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Erica: Kendall's husband? I don't believe you. I don't believe you for a minute. Leave. You have no right to be here. You have no authority to try to interfere with us trying to save my daughter's life.

Zach: I do have the authority.

Erica: Ryan, please get him out of here. Please.

Ryan: I think Zach should stay. I think Kendall needs him.

Erica: Ryan, what Kendall needs is a C-section, and she needs it now. When did it become acceptable for ex-husbands to dictate the medical care for ex-wives?

Zach: Erica, I'm Kendallís husband. We got married again on your yacht.

Kendall's voice: Don't worry, Spike, you're not going anywhere. Not until you're ready. Zach knows how much I love you. And he'll take care of everything. That's the kind of guy he is. He will always have our backs, always keep you safe. So you keep on with the swimming and kicking and blowing bubbles. Get big and strong inside your mom until you're ready to make your entrance. Your mom -- that's me, Spike. I'm your mom.

Zach: Proof.

Erica: Forged.

Ryan: It's the real thing, Erica.

Erica: Until I hear my daughter say that she married you -- until I hear those words from her lips, I won't accept this.

Ryan: Accept it or not, Erica, it appears that he's got some rights.

Erica: No, no, no, the only thing he has is a piece of paper. It proves that he's Kendallís heir.

Zach: If something happens to Kendall, her estate will go to her son.

Erica: A son that she repeatedly said she doesn't want to keep, that she wants to give up for adoption.

Zach: No, she wants to raise her son, wants to raise him herself.

Erica: Oh, you're lying.

Ryan: He's got no reason to lie.

Erica: Sure he does. He wants Kendallís casino shares.

Zach: You got to be kidding me.

Erica: How much are they worth?

Ryan: Erica, it's going to do us no good --

Erica: Give me a figure. What's the going rate?

Ryan: Look, he's a lot of things. Zach is --

Erica: The market price for Kendallís shares, whatever it is, multiply it by 10 or 100 or 1,000 -- I really don't care. Just -- I'll give you whatever you want to let me keep my daughter alive.

Tad: I don't have a daughter.

Greg: Do you want to hear what I have to say or not?

Tad: You actually called me down here to mess with my mind?

Greg: I didn't mean to offend you.

Tad: Madden, the fact that you're still breathing offends me.

Greg: You asked me to get to the point. I did -- Kate. Your ex-wife has come back after a long absence. You have a lot of questions, no answers. That must be very frustrating.

Tad: I don't care how brilliant you are. You are one twisted son of a bitch.

Greg: You can insult me, and you can leave with your ignorance intact. Or you can stay and get the answers you're so desperate for. The choice is entirely yours.

J.R.: So those are my choices? Either I go to rehab or you have me arrested?

Babe: The rehab choice is to fight for us. It's up to you.

J.R.: If it were up to me, we wouldn't be standing here. You wouldn't be threatening to have me arrested. No, if it were up to me, we'd be hooking up. On that pier, under the moonlight. Right next to the ocean. You know, if it were up to me, maybe we'd be looking into each other's eyes saying vows that really meant something. For better, for worse, till death do us part. No tricks, no cons, no doubts.

Babe: And we can still have all of that, J.R., and more. It's not too late.

J.R.: You're ready to sic the cops on me. That's -- that's real close to "too late," don't you think?

Babe: J.R., I love you. Whatever you've done, please love me enough to make this right.

J.R.: Do you think that I tried to kill you, and you're still throwing the "L" word around?

Babe: I know that you tried to kill me. But even with that, J.R., as crazy as it sounds, I understand. And I can get past it. We can get past it. But I can't do this alone. Please, J.R., if you can't do it for me or for you, do it for Little A.

J.R.: If I tried to murder you, why aren't you afraid? Huh? It's just you and me, a bunch of toys. This is where you should try to make a run for it, beg me not to hurt you. But instead, you're in my face and you're pushing me.

Babe: Because you love me. And I know it.

J.R.: Just like you know that I tried to kill you.

Babe: That was the anger. The booze, the confusion. There is no way that you could look me in the eye and hurt me. Because when you do, you see the truth. You see what the anger and the booze makes you forget -- that I am a part of you, and you are a part of me. And our little boy proves that.

J.R.: Then maybe next time, I should close my eyes.

Babe: You set that trap for me at Fusion, J.R. You waited for me in the dark, where you couldn't see me. All you could see was the doubts and the rage. But when those bricks and the lumber, they came raining down, what did you feel? Did you feel victory, triumph? You were kicked in the gut even before you knew who was under that pile. J.R., you have taken a monster of a hit, and you are all twisted up inside. But underneath that mountain of pain is the man that I love, the father that Little Adam adores.

J.R.: The man that you're trying to send to jail.

Babe: You say that you want a real marriage, right? For better, for worse. It doesn't get much uglier than attempted murder, but here I am, ready to stand by you.

J.R.: If I do what you want.

Babe: J.R., I am right here, by your side. You even tried to kill me. Who knows, you may even be planning a do-over.

J.R.: Yeah? Then why don't you have me arrested already?

Babe: Because that is not what I want. I don't want to punish you. I want you happy and healthy. I want my husband. I want Little Adam to have his father. Please tell me that that's what you want, too. Tell me, please, that you'll stop drinking. Tell me that you'll go to rehab and get some therapy.

J.R.: I need some more time.

Babe: To do what, down a few more gallons of booze? Set another death trap?

J.R.: Oh, come on. Where's the trust?

Babe: Don't you even get what you've done, J.R.? It's not just going to go away. It's not some bad dream. Kendall and her baby could die because of you.

Zach: Even you can't believe that I married your daughter to get the casinos that I gave to her.

Erica: Kendall's in a coma. She can't speak for herself, so you come around here and you tell everybody that Kendall changed her mind now. Now she wants to keep the baby. And you prevent the C-section, and if Kendall dies, you collect.

Zach: I love your daughter.

Erica: Then why don't you give a damn whether she lives or dies?

Ryan: Don't, don't, don't, don't, please --

Erica: I will not let him near her.

Ryan: He is her husband.

Erica: Why are you doing that? Why are you taking his side? His decision could kill Kendall. Our decision keeps her alive. Unless -- what happened, Ryan? Did you change your mind? Are you willing now to let Kendall die?

Ryan: Of course not, Erica, but Zach is making the choice that he thinks Kendall would want.

Erica: No, he's not. If he gets his way, Kendall could die. And I will not let that happen. He can wave around any wedding certificate, marriage certificate he wants to. I will not let that happen. I will never trust him with my daughter. Ok, if you won't get him out of her room, I will find someone else who will.

Dixie: Erica, you're wrong about Zach. He loves Kendall. He would never hurt her.

Zach: How is my beautiful bride?

Kendall's voice: Your voice, I love your voice. And your hands.

Zach: This is not what I had in mind for a honeymoon.

Kendall's voice: Keep talking, anything. The alphabet, "The Pledge of Allegiance," the phone book. I hear your voice, I feel safe.

Erica: Fresh from the grave. What do you know about Zach Slater? What could you possibly know about my daughter?

Dixie: I know Zach is a good man and that he loves your daughter.

Erica: Oh, I have no time for this. Kendall has no time for this.

Dixie: I know what it's like to worry about your children.

Ryan: Hey, Dixie, why don't you try --

Erica: You abandoned your son. I'm trying to save my daughter's life. You couldn't possibly understand what I'm going through.

Dixie: Things aren't always as they seem, Erica.

Erica: Oh, is that what you told J.R. and Tad when you came back?

Dixie: I'm sorry about Kendall, that's all. If there's anything I can do --

Erica: You know there is. Greg Madden -- you could stop him for good, but you wonít.

Ryan: Erica, this is not the time to get into that.

Dixie: It's ok, Ryan. You don't have to defend me.

Erica: While you're standing here being a cheerleader for Zach Slater and throwing out all these platitudes, Greg Madden is preying on my daughter. My daughter could die. The baby could die. We could lose them both. This is all Greg Maddenís fault. But you refuse to stop him.

[Tad sighs]

Greg: I knew you'd stay.

Tad: Yeah, well, why should I pass up an earful of payback? Excuse me.

Waiter: Yes?

Tad: A draft, please?

Waiter: Of course.

Greg: You think that's what this is?

Tad: Sure. Well, why not? I screwed up your game with Erica, your relationship to Josh, and now you want payback. Hmm? What better way to nail me than through my undead ex-wife?

Greg: This is not about revenge.

Tad: Sure it is. You probably got the idea the second you read about Dixieís return in the papers. The real stroke of brilliance is the name -- Kate. That's well played. Where'd you get that piece of information, huh? From Hayward? I mean, I guess that would be one benefit of having David as your cardiologist. I'm sure you and Dr. Doom have bonded bigtime by now.

Greg: Hayward knows nothing about this.

Tad: Yeah, right. Well, like I said, I'll give you an A for effort, but I'm going to pass up on the rest of this conversation.

Greg: I was Dixieís obstetrician when she was pregnant with your child. Dixie wasn't happy with the treatment she was receiving in Switzerland. She wanted to see the best, so she came to me. I was treating her when she had her accident. She was taken to a clinic in Berner Oberland, unconscious. They found my card in her belongings, so they called me in.

Tad: This can be verified?

Greg: Of course, it can. So you see, Mr. Martin, not revenge -- compensation. Thanks. You could have gone to the media and blown Josh's life sky-high. Must be very difficult for you and Joe not to acknowledge him as one of your own.

Tad: Let's keep my father out of it.

Greg: I love my son. I love my son very much. And I'm very grateful for your discretion.

Tad: So you give me this useless little tidbit of information.

Greg: There's more. Kate was doing very well in utero. Despite Dixieís own health problems, she would have carried to full term. After her car skidded off the road, I had to intercede to save her life. Kate was born by C-section.

Tad: It's not true. Dixie lost the baby.

Greg: No, Mr. Martin. Your daughter was born very much alive.

Dixie: Greg Madden is not a threat to Kendall now, because he's not treating her anymore.

Erica: Greg Madden is the reason my daughter could die.

Ryan: You want a reason, Erica? It's me.

Erica: Ryan, do not take this on.

Ryan: It is, Erica. I mean, I'm the guy who pretended I was dead. I'm the one whose wife was so filled with grief that Kendall was determined to give her a child. I mean, seriously, if you want to point your finger at somebody, if you want to rip into somebody, it's me.

Erica: You know exactly what Greg Madden is capable of, but you have done nothing. You won't even make an effort to try to stop him. How can you be so selfish? How can you let him prey on other women and not even care?

Dixie: Well, you could have stopped him, too, Erica, but you havenít.

Erica: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Dixie: We all have our secrets, don't we? And we have our reasons for keeping them. It doesn't mean we're selfish.

Erica: We? We're not alike at all. You abandoned your family. I've done nothing but try to protect mine.

Dixie: I have my reasons for what I've done. You don't know the life I've lived.

Erica: I know that you refuse to come forward and tell anything you know about Greg Madden.

Dixie: Well, I guess that gives us something in common then, doesn't it?

Erica: Do not align yourself or compare yourself with me. We are nothing alike. If you think that we have shared some sort of horrendous experience with this monster, then you are completely misinformed.

Ryan: We got to stop this. Please, Kendallís life is on the line here. Her life is on the line. Can we just focus on that?

Erica: That is all I've been focused on. You have got to get it through Zachís thick skull that he cannot stand in the way. He cannot let my daughter die. I won't let my daughter die.

Zach: You have to fight -- for us, for me, for Spike.

Kendall's voice: I am, Zach. I'm trying.

Zach: You promised you would always find your way back to me. Well, I'm here. So you got to keep fighting. You got to fight and come home. And I will do whatever I can for you and for this baby you love.

Ryan: You really do love her.

Zach: This baby means more to her than her own life.

Ryan: I love him, too, Zach. I mean, I'm his father, and I'm supposed to do everything I can to protect him and to keep him safe. Believe me, I want him to come into this world. But I can't sacrifice Kendall to do that. I couldn't live with that. How could you?

Zach: This isn't about me. It's about him. And what Kendall wants right now is for him to have a place in this world, with or without her.

Kendall's voice: You have to listen to Zach, Ryan. It's all true.

Ryan: Maybe that's what Kendall wanted before she got knocked into a coma, but how can you be sure that that's what she wants now?

Zach: Because she told me. And I'm going to honor that.

Ryan: Even if it risks her life? What if she dies?

Kendall's voice: You'll have to hold it together, Ryan. Make a life for Spike, a good one.

Zach: Then you'll have to be his father and his mother.

Ryan: And what will you have?

Erica: I was told that Joe Martin was here.

Julia: Oh, he just went into a meeting. Do you want me to have him paged?

Erica: No, no. No, I'll take care of this myself.

Julia: Erica, I haven't seen you off your feet since you've been here. Would you like me to find an empty room? Maybe you can catch some sleep. I'd let you know if there is any news.

Erica: No, thank you. I couldn't possibly sleep, thank you.

Julia: I'm praying for Kendall.

Erica: Thank you. Julia, when you stood up to Greg Madden, when you used what he did to try to force him to tell us where Kendall was -- well, I know that you and Kendall aren't very close. But you fought for her, and I'll never forget.

Julia: I didn't just do it for Kendall. I did it for myself and for all the other women that Madden has exploited.

Greg: Baby Kate Martin was 3.1 pounds at birth. She was just like Dixie. Dimple on her chin and sparkling blue, electric blue eyes. She wasn't expected to make it at first, but she fought very hard. She had a wonderful spirit. All of the nurses fell madly in love with her. But then in the third week, she stopped eating. She had breathing problems. She had an infection. I put her on antibiotics. I did everything I possibly could to save her life, but we lost her.

Tad: Why are you telling me this?

Greg: I owe you.

Tad: The excruciating details of my daughter's birth and death -- favor repaid. We're even.

Greg: I thought you needed to know. If it's not too much to ask, I wonder -- could you help me?

Tad: You want my help?

Greg: With Dixie. There's no one else that I can ask. I wonder if you could possibly explain to her and help her to realize that Kate is dead.

Tad: Dixie knows Kate is dead. She told me. What are you asking me to do?

Zach: What if I'm wrong?

Dixie: You're doing what Kendall wants.

Zach: Then why is there a voice in my head screaming to save my wife?

Josh: Keefer, the ER is packed. You're taking a break?

Julia: I'm pulling a double shift. Ask Dr. Joe Martin if you don't believe me.

Josh: Don't walk away from me, Nurse.

Julia: I'm tired of being your scratching post.

Josh: I'm just trying to save some lives around here.

Julia: As if you care. They're just notches on your almighty stethoscope, as if every life you save proves you matter somehow.

Josh: And every life lost, what does that prove? You know, you're right, Keefer -- part of this job is the ego stroke. You save a life of a rock star. Flip side -- a woman may not live to see her baby boy grow up. Nothing I can do about it, that's a big rush.

Julia: You're worried about Kendall?

Josh: What good would that do? I'm a doctor. I'm supposed to do whatever I can. Make it work. If it doesn't work -- look, they're not just notches.

Babe: Will you do it, J.R.? Will you go to rehab?

J.R.: Right this second?

Babe: The sooner we start, the sooner --

J.R.: And bail on my responsibilities? There's no way I'm going anywhere until I get a few things straight at the company.

Babe: Your dad can handle the business. Please, come with me.

J.R.: All right, you know, so we hop on a flight to Betty Ford. I hope you got a room with a view. No chance of a wet bar, though, right?

Babe: I told you, I want to talk to Joe about it. And if we can't get you in tonight, you can check yourself into PVH until we find the right place for you.

J.R.: Look, I'm all excited about finding the right place, but there's no way that I'm going to do some time at PVH.

Babe: It won't be for long, J.R., just a couple of days, maybe.

J.R.: I'm on the board! People know me.

Babe: Ok, you can -- you can check in at the hospital in Center City, then.

[Door opens]

Jamie: Is it true? Did you cause that accident at Fusion? Did you try to kill Babe?

J.R.: You know, my dad told me to pick up a few hobbies. One of them being don't get mad, get even. I sort of ran with it, you know? You see, people try to bury me, I bury them first! You might want to check out that orchard. Because there's a fresh hole for Babe and one for you, too, extra large.

Babe: Jamie, it's all right. Everything's under control.

Jamie: Yeah, in a bouncing off the walls kind of way.

Babe: No, no, J.R.ís ready to deal with his drinking.

J.R.: Yes, it is the first step.

Babe: J.R.ís agreed to treatment. And we're going to the hospital tonight, right, J.R.? Where are you going?

J.R.: Straighten up some loose ends at the office. You know, if you grow another inch, I might have to dig that hole bigger.

Babe: Please --

Jamie: Josh was right, wasn't he?

Babe: Josh should have kept his mouth shut.

Jamie: Kendall's accident -- J.R. caused it to happen. It was supposed to be you.

Babe: Can you just back off, Jamie, and let me handle it?

Jamie: Oh, because everything's under control? You're right back on track with the love and trust already?

Babe: We will be. And J.R., he's making an effort.

Jamie: What, to do the right thing? Hey, Babe, where's Little Adam?

J.R.: Oh!

Babe: Are you drinking?

J.R.: I'm going to the office, like I said.

Babe: You know, Mama is with Little A. I could go with you.

J.R.: No! No, no, no. No, you're only going to slow me down.

Babe: You will come back?

J.R.: I said I would, didn't I?

Jamie: The question is, did you mean it?

J.R.: Oh.

Jamie: You're not really buying any of this crap, are you? J.R.ís off to the office, do some paperwork, return some phone calls, and then he's off to the hospital like a good little soldier?

Babe: He said he'd come back.

Jamie: J.R.ís solution isn't fixing himself. It's getting rid of whatever is in his way, and that would be you, darling.

Babe: No. No, J.R., he's -- he's confused and he's afraid, but he loves me, I know he does, and he must want to make this work as much as I do.

Jamie: By going to rehab tonight? You really believe that? Babe, J.R. tried to kill you, and you're letting him get away with it.

Greg: Even though Dixie was in critical condition, for a brief period of time she was able to see and touch Kate. And then she had another emergency surgery. We almost lost her. She was heavily sedated for many days. It was during this time that Kate died.

Tad: Go on.

Greg: When Dixie woke up, she asked to see her child. I told her she was dead. She didn't believe me. She insisted she was still alive. No one could convince her otherwise. Dixie has remained in the state of denial. She has this fantasy that Kate still exists, that she is alive. She's convinced that I took her from her. She believes that I would let her see her if only I would change my mind, and she thinks it's only because of me that she doesn't have her child with her.

Dixie: If it makes any difference, I know what it's like to love your baby so much that you would give anything to bring it into the world. I wanted Kate so badly, I flew halfway around the world to make it happen, because Tad wouldn't accept my choice. Maybe she needs to do this, something truly good for someone else for once.

Zach: I can't lose her.

Dixie: I know you love her and that this is killing you, but by respecting her choice, you respect her. You honor her and your love for her.

Ryan: Has Kendall shown any signs of improvement at all?

Dr. Solomon: I'm checking the ICP monitor every hour. So far, there has been no change in the pressure on her brain, but that could change at any time. The risk is still extremely high.

Ryan: And what about the unexpected? I mean, is there any chance of a miracle, that both mother and child would be fine, any chance of that?

Dr. Solomon: I'm sorry, Mr. Lavery. Without the C-section, we can't treat Mrs. Slater to the best of our ability without compromising the baby. If the pressure in her skull jumps, which it's likely to do, we will lose her.

J.R.: What? What do you know? You're one doctor. I'm not going to accept that.

Babe: J.R. didnít say that he wouldn't go to rehab, and he didn't yell or scream. He didn't throw things, and he didn't run out the door.

Jamie: Yeah, he just went to the office.

Babe: Maybe he did and maybe he'll be back in an hour or so.

Jamie: Babe, J.R. tried to crush you with a ton of bricks!

Babe: He's a mess over Dixie.

Jamie: That is no excuse. Why are you not more freaked out that J.R. tried to bury you?

Babe: I am scared out of my mind, ok? For my family, for J.R. He's right on the edge, but I'm not going to let him go over.

Jamie: But it's ok if he shoves you over first, because that makes perfect sense.

Babe: Maybe I should go pack him a few things, so he's ready when he gets back.

Jamie: If you had so much hope for my brother, why did you hit the panic button when I asked where Little Adam was? It's because you thought that J.R. snatched him.

Babe: No. Reflex for one, tiny, little second, ok? Little Adam is fine. He's in the kitchen with Mama, and J.R. didnít take him, and he didn't even try.

Jamie: So, what, he gets a gold star? Babe, think -- J.R. knows you're on to him. My brother's planning his next move, and I'm sure it's not rehab.

Babe: No, you didn't see him. J.R. may talk tough, but you didn't look into his eyes. J.R. doesnít want to give into this craziness.

Jamie: If J.R. was so into getting treatment, you two would be checking him in right now.

Babe: You know what? Here's an idea -- how about for once you cut J.R. a little slack, for once you don't expect the worst of him? He has been slammed on by people he loves and not just his mom, you and me included.

Jamie: Fine. We screwed up, but we never tried to kill anybody, and we didn't put anybody into a coma.

Babe: He is sick over what happened to Kendall.

Jamie: Really? Well, good, because he didn't seem too upset when he got tanked and creamed Amanda. As a matter of fact, I think he would've left her for dead if you hadn't been there.

Babe: He was too drunk.

Jamie: Well, you covered for him when he hit Amanda. Did it help him? Hell, no! And now he's moved from vehicular assault to attempted murder. And here you are, ready to cover for him again. Get a clue, Babe. Why would you even want to live with someone who tried to kill you, let alone tried to kill Kendall and her baby? I mean, how much damage are you going to let J.R. bring down?

Greg: On some level, Dixie must believe that Kateís dead. She hasn't shared this delusion with you, has she?

Tad: But I'm supposed to believe you?

Greg: She hasn't exactly been forthcoming with you about anything.

Tad: I guess this is the part where I'm supposed to thank you for being so forthright and honest.

Greg: Dixie doesn't want anyone to give her a reality check. She doesn't want anyone to put the brakes on her fantasy. With no child to love, this is all she has -- this mission. She has chased me around the world from country to country. She has harassed me, she has threatened me, she has stalked me.

Tad: In that case, she must believe this delusion pretty strongly.

Greg: Mr. Martin, if there was any possibility that any of it were true, then Dixie would've gone after me publicly. She has not done that for one reason and for one reason only -- her story would not hold up under scrutiny.

Tad: But yours would?

Greg: I have Kateís death certificate. If you would like to see it, I can get it to you.

Tad: No, that won't be necessary.

Greg: Dixie's harassment has gone too far. It has to stop. If you cannot convince her that Kate is dead, then I will have no choice but to go to the authorities. She's got to be stopped. If you can't do it, I will.

Ryan: We've flown in the experts, J.R. He is the expert. Everybody agrees the pressure in Kendallís brain is building, and if we don't do something soon -- how do I explain to my son that his mother died so that he can live?

J.R.: Why are you giving up?

Ryan: I'm not giving up, J.R.

J.R.: Then stop talking about Kendall dying, because she's not going to die! We're going to find an answer, and we're not going to stop until we do. Kendall will not die, neither will your son. It will not happen. I cannot let that happen.

Josh: Why is that, J.R.? Because it would lengthen your sentence?

Josh: Oh, you haven't told him yet? About the mishap at Fusion?

J.R.: Will you shut up?

Josh: You get it wasn't an accident, right?

J.R.: That's enough already. You know, you're so --

Josh: Then why are you so desperate to shut me up, J.R.?

Ryan: Whoa, whoa, whoa, what the hell is going on here? What is he talking about?

Josh: Why don't you tell him, J.R.? Now is your chance to come clean.

J.R.: Would you just get the hell out of here already! Thank you.

Erica: Oh, well, that sounds like a good idea. Is Josh trying to push his experimental cures on Kendall?

Josh: No, I'm just trying to help, Erica. If you knew the truth, what really --

Erica: Look, I'm not interested in anything you have to say. Please -- please just leave us alone.

Josh: So this is what happens when you give a damn. This --

J.R.: Oh, this is just great.

Dixie: J.R., I didn't know you were here.

J.R.: Oh, bull. Did Babe set you -- did she tell you about this? Is this an ambush, because I don't need your help. I don't want your help. In fact, I don't even ever need to see you again.

Tad: Have a little respect, J.R.

J.R.: Respect? For the woman who dumped us, who lied to us? Who doesn't even care about what she's done?

Zach: What's going on out here?

J.R.: What are you doing here?

Babe: J.R., I need to talk to you.

J.R.: Did you set all this up? Is this an ambush to get me some treatment? Because if it is you're completely out of your mind.

Babe: J.R., I love you, and I'm so sorry, but --

J.R.: Yeah, I'm so sorry, too.

Babe: Look, this isn't what I wanted, I swear to God, but you didn't give me any other choice.

Derek: J.R. Chandler, you're under arrest for aggravated assault on an unborn child and the attempted murder of Kendall Hart.

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