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[Music plays as Jamie and Julia make out on the beach.]

Amanda: What are you doing?

Greg: Amanda -- thank you for coming in after hours.

Amanda: You mentioned overtime. I figured it was filing new patient records. What's going on? Is everything ok?

Greg: I'm leaving Pine Valley.

Amanda: What? Why?

Tad: Hi, is this Dr. Michael Brewster? Terrific. This is a bit of a surprise, I know. My name is Thaddeus Martin. I'm calling you from Pine Valley, Pennsylvania. You were referred to me by a Dr. Greg -- oh, excuse me -- Dr. Greg Madden. He's a fertility specialist. And I understand that you adopted a baby girl. You did? Well, congratu -- no, wait, wait, wait -- excuse me, excuse me -- the -- the Haitian Organization of -- of Orphaned Children? I -- that -- so you never heard of a Dr. Greg Madden. I see. Well, then -- I'm sorry to waste your time, Doctor. I didn't mean to take you away from your patients. Excuse me. I'm sorry.

Dixie: Madden gave you that number?

Tad: Yep.

Dixie: You know, he's done the same thing to me many, many times. Totally bogus.

Tad: I don't need your help. I don't want your help. Please leave.

Bianca: Mom, you're exhausted. Why don't you go home for a little while?

Erica: And pace and worry there? No, no. I can do that right here.

Bianca: Yeah, but you need sleep.

Erica: I need to be near Kendall. I mean, if anything should happen and I wasn't close -- every second that passes, she slips further and further away. If only I could just go in there, just sit with her, just hold her hand --

Bianca: I am sure that you could.

Erica: Oh, no. Zach would never allow that. And Ryan -- how could he side with such a horrible man?

Bianca: Zach is not the enemy and neither is Ryan.

Erica: I am the only one fighting for Kendallís life. Zach pulled a gun on anyone who dares to come in there to save her. And Ryan -- well, I just never thought it would come to this. I can't trust him, either.

Bianca: Zach and Ryan both love Kendall. The only one that you can't trust is Kendallís best friend.

J.R.: I love you, Babe. More than my own life.

Babe: I'd have to be crazy to believe a man who tried to kill me. I guess I'm certifiable. Because I do believe you.

J.R.: But that's not enough? God knows I don't deserve another chance. I probably never will.

[Babe sighs]

J.R.: But I do know that I don't want to lose you.

Babe: I can't picture my life without you. But I -- I don't know how we can get back to where we were. If it's even possible.

J.R.: So is that it? Are we finished?

Babe: We said our vows right here. Little Adam was with us. Our family gathered around. It was so beautiful, so perfect. The day, the promises we made. It was right out of a dream. Maybe that's all it was.

J.R.: It was real. I vowed to share the rest of my life with you. It's what I wanted. I still do.

Babe: And I should be running as fast as I can hating your guts. It should be so easy, but I look at you and -- why am I not afraid? You tried to kill me. Part of me is not ready to let go of you, J.R. But then, I don't see how we're ever going to find our way back to each other.

J.R.: Well, life with you and Little A was all that I ever wanted. But I let the grudges and the paranoia and the booze blow it all to hell. I want all that back. But I can't until I take full responsibility for what I've done.

Babe: You really mean that.

J.R.: I shred the people that I love. I try to kill when I'm hurt. I don't want to be that man anymore. I want to be the man who vowed on our wedding to take care of you and love you forever. I want to be the father that Little Adam needs. Please, Babe -- for our son's sake. Help me do this. Help me make it right.

Erica: J.R. didnít try to kill Kendall.

Bianca: Right, he tried to kill Babe. Whoops, Kendall just got in the way.

Erica: Babe's a liar. I mean, who knows that better than you? This is just one more of Babeís vicious attacks. She screams that J.R. tried to kill her, then she takes the baby and runs. Sound familiar?

Bianca: Well, Babe has done some pretty horrible things, but have you ever seen J.R. drunk? It's scary. And if J.R. was drinking, then I wouldn't put anything past him.

Erica: But J.R. truly cares for Kendall. How can this be happening? Kendall's near death. Her baby's at risk. And Ryan and Zach, who claim to love her -- they choose to let her die?

Bianca: They're not choosing to let her die.

Erica: One word from Ryan -- that's all it would take. But Zach has gotten to him. My God, Bianca. I don't want anything to happen to the baby. But Kendall -- Kendall could die. There's nothing I can do.

Bianca: Mom, when's the last time you had something to eat?

Erica: Oh, I'll be fine. You said that Opal is with Miranda?

Bianca: Yeah.

Erica: Well, that's good.

Bianca: Yeah.

Erica: Listen, honey, why don't you -- why don't you go kiss that sweet baby? And tuck her in and then read her a story?

Bianca: I'd like to, but she's been in bed for a long time.

Erica: Oh, yeah. Sorry, I didn't -- I didn't realize it was that late. You know what? I'm just going to -- I'm going to go out to the courtyard for a little bit, and I have my cell, so you promise you'll call me. You call me if anything happens.

Bianca: Well, I'll -- I'll come with you.

Erica: Oh, no, no, no, thank you, sweetheart. Thanks, but I think it's more important that one of us stays here, ok?

Bianca: Ok.

Erica: All right. I just -- I would like to have some alone time, that's all.

Bianca: Sure.

Erica: Ok.

PA Announcer: Dr. Kravitz, you have a visitor in the main lobby. Dr. Kravitz, a visitor in the main lobby.

Josh: Bianca? You -- you may not remember me --

Bianca: Oh, I know exactly who you are.

Greg: I have clinics all over the world. My facility here is doing very well, so it's time I move on and help others.

Amanda: But I just started working for you. I'm going to be that couple's surrogate. If you're not here -- you can't just leave.

Greg: Amanda, I'm leaving Pine Valley. I'm not leaving you. I've made arrangements, if you're agreeable.

Amanda: You'd take me with you?

Greg: Well, you're my patient. I never turn my back on a patient.

Dixie: Look, I have searched a long time for Kate. And I know that you're upset with me, ok? You -- I took your anger before and that's fine. I deserved it. But I'm not going to walk away now.

Tad: Well, that's too bad. Apparently, disappearing is your greatest trick. Don't let me stop you.

Dixie: If Greg Madden gave you information, I want to know what it is.

Tad: Why? According to you, all of his information is bogus. Why don't you just go with that?

Dixie: Well, maybe it is and maybe it isn't, Tad. But either way, I'm entitled to every word he said.

Tad: As far as I'm concerned, you're entitled to nothing.

Jamie: I'm glad I talked you into taking a break.

Jamie: What?

Julia: This --

Jamie: Yes?

Julia: This is not good.

Krystal: Let the mojo flow.

Adam: As magical as your fingers are, darling, I -- I can't, I -- after what I've done to J.R.

Krystal: J.R.ís done it to himself.

Adam: No, no, no. No, I raised him to think he was privileged and entitled. Above the law. Huh, if you can't hit first, hit harder. Well, he's my son right to the bone. And look at what he's become because of me.

Krystal: You made mistakes, Adam. All parents do.

Adam: No, but this -- there's nowhere to go but -- J.R., who put up your bail?

Krystal: What, did you try to drown my baby doll this time? You stay the hell away from her.

Josh: I'm a lying, cheating, ambition-crazed, loyalty challenged son of a Madden. I'm sure your mom had a few other choice words. Does that about cover it? You may not believe me, but I actually like your mom.

Bianca: Yeah, right.

Josh: Really. I admit, the fame trip, the bright lights may have gone to my head, but what can I say? I aimed high, I got shot down. I'm not a sore loser. No hard feelings.

Bianca: No hard feelings? Big of you. But my mother wasn't the one that drugged you and tried to step on your career in order to get ahead.

Josh: Yeah, your mom is hard core. She could have tried to slam me behind bars. Not that the charges would have stuck.

Bianca: Is this -- this is you being a -- a gracious loser?

Josh: Well, if I were in trouble, I'd definitely want Erica on my side. She'd wrestle God to save Kendall.

Bianca: My sister's putting up a pretty good fight on her own.

Josh: Yeah, I don't know Kendall very well, but I think I get her. She definitely doesn't take crud from anyone. She goes after what she wants and she plays tough. Kind of reminds me of someone -- someone I like.

Bianca: My mother?

Josh: Me.

Bianca: Yeah, there's a big difference -- she has a heart, you don't.

Josh: I think I've got some patients I need to go see.

Bianca: Dr. Madden, is my sister going to live?

J.R.: Until Kendall comes out of the coma --

Krystal: Or not.

J.R.: The charges against me are up in the air.

Adam: You pled guilty? You're not going to fight?

J.R.: I want to step up and take responsibility.

Adam: Son, there are ways to take responsibility that don't include prison time.

Krystal: No, planted behind bars is exactly where he belongs. What was Stuart thinking, bailing you out? And what kind of voodoo did you use against my daughter to get her to think that you are new and improved?

Babe: Mama, it's no con. J.R.ís joined an outpatient alcohol treatment program.

Krystal: Oh, ok. Isn't that just dandy? So in between 12-step programs, J.R. can get tanked up on his favorite booze and think of all kinds of booby-trap ways to kill his pie-eyed wife.

Babe: He's even willing to do prison time, and he seems to be making an effort.

Krystal: Somebody needs to keep their eyes open. J.R. lulls you into this -- this cloud of love, and it makes it that much easier for him to lower the boom.

J.R.: I get that you don't trust me.

Krystal: Oh. Well, you get right, J.R. How do we know this isn't just some sneak play? You all full of regret and remorse? Going to meetings, making amends. All sugar to the wife that you just tried to kill? Is that true love? Is that a new man, or is that just a ploy to get the judge to go easy on you, J.R.?

J.R.: I'm not asking for leniency. Or special treatment. Babe will be safe away from me, because I'm going to prison, Krystal! There's no way of getting out of that.

Krystal: Well, until then, can we lock you up in the cellar?

J.R.: Oh --

Adam: J.R., it takes -- it takes a real man to admit his mistakes and to pay for them. But prison time is not an option. It can't be.

J.R.: Well, Dad, you can come visit me on Saturdays.

Adam: There has to be a way around this. Did you -- did you sign anything?

J.R.: A plea agreement.

Adam: Was your lawyer present?

J.R.: I didn't ask for one.

Adam: Ah, good, good! Thank God. Without the lawyer, your confession is meaningless. There's still time to get out of this.

Jamie: Something I said?

Julia: It wasn't the talking, it was the kissing.

Jamie: Oh. The kissing.

Julia: It was inappropriate.

Jamie: Inappropriate?

Julia: Mm-hmm.

Jamie: Why is that?

Julia: You know why. Definitely no kissing. Hmm?

Jamie: Well, fine, if that's what you want.

Julia: It is, definitely.

Jamie: All right, as long as you're sure.

Julia: I am. I am -- I am sure. This is crazy. This is -- it doesn't make sense. It can't happen.

Jamie: Well, I am all for crazy, but no pressure. Thanks for the swim.

Adam: J.R., you've not been well. Alcoholism is a disease. You're a victim.

Krystal: J.R., a victim?

Adam: We will prove that you weren't in your right mind, that you're not a criminal, that you were sick.

Krystal: Oh -- taking notes, baby doll? Big daddy revving up for the big fix.

Babe: What Adam says doesn't matter.

Adam: I'm trying to protect my son, Krystal. Guilt can be punishment enough. Especially with somebody as sensitive as J.R.

Krystal: Oh, the hell with that. I want that judge to throw the biggest, thickest book on the shelf at J.R. Maybe then I might believe this miracle of remorse.

Babe: Ok, Mama, can you please ease up?

J.R.: The only way for me to do the right thing is by taking my punishment.

Adam: Did Stuart do this? Did he talk you into this after he bailed you out?

J.R.: No, it's not what Uncle Stuart said, it's what you said and Krystal said, and Babe and Tad.

Adam: Well, wait a minute. Don't blame me.

J.R.: Look, Uncle Stuart took me around to listen to what you and everyone else had to say when they didn't know I was there.

Adam: What? Was my brother dressed up as the ghost of Christmas present? That's obviously an alcohol-induced delusion. And I'll testify to that.

J.R.: I heard you and Krystal on the terrace. I heard how you -- you blame yourself for trying to control me, and you want another chance. Well, I want that same chance. I also heard what Babe and Jamie had to say. Babe still loves me, despite what I've done. My brother, too. Stuart and I made one other stop, at Tadís. My mother was there.

Adam: Wait a minute -- you overheard your -- your pathetic excuse for a mother, and that convinced you to spend the rest of your life in prison? That woman -- she let you think she was dead.

J.R.: When Babe tried to pull that family meeting together, when my mother came over here, she tried to tell me then, but I blew her off.

Adam: Oh. And what great truth did Dixie impart? That she is worthless? That she is -- she doesn't give a damn about you?

J.R.: That my sister's alive. That's right. Kate is alive.

Dixie: I carried Kate against all medical advice. I gave birth to her against the odds. I left my family and my friends to do it.

Tad: Then you gave her away.

Dixie: Which was a huge and extremely complicated mistake. But don't tell me that I'm not entitled to look for my own child.

Tad: Isn't that exactly what you expected me to do?

Dixie: Oh, so this is payback? I get it. Can we move on? Do you feel better?

Tad: Ok. I did some research. Apparently, Kate was adopted by a Brewster family. A Dr. Brewster out of Bangor, Maine. Now, there was a Brewster family in Bangor, but apparently, they moved a while back.

Dixie: Well, Madden must have known that. Otherwise, he never would have given you that information.

Tad: It doesn't matter. The trail's not cold, because according to a concerned neighbor, they moved to the country.

Dixie: Well, "country" could mean anything. It could -- that could be anyplace.

Tad: I know. That's why I did a global search on every single Brewster in the northeast. I came up with this. Now, it may be a dead end. It may be just a place to start. The fact is there's no way of knowing.

Krystal: Tad's baby girl is alive, and Dixie gave her away?

Adam: No --

Krystal: He must be in pieces.

Adam: There is no way in Hades Dixie would put her child up for adoption.

Babe: Unless she thought she was dying, maybe.

Krystal: No, Tad was here, at home. He should have gotten the child.

Adam: No, another lie.

J.R.: No, it's not a lie.

Adam: All right, maybe you're right. She abandoned one child. Why not toss away the other one?

J.R.: I wish you were there. I wish you could have seen her. I wish you could have heard her. She's a wreck! She's been looking for her daughter for all these years.

Babe: All this about your mom -- it's helped you get to this place, hasn't it?

J.R.: Well, yeah, that's part of it, but there's a lot more to it. Look, I deserve nothing but hate, but Babe and my brother -- they're willing to stand by me.

Krystal: Yeah, as long as there's not any piles of cinder blocks anywhere nearby.

Babe: Mama, would you please give J.R. a chance?

Adam: Well, Babe, why don't you give J.R. a chance? A real chance? Tell the police it was all a mistake. Or is a prison term what it takes to soften your heart?

Babe: "Soften my heart"? Are you kidding? Do you remember what just happened? I think I'm doing a pretty darn good job. All I want is for J.R. to get help, for him to fight for us and our family.

Adam: All right. You -- you've gotten what you wanted. J.R.ís in treatment. He's begged your forgiveness. He wants to get well. That should be the end of this.

J.R.: Dad, this isn't up to Babe anymore. What she told the police doesn't matter. What I told them is what counts. This is all on me.

Adam: J.R., I love you for taking this on yourself. I couldn't be prouder. I just wish you'd unburdened yourself with someone other than the district attorney.

Krystal: Oh, you really want J.R. to skate, huh?

Adam: Yes, I would like to put this all behind us so we can be stronger as a family.

J.R.: No, Dad. We can't.

Tad: No, it was suggested to my wife and I that we call you.

Dixie: Yeah, I'm a patient of Dr. Maddenís. I wanted to talk to you about --

Tad: And I assume you never heard of a Greg Madden? If that's the case, I apologize. I did not mean to waste your time.

Dixie: Um -- oh, you haven't? Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry to bother you.

Tad: Hi. Is this Dr. Brewster? Uh -- yeah, I -- listen, I know this is a bit of a surprise. My name is Tad Martin. I'm calling you at the suggestion of a Dr. Greg Madden, a fertility specialist. My wife and I have been trying to adopt a child, and he -- he suggested we call you.

[Tad snaps his fingers]

Tad: So you did adopt a child through Dr. Greg Madden?

Dr. Brewster: Greg Madden changed our lives. Everyone should be as lucky as we are.

Tad: Um -- yeah. Is it true that you -- you adopted a -- a baby girl through Dr. Madden?

Dr. Brewster: Yeah, our little Kathleen. She's just about to turn 4.

Tad: My wife and I had tried so long to have a baby with no luck. Going to Dr. Madden was our last-ditch effort.

Dr. Brewster: Hmm. Yeah, I know the feeling. My wife and I, same story. That's the great thing about Dr. Madden -- he's all about making families.

Tad: Oh, thank God. No, this is so exciting. Listen, um -- I -- I know this is totally unexpected, but I -- I travel a lot in my business, and my territory is the northeast, so I was wondering if you'd be kind enough, if you'd be willing to meet and talk about the adoption process, you know, like what to expect, if there are any pitfalls.

Dr. Brewster: Oh, yeah. I'd be happy to get together, but we've moved. We are literally out in the middle of nowhere. It's really hard to find.

Tad: Oh. Believe me, at this point, you give me an address and a direction, I'm like a bloodhound. I'll find you.

Dr. Brewster: All right.

J.R.: I am not going to retract my statement. What I said is true. I confessed, end of story.

Adam: All right, fine. You're just going to walk into prison? You made a mistake, J.R.

J.R.: Dad, I tried to kill my wife.

Adam: I know, I know -- you've got some issues. Who doesn't? You think you're going to get the help you need behind bars?

J.R.: I'll be able to look at myself in the mirror, and I think that's a pretty good start!

Adam: Oh, no, no, no. No, you're a Chandler. Every punk in that cell block will have it in for you. They'll all try to chew you up, because their lives are so damn miserable.

J.R.: Look, my whole life, I have slid through. I've never once had to own up to all that crud that I pulled. Those drug charges when I was a kid -- gone. The Chandler way -- sleep with the judge, pay off a witness, add a wing. I don't care, you know? This time, I do the time.

Adam: There are other ways. You have to let me help you.

J.R.: Well, there is something that I'd like.

Adam: Fine -- anything. What is it?

J.R.: Well, I don't know exactly when they're going to schedule my plea hearing. But until then, I'd like to stay home and spend time with my son and my wife as much as I can.

Adam: Of course. Where else would you stay?

J.R.: No, no. I'm not asking you.

[J.R. sighs]

J.R.: Look, what I've done -- I'm completely ashamed of. I don't even deserve another hour with you or our son. But I can hope that you believe in my love enough to let me stay here until my sentencing.

Krystal: Hey, baby doll, you do not have to do one thing that he wants. Whatever you decide, I will back you up with both barrels if necessary.

Adam: Krystal? This is for Babe and J.R. to work out.

Krystal: No --

Babe: I guess you can stay. Little A needs his daddy.

[Surf crashes]

Jamie: Hey.

Julia: Hey.

Jamie: The view's terrific.

Julia: So, how's Amanda Dillon? You two still friends?

Jamie: Trying. She doesn't make it easy.

Julia: Yeah. She's had a tough time.

Jamie: Well, it's about to get even tougher. Amanda has now decided she wants to be a surrogate.

Julia: What?

Jamie: Oh, I know -- it's crazy, huh? I mean, I'm not saying that Amanda couldn't handle it eventually, but now, after losing her father and dealing with her mom? She's totally --

Julia: Vulnerable.

Jamie: Yeah.

Julia: And she just started working for Madden, didn't she? He's gotten to her, too? We have to stop this from happening.

Greg: How's Kendall? Is there any improvement? I'm sorry. I wish there was something that I could do to help.

Erica: You mean that?

Greg: Of course, I do.

Erica: Then you will, right now.

Greg: I'm not following you.

Erica: You're the baby genius, the guru, the miracle worker. You will save Kendall and her baby.

Josh's voice: Kendall is definitely her mother's daughter. She's got her fire, her drive. If there is anyone who can burn themselves through a coma and dance out those doors, it's Kendall.

Bianca: You're supposed to be the great liar? You can't trot one out right now? "Oh, yeah, your sister's going to be fine. She's going to wake up and she's going to walk out of those hospital doors with her baby in her arms." That's the lie I want to hear. Just say it. Even if it's not true, I just -- I just want to hear the words.

Josh: I'm sorry. I guess it's the white coat.

Bianca: Now you got to go all honest on me. Fine. Just go do whatever doctor thing you need to do.

Josh: Bianca, listen. I have no doubt that Kendallís going to pull through this. The risks are high, but the odds aren't totally against them. It's not completely out of the question that they'll pull through this.

Tad: No, seriously, I appreciate it. You get the plane ready, I swear I'll be there within the hour. Yeah. Yeah, ok.

Dixie: Ok. What's the plan?

Tad: Plan is I just booked a ticket to Nowheresville, Maine.

Dixie: All right. When do we leave?

Tad: "We" don't leave. I'm leaving.

Dixie: Well, no. I don't -- I don't -- no. That's not going to work for me, ok? We're in this together.

Tad: I'll keep you in the loop.

Dixie: Tad -- oh. I have been searching for Kate over the entire planet. Do you understand what I'm saying? I'm not going to sit here and wait by the phone.

Tad: Dixie, at this point, I don't care what you do. What I'm saying is I'm not going to spend any time in a tin can with wings buckled up next to you.

Greg: As much as you loathe me, you admit that I'm -- I'm brilliant at what I do?

Erica: I'm desperate.

Greg: Well, I was hoping for a little more enthusiasm.

Erica: Do you want money?

Greg: No, just maybe a little more kindness, perhaps a smile, maybe gratitude.

Erica: Gratitude? I have protected your son from the truth about who he is, what you are. If you save my daughter and her baby, I'll consider us even.

Josh: She's got your eyes, definitely your charm. She's smart. I bet she reads already, in French and English.

Bianca: You're good. The patient's sister gets emotional, ask for pictures of the baby. Nice work -- do they teach that in doctor school?

Josh: Oh, absolutely. It's a key strategy.

Bianca: Hmm.

Josh: Right up there with asking a patient's family member for coffee.

Bianca: What does that accomplish?

Josh: Well, it's still in the experimental stages. Want to check it out?

Jamie: What's going on?

Amanda: Um -- Dr. Madden is leaving town.

Jamie: Great. That means I don't have to worry about you anymore.

Amanda: I'm going, too.

Jamie: And why the hell would you do that?

Amanda: Dr. Madden's made all the arrangements.

Jamie: You're still going through with the surrogacy?

Amanda: As if it's any of your business.

Julia: Amanda, whatever you think you know about Greg Madden, there's still a lot to learn.

Amanda: He is the nicest boss I've ever had.

Julia: He is unethical, Amanda, and he is dishonest, and he is manipulative, and he targets vulnerable young women.

Amanda: You mean stupid young women?

Julia: You are a smart woman, and you're smart enough to make your own decisions, and if you want to go ahead with the surrogacy, then that's your choice, that's great, go for it, but not with Madden. You can't trust him -- he's a pig.

Amanda: Oh.

Tad: Oh. Again, Damon, I can't thank you enough for doing this on such short notice.

Damon: No problem. We'll take off as soon as we're cleared.

Tad: Thanks.

Damon: It's a good night to fly.

Tad: I don't believe this. Get out.

Damon: Ma'am, this is a private flight.

Dixie: I don't care. I'll pay whatever it costs.

Tad: This is not going to happen.

Dixie: Yes, it is.

Tad: The hell it is. I told you I am doing this alone. There is no way in hell that you are going along for the ride.

Dixie: Do you have a gun? Because the only way that you're going to leave without me is to shoot me.

Amanda: What is with the tag team, ok? It's not going to change my mind.

Jamie: Amanda, this is a huge decision. You have to hear everything.

Amanda: I know everything I need to know, and I've heard way more than enough from you, ok? This is my choice, no one elseís.

Jamie: That went well.

Julia: Yeah.

Jamie: Hmm.

Julia: Subtle would've been better. I'm sorry.

Jamie: No, I don't think it really mattered. Amanda's made up her mind.

Julia: Madden has made up her mind.

Jamie: Ok. Well, then, let's go to the source.

Julia: How do we do that?

Jamie: I'll do it -- alone.

Greg: Saving both Kendall and her child poses an exceptional challenge.

Erica: I didn't hear "impossible."

Greg: It would require radical, unethical measures -- the kind of experimentation you're so rabidly against.

Erica: But at which you excel.

Greg: If any physician in the world could save Kendall and her child, it -- it would be me.

Erica: Then do it.

Greg: Under any other circumstances, I would. But, I'm sorry. I canít.

Erica: Why not? You said it was possible.

Greg: Well, if Kendall were my patient. But she dismissed me as her doctor -- in writing, remember?

Erica: You never had any intention of helping me.

Greg: I'm so sorry. My hands are tied.

Erica: You will know what this feels like. I'll make sure of it. You will know what it feels like to be totally and completely hopeless and trapped. You will know what it feels like to have no choice but to give up every last bit of hope.

[From around the corner, Bianca and Josh hear Ericaís threats.]

J.R.: Yeah, the truck, huh? Thank you.

Babe: Little A loves his daddy.

J.R.: You could've sent me down the road.

Babe: I think the guest room is far enough away. If you want to do the right thing, I'm going to help you do it -- for our little boy.

Dixie: This family -- it couldn't be the one, could it?

Tad: I don't know. Could be just another jerk-around.

Dixie: God, I've been here so many times. What if their daughter really is our Kate?

Tad: Well, then I guess we better be prepared to meet our daughter.

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Dr. Mayer (to Erica): Based on these results, we can proceed with a C-section.

Zach: Now it's up to you. You got to hold on, come back to us, ok?

Dr. Mayer: How is she?

OR Doctor: Stable.

Nurse: Suction's ready.

Doctor: Neonatal team's all ready.

Kendall's voice: Spike, you're about to come into the world.

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