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[On the diner door is a poster directed at Jonathan and Lily, saying, “We’re sorry. We love you. We want you to be happy. Call us.”]

Jack: Over here, Aidan. Listen, I postponed a meeting with the police commissioner to do this, so --

Aidan: Ok. Well, I'll be quick. I got word from a source in the City Records Department.

Jack: And?

Aidan: Lily and Jonathan were at City Hall yesterday. They applied for a marriage license.

[Jonathan and Lily happily walk toward City Hall each holding one end of a white scarf. As a newly wed couple runs by them, the bride tosses her bouquet at Lily who smiles and smells the pretty flowers.]

Singer: Right here and now, let's entangle in the moment just the two of us against the world that wished us away. Right here and now, all we need is for the taking. Disappear inside the making of a love so sublime right here. Right here and now, la-la-la-la-la-la, right here and now

Bianca: You know, if you don't get better soon, I think I'm going to start to take it personally. I came all this way to see you. So, don't take your sweet time, ok? This medicine is supposed to be working. Come back to us, Kendall. If you think that your baby is going to get by without you, then -- Spike needs his mother. And don't think that I'm going to be taking your place, because Auntie Bianca just doesn't cut it.

Ryan: No, Derek, don't do this.

Zach: Kendall needs me.

Derek: You should have thought of that back when you were playing gunslinger in the ICU.

Ryan: Come on, he didn't hurt anybody --

Derek: You want the laundry list of charges? Kidnapping, contempt of a court order, 9 counts of aggravated assault, 9 counts of simple assault, and 11 counts of endangering the lives of others. Let's go.

Zach: I'm not going anywhere.

Di: You know your sister's alive.

J.R.: I'm going to find out where she is from Madden right now.

Jamie: Kate? Kate's alive?

[From inside his office, Greg tends to an unconscious Erica while listening to the agitated voices in the hallway.]

Greg: I hope their parents taught them manners. If they rush and find you here, I'd just hate if somebody got hurt.

J.R.: I heard my mom say some guy named Greg got her to give Kate to another family.

Babe: And my dad said that it was Greg Madden.

Del: What, David knows?

Jamie: Do Tad and Dixie know this?

Di: Yeah, they're up in Maine right now chasing down a lead.

J.R.: What? They know where Kate is?

Di: It's a big if, J.R. It's based on something that Tad heard from Madden.

Jamie: Damn. I mean, Madden -- how did he get his hands on Kate? He arranges surrogates. He plays God with their babies.

Babe: Ok, wait -- plays God how?

Jamie: Well, that's -- I --

Di: You know what? Can we talk about this somewhere else?

J.R.: No. Let's get the answers direct from the source.

[J.R. flings open Greg’s office door and stares inside.]

Bianca: You know, visiting Paris -- that's one thing. But for Spike to come and live there? You know, I've seen him, Kendall. He seems like an all-American boy to me. And I know that Ryan is his dad, but really, he's all you. He's already as stubborn and willful as his mom. He's wearing out the staff at the neonatal unit. Half the nurses are going to take early retirement. He's got the strongest lungs and the loudest cry of any kid they've ever had in there. I don't think that Maggie and I could take it. I mean, Miranda is such a little angel, and I -- I don't think we could survive Hurricane Spike. He needs his mom to keep him in line. He needs you, and no one else. So come back to us, Kendall. Come back and help your little boy make his way in the world.

Zach: I'm not leaving Kendall.

Derek: You don't have a choice.

Ryan: Just cut him some slack, Derek. Come on, the timing here, it -- the courts will still be here. The jail cells aren't going anywhere.

Derek: But he is -- with me, now!

Zach: I'm not letting Kendall die without me.

Greg: I can guess why you're here. Won't you all come in? I haven't seen you since we worked on the victims of the explosion.

J.R.: You said you know why I'm here.

Greg: I assume it's because of your sister.

J.R.: You're damn right it is.

Jamie: And we're not leaving until you tell us everything that you know. And so, try starting with the truth.

Greg: It may be difficult for you, but please. Why don't you all sit down?

Jack: And you trust this source?

Aidan: It's definitely them.

Reggie: So why don't we just call the police?

Jack: No, what we do is we go over to City Hall to stop this right away.

Aidan: And the flier? "We're sorry -- come home"?

Jack: Not married. Marriage was not part of the deal, Aidan.

Aidan: She's 18 now.

Jack: Yes, with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Aidan, you know what it's like for her. She has to go to class to learn the things that the rest of the world takes for granted. Like how to shop, how to judge people's emotions by the change of expression on their face. This is not someone who's ready to be married, and certainly not married to Jonathan Lavery.

Aidan: And say if we do find Lily, and you snatch her away from Jonathan. What's our next move? She's going to run away again, Jack. Now, Lily’s a smart girl. And she learns very fast. And her and Jonathan have done a great job of keeping low. And if those two take off again, they might do an even better job this time. And we may never find them.

Groom: Why? I did the double thingy. I did the double thingy.

Bride: You need to push it up.

Groom: What's the difference?

Jonathan: It's not -- it's not going to be long now.

Lily: When we're married, no one can tell us what to do or where to live or anything.

Groom: Well, baby, I'm here, aren't I?

Bride: So? You got to get drunk to marry me?

Groom: I was celebrating!

Bride: Mom warned me. She always said you --

Groom: Your mother's a cow, Angela.

[Groom moos]

Angela: So that's a reason I should marry a pig?

Groom: Oh!

Angela: A plastered pig? Uh-uh. No! Not in your piggy lifetime.

Lily: 365, 360, 359, 358 --

Angela: I don't think so, Anthony. I want a divorce!

Anthony: We ain't even married yet, wack job.

Angela: Anthony --

Lily: 355 --

Angela: You're a lousy, thoughtless bum!

Anthony: Yeah, I thought you were the woman for me -- for better and for worse.

Lily: It's too loud.

Jonathan: He just had too much to drink.

Lily: Too loud --

Jonathan: That's all. He just had too much to drink.

Lily: Too loud. 357 --

Jonathan: You remember how you told me that Erica and your dad fight sometimes? And they yell, but -- but that doesn't mean that they -- they love each other any less. They're just having a misunderstanding. They're -- they're nice people, like everybody else we met in town today.

Anthony: Kiss me.

Angela: No.

Jonathan: I mean, New York is a loud place. And sometimes you have to speak loudly to each other so -- so that you can be heard.

Anthony: Be ok. That's why we're here.

Lily: That makes sense.

Anthony: Are you kids in love?

Jonathan: Why do you think we're here to get married?

Lily: We're meant to be together. I love Jonathan more than anyone in the whole world.

Anthony: You hear that, Angela? That is so sweet.

Angela: Easy for her to say. He's not knee-walking drunk. Come on.

Anthony: No, come on, don't fret.

Jonathan: Are you -- are you ok?

Lily: I'm fine. But I'll be even better once we're married.

Jonathan: Ok. Ok, good. Well, then let's go.

Lily: Ok.

Jack: Come on, we're out of here.

Aidan: Jack, I'm not telling you how to run your life --

Jack: No, you're telling me how to run my daughter’s. Aidan, I hired you for your skills, not for your sage advice, which I don't want or need, got it? Let's go.

Lily: Thanks.

Officer: You're welcome.

Lily: It's your turn.

Jonathan: Well, ok. We're on our way now. Oh, thank you.

Officer: You're welcome.

Lily: I'm so excited.

Jonathan: I'm -- I'm going to put this on, ok?

Lily: Ok.

[Jonathan falls to the floor with a severe headache and dizziness, touching Lily on the way down.]

Lily: Jonathan?

Jonathan: Lily --

Lily: What? What's wrong? What's wrong? No, no touching! No touching, no touching. No, no -- no touching. Jonathan? Jonathan? Jonathan, are you -- it's all right. Are you ok?

Jonathan: I'm -- I'm ok. I'm -- I'm ok.

Lily: Jonathan, I'm so sorry. Let me help you. I want to help you.

[Lily helps Jonathan get up and smiles when the physical contact doesn’t bother her.]

Greg: I assume your mother or Tad have told you about Dixie’s search for the child.

J.R.: Yeah. Yeah, I know about that.

Greg: It's sad. It's -- it's very sad.

Di: Are you leaving the hospital, Dr. Madden?

Greg: Oh, you mean this mess? No, I'm preparing for a sabbatical. I'm organizing my office. I told Joe he could have someone in here while I'm gone. Ah. Yes, here it is. Believe me when I tell you, I'm very sorry. This is all I have.

Babe: A death certificate?

Greg: This is the proof that Dixie won't accept. I've already explained this to Tad.

J.R.: They're looking for Kate right now.

Jamie: Because you're full of it.

Greg: Well, I'm sure Tad is going to wait until the right moment to present Dixie with the truth.

Di: No, that -- that doesn't make sense. Tad and Dixie are following a lead that you gave them.

Greg: I gave them nothing. Your mother stole from me.


Ryan: Derek, isn't there somebody that we could appeal to? DA, judge -- somebody?

Derek: Later, after I arrest him.

Zach: I won't go.

Derek: You don't have any choice, except between simple or difficult.

Zach: It's going to have to be difficult.

Ryan: All right -- hey, hey, hey -- no -- none of this is going to help Kendall at all.

Zach: I can't leave her here.

Ryan: You do this the right way and we get you back, out on bail, fast. Get you back --

Zach: It should be fast enough for Kendall.

Ryan: Have you heard the charges? Did you hear them? You add -- you add resisting --

Zach: Get off me.

Ryan: You add resisting arrest and assaulting officers to that, you think he's going to help you then? I don't think so. Just go with them. I will call Livia. I will have her meet you at the station, all right? Come on, you and I have connections. She'll know what to do with them. We'll get you back here in a couple hours. This is the right way to do this.

Zach: Let me say good-bye to my wife.

Bianca: What is going to bring you back?

Zach: Hi, honey. I'm going to have to go away for a while. There's some business I can't avoid, so -- I won't be long. But you know what? That gives you a chance to work on getting better. So you can wake up and yell at me for leaving you. Do that for me, ok? Do it for Spike.

[Zach sighs]

Zach: Wait a second. Here.

[Zach reaches into his pocket, takes out her diamond ring, and places it on Kendall’s finger.]

Zach: That's better.

[Zach kisses Kendall on the forehead then leaves with the police.]

Zach: I love you.

Lily: You're walking in a straight line, not an arc. Better.

Jonathan: Yeah, I'm feeling -- I'm feeling better now.

Lily: It's my fault, though. If I wouldn't have gotten in trouble with Terry, you would have never gotten hurt.

Jonathan: No, Lily, don't say that. The headaches are fine, ok? Don't worry.

Lily: No, but you shouldn't be having headaches anymore, Jonathan. I think we should go to the doctor.

Jonathan: In-- instead of -- instead of getting married?

Lily: No, in addition to.

Jonathan: No, I -- I don't want to postpone this. Your father and Aidan are looking for you. If they find you before we're married, then they're just going to take you away. And -- and then we won't be together.

Lily: You're right. Well, after we're married, we'll take you to the doctor, ok? Do you have the license?

Jonathan: Well, let's do this.

Lily: Ok.

Jonathan: Ok.

Lily: Aren't they letting people get married today?

Groom: Not now, they aren’t.

Lily: But they'll be back?

Groom: You might as well come back tomorrow. I think they're done for the day.

Jack: Gentlemen --

Officer: Oh, no. Uh-uh. Back on the other side.

Jack: We have an appointment upstairs.

Officer: The detector's down.

Reggie: It's broken?

Jack: Look, it's important that we get up there, ok?

Officer: Nobody goes anywhere until you go through a working metal detector.

Reggie: So fix it.

Officer: Hey, do we look like repairmen to you?

Aidan: Well, is there another machine? Another entrance, or --

Officer: It's a systems problem. Go have a coffee. Come back in a while.

Jack: I know you gentlemen have a job to do here, but please, it's very important we get upstairs now.

Officer: What's so hard to get? Until this is fixed, you aren't going anywhere.

Jack: Look, why don't you pat me down? They still teach you to do that, don't they?

Officer: He's trying to make me mad.

Second Officer: I'd get coffee if I was you.

Jack: Why don't you do yourselves a favor? Just pat me down, frisk me -- whatever you have to do. Get me through there and let me go upstairs. I don't want to have to call the police commissioner about this.

Officer: Push me, Mister, and you'll be calling the commissioner from Rikers.

J.R.: What the hell could my mother possibly steal from you?

Del: My sister is no thief.

Greg: Oh -- Dixie is in deep denial. She needs psychiatric help.

Jamie: That's funny, coming from you. Now, what did you do with my little sister?

Greg: My involvement with the child ended with her death. Now, the last time Dixie harassed me --

Jamie: You want to see harassment?

Greg: I understand what she did, but there's nothing I could do to stop her. She came to see me. There was nothing I could say or do that could appease her in any way. I left my office. She came back in after I was gone. The following day, my file cabinet was opened.

J.R.: Are you accusing my mother of coming into your office and stealing?

Greg: She took the file of a child. A little girl was born the same week as Kate. I think Dixie believes that child is hers.

Di: But you say it's not, so we should believe you?

Greg: Well, you should perhaps go ask the adoptive parents that Tad and Dixie are about to swoop down on, and disturb their child. Dixie's child was cremated in Switzerland four years ago. It's here on the death certificate. I've called the adoptive parents and warned them about Dixie.

Jamie: Someone has to warn the world about you.

Greg: Why don't you just check the facts?

Jamie: Oh, I will. And then I'll be back.

Greg: I'm so sorry you all got dragged into this. It's most unfortunate when people get their hopes raised for a hopeless situation.

Jamie: You talk like this is over.

Greg: Ask Tad to call me. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a lot to do. Beginning with this.

[Inside Greg’s large wooden trunk lies an unconscious Erica.]

Babe: J.R., talk to me.

J.R.: What do you want to talk about? My dead sister or my crazy mother? Look, I've been trying to hold it together. I screwed up so badly. I don't know how I ever got it in my head that I want you -- that I wanted you dead. Kendall took the hit and her baby, and I took the responsibility, and I'm facing prison. But now, this on top of everything else?

Babe: We're not sure what this is exactly.

J.R.: Right. Do I have a sister? Did she survive, only for Greg Madden to hand her off to some strangers? Is Dixie sane or is she nuts? I mean, who can I trust? I mean first my mother's here, then she's not. And then I have a sister, or maybe I don't have a sister, but Greg Madden’s got the death certificate. I mean, what's real?

Babe: I don't know what's real.

J.R.: I'll tell you what's real, is I'm going to prison.

Jamie: Who says you're going to prison?

J.R.: It's a done deal. I pled guilty.

Jamie: Pled guilty? Why would you do that? Knowing you, you probably could have gotten --

J.R.: Gotten off. Yeah, I know. But I did it, James. This is all on me, and I've got to pay for it. It's really not what I want, but --

Di: Tad got his information from Madden. They are not chasing down some couple named in a stolen file.

Del: Yeah. Well, we can't exactly shadow Madden now, can we?

Di: No. But he's lying. Just how do we prove it?

Del: Good question.

PA Announcer: Dr. Kravitz, you have a visitor --

Del: How do we break through when Dixie’s obsessed over this fantasy all these years?

Di: What? You can't be serious.

Del: You saw the death certificate. You know about postpartum depression. And with everything Dixie has been through -- surgeries and painkillers, what -- what's so tough to understand?

Di: No -- Del, we have to get to the bottom of this.

Del: Ok, wait. Wait, ok? Until Tad and Dixie get back, ok? Let's get her to a shrink. Until then, we're going to back off, all right? Dr. Madden -- listen, we are both very sorry about all the trouble Dixie’s been causing.

Di: I cannot believe you believe him over your own flesh and blood.

Del: Hey, you know what? Dixie can't deal with her baby's death. I don't find that so weird, and I don't believe in conspiracy theories.

Di: You know what? I know he's a big renowned doctor, but I -- don't believe his lies, Del.

Del: Di -- Di, go home, ok? I'll call you later.

Di: Don't bother.

Del: They're both really high-strung. I'll try to get through to them, but I wouldn't expect any miracles.

Greg: Well, it would be best for everybody if they expressed their grief and then just accepted their loss.

Del: Well, thank you for being so patient. I know you can make things really hard on Dixie with all the break-ins and the theft and everything.

Greg: She's suffered enough.

Del: Well, I just -- I wish there was something I could do to help out -- make it up to you.

Greg: Well -- no. No, it's too much.

Del: What?

Greg: I can't.

Del: What is it? Just name it.

Greg: Well, actually, I have a trunk here. I was going to call the moving company, but I really want it out of here tonight.

Del: Well, let me see it. I bet I can handle it. I got it. Oh! What do you got in here?

Greg: Very precious cargo.

Del: All right.

Bianca: Why isn't the medication working?

Nurse: Wish I knew.

Bianca: Have you seen my mother?

Nurse: Uh -- can't say I help you there, but I can have her paged.

Bianca: Oh, no, that's -- that's all right. She's probably just catching up on sleep. I don't want to wake her. Thank you, though.

Nurse: Ok.

Bianca: What did Livia say?

Ryan: She's on her way to the DA’s office to see if he'll deal.

Bianca: Zach has to come back soon.

Ryan: Her expression looks different.

Bianca: The nurse said that there's no change.

Ryan: Her mouth -- it's -- it's more set or something. I don't know -- it's more of a straight line. We're losing her, and there's nothing I can do about it.

Bianca: Maybe there's something that I can do. I'll be right back.

Ryan: Hey. I saw our son a little while ago. Man, is he focused on staying with us. His face -- his face is all scrunched up, and he's concentrating really hard on living. He's got this -- he's got this little crease in his forehead right there. And his mouth is all puckered up. And he's got these tiny little hands that keep clenching into fists and then releasing and then clenching. Like -- like he could take on the world if he had to. Like he's getting ready to fight. I happen to know he gets that from you, Kendall, so now you got to fight. Ok, you got to fight to meet your son. He's waiting for you.

Derek: I wish you could be at the hospital with Kendall, too. Oh, I get what you did for her and the baby. I even admire you for it a little bit. But you had to go and use a gun.

[Derek locks Zach into a jail cell then leaves him alone.]

Lily: Maybe we could go find a walk-in clinic for a doctor. We can come back here tomorrow when they're open.

Jonathan: No. No, let's just -- let's wait a little bit longer, ok?

Angela: You look better.

Anthony: Yeah, how come I'm feeling worse?

Jonathan: Lily -- Lily, she's back. Let's go.

Clerk: What can I do for you?

Angela: Come on!

Anthony: All right, don't rush me.

[Lily freezes when she the clerk removes her overcoat and exposes her bright red dress.]

Reggie: Listen, Dad, why don't we just let Aidan handle this, ok? He's a little less involved than we are.

Jack: And you're thinking that's a good thing?

Reggie: Yeah, because he wants to find Lily and Jonathan just as bad as we do.

Jack: Son, that does not mean he's on our side.

Aidan: My friend doesn't mean to be pushy. It's just his daughter ran away, and she suffers from Autism Spectrum Disorder. And she could be upstairs right now getting married.

Officer: Well, if it isn't against any laws -- she's 18?

Aidan: Uh-huh.

Officer: She can marry the guy.

Aidan: All he wants to do is have a word with her and make sure that she realizes exactly what she's doing. That's it.

[Phone rings]

Officer: My daughter's ex-boyfriend had her ready to run off to Vegas once.

Aidan: Really? So you understand, then?

Officer: We won't pull him in.

Second Officer: System's up again.

Jack: Good, we're clear to go. Thank God.

Officer: Go on through.

[Metal detector beeps]

Jack: I don't have time for this, all right?

Officer: All right, now, back through, empty your pockets.

Lily: Jonathan -- Jonathan, I need my sunglasses.

Jonathan: Ok --

Lily: I could have left them at the coffee place.

Jonathan: Ok.

Groom: Hey, can you help me out here?

Clerk: This couple is first.

Jonathan: I don't have them, Lily.

Clerk: Are you two doing this or not?

Jonathan: Yes, yes, we are. Only, I need you to --

Lily: I can't look at you.

Clerk: You think you're such a prize?

Jonathan: No, it's your red blouse. Could you just put your coat back on, please?

Clerk: It's like 100 degrees in here.

Lily: No, no, it's closer to 73.

Clerk: You and the human thermometer, make up your minds.

Jonathan: No -- ok, listen, I'm Jonathan, ok? And this is Lily. And Lily has a problem --

Clerk: No? Really? Next!

Jonathan: No, just a second! Please -- please, everybody. Lily has Autism Spectrum Disorder, ok? And things that are not a big deal for people like us are almost unbearable for her.

Groom: Like waiting forever for -- to get something to happen?

Jonathan: The color red freaks her out, ok? And when -- when she sees it, it's a meltdown. It -- it's overwhelming.

Clerk: How does she get along?

Jonathan: Well, usually, we -- we can put on her sunglasses.

Clerk: And the color changes -- I get it.

Jonathan: Yes, yes.

Clerk: God, the stuff some people have to put up with.

Groom: Tell me about it.

Clerk: Lily, hon? It's ok.

Jonathan: Thank you.

Clerk: You can turn around.

Jonathan: Thank you so much.

Clerk: No problem. I'll have you two processed and on your way in no time.

Jonathan: Ok.

Lily: Thank you. You're another reason to like New York.

Clerk: Aren't you sweet? Let's get you two hitched.

Jack: That's all I've got. Reggie, if I don't get through this time, I want you to go upstairs and stop this thing any way you can. May I? Thank you. Thank God. Don't wait for me. Just go, go, go, go, go. I'm right behind you.

Kendall's voice: Zach, wake up.

[In the cell, Zach dreams that Kendall is standing right next to him.]

Kendall: Hmm. I love you. Just as much as you love me. And you love my child, too. You proved that.

Zach: I do love him.

Kendall: So you'll take care of him as if he were your own son.

Zach: We'll raise him together, you and I.

Kendall: You and Ryan will look after Spike.

[Kendall suddenly stands on the other side of the bars then disappears.]

Zach: Come back to me. Kendall, don't do this. Don't do this. Come back to me.

Bianca: Kendall, I -- I -- I visited Spike in the Neonatal ICU, and he's amazing. He's just stronger and stronger by the minute. And he really, really wanted to come visit his mom, but the nurses nixed that, so he sent this instead.

Bianca: It's -- it's Spike's hospital blanket. And the nurses gave him a new one, because he wanted you to have this one, because he wanted you to be able to hold him, think about him.

Ryan: No, no, no, no, no, it's good, it's great. Here, Kendall, you hold on to this, ok? There you go.

Bianca: You just imagine how amazing it's going to be when you get to hold your baby. He needs you, Kendall. He needs his mommy. He told me he won't accept any imitations. So please -- please -- please wake up.

Jamie: Dr. Madden handpicks all the surrogates. He conned Amanda into it. And another woman, he felt wasn't even fit to have a child, so he gave her a completely false diagnosis.

J.R.: And he's got this island where he waits for the surrogates to give birth?

Jamie: Yeah. And here's the fun part. They're all impregnated by him.

Babe: That is so grotesque.

J.R.: That's one sick son of a bitch.

Jamie: Look, nobody can trust Dr. Madden about anything. I really don't think Kate is dead.

Di: Tad and Dixie must be on to something solid.

J.R.: Is that why you think Madden’s packing up?

Di: I don't know. We're going to find out. Del and I are keeping tabs on Madden for Tad and Aidan.

J.R.: We're waiting for him to trip up? I don't think so. I'll beat the truth out of him right now.

Babe: J.R., no, you can’t.

J.R.: No, no, watch me.

Babe: No, I don't care what happens to Greg Madden, but you can't make things worse for yourself.

J.R.: I want to know the truth before I have to go to prison.

Di: You're not definitely going to prison, J.R.

J.R.: I signed the deal. That pretty much means I'm going to prison.

Jamie: Look, Babe’s right. I should probably do this on my own.

Babe: Yes. Please, let Jamie handle it, and Tad and Dixie.

Di: And Del and me.

J.R.: Kate is my sister. I'm going to do it for her.

Babe: Little Adam needs you, J.R. They're just going to put you away longer.

J.R.: You go home to Little Adam. I'll take care of this.

Jamie: You know what? We'll take care of this. I'll keep you out of trouble. Babe, it's going to be ok. I'll watch out for him.

Babe: When you two both get on the same track, I know I can't stop you. Please be careful.

J.R.: I will.

Babe: Will you watch out for them, too, Di?

Di: Yeah, try not to worry.

[Jamie sighs]

J.R.: Well, if you're supposed to be watching Madden --

Jamie: Why are you here?

[Del helps Greg by dragging the wooden trunk containing Erica on board his private plane.]

Del: How's this, ok?

Greg: That's good. Easy, easy. Here.

Del: Thanks.

Greg: Let me give you something.

Del: Hmm -- no. After all the grief my sisters have given you, it's the least I can do. So, where you headed for this sabbatical, Doc?

Greg: Well, I'm going to be working so hard, I -- I will have no time for sightseeing, so it doesn't really matter. Thank you.

Del: Yeah. Safe trip.

Di: Del's with him. He's playing along like he's on Greg’s side.

J.R.: That's a mistake. Del can't handle this. He's going to blow it for everyone.

Del: Ah, damn it. I knew I should have put Di’s number on speed dial.

[In the cargo area of the airport, Del feels dizzy then falls unconscious after drinking a bottle of water, which had been spiked by Greg.]

Zach: Guard! I need Chief Frye down here. He -- I need to get out of here. I need to go to the hospital. I need to get to my wife. My wife needs me! She can't leave me like this. She can't leave her baby like this. She can't leave her son!

[Ryan and Bianca hug while crying by Kendall’s bedside.]

[Greg opens the trunk and talks to Erica who’s still unconscious, lying on pillows.]

Greg: I guarantee you a comfortable flight. Sorry it's not exactly first class.

Aidan: I've got this one, Jack.

Jack: Aidan, thank you, but I've got this.

Reggie: No, Dad, let Aidan handle this one, ok? We're all on the same side.

Aidan: Hi. Excuse me, I'm looking for a -- for a young woman. In fact, I've got a picture of her right here. There's two of them. Have they been here?

Clerk: So sweet. They're the kind that make this job worthwhile.

Jack: When? When were they here?

Clerk: Oh, were you supposed to be at the wedding? You might have missed it.

Jack: Are you telling me those two are getting married right now?

Clerk: Right in there, now.

[Jack rushes into the room just as Jonathan and Lily marry each other.]

Justice of the Peace: I pronounce you husband and wife.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Tad (to Josh): Where's Madden?

Josh: He's my family. I'm not turning on him.

Tad: Don't talk about family. You don't know anything about family. You owe this family.

Josh (to Tad): What do you mean, I don't know who my family is?

J.R. (to Jamie): Maybe you should go home, let me handle this. I've got nothing left to lose.

Zach (in jail): It's payback time.

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