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Erin: Aidan, please tell me that -- tell me Jonathanís here with you.

Aidan: I haven't seen him.

Erin: Oh, my God! He's gone. Aidan, he's gone. He's not answering his phone, he didn't sleep in his bed last night. I went by work, he didn't show up there. Talked to his supervisor. His supervisor said that he asked for personal leave. He's in Manhattan. I know it, I know it. He took off to try to find Lily.

Aidan: And I hope he does find her.

Jonathan: Have you seen this girl? She was here last Wednesday, 6:00. If you've seen her, call me, ok? My number's on the bottom. Excuse me, have you seen this girl? All right. Ok. If you've seen that girl, please call me. She was here last Wednesday at 6:00. Her name's Lily. She's very pretty, and she's slim, and she was here at 6:00 last week, ok? It was on a Wednesday. Have you seen this girl?

Vendor: Check out the sunglasses, everybody. Come on and check out the sunglasses, everybody. Come on, step right up. Check those sunglasses out. Check the sunglasses out, everybody. Check the sunglasses. It's sunny outside today. Good prices, everyone. Sunglasses --

Lily: Sunglasses, thank you so much.

Vendor: Hey, hey, hey. Five bucks or you can forget about it.

Lily: I only have 92 cents, I think, but I can collect the rest by --

Vendor: Not happening.

Lily: No, don't touch. Don't touch.


Vendor: Check out your sunglasses.

[In order to get out of the busy street, Lily climbs down some stairs and shuts the trap door above her.]

[Babe recalls recent conversations.]

J.R.: Nothing distracts you, does it, Babe? Eye on the prize, custody of our son from day one.

Kendall: I'll talk to him.

Babe: Would you really? Kendall, if you can get him through this, I'll owe you for the rest of my life.

Man: I'm sorry that lady got hurt, but -- I mean, it wasn't our fault.

Babe: J.R.!

Krystal: Baby doll? Are you here? Oh, my God. Thank God, you're all right. When I first heard about the accident, I was just so afraid it was you.

Babe: It almost was.

J.R.: You're my best friend, Kendall. You're the only friend that I got, the only person who gives it to me straight, tells me the truth. I'm so sorry, Kendall. God, I'm sorry. If I'd only known --

Kendallís voice: What's with the apologizing? And how could he know if it was an accident? You weren't even there.

[J.R. sniffles]

J.R.: You have to wake up. You have to fight this. You have to get better.

Kendall's voice: I'm trying. Where are the doctors? When are they going to do something to get me out of this?

Erica: It's impossible to save Kendall and the baby?

Joe: Nothing is impossible.

Erica: Good. Make it possible.

Joe: Erica, Dr. Solomon and Dr. Mayer have given you their best judgment, based on long experience. Now, given the bleeding going on in Kendallís brain, a decision must be made.

Ryan: Kendall or the baby? One of them lives, but the other could die?

Joe: There are no absolutes. But you heard the opinion of Dr. Mayer and Dr. Solomon, and now you must decide what course of treatment.

Erica: That's the best they can do? That's the best they have to offer -- risk the baby's life to save Kendallís? Well, then, I think that they're incompetent. Either that or they're sadists.

Dr. Mayer: We'll do everything we can to save the baby and your daughter, but the risk to the fetus is --

Erica: I have had it with your opinion, and yours. I don't want either one of you anywhere near my daughter.

Joe: I'll take it from here. Stay close. I'll have you paged as soon as a decision is reached.

Ryan: I would like to go over this with you later, go over some other options -- something. I'll come find you.

Erica: Ryan, there is nothing to go over. I mean, just because a man hangs a stethoscope around his neck does not mean that he's a God.

Joe: Erica, they're very fine doctors, best in the state, if not the eastern seaboard.

Erica: They are buzzards, Joe. They're buzzards. They're feeding on our fear. They wield their great prognosis and they play almighty God with our lives -- with Kendallís, with the baby's, with all of our lives. And then they expect us to be grateful? No, Joe. I want new doctors. I want competent doctors. I want humans.

Josh: Dr. Mayer really is the best, Erica, next to my dad.

Erica: Please, do not even bring up that man's name. Joe, I have had it with walls of diplomas and bloated reputations and egos to match. All the honors in the world don't make a doctor a man of integrity and compassion and morals. Please, please, Joe -- please find another doctor.

Joe: You mean another doctor who will tell you what you want to hear, that Kendall will emerge from the coma spontaneously and carry her baby to term?

Erica: It's possible.

Joe: It is. But it's not likely, so you must be prepared.

Ryan: How the hell do we prepare for this?

Erica: Please, Joe, please. This isn't just any patient. This is Kendall. You know her. She's my daughter, and she's very strong. Please, Joe, please, find another treatment. Please find another doctor.

Joe: Erica, I'm not going to lie to you, but these are the facts. The longer Kendall remains in a coma, the less likely it is that she will ever come out of it. And unfortunately, we cannot lessen the intercranial pressure without endangering the viability --

Erica: Well, then find another treatment.

Joe: If we take the baby by C-section, Kendallís chances of recovery are greatly improved.

Ryan: But what about the baby's chances? I mean, it's way too early, isn't it, Joe?

Joe: Pine Valley Hospital's neonatal unit is one of the best in the nation -- those are facts. It's not spin.

Erica: But there has to be a better answer.

Ryan: How long do we have, Joe? How long do we have to make this decision about the C-section? How long?

Joe: For the best possible outcome for Kendall, the sooner the better.

Kendall's voice: Can't move, can't talk. Can't tell J.R. to stop with all the gloom. How long am I going to be like this?

J.R.: It wasn't supposed to be like this. This wasn't supposed to happen. The last thing that I'd ever want is for you to be hurt.

Kendall's voice: What are you talking about? Where's Zach? Where is my husband?

J.R.: You know, you were right at the Mardi Gras Ball. I should've listened to you. Everything you said about Babe, you were dead-on.

Babe: I'm fine, Mama, really.

Krystal: No, you are nowhere near fine. Something is all kinds of out of whack, and it does not take a genius to figure out what that is.

Babe: Well, Kendall is in coma, she could die, she could lose her baby.

Krystal: I have said my prayers for Kendall and her family, but this family has its own crisis, Babe -- J.R.

Babe: He's worried sick about Kendall.

Krystal: He should be worried about a lot more than that. It's time to get real, Babe. J.R. is not just a drunk in a corner. He is dangerous. He has got me spooked, and you should be, too, spooked enough to run for your life.

[Car horns honk]

Jonathan: Excuse me. Have you seen this girl? She was here last Wednesday at 6:00. Have you seen this girl, sir? Excuse me, have you seen this girl? Have you seen this girl? Her name's Lily. She doesn't like the color red. Have you seen this girl? Her name's Lily. She's very pretty. She doesn't like to be touched, so if you see her, don't touch her, ok? If you've seen her, please call me. My number's on the bottom, ok?

Man: All right.

Jonathan: Ok, thank you very much. And don't touch her if you see her. She doesn't like to be touched. Excuse me, sir, have you seen this girl? Have you seen this girl? Well, thank you. Have you seen this girl, sir?

Aidan: Don't worry about Jonathan. He's safe.

Erin: How could you know that?

Aidan: Well, as of about an hour ago, he was at a copy shop near Penn Station.

Erin: He was at a copy shop? What are you talking about?

Aidan: One of my men, Pete, has been following Jonathan ever since Lily ran away.

Erin: Is this how it's going to have to be? I mean, no matter how hard Jonathan works -- anything bad happens, he's suspect number one.

Aidan: No, Jonathan is not a suspect, Erin. Ok, Lily is out there with nothing -- a strange place, a big city. She's got no cell phone, no money, no ID. There's no way of tracking her. And there's only one person that she trusts.

Erin: Jonathan, yep.

Aidan: Your brother's our best hope for finding Lily before she gets hurt. Well, it's probably our only hope.

Jonathan: Excuse me, have you seen this girl? Well, my number's on the bottom if you do. Excuse me, have you seen this girl? Excuse me. Excuse me, sir, have you seen -- excuse me, have you seen this girl? Excuse me, sir, have you seen this -- please, just look at the picture.

[Subway train rumbles overhead as Lily cowers in fear below the street.]

Babe: I'm -- I'm not afraid of J.R. He loves me.

Krystal: J.R. doesn't love anybody or anything when he's got liquor in him.

Babe: This -- this is not the part where I run. I stay -- and I stay, and I help him. I help him with the drinking and I help him with his mama and --

Krystal: Babe, your life and your son's life, is that worth the risk?

Babe: He's confused, and he's angry, but he would never hurt me. It's -- it's a mistake. It's wrong. It has to be. There's not even any proof.

Krystal: Proof? What kind of proof do you need -- your pretty little head on a platter? You saw J.R. I did, too. So did a whole room full of people who love him and you. He's dangerous, Babe. He's out of control. Even Adam cannot deny that he has spun to a new low.

Babe: The big family meeting, right. Yeah.

Krystal: Yeah. You did your level best to help him, and he just went nut case. All this ranting and raving about your plot to get custody of little Adam -- doesn't he know that you are way past that? Drunk with a side of paranoia, that is a nasty combination. I don't want you anywhere near that.

Babe: No. No, no, J.R., he needs me on his side.

Krystal: Let somebody else smack some sense into him. You've got to protect yourself and my grandbaby. Babe, you were all about keeping little Adam safe from his fire-breathing dragon of a daddy. Has that changed?

Babe: No, of course not. J.R. has flipped out, but that doesn't mean that I am going to give up on him.

Krystal: J.R. is ready to blow. Now, even Adam is on high alert. He is so afraid that J.R. is going to go bonkers and snatch Little Adam, he's with him right now at home. He's not letting him out of his sight, and I do not want you let you out of mine.

Babe: No, J.R., he has calmed down since he stormed out on all of us. He called me. He apologized, and he sounded sincere, Mama. He wanted to talk. We were going to meet.

Krystal: Where was I when this miracle call took place?

Babe: He called me on my cell phone. I was at the office, remember?

Krystal: And this reunion, where is it supposed to take place?

Babe: I got to get back to the hospital.

Krystal: No, no, wait. It's not an essay question. It's a simple fill-in-the-blank.

Babe: Mama, J.R., he's drowning in hurt right now. I can't leave him, I wonít. I want my family back, and I am going to fight for it.

Krystal: Well, that's a fight that you could lose, Babe, and lose hard.

Babe: Yeah, but, J.R. and I, we were happy before Dixie came back, and we will be happy again. I will make sure -- I will do whatever I can.

Krystal: Stop all the bobbing and weaving and answer my simple question. Where does your drunken, soaked, snake of a husband want to meet you?

Babe: I promised -- I got to go to the hospital. I got to go, Mama.

Krystal: Well, wait a minute. Now, when did you start keeping things from me, huh?

Babe: You remember that -- that old detective movie that you loved to watch, the black-and-white? And how it bored me to death. How many times did you make me watch that? Because you -- you right now, you're -- you're like that mean cop grilling me like a --

Krystal: Like a cheese sandwich, yeah. Mm-hmm.

Babe: Yeah. What was the name of that movie again?

Krystal: "Babe on Danger Street."

Babe: That's very funny, Mama, but -- I'll see you later.

Krystal: Babe. Babe, wait.

Krystal: The devil himself had a hand in this. Oh, my God.

[Subway train rumbles]

Lily: Jonathan would help me make a plan. Jonathan would help me make a plan.

[Sirens keep waling overhead as Lily rocks back and forth covering her ears.]

Erin: Jonathan loves Lily so much. Wouldn't it be great if he'd actually found her?

Aidan: Yeah. Well, nothing would please me more than to have Jonathan walk through that door with Lily.

Erin: Yeah, but you know what might be even better? Is if Jonathan finds Lily, and they run away.

Aidan: Uh -- I wouldn't let Jack hear you say that.

Erin: No, I'm serious. I'm serious. They could just settle someplace, you know, safe and beautiful and no one would give them grief or judge them. They could just be themselves -- in love.

Aidan: Yep, that would be terrific. But it can only happen in a fairy tale.

Woman: How did you get in here? Did you lock yourself in? It's happened to me. You're such a pretty girl. You ok?

Lily: I need a plan. I need a new plan.

Woman: You look like you could use a glass of water, at least. I have some upstairs. I won't even charge you for the ice. Now, be careful. This bottom step's uneven, and it's hard to see in the light. I'm used to it. Here, I'll help you.

Lily: No.

[When the helpful woman tries to take Lilyís hand, she runs off.]

Jonathan: Have you seen this girl? Her name's Lily --

Man: I don't know if it's the same girl, but --

Jonathan: Did you -- did you see her?

Man: No, I don't think I have.

Jonathan: Ok.

Man: All right, man.

Jonathan: Ok.

Man: Sorry about that.

Jonathan: All right.

[Car horn honks as Lily almost runs in front of a cab, then tires screech and horns honk while Jonathan continues looking for Lily.]

J.R.: I should've expected Babe to play me, right?

Kendall's voice: I'd say I told you so, but I have better things to do, like come out of this damn coma.

J.R.: And all of Janetís shouting about seeing Dixie alive, I just thought it was all the crazy talking. Until I saw her -- Dixie, alive. And if Janet can be right about that, why couldn't she be right about Babe? And the love, it was just a con.

Kendall's voice: When I wake up, we will have this conversation, J.R., the one where I tell you to chill and talk you down.

J.R.: My mother was supposed to be perfect.

Kendall's voice: I don't care, J.R.

J.R.: Babe --

Kendallís voice: I care about my son. Tell me how he is for Godís sake.

J.R.: We all know what Babe is. How can I expect to get the truth out of her if I can't even get a straight answer out of my own mother?

Kendall's voice: Where are you going with this?

J.R.: And the love thing. How -- if Dixie could cut me loose that easily, why couldn't Babe do the same thing? And how much longer until she's going to pull something like that on Little A? The same way Dixie stuck it to me.

Kendall's voice: I don't care, J.R. I care about my son. Tell me how he is for Godís sake.

J.R.: My son is never going to know what it feels like to be played by his mother. It's a lot better for him to love a perfect mother who's gone than believe a mother who's just going to break his heart.

Kendall's voice: J.R.? Where are you going with this?

[Babe opens Kendallís hospital room door and listens as J.R. confesses.]

J.R.: You know, divorce, it wouldn't take care of it. Getting full custody, snatching Little A. I still wouldn't be able to protect my son the way that I wanted to. Babe's face in a silver frame. She would be gone, but we would still have the memories -- all that love, all good. I can raise my son on that. I could make that happen. That's why I did it, Kendall. I had to protect my son. Babe was supposed to walk through that door, not you.

[As Babe opens the door wider, J.R. sees her.]

J.R.: How long have you been here?

Babe: Why?

Kendall's voice: My God, Babe. Babe, he tried to kill you. It wasn't an accident, it was J.R. He wants you dead.

J.R.: I thought you were at home with Little A.

Babe: I had this crazy idea that maybe you needed me more.

J.R.: I'm good. Well, why don't you head home?

Kendall's voice: Damn it, J.R., you son of a bitch.

Babe: Hard to find any peace right now with Kendall. How is she?

J.R.: She's going to pull through. She has to.

Babe: She and the baby, they both have to make it.

Ryan: I didn't know Kendall had company.

Kendall's voice: Ryan? Ryan, do something. J.R. is a homicidal maniac.

Ryan: I'm glad you're here. J.R., I know you and Kendall are very close.

Kendall's voice: Get him away from me. Better yet, take him out and shoot him. He's the reason I'm in this damn coma.

Ryan: You know, I hope that -- I hope that she can feel that you're here, because I know that would mean a lot.

Erica: Oh, I'm fine, I'm fine. I'm here with Ryan and -- no, the doctors don't have any answers, none that I really like. Have you heard from Lily? Have you heard anything about her? Well, I know you will soon, Jack. Lily loves you, and so do I.

J.R.: Taking off or you going to stick around?

Babe: I should be asking you. Should I stay at the hospital?

J.R.: What's that supposed to mean?

Babe: I know, J.R. I know.

[When Babe runs off, J.R. goes after her.]

Kendall's voice: J.R. did this, Ryan. He wanted to kill Babe. He probably still does.

Ryan: You're so beautiful.

Kendall's voice: Don't sit, don't talk to me. Go. You have to get to J.R. You have to stop him.

Ryan: I love you, Kendall. I know I've hated you, and I know that I fought with you and chased you and ran from you, but I do. I love you. I remember the first time that I saw you. I saw your hair, those eyes. You're such an incredible person. Kendall, when you want something, you go after it. You don't wait. You just make it happen. And when you love, you just love all the way. And that's proof. You've been my friend, Kendall. You've been my enemy, my lover, and now the mother of my unborn child.

Kendall's voice: Why are you being so nice? You should be totally ticked at me. And what is with all the goo it almost sounds like -- like a eulogy? Am I dying, Ryan? Am I going to die?

Ryan: Hey there, little guy.

Kendall's voice: His name is Spike, and there's no way I'm going to die. I married Zach. I've barely even had my honeymoon, and you and I have this baby to raise. I was on my way to tell you, Ryan. We're going to be one great big happy, weird, extended family.

Ryan: It's your dad. I'm supposed to protect you. I'm supposed to smack down the bullies and -- and pick you up when you fall. But this? I just didn't expect it to get so tough so fast. I don't know what to do. You see, I can't -- I can't just kiss you and make it better. I can't scare this away.

Kendall's voice: What is it with the tone? Make what better? Spike kicked not two minutes ago, and he's had the hiccups. Must be some kind of cocktail they're pumping into me. Spike's fine, right? You said he was fine.

Ryan: I love you, son.

Kendall's voice: Ryan, what is it? Is something wrong with the baby?

Krystal: Is there something I could do to help?

Erica: Oh. Why is it whenever there's any trouble, you and your daughter are never far away? First you and Babe stole my daughter Biancaís baby, put her through hell, smiled all the way. Now Babe plows into Fusion, my daughter Kendallís in the way. Well, now my daughter Kendall and her baby are fighting for their lives.

Krystal: I have been praying for Kendall and the baby.

Erica: Oh, please. Do not -- do not do anything for them. If you want to help, just keep your daughter, Babe, far away from my family.

Krystal: I'm -- I'm sorry.

Erica: It's Kendall or the baby. We may have to lose one to save the other. Save Kendall, risk the baby. Save the baby, risk Kendall. Those are our choices.

Erin: It's unfair. Lily loves Jonathan so much that she ran away from her family rather than be apart from him. And now she's lost in New York with no money, nowhere to go, all by herself. And Jonathan loves her so much that he's crawling all over a huge, crowded, noisy, crazy city looking for her. You know, people say that they love each other. They say it all the time, the same way that they say they love ice cream or, like, the Phillies. But to Jonathan and Lily, love isn't just a word. They live it.

Aidan: I love you, more than the Phillies, more than ice cream. And I promise you, I will bring Lily and Jonathan home safe, ok?

Erin: I love you, too. What gives anyone the right to tell Jonathan and Lily that their love doesn't count? Where do people get off telling them that they can't be together? Where did I get off telling them that --

[Phone rings]

Aidan: Devane. What have you got, Pete? Where? How?

Erin: Oh, God, is it bad?

Aidan: Look, just stay in the area, get some backup, and give me a call in an hour.

Erin: What's going on, Aidan? What's --

Aidan: Jonathan has given us the slip.

Jonathan: Excuse me. Have you seen this girl?

Woman: It's the craziest thing.

Jonathan: Is that a yes?

Woman: Is she a runaway?

Jonathan: No. No, no, she's lost.

Woman: Not running from you, is she?

Jonathan: No. I love her. I'm her boyfriend. I have to find her, ok? So if you saw her, you got to tell me, please. Um -- her name's Lily, and she doesn't like the color red, and she doesn't like loud noises, either, ok, because she has Autism Spectrum Disorder. So if you know where she is --

Woman: I saw her.

Jonathan: When? Where? Where -- where --

Woman: Here. Poor girl was hiding in my cellar. I tried to help her, she got scared, ran out.

Jonathan: How long -- how long ago? I mean, which way did she go?

Woman: It was just a few minutes ago. I don't know which way she went. I tried to help her. I'm sorry. I hope you find her.

Jonathan: Ok. Ok, thank you.

Lily: 285, 284, 283, 281, 280, 297.

Boy: Hey, baby. Look at the junk on you.

Lily: I'm not a baby. I'm an adult.

Boy: Yeah, you are mighty fine adult.

Second boy: What you doing around here? Not exactly your hood.

Lily: Would you please stop that, please?

Boy: You are banging, girl.

Lily: No, I'm not banging anything.

Boy: Oh, yeah, you are.

Second boy: Oh, man, I would love to get me some of this.

Lily: No touching! I don't like to be touched.

Boy: No, I don't like to be touched.

Second boy: No, man. She just don't like you touching her.

Lily: No, I should go.

Boy: Someplace to be, Miss Thing? You lost? Maybe we can help.

Lily: No, no, thank you. I know exactly where I am. I'm in a warehouse --

[Boys laugh]

Lily: Off the alley of 9th Avenue and West 39th Street, the alley below a bridge.

Jonathan: Have you seen this girl? If you do, my number's on the bottom, ok?

[Phone rings]

Jonathan: Erin, hi.

Erin: Jonathan well, where are you, sweetie? I've been trying to call you.

Jonathan: Um -- I've been -- I've been busy.

Erin: I know. I woke up, you were gone.

Jonathan: I can't tell you where I am, Erin, ok? Because then -- then you're going to tell Aidan, and Aidan will come and try to find me.

Erin: Jonathan, Aidan wants to help you.

Jonathan: Aidan's working for Jack, Erin.

Erin: Jonathan, I'm going crazy here. Please, just tell me where you are.

Jonathan: Don't worry about me, ok, Erin? I'm going to be fine, and I'm going to find Lily. I know I will, and -- and we're going to be fine, ok? Ok, bye.

Erica: Kendall's just beginning to live the life she worked so hard for. She's come so far, and she has so much to look forward to. Her son hasn't lived at all, and I'm supposed to choose who lives and who might not, and how do I do that? What do I do, make a list? Flip a coin? It's horrific.

Krystal: No mother should have to make that choice.

Erica: Well, you wouldn't hesitate. You'd order the C-section. You'd risk anything to save Babeís life.

Krystal: If my baby doll were in that room, God forbid, I know what I would want, but I would try to get inside her head and make the choice that she wants.

Babe: Let go of me.

J.R.: Where you going? You can't just drop a tease like that, walk away.

Babe: Watch me.

J.R.: Hey. What do you know? What do you know, Babe? Or are you just gaming me again?

Babe: I know that you loved me when you married me on Little Aís birthday, when you drew my picture in France. I know that you made a wish that our love would never die. Keeping the love alive, it's the hard part, right? I mean, you take a hit, you go down, you don't know which way's up, and then the doubt creeps in. Forever doesn't have a chance unless you fight for it. "Till death do us part." So was that a promise or a threat?

J.R.: You must be sleep-deprived. Go home and get some rest. I'll take you.

Babe: Don't touch me.

J.R.: Babe! Come back here!

Lily: You are invading my personal space. This isn't proper social interaction. I want to leave, please!

Boy: The party's just getting started, honey.

Lily: Look, there's no party here. There's no food and no music, no decorations.

Boy: You here. That's all we need.

Lily: No, I want to leave.

Boy: No, no, no, no. You got to pay the piper first.

Lily: What's a piper?

[Boys laugh]

Boy: Just give us your cheddar. Your cash, your money!

Lily: I can't.

Boy: We're not asking, Betty.

Lily: My name isn't Betty. And I -- I can't give you my money. I need it to call my boyfriend.

Boy: Oh, boyfriend? You all see a boyfriend around here? All I see is a freaky deke little girl who's holding out.

Lily: Well, I need to find a pay phone. Do you know where one is?

Boy: You're not going anywhere until you give us your cash!


[Jonathan begins to walk down the alley where Lily is being threatened by three thugs.]

Josh: Hey, hey, hey! Hey! Are you ok? What's going on, Babe?

Babe: He tried to kill me.

Krystal: Let's you and me talk about your everlasting love for my baby doll.

Erica: Ryan, I've made a decision. We have to save my daughter. We have to save Kendall.

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Zach (to Dixie): I have an idea. If it doesn't work, we're dead.

Greg (to Erica): You must ensure that this child survives at all costs.

Kendall's voice: Don't you let him take my baby.

Josh (to Babe): Take this, call the cops.

J.R. (to Ryan): I'm so sorry.

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