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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 6/13/06


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Greg: [Muffled] Help me! Help me!

Josh: Did you hear that?

Amanda: That baseball game? Barely, but sounds like people are cheering. Maybe someone hit a homer.

Josh: No, it wasn't the game. I think I heard someone cry out.

Greg: Help! Help me! Help me!

Josh: There, did you hear that?

Amanda: I hear birds chirping and kids playing.

Josh: I know I'm not going crazy. I heard someone. Where the hell did it come from?

Lily: What are you writing?

Jonathan: A schedule.

Lily: Really? I love schedules. What kind?

Jonathan: A life schedule for -- for our lives together, as a married couple.

Lily: Well, that's a very good idea. Let me see it.

Jonathan: No. No -- no touching.

Lily: That's what I always say. My dad once told me that married couples sound like each other. Well, not literally sound like each other, but they say the same kinds of things. So we're like a real, normal married couple.

Jonathan: Yeah. Yeah, we -- we are.

Lily: And if we sound like each other, then we should think like each other, too, but I can't know what you're thinking unless you show me what you're writing.

Jonathan: You're -- you're sneaky.

Lily: Am I?

Jonathan: But in a good way. And you're also out of luck.

Erica: Who would disrupt the hearing? This was supposed to be cut-and-dried. J.R. is pleading guilty.

Ryan: Unless he's not.

Kendall: Oh, God, please tell me this isn't happening. Tell me Nurse Juliaís slipped me some sedatives in my water and this all in my head.

Bianca: Ok, ok, ok, guys, calm down. Let's just see what's going on before we jump to any conclusions.

Reporter: If you're just joining us, there are major developments under way in the courthouse, where Pine Valley young mogul J.R. Chandler was to be sentenced for attempted murder. This hearing was expected to be a mere formality. Mr. Chandler was to plead guilty to the charges brought against him, but we're just getting word of a shocking twist in the courtroom. Apparently, Babe Chandler, Mr. Chandler's wife, just announced to the court her husband did not commit the crime.

Erica: Oh --

Bianca: My --

Kendall: God.

Babe: Don't plead guilty, J.R. You can't. You did nothing wrong.

Krystal: What in Godís name are you up to now, Babe?

DA: You have given your statement, Mrs. Chandler. In fact, we are all here today because of your accusations against your husband.

David: My daughter is out of her mind.

Judge: I was under the impression this matter had been settled.

J.R.: This isn't right. She doesn't know what she's doing.

Lawyer: Your Honor, this is an unexpected turn of events for my client, as well as for the court.

Adam: Who cares what she's up to? Just go with it.

Judge: Mrs. Chandler, this court does not have the time or the patience for games.

Babe: This isn't a game, Your Honor. My husband is innocent. J.R. did not try to kill me. I made the whole thing up.

Reporter: According to our sources inside the courtroom --

Bianca: This makes zero sense. How can Babe say that J.R. didnít do it? She admitted it to all of us.

Reporter: She made up the story about her husband trying to kill her.

Bianca: Made it up?

Ryan: You've got to be kidding me.

Reporter: She's insisting her husband change his plea. No word on how J.R. Chandler is reacting to this shakeup, how it will affect his plea deal, or if his case will now go to trial.

Erica: Oh.

Reporter: Keep your televisions tuned to WRCW --

Ryan: I'm sorry, I cannot.

Erica: I knew it. Babe framed J.R. I knew that J.R. couldnít hurt Kendall.

Ryan: No, no, no way. I'm not buying this.

Erica: Ryan, you heard the same report I did. Babe Chandler just admitted in a court of law that she lied.

Ryan: Erica, Erica, it's a crock. She's covering for him. She has to be. Look, J.R. stood in this hospital in front of Kendall, in front of all of us, and he admitted to what he did. He admitted to almost killing our son, all right? And the only reason that I let him see the light of day is because he said he was going to pay for his crime, he was going to go to prison. But if he thinks that he can bail now --

Judge: Order! Order!

J.R.: Babe, what are you doing?

Babe: J.R., I made it up. You didn't do this.

Josh: Mr. Blaine, is your client entering his plea as planned or not?

Mr. Blaine: If it pleases Your Honor, I'd like to request brief recess to consult with my client.

Judge: Does the prosecution have any problem with that?

DA: Oh, none whatsoever. In fact, I have a few questions I'd like straightened out myself.

Tad: I'd say that covers just about everybody in here.

Judge: Very well. Court is in recess for 20 minutes.

Bailiff: All rise.

DA: Mrs. Chandler, I'd like a word with you, please.

Babe: We need to talk alone.

J.R.: There's nothing to talk about. I don't know what you're up to, but we both know I'm guilty, and I'm not changing my plea.

Babe: J.R., if you won't do it for me, please do it for our son.

Kendall: I almost lost my son because J.R. wanted Babe dead, and now she's saying that it never happened? I feel like I just got some more building supplies dropped on my head.

Erica: Oh, sweetheart, I hate to say it, but I think you have.

Bianca: It doesn't make any sense. I talked to Babe, and she was totally behind J.R. paying for what he'd done.

Erica: Oh, honey, come on. By now, surely you've learned that you can't trust Babe Carey.

Bianca: I -- I think that J.R. got to her somehow. I mean, nobody believed that he was just going to stand by and take his punishment. I think he was scamming us, and he -- he must be blackmailing her or something.

Kendall: Well, maybe he offered her a stack of cash and a plane ride to wherever she can tan year-round, because that's all it would take to turn Babeís head.

Bianca: That's not true.

Kendall: Ok. Ok, now I know I'm definitely hallucinating. Wait a minute. Mother, tell me, it was Babe who took Biancaís daughter, wasn't it? How can you sit here and defend her of all people -- you of all people.

Bianca: I am not defending her. I'm just trying to figure out what's going on here.

Erica: Ok, well, we're not going to fight among ourselves. Kendall, you're still recovering.

Kendall: I'm not going just going to lie here like the vegetable J.R. almost made me and do nothing. There is no way I'm going to just sit back and shut up.

Lily: At least give me a hint.

Jonathan: Hmm -- you mean, does it -- does it say things like "live happily ever after" or -- or "take nothing for granted"?

Lily: Does it?

Jonathan: You're going to have to wait and see.

[Lily laughs]

Lily: I wonder if all married couples have this much fun on their honeymoons. I wish it could stay like this forever.

Jonathan: Well, it can't always stay like this because pretty soon I'm going to have to get a new job.

Lily: Well, that's ok. It'll be a while before I go to MIT, too, so maybe I can get a job with Kendall at Fusion.

Jonathan: Fusion sells -- sells makeup, Lily. Red makeup.

Lily: I can wear my sunglasses.

Jonathan: Lily, you don't need makeup. You're too pretty without it. And -- and how will you know what to do?

Lily: Well, maybe I wouldn't have to work with the products. I could just help with the numbers.

Jonathan: Hey! No, cut it out. I told you, and -- now, I want this to be a surprise.

Lily: But I don't want a surprise. Just one peek.

Jonathan: No.

Lily: But it's my schedule, too.

Jonathan: You really want to see it? But you have to catch me first!

Lily: Jonathan!

Jonathan: Right here.

Lily: Whoo!

Jonathan: It's right here.

Lily: I want to see it!

Amanda: Maybe what you heard was an animal, like a cat stuck in a tree.

[Children playing]

Josh: No, maybe I'm just going crazy. Don't answer that.

Amanda: Listen, Josh, you need to cut yourself some slack, ok? You're letting all this garbage people are saying about your dad get to you and you shouldnít.

Josh: You know, it's pretty cool you're so faithful to my dad. If I ever see him again, I'll be sure to tell him, but I don't think he's ever coming back. So we should just let it go, both of us.

Amanda: My mom really is a basket case, and I can't let that go. And I'm willing to bet that you can't, either, even if you are buying into all this junk about your dad being a bad guy.

Josh: Well, bad, good, misunderstood, manipulative -- I have no idea which one of those applies to my father.

[Josh sighs]

Josh: I don't think I'll ever know who my father really is.

Greg: You probably think I just cracked. Or at least you will when you listen to this recording. Let me make it clear -- that was not fear. That was just an experiment. I can't take anything for granted. I don't know how long I'm going to be down here or whether I'll die down here. Josh, whether you hear this or not, I want you to know something. I collapsed on "New Beginnings," and you thought I'd been poisoned. You ran the tox report. I covered for Erica. But you were right. She did try to poison me. As hard as this is for you to hear this, as painful as it will be for you to hear the truth, your biological mother, Erica Kane, who so disregarded you she did not want to welcome you into the world. And even now, she knows you are her flesh and blood, she chooses her two daughters over you. She tried to kill the only man you've ever known as Father. I'm sorry, son. I tried to cover for her, only because I thought maybe she and I, we -- well, you see, I thought -- oh, God, not -- oh. God, no, not this.

Krystal: No. Where do you think you're going?

David: To talk some sense into that crazy daughter of ours.

Krystal: Like heck you are.

David: She's about to let the maniac that tried to kill her walk free. And you're ok with that?

Krystal: No, I am not ok with that. I hate it. But do you think she's going to listen to you?

David: Fine. Then you go and speak with her, ok? Talk her out of this. Drag her out of there by her hair if you have to, but get her away from that freak.

Krystal: I would love to. But no mama is welcome butting into her daughter's marriage, even when I am the mama and the crazy, mixed-up bride is my baby doll.

Babe: Did -- did you see the way that they all looked at me? They think I've completely gone off the rails.

J.R.: And you haven't?

Babe: You were supposed to plead guilty. We talked about it this morning. I saw you say good-bye to our son. It was a done deal. It -- I thought it was for the best.

J.R.: So what's changed?

Babe: I don't know. I saw you getting ready to open your mouth to enter that plea and -- and suddenly I just saw Little Adam growing up without his daddy, me raising him without my husband by my side, and I knew that I had to do something about it. I knew that if I let you open you mouth that it would -- it would be too late for us.

J.R.: "For us"? Babe, are you saying that there's still an "us"? Because you've been pretty clear since I tried to kill you.

Babe: I don't know how I feel. I -- oh, God, things were so great for us. We almost had it all. We were happy. Our son was happy. And then I saw everything crashing and burning, and I -- I knew that I had to do something to try to save what we had.

J.R.: All right, let me get this straight. By pleading not guilty, you're saying that there's a chance for you and me?

Babe: All I'm saying is that if you go to prison, any chance that we could have at working things out, it would fly right out the window.

J.R.: Go back in there and finish what I started.

Babe: No, J.R.!

J.R.: Don't try to stop me, Babe. Let me walk out that door and forget this conversation.

Babe: Why?

J.R.: Because I'm this close to taking you up on that, and it scares the hell out of me. Ever since I said good-bye to Little A, I've been thinking, "How can I get out of this?" And now you're giving me a way?

Babe: I am offering you the chance to stay in our son's life.

J.R.: Our son is half the reason why I'm pleading guilty. By taking my punishment, I'm trying to teach him what's right. It's taken me forever to get to this point. I'm actually taking responsibility for my actions. If I let you lie -- if I let you lie my way out of this, I'm going to be the same guy I've always slid right back into, dodging any and all accountability. How can I face Little A? How can face you?

Tad: Dixie? You did this, didn't you? That's why you had Babe stay behind at the house. You wanted her to change her story to save J.R.

Dixie: Yes. I asked Babe to stop J.R.

Tad: And you're not feeling guilty about it, playing it like this?

Dixie: Come on, the only way that I would feel guilty is if I had allowed him to go to prison without having done anything to stop it. Do you want him to go?

Tad: Of course not. I want J.R. to find a way out as badly as you do. But to play it like this? Lying? Manipulating? God, you've changed. You're playing it just like a Chandler.

Adam: And if she's successful, I'll throw her a damn parade.

Dixie: Tad, what was I supposed to do? J.R. has suffered enough because of me. And much as I hate to admit it, Adam, you were right -- I did choose Kate over J.R., and his life has been a living hell for the last four years as a consequence. Going to prison, risking his life, is not going to make him a better man or a better person.

Krystal: And this is your decision to make, huh? J.R. has suffered enough, so set him free. Well, your son tried to kill my daughter. If you ask me, ten years doesn't even make a dent in the time he should be facing.

Dixie: Come on, Krystal, you have never stepped in for Babe? You have never tried to protect her from the consequences of her actions? So I'm not going to sit back and watch J.R.ís life go up in flames. So what? Ultimately, if Babe forgives him, if she agrees with me that keeping him out of prison is the only chance that he's going to have of turning his life around, well, then I think it's nobody's business but ours.

Amanda: You know, maybe it's none of my business, but you should be grateful you still have a father. At least he's not six feet under like my dad is. Don't write him off, Josh. You will regret it. I wish that I had tried harder to find my dad when I didn't hear from him, but I didnít.

Greg: [Muffled] Help me!

Josh: There. Did you hear that?

Jonathan: Help, somebody! She's chasing me! Somebody!

Lily: Please, let me --

Jonathan: No.

Lily: See the first line.

Jonathan: No, it's not ready yet. You want to see?

Amanda: Ah, mystery solved.

Josh: That's what I was hearing?

Lily: Hello, Amanda. Oh, you're Josh Madden. I've met you before.

Jonathan: Hi.

Lily: I'm Erica Kaneís stepdaughter, Lily Montgomery --now Lily Lavery. This is my husband, Jonathan Lavery.

Amanda: "Husband"? Whoa -- what?

Lily: Yeah, we got married. In New York. I'm 18 now.

Amanda: No way!

Lily: You can see it from right there.

Amanda: Right. It's -- it's beautiful. You have no idea what these two went through to be together.

Josh: Well, good for you. I'm out of here. Congratulations.

Jonathan: Thank you.

Amanda: See you.

Lily: Bye.

Josh: Jonathan's making us a life schedule, but he won't tell me what's on the list. Oh, he says it's not finished yet, but I think he's just stalling. Jonathan?

[Jonathan suddenly crumbles to the ground.]

Amanda: Oh, my God.

Lily: Jonathan?

Amanda: Josh, wait! Come back! We need you!

Dixie: Zach, I am so sorry. But please try to understand. J.R. did not mean to hurt Kendall.

Zach: Isn't that funny? I never meant to destroy all the lives I did, either.

Dixie: He knows he made a huge mistake.

Ryan: Oh, I see, and that's supposed to be enough? You know, J.R. says, "Oh, my bad," and, what, we just trust that he's not going to have another drink and terrorize another innocent woman?

Dixie: If I thought that he was really capable of --

Ryan: What do you even know about him? I'm sorry. But seriously, you've been back in his life for, like, what, five minutes, Dixie? Look, the J.R. that you raised and the J.R. that we know now are two different people, so you really can't stand there and tell me that he's not going to hurt somebody else.

Dixie: Doesn't his pleading guilty mean anything?

Ryan: Honestly? It means he's just having a good day, that's all, because eventually somebody's going to tick him off, and then he's going to have a drink, and then he's going to start plotting revenge or whatever it is that he does.

Dixie: He wonít.

Zach: Yeah? So what are we supposed to do? Look the other way?

Dixie: Zach, life outside of prison is not exactly going to be a cakewalk for J.R. right now. He's got to live with what he did along with other very serious consequences.

Zach: Hmm.

Dixie: So if you guys could just --

Ryan: Just what? Dixie, just what, let it go? Like you let go of what Greg Madden did to you? Because that man took your child, and J.R. nearly took mine. So, one gets away with it and one doesnít.

Greg: You've thought of everything, except this, didn't you? One little heart pill would've guaranteed my survival. You didn't think to stash one in amongst the water and the power bars. And my heart condition's been no secret. The only secret is it's Erica who induced it. Whoever you are -- Tad, Dixie, J.R. -- you should look to your notes. Even David Hayward, my cardiologist, he induced a heart attack when he tried to torture me into telling him where Kate was. Oh. Oh. Well, I'm not going to survive this. If these are my last few moments, there are some things I want to say. You'd better get prepared for an earful, because I intend to get the last laugh.

Lily: Jonathan! What -- what are you doing?

Josh: Amanda, move her away so he doesn't accidentally hurt her.

Amanda: Lily, come here.

Lily: You're going to be fine, Jonathan. Don't worry. He's going to be ok.

Josh: Is he prone to seizures?

Lily: He's going to be ok.

Amanda: I don't know. He had a brain tumor removed a while back ago.

Lily: Jonathan, stop!

Josh: Call 911!

Lily: Jonathan! Jonathan!

Amanda: Ok, ok.

Lily: He's going to be ok. I know. Please. You're going to be ok, Jonathan.

Amanda: We need an ambulance --

Lily: It's ok, Jonathan. You're going to be fine. Everything's ok.

Babe: It's huge that you're willing to take responsibility for what you've done. It's one of the reasons that I feel ok bringing you back around our son. Look, if I thought that even for one second that you were that drunken, raging crazy who wanted me dead, I would deliver you to the prison guards myself. But I believe that you've changed. I -- I think that you have really changed. And are you -- are you telling me that I'm wrong? Do you -- do you think that you could still hurt me? Are you a danger?

J.R.: No. I'm past all that. I saw what my drinking can do, and I never want to go back there again. But I'm still not convinced taking the easy way out is the right call.

Babe: And walking away in handcuffs is? Being away from all the people who love you, maybe until Little Adam is 12 -- that's the better choice? J.R., I want you to get help, real help, and I don't think that you can get that behind bars, and I can't make any promises that we're going to get back to where we were the day of our wedding. But if we even want to hope for that someday, we've got to do that out here. There is no way that you could come out of prison a better man. You -- you may not even come out at all. And I know that this is up to you, J.R., but if you want a shot at even getting back what we had, I don't see how you can enter a guilty plea.

J.R.: Because I am guilty. I committed a crime. I tried to kill you. And I almost killed Kendall and her unborn son. I want to make this right.

Babe: And I want you to make it right, too. And as the intended victim of this crime, make it right for me and stay here and we fight it together.

Reporter: Mr. Chandler, will you be changing your plea? Mr. Chandler, is your wife telling the truth?

Babe: J.R., wait. Please, there -- listen to me, there has to be another way to make things right. Look, nobody is saying that you should just walk away free and clear without consequences. Please, just think where that happens.

Kendall: Do I get a vote? The guy tries to crush you, and you throw him a bone. I mean, I knew you were stupid, Babe, but this takes it to a whole new level.

Babe: You don't get it, Kendall. J.R. knows how badly he's messed up.

Kendall: Do you, J.R.? Do you really know how badly you messed up? Because if you do, all that stuff you fed me about owning up had better start coming into play right now.

Babe: And he's willing to pay for what he did to you, Kendall, but I don't think it has to be from a prison cell.

Erica: No one cares what you think, Babe. Kendall is the real victim here. And if you two think that you're going to get away with nearly killing my daughter and her baby, you're crazy.

J.R.: I'm trying to do what's right for everyone here.

Kendall: To hell with everyone! I'm talking about me -- me and my son, what you did to me and my son. I'm sorry, he cannot get away with this.

Zach: He wonít.

Bianca: What are you doing, Babe?

Babe: Honestly --

Bianca: What is this?

Babe: I don't know. I have no idea. All I know is that if J.R. goes to prison, we'll lose him forever, and I can let that happen.

Bianca: You're going to take him back?

Julia: Kendall, you shouldn't be here. She should never have left the hospital.

Erica: Kendall insisted.

Kendall: No, we're talking about my life and my son's life.

Julia: I know, and I'm sorry, but really, we should get you back.

Kendall: No, not until there's justice for me and my son.


Josh: He had a seizure lasted approximately two minutes. I want you to call CT scan, tell them to be ready.

Lily: He's ok. He's ok. He's fine.

Amanda: Lily, let's go and find out where they're going to put Jonathan, ok, so that way we'll know exactly when something happens.

Lily: He's ok. No, he's fine. I don't like it here. It's -- it's too much like the train station.

Amanda: Too many people?

Lily: And it's -- it's loud, and it's -- it's suddenly loud and then it's not, and it's bright and people move so fast. He's going to be ok. He's fine.

Amanda: Ok, I know this place is really uninviting, Lily, but this is the best place that Jonathan can be right now. This is where Josh can make him get better.

Lily: He's fine. He's going to be ok.

Amanda: Ok, you know how medicine, it tastes gross at first, but then it makes you feel better?

Lily: Yeah, yeah.

Amanda: Ok, ok, think of this hospital as a big spoonful of medicine. It's going to be gross right now, but then you'll feel better, and so will Jonathan, ok?

Lily: Yeah.

Amanda: Ok. Come on. So, Lily, why don't you tell me about your wedding? I haven't even heard the details yet.

Lily: It was nice. It was nice.

Amanda: I bet it was beautiful. It was in New York, right? Was it in a church or Central Park?

Lily: No, it was at City Hall. But it wasn't like a wedding that you see in the movies. No white wedding gown and no bridesmaids. My father didn't even walk me down the aisle. He actually tried to stop the ceremony, but he was too late.

Nurse: Mrs. Lavery?

Lily: Yes?

Nurse: I need you to fill these out, please.

Lily: I don't want to.

Nurse: I'm afraid it's not optional.

Amanda: Lily, what's wrong?

Lily: They want me to give away Jonathanís organs! He's not going to die. He's not going to die.

Amanda: No. No, no.

Lily: He's not going to die.

Amanda: Of course, he's not. Ok, it's just standard, right? It doesn't mean he's going to die.

Nurse: Of course not. Here, maybe I can help.

Lily: No touching.

Amanda: It's ok. Lily -- let me help you, ok?

Lily: Jonathan knows I don't like touching. He even made a joke about it at the boathouse. He knows me so well. What would I do without him? What do I do if something happens to him?

Greg: If these are my last few moments on -- under this earth, I leave my last will and testament. I bequeath to the vile citizens of Pine Valley -- to Erica, eternal torment and hatred from your son, Josh. Kendall, who I cared for so much, may you be forever torn between two foolish men. Hayward, in your search for Katie, Dixieís child, may you always come up empty-handed and be forever a fool in Dixieís eyes. And, Dixie -- I hope every face you see as you walk this earth is the face of your abandoned child, Kate. And to you, Tad, I will the same thing. And to the Martins -- may you never know the love of my son Josh, your blood son, and also all the Martins, never, ever forgive Dixie for abandoning Tadís daughter, Kate. And finally, one last condemnation -- hell here on earth. Forever and ever. Amen.

Babe: Look, when I told the police that my husband confessed to trying to kill me, I lied.

DA: Ok, you don't honestly expect me to believe you, do you? Look, Mrs. Chandler, I interviewed you myself -- remember? -- In preparation for this hearing. Your story was very confident then.

Babe: And I would've said anything. I wanted my husband in prison. But now I don't.

DA: Yeah, ok, if -- if what you say is true, tell me why your husband here has confessed. Huh? Why did he sign a plea deal?

Adam: Because he was drunk. Babe exercises a good deal of influence over my son. She can make him believe almost anything, especially when he's been drinking. She convinced him that he actually committed this crime.

Ryan: This is -- this is ridiculous, Chandler. He confessed to all of us.

Zach: And we will testify to that.

Adam: He felt so bad he made false confessions to everyone who would listen to him. And he agreed to whatever punishment they felt was appropriate. He had no way of knowing that Babe made the whole thing up.

J.R.: Dad, can you do me a favor and stay out of this?

Mr. Blaine: My client had no legal representation when he confessed to you. Therefore, the admission of guilt is tainted.

Bailiff: All rise. Court is back in session.

Judge: You may be seated. Well, Mr. Chandler, you've had some time to consider the situation. Are you ready to enter your plea?

J.R.: Yes, Your Honor. I'm changing my plea to not guilty.

[Gallery murmurs]

Mr. Blaine: Your Honor, I move for the dismissal of all charges, seeing that the chief witness seems to have witnessed nothing.

Judge: Mrs. Chandler, this is your last chance to change your mind.

Babe: J.R. is my husband, Your Honor. You can't make me testify against him.

Judge: Very well.

J.R.ís voice: That's why I did it, Kendall. I had to protect my son. Babe was supposed to walk in that door, not you.

Judge: I hereby dismiss all charges against --

Kendall: Your Honor, there is another witness.

Greg: Today's heart scare was a warning to you. If you don't get me out of this box, you're going to lose me. And if I lose my life, you lose yours.

Kendall: Babe Chandler isn't the only one who can put J.R. away.

Judge: You know someone else who has evidence regarding these serious charges?

Kendall: Yes. We don't need his lying wife. If she won't testify against him, I will. He confessed to me. It was real, and I can prove it.

Amanda: Ok. Erin is leaving the Miranda Center right now.

Lily: Thank you for not calling my dad.

Amanda: Didn't even occur to me.

Lily: Well, usually when people don't know how to handle me, they call him, which they shouldn't, because he doesn't know. Jonathan understands me, because he's like me.

Amanda: Well, I don't think Jonathan is exactly like you, but you guys definitely are a good fit.

Lily: We're not exactly alike in a lot of ways. But where we're not, we fit together, like he's brave about the things that scare me, and I can help him figure out things that confuse him.

Amanda: Sounds like a match made in heaven.

Lily: Before I met Jonathan, someone once called me "broken," and all I could picture was a broken piece of porcelain, which I know is not me. It's a metaphor, but I don't completely understand that, but -- then Jonathan came back from his surgery, and he said that he felt broken. And the more we became friends, the more I thought about the porcelain. And even though it's highly unlikely that two individual broken pieces would come together, it's as if somehow they fit. Jonathan and I are meant to be together because I'm not normal, and neither is my husband.

Jonathan: Oh. Where am I?

Josh: You're in PVH. You had a seizure. How you feeling?

Jonathan: I feel -- I feel pretty good. I feel, uh -- I feel normal, actually.

Josh: Well, your CAT scan and everything else looks perfectly normal.

Jonathan: Aah.

[Jonathan sighs]

Jonathan: What the hell am I doing here? What's going on?

Erin: Oh, God, is Jonathan -- Lily and Amanda called and said you collapsed in the park. Are you ok? Are you ok? Are you -- what's wrong? Is he ok?

Josh: Oh, yeah, he's fine. He just took a fall, had a seizure.

Erin: Well, the tumor, oh -- sorry.

Josh: No, no.

Erin: I didn't -- I didn't --

Josh: There is no tumor. The CAT scan's completely clear, so you and Lily can both relax on that account.

Erin: Good.

Aidan: So why did he have a seizure?

Josh: Well, you'll know as soon as I do. I just got to check on some more results, and I'll be back.

Erin: Thank you. Oh, God, are you ok? You dizzy? Your head -- your head ok?

Jonathan: Aidan? Um -- can -- could you find Lily for me?

Aidan: Yeah, sure. I'll -- I'll go and get her right now.

Erin: Ok. Let me know -- am I freaking out about nothing here? Because if I am, you can just tell me. I don't want to -- I don't want to hover --

Jonathan: Look, Erin, stop. It's me.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Erin (to Jonathan): If you're back, what happens to your marriage?

Bianca (to Babe): All your promises to make it up to me and my family, and this is what you do?

Dixie (to Zach): Please don't hurt my son.

Kendall: You're busted, J.R. Nobody leaves this room until you pay.

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