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[Traffic goes by outside as Jonathan and Lily sleep in the hotel room, she in bed, he in a chair.]

Lily: Jonathan?

Jonathan: Lily?

I'm -- I'm right here.

Lily: Jonathan.

Jonathan: I'm -- it's all right. I'm right here. You -- you were dreaming, that's all. You just -- you must have been having a bad dream.

Lily: It was an awful dream.

Jonathan: Well, I was watching you all night from right there. And I was watching un -- until the sun came up. And I must have fallen asleep, but you were sleeping peacefully until right now. Are -- are you ok?

Lily: No, I'm not.

Erin: Whoa, whoa -- you think that you can find Jonathan? Jonathan's not the one who's supposed to be lost.

Aidan: I was at the main library on Fifth Avenue, and Jonathan didn't want me to read an e-mail from Lily. So he whacks me over the head, and he knocks me out.

Erin: Oh, my God. Aidan, are you ok?

Aidan: Yeah.

Erin: So, now Jonathan and Lily are both lost?

Simone: Oh, this is great. You twist this way, and the lip brush extends.

Danielle: Twist the other end, blush brush.

Simone: Oh, my gosh. And then in our stardust package --

Danielle: We add a slot for the wand.

Simone: Oh, that's good.

Babe: Hi, Simone, Danielle.

Simone: Great minds. Oh, my gosh.

Babe: What's up?

Simone: Kendall is going to totally love this.

Danielle: Yeah.

Babe: Really?

Simone: I cannot wait to tell her.

Babe: Let's see. A dual-purpose makeup brush, huh? I approve --

Simone: Oh, gee.

Babe: Of the design, but your little freeze out here needs to thaw. Did you seriously think ignoring me is going to make me go away? I'm not so easy to get rid of. J.R. tried and look where it got him.

J.R.: Ugh!

[Jail door closes]

J.R.: If you haven't come to bust me out, start walking.

[Jail door closes]

J.R.: Uncle Stuart?

Stuart: Hi.

J.R.: I didn't expect -- everybody's cut me off. Family, I mean. They don't give a damn about me. They don't care what happens.

Stuart: Well, maybe they just need some time to figure it out.

J.R.: Have you come to figure out if you hate me, too?

Stuart: I love you.

J.R.: Then you want to help me?

Stuart: If I can only figure out how.

J.R.: Well, you can post my bail for me. You can get me out of here. Yeah. Help me get home.

[Walking outside Tad's house,

Dixie recalls voices from the past.]

Young J.R.'s voice: These are brickettes on buns!

Tad's voice: Give me a break. They're a little well-done. Big deal.

Young Jamie’s voice: Try cremated, Dad.

Young J.R.’s voice: Jamie, let's get a shotgun -- skeet shoot!

Tad's voice: Don’t.

[Boys laugh]

Tad's voice: No, don't you throw -- throw one -- stop it.

Young J.R.’s voice: Yeah!

Dixie's voice: Whoa! Chef go on strike?

Tad's voice: Come on, Dixie -- stop, stop.

[Cheers and laughter]

[Voices end]

Tad: Been a long time. Place look familiar?

Dixie: It was our home. Our family was here. Until I threw it away.

Tad: Threw it away and stayed away.

Dixie: I need to tell you the truth -- about Kate, about what happened to her.  I know I should have come to you a long time ago, but I just didn't have the guts. I've been a coward. And I just can't take it anymore. I've been afraid for too long.

Tad: Afraid of me?

Dixie: No, afraid for you. Because this is going to break your heart.

Tad: That happened four years ago. When you left Pine Valley. When Brooke came to me and told me that your car had gone off the road in the rain. I've already dealt with the death of the woman I love and my daughter. How could this possibly get worse?

Dixie: I thought that I could fix it. But I've just made mistake after mistake.

Tad: Dixie, the first mistake was mine. It was my fault, because I didn't trust you. I never accepted how badly you wanted to have our daughter. I was too selfish. I couldn't deal with the idea of losing you. So in the end, I lost both of you.

Dixie: Tad, this is not your fault.

Tad: It's a fact. You had to go halfway around the world to go -- to get away from me.

Dixie: Tad, we had it all until I threw it away.

Tad: What does that mean?

[Greg wakes up and finds David sitting next to him sipping from his coffee cup.]]

David: Ah. Oh, thank God. I made it in time.

Greg: What are you doing here?

David: I thought you were dead. How are you feeling?

Greg: How am I supposed to feel?

David: I don't know. I woke up from a dead sleep with severe pains in my chest. I immediately thought of you. Oh, don't get me wrong. Not in the romantic sense. In the professional one. I had symptoms of a cardiac arrest -- yours.

Greg: This is not funny.

[David chuckles]

David: Actually, I do find it mildly amusing. But for you, it's potentially tragic.

Greg: Have you been drinking?

David: Before breakfast? Rarely.

Greg: Well, you've definitely taken something. What, are you into a psychotropic drug? What was it?

David: Oh, that's very kind of you to be concerned. But you're not my doctor, Doctor. I'm yours.

Greg: I don't need you. Not here, not now.

David: Oh, you will.

Greg: What do you want from me?

David: Kate Martin. You remember. Dixie Cooney Martin’s daughter. Where is she?

Greg: So Dixie got to you, too? I was her Ob-Gyn for a while some time ago --

David: What did you do with the kid? Sell her? Give her away?

Greg: I really wish

Dixie would let go of this madness.

David: What did you do with Dixie’s daughter?

Greg: I understand you want to do the right thing and help your friend. It's very admirable. But I think it's time now for you to leave.

David: No problem. At least for me. But if I walk out that door, I'm not going to be here when you need me. Which shouldn't be too long from now. Nope. And I would almost hate to think what would happen to you without me.

J.R.: Ok.

So my bail is set at 1.5 million. Now, normally, that would be a slam dunk, but Babe and Krystal have got my dad on such a short chain, they've convinced him to freeze my assets.

Stuart: Adam's -- Adam’s worried about you.

J.R.: No, he's worried about keeping Krystal in his bed. But he can't stop you from putting up my bail, can he?

Stuart: Oh, no, no, he -- he has nothing to say about what I do with my money that he gave me.

J.R.: Well, look, you get it together, then. I could be out by tonight. I've had it with this clown show.

Stuart: No, I -- I've always loved clowns. Even though they put little tear drops on their cheeks. That makes me laugh.

J.R.: No, I don't -- I don't mean it in the literal sense. Look, it's just so crazy. I'm in jail, and Babe’s out there --

Stuart: Babe -- J.R., you -- you tried to kill Babe. And you almost killed

Kendall, instead. There's something real not funny about that. It's -- it's sad. Awful sad.

Babe: You know, it's really sad that we can't pull together. You love

Kendall, and you're upset because she and her baby are in danger. Well, guess what -- so am I. You want to blame me? Screw that, but go ahead. I can't stop you.

Simone: You've got that right.

Babe: You know what? I really don't give a damn, either. Kendall knows exactly how I feel. I am so sick and tired of trying to prove that I am a human being. I'm not some virus, I am a person. And this person, whether you like it or not, is part owner in Fusion. You know, and since you really don't have any stock here, how about you keep that little thought to yourself? But I would love to hear what's bouncing around in your head, so we can get back to the reason that we're all here -- to run a successful company. Or are you here for different reasons?

Simone: If Kendall dies, I don't know what'll be left of Fusion to run.

Danielle: I mean, first Greenlee left. And now, Kendall might -- it just won't be the same.

Simone: Do I really want to butt heads with you every minute of every day? Is that some kind of life?

Danielle: I mean, working with the woman who perjured like a rug in court? All that stuff about Kendall’s sudden morph into mommy-want-to-be of the century?

Babe: It wasn't perjury.

Simone: Oh, right, right. You and Kendall are just suddenly so tight that she only divulged, you know, her inner mommy-drive to you, and only you. As if --

Erin: Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Simone: Please. You are such a liar!

Erin: Hey! Ok? Babe -- she did what she thought was right. And it's a free world. But you're -- you're not free to beat up on her.

Simone: Yeah. And you know what? I hired you, so I can very gladly fire you.

Erin: Ok, as I said, free world.

Babe: Go ahead, Simone. Ax Erin so I can rehire her.

Jonathan: Drinking water is the -- the best thing that you can do when you're hung-over.

Lily: But I'm not hanging over anything. I'm just -- I'm sitting up straight.

Jonathan: No, it -- it's when you drink too much alcohol, and -- and you need to replace your -- your --

Lily: Are you hanging over, too?

Dixie: When Kate was born, she was tiny. But she was strong. Her cries were -- were loud. She demanded everyone's attention. And she had these beautiful deep blue eyes. She only weighed a little over 3 pounds. She should be here. We should be pushing her from the -- the old tree, in a swing. She should be wrestling with a puppy that we gave her. She should -- she should have all the neighbors here, and her friends, everybody --

Tad: It's way too late for "should have beens."

Dixie: It is not too late.

Tad: All you're doing is torturing us.

Dixie: It is not too late. Tad, she's alive. Kate is alive somewhere out there, growing up with other parents. Greg Madden lied. Greg Madden lied. Kate is alive. She didn't die. He gave her to another couple, and I don't know who. I've tried to find her. I've -- I've followed him, I've -- I've threatened him. I just can't do it alone anymore.

Tad: You're not alone.

Dixie: So you'll help me?

Tad: You know I will.

Dixie: You'll help me? We'll find our daughter together?

Tad: Dixie, it's all right.

Dixie: No, it's --

Tad: It is.

Dixie: It's not.

Tad: It will be. I finally understand. I get it. You needed your family, but you didn't think you could come home.

Dixie: No, I couldn't, because you would be so angry.

Tad: Honey, why would I be angry? You just didn't want to accept it. Who could? But things are different now. You're not alone. We can grieve together.

Dixie: Well -- grieve?

Tad: Yeah. You're -- you're home. That's the most important thing.

Dixie: You don't -- you don't believe me.

Tad: Dixie, we can get through this thing together.

Dixie: No, wait. No, let go. Listen to me, ok? Kate is alive. She didn't die, ok? Greg Madden made all of that up. Why -- why won't you believe me?

Tad: I believe that Kate will always be alive in both our hearts.

Dixie: Well -- you think I'm insane?

Tad: I think you're heartbroken. And I think you need help. And I want to help you.

Dixie: No.

How can you help me? Come on. You just help me. Just believe me. Why won't you believe me?

Tad: Because my father talked to the hospital where Kate was born. He just faxed us a copy of her death certificate.

Dixie: Huh.

Babe: You do not outvote or outrank me, Simone.

Simone: Maybe not yet, but I definitely outclass you.

Erin: Oh. Very mature business practice. If you're ticked off, you just go for the throat.

Danielle: If you don't like it, then --

Erin: Listen, guys, we're tense. We're upset about what's going on with Kendall.

Simone: Some of us more than others.

Erin: Well, do you think Babe’s coasting? Her own husband just plotted to murder her. I think the honeymoon's pretty much over there. And I know you two are wrecked about Kendall, and I get that. But she's pregnant with my nephew. Do you think I've got any -- any stake in this whole life-or-death thing? Because I do. One of my brothers is wrecked about what's going on in that hospital and the other brother is lost somewhere in New York City. So right now, I don't need your -- I don't need your infighting, because I would rather be asking people if they preferred soy, nonfat, or whole milk with their latte.

Simone: Ok. You know, it's not fun for us, either.

Erin: Ok, then please knock it off. Because if you don't, nobody's going to have to fire or rehire me, because I'm just going to quit. Because life is -- is too short to be in a job that's about as much fun as life with my parents.

Jonathan: Was I -- was I right?

Lily: Yeah, the room feels more still now. I think I feel better.

Jonathan: It's the water.

Lily: But water won't help you.

Jonathan: All that matters is that you're ok, Lily. I just -- I think I just need some more sleep, that's all.

Lily: Ok, well, since you watched over me and let me sleep, why don't you get in bed, and I'll watch over you?

Erin: Maybe it's time to close Fusion. Is that it?

Simone: No, no. Kendall co-built this company and only Kendall can dismantle it. Agreed?

Babe: Agreed.

Danielle: And even though I'm stockless, sounds sensible to me.

Erin: And to me.

Simone: So then -- uh -- we'll go over these makeup wand designs. Babe, if you would review the summer sales projections --

Babe: I'm on it.

Simone: Thank you. And, Erin, your marketing plan for the fall product line is absolutely fantastic. So I'd really be thankful if you'd stick around and see it through.

Erin: Thanks. I would like that.

Simone: Ok. Please, I need you most of all.

Babe: Well done. Thanks.

Erin: Hang in there.

Babe: Hanging in is one of my best events.

J.R.: You don't think that I should be allowed to come home, either?

Stuart: Well, no, I didn't say that.

J.R.: Well, you haven't said anything about helping me out.

Stuart: Well, when you -- when you say "home," where is home now?

J.R.: Well, it's not in this place, with this concrete floor and this cot! I don't belong here! I can't take much more of it, Uncle Stuart. You say you want to help me. Do you mean it?

Stuart: Well, sure, of course, I do.

J.R.: Then call Alfred Vanderpoole at the bank, and tell him you need to get some cash together.

Stuart: Yeah, well, if -- if I bail you out -- um -- where are you going to go? And what are you going to do? And who are you going to do it to?

Josh: Hey. I couldn't help but -- I --

[When Josh approaches Babe from behind, she silently hauls off and smacks him in the face.]

Greg: Perhaps your daughter's marital difficulties have gotten to you, pushed you to the edge.

David: Hmm. You think so, huh?

Greg: I sympathize. I mean, I -- I honestly do. And I'm willing to forget this and --

David: Oh, you are a prince.

Greg: Yeah, I won't tell anyone what you said here if you'll just -- I think you have to leave now.

David: No, I can't do that. Because you still haven't told me what you did with Dixie’s daughter.

Greg: You're going to force me to report this to the authorities.

David: Report what? That I was determined to save your life?

Greg: No, you threatened me.

David: No, I merely made a prediction.

Greg: I'm going to call the police.

David: Go right ahead. But you're going to need a phone. Where's your cell?

Greg: You've taken it.

David: And why would I do that? You probably just misplaced it. I'm sure it won't take you long to find it. Maybe a couple of hours. But you see, the problem is you don't have a couple of hours. Ah, yes, of course, the land line. But apparently, this isn't going to work, either. Looks like mice. You might want to lodge a complaint.

Dixie: This death certificate doesn't mean a damn thing. Madden faked it. He faked it. He's got hundreds of those. Why would you take his word over mine? How could you listen to him over me?

Tad: Dixie, just try to stay calm, ok?

Dixie: Calm down? Don't patronize me. God! Oh -- look, this is my own fault. If I hadn't hidden from you, I -- I've done this to myself. I've destroyed any credibility I might have had. The more I say, the crazier I'm going to sound, right? Re-generation.

Tad: The name of Madden’s company -- so what?

Dixie: Yes, it's also the name of Madden’s island for pregnant women, where he artificially inseminates them with his own offspring. I know -- it sounds crazy, but Zach was there. We were there.

Tad: I wouldn't trust Zach as far as I could throw him.

Dixie: Ok, Josh -- Josh is Madden’s son, right? But he's not. Josh -- is Jeff’s son. Jeff Martin, our brother. And Erica Kane is his mother.

Tad: Dixie --

Dixie: I know. I know it sounds crazy. I sound insane, don't I? Oh, go ahead, call Oak Haven. Tell them to bring the little white jacket. I'll put it on. But it's not -- it's not true, ok? I'm not crazy. I didn't make this up.

Tad: I know you didn’t.

Dixie: You do?

Tad: I know all about Josh and Jeff and what Madden did to Erica.

Dixie: Ok. Great. Great, then. Because I know the difference between fact and fantasy, Tad. Come on, I've done some irrational things, but I am not a crazy person.

Tad: Think you better tell me every single thing you remember from the moment Kate was born.

Lily: Did you get enough sleep? Do you feel any better?

Jonathan: I think so, yeah. Yeah, I do.

Lily: Because I'm not tired of looking over you, so you can close your eyes if you want to.

Jonathan: Do you -- do you need some more water or anything?

Lily: No, I'm ok. Are you mad at me?

Jonathan: Why? Because -- because I asked you about the water?

Lily: No, because it's my fault that you got hurt.

Jonathan: No, Lily, it's not your fault. The guy was a creep. Lily, I'm -- I'm just happy I found you.

Lily: I know. I missed you so much.

Jonathan: We're -- we're together now.

Lily: It was a mistake coming to New York City all by myself.

Jonathan: Lily? No, Lily, it's all right.

Lily: I just hate New York City. It's so loud and red and crowded and bright. You know, I never dream in red, but in my dream I saw Terry, and he was red.

Jonathan: It's over now. It's over. You -- you don't have to be afraid or unhappy anymore.

Lily: My father was right. I can't -- I can't do this. I have Autism Spectrum Disorder. I can't -- I can't do this.

Jonathan: No, Lily, it's not true. You -- you can be anywhere, do anything you want to. You're smart, and you're brave. Lily, every place has -- has bad areas and good areas, and it has bad people and good people.

Lily: I was wrong to think I could do it.

Jonathan: Lily, you -- you are a mathematician and a detective. Ok? So what would happen if -- if you're trying to solve a problem, and you used the incorrect numbers or facts?

Lily: Well, it would be a false solution.

Jonathan: Let me show you pretty places in New York and -- and good people. And then you can decide if coming here was a bad idea or not. Ok? Let me give you Jonathan’s special New York City tour.

J.R.: Why should you trust me when so many people are already against me?

Stuart: J.R., there are so many people that love you.

J.R.: You know, there were things that I thought that I had, believed so many people who loved me. Huh. But now -- huh -- where's the love? Where is the love?

Stuart: My mama used to say, "If whatever's lost or broken, you just have to find it and fix it." All you have to do is hang in there like you're tough, and it'll work out.

J.R.: So -- so that means you're not going to help me?

Stuart: I didn't think I knew how.

J.R.: Oh, yeah, sure -- join the "tough love" posse. My dad, my brother, Tad, even

Dixie -- I mean, there's a laugh, huh? I mean, she's gotten so good at walking out on me -- that's real love there.

Stuart: I'm so sorry you're so lonesome.

J.R.: Uncle Stuart?

[Door closes]

J.R.: Wow, thanks for the love and the support. Makes a big difference.

[Door closes]

J.R.: Oh.

Babe: J.R.’s in jail. That doesn't signal open season on his wife.

Josh: Yeah, I get it, Babe. You loosened some teeth -- thank you very much. I guess, as they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

Babe: Really? And what was your good deed? Grabbing me at work?

Josh: I put my hand on your shoulder, Babe. It was supposed to be a gesture of reassurance? After what J.R. did, what he tried to do, I can only imagine how much that hurt.

Babe: No, you can't. So get to why you're here and get out.

Josh: Wow, tough crowd. Ok. All right, let's clear the air, Babe. Do I think you're hot, do I think you're attractive? You're damn right I do. I thought you were attractive the first time I saw you behind the bar at The Roadside. And if you were unattached, would I make a move? You're damn right. But I see how wrapped up you are in your love for your family.

Babe: Keep talking. I almost believe you.

Josh: Look, the only thing that motivated this visit was concern for you. There. I revealed my vulnerable side. I'm feeling very delicate, so please be gentle. Look, I just thought you could use a friendly ear, maybe an early lunch. And since neither one of us are on the most-popular list, I figured maybe we could go together. Unless you don't want to risk a friendship. Families are enough baggage, right?

David: You're looking a little flushed, Doc. Easy now. You wouldn't even make it to the elevator.

Greg: You did this to me.

David: How is your chest feeling about now? Tight? Like an elephant is doing push-ups on your sternum? Boy, I would hate that.

Greg: What did you do to me?

David: See ya.

Greg: You took an oath.

David: Ah, yes, the oath. You remember that now?

Greg: "First, do no harm."

David: Harm, huh? You see, that is such a relative concept. Endless interpretations --

Greg: Oh, stop it.

David: And degrees --

Greg: Stop it! Help me.

David: Help yourself. Tell me where Dixie’s little girl is.

Dixie: I got to see Kate, I got to touch her before they took me into surgery.

Tad: Yeah, I know -- emergency surgery. Supposedly, you were sedated for days.

Dixie: How do you know that? Did Madden tell you that?

Tad: It doesn't matter. Are you saying he lied about that, too?

Dixie: No, I -- I had so many surgeries, I lost count, but maybe that was part of his plan, you know, to keep me out of it.

Tad: Dixie, when you came out of it, where was Kate? Yeah, but you must've asked about her. I mean, did he or anybody else tell you where she'd been taken, or did he just say that she had died? How did he explain the fact that she was gone?

Dixie: This is the part I was hoping that I would never have to tell you, Tad, because you're going to hate me. You are never going to want to see me again.

Tad: Dixie, you can tell me anything. It's time for you to get this out.

Dixie: Tad, I thought I was dying. Madden told me that I was. I believed him.

Tad: But you survived. And so did Kate. Why wouldn't you tell me? Why stay hidden?

Dixie: Look, it's just impossible for you to understand how I felt at the time.

[Dixie recalls her conversation with Greg right after her accident.]

Dixie: How long do I have? I don't know what to do.

Greg: You've been concerned about contacting your former husband.

Dixie: Can he come?

Greg: I'm sorry. He wouldn't get here in time.

Dixie: What about my baby? What about Kate?

Greg: The baby he didn't want?

Dixie: He was just afraid. He didn't think that I was going to survive. He's a good man. He'll take wonderful care of her. He'll do everything he can.

Greg: "Everything he can"? You left home because of this child, and now he's going to lose you, too.

Dixie: He'll blame Kate?

Greg: God forbid.

Dixie: It's not her fault.

Greg: I'm sure he would never admit it, but it's popped across his mind -- if this child had never existed, he -- he would still have you.

Dixie: No, he'll take care of her.

Greg: She deserves more than to be "taken care of" and "tolerated." She doesn't need to grow up with some unnamed resentment and feeling that she has done something wrong.

Dixie: You're right. No, I can't do that to Kate. Oh. Tad, you'll -- you'll never understand what --

[Back in the present]

Tad: No, I understand. I understand perfectly. I understand that you didn't have enough faith in me to love my own daughter, that you thought I was such a mess that I would screw up her life.

Dixie: Come on. I thought I was dying. I was scared, I was trying --

Tad: I don't care if you were scared! Don't you understand what happened? If he used your fear to take our child, he's a kidnapper. He stole Kate, and I'm going to kill him. But first, I'm going to find out what happened to our child.

Dixie: Just wait, ok?

Tad: No! You had your choice. He won't talk to you, now it's mine.

Dixie: Just wait until you hear the rest.

Aidan: Lily?

Jonathan? It's Aidan. Open up. Lily, Jonathan? Open up the door, guys. Don't be afraid.

[Once inside the hotel room, Aidan finds it empty.]

Aidan: I'm too late.

Guard: Let's go, Chandler.

J.R.: Oh, thank you, thank you. I owe you so big, Uncle Stuart. I'm going to pay you back every penny, I swear to God I will. Thank you, thank you. What the -- what is this?

Stuart: You'll see.

[The guard handcuffs J.R. and Stuart together.]

Josh: You still thinking about J.R.? Well, you know what? He's still got one great thing going for him -- you.

Babe: Yeah, well, I tend to smother my troubles with food. It's a great day. Oh, feels nice. Do I smell lilies? It feels like somebody's fanning me with flowers.

Josh: Oh, that'd be me.

Babe: Oh, yeah?

Josh: Well, figuratively. I know this spot well.

Babe: Really? Is this where you take all the stressed-out, messed-up women that you take pity on?

Josh: Just you, and not because I pity you. Because I wanted you to feel better.

Babe: Well, you've succeeded. So what's for dessert?

Josh: Well, we got pie or pastry.

Babe: Hmm. Surprise me.

Greg: I -- I can't --

David: Spit it out --

[Greg coughs]

David: Or kiss your pathetic life good-bye.

[Greg gags]

Greg: You can't let me die. If I'm dead,

Dixie will never know.


David: You know, you've got yourself a good point there. But on the other hand, if you'd rather die than tell me where

Dixie’s daughter is, you're useless. I say croak. Give me a lasting memory to cherish for the rest of my life.

Tad: You just said you didn't know, that he wouldn't tell you where Kate was.

Dixie: I told you that I made a lot of mistakes. I didn't tell you -- I didn't tell you the worst mistake.

Tad: Worse? Worse than letting me think you and our daughter were dead? For letting Madden think he could steal Kate?

Dixie: He didn't steal her. I gave her to him. I signed the papers. I put our child up for adoption.

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Derek (to Ryan): Slater let someone other than Julia into the room to see Kendall?

Ryan: Someone that he couldn't say no to.

Zach (to Bianca): Go ahead. Fight me for your sister's life.

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