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Kendall: Hmm. You can save the pity face. I may look terrible, but I feel amazing. We both have a son, J.R. How cool is that?

J.R.: I didn't know, Kendall. I'm so sorry.

Zach: You're mine now.

[Babe sits on Fusion’s rooftop terrace with an assortment of perfume bottles in front of her. When Josh arrives, she angrily flings one at him.]

Babe: You. Leave now or you eat the next one.

[Jack sits alone in his dark apartment.]

Jack: Erica, what are you doing here?

Erica: I knew you'd be here.

Jack: Whatever you came to say --

Erica: Just a question -- what do you think you can accomplish here?

Jack: Well, I did call Derek, had him put out that APB on Greg Madden.

Erica: That's not what I'm talking about.

Jack: I've also done the impossible. I haven't let myself go upstairs and rip Jonathan out of my daughter's life -- not yet, anyway.

Jonathan: Hmm. The -- the way that you were lining the legs of the chair with the edge of the rug, I -- I think it looks much better.

[Lily sighs]

Lily: Equidistant lines make me calm.

Jonathan: Hmm. It's weird, huh? I mean -- I mean, us being together with no one chasing us?

Lily: "Weird" sounds negative.

Jonathan: No. Oh, no, no, no, Lily. It -- it's good, "weird." It's really good. I mean, we're here -- here in our -- I mean, not really "our" first --

Lily: Jonathan? Jonathan, you're having trouble standing and -- and your face looks scared. What's wrong, Jonathan?

Julia: You look miserable.

Jamie: You couldn't just lie to me?

Julia: Sorry -- not my thing.

Jamie: Well, miserable's going to take a break for a few hours. Right now, I'm going to eat and drink and try to forget that I just got my brother back in time to lose him to prison.

J.R.: This is between Kendall and me.

Kendall: Zach, what is -- what is wrong with you? J.R. is my friend.

Ryan: No. No, Kendall, he's not, not anymore.

Kendall: Ok. Unless J.R. and I had a knockdown-drag-out while I was unconscious --

Ryan: Just trust me, all right, Kendall? Trust me. You want to let Zach take care of this, ok? J.R. is your worst enemy.

J.R.: Kendall and I need to talk alone.

Zach: The last time you were alone with my wife, we both know what happened.

J.R.: Actually as a matter of fact, that's why I'm here -- to tell her what I did.

Ryan: Yeah, like hell it is. Get out.

Kendall: Would you two please just back off and let him speak? Now, if there's something that I need to know, then let him tell me.

J.R.: It's why you're here.

Kendall: Ok. Will someone please just tell me already?

J.R.: I tried to kill my wife. And you took the hit instead.

Babe: The man that I love goes to court tomorrow to tell the judge what he's done. And even after all that honesty, he still goes to prison. So don't even begin to think that you can pull a little repeat of the park and try to slide into J.R.’s place even for one night.

Josh: I came here as a friend, Babe -- a hands-off, no-strings, "couldn't be less interested in you" friend.

Babe: I'm busy, and you're leaving.

Erica: What Jonathan has done in the past is not at all who he is or what he's capable of doing now. Lily lights up when she sees him. Jonathan followed her to New York. He found her. He's the one who found her when nobody else could. He protected her.

Jack: And married her, against my wishes.

Erica: Jack, your wishes are just not the point. This is what they both want -- they want a life together. And all you can do if you want to keep Lily in your life is -- is just accept it. Find a way of keeping our family together.

Jack: She's 18, Erica. My daughter is 18 years old and married.

Erica: She's young. That's -- that's true.

Jack: And autistic. She's too young. She's too young socially, she's too young psychologically to even think of being any man's wife. Sharing a -- a home, a life, a bed with that man ups-- a month ago, my daughter was legally a child. And now she's married to a man who she --

Erica: Clearly loves very much. It's time, Jack. We need to go home.

Jonathan: Hmm. I -- I saw -- I saw black in -- in front of my eyes and --

Lily: Oh.

Jonathan: Hmm. No, it's ok. And -- it's ok. Has that ever happened to you?

Lily: Yes. And I've researched it, and it's a result of blood pooling in your lower extremities.

[Knock on door]

Jonathan: Ok.

Jonathan: And -- who is it?

Erin: Erin and Aidan and wedding presents.

Erin and Jonathan: Hi!

Jonathan: Hmm. Come -- come in, please.

Erin: Hi!

Lily: Hi.

Erin: Is it too soon, guys? Are we, like, cramping your style?

Lily: No. Jonathan just had temporary dizziness, but that's gone now, and he didn't even have any muscle cramps. In regards to our style, I just rearranged. I didn't redecorate.

Erin: Oh.

Jonathan: Hmm. And that -- thank you. Thank you both very much. And Lily and I love presents.

Lily: And you'll be our first guests, so may I offer you something to drink like some water?

Erin: I would love a glass of water, and I actually have to put in a few more hours at the Miranda Center, but -- but do you guys need help with anything? Can I maybe get a tour?

Lily: Ok. If you'll excuse us, we're going to get some water and a tour.

Aidan: Ah. What's up, man?

Jonathan: Hmm. Well, what about you, Aidan? And -- oh, thank you. Are -- are you happy for us?

Aidan: Yeah. Uh -- I'll be even happier if you give me some answers, like what did you save Lily from, how did you get hurt, and what is this? You're suffering from dizzy spells now?

Jonathan: When Lily was in New York with this -- this bad man and -- and he was going to hurt her, Aidan. But -- but I saved her. I got rid of him and -- and then we got married. And all the bad stuff, Aidan -- I mean, it's all over.

Julia: Red, white, bubbles?

Jamie: You know that whole in vino veritas thing?

Julia: "In wine, truth"? "Drink too much, spill your guts"? Yeah.

Jamie: Please cut me off before I talk about anything meaningful.

Julia: Ok. Well, we can talk about my hair products, how much you bench-press. Jamie, are you sure you don't want to just talk about J.R.?

Jamie: Yeah, I'm sure.

Julia: Ok. So just light, fluffy, frivolous entertainment, then?

Jamie: Yeah, sounds good.

Julia: Well, I will bet you the check that green dress will be going home with señor big cheese at the bar.

Jamie: The green dress, señor big cheese?

Julia: Do you doubt me?

Jamie: Well, green dress is married to receding hairline, aka big dock, biggest slip and biggest yacht here. The señor big cheese is commodore of the yacht club. That would be pretty bad form to make it with big dock's wife.

Julia: It's very hot the way you just ooze confidence.

Jamie: Yeah.

Julia: And yet, you are so totally wrong. So is it a bet?

Jamie: I like my filet mignon rare, and if I forget to tell you later, thanks for dinner.

Babe: You refuse to leave?

Josh: Well, pretty much. I have limited social skills. But if I can make you laugh or give you a little smile --

Babe: That's impossible. The man that I love is going to stand up in front of the world and tell them that he hated me so much that he wanted me dead, so if you have a good way to spin that one into a funny, I would love to hear it.

Josh: So he's definitely doing time?

Babe: You catch on quick.

Josh: Well, do you want him to go to prison?

Babe: He tried to flat-iron my head, and he put Kendall through hell. He -- he deserves to be in prison.

Josh: I hear a "but" crying out faintly in the distance.

Babe: But I want J.R. right here. Do you even know who J.R. has become in the last 24 hours? He is ready to shred himself in court, because he hates what he's done and who he's been. And do you want to know the complete supreme, sucky irony of this whole thing? The new J.R. -- he's my old J.R., the one that I met in San Diego, the one that I knew that I would love for the rest of my life. The one that was warm and sweet and open to feel, the good J.R., the one who wouldn't hurt me or anyone else. I get to lose him all over again. I get to lose him to a cold, empty, miserable cell. So that, Dr. Josh Madden, is irony -- nasty, spiteful irony. So am I ok? How about you ask me in 5 to 10?

Kendall: This is true? You -- you put me in here?

J.R.: Yeah. I asked Babe to come to the construction area. I set up a trap, so when she'd walk in, I'd -- ahem.

J.R.’s voice: Babe was supposed to walk through that door -- not you.

J.R.: It's not an excuse or an explanation, but it was like adding gasoline to the fire. It was more hate, it was more booze. I wanted to make Babe gone. I wanted her gone. I wanted to make her pay. You -- you were the best friend that I had. I'm so sorry for what I've done.

Ryan: Wow.

[Zach chuckles]

Ryan: Hmm -- wow. You're sorry? I mean, did -- did you -- am I hearing things right?

Zach: No, you heard -- your ears are good. That's what he said.

Ryan: So this -- this woman here, apparently the only friend that you had, this woman could've died and my son almost was not born.

Zach: Hang on a second now. I mean, he -- he said he's sorry, and he's sober for the moment, so everything's ok. Let me tell you something, Junior -- nothing is ok until you pay for what you've done.

J.R.: You're right. That's why I'm going in front of the judge tomorrow and pleading guilty. I'm going to tell him what I did to Kendall and what I tried to do to Babe.

Zach: Wow. And what do you think you're going to get for that huge sacrifice? Community service, maybe clean up the street a little bit -- what?

Ryan: How about cleaning the toilets for a month --

J.R.: No, actually, I'm going to get 5 to 10 years in prison! What do you think of that -- 5 to 10?

Kendall: Ok, good. Everyone's quiet now. Stay that way. It is my turn to talk. You have done enough, and you have said enough. I know hate, J.R., and I know rage. I thought I was the champ. But you -- you get the world title. That is all yours. You plot and hate and rage 24/7 in that twisted little head of yours. Nothing and no one else exists. God help the poor sucker dumb enough to walk in your way. And who was the poor sucker this time? Me. And my son. What was going on in your head, J.R.? What were you hearing in your head? "Got to get Babe? Got to -- got to kill Babe? Payback? Got to kill Babe?" Well, instead, surprise. You --

Zach: Shh.

Kendall: Get out. Get the hell out. I don't want to see your face again. I don't want to see --

J.R.: I deserve it, I deserve all of that.

Zach: You heard the lady. Get out.

Ryan: Yeah, you're done. You're leaving.

J.R.: Back off!

Ryan: Don't you --

J.R.: I'm leaving --

Ryan: Don't you --

J.R.: Myself. I can get myself out of here, thank you.

[Door slams]

Ryan: I'm going to make sure he is leaving.

Kendall: God.

Zach: You didn't need that. That was too early.

Kendall: My head.

Zach: I'll get the nurse.

Kendall: I think -- no, no, I think -- no, I -- I think I heard something in the coma.

Josh: Well, you win the cruddy-life contest. I stand here ashamed in defeat.

Babe: So where's my sash and crown? You can hand them over and go.

Josh: I'd rather stay here and let you launch on me, because the truth is you're not happy and there's not a damn thing I can do about it.

Josh: I really am sorry, Babe.

Jamie: All right, I'm sick of this play-by-play. Uh -- oh. What the -- clumsy me. You don't mind, do you? Thanks. Hmm.

Julia: Subtle -- I'm impressed.

Jamie: Yeah.

Man: Melissa.

Melissa: Hi.

Man: How are you?

Melissa: Great. How are you?

Man: May I join you?

Jamie: You got to be kidding me. What, are you psychic now?

Julia: Yeah, that's it. You got me. That and I use the powder room.

Jamie: TMI, I think.

Julia: I overheard green dress in the ladies' room telling her girlfriend that she was hooking up with el jefe tonight.

Jamie: Well, it's going to take more than an apology to make up for that.

Julia: Well, what more can a poor nurse do? I guess I do owe you dinner.

Jamie: And what would you like in return? Maybe somebody's placing a bet on us right now.

Erica: Jack, this place is just an empty shell.

Jack: This place is where I could be close to Lily. I never expected to be a father. I didn't know about Greenlee back then, I hadn't met Reggie yet. And then when Laurel died, Lily became my responsibility.

Erica: And she was a lucky girl.

Jack: No. I was the lucky one. That brilliant, kind, sensitive child became my daughter. So delicate -- like a spider web at sunrise.

Erica: Jack, that is just beautiful. That's poetic. But Lily is not a spider web. She's a vital young woman who has her own thoughts and her own feelings, and she wants Jonathan, and she will do anything it takes to keep them together. We did. We did whatever it took to keep us together. We hurt people, we broke promises. And in the end, nothing could keep us apart.

Jack: Remember the first time I put her on the bus by herself? First time I didn't follow along behind her to make sure everything would be ok, that she would be ok?

Erica: And -- and she was ok.

Jack: Yeah, that time -- thanks to the grace of God and some luck. But what about the next time or the time after that? And Boston -- Boston. They want to go make this fairy-tale life in Boston where Lily’s going to compete at MIT and the two of them are going to have to worry about landlords and professors and bosses and bills, and they're all going -- going to do this on their own. You all want me to smile and say, "Oh, this is great. These two are going to have this wonderful life." Well, you know what? They're not going to have a wonderful life. Why am I the only one that sees that?

Erica: So you're waiting. You sit here with your paperwork and your open briefcase and the door cracked open. You're waiting to hear Lily cry out so you can be here to help her if she needs you. I'm on to you, Jack.

Lily: I'm happy and married, and officially an adult. Do you remember turning 18?

Erin: Oh, hallelujah. The doors swung open to the prison, and I took my first steps outside.

[Knock on door]

Erin: Is something wrong, guys?

Jonathan: No. Well, Jack said we could stay here, but -- but we're afraid that he's going to change his mind about us. Um, who -- who is it?

Ryan: It's Ryan. Wow, you're having a party, huh?

Jonathan: Aidan and -- and Erin came over to celebrate our marriage. Did you come to break us up?

Zach: What do you remember?

Kendall: Oh. I don't know. It's like déjà vu or a dream or something. I heard J.R. -- I heard him talking and apologizing, telling me what he'd done.

Zach: You were out for a while. Do you remember anything else?

Kendall: I heard a -- a gunshot. Oh, my God -- Zach? There was a gunshot and voices and banging on the door? That's -- no, that's not -- that can't be true.

Zach: No, no, it can. It is. There was banging on the door. Once I put up the barricade, they --

Kendall: The barricade? What --

Zach: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: You barricaded us in? Why?

Zach: I wanted to keep out the cops and Ryan.

Kendall: The cops? Oh, wait. You locked Ryan out?

Zach: Hmm. No harm done.

Kendall: Ok. Well, what exactly did Ryan and the cops want in here?

Zach: They had a court order that allowed them to take the child by C-section before it was ready.

Kendall: Ok, wait. You were in here, and they were all out there?

Zach: Yeah.

Kendall: You are insane. And I -- oh. I totally love you.

Ryan: I didn't actually come to get between you and your wife. I -- well, I guess I came to thank you.

Jonathan: For -- for what?

Ryan: Whew. Well, I've -- huh. I've done love more than once, as you know, and -- well, I guess I thought I knew pretty much everything about everything, and you two proved me wrong. What you went through to be together and also what Kendall went through for Spike, it just kind of made me --

Lily: Do a 180?

Ryan: Do a 180, yeah. That's about right.

Jonathan: So, then you -- then you think that we did the right thing?

Lily: That's a yes, isn't it?

Ryan: Hmm. I think you two deserve a really happy, wonderful long life together.

Jamie: Your turn.

Julia: Uh, I can't.

Jamie: Tough. Most embarrassing moment, right here, right now. Hey, I told you mine.

Julia: Ok, but it was only once. And I was very young and impressionable. I went to a Michael Bolton concert.

Jamie: You what?

Julia: Oh! Shh, please. Stop. I -- I needed something, anything. Kenny G or wheat grass juice or -- God -- meditation. I would've been Yanni's head groupie if I thought it would've helped.

Jamie: I'm sorry -- hmm. I wish I would've known you then.

Julia: You did.

Josh: Guess the Martin cradle is empty tonight. Get your schwing on, Nurse Julia.

Jamie: Good wine, great food, and an ass-kicking for dessert. It's just my lucky night.

[Knock on door]

Babe: Mama?

J.R.: I came to get my things.

Babe: Sure. Whatever you need.

J.R.: I figured it was either pack up or watch Little A sleep.

Babe: Are you scared about tomorrow?

J.R.: It's like a pit in my stomach. Gets heavier and heavier. I just keep going over it in my mind, prepping myself, wondering how it's all going to go down -- the reading of the charges, what I'm going to say, what the judge is going to sentence, how much time I'm going to do. But the worst part -- oh.

Babe: Tell me.

J.R.: Worst part of it is being away from you and Little A. I can't blame prison for that. I lost you all on my own. You know, after tomorrow --

J.R.: Can I -- can I hold you again? One last time? No, you know what? You're right. I understand.

Babe: J.R.? Yes. You can hold me.

Erica: Jack, that's exactly how I felt when -- when Bianca came out to me. I mean, you see their path. You see all the pain, all the pitfalls, and all you want to do -- you just want to put your arms around them and hold them tight and protect them as only you know how. All the months, all the years I've kept one ear ready for Bianca’s cry for help so I could throw myself between her and the world.

Jack: Sure, because you're a parent.

Erica: How to be a parent -- Bianca taught me that. Bianca taught me to -- to stand back and watch her strength and watch her spirit, and I've seen Bianca hurt. I've seen her broken. But I've also seen her come back.

Jack: Lily is not Bianca.

Erica: No. No, she's not. But Bianca wasn't Bianca until I learned to just step aside and give her a chance to become who she needed to be.

Jack: Lily needs me.

Erica: To do what? To grab her away from Jonathan? To send her away? To deprogram her? To have their marriage annulled? I know what you're thinking. But, Jack, there is another choice. And that's -- to do nothing. And this was really hard for me to learn, but just to wait. Can you do that -- see what happens? Can you do nothing for the daughter you love?

Josh: Oh, relax, Martin. Just making some friendly chitchat.

Julia: Try "good-bye."

Josh: Actually, I was just about to go on a little midnight cruise on my father's yacht. Why don't you come along?

Jamie: No. That was a complete sentence.

Josh: Suit yourself.

Jamie: That guy's a jackass. You know it, and you still let him get to you.

Julia: It doesn't bother you?

Jamie: That he's an ass?

Julia: No, that he's right. I was buying tickets to Michael Bolton concerts when you were watching cartoons.

Jamie: Thank God we both grew out of that.

Julia: This is what I meant on the beach that night.

Jamie: Was it after the raging-hot, half-naked moonlit kiss?

Julia: Louder, please. I haven't had enough shame tonight.

Jamie: No, it's ok. Shame just left with señor big cheese. You have doubts -- that's cool.

Julia: Is it? Is that cool?

Jamie: No one can talk you into anything. All I can do is --

Julia: All you can do is what?

Jamie: Look in your eyes, take your hands, stare at your hair, cheeks, lips, and tell you that the rest is up to you.

Kendall: My one-man army.

[Zach sighs]

Zach: Your rugged husband.

Kendall: Very rugged.

[Zach chuckles]

Kendall: All right, my rugged husband, so tell me -- what charges are you facing?

Zach: Oh. Uh --

Kendall: Hmm.

Zach: I will tell you.

Kendall: Ok.

Zach: Let's see.

Kendall: Oh.

Zach: "To Zach Slater" -- that's me. "Kidnapping, reckless endangerment, contempt of a court order, aggravated assault, simple assault" -- nine counts of that -- and "possession and discharge of a firearm." That's it.

Kendall: "That's it"?

Zach: Yeah.

Kendall: Ok, the gunshot?

Zach: Oh, that was me.

Kendall: Oh, my God. You were busy.

Zach: I made a promise.

Kendall: Ryan's head must've exploded.

Zach: No. He wasn't there on the boat. He didn't know what you wanted.

Kendall: Well, thank God you did. So Ryan was willing to let them take the baby?

Zach: Just at first.

Kendall: But, I mean, Ryan loved Spike even before I could admit it.

Zach: But he couldn't watch you die to save the baby.

Kendall: So Ryan picked my life over his son's? I didn't know he cared that much.

[Jack leaves his apartment with Erica.]

Jonathan: Our -- our honeymoon is -- it's waiting. Does that count as our first party?

Lily: Yes, I think so. There are presents. I really like the sandwich maker.

Jonathan: Grilled cheese is my favorite.

Lily: I like it, too. Hey, maybe I can make you lunch tomorrow. You know, wives do that sometimes.

Jonathan: I -- I'd like that very much.

Lily: I like being this close to you. I can hear you breathing. Makes me feel not alone.

Jonathan: You're not alone, Lily. Not ever again.

Jonathan: I -- I love you, Mrs. Lavery.

Lily: I love you, too, Mr. Lavery.

[Though sleeping in the same large bed, Lily and Jonathan are separated by a large roll.]

J.R.: Thank you.

Babe: You're welcome.

J.R.: Good night.

Babe: Good night.

Kendall: Hmm. Girl takes a nap and wakes up to a whole new world.

Zach: Uh-huh, with a new baby and baby food and baby room and baby everything.

Kendall: Yeah. You -- you're good. You -- you're downright brilliant. But what are we going to do about these charges? These charges -- they're not good.

Zach: You were gone. Now you're back. New vow -- there is nothing that no one could ever do to pull us apart again. Ok?

Kendall: Ok. I like that.

[Music plays]

Julia: So it's up to me, whatever I want?

Jamie: Whatever that is.

Singer: Oh, shine this is on my mind oh, shine whoo whoo oh, gonna shine

[While Jamie and Julia enjoy dinner, an explosion rocks the yacht club.]

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J.R. (to Babe): I'm not going to fight you if you want divorce.

Altered voice (to Zach): You've wasted enough time, Doctor. I'm not afraid to let you die.

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