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All My Children Transcript Monday 5/8/06


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J.R.: Oh, my God.

[At Fusionís construction zone, J.R. is horrified to see that his trap has ensnared his good friend, Kendall, instead of his wife.]

J.R.: Oh, no. Not you.

Erica: Oh. Tell me that Kendall is safe.

Ryan: She's away from Madden.

Erica: Yes, I know. I mean, that's the one decent thing that Zach managed to do. But I need to see her face, Ryan. I really need to see for myself that she's ok. Where is she?

Ryan: That, I don't know.

Erica: I -- I can't take this. I mean, Lily is alone and lost in New York, and Kendall may still be under Greg Maddenís influence? I mean, the monster is obsessed.

Ryan: The doc might have other things on his mind.

Erica: What do you mean?

Ryan: Dixie Martin is connected to Greg Madden somehow.

Erica: Dixie Martin? Gone all this time and she and Greg Madden -- well, that's insane.

Ryan: Yeah, well, we passed insane about a mile back, and it's not about to get any better.

Dixie: I'd like my purse back, please.

[Zach hands Dixie her purse back but keeps holding the handgun.]

Dixie: And everything that was in it.

Zach: Eesh. Including the bullets?

Dixie: Now, please? Thank you.

[Zach hands Dixie the gun.]

Zach: Plan on using it?

Dixie: I plan on putting it in Greg Maddenís face and saying, "Tell me where my daughter is or die."

Zach: All right. Good luck with that.

Aidan: I put some photographs in your Inbox, so circulate them and get back to me.

Tad: Was that about Lily?

Aidan: Oh. A blonde fitting the same description turned out to be the building dog walker.

Tad: Hmm. Sorry to hear that. Just stay on top of it. Something will turn up. You keep me posted.

Aidan: Why, where are you going? Have you got a new client?

Tad: Yeah -- me. Got to figure out what the hell Dixie has been doing with the last four years of her life.

Aidan: Do you know how busy I am right now? Can't you just hold on a minute?

Tad: Oh, I'm sorry, Fish and Chips. Seems to me I've waited long enough. Fact is if I'd stayed on this thing before, hadn't let Di sidetrack me, my family would be a hell of a lot better off. J.R. would be in one piece, I could've given him the information and just moved on. Stop looking at me like we never met before. What the hell's wrong with you? You don't like the way I dress? It's your shirt. What's wrong?

Tad: You.

Di: Me.

Tad: Just the woman I want to see.

J.R.: Oh, my God. Kendall? Are you ok? It wasn't supposed to be you. Talk to me, damn it!

[J.R. removes some of the construction material that he had knocked down off Kendallís lifeless body and starts to move her.]

Babe: J.R.? Oh, my God.

J.R.: We got to get you help. We got to get you out of here.

Babe: J.R., no, no, no, no. Don't, you could hurt her.

J.R.: Well, we can't just leave her here, Babe!

Babe: J.R., please -- you have to leave her be. She could be hurt, her spine.

J.R.: Why did she get hurt? Why did she have to get hurt like that? Is she -- is she hurt --

Babe: No, no. No, no, she's alive, she's alive. Somebody help us, please! Honey, take your jacket off. You've got to keep her warm, so she doesn't go into shock. Please don't let us be too late. Please, we're in here!

Simone: My God, what is all --

Babe: Kendall, can you hear me?

Simone: Kendall? Oh, God!

Babe: Call 911 now.

Simone: Oh, my God! My God!

Babe: Hey, Kendall.

Di: I never expected a welcome like that. I hoped -- a girl has to hope.

Tad: Yeah, you go ahead and do that. Knock yourself out. In the meantime, I need to pick your brain about every single thing you remember about your sister.

Di: Oh. Oh, this isn't about me. It's about Dixie -- that sounds familiar.

Tad: Yeah, I guess you're just going to have to be offended on your own time. Right now, I'm stuck having to reconstruct the last four years of Dixieís life, which means where she was, what she was doing, and who she was with.

Di: Why she stayed away?

Tad: Something like that.

Di: Well, don't you think if I knew, I would've told you by now?

Aidan: Yeah, right. Like the same way you mentioned that Dixie was still alive?

Tad: No, no, no, no, no, no. Wait -- no, no, no, no. You didn't hear? You didn't? She didn't mention it. She let us find out the hard way.

Aidan: That's my mistake.

Di: You two are adorable. What -- how -- how am I supposed to know where Dixie was?

Tad: Well, let's start at the beginning. I seem to remember a conversation about you seeing Dixie in a cafť in Europe, locking eyes with your dead sister across a crowded room? Something like that, right?

Di: Yeah. Tad, right after that, I came back to the States.

Tad: Mm-hmm.

Di: And since I didn't get any post cards from Dixie while I was in prison, I guess I got a little bit out of her loop.

Tad: Whatever. I don't care. I want to know everything there is to remember about that conversation you had in Europe and any subsequent contact you had with Dixie thereafter, and I'm talking about people, I'm talking about places and itineraries.

Di: Oh, "Itineraries," Tad? Are you kidding me?

Aidan: FYI, I don't think that's Tadís amused face.

Tad: It's not. Now, you don't want to talk about Europe, that's fine with me. Let's talk about Christmas. You remember Christmas, when you snuck off to have a little "me" time? How did you know where to find Dixie then, huh? Did she write you, did she call you? Did she text you in code?

Di: Ok -- Tad, too many late-night movies have worked your head. You guys want to give me the third degree, why don't you -- why don't you pat me down? I might be wearing a wire.

Aidan: You know, guys, as fun as this is, I think I'll be better off getting a thousand paper cuts organizing the filing cabinet.

Di: You chased your own partner off.

Tad: I'll live.

Di: Hmm.

Tad: It's no joke. You're going to give me your help.

Di: You know -- hey, hey, have we met? Do I -- do I look familiar at all?

Tad: Right now, you look like the only lead I've got.

Di: Oh, a lead? Not the woman you proposed to?

Tad: No -- not at all.

Di: Like hell I am not. You want answers, Tad? Well, get in line, because -- because I want some, too. And I'm not leaving here until I get them.

Dixie: What's that supposed to mean? "Good luck with that"? You don't think I have the nerve?

Zach: Oh, no, you're no blushing flower. I know that firsthand.

Dixie: If he doesn't tell me where my daughter is, I will pull the trigger.

Zach: No regrets?

Dixie: It's what he deserves.

Zach: But -- but if you shoot him, then -- I don't know. Your logic doesn't make a lot of sense.

Dixie: I'm not going to kill him, Zach. I didn't say I was going to kill him. I'm just going to, like, you know, shoot him in the leg.

Zach: Oh, shoot him in the leg. Sure, just cause him some pain.

Dixie: Yeah, I'm just going to hurt him. I'm going to make him talk.

Zach: Yeah, sure. Or make him laugh --

Dixie: Oh.

Zach: When you do 10-20 in a federal penitentiary for assault with a deadly weapon. What about Kate? If she finds you, she's going to have to visit you in prison?

Dixie: You know, I really don't like you sometimes. You're such a pain.

Zach: I know. But I also know that you can't get what you want with that.

Erica: Dixie Martin and Greg Madden? How could they possibly be connected?

Ryan: Something big enough she couldn't tell me.

Erica: Why not?

Ryan: I mean, Greg drags people into his private hell without any warning. You know that better than anybody. Whatever he did to her --

Erica: Which is what? And I don't want conjecture -- I really just want facts. I want to bury that SOB Greg Madden with a mountain of facts. That means Dixie needs to talk.

Ryan: Well, she's not ready to talk.

Erica: Oh, fine. I'll give her five minutes.

Ryan: Ok, slow down.

Erica: Ryan, my daughter's entire future is at stake here.

Ryan: I understand, I understand. I'm just saying what about what Dixieís got on the line here? What -- what if her secret about Madden is something like yours? Then we go public, and by doing that, we do to Dixie what -- what you don't want done to you.

Greg: No, let me know if you hear anything about our missing guest. All right.

Amanda: Look, I'm sorry. I didn't know that she --

Woman: Didn't know your mother's a homicidal maniac? Who doesn't know Janet Dillonís insane? My father died in that explosion. How can you show your face in this town? In the hospital?

Greg: Is something wrong here?

Woman: This -- this thing -- she's here to kill your patients just like her mother killed my father.

Greg: I'm sorry for your loss, but sometimes grief can make us do horrible things. We lash out at the wrong people, at innocent people like my receptionist here. I'm sure when you feel more like yourself, you'll understand you made a mistake. Nurse? Will you help me with this woman, please? Would you like some tea or something until you feel well enough to go?

Woman: My father -- he's gone.

Greg: Nurse, now, please.

Julia: Take this woman away from you? My pleasure. Please, come with me.

Greg: Are you ok?

Amanda: Look, I'm not here to hurt anyone, ok? I'm not like my mother, I swear to you.

Greg: You don't have to apologize or convince me. You're not your mother. Her crimes are not yours.

Amanda: You're wrong. They're always going to be mine -- that girl's father, my father? I should've stopped my mother, and I didnít. If I'd never come to Pine Valley, her dad would still be alive. My father might still --

Greg: Amanda, you came to Pine Valley for a reason. It may not be the reason that you first thought, but you have your whole life ahead of you. You have two choices -- you either live it with a purpose and make a difference, or else you run off and you hide in shame. Now, what's it going to be?

Erin: Hey.

J.R.: Kendall? Kendall, can you hear me? Damn it, Babe -- what idiots did you put in charge of this construction?

Erin: How's her pulse?

Babe: It's weak. I can barely even feel it. Where the heck is that ambulance?

J.R.: Did you hear me? All this stuff, all -- all this equipment? Who's responsible for this?

Babe: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, look where her hands are -- on the baby.

Erin: Oh, my -- to protect it. The baby -- baby Kendall? Kendall, it's going to be ok, all right? Just hang on.

Babe: God, please let them both be ok. Hey.

Erica: Look, what I want is Greg Madden destroyed, I want my daughter safe, and I want Josh protected.

Ryan: And we will do our best on all fronts, but we have to do it without Dixie. I mean, we can't just expose her secret out to the universe and her family.

Erica: "Dixie" this and "Dixie" that. I mean, why are you suddenly so worried about Dixie, and why is she suddenly so worried about her family? I mean, she ran off. She let them think she was dead. Oh. Oh. Is -- is that why her cause appeals to you, because of the birds-of-a-feather thing?

Ryan: Dixie and I are not a team, Erica. We're not, like, in a club with a secret handshake. We don't know what her involvement with Madden was. We don't know how that'll affect Tad and J.R. Are you willing to take that chance?

Erica: Look, I want Dixie to get over herself. And, of course, I care about Tad and J.R. the same way I care about you, Ryan. But I will do
anything to save my daughter.

Babe: We are going to take care of you, Kendall. You and me -- we are going to make that playroom happen, ok?

Erin: I'd love to help. I'm great with a paintbrush.

Babe: It is going to be just perfect for your baby -- you'll see. Hold on.

Simone: EMTs are on their way.

Erin: Did you tell them that she's --

Simone: Pregnant, unconscious, and heavy junk is everywhere. Isn't there something that we should do?

Babe: No, I'm afraid to even move her just a little bit. We could make it worse.

Erin: The baby just changes everything.

[Babe sighs]

J.R.: Oh, Kendall, why?

Simone: No one is stronger than you. No one fights harder. Do that, Kendall. You fight dirty if you have to.


Simone: Just live.

Babe: Oh.

J.R.: How did this happen to you?

Erin: Please come faster.

Simone: I'm right here, honey.

Erin: Come faster, come faster. It's going to be ok.

J.R.: They're going to take care of you, Kendall.

Erin: You can do this.

Dixie: You know, when I met you in the cemetery, you were still a jerk, but you were -- you were a little compassionate, you know? You had actual emotions. Was that because I was a stranger? I mean, once you get to know somebody, you just, you know, all shut down, Mr. Logic up the yin-yang? Why are you here? Aren't you married? Where's your wife? How does she stand you?

Zach: You got to ask her. She claims to like me.

Dixie: You just don't get it, you know? My entire family hates me, and they have every right to. What I did to them was awful. And they don't even know the rest.

Zach: Ok, well, then -- then maybe you should tell them.

Dixie: What do I tell them? They think I'm a criminal. Telling them that I've lost my daughter isn't exactly going to redeem me. What -- I tell them that Kateís alive, maybe, but I don't know where she is? Or I tell Tad that he's never going to hold his daughter or get to love her or tell J.R. that he'll never see his sister? Oh, no, I tell them that -- that some crazy doctor knows where she is. That's going to go over really well. No, look, he took her from me. I'm going to get her back, or I will kill him.

Zach: All right. Calm down, listen to me. I have an idea.

Tad: You know, I'm sure anything you had to say to me or ask me right now will be fascinating, but I guess you're just going to have to wait your turn.

Di: Oh. Why would I do that?

Tad: Because supposedly you care so much about your new nephew. J.R. -- you remember him and the rest of the family you helped to destroy?

Di: Careful. Your sarcasm's showing.

Tad: Well, I guess you're just going to have to get over it. In the meantime, you know a lot of things about Dixie that we don't, so feel free to start talking.

Di: Well, thank you for the permission. I'll do that. Tad, you and Dixie and your past -- it's not the only thing that matters. You and I -- we matter.

Tad: Not right now, we don't. Not when J.R. is a mess, Babe is afraid her family is coming apart, Jamieís had his heart torn out. What about Palmer, my parents? They all deserve answers.

Di: Well, so do I -- about us.

Tad: I just gave you one. And I can't believe you'd expect anything different considering you did know where Dixie was, that she was alive and all the while you were in Pine Valley?

Di: Ok, you know what? That's it, that's all I'm good for? Dixie Q&A?

Tad: Not at the moment.

Di: You know, I'm not just Dixieís half sister. I am the woman who planned her future with you. So why don't you stop treating me like a --

Tad: Why should --

Di: Second-class piece --

Tad: Why should I, when you refused to help me?

Di: I am helping you, Tad, in my own way.

Tad: Yeah. Yeah, we all know what that's worth. Thanks a heap.

Di: I'm not leaving.

Aidan: You have some nerve, you know that?

Di: Well, what am I supposed to do? Bow my head, slink out of here with shame?

Aidan: Everybody has to start somewhere.

Di: So do you want to cast the first rock, then?

Aidan: I'm not the one that let half the town down with an empty promise.

Di: Oh. So you're -- you're guilt-free. No mistakes, no screw-ups.

Aidan: Maybe, maybe not, but I don't look back. They happened. You forget about it, you move on.

Di: So what are you now -- Tadís bodyguard? Put you here so he doesn't have to deal with me?

Aidan: You know, Tad made a decision. You can either ignore that and hound him or you can grow up.

Dixie: Look, Zach, I've tried everything. So what's your big idea?

Zach: Well, I think maybe we need to take a step backwards, try to find his files.

Dixie: We already went through his files. We went through all the files at his office.

Zach: Mm-hmm.

Dixie: You think he has something in his room at the Valley Inn, maybe one of his houses?

Zach: Yeah, maybe there or maybe on his own private island built around his obsession.

Dixie: He has an island?

Zach: Yeah. Populating the world pays well, apparently. He took Kendall there along with some other pregnant women. It was a safe haven during their emotional storm, and if the baby had been born there, then I'm sure ---

Dixie: Wait, wait -- he's got an -- an island so that he can steal babies? That's -- that's disgusting.

Zach: State-of-the-art medical facility. Madden thought of everything.

Dixie: I don't, I -- oh. How did I miss this?

Zach: Well, it's private, secret, and secure. Seems to me the perfect place to hide incriminating files.

Dixie: The records of who has Kate.

Greg: Here you are. Now, take your time. Pretty soon you'll feel like yourself.

Amanda: No, this is pretty much me, ok? Killer's daughter hated by all.

Greg: Oh, not by all. Amanda, look at me. You must know I've taken a special interest in you. Oh, not like that. You're a creative, bright young woman. You should have the entire world in both your hands. Instead, strangers make you cry.

Amanda: Because they're right.

Greg: Who says they're right?

Amanda: Me, I guess. I'm pathetic, aren't I?

Greg: No. You're endearingly honest, and you're human -- rare combination, but what you have to do is learn to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for loving your mother and for being human.

Amanda: I'm not sure that I deserve it.

Greg: Then I have to make you sure. I have to make you see what's in you that I know is there.

Amanda: You think that's possible?

Greg: I make miracles happen every day. That's my job.

[Pager beeps]

Greg: Oh. Oh, I have to go. It's an emergency. Will you think about what I said while I'm gone?

[After Greg exits his office, Amanda smiles coyly.]

Erica: Ryan, I will do whatever it takes to bring Greg Madden down. I will do that with or without your help. I will do that for my daughter, and I will do that for your son.

Ryan: No matter how messy it gets or who gets hurt?

Erica: Life hurts. Losers throw up their hands. The rest of us -- we do what needs to be done.

[Phone rings]

Erica: Hello?

Simone: Erica? Oh, thank God. It's Simone. Kendall was in an accident. The EMTs are taking her to PVH right now. I'm going to call Ryan and have him --

Erica: What happened? I -- never -- we're on our way. Kendall -- it's Kendall.

Babe: Everything's going to be fine.

Simone: Erica and Ryan are going to meet us there.

Babe: Good, good. She's going to need her mother.

Erin: And the baby's going to need his father.

Babe: Ok.

Simone: Kendall, your mom's going to be there.

Babe: We're going to be right there.

Simone: Ok, so this was some kind of freaky thing, right? I mean, they're both going to be ok?

Babe: You go on with her, ok? I'm going to be right behind you. Take care. J.R., wait. How did this happen?

J.R.: How do you think it happened?


Babe: I don't know. You were here -- that's why I asked you.

J.R.: Gravity. Or is that too hard of a concept for you to understand? Where did you hire this contractor? Do you just pick random people off the street? "On, come on in, boy have at it"? Who stacks heavy equipment all the way to the ceiling?

Babe: You were here, J.R., to meet me.

J.R.: Yeah, to get things right.

Babe: So we could talk. And -- and I don't get -- Kendall walks in and this stuff falls on her?

J.R.: Yeah, she walked in, and it crashed! We're wasting time right now!

Babe: I'm just trying to understand here, give me a minute.

J.R.: My best friend in the entire world is on her way to the ER.

Babe: And all the doctors and Erica -- they're all going to want to know if you saw what happened.

J.R.: I heard it, I ran in, and she was under the mess that your contractor made. Erica will know about it. Do you mind?

[After J.R. leaves, Babe looks back at the site of the ďaccidentĒ and has a horrible thought.]

Babe: Oh, God, J.R., please no. Oh.

Dixie: So, where is this island? How do I get there?

[Zach sighs]

Dixie: What, you're not going to tell me where it is?

Zach: What are you going to do? You going to parachute in with your little gun and kill everybody?

Dixie: Well --

Zach: Get the papers and swim home? Is that what you're doing?

Dixie: That's not necessary. Come on, Zach, I'm running out of time here.

Zach: I know that. That's why I want to help you.

[Dixie sighs]

Zach: You got to trust me.

Dixie: You going to come with me?

Zach: No. You're coming with me.

Dixie: Ok. The difference being --

Zach: I'm in charge.

Dixie: Oh, right. Whatever, man. Whatever you need, ok? Let's just go.

Zach: Hey --

Dixie: And as soon as I find out where my daughter is -- look, I promise, I will help you with Kendall, ok? I'll tell everybody everything, and we will make sure that Madden goes down for good, ok? I swear.

Zach: Good, planning on it. I'm going to call Kendall, tell her we're taking a little trip.

Simone: Kendall, we're right here, honey. Oh, thank God, Joe.

Joe: What are her vitals?

Paramedic: Closed head injury. She took a good knock.

Joe: Responsive?

Paramedic: No -- BP 95/60, tachy at 130.

Joe: The baby?

Julia: I told O-B we need the attending.

Joe: All right.

Josh: Who was there? How did this happen?

Simone: We didn't see it. We don't know.

Greg: Kendall? How is she?

Josh: Pupils equal and reactive.

Joe: I want a verbal on the CBC and coags in the next five minutes, type and cross for six units.

Julia: Got it.

Greg: Get her hooked up to the fetal monitor, STAT.

Erica: Kendall? Oh, my God! Joe -- Joe, is she all right? Oh, my God, don't you come near my daughter, don't you touch her. Joe, get this bastard out of here.

Greg: I'm her Ob-Gyn.

Ryan: Not since she fired you. We got the letter to prove it.

Greg: Your unborn child is in jeopardy.

Erica: Because of you.

Josh: We don't have time for this -- her BP is dropping.

Ryan: I have custody of my child even though he's not born yet. This guy goes nowhere near him -- do you understand that? -- Ever.

Greg: Your child needs a specialist.

Joe: The child will have a specialist, not you. You're relieved -- immediately. Out of the way, please. Page Dr. Mayer.

Erica: Kendall, sweetheart, I'm right here with you, honey. I'm not going anywhere.

Josh: Erica, you're not going to want to go in there.

Joe: All right, you look after Erica, we'll look after Kendall.

Ryan: All right.

Greg: If only you stayed with me, Kendall.

Zach: Hey. It's your husband. I'm going to be a few more hours. I got some business to take care of. Can't wait to see you. Hey. I guess you're still with Ryan. He must be happy about Spike being home to stay -- if not your new marital status. I'm happy, though, and -- what about Spike? Somersaults yet? I -- I love you both. See you soon.

Joe: Get radiology down here, STAT. I want a portable C-spine, chest, pelvis.

Doctor: Follow with a CAT scan of the head and neck.

Julia: I'm on it.

Dr. Mayer: Let them know she's pregnant.

Josh: 28 weeks. Where are those CBC results?

J.R.: Hey, how is she?

Ryan: We don't know. We don't know about her or the baby.

Babe: Did she wake up yet?

Simone: No, she hasnít. But she will. She will.

[While Kendall fights for her life and that of her baby, J.R. and Babe think venomous thoughts of each other.]

J.R.ís voice: You, Babe. It was supposed to be you. If she dies -- if Kendall dies -- damn it, Babe.

Babe's voice: It was an accident, it had to have been an accident. Not J.R., not him.

Di: You hate me pretty good, don't you?

Aidan: I don't really have time to bother.

Di: You think I'm stupid for wanting to win Tad back?

Aidan: Stupid as in "self-indulgent," or stupid as in "no chance in hell"?

Di: You're not really the warm and fuzzy type, are you?

Aidan: Well, you're not exactly the honest type. But then again, we all have our faults, don't we?

Di: Ok, you know what? You're Tadís friend. Who would you rather see him with? Me or Dixie?

Aidan: Wait, is there no door number 3 -- like, I don't know, Godzillaís ugly aunt?

Di: Hmm-hmm. Me or Dixie?

Aidan: You.

Di: Really?

Aidan: Yeah. Well, why do you sound so surprised?

Di: No, you -- you picked Godzillaís ugly aunt over me, but -- but me over Dixie?

Aidan: Well, you're both disaster areas. But I believe that you truly love him.

Di: And you don't think that -- that Dixie --

Aidan: Well, I'd say don't push your luck. But then again, I'm talking to the wrong person, aren't I?

Tad: Well, I take it the fact you're still here means that you're ready to give the background I asked for on Dixie?

Di: No.

Tad: See you around.

Di: You gave me a ring. I finally took it off, but I'm not giving it back to you.

Tad: Knock yourself out. It's not like I have plans for it, anyway.

Di: It's not out of spite, Tad. I'm not giving you the ring back, because we're not done, no matter what you say.

Tad: Actions always speak louder than words.

Di: Well, when -- when you all hated me, did I run that time? Or did I stick around? Did I -- did I prove to you all that I cared, that I could still be a part of your family?

Tad: You were great. Terrific. It's too bad you had to gloss over the rest of the dishonesty back in the past. When you met up with Dixie at Christmas, where was it?

Di: No, you know what, Tad? I am not going to let you forget that this ever happened, pretend. You know, you gave me this ring, and it was about love, and there was hope and -- and it was getting over bad patches, and we can do it again, Tad. I can't fix you and Dixie, but I can fix you and me. You don't have to do any -- any of the heavy lifting, I'll do it. You just have to not push me away. And someday this ring will be back on my finger where it belongs.

[Door closes]

Di: Oh. Good Lord.

Dixie: [Southern accent] Now, you sure Dr. Madden will be available, because I would love my husband to be there, and I'm just a little nervous about his timing this week.

Zach: Oh.

Dixie: Oh, that's wonderful. Thank you, thank you so much.

Zach: Wow. You're good at that with the thing.

Dixie: [Normal voice] Yeah. Mm-hmm. Very funny. I wasn't always good at lying.

Zach: Ah.

Dixie: You can thank Madden for that, too.

Zach: What's the status?

Dixie: He's in Pine Valley for the rest of the week.

Zach: All right. It's bad form to run into him if you're going through his stuff.

Dixie: What are our chances of not getting caught?

Zach: Even money.

Dixie: That doesn't sound good.

Zach: Take what you can get.

Dixie: I plan to.

Greg: Irresponsible and self-indulgent.

Amanda: Did I do something wrong?

Greg: Oh, no, Amanda, not you. I mean, why would you even think that? You know, it's as if someone took your sense of self and handed it back to you all twisted up in knots.

Amanda: There's a reason no one likes me -- that would be me.

Greg: No, that's not your fault. Do you know what I have here in this drawer? I have a file full of gushing letters, letters of thanks. I have photographs of infants, toddlers, happy families -- all due to me, and yet there are some people out there who still refuse to understand what I do.

Amanda: You help women get pregnant.

Greg: I undo with science the mistakes that God made. You know, all children are born with the possibility of greatness.

Amanda: Huh. Not all children.

Greg: Yes, Amanda, all children, even you -- especially you. You just happened to have the wrong parents.

Amanda: Well, you can't change that. You can't choose your parents.

Greg: But someone could choose for you. Someone who respects a child's needs and respects a child's future. It's too bad your parents didn't nurture and support you. Instead, they only demanded and took from you.

Amanda: My dad was a good guy, and my mom -- she tried in her way.

Greg: Your mother let you down, Amanda, not the other way around. Think of all the other mothers out there who let their children down, the children who grew up to be less than they should be. We can change that. We can make a difference.

Amanda: "We"? We can give people better lives?

Greg: Well, you're part of my team now, aren't you? Unless you don't think you're up to the task?

Amanda: Don't laugh at me.

Greg: I would never laugh at you.

Amanda: I'm vain and selfish and spend too much money and want people to like me, but all because it was easier.

Greg: How is it easier?

Amanda: Easier than being great the right way, doing something special. But, you know, I -- I just always thought I knew how to -- you could teach me.

Greg: This isn't just a whim, you know. This isn't like buying a pair of shoes and keeping them in the box. You have to commit to me, to our purpose.

Amanda: No, whatever you want. I have so much to make up for. Just tell me what I can do.

J.R.: Why the hell haven't they said anything yet?

Simone: I don't know. It's got to be something good, right?

Joe: I'll go tell the family.

Erica: Joe --

J.R.: How is she? She -- she wake up yet?

Joe: I'm afraid Kendall has lapsed into a coma.

J.R.: Coma? But she's going to come out of it soon, right?

Joe: We don't know.

Erica: You don't know when?

Joe: We don't know if Kendall will ever wake up.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Dixie: You're a tricky fellow, aren't you?

Zach: If you hear an alarm, start running.

Ryan: Need you to wake up.

Erica: Come back to us, please.

Kendall's voice: "Come back"? "Wake up"? Help me. Zach, Ryan, somebody help me.

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