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Disguised voice: I know what you did. I know what you did. I know what you did. I saw you. I saw you. Now it's your turn.

J.R.: No!

Disguised voice: It's your turn.

J.R.: No!

Disguised voice: Your turn. Now I've done it to you.

J.R.: Please help me!

Disguised voice: Now I've done it to you.

J.R.: Help me!

Disguised voice: Now I've done it to you.

J.R.: Let me out of here, somebody help! No!

[J.R. dreams that heís buried alive.]

Babe: Shh. J.R., what is it? What's wrong?

Adam: Winifred? I've been looking everywhere for J.R. Is he home? Has he -- has he called, phoned in?

Winifred: Well, he's in his bedroom.

Adam: Thank God.

[Doorbell rings]

Winifred: Oh. Ahem.

Dixie: Hi, Winifred. Is J.R. home?

Adam: Dixie? Go away. You're the last person that J.R. needs to see.

Dixie: Is J.R. home?

Winifred: I think he's sleeping, ma'am.

Adam: That'll be all, Winifred. You can go. And so can you.

Dixie: I need to see J.R.

Adam: Why?

Dixie: It's important.

Adam: Why, because he's the only child you have left? You already took Tadís child away from him. And I will be damned if you're going to take mine from me.

Tad: Go away, Krystal.

Krystal: Someone was a sore loser. You could try to run to Timbuktu, but you are not going to get away from me.

Zach: I see, so you're a night owl just like your mom. She's in the kitchen raiding the fridge. Or not.

Ryan: You sure Spike's all right?

Kendall: I hope so. I don't know. If he's not, I don't know what I'm going to do.

Ryan: Well, let me see him --

Kendall: Wait, no. Spike is fine. He's fine. He's fine. Ryan, he's fine. He's sleeping well, and he's eating a lot.

Ryan: Well, then, what's the problem?

Kendall: Who Spike is.

Zach: Your mom's a little worked up. But your dad's good at talking her down. She's going to be in here having ice cream in no time.

Kendall: Spike is -- I know you love him. But there's -- there's a chance, just a possibility -- I -- I just -- I've heard all of these weird, crazy, freaky things about Dr. Madden.

Ryan: Well, forget about them. I mean, he's dead. It's in the past.

Kendall: Yeah, well, not for us -- for you, me, and Spike. Oh, God. I don't know how to say this to you.

Ryan: Kendall. Spike is not Maddenís son.

Kendall: You know? How did you know? When -- when did you know? Why didn't you tell me this?

Ryan: Kendall? We just have so many -- you know, so much good stuff going on, so everything's -- Spike is healthy, and he's happy. I'm not going to mess it all up with "what ifs." It's not relevant.

Kendall: Ok. Well, supposedly, Dr. Madden inseminated hundreds of women around the world. All of those women at his spa -- they were guests of donor number one, Dr. Greg Madden.

Ryan: Well, that's not our problem, because Spike is our son, yours and mine, and he has been since the day he was conceived, ok? So let's just love our son and live our life.

Kendall: I canít. I can't let it go.

J.R.: It was a coffin. I was inside, trapped.

Babe: Some nightmare.

J.R.: It was so real. I couldn't get out. I was -- I was calling for help.

Babe: You're here, you're fine. It's kind of weird, having a dream like that, trapped in a box, buried alive.

J.R.: Yeah.

Babe: I'm going to go get some water. What?

J.R.: You think I had that dream, because I'm guilty.

Babe: No, I don't. I don't want you to be.

J.R.: I'm not.

Babe: It just -- it hit close, J.R. I guess I'm just a little bit jumpy.

J.R.: A lot of that going around. Here. No doubts, no fears.

Babe: No nightmares.

J.R.: Just sweet dreams. So how about we get some sleep?

Babe: All right.

J.R.: I love you.

Babe: I love you, too.

J.R.: Oh.

[Lying in bed next to Babe, J.R. keeps recalling his nightmare.]

Disguised voice: I know what you did. I know what you did. It's your turn.

J.R.: No!

Disguised voice: Your turn. Now I've done it to you.

J.R.: Somebody help me!

Disguised voice: Now I've done it to you.

J.R.: Help me!

Disguised voice: Now I've done it to you.

J.R.: Let me out of here, somebody!

J.R.ís voice: Help!

[Banging on coffin]

Dixie: I didn't come here to be insulted. I came here to see J.R., so I'm just going to call his room.

Adam: Look, I apologize. I'm -- I'm sorry. It's all of this business about Greg Maddenís death and the circumstances, and we're all -- we're all pretty shaken up around here. And you -- I can't imagine. You chased Madden how many miles in how many years to find Kate, and then that maniac turned up dead? And the trail is stone cold. I'm sorry.

Dixie: What are you doing?

Adam: I'm trying to tell you that this is not a time for grudges, for pain out of the past and what you've been through, and now this? I -- I will do anything. If -- anything I can do, let me know.

[Dixie chuckles]

Dixie: You're so trying to play me.

Adam: I most certainly am not.

Dixie: Yes, you are. Why don't you just tell me what you want, and we'll just be done with it?

Adam: I want to tell you that I don't blame you.

Dixie: You don't blame me? Are you kidding me? You've blamed me ever since I came back.

Adam: No, if Madden had taken my child from me -- even though we would rather draw blood than share a meal together, we have one thing in common, and we would both do anything to protect our children. I would've done exactly what you did -- exactly. No measure would've been too extreme, not even this.

Dixie: What are you talking about, Adam?

Adam: You buried Greg Madden, didn't you? And left him to die.

Tad: Did you hear about Madden? Well, the show's over. It's time for you to go home.

Krystal: Oh. You know, you keep telling me that, and I'm going to start to take it personally. Tad, when I heard the news, my heart just fell to the floor. I mean, the one man who knew where your daughter is, dead and -- and buried?

Tad: Actually, I think it was the other way around.

Krystal: I am so sorry.

Tad: Save your condolences and your "I'm sorrys" for somebody who deserves it, because I donít. Anything that Madden was guilty of is only possible because of me. He's not the monster here -- I am.

[When someone stealthily walks into his bedroom, J.R. rushes up to stop the thief.]

J.R.: Drop it!

Zach: So let me tell you a story about a guy named Rumpelstiltskin. He used to play up in Edmonton -- maybe Buffalo, I don't remember.

Ryan: You know, just because Madden was a freak, it doesn't mean that he inseminated you with his sperm.

Kendall: Yes, ok, that's -- that's what Zach said to me. He brought up the whole rush of the night of the blackout. He said that if it -- if it was Gregís donation, then there wouldn't have been a rush, then he would've done it later.

Ryan: Well, then, listen to Zach, and me. I'm telling you, Spike is 100% Lavery/Hart.

Kendall: Ok, but I can't stop thinking about what if -- what if the rush wasn't because of the whole X/Y thing? What if it was because of me and my egg?

Ryan: You're losing me.

Kendall: Maybe Greg rushed to do it that night, because he wanted to use my egg, not Greenleeís. I mean, the man has been obsessed with my mother for years. He couldn't have her. He couldn't have her child, so -- so why not inseminate me, her daughter? I mean, it's not the dream, but it is the next best thing.

Babe: What the heck --

J.R.: What the hell are you doing?

Colby: What's going on? Why are you in my bedroom?

J.R.: This is my room and that's my money.

Colby: Oh, no. It's happening again.

J.R.: What -- lying, stealing?

Colby: I sleepwalk.

J.R.: Well, so sleepwalking turns you into a klepto?

Colby: No. It's happened ever since mom snatched me -- some sort of posttraumatic abducted child-of-divorce thing. I even saw a shrink. I'm so sorry, J.R.

Babe: And you always get your bling on when you sleepwalk?

Colby: Oh, no. This is a totally new symptom. I'm getting worse.

J.R.: Give it up, Colby.

Colby: J.R., I swear to God, I don't know how I got here.

J.R.: I used to do the same thing when I was your age.

Colby: Sleepwalked?

J.R.: No, I used to sneak out to parties and grab some of Dadís cash on the way out.

Colby: So you're down with this. Lend me 50.

J.R.: Oh, no. You are not leaving this house.

Colby: You're my brother, not my boss. Talk to him, make him understand.

Babe: I'm sorry. You're on your own on this one.

J.R.: You're underage, Colby, and you're out on bail.

Colby: I didn't steal those cars -- I borrowed them?

J.R.: Well, whatever. The only place that you're going is to bed.

Colby: When did you turn into an old fogey?

J.R.: I know what guys like me did with girls like you and that's not happening to my baby sister.

Colby: I'm not a baby. I'm almost 16. I've been a total prisoner. I just want to have some fun.

J.R.: Go to bed.

Colby: You're a jerk.

J.R.: Go to bed!

Babe: Ok, how about you go check on Little A, huh?

J.R.: Don't let her work you.

Colby: He so totally doesn't get it. But you do, don't you?

Babe: Hmm, I get it, all right.

Colby: Then you'll lend me the money? I just want to see some old friends. I can't walk -- I need cab fare.

Babe: Not even a dime.

Colby: I thought we were cool.

Babe: We will be, as soon as you get a few things straight.

Colby: Are you kidding me? A lecture on rules -- from you? You were my idol, Babe. You don't breathe the rules. You break them.

Dixie: So you really think that I planted Madden under a bunch of geraniums in a public park?

Adam: Yeah, well, it didn't turn out exactly as planned. He did end up dead, so you got no closer to information about Kate and you also compromised yourself. Even worse, you compromised our son.

Dixie: I did not compromise our son. I love our son.

Adam: You love him? Ha-ha! You love him -- well, isn't that sweet? That is just wonderful -- you love our son. The things we have done to each other and our son all in the name of love for him. We have made mistakes, of course -- yeah, some epic mistakes and -- and J.R. has suffered from all of them. What about all those years that he thought you were dead?

Dixie: You know, we have had this conversation one too many times.

Adam: The pain ate him alive, but then he finally got himself back together, and then you blew it all to hell when you showed up, and he started drinking again, and he tried to murder his wife. He put a pregnant woman in a coma, and now the man who stole his little sister has turned up dead. Now, who do you think is short-listed as a prime suspect? Hmm? Dixie, you have to do something. You got to get to J.R. before the police do, because they would like nothing more than to put him away for life.

Dixie: You don't think I murdered Madden. You think J.R. did it.

Adam: That's why you have to confess.

Colby: You're totally edge. You used to be. When J.R. brought you home, everybody flipped. You remember when you took me shopping? Hmm -- gave me that makeover? My mom freaked.

Babe: Hmm.

Colby: That hot pink mini? Hmm. I was totally Britneyed out. Hmm -- haven't wore pleats or plaid since. I owe you.

Babe: Then how about you listen to me now?

Colby: I wasn't the only one you made over. Jamie and you -- how wack was that? Your husband's brother?

Babe: I made a lot of mistakes. And I learned from them. You could, too.

Colby: We're back to you ragging on me? Come on, Babe. You still break the rules. "Thou shall not lie"? Word is you totally lied to cover J.R.ís behind. He'd be in prison right now if it weren't for you. My brother tried to kill you, and you're all about saving him? Major rule breaking.

Babe: No, J.R. saved himself more than I did. He quit drinking, and he cleaned up his act.

Colby: Sort of. But if J.R. did deep-six that creepy doctor, at least it's better than trying to get after you again. J.R. is so extreme. Doesn't he give you chills, in a good way?

Babe: Yeah -- chills.

Colby: I hope I get lucky like you, find myself a rich, hot hunk with total killer instincts.

Dixie: J.R. didn't bury Greg Madden. It's not possible.

Adam: Oh. That was my reaction, too, until I thought about it. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized it's very possible.

Dixie: Greg Madden was buried alive. He was tortured. He died a horrible death.

Adam: Hmm.

Dixie: I don't think that J.R. is capable of inflicting that kind of pain.

Adam: Oh, you think not? Hmm? J.R. is desperate for your love. Look at his history. If he is desperate enough, then he is capable of anything.

Dixie: I think J.R.ís violence is behind him.

Adam: Oh, come on, woman! Open your eyes. He will risk everything to keep your love for him, to keep your interest there, to keep you focused on him.

Dixie: J.R. knows he has my love.

Adam: Oh, possibly -- in the rare occasion when he can elbow his way through your entourage. Yes, I understand Hayward is back in the mix. He wants to -- to pick up where he left off. And there's that character Slater. Now, he hid you when you first came to town, kept your secrets. I'm sure he's at your beck and call. And of course there's Tad Martin, who is always in the picture -- or not.

Dixie: Why don't you just leave Tad out of it?

Adam: So it's so? The "Together Forever" song is no longer playing on the airwaves? Well -- well, you've -- that's amazing. You've finally done it. You've actually performed the impossible -- you have made me feel sorry for Tad Martin.

Tad: I could yell and scream, jump up and down about Madden, everything he did to me, but in the end, it's my fault, all of it.

Krystal: Come on. Aren't you taking the mea culpa thing way too far?

Tad: No. No, I dot think so. You know, I could blame Dixie, I could blame Madden, I could point the finger at anybody but me, but make no mistake -- I was -- I wasn't some innocent sitting at home mourning when she gave up Kate for adoption. There's only one thing that made it possible for him to steal my child, there's only one reason Dixie went to Europe on her own to have our baby, and that's because of me -- me and what I put her through. I mean, come on. I let a man like David Hayward break up my marriage. Hayward. I mean, sure, he manipulated her into bed. She let him, but I was the guy that refused to forgive her. Me. You know, with my reputation, isn't it ironic? I just -- let her go.

Krystal: I know that couldn't have been easy.

Tad: It's never easy. It's not supposed to be easy -- that's the point. I should've been willing -- I should've been willing to fight for her, for us, and it's not like I didn't have the chance, either. Did you know we had one last night together? One beautiful night could've been the beginning of everything all over again. But -- I couldn't do it. I wouldnít. I wouldn't take her back because of my own stupid pride. That's what's so sad, that's what's, like, tragic because that was the night that Kate was conceived, and Dixie didn't tell me about it. She couldn't -- why would she? I mean, the first time she got pregnant, she did everything she could to get me to share in her joy, and I was dead-set against it, because all I could see was the risk to myself. I was just afraid that I would lose her. Oh. Who is any man to tell a woman that she can't have a child?

Krystal: You did it out of love.

Tad: No. Ultimately, I didn't, because the act of love would've been to live in faith, not fear. The act of love would've been to hold her hand, make sure she got everything she needed throughout the pregnancy, and make sure I'd made all the appropriate father-to-be noises. But the -- the truth is when she miscarried, I was nothing but relieved, and she knew it.

Krystal: There is no sin in wanting your wife alive, Tad.

Tad: Krystal, my daughter is gone -- forever because of my sins. It's no wonder that Dixie made the choice she did. When she was lying in that hospital torn to shreds, she thought she was dying, so she made the only choice that she could, and I would've done the same damn thing. She signed away my daughter. Why not? Better to give Kate to loving strangers than to a bitter ex-husband that would've spent the rest of his life blaming her for her mother's death.

Krystal: Where's your -- where's your shovel?

Tad: What?

Krystal: Well, I mean, now that you -- you've laid it out, it's real clear. You are -- you are to blame for every single thing. So do you want me to dig you a new grave or do you want to be buried in Greg Maddenís?

Adam: You do love him. So why don't you show him, why don't you prove it?

Dixie: I would do anything for J.R., and he knows that.

Adam: Anything? Well, that should involve a little more than -- than paying lip service, I would think. What about making up for all those years when you weren't around doing the things that a mother is supposed to be doing during all those years? This is your chance, Dixie. You can erase it all with one little act. Just go to the police, tell them you did it. Tell them you buried Greg Madden.

J.R.: No, Mom. Don't even think about it.

Ryan: Let it go. Madden's dead and, you know, we've got a son to raise.

Kendall: Oh -- how are you so calm with all of this? What if we take the test and -- and it proves that Spike is Gregís son? I mean, wouldn't that matter to you?

Ryan: I am 100% Spike's father. And there is nothing that can change that. Nothing. No theories, no rumors, no tests, no facts. Spike is my child.

Kendall: Ok, but what if you're not blood-related, Ryan?

Ryan: Kendall? I love Spike, and I love you and that's why I want to raise him with you. That's why we're a family. That's why I want to put him through college with you. That's why I want to be at his wedding with you. And I'll be there when his first child is born with you. I want to do all of that with you and with Spike. That's what I want, and there's nothing that can change that, nothing.

Zach: All right, kid's down for the count, at least for now.

Kendall: Um -- Ryan and I -- we were just -- he was telling me --

Zach: Mm-hmm, then listen to him. Spike's your kid and Ryanís kid. Nothing else matters.

Kendall: Were you two in on this together? Is that what this is? My husband and the father of my child actually together on something? When were you going to tell me? Were you going to tell me this? You're amazing. Both of you. I am -- how lucky am I? How -- how lucky is Spike? I mean, we have two gorgeous, rugged, amazing guys all about the love. And it's like Godzilla and King Kong working together, and you are beyond noble. And I -- you guys are the greatest.

Ryan: Well, we just want what's best for everyone, especially Spike, that's all. Right? So we're done? We're good with all this?

Kendall: Yeah. I mean, I want to be. I really do. I -- I wish it never came up. But it did, and it's still sitting there staring at me in the face.

Zach: Well, you have us and Spike. Madden is irrelevant.

Kendall: See, that's -- that's just it -- Spike. I -- this -- this fear that Greg could -- could be the father -- I mean, the fact that it's still a possibility -- I feel violated. I feel used. I mean, I know I wasn't raped like my mother, but for a long time, every time my mother looked at me, she remembered her rape. I could see it in her eyes. And every single time she looked at me, it messed me up, and I hated her for it. Now, what if -- what if that happens with me? What if I look at Spike, and all I think about and all I see is what Greg could have done -- what could still be a possibility. I don't want that. I don't want to do that to my son. I don't want my son to grow up hating me.

Krystal: Just going to give up and die, huh?

Tad: You picked the wrong night to play with me, because you clearly have no idea what I'm going through.

Krystal: You made mistakes, Tad. Who hasn't? I'm the queen of doing the wrong thing for the right reasons. I did time to prove it. You and me a the kind of people who love within an inch of their life. And if someone or something tries to take that love away from us, then we will wrestle Satan to stop that from happening. You're not an animal. You just love with your whole heart and a half, so don't you dare blame yourself for all this hell that's been let loose.

Tad: Krystal, Kate is out there somewhere, and I can't find her. And it's not because of Dixie or Madden, it's because of me and my stupid pride.

Krystal: Maybe it's because of some wack doctor who played fast and loose and wouldn't tell you where your daughter is!

Tad: Well, that wack doctor was my last and only hope!

Krystal: You are the hope, Tad. You are. Right now, you are down on your knees, but tomorrow, you are going to wake up, and you are going to find your daughter. You are going to look for her, and you are going to do the same thing the next day and the day after that until you find her, and I know you will. I know you will, Tad, because I know who you are. You know, before I came to Pine Valley, I had pretty much given up hope on the male half of the species. And then I met you. You were the first -- the first real man I ever came across.

Tad: I don't want to listen to this.

Krystal: You showed me strength, and you showed me courage, and you showed me real love. I could look in your eyes and know that there was one man on this planet that was worth having. You were the first -- the first man I ever really loved. And I still do.

Babe: Your brother is not a killer. Don't even joke around about it.

Colby: Relax. It was a compliment.

Babe: No, it wasn't, it was a slam on J.R. and on me.

Colby: I love my brother. You, suddenly I'm not so sure about.

Babe: Well, you're going to like me even less after you he what I have to say. But then again, you are the kid around here. You don't get to slam on people. You don't get to break into bedrooms, steal money, and dis on J.R. and me.

Colby: Where the hell do you get off? I'm telling my dad.

Babe: Yeah, you know what? You go ahead and do that. You work Adam all you want, but not me or J.R. So keep your mouth off our marriage and keep your hands to yourself. And show a little respect, ok? And how about you take off the slut clothes and the skank makeup and get your little rugrat tail into bed? What are you waiting for?

Colby: Must be that time of the month.

J.R.: Are you out of your mind?

Adam: She owes you.

J.R.: She's not taking the rap for me.

Dixie: It's ok, sweetheart, really.

Adam: I was just trying to help.

J.R.: Oh, way to go on the support, Dad. A man dies and suddenly I'm the killer? I didn't put Madden in that box. You believe me, don't you?

Dixie: Of course I do, sweetheart.

J.R.: But you don't.

Adam: I'd love to take your word for that.

J.R.: But I've broken so many laws this year already, it makes sense to go straight to guilty.

Adam: No, forget about me. My sources say the police are already building a case against you.

J.R.: That would make sense why Chief Frye already grilled me.

Dixie: Derek questioned you?

Adam: What did you tell him? What did he say? Was there a lawyer there? Any witnesses?

J.R.: Just Babe.

Adam: Just Babe? All right, this is -- this is getting totally out of hand. Dixie, you have to go to the police tonight.

J.R.: No, no way is she copping to a crime when she's innocent.

Adam: It's the only way.

J.R.: To get her out of my life -- you'd like that, wouldn't you?

Adam: I'm only thinking of you, son.

J.R.: Enough. I want you out of this. I'll handle it.

Adam: You're making a mistake.

J.R.: Mine to make. Now, I'd like to talk to my mother, alone.

Dixie: You're innocent. I'll prove it.

Adam: Oh, my God, Dixie. You really did bury that man, didn't you?

Zach: Spike will never hate you.

Kendall: You don't know that.

Ryan: He loves you. And you know what? He loves me. We're his parents. So Madden doesn't even figure in the equation, ok? Just -- so just flush him out of your head.

Kendall: Ok, all right, you know what the inside of my head is like, and so do you. You both know how completely wacked I am. And I have a hard time letting go of anything.

Zach: All right. Well, then maybe you should focus on your family, your son, your future.

Kendall: I just -- I don't want to blow it.

Ryan: Look, Spike is going to grow up fine. He is. And not only does he have an awesome mother, I mean, he's got an unbelievably awesome father. I don't want to brag or anything, but, you know -- his stepdad's not so bad, either. His stepdad's going to have his back. I know that.

Kendall: You're right. Both of you. We can do this. We -- we can be a family, and -- and the whole thing with -- with Dr. Madden -- the whole creep-out donor number one -- that is gone. That is out of my head. So you are Spike's dad.

[Spike fusses]

Kendall: Oh.

Zach: Sounds important.

Kendall: Yeah.

Ryan: Hey, you want me to go? I'll go.

Kendall: No, no. It's feeding time. It's my turn to do this. Um -- thank you. Thank you for just helping me get my head straight -- as straight as it can be. We really are a family. We can do this.

Dixie: You are so one-track.

Adam: I don't hear you denying your guilt.

J.R.: Say good night, Dad.

Adam: Maybe you'll think more clearly after you've had some sleep.

J.R.: So do you know who planted Madden? Is that how you're going to prove that I'm innocent?

Dixie: Just trust me, ok? I'm not going to let you down. Not this time, not anymore.

J.R.: I'm not going to let you confess to something that's a lie. You're not going back to prison. I'm not going to lose you again.

Dixie: You won't, baby, I promise.

J.R.: So what are you going to do?

Dixie: I'm going to go to Tad.

J.R.: Well, what does he know? Does he have a lead?

Dixie: Tad loves you. He's on your side. If the police come after you, they're going to have to come through me and Tad first, ok? Just promise me that you're not going to talk to Derek or anybody without a lawyer.

J.R.: Yeah, whatever you say.

Dixie: Ok.

J.R.: Mom? I love you.

Dixie: I love you, too.

Krystal: You are a man who only knows how to love one way and that is completely, and if anybody or anything tries to get in your way, then they had better be ready for a fight.

Tad: If you want to stand there and convince yourself that I'm good people, you go right ahead. I can't stop you. But you're a fool for doing that.

Krystal: Don't you ever -- don't you ever tell me I am a fool for loving you.

[After Tad kisses Krystal, she reciprocates with a more passionate one.]

Ryan: Yeah.

Kendall: Sleepyhead.

Ryan: Hey, I saved these for a big day. You want to join me?

Zach: Yeah.

Ryan: All right.

Kendall: Yeah, you two take that stinky smoke outside.

Ryan: So do you think that she meant what she said? That she's going to drop this whole thing? Drop the whole "Madden is Spike's dad" thing?

Zach: Well, with my wife, you never can tell.

J.R.: Did I wake you?

Babe: Hmm. Not hardly. What took you so long?

J.R.: My mom stopped by.

Babe: So late? Is something wrong?

J.R.: Well, she's a little upset about Madden. She wanted to see how I was doing.

Babe: How are you doing?

J.R.: You know, as screwed up as things are, my mom and I -- we just might get back there. Not exactly the way we used to be, but close.

Babe: I'm so glad. Hmm.

J.R.: So, how did things go with Colby?

Babe: Oh, she is pure Chandler -- so much trouble. But I set her straight. No way Colbyís causing any more trouble tonight.

Colby: Slam on me all you want, Babe. As long as you leave your goodies laying around.

[Wearing her party clothes under her robe, Colby steals Babeís driverís license then takes off.]

Colby: I could totally pass for her. Margarita-ville, here I come.

J.R.ís voice: No!

Disguised voice: It's your turn.

J.R.ís voice: No!

Disguised voice: Your turn. Now I've done it to you.

J.R.ís voice: Somebody help me!

Disguised voice: Now I've done it to you.

J.R.ís voice: Help me!

[Unable to sleep because of the haunting nightmare, J.R. gets out of bed, while Babe is haunted herself with doubts about her husband.]

Colby's voice: I hope I get lucky like you, find myself a rich, hot hunk with total killer instincts.

Tad: If you don't leave now --

Krystal: I don't want to leave. I don't want to leave.

[While Krystal and Tad gets horizontal, Dixie walks in and stands there with her mouth open.]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Babe: I'd like you to meet our new hostess.

Kendall: The playmate goes.

Jamie (to Josh): Colby is jailbait, and you just got caught red-handed.

Krystal (to Adam): I spent the night with Tad.

Dixie (to Zach): Please don't go. I need you.

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