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Jack: I can recommend the crab cakes.

Erica: Jack, hi.

Jack: Hi, sweetheart.

Erica: This is -- this is Jeff Martin.

Jack: Jeff Martin? You two were married at one time.

Erica: Yeah.

Jeff: Yes, yes, we were.

Jack: Well, it's a real pleasure to meet you.

Jeff: Nice to meet you. I've been hearing quite a lot about you.

Jack: Oh, really? Really? Mostly good, I hope. So tell me, Jeff, what are you doing back in Pine Valley?

Jeff: Family business.

[At the hospital, Josh is stunned to see Julia and Jamie necking in an examining room.]

Josh: Nurse Keefer, shame on you.

Tad: What's up? You guys feeding the squirrels?

Dixie: Tad, please don't start.

Tad: I'm not starting anything. I'm all about finding my daughter.

Dixie: Do you have any leads?

Tad: No, I'm sorry, I don't. What about you two?

Zach: You wanted me off the search.

Tad: That's right, I did. Yet, here you are. I got to give you props for dedication. I mean, you got a new wife, new life, and yet, here you are hunting for Kate.

Zach: We all want your daughter found.

Tad: Hmm. Well, sounds heartfelt. Does that sense of compassion extend to our other child -- J.R.?

J.R.: Look, it makes perfect sense. My mother's been in town for months. No one caught a whiff of it. She had to have had help. It was Slater.

Kendall: You are so full of it.

J.R.: I just saw them in the park. They were having a pretty intense conversation. They're probably still there.

Simone: You know, Erin, why don't you grab an arm? I'll take the other one. You're gone, bucko.

J.R.: She was thanking Zach for hiding her from everyone, including you. Unless you were in on the secret. I didn't think so. Look, you don't have to believe me. But why don't you go to the source? Ask Zach.

Simone: Why don't you get the hell out of here?

Danielle: And take your wife with you.

J.R.: I'm not telling you this to hurt you.

Kendall: Ok, and you just threw a ton of bricks on me to get my attention?

J.R.: When you were in the hospital and Zach wasn't with you, did you ever wonder where he was?

Kendall: I trust my husband. I don't trust you.

J.R.: I don't expect you to.

Kendall: Great. Well, then quit wasting your breath and my time. I'm done with you. We're not friends anymore, J.R. You know what? You see this? That's the bottom of my shoe. It's too good for you, and for Babe, so please leave. I -- I don't want to see you or hear you, smell you or know you.

J.R.: All right, don't believe me, hate me all you want, but lay off Babe.

Erin: Oh -- no, nobody wants to hear you defend her. No.

J.R.: Look, she's not the one that almost killed you and your baby, I did, so ease off.

Kendall: She covered for you.

Danielle: Let you get away with it.

J.R.: Babe gave me a chance to prove myself.

Kendall: To prove what? To prove what you can do with a bottle of scotch and some 2-by-4s? My son is in an incubator. You should be in jail for life, but you're free because Babe lied for you.

Simone: Yeah, look, you know, you guys are perfect for each other, so why don't you lie yourselves straight into hell and just leave us alone?

J.R.: Look, the reason why I lost it was because there was way too many lies and secrets.

Kendall: Oh, God, lies and secrets -- is this about your mommy again? Your poor little mommy? I'm sorry, J.R., I'm sick of your excuses.

J.R.: I get it now. Babe helped me understand.

Kendall: Oh, really? Well, all hail all-wise, all-knowing Babe.

J.R.: Look, I know what it's like to get lied to and then get slammed with the truth. It's better to know now than to get ambushed.

Kendall: Ok, so all this junk about Zach, you're just telling me for my own good?

J.R.: You know, I don't care what you do with it. Ask Zach, or don't, but at least you know.

Kendall: Well, don't stick around for me to thank you.

J.R.: Well, I don't really care about that. But if you can forgive Zach for everything he's done, why can't you forgive Babe? At least she was straight with you. Zach hasn't been.

Zach: Your other child almost killed my wife and her son.

Tad: And he's sorry.

Zach: Those are just words, Martin.

Tad: No. Zach, he's praying he can turn his life around. Now, he can't do that if he has to wake up every morning looking over his shoulder. I know it doesn't mean that much to you, but I give you my word, I'll be all over him the entire time. If he does anything -- if he drinks, if he acts out -- does anything but behaves like a gold-star citizen, I'll come down on him first. But I won't have to, because he's dedicated to changing his life. The question is, are you? Are you willing to forgo your vengeance to give J.R. a break? And if you want to go after the bad guys, go after Greg Madden, because they don't come any worse.

[In his underground jail, Greg lies very still, perspiring profusely.]

Jeff: Please, can you join us?

Jack: Oh, I'd love to, I would. But unfortunately, I have a meeting with a client at the marina. On the other hand, I do have a few minutes. Have a seat. So, tell me, Jeff -- what does my wife want you to do?

Erica: Forgive me. In the past, I know that I've -- I've done some things that I am not proud of. And I know that I said some things I never should have. But after all this time, it would really just mean a great deal to me if -- if we could just let go of our negative feelings and start fresh, especially since Jeff isn't going to be in town very long. Can you do that for me, Jeff? Can you forgive me?

Jeff: The future's whatever we make it.

Erica: Thank you. Thank you.

Jack: That's so nice. I would love to stay and toast this truce, but I -- I do have that meeting. Sweetheart, I'll see you later.

Erica: Ok. Bye.

Jack: Jeff, I'm sure our paths will cross.

Jeff: Yeah. Oh, my -- my God, Erica. You haven't even told him?

Erica: I have my reasons.

Jeff: Oh.

Erica: This is none of your concern.

Jeff: You know, some things just -- they just never change. You get hit with a heart-ripping situation like this and you take it on alone, and the man in your life is the last to know. You're still unbelievable.

[Jeff sighs]

[Julia is surprised and pleased when Jamie proceeds to unbutton her sweater. Meanwhile, Josh brings Joe to the same room and walks in on them.]

Josh: I thought you wanted to know.

Joe: Better be important. I've got a consult.

Josh: This patient demanded to see someone in charge.

Joe: All right, let's make it quick.

Josh: All right.

Julia: Oh!

Tad: So, are you willing to give J.R. a pass?

Zach: I won't go after J.R., don't need to. He'll destroy himself.

Tad: Or not.

Dixie: It means a lot, Zach.

Zach: You were more persuasive than this one.

Dixie: Thank you for being understanding.

Zach: If Kendall is ever in J.R.’s line of fire again, I swear --

Tad: She won't be. I give you my word, J.R. won’t make trouble for anybody.

Zach: I'll hold you to it.

Dixie: Tad, we could use all the help we could get looking for Kate. I'd really like Zach to keep working with us.

Zach: Whatever you need.

Tad: She's right. Ok. If there is anything you can do that helps me find my daughter, I'm all for it. Hell, if you want anything bad enough, sometimes you got to make a deal with the devil. You're the closest thing I could find.

Erica: You may be God’s gift to third-world medicine, but you don't get to come back here after all these years and make assumptions about me.

Jeff: Hmm. You have a son, Erica. That is not a secret that you can keep from your husband forever.

Erica: I'll handle it.

Jeff: Déjà, Erica. Now, when are you going to learn that you just can't continue to go on like this?

Erica: I don't believe you. You have no idea what my husband has been going through after all these months, no idea whatsoever. You have no right to make a judgment on -- on my decisions, on my life, on my marriage.

Jeff: Maybe, Erica, but I sure as hell have a right to comment on my son.

Josh: What the hell are you doing?

[Standing on a table, Jamie pretends to smash a bug with a rolled up magazine.]

Julia: Oh! There it is!

Jamie: Got it!

Julia: Oh.

Jamie: Oh -- a spider the size of an SUV.

Julia: Just came out of nowhere. Thank God Jamie was here. I hate creepy-crawly things -- especially spiders.

Joe: If that spider was the patient with the problem, I believe it's out of my hands. Everything under control?

Jamie: Absolutely.

Josh: Sorry, Dr. Martin. Must be the wrong room. I'll find out what's going on.

Joe: Yes, you do that.

Jamie: Hands are quicker than the eye.

Julia: Ears like a bat.

J.R.: I get the anger, but hating Babe doesn't solve anything.

Kendall: Oh, we passed hate way back when she stole Bianca’s baby. You know what would solve things -- Babe gets smart, realizes she's completely outgunned, and leaves Fusion for good.

Babe: I belong here just as much as any of you.

Simone: Oh, oh, oh, oh, so not true, sweet thing. See, you slid in on Greenlee’s payback.

Danielle: No one wanted you then, we don't want you now.

Erin: There are -- are just so many other places you could go where people wouldn't despise you.

Kendall: See? J.R., I'm not the only one who can't stand Babe. I mean, she can stay if she wants to -- that's her choice -- but it's going to be hell for her around here. We will have no mercy -- you can count on that.

J.R.: "If her lipstick doesn't kill you, she will"? Ok, ladies, have your fun, then get over it. Lay off Babe.

Kendall: If you want to stop me, you'll have to take me down for good, or get Babe out of here -- for good.

Zach: I'll be in touch.

Dixie: Thank you, Zach, for everything. You know, I'm really glad J.R. has you in his corner.

Tad: Well, J.R.’s got enough trouble without having to worry about Zachy Walnuts.

Dixie: You know, Zach’s not a gangster.

Tad: Ok. My bad. I didn't mean to criticize your white knight.

Dixie: Zach is trying to help. He's been an enormous support. We're friends, we're just friends.

Tad: Absolutely, just friends.

Dixie: You know, it is possible for a man and a woman to be close and platonic.

Tad: What about Ian Wells? Was he just a friend? Mr. Platonic? Or was it a little more than that?

Dixie: You son of a bitch. You've been investigating me?

Tad: Well, you can hardly be surprised. I am an investigator -- that's what I do.

Dixie: Did you find what you were looking for? Some dirt to throw?

Tad: I wasn't looking for dirt. I was looking for Kate.

Dixie: So you dug up every move I made?

Tad: Part of finding our daughter is figuring out what you did, where you were. I was just hoping I could pick up something that you had missed.

Dixie: Do you want to fight about this?

Tad: No, no, I don't want to fight. I -- I'm just curious. Did you think for a second that I wouldn't find out?

Dixie: It's not relevant.

Tad: The hell it isn’t. The way you've been carrying on since you got back, slogging all over the world, desperately looking for Kate, living on nothing but misery and gruel?

Dixie: That's hardly the way I explained it.

Tad: It really must've been tough for you out there on the Loire Valley sipping wine, eating brie.

Dixie: Tad, I don't believe I owe you an apology, especially considering you were engaged to my sister?

Tad: I'm not looking for an apology. You're right. We were divorced. But I got to say, the ultralux lie thing really puts a different spin on your time away.

Dixie: How dare you. I never stopped looking for Kate.

Tad: You mean in between peeling grapes with your teeth and jumping in and out of feather beds?

Dixie: That's not how it happened.

Tad: Doesn't matter anyway. It's not about us. It's about Kate.

Dixie: You're damn right it's about Kate. There is no "us."

Kendall: Now, I may be stuck with Babe as a partner, but you -- I don't want to see your face. I want your face out of here right now. Babe, get him out of here now before I do something I will not regret -- now.

Babe: Ok. Let's go.

J.R.: No, you know, that's fine. But give Babe the benefit of the doubt, like you did your lying husband.

Kendall: Get out!

J.R.: Zach is a liar.

Kendall: Out. Damn what the hell are you guys looking at? There is something called "work." Do it, now. Do it. It's called "work." That was a group order.

Simone: You don't get to order me around anymore. I'm a partner and your friend. What happened to playing it cool, huh? Not letting him get to you? Honey, we all know that J.R. is a liar. Oh, my God, you -- you think J.R. told the truth about Zach and Dixie.

J.R.: My mom is just one, big surprise -- never in a good way.

Babe: Then skip to the worst, J.R. Stuff isn't always what it seems, and you know how much Zach loves Kendall.

J.R.: Yeah, well, the whole time he's been playing the devoted husband. But before that, he's been helping my mother. He's -- he's helped her hide. He's -- he's kept her damn secret, let her spy on us. Now she's trying to find my sister -- who does she turn to? Not Dad, not me, not my family -- Slater.

Babe: That doesn't mean that there's anything going on between them.

J.R.: Yeah, well, whatever's going on between them, I don't want her anywhere near him. He's gunning for me -- that means he's got my family in his sights. I have to do something about that. I got to stop him.

Babe: J.R.? No, you don't have to do anything.

[J.R. sighs]

J.R.: You see, I go from zero to full attack in, like, two seconds. I shouldn't worry about that. I have to concentrate on you and Little Adam.

Babe: Thanks. And thank you for sticking up for me with Kendall.

J.R.: I'll give it another shot if you want.

Babe: My hero. Look, I can handle myself. I am the former numero uno on Pine Valley’s most-hated list. Bullies and bitches -- total snap.

J.R.: Yeah, but you shouldn't have to. You've proven how good you are, like, a thousand times over. You've probably dropped to numero ocho at least. You know, the reason why you're putting up with all this garbage is because of me. Why don't you just give up Fusion?

Jamie: Hmm, blood-draw kits?

Man: Half a dozen.

Jamie: Cool. Bandages, gauze?

Man: Full count.

Julia: Early-morning admissions, post-ops, pre-ops, no ops. I'll take the post and pres, you take the no ops.

Nurse: Sure.

Julia: Ok, maybe if we're lucky, we'll get this done before the next wave.

Jamie: All right, all locked and loaded.

Josh: It's got to stop.

Jamie: The national deficit, terrorism, spam -- what?

Josh: Nurse Keefer and you. End it.

Jamie: There's nothing to end.

Josh: Don't play me. You guys are together every chance you can get -- here at work, dinner at the Yacht Club.

Jamie: Well, I would've asked you, but you're kind of not my type.

Josh: Nurse Keefer has a hard enough time without you distracting her.

Jamie: What is it with you and Julia? I mean, you give her such a hard time. I get it. Secret fantasy?

Josh: Keefer? Not even close.

Jamie: Is it me, then, because you might want to go somewhere else there, buddy.

Josh: You want to make it around here? Lose the attitude. Your grandaddy's chief of staff -- that doesn't make you golden, so cram the BS or I'll do something about it.

Jamie: Oh, as if I'm scared of you.

Josh: I outrank you.

Joe: And I outrank both of you. What the hell is going on?

Jeff: Is that why you want to keep Josh's secret -- because you don't want your husband to find out?

Erica: I'm trying to protect Josh -- and Jackson. Jack's daughter has just turned his life upside down. She has Autism Spectrum Disorder, she's 18, and she just eloped with a man who Jack completely hates. I mean, the last thing that Jack needs is any more stress.

Jeff: So you're into sparing your husband and the hell with our son's welfare, hmm?

Erica: As a matter of fact, if it weren't for me, Josh would be in prison. I had all I could do to keep Jack from pressing assault charges against Josh.

Jeff: Assault? Josh?

Erica: Your son drugged me. He was the supervising producer of my show, "New Beginnings," but he wanted to be the star, so he slipped me an antipsychotic drug hoping that I would humiliate myself on the air. What he didn't plan for is the fact that I nearly killed my daughter's husband.

Jeff: Oh, my God.

Erica: So don't be under any illusions that Josh is noble like the Martins, because Josh has already done considerable damage, and God knows what he would do if he knew the truth.

Jeff: Well, that is exactly why we should tell him.

Erica: Oh, stop it. Stop spinning this to just suit what you want.

Jeff: No, I want what's right for Josh. I mean, finding out all of this --- I mean, this just might be what he needs to know that he's not genetically predisposed to be a twisted megalomaniac like Greg Madden.

Greg: Help me.

[After weakly pleading for help, Greg loses consciousness.]

Kendall: Everything out of J.R.’s mouth is a lie. It's just I -- I see him and it hits me all over again. I want to yell and scream and throw things at him. I mean, he gets to go home, and he gets to be with his son and give him a bath and feed him and read him stories. And Spike is in a plastic box. He's fighting for every breath he takes. And it's not fair.

Simone: No, it's not, but Spike will pull through this, and you have your friends and your family and your husband, who loves you to pieces, who would do anything in the world for you, Kendall. You know that. He would solve any problem, answer any question. So why not just ask Zach?

Zach: Ask him what?

J.R.: Babe, you don't need to take the abuse. Why fight a battle that's not yours? It's mine. I don't want you in the crossfire.

Babe: Hmm. Kevlar vests, funky colors, full pockets for the cosmetics -- it's a total must-have for the fall season.

J.R.: Babe, I'm serious. Let them buy you out. They've offered you money before. Why don't you take them for top dollar? I'll stake the rest. You can start your own company.

Babe: Just like that?

J.R.: Well, Babe, I'm serious. You go head-to-head with Fusion, you're going to blow them out of the water.

Babe: J.R., I know absolutely zip about business. The -- the spreadsheets, the databases, the quarterly reports, and the gross-net thing? No, it would be a total disaster.

J.R.: Come on. I'll set up the topflight team. All you got to do is come up with outrageous must-have cosmetics. Besides, you're going to be away from those bloodsucking bimbos.

Babe: I don't want to. I can't. I -- I want to make this work.

J.R.: And get shredded every day? Never being able to make the right decisions in their eyes? I mean, and on top of that, they're going to pile on all this crud just at your expense, for the fun of it.

Babe: I've been through worse.

J.R.: What do you think? If you work hard enough, suddenly Kendall’s going to just forgive you, want to be friends with you again?

Babe: That's not why I'm doing this. I have so much to learn, and I'm getting pretty good at it. And I’m working on this presentation. And I have to say, it totally rocks.

J.R.: So take it with you. Leave them behind.

Babe: Look, I know that they were jerks. But that's not who they are, and I love this company. And I love how people can pull together, and it's a total group effort.

J.R.: To hang you.

Babe: J.R., Fusion is really special. It started with a few friends in their kitchen and grew to be a major contender. Why would I go off and try to re-create something that I'm a part of right now?

J.R.: You know, Kendall’s not going to stop. Not until there's nothing left of you.

Babe: I can handle it. And it may take eons, but maybe I can make Kendall understand. Maybe my love for this company will win out.

Kendall: Hi. I didn't expect to see you.

Zach: Well --

Simone: You know, I'm going to go back to work. Zach, it's nice to see you.

Zach: Nice to see you. Everything ok?

Kendall: Yeah, yeah. Just -- you know, getting back into the craziness.

Zach: Hey. New campaign. Oh, wow.

Kendall: Yeah, it's bold. The girls were having a little surprise there for Babe.

Zach: Uh-huh. What's going on?

Kendall: Nothing. Just, you know, trying to get back into it. And J.R. and Babe here in my face.

Zach: J.R. was here?

Kendall: Yeah, I couldn't get him to leave. It was him and his stupid, annoying, trashy wife. I wanted to kill them.

Zach: Shouldn't be anywhere near you.

Kendall: I handled it.

Zach: Why didn't you call me?

Kendall: Just because a woman gets into a bad situation doesn't mean you have to come riding to her rescue, does it?

Zach: I'd do anything for you, you know that, right?

Kendall: I know, of course. Just, J.R., you know, he was talking trash. He wouldn't shut his mouth, and I got -- you know, I sort of lost it.

Zach: What did you say?

Kendall: Hmm. You would have been proud of me. I listened to you. I did. No blood. Just -- I was a little -- you know, a little loud, but I -- at least I didn't take this letter opener and stab him in the face.

Zach: That's impressive.

Kendall: Yeah. So -- so what exactly is the reason you don't want to go after J.R.?

Dixie: Look, I'm really sorry if you're hurt that I had a relationship with somebody else, but you and I ended a long time ago.

Tad: Don't flatter yourself.

Dixie: Oh. Well, you brought Ian up for a reason. Do you have a point?

Tad: Just that the Dixie I knew --

Dixie: No, you don't get to do that.

Tad: Well, now, you're going to make the rules?

Dixie: You know, you don't like who I am, that's tough, you know? That's just too bad.

Tad: I am trying to understand the situation, ok? Back in the day, there was one thing I could count on -- if you said you were going to do something, then you did it. If you made a promise, you kept it. Since Kate was born, you have done things that -- I -- you know, I just don't understand. You know, just when I think I got things down, this -- this mogul lands in my lap, and it blows up. It's like I don't even know you anymore.

Dixie: I take it that's not a compliment.

Tad: I'm just trying to wrap my head around it.

Dixie: Ok, you want facts? I'll give you facts. Ian had some money. Actually, he had quite a bit of money. I needed a lot of help. He supported me while I looked for Kate.

Tad: Out of the goodness of his heart. What a guy.

Dixie: He took care of me.

Tad: And you took care of him?

Dixie: Nice. I had been looking for Kate by myself for a long time. I needed someone.

Tad: You had someone. You had an entire family you could fall back on. You could have called me at any moment. My phone number never changed.

Dixie: Ian had money, power, and connections that you don't have, Tad.

Tad: And yet, here you are without Kate. So I guess he didn't have enough money, power, or connections. So what happened? I mean, did you just get bored? Or did -- did he seek another distraction?

Dixie: Ian helped me look for Kate for almost a year.

Tad: Huh. Well, you know something? I wouldn't have quit after "almost a year." I will be looking for our daughter for the rest of my life, if that's what it takes.

Joe: What is it with this constant quarrelling?

Josh: Jamie is completely insubordinate. He does anything he can to make working together as difficult as possible. His behavior is completely unprofessional.

Joe: Is it something specific I should know about?

Jamie: Yeah, Josh, go for it. What have I done that's got you so ticked off?

Josh: Well, it's more of a "who" than a "what."

Jamie: You going to throw down some accusations with no facts?

Josh: Oh, I've seen enough.

Jamie: Oh, you haven't seen anything.

Joe: All right, all right, all right. That's enough, that's enough, that's enough. Now, look, grandson of mine or not, it is absolutely vital to the running of this hospital that we respect one another. Doctors, interns, orderlies -- it doesn't matter. We're a team. One more thing, Jamie. I won't tolerate insubordination for any reason. Is that clear?

Jamie: Yeah.

Joe: Yeah. Josh, if you have a complaint against Jamie, make it through the proper channels, not, for God’s sake, here in the hallways of a hospital. You understand that?

Josh: Yes, sir.

Joe: All right. Now, get back to work, both of you.

Josh: I'll be watching you.

Jamie: Then I'll make sure I look my best. Ok, pumpkin?

[Music plays]

Erica: What good would it do Josh to know the truth? How does it help him to learn that his mother didn't want him? I mean, when Greg Madden almost told Josh the truth, he thought that Greg was talking about Emily Madden not wanting him. And he got very upset, and he didn't believe him. Now, as horrible as Greg Madden is, Josh believes that his parents loved him. His mother is dead, and Greg Madden seems to be gone forever. So why not let the past stay as it is?

Jeff: Because the truth always comes out, whether you want it to or not. Erica, you took down our marriage -- with a secret you never thought would see the light of day, but it did. I wasn't even the first to know. My father was.

Erica: I apologize for that.

Jeff: But if you had been straight with me right from the beginning -- trusted me enough to understand -- maybe you and I would have had a chance. No, but you did it your way. You held on to your little secret. You lied, and you covered up, and you took down our marriage.

Erica: So this is payback time? You're going to get back at me by marching straight up to Josh and tell him the truth?

Jeff: No, I'm going to give it considerable thought. We'll see what the consequences are.

Erica: No, you're not, you're going to tell him. And you made up your mind right away. The second you find out that you had a son, you decided you were going to tell him the truth.

Jeff: I haven't decided anything yet. Oh, but this time around, the decision is going to be mine.

Singer: Telling you the same old thing but promises aren't vague

J.R.: Brains, talent, guts -- I'd hate to see you waste them just because you're trying to prove something.

Babe: Kendall is a challenge, but you know how much I love a challenge. Odds are against me. Everyone thinks I'm going to be dust. Makes me want it even more.

J.R.: Yeah, and I love you for it, but Fusion is so not worth it.

Babe: That's what a lot of people said about you. But I knew better. Look, I am never going to forget what happened, but I'm going to do my damndest to work through to the forgiveness part. Step by step.

J.R.: And there's a lot of steps to go.

Babe: From the guest room back to the bedroom. Hopefully, we can get back what we had -- total trust and peace. And it's a similar situation with Kendall right now. Her baby's right there, but she can't hold him or touch him, can't help him. Everything is so new and so fresh. And I hurt for her and everything that she's going through, and I don't blame her for her anger and her hate. But I'm hoping that one day, maybe when Spike is home and he's healthy, maybe Kendall can work on forgiving. And I know that it could take years, but if I can get past what happened, maybe she can, too.

Zach: Hmm. Babe is J.R.’s punishment. And J.R. is hers. Leave them to each other. You have a son that loves you, a husband who loves you, and you're happy and healthy.

Kendall: Translation -- leave J.R. alone.

Zach: Let's try. For now.

Kendall: What do you think? It's too much? Too angry? Too much revenge? Too -- too bitter?

Zach: Ahem -- no, no, I think it's very clever. It's good. You want Babe out of Fusion, this is the way to do it. You're better off without her.

Kendall: So if I put pins in her voodoo doll, you won't ride to her rescue?

Zach: What did J.R. say to you?

Kendall: Nothing worth repeating.

Zach: Let me take you home.

Kendall: I -- I can't. I got a lot of things I want to finish around here first. Um -- yeah, but you know what? When I'm ready, I have the driver. I promise.

Zach: Call me if you need me.

[Being more careful, Julia places a “Quarantine” sign in front of the door where she has a rendezvous with Jamie, but when he grabs her in a passionate clinch and smashes her against the door, the sign falls down. Oblivious, Julia removes Jamie’s top and continues to make out with the young intern.]

Singer: Take me in your arms grab me up in ecstasy

Jack: Are you all right?

Singer: Tell me you will forever be

Erica: Oh, oh -- who wouldn't be? I mean, the sea and the air and the breeze -- it's just glorious.

Jack: Yeah, well, that's a load of nonsense, now, isn't it? As was, I suspect, the story you fed me about Jeff Martin.

Erica: A meal with my ex-husband -- not much to tell.

Jack: I'm sure there's plenty to tell. And now, we're going to sit down and have a cup of coffee, and you're going to tell me all about it.

Singer: No, no, oh rescue me tonight tonight

Dixie: Tad, what if I had called you up and announced that I had given our daughter away? Because I thought you would blame her for my death and wouldn't be able to truly love her. How would you have felt? What would you have done?

Tad: No, the question is, what do you think I would have done? Do you honestly believe I would have taken it out on our child? That I would have washed my hands of her for something that you had done?

Dixie: I didn't know how you'd feel. That was the point. I knew how Ian felt about me. I did what I had to do.

Tad: I'll bet he was great.

Dixie: Oh, God, don't be an ass.

Tad: Is it over -- between you and him?

Dixie: You want to know? Why don't you investigate?

Tad: Hmm. You don't understand. See, I'm going to find our daughter. No question. I don't know how you see this thing playing out, but I'll tell you what's not going to happen. You're not going to take my daughter away from me again. When I do find her, if you want to go back to Europe and run into the arms of your Eurotrash, you go right ahead, but you're going to be doing it alone. Because Kate will be staying in Pine Valley with me.

Babe: You know, I've had enough of this place for one day. Let's get home and snuggled away, huh?

J.R.: That sounds like a plan to me.

Babe: You know, he wants a pony?

J.R.: I think it's you that wants the pony.

Babe: What -- J.R.!

[A large metal object comes crashing down next to J.R.]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Kendall (to Dixie): How is it when you had no one on your side, you convinced my husband to be your best bud?

David (to Zach): Madden is mine, and I'm not going to help you or anyone else dig that guy out of hiding.

Erica (to Jack): I have been keeping something from you. Josh Madden is my son.

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