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Erica: Bianca. Oh, Bianca. Oh, you're here. Thank God. Oh. Oh, honey, your sister needs you so much. When did you get in? Have you seen Kendall? Oh, of course you haven't seen her. Of course not. Not with Zach holding her hostage.

Ryan: No, Bianca got in. Bianca got to see her. Zach let her in.

Erica: You were in there, and you saw Zach? Oh. I knew it. I knew that you could convince Zach to stop this insanity.

Bianca: No, no, Mom, I -- I didn't convince him. I -- I couldnít.

Erica: You -- you couldn't? But I know that if you spoke to Zach -- I mean, if you begged him for your sister's life, he would -- he would never refuse you. I -- oh, you -- you mean, you didn't even try?

Julia: It's over, Zach. Open the door.

Zach: That's risky. Small room. Nerves. What if you miss me?

Julia: I'm a good shot. Open the door. I mean it, Zach. Open it, or I'll shoot.

Zach: Good.

Di: I don't want to hear it. Just leave me alone. Just go away.

Dixie: I am not going to leave until you listen to me.

Di: This one's worst than the rest, huh? You know what? Forget it. I don't want to know. Whatever it is, keep me out of the loop, because whatever you say today, you'll just -- you'll just change your mind tomorrow.

Dixie: Tad needs you.

Di: Like hell he does.

Dixie: He's devastated, Di. It's my fault, but you're the only person who can help him through it.

Tad: Where is she? Where's my daughter?

Greg: I explained that to you.

Tad: Kate's alive. I talked to Dixie.

Greg: Oh, Dixieís fantasy's still intact --

Tad: It's not a fantasy. It's not a delusion. Kate's alive, and we both know it.

Greg: I can understand you wanting to believe it, the way Dixie does, because the pain of losing a -- oh!

Tad: I didn't lose anything. I didn't waylay or misplace Kate. You stole her. Obviously, you don't know what that pain feels like. But if you don't tell me where she is, I'm going to show you.

Julia: Zach, be reasonable.

Zach: I'm always reasonable.

Julia: Zach, you're my friend. I don't want to use this. I don't -- I don't want you to get hurt. I don't want anyone to get hurt.

Zach: Well, you're going to have to use it if you want me to move.

Kendall's voice: No, Julia. Don't shoot him. Do not shoot Zach. If you kill him, I swear, I will die the same minute, and I'll send Satan after you. You think I'm scary alive? I will sic hell on you until you scream for mercy.

Julia: The baby has a real chance, Zach.

Zach: It's too early and too risky.

Julia: Yeah, there's risk. But our neonatal team is one of the best. And they're ready, and they're waiting, and I'm going to be on that team. And they're going to do everything that they can to see that Kendallís child survives. I give you my word.

Kendall's voice: You want to lie? Do it to my face.

Julia: Kendall's best chance for survival is to have that C-section now. She needs the treatment to relieve the pressure on her brain.

Zach: Spike's best chance is to stay right where he is. We both know that.

Julia: You barricaded yourself in here to give Kendall what you believe that she wants more than anything else in the world -- it's her child healthy and alive. Kendall may never even get a chance to hold her son.

Zach: It's a risk that Kendall is willing to take.

Julia: Are you? Her ICP number is going up. She needs that drug, Zach.

Zach: Not if it means taking the baby before he's ready.

Julia: Kendall is beautiful, Zach. You don't want to condemn her to a life on a ventilator. You don't want to be the person they call when there's no hope, when they want to unhook the machines. You don't want to be the person to make that decision. You can save Kendall. You can save them both.

Erica: I am sorry. It's just, sweetheart, you had a chance to do something. Why didn't you?

Bianca: I can't take a side in this.

Ryan: And we shouldn't force her to, Erica. It's rough enough.

Erica: Don't tell me about it being rough. Of course, it's rough. I know that it's rough. And don't tell me that you haven't taken sides. Kendall divorced Zach. She was safe.

Bianca: Zach loved Kendall.

Erica: Zach would have gotten over it, believe me. And most importantly, Kendall would have. But now, Zach is -- is holed up in Kendallís room. He's acting as if he actually owns her. He's isolating her from the people who really do love her, the people who want to save her life. Zach is allowing your sister to die.

Bianca: I was just in there. And I saw Zach with Kendall. And what I saw was a man who was in love with his wife and who was willing to do anything it took to carry out her wishes, even if it meant losing her. Now, that kind of love --

Erica: I don't believe this. Where did this come from? This completely blind, self-destructive, romantic streak. You certainly didn't get that from me.

Di: You want me to console Tad over whatever you've hit him with this time? You want to take odds that he'll slam the door in my face?

Dixie: Tad just needs somebody, ok? And you're closer to him than anybody else.

Di: Was close. Past tense. Dixie, you -- you asked me once to take care of J.R. and Tad. That's what I tried to do. That blew up in my face. And you're the one that pushed the button. So whatever this is about, it's not like I can go pat Tad on the back and make it all better.

Dixie: I get it. You don't trust me.

Di: You think?

Dixie: Well, I -- I do need to tell you the truth about everything.

Di: Is this going to be the same truth that Tad didn't take so well?

Del: Hey. What are you doing here?

Di: Nothing you want to hear about.

Dixie: No. Del, stay. I want you both to know. You have a niece. Kate's alive. I gave her away.

Greg: Dixie had a situation. It had to be dealt with. I did, to the best of my ability.

Tad: So you admit it? You took my daughter and gave her to strangers?

Greg: Dixie asked me. It was her decision. I did what she asked.

Tad: And after she asked you to give Kate back --

Greg: She'd made her decision. She's tortured by it. It's regrettable.

Tad: Regrettable. The last four years of her life have been hell because of you. Because you conned her, you manipulated her.

Greg: I did not. She was dying. She wanted me to find a home for her child.

Tad: Kate had a home. With me. But you didn't have the decency to tell me that my daughter was alive.

Greg: Dixie didn't believe that you could love the child. She wanted you to know nothing about it. You were not an option.

Tad: I am now.

Greg: I honored Dixieís request. It was her choice, not mine. She gave away her child, not me. Because of you, Tad. Not because of me. She didn't want you to have your child. I simply fulfilled her wishes. I didn't break any law. Not Godís, not manís.

Tad: Oh, but you did. More than once. First, you took Jeffís son, then you took my daughter. And why not? I mean, once you've stolen one Martin, it's so much easier to steal another.

Greg: I've heard conspiracy theories on many topics, Mr. Martin, but I'm no grassy knoll. I simply want to do what's best for children I bring into the world.

Tad: No, Doc. See, you're simply the man who's hit my family not once, but twice. See, first you took Ericaís child by Jeff and turned him into your son. And you took my daughter, and it was so easy, wasn't it? I mean, with Dixie in that condition, all you had to do was reach out and grab her.

Greg: What earthly reason would I have to steal your child?

Tad: That's what I want to know. Why are you so dedicated to using my family as a bunch of lab rats? Or is it just my family? How many lives have you destroyed? Why do you do it? Because it's fun? Is there some kind of master plan? Do you just do it because you think you can get away with it?

Greg: I help people who otherwise would not have children.

Tad: You play with people's lives like they're toys. And now it's going to stop, because I'm going to stop it.

Greg: Based on what, some crazy theory?

[Tad chuckles]

Tad: It can't be that crazy a theory -- you're sweating.

Greg: It can't be proved. No one in their right mind will believe your story. You see, Mr. Martin, I'm a leading fertility specialist in the world, I have helped thousands of people. What you're suggesting -- people will just think that's some petty character assassination.

Tad: You sure you want to take the chance?

Greg: I'll sue you for every dime you have.

Tad: Go ahead. Please. See, I've got Jeff, I've got Erica, I've got Josh, I've got me, I've got Kate, I've got Dixie. I've got proof, and I'm going to use it.

Greg: If I were you, I'd think twice before I do anything rash.

Tad: I have. Believe me, I have. See, Dixie may not be prepared to ruin Ericaís life by exposing Josh, but I am.

Erica: Bianca -- Zach is trying to get away with murder. He --

Ryan: This -- this isn't -- this isn't going to help Kendall, Erica.

Erica: But medical treatment would, and Zach is refusing to allow it. Zach has chosen to allow his wife to die.

Bianca: Zach is trying to honor what Kendall wants.

Erica: Oh, if I hear that one more time, I'm going to scream.

Bianca: You can't see this from Zachís side at all?

Erica: "Zach's side"? "Zach's side" is to allow the pressure to build up in Kendallís brain until she dies! That's what Zachís side is. I want my daughter to walk out of here.

Bianca: Well, so do I!

Erica: Then go back into Kendallís room and convince him to do the right thing.

Bianca: "The -- the right thing"? Oh, come on, Mom, don't pretend like that's easy for you. I know that it's not.

Erica: It is not easy! Nobody said that it is easy. It is hell! Now, I know you've been gone a long time and maybe you don't know the whole story, but the reality is that if they take the baby now, the baby has a small chance to survive. If they don't take the baby now, Kendall has no chance. Is that what you came so far to see? Did you come so far to see your sister die?

Ryan: Look, that's enough. Erica, that -- that's enough, ok? Please, I know we're all -- I know we're about to snap here, I really do, and I know you want to save Kendall, I do, but this is not the way to do it, ok? It's not.

Erica: Josh?

Josh: What, do you want to yell at me? Kick me?

Erica: Josh, do you remember that experimental technique you told me about? Please, tell me more about this, please. Can we save Kendall?

Kendall's voice: Don't listen to her, Zach. Spike comes first. No compromise, no negotiation.

Julia: I hate this. You saved my life. I'd be dead right now if it weren't for you.

Zach: That's what friends are for.

Julia: Don't make me do this. I took one man's life already. I don't want to do this.

Zach: Well, I'm sorry, Julia. I'm sorry I put you in this awful situation. But I made a promise to my wife. I'm going to bring her her son healthy and happy. I'm not going back on my word no matter how much I want to. Go ahead.

Julia: Please, Zach --

Zach: Go ahead, you'd be doing me a favor. Put me out of my misery. You really think I want to sit here and watch my wife die?

Dixie: And that's why I didn't come home. The only reason why I stayed in Pine Valley was because Greg Madden was here, and I had to finish what I started, I have to find Kate.

Di: You gave away Tadís daughter?

Dixie: I thought I was going to die. Greg Madden told me that I was, he convinced me that I was. My -- my head was messed up at the time. And as soon as I found out that I wasn't going to die, it was too late, the baby was gone. Madden was gone, and as soon as I caught up with him, he -- he wouldn't tell me where the baby was.

Di: Is that supposed to excuse what you did?

Dixie: No. I signed the papers. I gave Kate away.

Del: Only because that SOB Madden manipulated you. I will find him, Dixie, and I will beat it out of him.

Dixie: If only that would work.

Di: Tad must be devastated. And J.R. -- what -- what did he say?

Dixie: Well, I haven't told J.R. yet because he's got enough going on without finding out that the mother who abandoned him also abandoned his sister.

Del: You didn't dump either of them, Dix. You were trying to save your family. I'm with you.

Di: So why -- I mean, why are you telling us this now? Sharing hasn't really been your style since you came back.

Dixie: Well, it was J.R., I guess. I was talking to him about taking responsibility and being honest, and I realized, you know, who was I to give advice? I've been a total coward.

Del: You're not a coward. Are you sure you do not want me to beat Maddenís face in? You need any help, you just say the word.

Dixie: Ok.

Del: I -- uh -- I got places to be. We'll find her, we'll find Kate.

Dixie: Ok.

[Dixie sighs]

Dixie: Ok, what are you thinking?

Di: I never could figure out what was so important that it would keep you away from your family for so long.

Dixie: Look, I wanted to come home. I did. I just -- I felt like I had put everybody through enough already, ok? They didn't -- they didn't need more.

Di: Ok. I guess that makes sense.

Dixie: But?

Di: But -- how could you keep that from Tad, Dixie? How could you not tell him about his daughter? I mean, that's unforgivable.

Tad: Here, Doc. You look like you're losing your color.

Greg: I'm fine.

Tad: You sure? You look nervous to me.

Greg: You're bluffing. You won't go public with the news that Josh is Ericaís son.

Tad: I would purely love for you to dare me.

Greg: You're too close to her, you care about her too much. It would destroy her. You wouldn't do that.

Tad: Erica's survived a lot, she'll survive this.

Greg: And what about Josh? He's a member of your family. Are you really going to subject him to the humiliation and the public scrutiny?

Tad: Like you said, he's a member of my family. He's a Martin, not a Madden, as well as Ericaís son. He'll manage.

Greg: You really would sacrifice two lives so easily?

Tad: You know something? Coming from you, that is so ironic. You remember all that research you did on my family? How you cut me out, because I wasn't a blood Martin? That was a real mistake, because my real father was a sadistic son of a bitch, which means somewhere in me is a man that's willing to do whatever I have to do to get what I want, and I don't care what it is or what I have to go through to get it.

Greg: It's one thing to throw threats around in a hotel room, but it's something else to go out there and turn people's lives upside down.

Tad: Definitely. You can be sure. That's why I want you to watch me on the 6:00 news, and again at 11:00 -- local, national. By the time I am finished with you, you won't be able to bandage a paper cut.

Greg: I was sworn to keep the identity of Kateís adoptive parents secret for the sake of the child. It's a promise that I will keep for as long as I live.

Tad: Those are the key words -- "as long as you live." Because if you don't tell me what I want to know, you won't get out of here in one piece.

[Ryan finds Bianca sobbing and comforts her.]

Erica: Those doctors you mentioned in Berlin --

Josh: Mm-hmm. The ones doing the experimental work with the hyperbaric chamber and the drug protocol for coma patients.

Erica: Yes. I'd like to hear more, please. At this point, anything that might help Kendall is -- is worth exploring.

Josh: Well, even though you did shut me down last time, Erica, I did do some research, and I'm afraid it's not an option anymore. Kendall's condition has progressed too far for the procedure.

Erica: Well, are they sure about that? I mean, won't they even try? I'll fly them here.

Josh: It's -- it's too risky for the baby, and there's no guarantee we'd help Kendall. It may even be detrimental.

Erica: Go ahead, say it.

Josh: What?

Erica: "I told you so." Throw it in my face. You tried to tell me, and I wouldn't listen. I waited, now it's too late. Lost another chance to help Kendall. What are you waiting for?

Josh: I'm not going to say it, Erica.

Erica: What, are you suddenly having an attack of niceness?

Josh: Not a chance. It's just -- I feel bad for Kendall, for you -- even Slater.

Erica: Slater? The man who has my daughter barricaded in there? The man who will not allow any medical treatment until my daughter winds up brain-dead? Don't go overboard on your concern.

Josh: It just totally sucks there's not an easy answer, and I'm a big fan of easy, right?

Erica: This bedside manner of yours -- I'm just not used to it. I mean, you and I aren't close, and it's not as if you and Kendall are friends.

Josh: I don't know, it's just I see her lying in that bed, and I feel something. I know, it sounds stupid, but -- I don't know -- a bond or connection. Is that weird, or what?

Zach: Julia, come on. Aim for my heart. I know it's a small target, but you're a good shot, you could do it.

Julia: No, I can't do it. I can't shoot you, Zach. And I'm not going to be responsible for you breaking your promise to Kendall, either.

Zach: All I want is for Kendall and her baby to live. This was never supposed to happen. I left my home as a kid, because I didn't want anyone to force me into decisions I didn't want to make. All my choices -- my mistakes and my blame. I've made every mistake a man could make, but I could always sleep at night.

Julia: Until now?

Zach: Yeah, until now. This is Kendallís choice.

Julia: I know you're not big on advice from me, but this Slater guy -- he's one in a billion. He could be out there screaming for anything and everything to save your life, but he's not. He's honoring your wishes. Is he making a scene? The man's in a lot of trouble. But he doesn't care. Because it's all for you. There's only one other man I ever knew who was that amazing, and I miss him every day. So don't do that to Zach. Wake up. Throw your arms around him. Don't -- don't ever let him go.

Kendall's voice: Don't you think I'd wake up if I could? Where the hell did you get your nursing license, the Internet? Don't you think I want a life with Zach as much as he wants a life with me?

Ryan: Everybody is under a lot of stress, too much stress.

Bianca: I have a question for you. If I hadn't come back from Paris and meddled and tried to fix everything, would Kendall and Zach have found their way back to each other on their own?

Ryan: Bianca, don't. Don't, all right? Don't go there. Please. When two people are meant to be together, they're meant to be together. I mean, look, Zach pulled a pretty dirty move, and Kendall still forgave him, she still married him again. All right? So with or without you, obviously she's doomed to be with the guy.

Bianca: "Doomed"? Great. Can't we say "fated"? Can't we put a positive spin on this?

Ryan: Well, considering that he's got her locked in a hospital room and holding us off at gunpoint, no. "Positive" isn't really my first choice.

Bianca: If Kendall doesn't make it, am I partially to blame?

Ryan: No. Absolutely not. Nobody blames you. Your mother doesn't blame you. Ok? Erica -- she just can't control the situation, she can't fix it, and it's driving her crazy.

Bianca: Well, you're managing somehow.

Ryan: No, I'm not, Bianca, I'm not managing. I'm -- I'm right on the edge.

Bianca: Maybe I should've taken a side. Maybe I should've tried to talk to Zach. I was in that room, I had the chance right there --

Ryan: Don't -- you don't blame yourself, ok? This is my fault.

Bianca: How is this your fault? What did you do?

Ryan: It's what I didn't do. And I'm going to go do what I should've done an hour ago.

Di: I lied to Tad. I pretended to be someone I wasnít. I came as close as anyone could to shredding J.R. and Tad all over again. But you, Dixie, what you've done? He mourned that baby as deeply as he mourned you. How could you do that to him?

Dixie: Look, there are things that you just don't understand yet.

Di: Well, you're right about that -- I donít. I mean, you and Tad, a love for the ages. That's all I've heard -- from you, from Tad, friends and family, from strangers on the street. How do you give away the baby that you had with the love of your life and then turn around and tell him that his baby is dead? What kind of love is that?

Dixie: Look, that's -- that's not the way it happened, first of all, ok? And second of all, you don't understand my relationship with Tad. Ok? For your information, it's damaged. It's a scarred relationship, and that's not to excuse what I did, but there is a reason.

Di: What? What, that you had to find Kate first? Right? I'm sorry, Dixie, that's a pretty weak argument. Finding lost people -- that's a pretty big part on Tadís resume. You could've come home, you could've -- you could've gone to Tad, you could've told him everything. He would've found your Kate years ago. You -- you could be together, a family right now.

Dixie: If it was as simple as that, I would've done it.

Di: Or even if it wasn't, Tad loved you. He would have done anything for you. I don't see how you could do it to him.

Dixie: I wanted to protect my daughter.

Di: From Tad?

Dixie: Look, if you want to hate me, go ahead. But you do not understand the complexity of my marriage to Tad, much less what it's like to have children yet. Maybe when you understand that, you will understand why I did what I did.

Tad: Kate -- where is she? United States or Europe?

Greg: You can badger me all you like, I am not going to break my promise --

Tad: You stole her, and you stashed her. What'd you do with her?

Greg: I've had enough of this. Agh!

Tad: Once again, where is she?

Greg: You can't seriously think you are going to beat the answer out of me.

Tad: Where is she?

Greg: If you hit me one more time, I'm going to press charges -- agh!

Tad: Hey, Doc, come on. You all right?

Greg: Uh --

Tad: You ok?

Greg: Agh --

Tad: It's just getting interesting.

Greg: Oh, you are -- you're a maniac.

Tad: Huh. Coming from you, that's high praise indeed.

Greg: I know this might be fun for you. I have a heart condition, and the simple charge of assault could turn out to be something much more serious.

Tad: Oh, I'm sorry. Here -- here, wipe your nose. It's ok. I don't want to kill you -- I just want to come good and close.

Greg: I'm not supposed to have any stress. It's not good for me.

Tad: Well, neither --

Greg: Agh.

Tad: Is lying. See, sooner or later, you're going to tell me where my daughter is. For your sake, I hope it's sooner, because later is so much worse for your heart condition.

[Greg groans]

Tad: So --

Greg: Hey -- hey! All right. All right. I'll tell you.

Tad: Ok, good. This is the part where you see no way out of your lie, see, and you give me a false name, a false address. I'm so happy I go dancing out of here, and you're free again.

Greg: Do you want the information or not?

Tad: I want the truth. If you don't give it to me, you send me on a wild-goose chase, I'm going to come back here and shove that goose up your quack.

Josh: I'm going to keep researching Kendallís condition, but there's no promises.

Erica: Sincere, honest. Really making something of this, being a doctor. It suits you.

Josh: Yeah, you were all about how I would never cut it here.

Erica: Well, you can't blame me for doubting you, Josh. Your last big career move was to slip me some pills so I would lose my grip, and I almost killed Zach Slater while I was under the influence of those pills. Frankly right now, I think it would've been better if I had. Then at least my daughter would be safe.

Josh: You don't mean that.

Erica: Parents will do anything for their children. I'm very grateful to you.

Josh: It's part of the job. You're the mother of a seriously compromised patient. I'm here to offer support and encouragement.

Erica: Ryan, Derek, what? What is it? Did something happen?

Ryan: No, nothing's happened. That's the problem. I tried. I was hoping Zach would change his mind, and he could end this peacefully.

Bianca: He still could.

Ryan: We don't have time. Bianca, your sister doesn't have any more time. The longer we wait, the worse she could get, all right? It's time. It's time to do this Derekís way and get his men back in here.

Di: No, I don't have a kid. I didn't even have a mom, so I'm probably not an expert on the sacrifices mothers make for their children. But I have seen you lie to the people who love you and hurt them, and at the top of that list, Dixie, are your son and your daughter. So, please don't -- don't preach to me or anyone else about what a mother will do for her children, not after what you've done to yours.

Greg: I'm not sure they're still at this address. The last time I spoke to them, they were talking about moving.

Tad: If it's BS, we'll just have to pick up where we left off.

Greg: That won't be necessary.

Tad: Good. This is where I reach out and touch someone. If it's not Kate, it's most definitely going to be you.

Greg: You won't ever touch me again. I'll make sure you won't ever touch anyone again.

Derek: Get your men in position. We stand down until Julia Keefer makes a clean exit. Nobody move until I give the signal. Then we go in and take Slater by whatever force is necessary.

Officer: All right.

Zach: Tell me that this is what you want.

Julia: I need some supplies.

Zach: Hey -- tell me that this is what you want, that you want Spike to have a chance.

Kendall's voice: Please, God. Please.

[While Zach holds Kendallís hand, her index finger moves ever so slightly.]

Zach: Julia? She moved. Kendall moved.

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J.R. (to Babe): I know you should hate me right now, but you donít. You love me. I want you back.

Ryan (to Bianca): I am trying to save Kendall because I -- because I love her. I'm in love with her.

Zach (to Kendall): I can't let you die. It's not going to happen.

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