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Joe: I got your page.

Jeff: Actually, it's my page.

Joe: Good Lord. Good Lord. Ah! So glad you're here.

Lily: Jonathan will be fine. Soon we'll go home and things will be good again.

Jack: Lily, what are you doing? I come here to find Kendall, and I see you. What -- what -- did Jonathan do something to you? Did Jonathan hurt you?

Lily: No, that's an incorrect assumption, because you think that everything Jonathan does is bad or wrong. My husband fell down.

Jack: Could you give us just a minute, please?

Lily: No, why do you want her to leave?

Jack: Because I'd like to speak to you in private, Lily.

Lily: Amanda, don't go anywhere. You and I don't need to talk. You should leave. I don't want you here.

Jonathan: [Normal voice] My -- my head.

Erin: Should I go get the doctor? I could --

Jonathan: I was in the park with Lily, then the pain, dizziness and -- I blacked out. Something must've shifted. I mean, nerves, synapses -- I don't know. And then I -- I woke up here, but I -- I really woke up.

Erin: Yeah.

Jonathan: I'm not wading through mental fog right now. I'm not fighting to find the words to make a sentence. I sound -- Erin, how do I sound?

Erin: You sound -- like you. You sound like Jonathan. You sound like the old Jonathan.

Jonathan: Could that happen?

Erin: I don't understand.

Jonathan: Does it --

Erin: I don't know.

Jonathan: Can that just go back to normal like the tumor and the surgery never happened? Oh, God, Erin, I'm not impaired. I'm not challenged. I'm back.

[Courtroom buzzes]

Adam: This is -- this is absurd. The DA has dropped all charges. This is over.

Erica: My daughter will be heard. You can't stop it.

Mr. Blaine: Your Honor, with all due respect --

Judge: Be quiet.

[Courtroom quiets]

Judge: This is my court. I will decide who will be heard. It's a little late for a surprise witness.

Kendall: Well, I'm here now -- J.R. Chandler's real victim, Kendall Slater. The other victim, my son, couldn't rush in to testify, because he's an infant, and he's still fighting for his life in an incubator. We're the ones J.R. Chandler almost killed.

DA: If I may, Your Honor, we would like to hear what Mrs. Slater here has to say.

Kendall: I've got the goods, Your Honor. J.R. Chandler told me everything. He confessed to me. You're busted, J.R. Nobody leaves this room until you pay.

Greg: One breath, one moment. One breath, one moment.

[Greg screams when he sees his skeletal hands in a dream.]

Adam: This is ridiculous, Your Honor.

Mr. Blaine: If opposing counsel wanted to produce a witness, this is --

Judge: Everyone, sit down and shut up.

Kendall: J.R. Chandler is a liar and his wife is a walking waste. If you don't give a crap about the truth --

Judge: Watch your language. Order.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Mr. Blaine: Look, if I may, Your Honor?

Judge: Make it fast.

Mr. Blaine: My client's deluded misstatement of guilt is obviously the result of alcoholic dementia and his wife's admitted manipulations. He was obviously misled and mistaken when he apologized to Mrs. Slater.

Kendall: You mean that load he shoveled in front of my husband and my child's father? Well, ok. You can lie about that one. Babe can claim that she brainwashed J.R.ís drunken brain cells into the big apology number two -- that's fine. I'm here about his original confession to me and only me -- before J.R. even realized he was a suspect. Your Honor, J.R. Chandler admitted that he lured his wife into a trap and almost killed me and my son, before jail and court and charges, before his idiot wife even knew what he'd done. I heard them both. Babe couldn't have fed him any BS manipulation at that point. His confession then had to be the truth. I heard every word, J.R. It's too bad for you I didn't die.

Jonathan: It started in New York when I got that guy away from Lily.

Erin: Yeah.

Jonathan: The pain was bad, it was real bad, but I was more scared than anything, because like you thought -- I mean, with the tumor back, when I turned into that -- that sicko, that thing that locked Lily down in the cave, did all those horrible things, I mean -- Lily, Erin, of all people, Lily --

Erin: No, the CAT scan came back clear, all right?

Jonathan: "Perfectly normal"?

Erin: Yeah, ok. So you remember the cave, you remember New York, you remember following Lily.

Jonathan: Every detail.

Erin: Yeah?

Jonathan: God. Everything's -- everything's faster, sharper, clearer.

Erin: You married Lily.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Erin: Yeah.

Jonathan: She married me.

Erin: When you were, you know, how you were and -- and now you're -- you're Jonathan. I mean, God, if you're back -- if you're back, what happens to your marriage?

Lily: Jonathan's my husband, and I won't listen to anything false or negative you have to say about him.

Jack: Ok. I'm sorry I jumped to conclusions. I -- I hope Jonathanís ok or will be soon.

Lily: Thank you for being so helpful to me and Jonathan and for being happy for us in our marriage. I'll call you when I know how Jonathan is.

Amanda: You need anything, Lily, call me. That was stupid. I know better than that -- no hugging, no touching. Just thank you, take care.

Jack: See you, Amanda.

Amanda: All right.

Jack: This must be very difficult for you -- I mean, given Jonathanís medical history, everything he's been through.

Lily: I worry for him.

Jack: You know, sweetheart, the doctors may want to keep him here for a while just -- just for observation. I'd love it if you'd come home in the meantime. We could catch up a little bit, spend some time.

Lily: My home is with Jonathan now.

Erica: Why is this even up for debate? My daughter is the victim and she has crucial evidence.

Mr. Blaine: Oh, this is not an evidentiary proceeding, Your Honor.

DA: No, just a bait and switch on the client's part.

Bianca: Your Honor, my sister came here from her hospital bed.

Mr. Blaine: Surely the District Attorney doesn't want my --

David: Maybe you can share a cell with Madden. One of you is bound to kill the other. The other will get life for murder -- win-win.

Babe: Leave him alone.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Judge: This is a hearing, not a trial, and no one speaks unless I allow them to.

Bianca: Sit down.

Judge: I haven't held Mrs. Slater in contempt, because I wanted to hear her out. Now, I would like to hear her under oath. Bailiff, swear in Kendall Slater. You may take the stand.

Lily: You want Jonathan to be sick. You think if I'm alone, I'll turn back into a little girl that lives with you.

Jack: No, honey, I don't think you'll ever be a little girl again. But I will always love you, no matter how angry you get at me or how much we don't agree.

Lily: Well, Jonathan and I have agreed to disagree. And he taught me that love is when you want someone else to be happy, and you don't want me to be with Jonathan, and that makes me happy. Therefore, you don't really love me.

Jack: Huh.

Aidan: Hey. Lily, Jonathanís awake, and he asked to see you.

Lily: Oh. Thank you.

Aidan: Apparently, Lilyís joy isn't contagious, huh?

Jack: You got me, Aidan. I'd rather see Jonathan hit by a truck then have him spend one more day as my daughter's husband.

Jonathan: Lily and I aren't over, Erin. We've just started. And now -- now I can really support her. I mean, I -- not have to scrape by on minimum wage. Forget the studio apartment. I -- I can give Lily a home -- a yard and vacations, MIT and grad school. I can -- I can support her and take care of her in so many more ways now, whatever she needs.

Erin: Whoa. What about what you need? Though, I mean, things are different. You're -- you're different now. What was enough before -- it might not be enough now.

Jonathan: You mean sex.

Erin: You have changed, and Lily hasnít.

Jonathan: No, she hasn't, you're right. She's still perfect. Lily chose me, loves me. And I want to spend the rest of my life trying to deserve her.

Kendall: "Babe was supposed to walk through that door, not you" -- J.R.ís words, an admission, a confession to clarify that he did it, no one else. J.R. arranged for his wife to meet him at the Fusion construction area where the building supplies would topple over onto her head and take her down. He missed. He got me instead. He said it, I heard it. Everything else here you heard today from Babe and J.R. -- it's just lies.

Mr. Blaine: One question.

Judge: Go on.

Mr. Blaine: How exactly did you respond to Mr. Chandler's alleged statement?

Kendall: Well, what do you think I did? I freaked out. The guy was supposed to be my best friend, and to find out that he was the reason I had to fight for my life and my child's life made me sick.

Mr. Blaine: Except I asked you what you did. What action did you take? Did you slap J.R.? Did you warn Babe? Did you yell? Did you call a nurse? Did you call the police? What exactly did you do?

Kendall: Well, I couldn't exactly beat him senseless if that's what you mean. I stayed in my hospital bed where J.R. put me.

Mr. Blaine: More specifically, where you were in a coma, when you claim to have heard this -- a coma, being defined as "a state of deep unconsciousness." Your Honor, the dreams of a comatose patient are not admissible evidence in this or any court.

Kendall: No -- you can't just blow this off. He confessed to my face, Your Honor. Tell them the truth.

Lily: You're awake. How do you feel?

Jonathan: Ok. Hmm -- more than ok, Lily. It's -- it's really amazing, actually.

Lily: You don't even have to tell me. I can see for myself.

Jack: Aidan, you once told my daughter that you were her boyfriend just to save her from having a broken heart. Now, has she changed so much, is she so much stronger now than she was then?

Aidan: Maybe she's always been strong, Jack, and we just couldn't see it.

Jack: Is this about Erin? Is Erin the reason you're all of a sudden Jonathan Laveryís number one fan? Because I can remember a time when you wanted nothing more than to exact revenge on Jonathan for his killing our friend Edmund and your mate Steve.

Aidan: Well, things change. Children become adults, and they fall in love, and they get married.

Jack: Yeah, well, not everything changes. All those people that Jonathan murdered -- they're still dead. I'm not sure at all about all this tumor stuff and all this wrongly prescribed antipsychotics or any other excuse that Laveryís tried to fly, but I am sure that he was a woman-beating, homicidal maniac. Now, what assurances do I have that he won't one day be those very same things again?

Aidan: Did you see Lilyís smile when I mentioned that Jonathan was awake? It lit up the room, even one with bad paint and fluorescent lights.

Jack: Yeah? Well, that doesn't exactly answer the question, now, does it?

[Aidan sighs]

Jack: Look, I know I'm the bad guy, the one that doesn't want to see Lily happy, but let me tell you something, Aidan. If one day you're fortunate enough to be a father, you will choose safe over happy for your daughter every day of the week.

Aidan: If Lily was my daughter, I would give Jonathan a big thank-you, and I would mean it, because that man saved your daughter's life.

Judge: Counselors? I want this mess cleaned up. Do we have a case or not? I'm calling a brief recess while you figure it out.

Bailiff: All rise.

Kendall: Hey. The judge can't just ignore me, right, and just -- and just believe those two? I mean --

Bianca: Well, it may not be all his call.

Kendall: Just because I couldn't blast him doesn't mean I didn't hear him.

Erica: We need some expert testimony on comas, doctors. I'm going to make some calls.

Bianca: You actually remember hearing J.R. admit everything?

Kendall: Yeah. Blah, blah, Dixie, blah, blah, Babe, blah, blah, almost killed me and my son.

Erica: Did you hear anything else?

Kendall: Yeah, I heard other sounds and voices.

Ryan: This cannot be good for you, all right? You're getting yourself all worked up. You need to rest.

Bianca: You -- you remember everything from your room?

Kendall: If someone said it, I heard it. Now, I know I don't remember everything right now, but I will.

Zach: Was anyone else there -- a nurse, orderly, anything that could've heard something?

Kendall: Hmm. Only Babe. The pathetic skank who he tried to kill was the one who heard him confess. She's -- I mean, she's disgusting. Why am I even surprised?

Erica: Yeah, as if that piece of trash hasn't already hurt our family enough.

Kendall: Well, if J.R. gets off, it's on Babeís head.

Babe: I'll be right back.

J.R.: Ahem.

Ryan: Ahem.

J.R.: Kendall, please --

Ryan: You know what? You know what? Let's do this another time, because I can't kill you in a courtroom, can I? Can I kill him in a courtroom?

Zach: I think it's ok.

Ryan: Yeah?

J.R.: Kendall, could you please hear me out?

Babe: I remember this feeling. It still makes my stomach turn -- knowing that I've let you down, that I've done something that you'll never understand and never forgive.

Bianca: All your promises to make things right, to make it up to me and my family, and this is what you do? You're lying to protect the man who almost killed my sister and her baby.

Babe: You and Kendall -- you two, you have the fiercest love that I've ever seen, the way that you stand up for each other, the way that she hates me because of what I did to you and how you clearly feel about what I'm doing to her. Look, I know that you are worried about your sister and her tiny little baby, but I promise you, Bianca -- J.R. truly does love Kendall and he would never purposely hurt her, so you don't have to worry about her anymore.

Bianca: Right now, I'm worried about you.

J.R.: I wish -- I wish that I could make this up to you and your son somehow, to make this better.

Kendall: There is a way.

J.R.: Name it.

Kendall: Feel helpless and useless and terrified. Can't move, can't speak, can't protect yourself from the freak who tried to kill you. Feel your life slipping away and there's nothing you can do to stop it. And the fear, J.R., the pure terror that you will never see your child.

J.R.: I do know that fear.

Kendall: Well, feel it again, J.R. Feel it from inside a cell for the next 5 to 10 years like you were supposed to, and when that's over, when you're done, you feel it some more. That's what you can do for me.

J.R.: My son needs me.

Ryan: Wow. Well, my son needs tubes, oxygen, and an incubator to stay alive. It's not over for us, so it's not over for you, J.R. I mean, I -- I get it. It was an accident. You accidentally almost killed Kendall and, you know, accidents happen, man. You know, like maybe Janet Dillon will accidentally get out of Oak Haven. You remember her, don't you? Maybe then you'll know what fear feels like.

J.R.: It should've never happened.

Erica: Oh, you got that right. You and your wife, J.R., you're as guilty as sin.

Julia: I'm sorry I'm not going to be able to stay for the judge's ruling.

Jamie: You heading out?

Julia: I have some things I have to take care of.

Jamie: I hear you.

David: I'm Dr. David Hayward. I can testify to Kendallís cognitive capabilities. Just put me on the stand, and J.R. will do time.

DA: Dr. Hayward, you have been on the wrong side of the court way too many times for anyone to listen.

David: Moron. I'll just have to do this myself -- like everything else.

Babe: You're worried about me?

Bianca: Have you totally spaced on the last two years? J.R. lied, schemed, set you up, drugged you. You ended up in the hospital, then he put me in the hospital. He -- he bashed his brother in the skull with a pipe, and -- and then got him knifed. And now he almost killed my sister and her baby, and don't lie to yourself, Babe, he was after you. He wanted you dead. I don't know how you can protect somebody who would do that to you.

Babe: I'm not. I hate that person as much as everyone else does. I'm doing it for someone else -- for my son. And for the man that I met in San Diego, the one who could love and talk and be open and trust. Bianca, he's been trusting me the last few days. The look in his eyes, it's the real J.R.

Bianca: There's only one J.R., Babe. The one guy that -- love, hate, good, evil -- it's one person, the guy who will love you one day and try to kill you the next. If you think that we're talking about more than one person, you're delusional.

Babe: And I know that I may sound that way and that I may sound or seem desperate, desperate because I want J.R. to be decent, but I'm not delusional. I can grasp reality, and I am.

Bianca: Ok, prove it.

Babe: Ok, would -- would the J.R. who did all of those awful things -- would he admit to it? That right there, to me, is proof.

Bianca: He's found a way to weasel out of attempted murder charges -- that's the J.R. we all know.

Babe: And last night he held me for the last time, because he knew today he was going to prison.

Bianca: So why isn't he?

Babe: Because I asked him to. Because -- because I begged him to plead not guilty. I asked him to stay free for Little Adam and for me.

Bianca: You actually want your son to be around that violence and anger?

Babe: That can't be in him anymore. That -- that can't be who J.R. is. Look, I -- I know that you can't see it yet, but he is a good man, he's really trying to be. And if he goes to prison, he's just going to be hateful again or he could die, and I can't take that chance.

Bianca: How can you give a damn about him?

Babe: How can you even give a damn about me?

Bianca: I guess we're -- we're both trying to sort things out today.

Babe: And one of us is incredibly grateful. Thank you for caring about me, Bianca. Thank you with all my heart.

Dixie: Look, Zach, you're a wonderful man.

Zach: I thought we were friends. Why are you lying to me now?

Dixie: I -- I know you've already done so much for me already.

Zach: You're welcome.

Dixie: I just need to ask you one more favor.

Zach: Junior's not going to get away with what he did.

Dixie: He's my son.

Zach: He almost killed my wife.

Dixie: Look, do you remember when we first met, and we were standing by your son's grave? And do you remember what you told me, how you wished that you had tried more, that you had been able to do more for him? If only you'd had that chance.

Zach: But I didnít.

Dixie: But I do. Do you understand that? I do, and I have to grab it. I've already let him down a thousand times. I have to do everything that I can to help him now.

Zach: Good luck. Excuse me.

Dixie: Zach, listen to me. You have every right to want to go after J.R. Do you hear what I'm saying? I understand. All I'm asking you is please don't. Please don't hurt my son.

Tad: Dixie? The judge is back.

Lily: You look better. Do you see it, too?

Erin: Yeah, I do.

Jonathan: I feel different.

Lily: Does this mean no more headaches or dizziness?

Jonathan: No more.

Lily: I'm glad -- for you and me. My dad said that if you stayed here for a while, that I should go home. But I told him that my home is with you -- which can be here for a few days. I can sleep on the chair, and they'll have to let me, because I'm your next of kin, your wife. Isn't that so exciting? And when we get home, I can take care of you. With anyone else, I would be worried or frightened, but you make me so confident. I can do things for you, because we match, we're the same.

Aidan: Do you have any idea what Lily went through when she was in New York? While you were here ranting about evil Jonathan, Lily got picked up by a real predator. Your perfectly normal, everyday serial killer guy who fed her alcohol, conned her, and tried to rape her. Now, Jonathan barged in and saved your daughter's sanity, and he took a knock over the head while doing so, one that he's still feeling the effects from. So the guy that you want knocked over by a truck is the guy that saved your daughter's life, and he'd do it again in a heartbeat. Jonathan would do anything for Lily, because he loves her.

Lily: I never thought I would match anyone so well. But you and I, we fit together very nicely. Don't you think? And when we said ďTill death do us part,Ē I assumed that weíd have many decades to spend fitting together. So I'd like it very much if you wouldn't die or go away or change before our time is up.

Erin: No, Lily, change -- it can be wonderful. I mean, look -- look how love changed both of you. You grew, you've gotten closer, you know? Change -- it can be an amazing gift.

Lily: Yes, we've changed and grown together. And now we fit perfectly. Any more changes, and we wouldn't fit, and I don't want that. Do you?

[Jonathan shakes his head.]

Lily: Change is difficult for me. But I can handle a little bit, as long as you and I stay the same.

[Lily bends down and gives Jonathan a gentle hug.]

Jonathan: You hugged me.

Lily: I did. It felt good. But you still look different -- your eyes. And the creases in your forehead are gone. It's like you're rested, and everything's better now.

Erin: You know him so well, Lily. I -- it's very clear that you love him no matter what.

Jonathan: [As old Jonathan] Hmm -- no more headaches, Lily. I'm fine. I -- I really am. And my CAT scan? Dr. -- Dr. Josh said that it's perfectly normal.

Erin: Oh --

Jonathan: Not -- I'm no tumor in me. There's -- there's nothing bad in me at all.

Erin: Jon -- Jonathan, maybe -- maybe you need some rest, some time. I don't -- or -- or maybe we could wait to see if the doctors --

Jonathan: No, Erin, I don't need any rest. But, Lily, you -- you must be tired.

Lily: I am, but I'm very excited that you're ok.

Jonathan: Me, too. Me, too. Hmm -- you haven't eaten all day -- your -- your schedule. Aidan, can --

Aidan: I'll take care of it, I'll take care of it. Why don't we go to the cafeteria and get something to eat, huh? Want to come with me?

Lily: Oh. We'll be right back.

Jonathan: Please, get something to eat, ok?

Lily: Ok.

Erin: Jonathan?

[Jonathan sighs]

Erin: Oh, God, are -- are -- are you --

Jonathan: [Normal voice] Yes, Erin. Yes, I'm still here.

Joe: Did Erica give you those answers you wanted about your father?

Josh: The woman has a death grip on her secrets.

Joe: Sorry to hear that. Must be very frustrating for you -- and unfair.

Josh: Yeah, well, she gave me a piece of advice I might actually listen to for once.

Joe: Really? What did Erica say?

Josh: Sometimes it's better not to know.

Erica: He can't get away with what he did to you, and he wonít.

DA: Your Honor, given these new developments, we are unable to continue with our case against Mr. Chandler.

Judge: No one won here today, least of all the court. Case dismissed.

[Judge pounds gavel]

Bailiff: All rise.

Zach: Easy.

Erica: Criminal. Vile. Deceitful. Disgusting.

Kendall: He did it. He won.

Jamie: You didn't bolt.

J.R.: I didn't go to prison, either.

Jamie: The other thing -- I got it covered.

J.R.: You won't have to. Not now, not by yourself.

Jamie: You take care of your wife. I'll take care of the rest.

J.R.: No one's cheering. I'm not proud of what happened today. I know --

Ryan: You know nothing. Nothing, but I'm going to tell you what I know. I know that you'd be better off in prison.

Adam: Are you threatening my son?

Ryan: You see, actions have consequence, even for Chandlers. It's amazing to me that you two haven't learned that by now.

Tad: Are you going to be ok with this? Can you make it work?

J.R.: I have to.

Kendall: So, you saw Spike?

Opal: Hmm, yes indeed. His gorgeous cousin saw him, and Miranda just can't wait to hold that precious bundle.

Erica: Oh, and Miranda will. This precious girl will on the very, very next visit, which won't be long.

Miranda: I want to get down.

Bianca: You know, I feel funny leaving now. It feels wrong with -- with J.R. free and the charges dropped.

Kendall: Binks, you know we'll miss you like crazy, but it's ok to go.

Bianca: No, but everything is a mess.

Erica: Yes. But don't forget we're Kane women. We'll straighten out this mess -- when the time comes.

Adam: To the heroine of the hour. You saved my son, and you kept this family whole. So I say we celebrate. How about -- well, Pine Valley? The Valley Inn? No, no, New York. No, no, better than that -- the Chandler jet to Carmel. What'll it be?

Krystal: How about we just take a little choo-choo ride with Little A and give these two some time to talk?

Adam: Ah. You think it's too soon to give that boy his own real train?

J.R.: Hell of a day. Kendall up on the stand, telling the truth. You saving my life with a lie. Do you regret it?

Babe: No. But I have no clue what comes next. Do you?

J.R.: Not a clue.

Lily: Jonathan looks very healthy now, not like at the park at all.

Aidan: That's because you're the best medicine. You did the trick.

Lily: I'm not his medicine. I'm his wife, which I'm very happy about. Maybe his headaches are finally gone for good now.

Erin: Jonathan, how long do you think that you can pretend that you're -- you're still --

Jonathan: Cognitively impaired?

Erin: I -- I mean, the fact that you even know what those words are is -- yikes. Well -- um -- you know Lily trusts you, and you cannot lie to her.

Jonathan: Did you see that hug?

Erin: Yeah.

Jonathan: Lily's the bravest person I know.

Erin: Yes. So when are you going to tell her?

Jonathan: Never. Never. I love her.

[Erin sighs]

Jonathan: She loves me, but she loves me the way that I was.

Erin: You -- which you aren't anymore.

Jonathan: If Lily doesn't want me to change, then I will not change. All that matters to me is Lilyís happiness, Erin, and I will be the man that she needs me to be.

Joe: Josh, got a minute?

Josh: Absolutely, Dr. Martin.

Joe: Someone I'd like you to meet. Josh, this is my son Dr. Jeff Martin. And, Jeff, our most promising intern since you walked these halls -- Josh Madden.

Josh: Good to meet you, Dr. Martin.

Disguised voice: Dr. Madden? Did you enjoy your nap? What? No "Hello"? I was waiting all day for our chat. I'm hurt.

Greg: Just shut up, inane recording. You waste my breath, you waste my energy.

Disguised voice: Wrong, Dr. Madden. It's me, your host, alive and in person.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

J.R. (to Babe): Help me find us again.

Jonathan (to Erin): Promise me you won't tell my secret.

Jeff (to Erica): Josh may not be part of your life, but he could be part of mine.

Greg: Aah!

Disguised voice: If you have any last words, now would be a good time to say them.

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