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Joe: The amnio should tell us all we need to know.

Ryan: If we can take the baby.

Joe: If the lungs are sufficiently developed.

Ryan: Because the pressure -- the pressure's increasing in Kendallís brain and is closer to -- What if the tests show that Spike's not ready?

Bianca: Mom? I thought we could both use a little caffeine.

Erica: Thanks.

Bianca: I'm sure it's going to be fine. I'm sure that the baby is ready for a C-section.

Erica: Oh, God, I hope so. I don't know if Kendall can last another day.

Josh: Erica? Why are you threatening my father?

Erica: Not now, Josh.

Josh: You said before you had something on him.

Erica: Go away.

Josh: Quit dodging it. What the hell do you think my father has done?

Jamie: Looks like moving day.

Greg: I'm going on sabbatical.

Jamie: You need all this?

Greg: Well, not that it's any of your business, but I will work, and I will study techniques.

Jamie: But not on Amanda.

Greg: I beg your pardon?

Jamie: Amanda's not going with you.

Aidan: We need to place ads in every free newspaper. Get back to me as soon as you can.

Di: Hi. How is Tad doing? I know about Kate.

Aidan: Tad's preschool daughter is God knows where. How do you think the man's doing? You know, I don't even have time for this.

Di: Ok. Fine. Why don't you tell me where Tad is so that I can just go find him?

Aidan: Tad's with Dixie.

Dixie: Did you get enough sleep?

Tad: Enough.

Dixie: Do you think this is it?

Tad: How would I know? It's a clearing next to a lake in the middle of Maine. Brewster basically gave me the longitude and the latitude. Other than that, how the hell would I know where we are?

Dixie: That's not what I meant. I was just wondering if we were finally going to find Kate.

Tad: Am I about to meet my daughter for the first time? Well, I don't know, but I've learned the hard way not to get my hopes up about anything.

Dixie: Yeah. The Brewsters could've adopted somebody else's little girl.

Tad: True.

Damon: Ready to go?

Tad: I don't know. Are you sure we're in the right place?

Damon: GPS takes out all the guesswork. You gave me the numbers. We're there.

Tad: Oh.

Dixie: So the family that we're looking for should be right outside?

Damon: Should be.

Dixie: Excuse me.

Tad: Listen, Damon, just don't go anywhere till we check things out, ok?

Damon: Like there's anywhere for me to go?

Tad: Yeah, talk about secluded.

Zach: Don't worry. If Spike isn't ready, he's going to stay right where he is. I've got some good news -- Ryanís on our side, no more hassles. Except from me. Pass this test and come home with your baby, where you belong.

Kendall's voice: Listen to you -- so tough. I'm trying, Zach. I love you.

Dr. Mayer: Mr. Slater, I'll need you to step back.

Zach: Ball's in your court.

Kendall's voice: Trying.

Dr. Mayer: There. That's what we need.

Julia: I'll hold it right there.

Dr. Mayer: Ok, hold. Ok. 10 cc's and we have enough.

Julia: You need an L/S ratio.

Dr. Mayer: Hopefully 2.0 or greater so we can deliver.

Joe: There's your son.

Ryan: Is -- is that his head?

Joe: Hmm. And his arms and his legs.

Ryan: Kendall, he's -- he's a real person. Spike is -- is a little baby and he -- he looks strong. He does. He looks -- he looks as tough as his name. How long is this going to take?

Joe: For the results?

Ryan: No, no, for them to get the fluid.

Dr. Mayer: Done. We have enough fluid for testing.

Joe: Right. I'll put a rush on it.

Dr. Mayer: Ok.

Joe: All right.

Julia: Thought you might like to have this.

[Julia hands Ryan an ultrasound photo of his baby.]

Erica: Look, I can't believe that anyone, even you -- under the circumstances, you're harassing me?

Josh: Erica, I heard you last night.

Erica: Well, then you must've misunderstood. You want to know something about your father? Go ask your father, go ask Greg.

Josh: You're furious, and you know why.

Erica: Well, you know -- I just don't believe you. Can you really be this obtuse, this insensitive? My daughter Kendall is lying in there, she's -- she's very ill. Now, please, just go away. Dr. Mayer? Is -- is Kendall all right?

Dr. Mayer: The procedure went fine. As soon as we have the test results, we'll let you know.

Julia: I'm on my way to the lab right now.

Dr. Mayer: Great. You can go ahead in.

Erica: We'd like to spend some time alone with Kendall. We're here, sweetheart. We're both here, Bianca and I. We're right here with you, honey.

Greg: I'm very familiar with Amandaís situation.

Jamie: Well, then you should al know that this is no time for her to be making life-changing decisions.

Greg: You know, I have a great deal of respect for anyone who pursues a career in medicine, but I will not pretend that you know what you're talking about.

Jamie: Well, I know Amanda.

Greg: Yes, you also contributed to her instability and her depression. Amanda has based this decision on her own needs and her wants.

Jamie: Or you talked her into it.

Greg: No. I have evaluated Amandaís physical and mental state. I gave her all the information she needed to make an informed decision.

Jamie: Now, you see, that there -that's the biggest crock of --

Greg: And you know what? This is none of your business.

Jamie: It is my business, Madden, because unlike you, I care what happens to Amanda.

Greg: You know what? This holier-than-thou Martin stuff that you put on might give you some clout around here with nurses, but quite frankly, to me, you are nothing.

Tad: Careful.

Dixie: This is empty. Nobody's lived here for ages.

Tad: If ever.

Dixie: Ok, well, maybe the Brewsters live in a different house.

Tad: They can't -- none of the other buildings have got roofs on them.

Dixie: Maybe they -- they're further out in the woods.

Tad: That bastard. He got me. He got me -- the Brewsters, the privacy nuts. What is Madden thinking? He knows I'm -

[Plane takes off]

Dixie: Oh, my God.

Tad: That was the plane. You son of a bitch! Damn it! I swear, I'm going to kill that pilot right after I kill Madden.

Julia: Nothing's wrong?

Zach: Bianca and Erica are in there.

Julia: Oh.

Ryan: Hey. Thank you for all you did in there.

Julia: Well, it's in the hands of the head lab technician now, so we should know something pretty soon. If you need me, I am going to go find Jamie and Doc Madden, Sr.

Zach: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Ryan: What? What -- what are you talking about? What are you messing with that guy for -- again?

[Julia sighs]

Julia: He's -- uh -- convinced Amanda Dillon to become a surrogate mommy.

Ryan: You got to be kidding me. The guy's got to be stopped.

Julia: Well, Jamie and I tried to talk sense into her, but she's too far gone, she's ready to go through with it, so --

Zach: I've been to his sick, little island, where he keeps the surrogates, and the only man donating sperm is the good doctor himself.

Ryan: Well, it certainly sounds sick enough for him.

Julia: So it'd be Amandaís egg and Madden --

Zach: Madden would be the father, and none of these women have any idea.

Julia: My God, that's like virtual rape. He steals other people's children and populates the world with his own.

Aidan: The Brewsters adopted a little girl named Kathleen.

Di: And -- and Tad thinks that could be Kate?

Aidan: Well, he hopes it's going to be Kate, yeah. He chartered a single-prop plane up to the wilds of Maine last night, and Dixie crashed the party.

Di: Oh. So he really could find Kate? It's good.

Aidan: Yeah, you really mean that, don't you?

Di: Aidan, it's his daughter. She means the world to him, he needs her.

Aidan: Yeah, and that child holds a strong bond between Tad and your sister.

Di: Now, Aidan, I don't think that Dixie or I have much of a chance with him anymore.

Aidan: So if Dixie did step back into the picture, you'd be all right with that?

Di: You know what? J.R.ís situation right now has got Tad completely tied up in knots. I think if -- if he could find his daughter that he thought was long gone, it could be nothing but good things for him.

Aidan: You surprise me.

Di: Just because Tad and I didn't make it doesn't mean I don't still love him, Aidan.

Aidan: And you wish that you were still with him instead of your sister. Let's be honest.

Di: Well, it doesn't take a detective to figure that out, now, does it?

Aidan: Yeah.

Di: Why don't you seem happy for Tad -- concerning Kate, I mean.

Aidan: Because the lead came from Madden, and anybody in their right mind shouldn't believe a word that comes out of that man's mouth, which is why we're having him followed.

[Then the cell phone of the man following Greg for Aidan vibrates, he answers it.]

Mark: Yeah? What's the matter? You've got to be kidding me.

Jamie: See, I wouldn't expect you to be impressed by my grandfather. He's a good, honest man who takes the Hippocratic Oath seriously. "First do no harm" ring any bells?

Greg: You know what? I'm busy. Why don't you go study, walk a couple of old ladies across the street, rescue a kitten out of a tree? Get lost.

Jamie: Just for the record, I'm all for surrogacy. But it has to be a personal decision, one that takes a lot of thought.

Greg: Don't sell Amanda short.

Jamie: She just lost both her parents. Her dad's dead, her mom's in Psych ward, and you swooped in like a vulture.

Greg: I befriended her.

Jamie: No, you convinced her that having a baby for someone will make up for her mom's sins.

Greg: That is wrong.

Jamie: Damn right it is, so you're going to back off. Tell Amanda you were wrong, that she isn't ready.

Greg: Amanda takes surrogacy seriously. It's something that she wants to do.

Julia: Amanda's hot to be your broodmare, huh? Have one of your many mini-Maddens? I don't think so.

Tad: I can't believe I was stupid enough to leave that pilot on the plane. Remind me never to go running after you again.

Dixie: I didn't ask you to.

Tad: Well, if you hadn't butted in, maybe I would've been thinking a little more clearly.

Dixie: Oh, so it's my fault that Madden tricked us? Go ahead, say it. That's what you're thinking -- I'm the reason that we're thousands of miles from our daughter.

Tad: Hey, you know what? I am just as frustrated as you are, ok? This is not my first goose chase, either. I'm sorry. Remember when you were in Europe? Huh? I wasn't just sitting around on my hands. Needless to say, I've felt like this for too damn long.

Dixie: You feel better?

Tad: You know I don't. I just can't figure this out. What the hell? I mean, why didn't he have us bumped off? He could've had us shot or thrown out of the plane.

Dixie: That's not his style.

Tad: Oh, wait, what are you saying -- now the hit man's going to show up?

Dixie: No, bumping off people isn't Maddenís style. While we sit here on our hands, he's just going to disappear again.

Greg: I want you both out of here.

Jamie: Huh. No kidding.

Julia: Don't mind me. So, guess who's been playing universal donor to all of Maddenís surrogates.

Greg: Those ridiculous accusations --

Julia: Save it. Wonder if they're going to charge you with crimes against humanity or just against womankind.

Jamie: Wait a second. He's impregnating all these women personally?

Julia: Yeah. Scary, right? He's hitting home runs, and he isn't even touching all the bases.

Greg: You have a ridiculous imagination.

Jamie: I bet you Amanda doesn't know you decided to populate the earth. Yet.

Jamie: Because I don't think she would be onboard with that.

Julia: Yeah, well, wait until she and the rest of the world find out.

Jamie: You know what, though? We got to think this through.

Greg: Yeah, it'd be most unwise to go public with these ridiculous rumors.

Jamie: Yeah, Maddenís right. We need facts, first-person accounts -- the kind my mom's good at getting for "Tempo."

[Julia sniffs]

Julia: I smell a Pulitzer.

Jamie: Oh, yes, the ultimate exposť. So if you even think about taking Amanda, Iíll make sure sheís packing a camera and a tape recorder.

Julia: "I Was A Teen Fertility Slave" -- That issue would sell out before it even hit the stands

Greg: It doesn't take much for you two to get carried away.

Jamie: Do I detect fear?

Greg: There is no reason to go public with this garbage.

Julia: Oh, isn't there?

Amanda: What are you guys doing here? Leave us alone.

Di: Ok, so when you see Tad, tell him I said "Good luck." And if he finds Kate, tell him, "Thank God, I couldn't be happier for him."

[Phone rings]

Di: I'm going to stick around, see if that's him, see if he's gotten any news.

Aidan: Hello?

Mark: Aidan.

Aidan: Mark, what have you got?

Mark: Bad news. My wife's on a trip in Cincinnati, and my kid's school just called. Sally's sick, I got to go pick her up. Can you send another guy to cover Madden quick?

Aidan: Everybody's on another case in New York, and I'll need to head back there.

Mark: I'm sorry. What can I do?

Aidan: Damn it, Mark, I need a man on Madden.

Di: How about a woman?

Ryan: Zach? Thank you.

Zach: For what?

Ryan: You know "for what." Looks like he's got a chance.

Zach: We'll see.

Ryan: And Kendallís going to make it, she is. She's got to make it, she's got to be there for him, she's got to raise Spike.

Zach: But if Spikeís not ready, if they donít do the C-section, I donít know how much longer she can --

Ryan: This has got to be it. It has to be.

Erica: You're my daughter, Kendall. I love you. I'm so proud of you. How could I let you go? That's why I wanted them to take Spike as soon as they could. I've lost so much time with you. I want every minute. I don't want to waste a second of our future. We fought so hard to get where we are. If you leave, Kendall, no one could ever take your place. Ever. Why am I even thinking like this and talking like this? Youíre a Kane woman. You have a core of steel. You just hang in there, honey, just a little while longer till they find out if Spike's strong enough for the C-section. You hang in there, honey, and then they can give you your medication. And everything will be all right, and you'll come back to us -- to Bianca and me.

Bianca: And Miranda. She cannot wait to see you, and she can't wait to meet her new cousin. So as soon as you're well enough, you have to come to Paris and visit us, and Miranda and I will give you a grand tour. Her favorite park is the Tuileries, and her fantasy land is the Louvre, and she loves puppet shows -- don't ask why. So as soon as you and Spike are well enough to appreciate traveling by bateau on the River Seine, you're going to have to come and visit us for a few months. And then maybe in return, Miranda and I will come here and visit you for a few months.

Kendall's voice: Let's visit and play. But if I can't, take care of Mom and Spike. Spike will need a mother, Bianca. Take care of him.

Bianca: Oh, have they finished?

Erica: Do you know?

Dr. Mayer: I have the results.

Erica: Please tell us, Doctor.

Dr. Mayer: It's not nearly as clear-cut as I'd like, but the baby's lungs do appear to be developed enough to --

Erica: Then you can do it? You can perform the C-section?

Dr. Mayer: We're not as sure about the heart, but yes. Based on these results, we can proceed with a C-section.

Zach: And the baby's going to be all right?

Dr. Mayer: The baby's chances will be good.

Zach: Good work. Spike is ready. He's ready to meet you. Now it's up to you. You got to hold on, come back to us, ok?

Dr. Mayer: Now, we have to move quickly. Get Mrs. Slater prepped for surgery. Ryan, you can suit up and join us if you like.

Ryan: He's coming, too.

Dixie: You know this isn't the first time something like this has happened? Madden creates a diversion, and when the smoke clears, he's nowhere to be found. Hey, did you get a recommendation from him for that pilot?

Tad: No, I found him.

Dixie: Ok, so maybe you hired him, but I bet you anything that Madden paid him off.

Tad: Well --

Dixie: If you think that I didn't try all those years, that I wasted my time, now you know what I was up against. Madden is more powerful than you can imagine.

Tad: Well, I didn't underestimate anybody. I put a tail on him. He's not about to get away from you or me.

Di: This is your lucky day. I can keep an eye on Dr. Madden, Aidan. I've done it before. I helped Tad keep tabs on him. I worked in Maddenís office before. Don't you remember?

Aidan: Tad wouldn't like it.

Di: Aidan, this is one of those "desperate times, desperate measures." And who else have you got?

Aidan: I will find someone, all right?

Di: You need someone you can trust, Aidan. Someone who knows Madden, who knows his habits, who can anticipate his moves every now and then.

Aidan: That is not your job.

Di: But it is a job -- my job? Is that a yes?

Aidan: You just keep Madden under surveillance, all right, and you inform me if he leaves town.

Di: No problem.

Aidan: Di?

Di: Yeah?

Aidan: If he does try to make a run for it, under no circumstances do you go up against him.

Di: But what if he's about to get away --

Aidan: No. I am serious. Madden is dangerous. Don't go up against him alone.

Di: Del could take him.

[Aidan sighs]

Di: No, my brother could keep Greg Madden from going anywhere.

Amanda: Yeah, I never asked anyone to take over my life. I can think for myself, and I am totally packed and ready to go. So why don't you guys get out and stay out of my life? Because I'm ready to start my new life with you, and I really want to be a part of your work.

Greg: Amanda, you're so good and so brave. About our plans, I -- I don't think you're ready.

Amanda: What? But you said I was -- I am. What -- what did they do or say to make you change your mind?

Greg: Nothing, Amanda, nothing.

Amanda: Dr. Madden, I am so ready to be able to bring a child into this world, to give that gift to another couple.

Greg: Someday, I believe, you're going to make an excellent surrogate. But not now. You're so young. You have so much to do with your life. Give yourself time.

Amanda: But you said that I was ready, that you were taking care of everything.

Greg: If you still feel this way in the future, then I will. I will take care of everything.

Amanda: You made me feel so much better about myself.

Greg: You're a wonderful young woman, Amanda.

Amanda: You get me. You understand me more than anyone else. It's like you see inside me to the person I really am, and -- and you know how I feel about everything.

Jamie: Maybe Amandaís right. You know what? I'm going to take you back to my mom's, get the rest of your stuff. And while we're there, maybe we could talk to my mom, and she could do a piece on Dr. Madden's work -- the gifts that he gives to those who can't conceive.

Amanda: Probably win a Nobel Prize or something.

Julia: "Or something."

Greg: No. No, trust me, Amanda, it's better. You should go back to school, get a degree, and live your life. Get experience, and then we'll revisit this in the future.

Amanda: But you'll keep in touch and write me?

Greg: Of course, I will.

PA Announcer: Julia Keefer to the OR. Nurse Keefer to the OR.

Julia: Later.

Jamie: Later.

Amanda: Dr. Madden cared about me. What did you do to scare him off?

Tad: There's no railroad track, no streams -- any trails out of here. There's got to be something somewhere to get back to Pine Valley. I'm looking forward to strangling the information out of Madden with my bare hands -- slowly and agonizingly.

Dixie: Well, at least now you understand why I believe Kate is still out there somewhere.

Tad: Yeah, well, one thing's for sure -- he's not doing this for fun. He's doing his damnedest to keep us away from our little girl. Now, we can't spend the night here because there's no electric, there's no outlets.

Dixie: There's no food, either.

Tad: But this little symbol here -- that's supposed to stand for a -- a ranger's tower.

Dixie: Yeah.

Tad: It's about 10 miles away from here.

Dixie: The ranger is supposed to be there, right? That's what the towers are for.

Tad: There's one way to find out.

Dixie: Tad, what Ė

[Tad grabs an old wooden chair and smashes it against a table.]

Erica: I wonder if they've started yet. Do you want to be in the waiting room by the OR?

Bianca: Do you?

Erica: I don't know. Yes. No. Do you?

Bianca: I'd actually rather stay here. It -- it feels like Kendall here.

Erica: Take my mind off this. Talk about politics, global warming --

Bianca: Oh, something really cheery?

Erica: I don't really care -- anything.

Bianca: Ok. Why don't you tell me why you almost went for Dr. Madden's throat last night, and then maybe you can tell me why you lied about it to Josh?

Erica: Well, you're exaggerating.

Bianca: I saw you scorching his father. What is up with that?

Erica: Look, I really -- I don't want to talk about this with you. I -- I -- that parasite, Greg Madden, tried to brainwash your sister into giving up her baby for adoption.

Bianca: It's more than that.

Erica: What are you talking about?

Bianca: The last time I heard you use that tone, you were blasting Michael Cambias after you found out that he had raped me. Now, tell me what's really going on with Greg Madden.

Erica: Well, this isn't the distraction I had in mind.

Bianca: Mom, did Dr. Madden attack you? Did he? If he did, please, tell me about it. You have to talk about it. Tell -- tell us all so that we can help you. Why do you want to hurt Greg Madden?

Jamie: Dr. Madden's just -- well, he's got a lot going on, and you don't need to be messed up with him.

Amanda: What, you think for me? You rule my life? Where do you get off?

Jamie: Just calm down. I just convinced him that you need some time to deal with your mom and your dad.

Amanda: Oh, so you told him I'm crazy?

Jamie: No, I didn't, and you're not.

Amanda: Just like my mom -- a nut case who can't be trusted, and I just might pass the crazy on to my kid.

Jamie: Amanda, no.

Amanda: Look, surrogacy is like the ultimate cosmic tradeoff, ok? Don't you see that?

Jamie: But you don't have anything to make up for.

Amanda: For my mother! For the awful things that she did, and now Dr. Madden thinks that I'm insane!

Jamie: You're fine. Dr. Madden is the lunatic. Amanda, you're not alone. You have friends.

Amanda: Greg Madden is my friend -- or he was.

Jamie: You don't need him. Madden's all about his work, not about you. I mean, I know that you wanted to help him, but it wouldn't have ended up being a two-way street, I can guarantee it.

Amanda: So now what? I could just move off someplace. You know, take a flying leap out into the middle of nowhere -- it doesn't matter.

Jamie: Yes, it does. You're not on this ledge alone, Amanda. I got your back.

Amanda: Greg had my --

Jamie: No, forget him. Madden is in some serious crud right now, and he is in so deep, you just -- you don't want to be within a hundred miles of him when it hits the fan, believe me.

Amanda: What kind of crud? Ok, what do you think that he did?

Jamie: Amanda, just trust me. He's messed up, and I only stepped in because I care what happens to you.

[Di walks up to Mark, the man Aidan assigned to follow Greg, and knowingly taps him on the shoulder.]

Doctor: She's all set.

Dr. Mayer: They can come in.

Julia: You can stand on either side of her.

Dr. Mayer: Scalpel, please. Cautery and sponge. How is she?

Doctor: Stable.

Dr. Mayer: I'm ready to make the incision into the uterus.

Nurse: Suction's ready.

Doctor: Neonatal team's all ready.

Dr. Mayer: Clamp.

Kendall's voice: You're about to come into the world. So many people waiting. They already love you -- Ryan --

Dr. Mayer: Scissors.

Kendall's voice: Zach, my mother, your Aunt Bianca, Jack. They'll guide you, teach you, take you places. Trust them.

Dr. Mayer: Scalpel.

Kendall's voice: Your dad, Ryan, is a wonderful man. You're so lucky. And Zach? Especially trust Zach. I do.

Dr. Mayer: Hold this protractor. We'll get this baby out momentarily. Clean scalpel, clean scalpel.

Kendall's voice: Huh. Oh -- oh -- oh -- oh, my God. Oh, my God. You're here.

Dr. Mayer: Clamps and scissors.

Kendall's voice: Spike --

Dr. Mayer: Need to minimize blood loss.

Kendall's voice: You're here. I love you. I love you, Spike. Love you.

[The doctors hand the premature baby to the nurses while everyone looks concerned.]

Dr. Mayer: It's done. Just a little while before we close. Hi, sorry.

Aidan: You're quite sure it's Jonathan? And Lily Montgomery? Right, stay there, I'm on my way.

Erica: Greg Madden is not a subject I want to discuss with you.

Bianca: Mom, when I was raped, you helped me open up. You and Myrtle and Kendall. You told me what the denial and -- and bearing the pain did to you. And you said that I might think that silence was a wall that I could hide behind, but it wouldn't protect me. It would smother me. You were right -- then and now. Look, you just put all of your focus and energy into helping save Kendall, and she wouldn't forgive me if I didn't do the same thing for you. So, please, whatever Dr. Madden did to you, we will stand behind you 100%. We don't need any more secrets.

Erica: Maybe you're right.

Bianca: Tell me, Mom. What is it?

Josh: Dad, what's going on? Are you going somewhere?

Greg: I'm leaving Pine Valley for quite a while. I want you to come with me.

[After stacking anything wooden inside the shack, Tad pours a flammable liquid all over it and strikes a match.]

Tad: There. Call it a hunch, but I think this is the part where we get the hell out of here.

Doctor: He's not pinking up. More suction.

Julia: He's not breathing.

Doctor: ET-2, please. Bag him.

Kendall's voice: Spike? Spike, why aren't you crying? I should hear you. I should hear my baby. Spike -- Spi, what's wrong? What's wrong with my baby?

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Dixie (to Tad): I almost forgot how clever you are.

Greg (to Josh): Your mother never wanted you to be born.

J.R. (to Bianca and Erica): I'm pleading guilty. I did this to Kendall.

Ryan (to Kendall and her baby): They've already given you the drug that's going to help you. You're going to make it. Come on, Spike. Please, God, let him breathe.

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