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Tad: Whew.

Dixie: What exactly do you think you're doing?

Tad: Hopefully getting us the hell out of here.

Dixie: By burning down the only shelter that we have?

Tad: Well, if this works, we won't need any shelter.

Dixie: It was the only building with a roof.

Tad: I know. Oh, just stand back, it's going to get a lot hotter.

Josh: What's going on here, Dad? Why are you leaving town?

Greg: I need new opportunities. You do, too. Come with me, Josh.

Josh: Wow. Erica must really have something on you. Why else would you be running away? What the hell did you do?

Erica: You're right, sweetheart. This family has had enough secrets.

Bianca: What did Greg Madden do to you?

Erica: Where do I start?

Bianca: It's that bad, isn't it?

J.R.: How's Kendall? Is the baby ok?

Kendall's voice: My baby. Tell me about my baby. Is Spike ok? Did he make it?

Ryan: Come on, Spike. Breathe. Please, God, let him breathe.

Bianca: What are you doing here, J.R.? You are the last person anyone wants.

Erica: Bianca, please. J.R. is a friend of Kendall’s.

Bianca: Oh, come -- I -- I find that hard to believe now.

Babe: Please, we just came to see about Kendall and her baby. Has there been any change?

Bianca: She's having a C-section right now. We haven't heard anything yet.

J.R.: There's something that you both need to know.

Bianca: The only thing I want to know is, did you hurt my sister?

J.R.: I've seen the DA. I'm pleading guilty.

Erica: J.R., no. I mean, that's not possible.

J.R.: Erica, what Babe told the police was true. I was drunk, I was out of control, I tipped over that pile. I did this to Kendall.

Kendall's voice: Spike? Spike? Spike?

[Spike cries]

Dr. Mayer: Good job, Kendall. Ok, everyone, let's finish closing her up.

Zach: You hear that? That's Spike. That's him crying, he's alive. He's going to be pushing people around, just like his mother.

Dr. Mayer: Looks we're ready to turn her over to Dr. Solomon.

Kendall's voice: Thank you, God. Please keep him safe. Keep him alive.

Dr. Mayer: Check her ICP number one more time.

Ryan: Thank you, Kendall. Thank you for our son. He's -- he's as small as he can be, but he's going to be ok. And now it's your turn.

Dr. Solomon: Let's go.

Ryan: It's your turn to fight, ok? You need to be his mother. They're -- they're already giving you the drug that's going to help you. You got to make it. You got to fight.

Kendall's voice: As long as my baby's safe, whatever happens now, it will have been worth it.

Greg: I told you -- when Erica made those ridiculous accusations, there was no base. Just a hysterical female lashing out at me.

Josh: Come on, Dad. I can smell it in the air -- fear and panic. That's not like you.

Greg: What you smell is stale air. Pine Valley has outlived its usefulness to me.

Josh: I don't believe you. You're running out of here so fast you're squealing tires in the parking lot. What are you running from? The law? What have you been doing, Dad?

Greg: I have done nothing wrong.

Josh: Then what is with all this drama? What, are you about to lose your license over this?

Greg: Oh, stop jumping to ridiculous conclusions -- you're just like everybody else. Josh, this is about work. I'm making some amazing breakthroughs here. Come work with me -- unlimited budget, cutting-edge technology. Come, work with me. This is all going to be yours someday, anyway.

Josh: You want me with you because you don't think you'll be able to come back here.

Greg: There's a wonderful opportunity for you.

Josh: Look, if you were just flying off to do some research, I could always join you later. What's going down, Pop? This can't be good, and I don't want any part of it.

Greg: It's your loss. You'll be missing out.

Josh: Well, then fine. I'll risk it, I'll stay here. I like the hospital, I like Joe Martin --

Greg: Oh, Joe Martin, Joe Martin, Joe Martin! What's he ever done for you? I gave you life.

Josh: Oh, here we go again. You want to start out with this "miracle baby" crap? "If it wasn't for you, I'd never --"

Greg: Yes! Yes! You're damn right, yes! If it wasn't for me, you would never have been born.

Josh: You know what? That's the last time you ever get to say that to me. You hear me? You wore that speech out when I was 6 years old!

Greg: You have no idea what I've done for you.

Josh: Right. Right. I'm ungrateful, too.

Di: Look, here is perfect.

Del: Uh -- what are we doing?

Di: We're keeping tabs on Madden. Sit down, make yourself comfortable. But not too much. We have to keep an eye on this hallway, because he can't leave without passing by this door.

Del: And are you going to tell me why we're trailing this jerk? I thought Dixie said she'd handle it.

Di: Right now Dixie needs our help.

Dixie: All right, Tad, I think you’ve gone completely off your rocker here.

Dixie: Well, you really think that burning down half of Maine is going to get you there any faster?

Tad: Relax, it's a controlled burn.

Dixie: Oh. I feel so much better. Excuse me if I don't feel like making some S'mores.

Tad: Listen, remember that ranger station, the one on the map, about 1o miles away? If that ranger is there, and they're not sleeping off a bender or they haven't been the victims of a cutback, they can send a rescue team straight to us.

Dixie: But what if it spreads? You're not exactly Smokey the Bear here.

Tad: You got to trust me, ok? Listen, I know what I'm doing. It's not like we're going to light the woods on fire. We're just burning down a couple of shacks. Dixie, look -- see this? The ground's wet. It means it rained last night, ok? There's no wind, and those shacks are in well-cleared areas. It's like burning leaves on your lawn in the autumn. More importantly, that smoke is going to get somebody's attention.

Dixie: You've always liked attention.

Tad: Well, I'm sorry, it's the best I could do. Next time I'll bring an eraser, a couple of paper clips, and a can of aerosol. What's with the look?

Dixie: Relax. I almost forgot how clever you are.

J.R.: Erica, I know that there's nothing that I could do to make it up to you, but --

Erica: Get out.

J.R.: I know what I did was a horrible thing --

Erica: Bianca, please get them both out of here.

Bianca: Out, out, out right no you're not helping anybody.

J.R.: I'm trying, Bianca. I'm taking responsibility for what I've done.

Bianca: What do you want me to say, J.R.? “Good for you?” "Thanks for finally figuring out how to be a human being -- Oh, too bad it's too late for Kendall"? I get it, you're very, very sorry. Is that supposed to help things?

J.R.: What I did is inexcusable.

Babe: You're absolutely right, it was. But he is trying to do the right thing now.

Bianca: You are a sick, sick man, J.R. I've known that since you tried to keep my baby from me. You've hurt my family more times than I care to remember, and you may have killed my sister and her baby.

Babe: Bianca, can you please just listen to what he has to say?

Bianca: Babe, I don't know -- why are you still standing by him?

Ryan: She did it. Kendall and I have a son. There -- there were some scary moments there, but he's alive and he's hanging on.

Erica: And Kendall?

Ryan: She's hanging on, too.

Erica: Thank you for telling me.

Ryan: They started giving her the drug that she needs.

Erica: And?

Ryan: Well, I -- I think it's still too early for anyone to know anything for sure.

Erica: Because it may have been too late.

Babe: You don't understand.

Bianca: No, no, I don't. Your husband tries to kill you, and you stick by him?

Babe: J.R., can you give us a few minutes alone, please?

J.R.: Fine.

Bianca: What is going on? Did he hurt you? Is he threatening you?

Babe: No, it's not like that.

Bianca: Is he blackmailing you? Is this about Little Adam? Is -- he's ok, right?

Babe: No -- yes, yes, Little A is fine -- somehow -- through all of this.

Bianca: Then please tell me why you're standing by J.R.

Babe: It's hard to explain. I don't --

Bianca: Well, can you try me? I don't get it.

Babe: I -- I wasn't even with him at first. I was -- I was going to take Little A, and I was going to hit it, I was going to go as far away as I possibly could.

Bianca: That sounds like a plan to me.

Babe: I mean, I think about what he did to me. I don't know if I can ever even get over it, but I don't know, Bianca. I -- at least he's trying to help himself.

Bianca: How many times has J.R. said he was going to change? This isn't the first time he's gotten violent. I still don't know if he pushed me off that balcony in Florida or if I fell, and God knows what he's done since I left for Paris.

Babe: It's been rough -- with his mom and everything.

Bianca: Are you making excuses for him?

Babe: No. God no, there is no excuse, but at least he is finally taking responsibility instead of blaming everyone else. He's -- he's in therapy, he's -- he's in an alcohol abuse program, he's -- he's pleading guilty, he's going to jail. What else is there?

Bianca: Good. He deserves all that.

Babe: But I cannot stop thinking about the vows that we took.

Bianca: I'm sorry, but when you vow "till death do us part," I didn't think J.R. would get to pick the day.

Babe: And I know that our marriage is probably over. I -- I get that. How could we go back? But I keep telling myself that -- that I owe it to my son and -- and to those vows to at least acknowledge that he's in pain and that he needs my help.

Bianca: I find that very hard to believe.

Babe: So do I. But it's true, I love him. Even after all of this, I love him, and after everything that we've been through the last couple of years, it's obvious I'm in deep. I -- I told myself that I would never stand by a man who would do the wrong thing. How can I not stand by him when he's trying to do the right thing?

David: You tried to kill my daughter, you miserable SOB. I don't know what you're doing out of jail --

J.R.: Get your hands off me!

David: But you're definitely not getting away from me. Do you think you can just walk around here like nothing happened?

J.R.: You get off me, Hayward.

David: Do you think you can walk around here like nothing happened?

J.R.: You get off me, Hayward, I got enough issues without adding you to the list.

David: Believe me, J.R. I know you have issues. The only reason why you’re still standing is because I promised your mother I wouldn’t hurt you.

J.R.: Why don't you back off? Go bother some poor guy who's a steak away from a heart attack.

David: Why aren't you behind bars?

J.R.: Don't worry, you'll get to throw your party. You'll get rid of me soon enough. Everyone will.

Del: So Tad and Dix are together right now?

Di: Hopefully finding our little niece. But until then, we have to keep our eyes on Madden.

Del: Yeah, well, I'd still like to go beat the information out of him.

Di: No. Our job is simple -- not let Madden out of our sight.

Del: You know, he put Dixie through hell. He took her kid, and because of his crazy scheme, he put all of us through hell thinking she was dead.

Di: Yeah, ok, but this is Tad and Dixie’s call. We have to do it the right way -- their way.

Tad: Here, you can have my coat.

Dixie: No, it's ok. I'm not really cold, Tad -- I've got the biggest bonfire on the east coast to keep me warm -- I'm just scared.

Tad: It's ok, I've got it under control.

Dixie: No, you don't understand. I'm afraid that we won't get back in time, and Madden will have disappeared.

Tad: If we get back, and he's gone, I'm going to find him.

Dixie: Don't -- it just shouldn't have happened like this, ok? I'm the one who made the mistake. I'm the one who made the decision. I did it alone. I'm the one who should suffer the consequences.

Tad: Finding our daughter? You're going to have to forgive me if you want me to -- I'd rather stay in the loop.

Dixie: Tad, don't you get it? Every time I thought I found Kate, I wanted to come home, put her in your arms, and beg your forgiveness. And then there would be a lead that didn't work out or Greg would disappear -- no little girl. And every time I tried to find her and -- and I couldn't, I would just circle further -- further down into this hell, and it was a hell that I made for myself. You know, I didn't want to bring you there with me. It wasn't right. I've done enough.

Tad: You've done plenty. That's obvious. Those days are over. It doesn't matter how many lies Madden tells, how many tricks he's got up his sleeve. His days of stealing children are over. When we get back, I'm going to find him, and when I do, I'm going to get answers.

Greg: I'm the reason you are here on this earth.

Josh: Well, just shut it! All right? Just because you worked your baby magic on me doesn't give you the right to run my life.

Greg: You need to remember where you came from.

Josh: I am so sick and tired of you holding this miracle you performed over my head. How you gave me life and -- and saved Mom from some emotional breakdown? The all-great and powerful Greg Madden -- all hail him! You know, you can play God all you want with your patients, but it won't work with me. I don't owe you a damn thing.

Greg: As your father, I think you owe me. The least you owe me is respect.

Josh: Well, I'm sorry, Dad, but wherever you're running to, I'm not running with you. I want the truth right now, or I'm walking out that door, and I don't give a damn what the hell happens to you.

Greg: All right, I'll tell you the truth.

Josh: I'm listening.

Greg: Your mother never wanted you to be born.

Erica: I could lose my daughter today.

Ryan: I understand how you must feel.

Erica: Do you, Ryan?

Ryan: I know that you're upset because I changed my mind, and I sided with Zach. Erica, do you understand why I did it?

Erica: I don't understand any of this. I -- I'm so numb, I don't know what to feel or how to feel. But we can't undo any of this now.

Ryan: But we're going to get through this, Erica.

Erica: Please, I -- I just don't want to talk anymore right now.

[Erica hurries out of Kendall’s room and finds Bianca in the hallway.]

Erica: Kendall is out of surgery. The baby is alive, and the baby is in Neonatal Intensive Care.

Bianca: And -- and Kendall?

Erica: They're giving her the drug she needs right now to -- to take the pressure down, and hopefully that will bring her out of her coma.

Babe: That's wonderful news. Thank God.

Bianca: This is all good so far, right?

Erica: Yeah, so far.

Bianca: Ok. Are you ok?

Erica: Oh, I'm fine.

Babe: Your mother hates me for what I did to you -- and has every right.

Bianca: Mothers don't forgive easily.

Babe: You do know that I was willing to pay whatever price necessary, don't you?

Bianca: Yeah, I do.

Babe: And now J.R.’s willing to pay for what he's done.

Bianca: Maybe being with him is part of your punishment.

Babe: Maybe it is.

Bianca: I don't know if that makes me feel any better.

Babe: Look, I know it's not going to help Kendall or her baby, but J.R. is really trying. He's trying to be the man that I've always wanted him to be, even though he's facing a very scary future. And I know that if I don't stand by him, no one else will. I don't know. I hope that -- that that makes sense somehow.

Julia: Bianca?

Bianca: Hi.

Julia: Kendall's out of recovery and back in her room. Would you like to see her?

Bianca: Oh, yes, I would.

Julia: Ok.

Zach: Hey -- you did it. You had your baby, and he's getting stronger every minute. Now all you need to do is wake up and come back to me. Hey.

Bianca: Is there any change in her cranial pressure?

Julia: Not yet. Let me know if you need anything.

Bianca: Hey, you. I hear you just made me an aunt. That is so cool. I know that Miranda is going to be so thrilled to meet her new cousin. And as soon as you're getting better, and you're up and awake, we're going to come visit you, ok? Hey, nice work -- bringing a boy in to deal with us Kane women. He'd better be pretty tough, because we're a handful. Kendall? Kendall, please. Wake up. Wake up and let us know that you can hear us. You got a great husband here, and he's dying to take you on your honeymoon. And he hasn't left your side the entire time, you lucky girl. Wake up.

Bianca: Mom?

Erica: Are you happy now?

Bianca: Mom, please -- please don't do this now, ok? She's going to be fine. She's -- she's going to be ok. She's going to be just fine. Kendall -- Kendall, please, can you hear me? Wake up. Kendall, come back to us.

Kendall's voice: Binks?

Bianca: Listen to me. Wake up.

Kendall's voice: I can hardly hear you. How's Spike? Is he doing ok? Am I going to wake up? Everything is starting to feel so -- strange.

Julia: Hey.

Ryan: Hey.

Julia: Come with me.

David: Well, that sounds promising. At least in prison, you'd be away from Babe. My daughter deserves a lot better.

J.R.: Like my mother? What does she deserve?

David: Oh, a lot more than she's been given.

J.R.: What are your intentions with her?

David: My intentions? Oh, I'm sorry, sir. Do I need to ask permission?

J.R.: No, what you need is to give it up!

David: No, that's not going to happen, kid, because your mother is going to love me all over again. In fact, she's going to love me even more than she loves Tad. You know how I'm going to make that happen? I intend to give your mother the life she deserves, the life she had stolen from her, the life she was denied by the family who hounded her out of town.

J.R.: Did you know about her -- my sister? Did you know Kate’s alive?

[Dixie coughs]

Dixie: Well, the good news is you didn't catch half of Maine on fire. Sorry, Charlie.

Tad: So am I. Well, we better get started. That ranger station's about 10 miles away. Hopefully if we start --

[Helicopter approaches]

Dixie: Huh.

Del: So, you going to tell me how you really feel about Tad and Dixie together up in Maine?

Di: They're following a lead on their daughter.

Del: Yes, and they're alone. Time to talk, catch up, forgive.

Di: I got it. I got it, Del, but you know what? I have to root for Tad. I -- I love the man. I want him to be happy.

Del: True, but you don't have to root for our sister.

Di: You know what? Tad just found out that his daughter is alive, and she's missing. I can't imagine what that's like.

Del: Well, I didn't ask you to imagine it, Di, I asked you how you felt.

Di: And Dixie’s been -- been looking for Kate for all these years. You know, we can criticize her for staying away, but the most important thing right now is that they find their child.

Del: And what if they find each other?

Di: Then they find each other.

Del: Aren't you worried about that?

Di: Of course, I am. But I have been all along, now, haven't I?

[Erica eavesdrops from the other side of the door.]

Josh: My mother loved me.

Greg: I'm sorry. It's the truth -- your mother never wanted you.

Josh: You are so sick.

Greg: I saved your life. Your mother never wanted to give birth to you. I intervened.

Josh: So if what you're saying is true, you kept this from me my whole life? Why?

Greg: Let me explain what happened --

Josh: Are you saying my mom was some sort of sick experiment for you? Is that what you're telling me? She never wanted to have kids in the first place?

Greg: There was nothing sick about what I did. Let me finish.

Josh: Just shut up, all right? Just shut up! You think telling me this is going to make anything better? How could you do this?

Julia: Here you go.

Julia: This is your son.

Di: I tried to get the man I love, the family I wanted, by cheating.

Del: Well, that was a while ago, Di. Old news.

Di: It doesn't make what I did ok.

Del: Well, not everybody's a saint, not even Dixie.

Di: Dixie said once that I had no right to her life, that I hadn't earned it. She was right.

Del: No, Dixie threw away her life. So what if you picked it up, dusted it off, and put it on?

Di: Well, it wasn't mine to wear. Now, if -- if there's anything in my future with Tad, without him, I -- I have to start earning it for myself. Maybe hoping Tad and Dixie find Kate is a way to get a piece of that future back. But the most important thing is finding their daughter.

Dixie: Hey! Thank God you found us!

Tad: It's crucial we get back to civilization. We think our child's been taken.

Officer: Hold up. One thing at a time. Do you folks know what happened here?

Tad: Yeah -- we got stranded.

Dixie: Yeah, we couldn't see a soul.

Officer: How did all these old logging cabins catch on fire?

Dixie: Well, Tad lit them on fire to get your attention, and it worked.

Officer: He got our attention, all right.

Tad: Setting off the fires was our only option --

Officer: Before either of you say anything else, you should know I'll be arresting you on suspicion of arson.

Dixie: What?

Officer: I'd keep your mouth shut --

Tad: Arson?

Officer: If I were you.

Tad: No, no, no, wait -- you got it all wrong.

Dixie: You don't understand.

Tad: We were desperate.

Dixie: This is the only thing that we had to do.

Tad: Look! You've got to be kidding.

Officer: You have the right to remain silent.

Tad: Oh --

Officer: Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

David: Dixie never told me about Kate. I had to figure that one out by myself. But when I find that little girl, your mother is going to be eternally grateful.

J.R.: Oh, yeah. So you find her so you come out looking like the hero? You're a little late for that -- Tad’s already got that handled. All you're going to be left with is holding your little --

David: Oh, I think I can handle Tad. And you're going to be too busy learning the rules of state prison to go out looking for your sister.

J.R.: Tell me what you know.

David: If I told you, I'd have to kill you.

J.R.: What about this guy who's responsible for taking Kate?

David: What, you don't know?

J.R.: This guy, Greg -- no, I don't know much about him.

David: Neither do I. Sorry, kid. I wish I could tell you more, but I can't.

Babe: Bull. You know who took Kate, and if you won't tell J.R., you're sure as hell are going to tell me.

Greg: Josh, you need to understand --

Josh: No, I understand that you're running scared. Miracle baby or village idiot -- it doesn't matter. I don't want any part of it.

Greg: You're not giving me a chance to tell you --

Josh: You know what? What, you used my mom as some kind of guinea pig, and then lied about it all this time? Or, you know, you're making up some sick, demented story right now.

Greg: This is the truth, Josh.

Josh: How could you -- how could you trash my mother's memory like this? She loved us till the day she died. You think this is going to make me want to come with you? This is -- this is so messed up. I don't even give a damn about the truth anymore. You can just go to hell.

Greg: Get out.

Erica: I told you. I told you just how he'd feel if you tried to tell him.

Greg: This is none of your concern.

Erica: The hell it isn't! But now all that's left is that you fall as hard and as slowly and painfully as you possibly can for what you did.

Greg: I don't think so, Erica. You see, I always have a contingency plan. I think it's very important for occasions just like this to have a plan. I wouldn't have got this far without one.

Erica: Well, Greg, this time you've lost, and you will pay.

Greg: I don't think so.

Erica: What -- hey –

[Greg grabs Erica by the arm and injects her with something.]

Julia: Go ahead.

Ryan: Hey there, little man. Way to go. I know that you're stronger than you look. I'm your dad. Welcome to the world. Do you know who you have to thank for that? Do you? Your mom. Yeah. Her name is Kendall, and -- well, she's very beautiful, and she's very brave, and I love her very much. And you're going to love her, too. And right now she's fighting like heck to come and see you. I need you to be like her, Spike, ok? I need you to fight like your mom.

Kendall's voice: Zach? I can't hear you anymore. Zach? Where are you? Everything's fuzzy. It's slipping away. Am I dying? Oh, God. Please, please take care of Spike. Please take care of my son.

Derek: Zach? Speak to you outside?

Derek: Zach Slater, you're under arrest for multiple counts of assault, reckless endangerment, contempt of a court order, and kidnapping.

Tad: So, you see, it's absolutely crucial that we get back to Pine Valley.

Dixie: We may never see our daughter again if we don’t.

Officer: Setting fires in national forestland is not something I can just let you off with a warning.

Tad: So we'll donate some equipment. Look, I'll pay any fine you want, anything.

Officer: Are you trying to bribe me?

Dixie: No. No, no, no, absolutely not. Please. I have been searching for my daughter for years. Please help us.

Di: Oh, wait, wait, J.R.?

Del: Hey, hold up.

Di: J.R.? What are you doing here?

J.R.: I'm going to have a little chat with that bastard who stole my sister.

[Hearing the commotion from inside his office, Greg watches over an unconscious Erica.]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Del (to Greg): What do you got in here?

Greg: Very precious cargo.

Del: All right.

[Unbeknownst to Del, Erica is inside the box he is moving, unconscious.]

Aidan (to a woman): They've been here?

Woman (to Aidan and Jack): Were you supposed to be at the wedding? You might have missed it.

Jonathan (to Lily): It's not going to be long now.

Ryan (to Bianca): We're losing her, and I can't do anything about it.

Zach (to Derek): I’m not letting Kendall die without me.

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