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Tad: You gave up our child, my daughter, because you didn't think I could love her enough?

Dixie: I was wrong, Tad. It was the biggest mistake of my life. If I could -- I'm so sorry.

[Krystal laughs]

Krystal: I haven't seen you bolt anywhere this fast since Lucretia made those bran pancakes.

Adam: I'm going downtown to post my son's bail. And you can't stop me.

J.R.: Look, not to be ungrateful, Uncle Stuart, because I'm going to be forever thankful for you for bailing me out, but you know what? If you're hard up to hang out with somebody --

Stuart: Shh, shh! Winifred said she was meeting him here.

J.R.: Then cuffing yourself to me makes tons of sense.

Stuart: You won't believe it when you hear it. I'm going to make you look at it. There she is.

Babe: No. No way can you be that clueless, Josh.

Josh: I kissed you, Babe. It's not like I'm trying to get action right here. Listen, I like you. I care about you. I want a real shot with you.

David: The last attack was nothing compared to the one you're about to have next. You don't have to die. I can save your life -- like that. All you have to do is tell me where Dixieís baby is.

Greg: No.

David: No deal, huh? You want to play this game? Fine. Go to your grave the fool.

Greg: Oh, you're the fool, Hayward, to believe one word out of Dixie Cooneyís lying mouth.

Dixie: I knew you would be furious, so I prepared myself for this. You can say whatever you want, Tad. I deserve it.

Tad: Get out of my house. Get out of my life.

Derek: That's it, Slater, time's up.

Ryan: No, no, wait, Derek --

Derek: I'm calling the SWAT team back in. I can't let an armed man barricade himself in a hospital room with a comatose woman.

Ryan: Just a little longer. Just wait a little longer.

Derek: What do you think's going to change between now and then?

Ryan: Hopefully Zachís mind is going to change. Look, Derek, he let somebody else in there other than Julia.

Derek: Whoa, whoa, slow down. Slater let someone other than Julia into the room to see Kendall?

Ryan: Someone that he couldn't say no to.

Zach: When did you get in?

Bianca: Plane landed about an hour ago.

Kendall's voice: Is it really you?

Bianca: Hey, big sis. I hope you're in the mood for some company. Is it ok?

Zach: Sure.

Kendall's voice: Binks. You're really here.

Bianca: Miranda is with me. I mean, she's not here at the hospital, but she's in Pine Valley. Opal's watching her right now. And don't worry, I'm not going to let her come home wearing tacky clothes and clutching a crystal ball. Oh, you should see how much that little girl has grown since Christmas -- and her vocabulary. She's fluent in French and English. Of course, she gets some of the languages mixed up sometimes -- a lot of bilingual sentences -- but I think we can forgive her for that. What about your little guy? What amazing things is Spike doing these days? Hi, my beautiful nephew. It's your Auntie Bianca, and it is such an honor to finally meet you.

Kendall's voice: They told you I'm going to die, didn't they, Binks? That's why you came all this way. You came to say good-bye.

Ryan: Bianca could be the miracle that we're waiting for here, Derek. Please, just give her a few more minutes, ok? Let her get through to Zach before you, you know, you send in your guys.

Derek: You better hope this is the answer, Lavery, or we could be wasting precious time.

Di: How's Kendall doing?

Ryan: Well -- um -- she could die any minute, and, of course, we have your nephew to thank for that.

Di: J.R. is messed up in a major way. I -- I'm not excusing what he's done, and I'm certainly not defending him, but, Ryan, you have to know what a terrible, dark place J.R. is in right now. The woman he worshiped abandoned him -- his mother, Ryan. I mean, Dixie -- she's as responsible for what happened to Kendall as anyone else.

Ryan: Well, we both know that Dixie isn't the only one that let J.R. down, don't we? I'm just -- I'm just saying if we're divvying up blame here, well, then you obviously have a nice chunk coming to you, don't you?

Di: Well, right now, I am less sorry that I posed as Dixie, more sorry that I got caught. I mean, I was good for J.R., Ryan. I loved him, and that meant something to him. I still love him. Even after all of the awful things he's done, I will always love him.

J.R.: I already know my wife's a tramp. Let's go.

Stuart: No. You don't leave until I leave.

[J.R. sighs]

Stuart: You keep watching.

[Hiding in the bushes, Stuart forces J.R. to listen to his wife.]

Babe: If you really cared about me, you wouldn't be doing this, Josh. I am still married, and J.R. -- he's in trouble.

Josh: J.R.ís a wannabe killer, Babe. The guy wants you dead. You deserve a hell of a lot better than that.

Babe: But I still love him. In spite of everything that he's done, in spite of the way that he feels about me, I love him, ok? Look, I hate what he did, and I'm not forgiving or forgetting, but I'm not walking away, either.

Josh: Well, you did before -- Jamie? Did you have a hard time leaving your loving husband back then?

Babe: Jamie was around at one of the lowest points of my life, and I thought that he was the one. But I was wrong. As great as Jamie was, he could never take J.R.ís place in my heart, because J.R. never left. Now, I'm not saying that I regret my time with Jamie, because I don't. He helped me become the woman that I needed to be to love J.R.

Adam: Ok. Perhaps I was misunderstood. I -- I didn't make myself clear. I'm leaving right now, going right now down to the police station to get J.R. out of jail. Ok. So stop me, already. Just lock me up. I can't -- I can't keep going on like this. I can't keep bailing J.R. out of jail every time he makes a mess of his life, throwing him life preservers when he's the one responsible for the damn storm! You know there's a very good chance Kendall may die, and her baby along with her because of my son? And, yes, because of me. You were right. You're right. I have to live to own up to my part in this. I've spent J.R.ís entire life making excuses for his bad behavior, encouraging it, even. I've told him that -- that revenge is not only sweet, it is imperative. I thought I was protecting him. I didn't want to see him hurt. And in the end, I've hurt him far more than anyone else. And still, in spite of all that, knowing all that, I want nothing more than to go down there and spring my son out of jail and tell him I'll take care of everything. Because the thought of J.R. ending up in prison indefinitely -- please say something.

Krystal: I can't step in this time, Adam. You've heard all the lectures you're going to hear from me. I've been where you are. I stepped up in Babeís life to protect her from a whopper of a punishment, but this -- this is your call. It's up to you if J.R. takes the punishment that he deserves.

Greg: You love Dixie. You think you have a shot with her. She's using you, Hayward. She's using all of you.

David: Mm-hmm, if you think badmouthing Dixie is going to get me to spare your sorry life, think again. I'm pretty clear on who the real liar is here.

[Greg groans]

David: You might want to start talking. I'm a brilliant doctor, but I'm not really good at CPR. I don't know -- they just keep changing the number of compressions per breath and -- I don't know. Do you go through the same thing? I can't seem to keep it straight. But I'll tell you what I am really great at -- calling time of death.

[Greg coughs as he lies on the sofa perspiring.]

Dixie: I know you want me to leave, but I can't.

Tad: If you don't, then I will.

Dixie: Donít. Please, ok? I know that you're in pain.

Tad: No, you donít. You don't know anything about me. Don't you dare tell me that you know how I feel. In the first place, you never told me you were pregnant, because you knew how I would react. Then you didn't tell me that you and Kate had survived, because you knew how I would feel. And now you're telling me that you gave away my daughter, because you knew that I didn't have the heart to have her. You don't know the first damn thing about me, because if you did, you would know that right now I hate your guts. Right now it makes me sick to look at you. And I swear to God, I am never going to forgive you for this.

Dixie: Look, if you never speak to me again, I get it. I'm not here to defend myself. I'm here to tell you the truth about what happened with Kate, and I just can't leave until I do it.

Tad: What, there's more? This isn't bad enough?

Dixie: The reason I signed Kate over to strangers was because Madden convinced me that I was dying, and it seemed like it would be the best thing for Kate. I was afraid. I thought if I died, that you would blame the baby. I'm sorry, ok? It -- it made sense at the time, and if I could take it all back, I would.

Tad: Ah, forgive me, but your regrets don't mean that much to me right now.

Dixie: Look, obviously I didn't die. And as soon as I realized that I wasn't going to, as soon as I -- I started getting better, all I could think about was Kate. I tried desperately to contact Madden, ok? He couldn't be found. He -- he disappeared completely. Even the medical staff that was helping me through my recovery -- they had no idea where he was. So as soon as I got out of the clinic, I started my own search for Kate and for Madden.

Tad: And in all that time, you never thought to contact me -- your ex-husband, Kateís father, a private investigator?

Dixie: I thought I was protecting you.

Tad: You didn't think you were protecting me. You didn't give a damn about me.

Dixie: That's not true.

Tad: No. Don't you tell me about the truth. The truth is the Dixie Cooney that I knew was the sweetest, kindest, most self-sacrificing person that I have ever known in my entire life, and somewhere along the line you stopped giving a damn about anybody but yourself. And because of it, our child is lost to us, possibly forever, and our son just might go to prison for the rest of his life.

J.R.: Babe doesn't know that I'm here?

Stuart: No. Don't you see the truth? Babe loves you. She -- she's always loved you. Even when she was with Jamie, she loved you.

Josh: Word of advice, Hercules -- why don't you try aiming for the hoop next time?

Jamie: Word of advice -- try aiming for someone who's not married to my brother.

Babe: Actually, I think it's time you leave, Josh.

Josh: Are you serious?

Babe: I appreciate the concern, but I'm fine. And no matter what J.R.ís done, we're still married.

Jamie: So, how are you doing?

Babe: Hanging in there. How about you?

Jamie: Well, I keep thinking about how good things were again -- for a little while, anyway. I'm so ticked at J.R. for ruining it, you have no idea. But since there's no getting through to him, here I am.

Babe: Here we are. You still love him, don't you?

Jamie: Brothers till the end.

Bianca: Do you remember that song that we used to sing to Miranda when we first got her back? Shadow, lip-gloss shades of pink, how I wonder what youíll think, when youíre old enough to don free cosmetics from ďFu-shon

Kendallís voice: I'm trying to wake up, Binks. You have no idea how much I want to hug you right now, give my beautiful niece a big, fat kiss. I don't want to die, but Spike comes first.

Zach: Go ahead. It's why you're here. Fight me for your sister's life.

Jamie: You know how Boy Scouts get their badges?

Babe: You earn them?

Jamie: How do you think J.R. got his badges?

Babe: Oh, no. Do I really want to hear this?

Jamie: Totally BS'd the scout leader.

Babe: That totally sounds like J.R.

Jamie: Well, that kid can talk his way into or out of anything.

Babe: You know, a few weeks back we took Little Adam to the woods, and J.R. said that he was going to teach Little A everything about becoming a scout.

Jamie: Well, then I guess Little Adamís going to get his first badge in smooth-talking.

[Babe laughs]

Babe: That was such a great day. It was right after the wedding, and J.R. -- he was so happy.

Jamie: Every day around your wedding was a great day. For the first time in a long time I didn't feel tense being in a room with J.R. It was like old times -- we were close again. God, I miss my brother. I'd give anything to have him back.

Babe: Hey, look who's here! Mama's been waiting for you.

Jamie: Hey, come here, pal. Daddy had to go away for a little while. But he wanted you to know that he's thinking about you every day and every night, and that he loves you a lot.

Stuart: Time to go, J.R.

Dixie: Did I fail my children, Tad? Yes. I have failed both of them incredibly. But I have been holding on to the hope, believe it or not, that I could make things right -- for you, for Kate, for J.R. That has been the one thing that has kept me going. And until I had answers one way or the other, I just felt that I couldn't face you. So all this time I have been doing one thing -- tracking Greg Madden. And he is a very difficult man to get ahold of. I -- I caught up with him a couple of times, but I barely ever got a face-to-face with him. He's got this low-key security team that runs interference for him. He's very hard to get close to.

Tad: Yeah, well, considering how accessible he is now, that's a little hard to swallow.

Dixie: I -- I understand, ok? Believe me, he's never been this easy to reach. But the first time that I saw him after he took Kate, I begged him to give her back. Do you know what he said? He said it was too late, I had made my choice, that she was better off where she was. I did everything I could. I -- I begged, I threatened, I -- I lied -- everything I could to get her back. I'm never going to stop searching for her. I promise you, I will look for her till the day I die.

Tad: And even after all this time with him, you still haven't been able to convince him to give you one single clue?

Dixie: Listen, I even threatened him with going public with the fact that Josh is Erica Kaneís biological son, but I -- I just couldn't do it. I couldn't do it to Erica, especially not now. I just have hurt too many people, Tad. But him? The man who has -- has hurt the most people, him? I would like to hurt him.

Greg: I told you I don't have Dixieís child. Help me, please. I'm dying!

[Greg coughs]

David: Yeah, I can see that. Clock's ticking, Madden.

[Greg groans]

David: You know, there is still time for me to save your life. But the longer you wait to talk, the harder it'll be for me to bring you back to 100%. Wow. I'll tell you, I'm exhausted. You mind? I'm going to catch a few Zís. Why don't you wake me up when you're ready to start talking?

[Knock on door]

Amanda: Dr. Madden?

Greg: Sick -- help me!

David: You shut up. You shut up! Shut up.

Amanda: Dr. Madden, are you ok in there?

Greg: Help me, please! Come in --

David: Shut up! Shut up!

Amanda: Dr. Madden -- oh, my God, help him! You're a doctor, do something!

Krystal: What? Why -- why are you looking at me that way, huh? You're mad because I won't tell you what to do about J.R.?

Adam: I'm not mad. I'm -- I'm chagrined perhaps because you're right -- again. Why should I expect you to tell me how to handle my own son? If I love him the way I say I do, then I have to let him take his punishment.

Krystal: Even if it means doing nothing will make you crazy?

Adam: Oh, it will. Yes, that's a given. That is a given. You know, the first time I ever held J.R., I made him a promise -- that I'd never let him down. And I kept that promise -- oh, for a couple of days. When I think how many times I've tried to control him, to -- to mold him into my image -- and I've failed J.R. more ways and more times than I can count. I just want another chance. I want a chance to love J.R. unconditionally. He deserves that.

Krystal: You deserve it, too.

Ryan: Hey, hi, is Erica still asleep?

Julia: Uh-huh. I just checked on her. She's in Room 702 if you want to see her.

Ryan: Oh, no. No, no, no. Just -- if you could do me a favor and just tell me as soon as she wakes up. I want to tell her Biancaís here.

Julia: You got it.

Ryan: Ok.

Di: Hey, hey, roomie.

Julia: Oh.

Di: Long time no see, huh?

Julia: I've been working around the clock. How's everything back at the fort?

Di: It's fine. We miss you, though.

Julia: Yeah, you, too. I -- I got to go. I'm sorry.

Di: Ok.

Ryan: Hey, Opal, it's Ryan. How's Miranda doing? Ha. Well, that's great. Good. I'll -- I'll tell Bianca she's doing so well. Ok, bye.

Di: Ryan, don't give up hope.

Ryan: What am I hoping for, exactly? Because Kendall could die any minute, and if she does, it'll be for my son, but I will lose one of my best friends. Or Bianca could get through to Zach in time and save Kendall. But if she does, I could lose my son.

Kendall's voice: Don't fight for me, Bianca. Please help Zach save Spike, and help him go on if I don't make it. The way he took Ethanís death -- please, please don't let that happen again if he loses me.

Bianca: I don't want her to die.

Zach: You think I do? Your sister made it very clear to me -- Spike comes before anything or anyone. And she would lay down her life for him.

Bianca: I believe that. I -- I know what that feels like, to want to put your child's life before your own. I think you know it, too. And I also know that this is killing you -- and it's killing Ryan, and it's killing my mom. Everybody has made their choices, and they're going to stand by what they think is best -- for Kendall and for her son. And I respect those decisions, because I know how difficult they were to make, because I can't -- I can't take a side. I'm not here to tell you what to do, Zach, because I honestly have no idea. I just know that I can't possibly choose between my sister and her child.

Di: Ryan, why don't you -- come, sit down. Let me get you something to eat.

Ryan: No, no, honestly, Di, I don't really -- I don't need your pity, ok? I don't need to be comforted, I don't need to be fussed over, I don't need any of that. All I need right now is I want Kendall to walk out that door with my healthy little baby boy in her arms. That's all I need.

Bianca: The last time I was here, Kendall told me that she couldn't imagine feeling anything maternal for her son. She just didn't see herself as a mother. But I knew that she would come around. She just needed a little time -- just like Spike. You just need a little more time, don't you, buddy?

Zach: And the more time we give Spike, the greater the chance of losing Kendall.

Bianca: I know. Ryan wants me to talk you into letting them take the baby early. But if I did that and the baby didn't make it and Kendall did, how could I ever face my sister again? On the other hand, if I side with you and try to convince Ryan to let Spike stay where he is and Kendall dies -- I can't take a side, Zach. I'm on both sides.

Zach: I understand that. In a way, I am, too.

Bianca: I knew that you loved my sister, but I don't think I knew how much until right now.

David: Amanda, would you do me a favor and get Dr. Madden a glass of water, please?

Amanda: Sure. Of course.

David: You might want to get that girl a nice big bouquet of flowers, because she's the only reason why you're still gulping air. But that is going to change very quickly if you don't tell me where Dixieís baby is. Keep that in mind.

Amanda: Here you go.

David: Ahem.

Greg: Oh. Thank you.

David: Well, it looks like I should go.

Amanda: Already? You're sure he's ok?

David: If he does what I told him , he'll be fine.

Amanda: Oh. Oh, my God. That was so scary. Thank God Dr. Hayward was here.

Greg: I just feel so fortunate that I -- I know you, Amanda. I'm looking forward to working with you.

Amanda: You know, that's actually why I'm here. I've been thinking a lot about being a surrogate, and I really don't think it's for me, not right now.

Greg: But you were so excited about it. What's changed your mind?

Amanda: A friend reminded me how much I've been through lately and that I may not be emotionally ready to take on something like that right now.

Greg: Who is this friend?

Amanda: Jamie Martin.

Jamie: You know there's a million kids in the world, Little A, but none half as cool as you?

Babe: Jamie? If J.R. goes to prison, Little Adamís going to need you more than ever.

Jamie: You know I'm always there for my nephew, whenever he needs me. You sure you want to give up on J.R. just yet?

Babe: You still think there's hope for a miracle?

Tad: You can't put all of this off on Madden, Dixie.

Dixie: No, I'm not, I'm not. I know that I was wrong to give up Kate. But Greg convinced me that I was dying, and that you would be in too much grief to be able to love Kate the way that she needed, just so he could take our baby. Look, I am never going to stop looking for her. I promise you I will find our daughter. Don't you think this decision has tortured me? And the nights have been terrible. I mean, during the days, I could keep busy. I -- I could look for her, I could keep active, so I didn't have to think about it so much. But at night, all I thought about was J.R. and Kate, and where they were. What were they doing? Were they happy? Was -- was J.R. in love? Did he get married? Did -- did his laugh sound the same? Did he even think of me anymore? And Kate -- I didn't even know what she looked like, what her voice sounded like. What was her first word? When -- when was her first step? Who holds her when she cries? Is she in a good home? Do they love her? Do they love her as much as I do? Trust me, there have been some nights that I just wished I could die. Some nights, I wish I had.

J.R.: Kate? My sister's alive?

Dixie: If you told me five years ago that I would end up deserting my family, signing my child over to strangers, searching for her alone, not telling you and J.R. that we were alive, I would tell you that -- that you were crazy. But I didnít. I did desert you, I did give up Kate, I did stay away, all because I thought I was protecting you from the pain and the hopelessness and the grief that I was feeling.

Tad: There you go again. You thought you were protecting me. How is that protecting me? You gave away our daughter. And then you stay away for four years, because you didn't have faith in me. You just didn't trust that I could love you and Kate. You couldn't have been more wrong.

Greg: Amanda, this is my area of expertise. It's -- it's my calling. I've been advising and counseling surrogates for years. I can always tell when they're emotionally ready to be surrogates, and you most certainly are.

Amanda: Even after all I've been through with my mother, losing my father?

Greg: You know, the one great thing you should've learn after all of that is how precious life is. And to give the gift of life is the most selfless thing that a person can ever do. I thought this would help, perhaps, to heal your wounds. I never intended to make your life harder.

Amanda: I know. And I'm sorry, you're right. I -- I just got cold feet.

Greg: So I can count on you?

Amanda: Absolutely. I'm going to be a surrogate.

Julia: So, I'll go in and check Kendallís levels and her stats, and you should have an answer soon one way or another.

Ryan: Thank you, Julia.

Julia: How's she doing?

Zach: Seems the same. Hey, how cool was it Bianca came to see you? She can really lighten up a room, can't she? I hope you could hear her, I hope you could feel how much she loves you.

Kendall's voice: I did feel it, Zach. And I'm so happy she came, because you're going to need her. So is Ryan, and so is Spike.

Ryan: You couldn't do it, could you? You couldn't convince Zach to let us take the baby.

Bianca: Um -- no, I didn't try. You know how much I love Kendall. Well, now I love her baby, too. And I -- I can't say what's right for either one of them because, Ryan, I honestly don't know. I just have to leave this one to God.

Jamie: It's going to be ok, Babe. It'll work itself out one way or the other.

Babe: How can it when the J.R. I loved is lost? I know that. I just miss him so much.

[Still hiding in the bushes, J.R. silently watches his mom.]

[Tad bursts into Gregís hotel room.]

Ryan: How did she look?

Bianca: Lost. Really lost.

Zach: You've been on duty long enough. Why don't you take a break?

[Before she leaves, Julia calmly whips out a gun and points it at him.]

Julia: It's over, Zach.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Tad (to Greg): Dixie may not be prepared to ruin Ericaís life by exposing Josh, but I am.

Erica: I want my daughter to walk out of here!

Bianca: Well, so do I!

Erica: Then go back into Kendallís room and convince him to do the right thing!

Julia: Be reasonable.

Zach: Put me out of my misery.

[Pointing her gun at Zach, Julia cocks it back.]

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