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Kendall: The night before I woke up from my coma, you didn't come back to the hospital. You already told me you were with Dixie. And that was the same night Greg Madden disappeared, wasn't it?

Zach: Yeah.

Kendall: So you and Dixie, you -- you guys were going to go after him. Did you find him?

Zach: I don't want you getting upset over this.

Kendall: Come on, Zach. If you buried Greg Madden, our entire future is on the line. I will not just be upset, I will be decimated.

Krystal: J.R. committed murder?

Colby: He must've felt good about getting it right for a change.

Adam: I told you, we don't joke about that in this house.

Colby: Dr. Josh was not smiling when he ripped J.R. for killing his dad.

Adam: Greg Madden?

Colby: Yeah. Josh's dad was the corpse waving to me in the park. Freaky, huh? Weirder still, my brother killed the guy.

Adam: Stop saying that.

Colby: Dr. Josh says there's no doubt. J.R. boxed up his old man -- while he was still breathing -- and shoveled him under.

Josh: What are you doing? Get some officers over there and arrest J.R.

Derek: You know it's not that easy.

Josh: He murdered my father!

Derek: And you believe this why?

Josh: He hated my father and was out to get him.

Derek: That's not against the law, Josh.

Josh: When J.R. goes after someone, he makes it permanent. He wanted my father dead.

Babe: You're mad at me for asking. But I know how much you hate Josh's dad for taking Kate.

J.R.: I'm not mad at you, Babe, I love you. I'm mad because you have a right to ask. I've given you so many reasons to believe that I could kill a man.

Babe: It scares me to even think that you might do something like that.

J.R.: Look, I've made a bad habit of going off the deep end -- with Jamie, Bianca, your mother -- and, God, I went after you and almost killed Kendall and her baby. Why would you have any confidence in me?

Babe: Greg Madden, he -- he took your sister and he gave her away, and your mom spent years searching for her, and he still wouldn't tell where Kate was.

J.R.: Scum-sucking freak got what he deserved.

Babe: Were you the one who gave it to him?

Erica: Did I kill Greg Madden?

Jack: You tried before -- on camera, no less.

Erica: Yes, I tried to poison Greg, and, sadly, I failed. So finally I decided to bury him, anyway -- alive. You should never ask or accuse if you can't take the truth.

Jack: You can't be serious.

Erica: Oh, you don't think that I'm capable of arranging the -- the disappearance of Greg Madden? I'm so hurt.

Jack: Erica, this is not a joke.

Erica: Do you hear me laughing? No, granted, I couldn't do it all by myself. But, fortunately, I'm surrounded by devoted employees, many of whom know people in very interesting lines of work. So I made some connections -- very discretely, of course -- and I came up with some very strong gentlemen who helped with the heavy lifting. And it was very easy to lure Greg Madden into the park. We just sat there, and we talked. We talked about his devotion to me, about his sick obsession, and then I said to him, "I have something to give to you, something that will show you exactly how I feel about you." So then I pulled out a hypodermic needle, and I jabbed him in the arm with this really wonderfully fast-acting drug, and he looked so surprised, but within five seconds, he was just slumped over, unconscious. And fortunately, the grave had already been dug, and it was hidden by shrubbery, and I am so happy to say that I, in fact, wielded that shovel all by myself for a while, and I didn't even care that I ruined my manicure. I felt so empowered as we closed the lid on that bastard, and they lowered him into the ground, and I even picked the geraniums to -- to cover the freshly dug earth. Well, no, I can't take exact credit for the burial and death of Greg Madden, of course -- Mother Nature took care of that.

Jack: Ok, that's enough.

Erica: Oh, please call Derek. Please call Derek. Have me locked up.

Jack: You can stop now, Erica, ok?

Erica: I have given you everything you need. Why don't you go ahead, use it?

Jack: Use it? You think I want you to be guilty?

Erica: Oh, it's perfect, isn't it? I get taken away, and you're free -- free from the awful wife who keeps secrets from you!

Jack: All I ever wanted from you was the truth. But you won't give it to me.

Erica: The truth is that I had nothing to do with the burial or the disappearance or the death of Greg Madden. But kudos to whoever pulled it off.

Zach: Madden's death shouldn't affect us.

Kendall: All right, one judge let you off the hook for what you did in the hospital, but for burying Greg? Come on, Zach, the man died.

Zach: Good thing I didn't bury him, then, huh? Why do I get the feeling you don't believe me?

Kendall: Well, you don't always get your own hands dirty. Do you know who did it?

Zach: If I did, I wouldn't turn him in.

Kendall: You don't trust me.

Zach: Uh-uh. I said "if."

Kendall: If -- ok, so then you might know. So, was it Dixie?

Zach: Uh-uh. That'd be a hard one to imagine, huh?

Kendall: She could have had help.

Zach: Yeah. No. She's as innocent as I am.

Kendall: Really?

Zach: Not good enough, is it?

Kendall: Yeah -- I'm sorry, but you're -- you're so good at keeping secrets, and a lot of them have involved Dixie. So I can't help but wonder if that's what you're doing right now.

Josh: Look, I don't care if you liked my father or not.

Derek: Look, this isn't personal.

Josh: His killer should be locked up!

Derek: You seem to know J.R. did this. Why? Why would he put your father in a wooden coffin and then toss in a microphone?

Josh: J.R. had this crazy idea that my father took Dixie Martinís baby.

Derek: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Dixie's baby? In Switzerland? That baby died in a car crash.

Josh: That was the popular legend. But the truth is, she had the baby and survived, and she gave it away.

Derek: Or your father took it.

Josh: She gave it up for adoption and couldn't live with what she had done, so she blamed my father.

Derek: It can't have been that simple.

Josh: She changed her mind and wanted the baby back. It was my father's duty to protect the baby and the adoptive parents. So Dixie slanders him as some sort of baby-napper. And everyone just believes what's ever easiest for them. J.R., the Martins. Dixie goes off blameless and my father's a villain.

Derek: But he isnít.

Josh: J.R. wanted to force my father to talk. That's why he put him in that box and buried him. Whether he got what he wanted or not, he left my father to die. Now, go arrest him!

Derek: Now, you look -- J.R.ís gotten himself in some pretty serious trouble before, but the Martins are very particular about getting the facts.

Josh: Does Joe Martin and his family own this town?

Derek: No, but they happen to be very respected citizens.

Josh: My father was an amazing physician and a great man. He devoted his whole life to helping men and women have children. He never thought of himself. It was always for them, for the good of the babies. He would have never have stolen a child. Dixie Martin can't accept the responsibility of her actions. So she slandered my father. They even had me thinking it might be true for a while, but it's not. My father is innocent. J.R. Chandler, on the other hand -- just look at his history. He not only attempted murder this time, he succeeded. He put my father in that box, left him to die, and I'll be damned if he gets away with this.

J.R.: Look, Babe, I'm not off the wagon. I haven't been hitting the booze. I haven't had one single drink, honest. I'm not going to turn back into that crazy man who tried to hurt you. I'm never going back to him.

Babe: Ever since Greg Madden went missing, you and Jamie have been keeping a secret. You guys were looking for him that night, and at Fusion, you had your heads together. You left with Jamie, and I followed you here, of all places.

J.R.: Don't make such a huge deal out of this, Babe.

Babe: No, you and Jamie have been stonewalling me. You did something, and it involves Greg Madden, doesn't it? You have to tell me, J.R. tell me what you did.

Adam: J.R. did not kill Greg Madden.

Colby: No offense, but I don't think you see the pattern here. Erica Kaneís daughter, Josh's dad?

Adam: Josh Madden is wrong.

Colby: J.R. was freezing. All of his veins in his neck were knotted up, and Babe looked like she had just swallowed a wad of cotton.

Adam: Well, that's the grisly scene you happened on in the park. I'm so sorry, sweetheart. That -- I'm sorry.

Colby: It sort of didn't even look like a hand sticking up. The blood and the dirt made it look fake.

Adam: Yeah. Just put it out of your mind.

Krystal: Babe is not upstairs. She left with J.R.

Colby: Josh thinks J.R. did it because -- I don't know -- it's all mixed up. Some crud about another sister of J.R.ís? I don't know -- not Hayley -- who?

Adam: Dixie had a baby, a girl, Kate -- with Tad Martin.

Colby: How Wisteria Lane is this? All this drama tres fasinado? But a murderer-brother could totally screw up my social life.

Adam: J.R. didnít bury anyone.

Krystal: Babe, you have to call me as soon as you get this message.

Colby: Did I pick a great time to check in, or what? Ok, so I came in mid-season. Catch me up on all the episodes I missed. Convince me J.R. didnít do it.

Adam: All you need to know is that through no fault of his own, your brother has -- has become Pine Valleyís designated scapegoat.

Colby: Whatever. It probably just burns J.R. that Josh has the hots for Babe.

Josh: J.R. Chandler put my father in that hole.

Derek: Maybe. Maybe a dozen other people did it, too. For an arrest, I need proof. Give me some evidence. Give me some facts that would support --

Josh: After he tried to bury my father alive, J.R. tried to kill me.

J.R.: Jamie and I came up with a plan, a way to make Greg Madden talk.

Babe: About Kate?

J.R.: Yeah. We get him to tell us the parents' names who adopted her, their address. We thought that we could finally bring her home.

Babe: And you say that you haven't backslid? And that you're not the monster who hurt Kendall? Then why aren't you answering my question, J.R.? Did you and Jamie find Greg Madden? Did you put him in that grave and leave him to die? Answer me straight.

Zach: I didn't bury Madden. And I didn't help Dixie bury Madden. We went looking for him, but we didn't find him that night.

Kendall: Ok. Ok, I believe you.

Zach: Ok.

Kendall: Ok, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm just -- I'm -- I have a lot going on, and I just -- I don't want any more trouble for us. We have Spike here, and I just want everything to be perfect.

Zach: But if we had found him, the end result would've been the same. Ok?

[Spike cries]

Kendall: Ok. Oh, someone's feeling left out over here. Don't worry, honey. Mama's here. Yeah, Iíll take care of you. Oh. The prescription. That's -- that's what we forgot this morning.

Zach: Where is it?

[Kendall sighs]

Kendall: Uh -- it's in my purse, my purse.

Zach: I'll get it.

Kendall: Ok, thanks. Um, the -- the hospital pharmacy -- that's probably the best one.

Zach: Mm-hmm. I'll take care of it.

Kendall: Ok.

Zach: Bye.

Kendall: Bye. You always do.

J.R.: I didn't bury Greg Madden.

Babe: Why was that so hard to say? Why talk around it for so long?

J.R.: Well, maybe if Jamie was here, too. We were in on this together -- the plan. I just don't feel comfortable copping to it without him.

Babe: This is me, not the Pine Valley Police.

J.R.: Look, I'm not going to give you specifics, ok? I'm not going to tell you what our plan was with Greg Madden. We weren't plotting a murder. We weren't going to take it easy on him, either.

Babe: I didn't think that you would.

J.R.: It's never worked for anyone else, right? We had to lean on him hard if we wanted to get answers. But finding my little sister -- I don't care if he had to suffer. You don't believe me. I swear I didn't kill Greg Madden.

Josh: He left me to freeze in that meat locker.

Derek: And you know this because you saw him? He told you?

Josh: No, I told you they knocked me out.

Derek: "They"? J.R. had an accomplice?

Josh: Yeah, Jamie Martin was in on this, too. He provoked a fight at the yacht club. We got into it, Erica Kane saw it. Dr. Jeff Martin saw it, too. Next thing I know, I'm hanging from a meat hook.

Derek: And before you were knocked out, did you see J.R.ís car parked nearby? Did you hear Jamie or J.R. say something?

Josh: No. No, but Babe Chandler got me out, and she knew I was there. Why? Because J.R. told her.

Derek: She told you that?

Josh: Babe's not going to testify against J.R. Isn't that a given in this town? But I saw J.R. more than once hanging out at that park bench right where my father -- right where they buried him. J.R. stood there laughing, gloating about my dad while the whole time my father is trapped in this box trying to claw his way out. J.R. cannot get away with this.

Derek: If he did it, he wonít. Forensics is still going over everything that was recovered at the scene -- the coffin itself, the supplies, the microphone. Donít play vigilante, Josh. You leave it to us.

[Jack knocks on desk]

Erica: I don't believe it. You still aren't sure. My God, Jack. The night Greg Madden went missing, I was unconscious. I was drugged by Greg, remember?

Jack: I remember.

Erica: But that's not enough to -- to put your doubts to rest?

Jack: If Greg did in fact drug you.

Erica: You think I did it? You think I said to hell with my recovery program, and I just dosed myself, so I could have the perfect alibi?

Jack: Well, first off, I'm not sure that alibi would be so perfect, and secondly, I don't know for a fact that you were drugged at all.

Erica: Oh, right, that's just my story. Well, I'm sticking to it. How dare you accuse me of lying!

Jack: I dare because ever since Greg Madden hit this town, and you realized who he was and the important part he played in your life, you have shut me out. I dare because if I don't ask these questions and demand some answers, I won't know anything about this ever, will I?

Erica: Well, Greg Madden did drug me. I don't know why he did, because thankfully, someone got in the way of what he planned for me. Someone got in the way, not you. Thank you for your very loving concern.

Jack: I just need to know that you've told me everything.

Erica: Ok, all the cards on the table. I have big concerns about you, too, Jack -- about us.

Colby: Babe's like this stud magnet. She's got J.R. -- hmm -- rich with gorgeous family looks. But Dr. Josh, too? She has a husband. She doesn't need a bonus guy.

Krystal: Babe doesn't have anybody but J.R.

Colby: Oh, please. Like I don't remember when Jamie was all over her? And they hid with Liza and me? Now she's back with J.R., and Dr. Josh is doing the hot drool over her. Where's Jamie? Upstairs under their bed?

Adam: J.R. and Babe are committed to working through whatever problems they may have.

Colby: And if it doesn't work, she can turn to one of her hunkylicious back-ups. What's in your DNA? Some magnetic she-musk? No guy's immune?

Krystal: Babe has made a lot of mistakes, but she loves J.R.

Colby: And everybody else loves her. She just better be generous with her extras -- that's all I have to say.

Krystal: I'm sorry, but you know what? I have to speak with your father.

Colby: Uh-oh. Be careful, Dad. Like daughter, like mother.

Adam: Huh. Krystal and I are fine. Why don't you go upstairs and check in on Little A?

Krystal: Yeah. Winifred is playing Goldilocks and the Three Bears with him.

Colby: Boring. I'm fine. I am staying right here -- remember? After all, we are all family.

Krystal: I need some privacy with your dad.

Adam: Go on, Colby.

Colby: Nephew, here I come. Maybe we could do a story makeover -- "Babesylocks and the Three Hotties."

Adam: Stick to the classics.

Krystal: We have got to find Babe and J.R., so you call your detectives, you call the ar -- I don't care. Just find them.

Adam: You're overreacting, Krystal.

Krystal: Oh, don't tell me I am overreacting. If J.R. killed Greg Madden --

Adam: He had nothing to do with that.

Krystal: Oh, right, right. J.R. has never, ever had a violent blow-up. He's always been very well-mannered and sweet. Right now, he is high on the short list of suspects.

Adam: All right. Now, this is your stepson and your son-in-law you're indicting.

Krystal: Look, I know you don't want to consider it. I don't, either, but you know that J.R. is capable of murder, and if he succeeded this time, I have to know -- for Babeís sake.

J.R.: You can believe me, Babe. I won't disappoint you. I swear on my love for you and our son, I didn't kill Greg Madden.

[Babe sighs]

Babe: I believe you.

Derek: Returning to the scene of the crime to celebrate?

Kendall: There you go, my sweet boy. Belly feeling better? Yeah.

[Knock on door]

Kendall: Oh, my goodness. Daddy Zach must be so loaded down, he can't even open the door. Be right back. Hmm. That was fast. Um -- Zach and Ryan left.

Josh: I didn't come here to see them.

Kendall: Ok. Well, I'm a little busy with the baby, so maybe we can talk --

Josh: I need this settled, now.

Kendall: Ok, I'm a little tired, Josh, so maybe tomorrow.

Josh: J.R. killed my father. Help me nail the bastard.

Kendall: J.R.? Um -- Josh, I'm really sorry about your father.

Josh: Look, I don't need your phony sympathy.

Kendall: Oh -- I wouldn't have my son if it weren't for Greg.

Josh: So no one's poisoned your mind against my father?

Kendall: I have some problems with some of the things he did, but I will always be grateful for what he did for me.

Josh: Well, he helped you. J.R. nearly killed you.

Kendall: Right, but how can you be so sure that he's the one who --

Josh: That put my dad in that box? Because he was crazy to find out what happened to his sister. And the laws don't apply to the Chandlers, right? Because if they did, he would have been locked up for what he had done to you and your baby, and my father would still be alive.

Kendall: Oh. Ok, but do you have any proof?

Josh: He went after me. How's that? He hung me up on a meat hook in some frozen meat locker.

Kendall: What? Hold on. Do you even know anything about Kate?

Josh: He was going to use that to make my father talk. He miked into the coffin speaker -- "Hey, Madden, we've got your son. He's hung up, and he's helpless. And we're going to -- we're going to freeze him to death until you tell us what happened to my sister."

Kendall: Ok, but you got out. And, I mean, did your father tell them where -- where Kate could be found?

Josh: I don't know. I hope not. I hope J.R. didnít get what he wanted.

Kendall: Josh, listen to me. If J.R. is guilty, the cops will take care of him.

Josh: Oh, yeah, and justice will be served? Just like it was with you, right? The Chandlers will buy off the courts. They'll buy off the cops, and my father will still be dead. It wasn't quick and merciful. J.R. wanted my father to suffer. You know, when I found my dad, and I did CPR and then mouth-to-mouth, I tasted the dirt that he inhaled. Do you know what that's like, Kendall?

Kendall: Josh, I'm sorry. I -- I really am.

Josh: There's only one man arrogant enough in this town to think he can torture my dad like that and get away with it. All it takes is J.R. angry and a bottle of booze, and he spins out of control.

Kendall: I know. Believe me, I know, ok? This is what happened to me and Spike. J.R. was -- he was angry at Babe, he got drunk, and we almost died.

Josh: Well, how many other people is he going to kill before someone stops him?

Kendall: I'll help you, Josh. I'll do whatever I can. Let's -- let's take J.R. down.

J.R.: If you believe Josh, you're not going to believe me.

Derek: I only want answers.

J.R.: If I have them, sure.

Derek: Where were you the night Greg Madden went missing?

J.R.: I was with my brother, Jamie. We were looking for Greg Madden.

Derek: What did you want with him?

J.R.: We wanted to question him, but we didn't get any answers.

Derek: About your sister? Dixie and Tadís daughter?

J.R.: Yeah. Where she was.

Derek: Josh Madden says he was attacked, knocked unconscious, and left in a meat locker.

J.R.: I can't give you any information about that.

Derek: He said you put him there.

J.R.: Why would I?

Derek: Put more pressure on Daddy. Talk to him on that coffin hook-up and tell him if he doesn't come up with some answers, you'll kill his son.

J.R.: Maybe whoever knocked Josh Madden out wanted it that way, but it wasn't me.

Derek: Your wife found him and let him out of there.

J.R.: Yeah, well, she filled me in on all of that.

Derek: That was a coincidence?

Babe: I heard Josh calling for help.

Derek: You didn't hoist him up on that meat hook?

J.R.: No, I didnít.

Babe: He didnít.

J.R.: Look, Josh wants to get rid of me.

Derek: If someone took out my dad the way somebody took out his --

J.R. He doesn't -- he's not after me for that. He wants me locked up so he can get his claws in Babe. He's hot for my wife.

Adam: J.R.ís not going to hurt Babe. He loves her.

Krystal: Oh -- tell that to Kendall. J.R. has run hot and cold on Babe.

Adam: Yeah, but she gave him cause. Sleeping with Jamie --

Krystal: Ok, we're not going back that many weddings. Let's stick to this year.

Adam: Yeah, not -- not J.R.ís finest.

Krystal: And -- and anything could set J.R. off. I mean, Colby jabbering on to J.R. about Babe and Josh.

Adam: That's not going to push him over the edge.

Krystal: Babe left today with J.R. She did not tell me where she was going, and she's not answering the phone.

Adam: Maybe she went to a movie.

Krystal: Right after a dead man's son comes to the door screaming that her husband committed murder?

Adam: You're going to take Josh's word for that? You're jumping to conclusions, lady.

Krystal: Well, you jump to this, big daddy. If J.R. killed that doctor, then I'm going to grab Babe, and I'm going to grab Little Adam, and we are going to move out of here so fast.

Adam: That threat's getting old.

Krystal: Oh. Well, it's funny how a dead guy breathed new life into it. A dead guy that your son hated.

Adam: You were just talking to Colby. You were -- you were -- you were championing their relationship -- J.R. and Babeís relationship.

Krystal: She is your daughter, Adam. Anyway, never mind. I never supported that reconciliation between Babe and J.R., but I had to support my daughter. Ok, now, Kendall and the baby -- they're fine. They pulled through. But Dr. Madden is on a slab somewhere, and I will be damned if I let Babe join him.

Babe: Josh hasn't exactly been shy around me.

J.R.: The guy's an ass. Ask around. Lots of people know that he's got the hots for Babe.

Derek: Well, how well do you know Josh Madden?

Babe: I thought he was a nice guy, at first.

Derek: Not now?

Babe: Josh hates J.R. He keeps saying that J.R. doesnít deserve me.

Derek: So his accusations are all just --

J.R.: Josh wants to get me locked up, so he can make the moves on Babe, yes.

Babe: Could be.

Derek: That's it at this point. I'll be in touch.

J.R.: I'm available anytime. You can have my full cooperation.

Derek: You'd think this place would give you the creeps.

J.R.: Thank you for standing by me. Are you afraid of me, Babe?

Babe: I don't like having to lie to Derek about Josh in the meat locker.

J.R.: I didn't hang him up like a side of beef.

Babe: No, Jamie did, but --

J.R.: So we didn't lie about it.

Babe: You're not exactly innocent, either.

J.R.: You want me to hand Jamie over to the cops?

Babe: No, of course not.

J.R.: Well, I got Josh screaming that I dug his daddy's grave, and now I got Derek Frye sniffing around, wondering why he accused me if it wasn't true. You're the answer.

Babe: I just don't like turning everything around against Josh.

J.R.: So, what, I'm not supposed to defend myself? I should keep my mouth shut about Josh's thing for you?

Babe: I didn't say that.

J.R.: I need to know that when you pulled away from me just now -- are you afraid of me? Do I give you the creeps, or is it this place?

[Babe sighs]

Babe: Oh. He was right there. Do you know how many times we have come here? God, I brought -- I brought Little A and fed the squirrels and sat right on this bench, right here -- with this guy buried and still alive not even a few feet away from us, and we didn't even know. Look, I know that Greg Madden was a terrible person. But imagine what he must have went through. J.R.?

J.R.: With Greg Madden dead, we may never find Kate. Madden got what he deserves. He's burning in hell where he belongs.

Josh: Thanks, Kendall. Thanks for wanting justice for my dad.

Kendall: Well, nailing J.R. will not be easy.

Josh: Well, I'm going to make sure the Chandler millions and power won't be able to bail him out this time.

[Spike fusses]

Kendall: What is it, sweetness? You feel left out? No, no, no. No, we would never leave you out. Everybody loves Spike. You know that.

Josh: He's so cute.

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Josh: I wish my dad could see him. He would have been so proud. He loved babies. The joy they bring everyone. You know, he used to stop women on the street with strollers just to play with their kids.

Kendall: Hmm.

Josh: You know, people may not have agreed with all the decisions he made, but he always put babies first. He did some amazing things in his life. It shouldn't have ended so soon.

Kendall: Well, at least you have some good memories.

Josh: Yeah, well, the Chandlers and J.R. tried to poison that memory. My dad was a -- was a pioneer. He worked miracles. And there will always be little people -- petty people -- who have to bring down the amazing special people that they can't understand.

[Spike cries]

Kendall: Like your dad?

Josh: You know, some people even had me doubting my dad for a bit. Jamie Martin and Julia Keefer laid out this crazy lie that my father was donor number one.

Kendall: Donor number one? What does that mean?

Erica: Is Kendall all right? Nothing happened with Spike?

Zach: No, no, I'm just picking up a prescription. How are you? Are you ok?

Erica: You mean is everything better, now that Greg Madden is out of the way?

Zach: That's not what I meant, but sure.

Erica: Of course, it is. Come on. You're waiting -- waiting for me to just spew gratitude all over you.

Zach: For what?

Erica: Because you got rid of Greg Madden for Kendall.

Zach: What makes you think I didn't do it for you?

Erica: You don't amuse me.

Zach: I wasn't trying to amuse you.

Erica: Why would you kill Greg Madden for me?

Zach: To protect your secret.

Erica: I've had enough garbage about my secrets.

Zach: Erica -- I know about your son.

Josh: Hey, I'm surprised Jamie didn't ask his mom to run the story in "Tempo." I bet she thought it was too much. No sane person would buy it.

Kendall: Ok, I still don't get it.

Josh: Well, according to Jamie and Julia, my father was the supervisor of these surrogates and the one and only donor for all the inseminations.

Kendall: "Donor number one"?

Adam: You're threatening to leave me?

Krystal: Consider my bags packed and flight reserved.

Adam: This is absurd.

Krystal: I wish. But if J.R.ís temper got the best of him, and he sent Dr. Madden to a grave before his time, then Babe, her son, and I are gone.

Adam: You can't take my grandson.

Krystal: Babe can. J.R. signed the papers. She has custody of that child, free and clear. But it's the stock that you don't want to kiss good-bye.

Adam: Oh --

Krystal: That precious chunk of Chandler Enterprises.

Adam: It has nothing to do with the stock or the money, and you know it. It's about us. I will not let you go.

Krystal: Don't you play that love card with me, Adam. Babe and her son are my top priority, making sure that they are safe and well and happy.

Adam: Your happiness and mine -- they don't count.

Krystal: No. No! Not until we find our kids, and we find out what's happened to them. Babe, honey, it's your mama. Why aren't you answering the phone? Call me as soon as you get this message.

Babe: We never should've even come here.

J.R.: I know. It gave Derek more ammunition.

Babe: No, it makes my skin crawl.

J.R.: Then let's go home.

[Phone rings]

[Babe sighs]

J.R.: Just give me a second. Hello?

Disguised voice: I know what you did.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Tad (to Erica): You have a kid. Do something about it. Find Josh. Go tell him the truth.

Erica (to Zach): You're blackmailing me.

Kendall (to Josh): We are going to bust J.R. wide open.

Disguised voice (to J.R.): I have proof you killed Dr. Madden. I'll give it to you for $50,000.

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