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Babe: J.R.? Honey? J.R., wake up. Oh --

[Knock on door]

Krystal: Hey. You two ready for breakfast with your munchkin?

Babe: No. No, come in. Look at him. J.R. is killing himself, Mama. What are we supposed to do?

Krystal: My vote is we kill him first.

Adam: Oh -- Brooke. Oh, I am so sorry. I'm a happily married man now. You had your chance so many times. Good-bye.

Brooke: You know what your trouble is, Adam? So many wives, so few brain cells. You rip up Dixie in front of J.R., and then you kick Di as a bonus?

Adam: Dixie is a traitor to my son. Now, you side with her, and you're betraying him, too.

Brooke: Oh, shut it. You know, the last time I listened to you was never, and I am not here for you. I'm here for J.R. and Tad, and there's no way in hell I'm going to let you make things any worse.

Dixie: Ryan. Well, what a pleasure. I -- I didn't expect to see you so soon.

Ryan: I just -- I wanted to thank you for not exploiting my drug-induced honesty last night.

Dixie: Are you kidding? I can't believe you tossed back that mickey I gave Madden. He was going to call the police. Not many people I know would drink the evidence. Come on in. I owe you.

Ryan: Wow. Thanks. Three of my favorite words. Don't worry, I won't cash in.

Dixie: Oh, good. That's a very smart move. I don't have much to offer.

Ryan: Oh, I don't know -- you could tell me what you wanted from Greg bad enough to risk going to prison.

Dixie: Oh, Ryan. You are a -- a very good person and an excellent friend, but -- um -- that is --

Ryan: I'm just -- I'm just saying we could do this together. We -- we could be together in a cause to bring down Greg Madden. I mean, you tell me your problem with him, and I will, I'll tell you mine.

Kendall: Hmm. These dreams I had -- this gorgeous guy -- hmm -- crazy, crazy passion, lots of noise -- hmm. Kind of makes me blush just thinking
about it.

Zach: Yeah? Why don't you give me some details?

Kendall: You know, if you climb back into bed with me, maybe I will show you. Why are you up? Hmm. Why are you dressed, actually? Why -- why?

Zach: Busy -- no rest for the wicked.

Kendall: You're working?

Zach: Planning.

Kendall: Planning? What are you planning? Is it a secret? You can tell me. I mean, why -- why don't you just whisper it in my ear. I promise I won't tell a soul.

Zach: Well, if I whisper it to you, it would no longer be a secret.

Kendall: Hmm. Come on. After all the secrets I told you last night? Just a hint?

Zach: A hint? A while ago, you and I were supposed to get married, and then everything stopped. So my secret little plan is to get it started again.

Dixie: The truth is very personal, ok, and it has to stay that way.

Ryan: Ok. Call this a something-for-nothing day, then, because I'm going to tell you my deal with Madden, and I don't expect anything in return.

Dixie: Let me guess -- he's hurt someone that you care about.

Ryan: Kendall's pregnant with our child, a boy, and Madden made that happen -- which is a very long story. But apparently that wasn't good enough for him. For some reason now, he wants to undo his handiwork. He's -- he's convinced Kendall to put our child up for adoption, papers signed -- the whole deal. To hell with what I want, which happens to be to raise my son.

Dixie: Does Kendall realize what those papers mean?

Ryan: I know what they mean. They mean I don't get to see my son. I don't get to -- I don't get to hold him, I don't get to know him, I don't get to raise him -- nothing. I mean, I wake up every morning, and I have no idea where he is.

Dixie: I understand, I do, Ryan, really, and I'm sorry. I'm really, really sorry.

Ryan: Well, Zachís with Kendall right now. They have a little bit of a history together, and, of course, it's not all good. She could be pounding in his face right now.

Dixie: Or she -- she could be listening to him. She could. He's relentless, he's incredibly persuasive. Your son could be fine.

Ryan: I hope to God that you're right. But I still couldn't just stop. I mean, there's other fathers and sons and mothers and daughters and just lives that he's ruined here. I don't want to just slow the guy down. I want to -- I mean, I want to grind him under my heel. I want to ruin his reputation. I want to ruin his business, his future -- everything.

Dixie: That's great. Do it.

Ryan: I can't. Not without ammunition. Zach says that he has some, some information that could slam Madden up against the wall.

Dixie: Zach told you that?

Ryan: Except he couldn't share what it was, because he made a promise to someone -- the same promise that I made to someone else. You see, there's two pieces of information, there are two bits of proof that prove that Madden is bad news, and if Zach and I could actually exchange that information, then I'm sure that we would have enough to, like, blow the son of a bitch into a thousand pieces.

Dixie: Well, it sounds like you have really good reason to hate Greg Madden.

Ryan: You're Zachís proof. Aren't you, Dixie?

Kendall: Last night was slightly earth-shattering.

Zach: Uh-huh. Sounds intense.

Kendall: I fell madly in love with you -- and my son. Wait a minute -- that's not really completely true.

Zach: Well -- what do you mean, not completely? Because it kind of puts a crimp in my plans.

Kendall: It turns out I was in love with you both all along.

Zach: Perfect, that's all I need to know. Got to go.

Kendall: Wait, wait, hold on! Wait, wait -- stay here. What -- what are you doing? What are you planning here? And I -- I swear to you, you better not answer my question with a question.

Zach: Will you marry me, again? Be my wife again? I pledge myself to you, your child, a life and a future.

Kendall: And a family?

Zach: Ryan's always going to be the kid's father, but you, me, and --

Kendall: And -- and Spike.

Zach: Will be a family.

Kendall: Oh. Well -- Spike says it's cool.

Zach: Why don't you ask Spike what Kendall says?

[Babe sighs]

Krystal: Let me tell you something. A bottle in that man's hand is like an Uzi in someone elseís. You pack your bags and you grab your son.

Babe: No, no, J.R. is my husband, he needs me.

Krystal: You think you can save a man when he gets like that?

Babe: If I knew, do you think I would be out here whispering with you in the hallway? What am I supposed to do? What, am I supposed to sweet-talk him, smack some sense into him -- and Dixie, since she's the one who practically shoved the glass in his hand.

Krystal: I wish I knew what was wrong with that woman. She is his mother. Oh, she -- she carried him in her belly, she held him in her arms. A car crash, she comes back from the dead, and just stands there -- nothing. No reason why she stayed away for four years.

Babe: But she's not the only one in this. Even "all locked away in crazy town" Janet can raise holy heck. She crawls inside his head, and she convinces him that I want to make him look like an unfit parent, so I can steal Little A. How does my own husband not even believe me? He's his own worst enemy.

Krystal: If he gets one tear out of you, I am his worst enemy.

Babe: We finally have the honest-to-goodness, real family. I am not going to lose my husband to liquor.

Krystal: Babe, you're tough -- there is none tougher -- but you cannot win this thing without some serious backup.

[In the adjoining room, J.R. wakes up to drink some more and overhears the conversation between his wife and mother-in-law.]

J.R.: Hair of the dog, do your thing. Oh.

Babe: What if Little A had walked in? You know how he gets when he wants to crawl into bed with Mama and Daddy. But Daddyís passed out in a chair -- just
what every little boy needs to see. J.R. has pushed his luck this time, and he's going to find out what it's cost him.

Krystal: You know you can't do this halfway, Babe. Are you ready to deal with this for real?

Babe: I don't have a choice. Little Adam does not deserve this mess, so I better clean it up and put an end to this garbage once and for all.

Adam: Dixie abandoned J.R. How come -- why am I the bad guy? I'm the one who stuck around.

Brooke: You have jockeyed for ownership of J.R. since, my dear ex, you seduced Dixie.

Adam: I wasn't myself.

Brooke: No, you were Blotto. Because I couldn't give you a biological child, you manipulated Dixie into being a surrogate. Yeah --

[Brooke chuckles]

Brooke: That turned out great.

Adam: I hadn't noticed.

Brooke: J.R. has belonged to Dixie since the minute he was born. She was his son and his moon and his stars.

Adam: Oh -- poetic gibberish.

Brooke: And you were a distant satellite on the left, and it drove you nuts, and when Dixie died, she became a saint.

Adam: Oh, come -- that's propaganda. People refuse to see the truth about Dixie. Well, now they have no choice -- right in their face.

Brooke: The way you look when you gloat -- like you do in bed -- it's a high for you.

Adam: I'm pleased that you remember, Brooke.

Brooke: You know what I think? I think that you have J.R. right where you want him -- in pain, because of Dixie, because her mistake makes your controlling, manipulative version of love look sane.

Adam: Why don't you go inflict your -- your parenting lecture on Dixie? She's the one who needs it.

Brooke: You know, you keep spouting things like "J.R. is a man" and "he can handle it." It's almost like you're demanding that he push down his emotion, and that he shut up about what a failure Dixie is. Don't you think he's noticed that? Don't you think he feels something about it? You know, maybe even feels that he's to blame that he wasn't good enough? Don't you think you could think of your son once instead of your own PR?

Adam: At the risk of offending your feminine sensibilities, yes, he is a man, and he can handle it.

Krystal: J.R., the so-called man, is drunk, passed out in a chair upstairs.

Brooke: Still want to gloat?

Krystal: He's in pain.

Adam: I -- I know that! I hate it.

Krystal: Well, don't just fume, Adam. Do something! He needs your help, Adam, lots of it. Babe and I have this idea.

Babe: You're awake.

J.R.: Yeah, sun's up. I got work to do.

Babe: Well, you don't have early meetings or anything, do you? You don't have to go in, right?

J.R.: Why? Do you have something to tell me?

Babe: Before your cup of Joe? What kind of wife do you think I am?

Ryan: I mean, Zach made a promise to someone, and here you are, staying in his VIP suite. Kind of fits. He's keeping your promise, Dixie, a promise big enough for you to drug Madden and risk going to prison.

Dixie: Well, you made a promise to somebody, as well. Can't you ask that person to come forward?

Ryan: That is absolutely out of the question. You have to trust me on that.

Dixie: Well, I'm -- I'm sure that there are other women that he has hurt, as well.

Ryan: I don't have time to look for other women. Look, Zach and I -- we can't break our pledges, we just -- we just can't, but you -- you can release him from his promise. I mean, at least so that he can explain it to Kendall -- or even better, you tell your story and you bring Madden down for good.

Dixie: You have to understand I want you to keep your son, Ryan, I do.

Ryan: But --

Dixie: But --

Ryan: You can't help me.

Dixie: You cannot -- whatever you know or whatever you've guessed, you cannot tell Tad or J.R. This is for them. This is for their sakes. Please promise me.

Ryan: And when the truth finally does come out, is it going to be too late to help anyone?

J.R.: Can you cancel my appointments today for -- sweet. I guess it's my birthday and nobody told me about it. Well, no time for cake -- got empires to run and
all that.

Babe: It's not a party, J.R.

J.R.: Well, just as well -- I hate party hats.

Babe: Your family has something to say.

Tad: We love you, and we're here for you. But there's no way in hell we're going to let you use Dixie as an excuse to drink.

J.R.: Well, it's nice to see you all. It'd be a lot nicer if it was tomorrow or next week. I have an opening -- Wednesday, say 3:00?

Tad: We're worried for you, J.R. The drinking's got to stop, it's got to stop now.

J.R.: Even if it's decaf? Oh, come on, tell me you're not buying this, Dad.

Brooke: Your mother's back. It's not easy -- for anyone.

Tad: Whatever you feel -- all the hurt, all the anger -- there's no way around it, especially not with booze.

J.R.: Jeez. Guy tosses back a few, it becomes an issue, huh?

Babe: For you, it is. For us. When you plowed down Amanda?

Krystal: Or when you tied me up, pulled a gun?

Babe: We have too much, J.R. I can't let you blow this.

J.R.: Too much to lose -- our happy family.

Babe: Not so happy right now, but we will be.

J.R.: You're right. I just need some more time. Thank you all for coming.

Jamie: Do you really think if you just say the right words, we're going to go away?

J.R.: Did it work? Seriously, James, I'm ok. I'm not great, but I'm ok. No guns were pulled, no pedestrians were splattered. And since scotch is still legal, I think --

Jamie: J.R., you couldn't handle drugs in high school. You can't handle alcohol now. It's body chemistry -- some people can drink, some canít. You're a canít. Deal with it.

J.R.: Your son's all grown-up, starting premed -- must be so proud. Are we done here? Am I the only one who's got a job?

Adam: You won't have it for long, J.R., if you keep this up.

J.R.: Whatever, Dad. You know what? Tow the party line, keep Krystal happy, because you and I both know that --

Adam: You're going to lose everything that you have, J.R. Everything. J.R., if I'm the reason that -- that Dixie couldn't explain herself, I regret that. We don't know what Dixie went through over there, what kind of condition she had to contend with. But if she stayed away, whatever reason that was, she's back. J.R., if you need your mother in your life, I'll accept that. I'll stand back and do what I could never do when you were a boy. I can let you decide how you feel about your mother. I love you, J.R. I can't lose you.

J.R.: I love you, too, Dad. I love all of you. But can't we just move on and just forget about Dixie?

Ryan: If Zach doesn't convince Kendall not to put our child up for adoption, I will lose my son. And she -- she may think that she -- she knows what she wants right now, but what about a week from now or a year? I mean, is that the kind of decision that will just twist her up inside, so that she can't even --

Dixie: Stop it. Please, please stop pressuring me, ok? I would do it if I could, but I canít.

Ryan: Ok. Your family -- Tad, J.R. -- nobody else has to know, nobody, but let Zach tell Kendall. Just help save her and my son.

Kendall: I could be one big pile of regrets. I could kick myself for wasting time. But I'm too happy for that. I'm not angry or terrified. I'm here, peaceful, surrounded by love from the inside out, and you did that for me. The way that I love you --

Zach: What's going on here? You got tears going? What's going on with you?

Kendall: No, I don't have tears. I -- you know what? I'm allowed to well up. I'm going to be a mother. I -- mothers do that.

Zach: You're a gorgeous mother.

Kendall: Well, don't just stare at me. Do something.

Zach: What? What do you -- what?

Kendall: Marry me. Kendall Hart, wife and mother. I don't want to wait.

Kendall: Ok, so -- ah. What's the plan? Going to jet out to Paris? What?

Zach: Or you could amble up to the deck. It's up to you.

Kendall: Ok, hold on. Wait a minute. You're saying we can get -- we can get married right here, onboard?

Zach: Captains come in handy sometimes, especially if they've been ordained by the Church of the Guiding Star. It's a sailor thing.

Kendall: I see. Ok, wait a minute -- are -are you serious now? We really can get -- you can marry me, I can marry you? We can do this right here, today, now?

Zach: If that's what you want.

Kendall: Yeah. Why -- why are you still here?

Zach: Me? I'm not -- I'm on deck waiting for my bride. Bye.

[Sitting in the cabin alone, Kendall talks to her unborn child.]

Kendall: Oh, boy. Well, hello. It's me over here. Big day for us. I -- I got a big favor to ask. Will you walk me down the aisle?

Dixie: If we want to really get Madden, the truth -- my story -- is going to have to come out. I understand that. I understand that, but my family -- they're going to not get the answers that they want. It's going to cause them an enormous amount of pain, and I will be the one who did it.

Ryan: No, not you --

Dixie: No --

Ryan: Greg.

Dixie: No, it will be me. I promise you, it'll be me. And it'll be worse than if I had actually died.

Ryan: Ok, well, you're all about getting the truth from Greg, and then the drug route didn't work. What -- what's next?

Dixie: I don't know, but we have to do something soon while Maddenís still around.

Ryan: I can help you. Zach can help you.

Dixie: Zach's doing what he can.

Ryan: What about Tad? Tad is like the master of getting information from people.

Dixie: No, absolutely not Tad, because when Tad finds out, he's going to hate me. He's going to despise me, and he'll be right.

Ryan: No, Tad would never -- he would never hate you.

Dixie: Yes, he can't know, Ryan. He cannot know. Not yet -- not until I fix something, ok? He can't know.

Ryan: Ok, fine. Tad can't know, and he won't know, but you got to give me something here. I'm just desperate. I'm -- we're both running out of time.

[Phone rings]

Dixie: Just -- just -- just hang on. Ahem -- hello?

Babe: It's your wake-up call, Dixie. Your son got loaded, passed out, and is now smack in the middle of a family meeting. So if family still means something to you, I suggest you haul it over here.

Dixie: I never stopped being J.R.ís mother.

Babe: Right, you just took a really long coffee break. So did you come up with an explanation for that yet? Because someone over here needs to hear it, as in yesterday.

Dixie: It's not that simple.

Babe: Neither is pulling your son out of a bottle. You know what? Truth, lie, fairy tale -- whatever it is, I swear to you, if we lose J.R. --

Dixie: Don't -- don't even say that.

Babe: Don't let it happen. See you soon.

Dixie: I have to go.

Ryan: Is that J.R.? Is he ok?

Dixie: Ugh -- my son is drowning. He thinks I don't love him.

Ryan: You could give him what he needs. You can give him the truth.

J.R.: Oh, come on. Even Babe lost interest. Are we done yet?

Krystal: J.R., listen, I've known plenty of mean drunks. Not as rich or smart or good-looking, but just as mean and just as drunk. Kind of cancels out all the good stuff. Honey, even if you keep your job, you're going to lose your wife and your -- your son.

J.R.: Is that true, Babe? I'll lose my son?

Babe: You'd better not.

J.R.: So it's up to me now? I love my son.

Babe: Promise me right now, no more waking up to see you holding a fifth of scotch.

J.R.: So let me get this straight. No more scotch, but vodka's ok? What about beer?

Jamie: J.R., you're not the only one she hurt.

Captain: Dearly beloved --

Kendall: That's us.

Captain: We are gathered here under God and his guiding stars to take this couple towards their destiny.

Zach: We need the --

Kendall: No, no. There is -- there is so much that I feel like I want to say to you. I love you. I feel like I -- I can't say it often enough or loud enough. You know me. You knew my heart when I was too scared to look inside. I was afraid of what would be there or what wouldn't be there. You made me look. And what I saw wasn't dark and scary. It was love. You did that for me. You. And so I pledge my heart to you.

Zach: Well, it'll take a lifetime to know that heart. But I want that lifetime. I want to love you. You're strong and resilient and fragile and more forgiving than I deserve.

Kendall: Hmm. There is nothing unforgivable from now on. Nothing. And -- and if there is, I -- I vow to forgive you, anyway.

Zach: Good. And I promise I will never take the light out of your eyes again.

Kendall: And if things go bad, I will find my way back to you.

Zach: Where am I going? I'm right here. I'm with you. Not going to shut you down and --

Kendall: You never know. So -- ok, so then you'll share? You'll share with me?

Zach: I will.

Kendall: And talk with me?

Zach: I will.

Kendall: Long, deep, soulful talks that go on and on and on into the night?

Zach: Yeah. Yes, I will! Hey, how about you and me -- we get a little rest?

Kendall: No, no, we don't need rest. I don't need rest, I just need you. I need you and your love. And I need to give you my love, all of it, without fear. I promise to love you with no fear and love this child.

Zach: And I will love you. As you grow and change -- but don't -- don't change too much, because you're perfect.

Kendall: You're crazy. It's got to be the moonlight.

Zach: I realized something just now.

Kendall: Hmm.

Zach: Loving you is who I am. That's my vow to you.

Captain: Seems like a fine time for the ring.

Kendall: What? No ring -- hey, no ring, huh? Yeah, yeah. Shh, shh, shh. No problem.

Zach: Your engagement ring -- nice!

Kendall: Yes. I -- I took it off after the ball, but I held on to it. So? Would you like to put it back on my finger?

Zach: Yeah. It'd be my honor.

Captain: I now pronounce you husband and wife.

J.R.: My afternoon briefing -- toast. You let a family meeting tank business? Do I even know you?

Adam: That company's your legacy, son. It's yours, get it? Without you, what's the point? Drinking is much too risky. Sooner or later, you're going to get hurt.

J.R.: Does death by boredom count?

Tad: J.R., if you don't want to stand in a room full of people and start talking about feelings and a bunch of unmanly BS, I understand. I'll give you chapter and verse, because I feel like an absolute mess. And if I thought for one second that throwing up and passing out would help me escape from everything I'm feeling right now, that I know, I'd be at home on the bathroom floor, but it won't. She left us. The woman we love walked away. It's called a broken heart for a reason. This room is filled with people that are willing to help you fix it. But you've got to start by telling them how you feel. No matter how much it scares you, you've got to say the words.

J.R.: Sounds like you've got it covered. Ahem.

Tad: Son, you remember one thing. Life isn't all bad. Before Dixie decided to come back to Pine Valley for whatever reason, you married a wonderful woman, and you watched your son turn 2. That's big stuff. That's wonderful stuff. You had that. We all had it. The fact is some days are better than others. And in the end, that's all we have -- some days. And they're over before we know it. I'll be damned if I'm going to let Dixie or booze or anything else take you away from me.

J.R.: You were the best thing that ever happened to her, and she threw that away.

Tad: Like hell I was. You were. And you're one of the best things that ever happened to me. And I swear, if there was anything I could do or say to fix it --

Jamie: We'd do it.

Brooke: Because we need you here with us. You know, not in some bar or wrapped around a tree somewhere.

Babe: Your wife and your son need you.

J.R.: Babe, see if they need anything. I have a stack of paper sitting in my office in the dark. I have to go.

Kendall: Our wedding, one year ago -- hmm. Could we have been more wrong?

Zach: Not possible.

Kendall: Yeah. Revenge. Marriage just for the sake of inflicting pain? How could we have gone from that to this so quickly?

Zach: Quickly? I wanted you back all along. What are you talking about, "quickly"?

Kendall: Well, you have me. And now I have you. And I also have --

Zach: Spike.

Kendall: Yes, Spike.

Zach: Hmm.

Kendall: Oh, I didn't -- I didn't realize that I wasn't ready to say good-bye to him. How could I, when I never let myself say hello?

Zach: Hello.

Kendall: Hmm. Hello.

Zach: I got to get a bigger engine for my new boat.

Kendall: Oh, yeah?

Zach: I want to get you home.

Kendall: Yes, home. Home sounds perfect. I know with you, I can face anything.

Zach: You'll never be without me again.

Kendall: That's -- that's a good thing.

[Zach chuckles]

Kendall: All right. Now, tell me to breathe.

Zach: What's wrong with you? You don't know how to breathe?

Kendall: Listen, you are now going to be with me in the delivery room, you're going to be there to --

Zach: I --

Kendall: "I," yes, you are. You're going to be there to -- to -- you have to greet Spike. So, I just want to make sure you're up for the job. Now, take my hand and tell me to breathe.

Zach: Breathe.

Kendall: You're saying that like you want to take me in the bedroom and have your way with me and -- which we will -- we will do that. But you need to say it like -- you know, say it like you want me to crank out that kid. Like, "Go, Kendall. Have that baby. Crank it out."

Zach: Breathe.

Kendall: All right, that was -- that was better.

Zach: Breathe.

Dixie: Hello.

J.R.: Good-bye. Forever works for me.

Dixie: I'm not leaving, J.R.

J.R.: You weren't invited.

Dixie: Actually, I was.

J.R.: Well, whose brain flash was this?

Babe: Mine.

J.R.: Bad idea, Babe. All of this was one thing, but dropping this on me is a whole nother thing.

Babe: You are broken because your mother went away, and you don't know why. And if she loves you like she says, how could she stay away?

J.R.: Easy answer. She doesn't love me like she says.

Babe: I want to know why she did it. What could keep her away from her son. And you need to know, too. For her sake and ours, I hope she's ready to tell.

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Kendall: I just have some things to take care of before we get on with the wedded bliss.

Zach: Who's going to be first, Erica or Ryan?

J.R.: This is supposed to push me over the edge? Well, it worked, Babe, because as of right now, I'm officially over the edge!

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