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Erica: Up all night, working myself into a frenzy. Worried, wondering where you were. "Please, don't let Jack be hurt. Please, don't let him be dead." And now to see you coming off our boat, looking like this, with her? I mean, of all the things I worried about might have happened to you, my mind never sank to anything this tragic. Oh.

Brooke: Don't you think we owed her an explanation?

Jack: Frankly, no.

[Rock music plays]

Lily: You know, I've been to this music store before. It's really loud.

Jonathan: Well, I'm really glad that you thought ahead, but are you sure that you want to do this? Because you're -- you're going to have to wear the earmuffs, like, every day.

Lily: No, if I get the job, I'll be able to afford earplugs.

Jonathan: Well, you're definitely going to get the job.

Lily: Yeah, I don't know. I thought you were going to get the job at the chicken shack, but you didn't get it. And you have more experience than I do.

Jonathan: Yeah, but I've never -- I've never worked in a record store before.

Lily: Yeah, but you've had other jobs.

Jonathan: Lily, you're smarter than anyone. You're, like, the smartest person I know.

Lily: Well, I am really good at planning.

Jonathan: So -- well, then we'll make a -- make a plan for this.

Lily: I already did. I made a plan to where I can convince them that I'm a really good candidate for this job.

Jonathan: That's great. That's great. So -- I mean, are you going to tell me, or is it a secret?

Lily: No, it's not a secret. We're married. Married couples don't keep secrets from each other. Anyway, I was thinking that if I familiarize myself with the store before I hand in my application --

Singer: We've only just begun there's gold that lies in us your hesitation's held you long enough impossible it seems

Aidan: Mr. McDermott is not a patient man. He's out of his mind worried that his wife's going to leave the country and take his kid. What I want to do is give him a shred of hope, that's all. So nothing? And you've spoken to everybody there? Ok, all right. Well, keep me posted. Oh, man. What do you need, Ryan?

Ryan: Well, you seem to be in about as good a mood as my sister.

Aidan: Well, your sister broke up with me today, so excuse me if I'm not my normal fun-loving self.

Ryan: Yeah, she told me. And then she ran out of the house in tears. I know this is none of my business, but I happen to love my sister.

Aidan: Well, I love her, too. And I have no clue why your sister ended it with me. I mean, if it's something that I did to upset her, I wish she'd tell me about it, so I could make things right. One day, everything is great between us. The next, she decides that we're all wrong. Now, something had to have happened to change her mind about us so quickly, but for the life of me, I can't figure out what.

Babe: Trouble. You guys are up to your necks in it. Admit it. No, no, don't even.

Jamie: You have no idea what I was going to say.

Babe: You were going to tell me that I'm wrong, and I'm not. I've seen the looks. See? I've heard the whispers. You two have been sitting on something massive ever since the night that Greg Madden went missing, the same night that you guys were AWOL with no explanation.

J.R.: We were out all night looking for that quack.

Jamie: And that's about all you need to know about that.

Babe: You want to snow me, Jamie? Fine. But you -- don't even think about it. After the promises you've made, you owe it to me to be totally upfront.

J.R.: She's right. She deserves to know the truth.

Kendall: Please, no trial. Please.

Judge: If I am to believe the arguments in your favor, Mr. Slater, I would be hard-pressed not to consider you somewhat of a hero. Both your wife and your attorney painted you as a man who took desperate measures in the name of love, honor, and integrity. The state, however, presented a very different case, but not a commendable one. You locked yourself away with a comatose wife. You threatened to shoot anyone who crossed your path, you fired a gun in a public health facility. That is not only destructive, it is reprehensible. You're an arrogant man, Mr. Slater. Recklessly, defiantly so. I have only one choice on how to rule.

Kendall: Oh, no, please tell me he's not doing this.

Judge: As dangerous as Mr. Slater's actions were, this court has not been presented with enough evidence to justify a costly criminal trial. I see no valid reason to move ahead with this case.

Prosecutor: Your Honor, with all due respect --

Kendall: Did he just say --

Zach: It's over.

Livia: Motion to dismiss, Your Honor.

Kendall: It's over?

Judge: Counsel, please approach the bench.

Kendall: It's over.

Zach: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: Oh -- ok. Well, then what's going on? He said it's over, so then what is there to discuss?

Zach: I don't think the ADA is onboard yet.

Kendall: Who cares? The judge just said no trial, so -- so then let's get the hell out of here and go see Spike before the guy in the robe changes his mind.

Zach: You heard the guy in the robe -- he says I'm reckless and arrogant. Maybe we shouldn't push him.

Judge: We can go around this again and again, counsel. There was no real abduction, which completely invalidates your kidnapping charge. No kidnapping, no trial, no case. This case is dismissed.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Bailiff: All rise.

Erin: Ok, I know this is hard, but it is going to be ok, I promise. And I'm not deserting you. I'm going to be back really soon, all right?

Man: Oh, Erin --

Erin: Oh -- oh, Jamal --

Jamal: There you are.

Erin: Thank God. How was California?

Jamal: Ah, warm, busy, gorgeous. I took care of everything.

Erin: Great.

Jamal: So, how are things going here?

Erin: I think it's -- it's going ok. I mean, I'm new at this, so I'm kind of winging it, but they're settling in and they haven't been spotted -- as far as I can tell.

Jamal: Hmm.

Erin: Did I -- did I do something wrong?

Jamal: No, you've been great with them, Erin.

Erin: Ok, but?

Jamal: Well, you couldn't have known this, but usually hotels and motels are off-limits.

Erin: Oh, right -- too obvious.

Jamal: Yeah. Maybe not for the average person, but a good detective would be all over it.

Erin: Thompson hired a detective -- actually, a real good one.

[Jamal sighs]

Erin: We're talking the best.

Aidan: Erin loves me, Ryan. I -- I don't mean to sound conceited, but the truth is I -- I don't know how I hooked up with someone so incredible as your sister. She ended up as crazy about me as I am about her, which is why it makes no sense for her just to dump me out of the blue.

Ryan: She doesn't want this any more than you do. That was very obvious to me when I was sitting there and I was talking to her.

Aidan: Well, yet here we are.

Ryan: Look, I have no idea. I don't know what happened for her to come to this decision, I don't, but I -- it's -- it's like she's got a secret that she's not letting either of us in on.

[Phone rings]

Aidan: I got to take this. Excuse me.

Ryan: Yeah, go ahead.

Aidan: Hello? You're kidding me. That's fantastic. All right, yeah, I'll be right there. Thanks. Ryan, I've got to follow up on this case, but I really want to speak to you about what's going on with Erin. Is there any chance you could hang out for a bit? I'm not going to be long.

Ryan: Yeah, yeah, that's fine, that's fine. I'll just finally try and conquer that pinball machine. Was that -- was that anything about Kate Martin at all, just out of curiosity?

Aidan: Yeah, I wish, but it does concern a missing child. My client is a -- is a father desperate to get his girl back.

Singer: There's gold that lies in us your hesitation's held you long enough impossible it seems it's time to just believe

Singer: From here

[Music plays]

Erica: I have nothing to say to you.

Brooke: Oh, well, when has that ever been true?

Erica: Fine, let me rephrase -- you don't want to hear anything I have to say to you.

Brooke: Oh, I'll -- I'll grant you that. Look, Erica, I don't know what is going on between you and Jack, I don't want to know, I don't care. The important thing is nothing is going on between me and Jack. Nada, zilch, zero.

Erica: Brooke, you've spent a lifetime devouring my leftovers. At least you used to wait until I was finished with my men before you made your move. Although, I have heard that unattached, lonely women get more and more desperate.

Singer: Intoxicated oh, my heart is racing

Brooke: The yacht engine died, we couldn't get a signal on our cell phone, and your husband spent the whole night working on the boat.

Erica: Oh, and revving you up a little bit, Brooke? Hmm. Well, tell me, how long has it been?

Brooke: I should've listened to Jack and let you sweat.

Jack: Well, believe it or not, Brooke, this has absolutely nothing to do with us being trapped on that boat all night. Erica, why don't you tell Brooke the real reason that you're so flipped out?

J.R.: The only way Greg Maddenís ever going to tell us what he did with Kate is if he's freaked within an inch of his life.

Jamie: And this is where you are wrong, Babe. J.R. did not team up with me on this one until after the fact. I did this all on my own. I only clued him in after I made my move.

J.R.: Yeah, but I'm totally down with what you've done, Jamie, and I'm in it here on out.

Babe: J.R., a man could die. You really want to get involved with this after everything you just went through with Kendall?

J.R.: No one is going to die.

Jamie: The point is to keep him alive.

Babe: Yeah, you say that now, but what happens if he dies accidentally? Oh, what, one near miss with the law isn't enough for you? Are you determined to spend your entire life away from our son?

J.R.: You're overreacting. Madden doesn't know who put him in there. He never saw Jamie.

Jamie: And he's not going to see either one of us.

Babe: Jamie, no, ok? You guys are playing Russian Roulette, and it needs to stop before a bullet goes through one of our lives. - ( Acoustic guitar playing ) - I don't know how not to get sick. Girl:

J.R.: Are you sure about this?

Babe: You have to ask?

J.R.: Are we sure about this?

Babe: J.R., I can take care of myself.

Jamie: I agree with J.R. I don't think you should be left alone with that creep.

Babe: You guys act like you have a say in this. You don't. Do not push me. I'm so not happy that you even got into this mess in the first place.

Jamie: We were trying to bring our sister home.

Babe: Yeah, and you went about it in the craziest way possible. The one smart thing you did was to stay anonymous. Let's just keep it that way.

[Music plays]

Jack: Come on, Erica, don't keep us waiting. Tell Brooke the real reason that you're so worked up.

Erica: I am sure that Brooke finds this completely fascinating, Jack, but I see no reason to --

[Brooke laughs]

Brooke: "Fascinating"? Erica, please. Jack, whatever you're trying to get Erica to say, it doesn't make a difference. Good luck.

Erica: How could you take that woman out on our boat, the boat that I gave you as a wedding present?

Jack: Your present didn't come with any rules. I figured my boat, my call.

Singers: Come on, baby feel the fire

Erica: How selfish can you be? You know how I feel about her.

Jack: And you know damn well nothing happened between us on that boat, just as you know that what's going on between us right now has nothing to do with Brooke.

Erica: We're in trouble, aren't we?

Singers: Can't you feel my desire?

Jack: Yes. Yes, we are.

Josh: Help! Somebody help me! Oh, Babe, thank God you're here!

Babe: Oh, my God!

Josh: Get me down.

Babe: What the heck happened? Josh grab that crate over there.

Babe: I feel like I walked into a mob movie or something.

Josh: Well, we know who the bad guys are.

Babe: Who?

Josh: Oh -- oh, don't play dumb, Babe. This place has got your -- your brother-in-law's fingerprints all over it. And your psycho husband's DNA Is floating all over this place.

Babe: You think that J.R. and Jamie strung you up like a side of hamburger? Why?

Josh: Well, I got into it with Jamie at the yacht club, he walks off. Next thing I know, I wake up dangling from this meat hook, knot on my head, teeth chattering a mile a minute.

Babe: And that automatically equals that Jamie did it?

Josh: And he didn't do it alone. His sidekick, J.R., the prison dodger, had to have helped him with the heavy lifting. Or maybe it was J.R.ís brains and Jamieís muscle. Either way, they're going to regret this! What are you doing? I'm still stuck!

Babe: Hmm. I've changed my mind. A place like this suits a meathead like you just fine.

Singer: Into your head into your mind out of your soul race through your veins you can't escape you can't escape into your life, into your dreams out of the dark, so light again you can't exclaim you can't exclaim

Singers: Can you feel it?

Jonathan: Hi. Um -- we'd like to see the manager.

Man: You're looking at him.

Jonathan: Oh.

Lily: Oh, actually, I was looking at that girl's shirt over there -- aly & A.J.?

Singers: Can you feel it?

Lily: Aisle eight, bin seven, sixth divider from the front. Their C.D.'S on sale while supplies last.

Jonathan: She just learned all that by -- by walking through your store. See, Lilyís really good at memorizing.

Manager: What's with the earmuffs? It's, like, 100 degrees out.

Lily: Actually, it's 81 degrees Fahrenheit outside, and the earmuffs are for the noise. I don't like loud -- loud areas.

Manager: Do you guys want to buy something?

Jonathan: Well, I'm -- I'm Jonathan, and this is Lily.

Lily: Lavery. My last name used to be Montgomery, but now it's Lavery since I married Jonathan.

Manager: Awesome. You looking for some music?

Singers: Can you feel it?

Lily: Actually, I was just familiarizing myself with the layout of your store. It's very efficient how you have everything categorized by musical style, and I also appreciate alphabetizing. But, technically, you should have the bands with numbers in their names in the beginning by the Aís, instead of at the end with the Zs, but that can be remedied by simply moving bins to the front of the store.

Manager: Cool.

Lily: "Cool"? Do you mean that by the way my brother, Reggie, says it? If so, then back at ya. But if you mean temperature, it's a very comfortable 68 degrees in here, and we've already established that it's 81 degrees outside.

Jonathan: And Lily can calculate anything. She's really good with numbers. Show him, Lily.

Lily: Ok. 1,982 plus 3,794 equals 5,776.

Singers: Into the rush now

Manager: Is this some kind of stand-up routine?

Lily: Oh, no, I can do this sitting down, too.

Singers: Don't let nobody tell you don't let nobody tell you don't let

[Knock on door]

Aidan: Hotel security. Hello? Is anyone in there?

[Pinball machine bells ring]

Ryan: Ok. Just this once, now. Stay -- stay -- agh! You got to be kidding me! Ugh.

Dixie: Ouch.

Ryan: Oh. Uh -- yeah, I've never really been all that good at pinball. You know what I mean?

Dixie: Don't sweat it. Your secret's safe with me.

Ryan: Oh. You -- uh -- want to give it a shot?

Dixie: No, thanks.

Ryan: Ok.

Dixie: Is Tad here?

Ryan: I haven't seen him.

Dixie: Hmm. Well, that's just as well. I don't know why I came, anyway. We can barely stand the sight of each other. I think Tad hates looking at me.

Ryan: Wow. Well, for whatever it's worth, you know, I -- I like looking at you.

Dixie: I have no clue why.

Ryan: I guess I'm just -- I guess I'm just a sucker for a pretty face.

Kendall: Ok, seriously, when that judge called you "arrogant" and -- what was the other one?

Zach: "Reckless"?

Kendall: Yes, "reckless" -- "arrogant and reckless."

Zach: You like saying that, huh?

Kendall: I do. I really do. My "arrogant and reckless" husband -- I really -- I thought that you were a goner. I -- I had no idea, and I'm -- I'm glad that you're good.

Zach: Mm-hmm. No, I am good, but it wasn't because of anything I did -- he was dying to throw the book at me. It's because of you. He -- uh -- he liked my pretty wife and her elegant, very passionate speech.

Kendall: Well, it's a good thing you have me.

[Kendall giggles]

Zach: Come on.

Kendall: I got it. Ooh.

Livia: I refuse to believe that.

Derek: You'd better start. Hey -- that was some performance in there. What'd it cost you?

Kendall: That was not a performance, that was 100% the truth. And why are you suddenly so snarky right now? I thought you agreed Zach did the right thing.

Derek: No, not your performance, Kendall, the judge's. The way he begrudgingly dismissed the case -- that was money well spent.

Kendall: What the hell is he talking about?

Derek: Don't tell me you didn't know? That judge was bribed. And you've been had. (Man) you got corn?

Kendall: Derek just accused you of bribing the judge, Zach.

Zach: Yeah, I heard him.

Kendall: And?

Zach: That's the problem with law enforcement -- very suspicious.

Kendall: Is this judge known for taking bribes?

Livia: It's the first I've heard of it. But any client of mine found out to be making under-the-table deals with a judge would be in search of a new attorney.

Derek: But you didn't know, so you're in the same boat as Kendall, Livvy. You were both duped.

Livia: Easy, little brother, or I'm not going to buy you dinner.

Kendall: Ahem. Ok. So, all that stuff you said about me winning over the judge with my elegant and lovely ea -- that was just a giant load?

Zach: I stand by everything I said -- you were amazing here. You won over the entire courtroom.

Kendall: Did you bribe the guy or not? Yes or no?

Zach: I made a contribution to his re-election fund.

Kendall: You did?

Zach: Mm-hmm.

Dixie: Come on, you're honestly not mad at me? You're ok that J.R. isn't serving any time for causing Kendallís accident?

Ryan: I'm furious, actually -- at J.R.

Dixie: You didn't seem too happy with me, either, when I was trying to keep my son out of jail.

Ryan: Look, I -- I hate that J.R. got off, I still do. I'm sorry, I do, but I get your part in it -- your blind loyalty to your son when he needs you -- because, well, now I'm a parent, too.

Dixie: How is your son?

Ryan: Spike? He's great, he's good. He's getting bigger and stronger all the time.

Dixie: That's great.

Ryan: Yeah, and I got to -- I got to hold him for the first time.

Dixie: Oh. That's amazing. That's a wonderful feeling, isn't it, first time you get to hold your child?

Ryan: Yes, it is, and I think -- I think especially because I was so close to losing him, you know, and not just because of J.R. but if Greg Madden had got his way --

Dixie: No, don't even go there, ok? Spike is home with his mom and dad where he belongs.

Ryan: Yeah. I don't know how you do it, Dixie. I think I probably would've lost my mind by now.

Dixie: Don't be so sure I havenít.

Ryan: Hmm. Well, I mean, you got Tad and you got Aidan -- you got two of the best on this trying to find your little girl, you really do. And I want you to know that all of -- all of my resources, both personal and Cambias -- everything -- I mean, anything -- anything you want, I will help. All you have to do is ask, ok?

Dixie: Thank you. I really appreciate that.

Ryan: I admire you, Dixie.

Dixie: Oh. I don't know why. There's nothing remotely admirable about me. I made my own hell.

Ryan: Don't we all?

Erin: Why are you following me?

Aidan: I didn't follow you. You're the last person I expected to see here.

Erin: You expect me to believe that this is a coincidence?

Aidan: No, I don't care what you believe. One of my men told me he spotted a woman here that fits the description of my client's missing wife. Anywhy, why are you here registered under a phony name?

Erin: I wanted to get away from everyone -- from Ryan and Jonathan and Fusion, you. But, you know, apparently, "I need space" and "breaking up" have different translations for Brits.

Aidan: Huh. You know, nothing you say recently translates for me, Erin. You want space? You want to see other people?

Erin: I'm sorry, Aidan, it is what it is, ok? You're not my boyfriend anymore, and I'm not coming to you with my problems. And if there is something bugging me, then I will deal with it, because it is all me now, it is just me. And I know it's not what either one of us expected, but it's how it's got to be.

Aidan: What are you not telling me? What has got you so freaked out that you've gone and checked into a motel?

[Music plays]

Singer: So let me get this straight you say now you love me all along

Lily: "Previous places of employment?"

Singer: What made you hesitate?

Lily: Well, the thing is I really never actually had a real job -- unless cafeteria work counts?

Singer: I can see it in your eyes

Lily: But that was required by my old school, and they didn't pay me anything, so, technically, I wasn't employed.

Jonathan: Just -- you just write "none."

Lily: Ok. "Have you ever been convicted of a felony?" I don't think you have to write down all those times you were arrested, because you were never actually convicted for those crimes.

Jonathan: Prob -- probably not.

Singers: Only time will tell

Lily: My husband had a brain tumor, but -- he did some horrible things before it was cut out.

Manager: Are you two rehearsing for some sort of act?

Jonathan: No. We just need to work.

Manager: Then take your comedy routine down to bust-a-gut in the mall. You're wasting your time and mine.

Lily: It's very ironic that you think that we're better suited for a comedy club, since, really, I don't know how to be funny.

Singers: We are who we were

Lily: But if they're hiring, I guess we could check it out. But if you think that we're wasting your time, I'm very sorry, but Jonathan and I have a lot of time. That's one of the reasons why we're looking for a job.

Singer: And this I know

Babe: Ok.

Josh: Let me get my footing. Hold on.

Babe: All right.

Josh: Maybe you should hold me for a minute, help me warm up.

Babe: Nice try. You're lucky I even let you down.

Josh: Oh, you're just playing unsympathetic because you know if Jamie and J.R. were to walk in here right now, they'd freak out if they knew you rescued me.

Babe: J.R. and Jamie didn't do this. They've got bigger fish to fry, believe me.

Josh: Oh, so it's just a total fluke you were here?

Babe: Mm-hmm. Pretty much, yeah.

Josh: Out just strolling the docks?

Babe: Yep. I heard someone calling for help and the cries led me to you -- kind of wishing I would've minded my own business now.

Josh: Yeah, well, deny it all you want, Babe. I know Jamie and J.R. are behind this, and I know why. How many times do I have to tell those idiots I don't know where my father is?

J.R.: You think she got him down by now?

Jamie: Didn't seem like Babe was going to waste any time.

J.R.: Damn. I wanted to make him sweat more.

Jamie: Well, so much for tightening the screws on Josh's daddy.

J.R.: Don't sound so defeated. It's not over. New scrubbing bubbles automatic

Erin: There. You see this? See this, Aidan? Yeah? Nothing, nothing to hide. Nothing. Not here. There's nothing here, there's nothing here. There's nothing here! There's no phantoms in the closet. There's no deep, dark secrets hidden under the bed, nothing. No -- no one holding me hostage making me dump you. It's all out there, it's all out here, you know all there is to know. You can like it or you can hate it.

Aidan: Well, I hate it. Listen, Erin, you don't want to tell me what's going on. Fine, I can't force you to. But you're not going to scare me off. All right? So you can throw your tantrums and you can have your space, and you can deny there's anything more to this than what you're telling me. All right? You can have all the time that you need. Just know that you can come back to me, and when you do, I'll be waiting for you because I love you. All right? I don't care what you say. I know you love me.

Singer: Will someone please radio for help?

Lily: I know you think that we belong in a comedy club, but we would much rather prefer to work here. So I really hope that you'll give our application some serious consideration.

Nathan: We're really hard workers.

Lily: Even if I've never had a real job.

Singer: They think they can throw us all away

Manager: I'm going to have to pass. Music stores already have a reputation for hiring geeks. I don't need to add mutards to the list.

Jonathan: Hmm -- what -- what did you call us?

Lily: There's no such thing as a "mutard." I have autism spectrum disorder, and my husband had a brain tumor cut out of his brain -- and you're just rude.

Singer: You can take the one thing I have left I'd give it all away for so much less

Jonathan: You're an ignorant jackass.

Manager: What did you say?

Singer: Whoa, whoa

Jonathan: You really upset my wife.

Singer: One thing I have left beat me to the ground and take my breath

Singers: No but you can't take who I am

Singer: Whoa, whoa and I swear we were born to let you down

Erica: It should've been us out on that boat, Jack. Out all night, you and me. Just the two of us together, Jack.

Singers: In my dreams I hear you say

Jack: Yeah, well, there's a lot of things that should've happened differently, Erica. But they didnít.

Erica: Are you saying that it's too late for us?

Jack: I'm so damn furious. So much has happened. There have been so many lies, so much that you held back from me. I don't know how I'm going to get past it.

Singers: Dream on

Erica: But you will get past it?

Jack: I don't know. I do know I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet. I'm nowhere near ready to give up on our marriage.

Singer: If we believe

Jack: How about you?

Singer: We can survive

Erica: Nowhere near.

Erin: Stop, stop, I can't.

[Aidan sighs]

Aidan: Why are you doing this?

Erin: I -- I need you to go now, Aidan. I need you to go, please go. Now! I mean it.

Aidan: I don't get it, all right?

Erin: I know you don't get it, know, but I cannot explain it any better than I already have!

[Aidan sighs]

[Aidan sighs]

Jonathan: Ok, Lily, that -- that guy was a jerk, and we wouldn't want to work for a creep like that, anyway.

Lily: I guess you're right. He did refer to himself as a geek.

Jonathan: Don't worry, ok? We're going to get jobs, but 're -- we're going to get better jobs.

Lily: Much better jobs.

[Music plays]

[Music plays]

Zach: I told you not to worry about it. Everything was going to work out just fine.

Kendall: Yeah, you did. Although, it would've been awfully nice of you to say, "Hey, honey, I bribed the judge."

Zach: Yeah, that would've been nice. But then I would've missed your magnificent speech about what an amazing guy I am, honey. Mmm.

Kendall: Mmm.

Zach: Let's go home.

Kendall: Yes, please.

Ryan: You forget who you're talking to here, Dixie. I mean, we have more in common than you think. I pretended to be dead, too. I ended up hurting the people that I intended to protect.

Dixie: But they forgave you.

Ryan: Some did, yeah, and took a while, and then others have written me off completely.

Dixie: How did you forgive yourself?

Ryan: Time makes things better.

Dixie: Hmm. Time gave you back your son. For me, time is an enemy because every minute that goes by, I'm further away from my little girl.

Jamie: Listen, I don't think you should be involved anymore. Let me take it over from here.

J.R.: No. No way. Kate's my sister, too.

Jamie: But you also have Little Adam and Babe to worry about. She already freaked out over what we did to Josh. You keep this up, you could lose her for good.

J.R.: No way. I'm not losing Babe. I canít.

Babe: J.R. is my husband, and -- and Jamie is my baby's uncle. They're family and I love them both, and I am so sick of hearing you badmouth them like a couple of thugs.

Josh: Pull your head out, Babe -- they are thugs. Thugs put people on meat hooks, and they're not going to get away with it! Neither is Jeff Martin or any -- y of the other morons at the hospital. This whole freaking town can go to hell for all I care.

Babe: If you hate it so much, why don't you just leave?

Josh: Well, maybe I should! There's nothing keeping me here!

Babe: Ok! Bye! Go, already.

Josh: When are you going to get a clue and stop sticking up for those asses?

Babe: I am serious, Josh, get out of my face! I'm so sick of hearing you complain about how everyone's done you wrong! Get out of my face -- now!

Josh: Ugh.

Babe: Oh, God! Oh, God!

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Julia: I -- uh -- I -- oh, I didn't see you.

Kendall: Let's go. She's obviously upset, and the world wants to know why.

J.R.: Have you noticed that hd your father's gone? You could be next.

Babe: Somebody get me out of here!

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