachael, meet the girls.

All: Hi.

Simone: Ryan hired her, didn't he? Yeah.

Kendall: Ok, I also wanted to check up and make sure that someone didn't sabotage the bar opening.

Babe: If by someone you mean me, no way. I'm totally into it now. And you may have forgotten, but I have actually worked at a bar.

Kendall: Yes. The image of you serving toothless bikers whiskey shooters is forever etched in my brain, believe me.

Babe: Oh, good. Then you agree that I and I alone hold the key to ConFusion's success. Ah, right on cue. Ladies, I'd like you to meet our new hostess.

Kendall: Get her out of here or someone else is going to be toothless, and I don't mean Spike.

Zach: Yep. Life sucks, huh? There's no way around the agony. The only thing you can do is close your eyes and make it go away. Well, that doesn't work. You got to live. Those are your words, not mine. There's no other choices. Get back on the road and follow it, make it bearable.

Dixie: If I could go back in time, though, and I knew then what I know now, I don't think I'd fight so hard to live. And I wouldn't want anybody else fighting for me, either, because what would be fighting for? I mean, this? This --

Zach: You fight for what's next.

Dixie: I have used up so much of my fight just trying to survive the car accident. I don't know if you've ever been close to death, but when it's right there in front of you, when it's so close to you you could just taste it, it takes everything inside you not to give up. That veil between life and death is so thin. You can just slip right through it. You know, all you got to do is let go. One breath, and you're gone.

Krystal: I knew that marrying you had a high price tag, but I'd hoped you'd be the one paying the bill.

Adam: What's that supposed to mean?

Krystal: It means that I'm putting up with way more than I bargained for when it comes to you and your kids.

Adam: I've done nothing but love J.R. and Colby. I'm not going to apologize for that.

Krystal: I don't want you to apologize for loving them. I want you to apologize for spoiling them, for sparing them the punishment that they have coming.

Adam: We've been through this, Krystal.

Krystal: And yet, J.R. is still guilty of trying to kill Babe. He almost killed Kendall and now this other body has surfaced? All fingers are pointing at your son, and you know that scares the life out of me. You know that. But what do you do? You fall all over yourself keeping him out of the slammer and telling me that I just need to get over myself.

Adam: You really think I feel that way?

Krystal: Yes, I know you do. I can see it. And I also know that if the tables were turned, you -- you would be questioning this marriage, too. In fact, you'd probably already be gone.

Adam: No, no, no, no. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. The truth is that I don't know whether J.R. had anything to do with Greg Maddenís death. I pray to God he didn't, but regardless, I swear to you, I will never let J.R. hurt Babe again.

Krystal: Oh, you say that now, Adam.

Adam: No, I swear to you. I love you. You're the best thing that ever happened to me, Krystal. Last night, while I was waiting for you, was pure torture.

Krystal: You are stubborn and ornery and blind as all get-out when it comes to your kids, but I'll be darned if I just don't love the pants off of you anyway.

Adam: Well, there's an idea. What do you say? Ooh, what's that smell? That's -- get yourself a new perfume?

[Doorbell rings]

Krystal: Of all the people I could've gone and fallen head over heels over, I had to go and choose you.

J.R.: 50 grand is the price.

Jamie: And there's nothing even remotely recognizable about the voice?

J.R.: No, they used one of those electronic disguisers.

Jamie: What's your gut instinct?

J.R.: Madden, the next generation.

Jamie: So you think Josh is trying to scare a confession out of you?

J.R.: He's trying to rattle me into doing something stupid so he can even the score for his rotting pop.

Jamie: Well, he can't prove squat. Nobody saw anything.

J.R.: You better hope.

Jamie: So how do you think we should deal with him?

J.R.: We wait for the next call, then we nail him with a surprise of our own. Are you down?

Jamie: Definitely. But what if it's not Josh?

Josh: You're not supposed to be in here, Colby. Can't you read -- "Staff only."

Colby: I'm not really into playing by the rules.

Josh: Well, that's obvious.

Colby: Besides, I knew you needed someone. Nothing's more important than taking away the pain. Isn't that what they teach you in medical school?

Josh: Ok, I don't know what kind of game you're playing here, Colby, but I'm not falling for it.

Colby: I'm just trying to be nice. Your dad is dead and that totally bites, especially if my brother was the one who wasted him.

Josh: Ok, sneaking into my cot while I'm sleeping is not going to bring him back.

Colby: But I can make it up to you in other ways. I can make you forget for a while.

Josh: Oh, what are you thinking, Colby? You're just a kid!

Colby: Doubt you'll be saying that for long. Where do you guys keep the meds and stuff? You should probably hook me up with some birth control.

Josh: Don't -- don't. Just stop! All right?

Colby: Don't, stop, don't, just --

Josh: Who put you up to this? Did your brother put you up to this? Is this a setup?

Colby: Jeez, Mr. Suspicious, chill already. Are you gay?

Josh: Get lost, Colby, I mean it.

Colby: You can't make me. My brother is on the board, and I can go anywhere I want -- hey, put me down! Hey, what are you doing? You can't make me do --

[Pulsing sound]

Jamie: Colby?

Colby: Hey, Jamie. Long time no see.

J.R.: Did this jerk hurt you?

Jamie: A 15-year-old kid?

Colby: Not even. I'm almost 16.

J.R.: You know, your daddy was one sick puppy, but I think you just topped him.

Josh: Shut your mouth.

Colby: J.R., leave him alone.

Jamie: How bad do you need it, huh, Madden? I mean, first you paw all over Julia, then you go after J.R.ís little sister? Who's next? Old nurse Ethel in Geriatrics?

Colby: He didn't paw after me.

Josh: You think I didn't know this was a setup?

Colby: I mean it, you guys, back off.

Josh: Wasn't bad enough you got me suspended, now you want me fired?

J.R.: You seriously think that I would toss my little sister in with a shark like you?

Josh: Yeah, well, anything to take the heat off of you for what you did to my father.

Jamie: Hey, let's stick to the point. Colby is jailbait, and you just got caught red-handed.

J.R.: And you're going down for statutory rape.

Josh: No, you're going down for what you did to my father!

Colby: Would everybody just shut up! Give me a little credit here. It was me. I was the one trying to get with Josh.

Tad: Is J.R. here?

Adam: I haven't seen him yet this morning. J.R.? He's probably asleep.

Tad: Do you mind if I check? It's kind of important.

Adam: No, actually, we were on our way upstairs as we speak here. We'll send him down. Coming?

Krystal: Yeah. I'll be right up.

Adam: Ah. All right.

Tad: I'm sorry. I -- I didn't hear you leave this morning.

Krystal: Yeah. Um -- about that, Tad, about last night --

Tad: It's ok, it's all right. You don't have to say anything.

Kendall: Rachael, could you please bring Spike to the car? We'll be there in just a few.

Rachael: Sure thing. Come on, little dude.

Simone: Oh, bye, Spike.

Erin: Bye, dumpling.

Kendall: Bye, my sweet. The playmate goes.

Babe: Playmate, huh? Hmm. We're going to take that one as a compliment.

Kendall: Wow. You're so deep, you would.

Simone: Yeah, leave it to Babe to try and turn our classy club into a bunny ranch.

Kendall: You know, if you're cold, I can lend you one of Spike's burp cloths so you can cover up with it.

[Simone laughs]

Babe: Oh, don't rip on Amanda about her clothes. I asked her to dress sexy.

Danielle: That's sexy?

Babe: Ok, ladies, gather around. Time for your first of many insider tips on how to run a successful nightclub.

Kendall: Ok, you know what? On second thought, I might need that burp cloth, so I can shove it down her throat.

Simone: Ooh.

Babe: Bars make their money on liquor sales -- not food, not parking, and not cover charges, just liquor. And who is it that buys most of that liquor? Men. You ever heard of ladiesí nights or women drink free happy hours? What do you think the rationale is behind that exactly? Well, you get as many women through that door as possible, and you will have twice as many thirsty male customers. We put a horn dog magnet like Amanda here at the door -- hmm, ka-ching.

Simone: Damn, she's got a point.

Danielle: I guess the outfit's not so bad.

Erin: I mean, this could work.

Kendall: No! No, forget it. What is wrong with you guys? You know what? I think all of that bleach is completely screwing up your memory. Do you remember this? Bianca and Ryanís proxy, remember that? Well, that's what goes, so you are outvoted again, Babe. Amanda goes. Bye-bye.

Babe: Ok, if that's the way it has to be. You heard Kendall. I'm sorry, Amanda, I guess we won't be needing you after all. What is it that we owe you again? Is it 100 grand?

Kendall: You drop the pen or die. That is our money.

Colby: You guys are ruining everything.

Jamie: Colby, you don't have to defend this jackass.

Colby: And you don't need to jump down his throat. So we kissed --

J.R.: You kissed her?

Jamie: What?

Josh: You're not helping, Colby.

Colby: Who cares what they think?

J.R.: You better!

Colby: Oh, I'm so scared.

J.R.: If you don't get your underage lips back to the house, I'm going to give you a reason to be scared!

Colby: I'm sorry it didn't work out, Dr. Josh. But if you ever need a little TLC, you know where you can find me.

J.R.: Get out of here. That's the last time that you come near her.

Josh: That's the last time you two get to set me up.

Jamie: Oh, you want to talk about a set-up?

J.R.: Yeah, what is this scam that you're trying to pull on us?

Zach: Still can't talk you into letting in some light? Ok. I get it. That's it then, huh? You've given up?

Dixie: As if it's my choice? I didn't want Greg to die. I needed him to live. I needed him to give us what we are looking for.

Zach: Yep, and that answer died with Madden, but Kate didnít. She's alive, and she's out there somewhere.

Dixie: You know what I don't need? I don't need you to tell me that I should just still hope. It's an enormous world, Zach. The odds of finding her now with no leads?

Zach: Then what do you need? We did this already. We talked about it. What happened since the last time we spoke?

Dixie: Adam -- Tad, people -- you know, they just made it very clear to me how much I've messed up my life. Even got a visual demonstration.

Zach: What does it mean? Kate is out there. Yeah, she's missing, might be hard to find, but she's out there. I know a little bit about miracles. Look at Kendall and Spike.

Dixie: Yeah, you've been very fortunate.

Zach: And as far as your son, you're looking at someone who would give anything to have his child back in his life, so you're not going to get a lot of sympathy from me. You got Babe to convince the judge to let J.R. go. You convinced me not to kill him. So now you got another shot at it, another shot with J.R. You got a lot of things to be thankful for.

Dixie: I'm grateful that I still have, you know, a second chance with J.R. but Kate?

Zach: Can I ask you something? What do you think was the worst mistake of your life?

Dixie: Signing those papers, giving Kate away.

Zach: So why are you doing it again? Why are you signing off on your daughter for the second time?

Tad: Last night wasn't expected or planned. I know that, we both do, but what you may not know is what it meant and how much it helped.

Krystal: I'm glad for that, Tad.

Tad: No, I mean it. You saw me last night. When I found out that Madden was dead, I was lost. I mean, I was beyond help. But you were right, because this morning when I woke up, I didn't feel that hollow, desperate feeling in the pit of my stomach anymore. But if I did, it was because you were the reason, because you showed me last night that no matter how many people like Madden there are in the world, there are also things worth fighting for, like tenderness and love. And no matter what I owe Kate as a father or a human being, I've got to show her some of that wherever she is.

Krystal: Are you going to start looking for her again?

Tad: No, I'm going to find her. No, I'm going to find her, and I'm going to bring her home, no matter how long it takes. And you're the reason. I mean it, you talked me off the ledge last night. You walked into hell for my sake and dragged me up.

Adam: Exactly how did she do that?

Krystal: I spent the night with Tad.

Babe: Yep, $100,000 of Fusion money paid to the order of Miss Amanda Dillon. Here you go, sweetie.

Kendall: Hey, excuse me. What the hell do you think this is, a joke?

Babe: You shred that, I'm just going to have to write another one.

Kendall: No, look, do you think this is funny money, Babe? No, no. If you want to practice signing your signature, do it in one of your son's coloring books.

Babe: I wish it were that easy, but see, the thing is, unfortunately, Amanda signed a contract to be our hostess with an early termination penalty clause.

Amanda: Which basically translates to "use it or lose it."

Simone: You know, you can't do that.

Babe: Oh. Last I checked, I was part owner of this club, right? I can hire the same way that you and Miss Kendall can fire.

Kendall: She boxed us in on purpose.

Babe: I tried to hire Amanda once before, and I got shot down. I was just making sure that I got my way. Your move.

Simone: You are so asking to be sued.

Babe: Take me to court if you want, but the legal fees will wind up costing more than Amandaís settlement, no matter which way the ruling goes.

Erin: She has a point.

Babe and Kendall: Thank you, Erin.

Babe: Why don't you just admit that you're cornered and see if I'm right about Amanda?

Amanda: You guys are acting as if you're hiring a total bimbo, ok? I've held down responsible jobs. Kendall, I worked for your mother and Dr. Madden. Uh, ok, so maybe Erica wouldn't give me a glowing reference because of what my mom did to her ball, but Dr. Madden would if he were here.

Simone: Oh, that's rich, using a murdered guy as a reference. Not exactly a winning strategy for success.

Kendall: You know what? I think that we need to make the best of this.

Danielle: What?

Simone: What?

Kendall: I know. I'm sorry to say, but Babe is right. We are stuck with Amanda.

Babe: Excellent.

Kendall: But first I would like to conduct a very short interview with you just to make sure that hostess is the right gig. So why don't you just come with me. Why don't you come with me for a minute.

Amanda: Thank you so much for giving me a shot.

Kendall: When you worked with Greg, did he ever talk about his kids?

Josh: You are going to be nailed, J.R., for what you did to my father, sooner rather than later. All the cops have to do is follow your big clown footprints to the scene of the crime. You know, you might want to spend as much time as you can with him because his days in the free world are numbered.

Jamie: You seem pretty sure of yourself, Josh. You sure you don't have something up your sleeve?

J.R.: You tried to get the cops to bust me for your dad's murder, but that didn't go anywhere. You had no evidence. What are you trying to do now, take the law into your own hands? I'm innocent, but you're a fool.

Josh: Is it just me or did I smell a threat in there?

Jamie: Well, if it wasn't clear enough, I would be happy to spell it out for you.

Josh: Dumb and dumber strike again, or should I say strike out? Your pathetic attempt with your kid sister just blew up in your face.

J.R.: Hey, James, you think the cops that I'm going to sic on him are going to feel the same way about that?

Jamie: Seducing a minor? I kind of doubt it.

Josh: She's going to tell them exactly what she told you -- she came on to me!

Jamie: But it doesn't matter what Colby says. She's too young to be legally responsible for her actions, remember?

Josh: Whatever. Kids in Africa carry around machine guns. Besides, take a look around. You honestly think I'd drag a minor into here, try to have my way with her? It's obvious who came on to who.

Orderly: Dr. Madden, there you are. You need help?

Josh: No. These two got lost on the way to Pediatrics. They're in need of a good child psychologist.

Orderly: I was told to hand-deliver this directly to you.

Dixie: I'm signing off on Kate? You want to clarify that?

Zach: Fast-forward about 20 years. You've given up looking for Kate. You've got a nice life. You've got your son, grandson, maybe other grandchildren, I don't know. You still think about Kate every day, but you did all you could. There was nothing else to do. And then one day, there's a knock on your door. It's Kate. She's looking for her mom. And the first thing she asks you is why you stopped looking.

Dixie: That's ridiculous. It's never going to happen.

Zach: No, it happened to me. It happened to me with Ethan, with you, J.R. You really want to lose all those years? What are you going to say to her? What are you going to say when Kate finally shows up? You going to say you gave up on her? Why, so you can sit here feeling sorry for yourself?

Dixie: It's not like that. I've lost all my options.

Zach: What are you going to do? What are you going to think about when you go to sleep at night? What's the last thing you're going to think? That today you didn't find Kate, you'll look again tomorrow? Or that you didn't look for her at all?

Adam: What the hell were you doing with Tad all night? You don't mean you "spent the night" with Tad?

Krystal: Well, will you just hush and let me get a word in edgewise?

Tad: She just came by, because she was worried about me. And she had just cause, because it was one thing when Dixie came back from the dead and I found out that she'd stayed away on purpose. It was another thing when I found out that my daughter was alive. When I found out yesterday that Madden was dead and with him my last chance of finding Kate, well, let's just say all my options were on the table. I found out last night the hard way that I owe you an apology, because there's nothing worse than having a child lost out there in the world and not being able to find her.

Adam: Yeah.

Tad: Whatever I put you through with Colby, I am truly sorry.

Adam: And I'm sorry that you've lost your daughter, Tad, and I'm sorry that you may have lost your last lead. And I'm quite sure, not surprised at all, that having my wife with you helped you get through a tough night. Well, ok. She's quite a talker, isn't she?

[Adam chuckles]

Adam: An all-night therapy session, imagine that -- all night long. Hmm. Think maybe we found a new career for you, darling.

Tad: All she did was slap me upside the head and try to convince me to stop feeling sorry for myself. She convinced me that it's worth fighting for the people we love. That's exactly what I intend to do.

Adam: My wife can be very persuasive when she wants something.

Tad: Yeah, well, I'm tired of playing games. Madden and Dixie aren't the issue anymore. All I'm going to focus on is finding my daughter. I don't care how long it takes. I thought that J.R. might want to help.

Adam: Well, I'm sure he will. I'll -- but unfortunately, he's not here right now. Um, Winifred said he took off early.

Tad: Oh. Make sure you tell him I came by?

Adam: Yeah.

Tad: Thank you.

Adam: Well, I had no idea. I can only imagine what you did to turn that man around. But you have the magic touch, my darling.

J.R.: Why not hand Josh over to the cops?

Jamie: Hey, I hate him as much as you do, probably even more. I have to deal with this jerk at the hospital. But he did have a point about Colby. It was pretty clear that she was the one coming on to him. And that kid makes Amanda look subtle.

J.R.: Yeah, I don't care. I'd still like to meet that freak in a dark alley somewhere and let him have it.

[Phone rings]

J.R.: J.R. Chandler.

Disguised voice: Do you have the money?

J.R.: Yeah, I've got it.

Disguised voice: 50 grand?

J.R.: Just like you asked.

Disguised voice: Today is payday.

J.R.: How do you want me to get the cash to you?

Disguised voice: There's a dumpster behind SOS. Go down the alley, toss it inside, and walk on without looking back.

J.R.: When?

Disguised voice: Now.

J.R.: All right.

Jamie: What'd he say?

J.R.: Drop it off in a dark alley. Looks like I just got my wish.

Amanda: As far as I've ever known, the only child Dr. Madden has is Josh.

Kendall: Ok, are you being 100% straight with me, Amanda, because I can and will destroy your future here if I have to.

Amanda: Yes, I'm being straight. Why would I lie?

Kendall: Ok, well, did Madden ever joke about having any other kids? I mean, even in passing?

Amanda: Not to me, he never did.

Kendall: Ok. What about the whole surrogacy thing? Did he explain that to you and tell you how it works?

Amanda: I was going to be a surrogate for him for a while.

Kendall: Really? Ok. All right. Then I want you -- try to remember very carefully. This is really, really important. Did he ever mention to you who the biological father of your child would be?

Amanda: He just said that the child would go to a really great family. Oh, wait. He did mention once something about the donor being brilliant. Why are you asking?

Kendall: I -- I have to go. I -- I have to go. Spike is at the car and the nanny and we got to get out of here, so, thank you.

Babe: Hey. So how'd it go? You think you passed?

Amanda: I guess. The pop quiz was over a pretty weird topic. She just kept asking me about Dr. Madden.

Babe: I guess everyone who knew him is pretty freaked out about what happened.

Amanda: It's definitely creepy. I mean, who would do such a twisted thing? How about you? You have any theories on who the bad guy is, Babe?

J.R.: You see anyone yet?

Jamie: Not yet.

J.R.: Well, let's do this. Here goes nothing.

Dixie: What are you saying? Are you saying that I didn't try? Is that what you're saying? I've done nothing the last few years but look for my daughter. I have ruined my whole family because of it. After everything that I have told you about the last four years, how can you say that I didn't try?

Zach: Keep trying. There's still some fire left in you. I know what you're capable of. Look at you right now, angry with me. You're not finished.

Dixie: You're just determined to make me do it, aren't you? Jump every time the phone rings, hound people? To see her face on every little girl that I pass on the street --

Zach: I'm not making you do anything. You do what you want.

Dixie: You and I both know what I have to do, but I don't want to do it anymore. I don't want to look for her anymore! I just want her back. I just want Kate back.

Zach: That's good to know.

Dixie: Zach, wait.

Adam: Now, what else can I get you?

Krystal: Oh, nothing. Thanks, I'm stuffed.

Adam: You are a wonder worker, that's what you are. I am so proud of you.

Krystal: You know what I could really use is a hot shower. I am dying to get out of these clothes.

Adam: If you think I don't know how lucky I am to have you, you're wrong.

Krystal: Adam, I am no saint.

Adam: Oh. Don't go all modest on me now. Obviously, Tad agrees with me. Yeah, you could see it written all over his face. He knows how lucky he was to have you last night.

Dixie: Wait. Thank you so much for helping me. Please don't go. I need you.

[Tad arrives and sees Dixie and Zach kissing passionately.]

Jamie: You thought you could mess with us?

J.R.: No way.

Amanda: I don't know why everyone hated Dr. Madden so much, but he definitely had a long list of enemies. Even Jamie and J.R. couldn't stand the sight of him.

Babe: I don't want to talk about who killed Greg Madden.

Derek: Too bad, because I do.

Babe: That's J.R.ís pen.

Derek: Yeah, it is. You have any idea why it was found in Greg Maddenís grave?

Babe: You didn't find J.R.ís pen in Greg Maddenís grave.

Derek: Did I say I found it personally?

Babe: You're trying to force me to help you build a case against my husband.

Derek: Now, how could I do that unless you were withholding information about the crime?

Babe: This is a pretty lame bluff, Chief Frye.

Derek: So you have no idea why this pen was found right in the dirt near where Greg Madden was buried alive?

Babe: Maybe somebody's trying to set up J.R. He had nothing to do with Greg Maddenís death.

Derek: Willing to bet your life on that, are you?

J.R.: My sister the crime wave? You know, grand theft auto I can understand. It's like impulse buying. You don't have a car, you need wheels, so you take it. But extortion?

Colby: Somebody's extorting money from you guys? That's why you planted that mystery package in the Dumpster? Blackmail? Oh, my God. J.R., you did kill Josh's dad!

Kendall: You're such a good boy. Oh, good. There you are, Josh. Listen, I really, really need your help.

Josh: Are you ready nail J.R. right now?

Kendall: No. I need you to help me find out if your dad is the father of my son.

>> On the next "All My Children."

Tad (to Dixie): Was that a quickie or didn't Zach come prepared?

Colby (to J.R. and Jamie): I need 50,000, like, yesterday, so tell me what I got to do to get the cash.

Erica (to Ryan): Don't you think there just might be a thug who would want to take Zach out?

Josh (to Kendall): Let's test Gregís DNA against Spike's.

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