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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 4/26/06


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Krystal: Uzbekistan? Have you lost your mind? You -- you stuffed J.R.ís mother in a crate, and you ship her off?

Adam: She wasn't a mother. She's a poltergeist. I performed an exorcism.

Krystal: Oh -- oh, but she's still here. 0 for 1, thank goodness. And you thought Tad would thank you? 0 for 2. Do you see a pattern?

Adam: Tad Martin is a self-righteous ingrate. While he was wringing his hands, I was trying to protect my son.

Krystal: Oh --

Adam: If J.R. realizes that Dixie abandoned him out of sheer neglect -- no, that's -- that's -- to hell with the crate. I should've strapped her to a rocket and blasted her to Mars.

Jamie: Is it true about Dixie?

Adam: Yeah, the traitor's back. How did you know?

Jamie: Well, Josh Madden told me.

Krystal: Good Lord, Adam, strangers know. It's only going to be a matter of time before J.R. finds out.

Adam: Jamie, I know you love J.R., help me get rid of Dixie before J.R. comes back from Europe.

Jamie: It's too late. He's back. J.R.ís seen Dixie.

Erica: Ryan, is Kendall -- have you found her?

Ryan: People are on this, Erica. We're not alone.

Erica: Greg Madden has her. I mean, God knows what he's done to her. Ryan, we have got to make that maniac talk. He will tell me what he's done to my daughter.

[Knock on door]

Kendall: Oh, hi. Uh -- can I help you?

Camille: Yeah, we need help in a big way. We have four milk shakes, there are only three of us.

Woman: I offered to drink two -- you know, take one for the team?

Leann: But she's had three today already. Know when to say "when."

Woman: If I knew that, would I be here?

Kendall: Ok -- um -- come on in, please.

Camille: Yeah. So we're the Welcome Wagon. We've come to check out the newest member of the Stork Club.

Kendall: Yeah, you're all pregnant. How weird is that?

Camille: Not so much. All the girls at Dr. Madden's spa are rated PG.

Adam: Where did J.R. see Dixie?

Krystal: When did they get back?

Jamie: How long have you known about Dixie?

Krystal: Where is Babe?

Adam: It was just a matter of hours.

Tad: What the hell happened to J.R.?

Adam: I was trying to protect him, remember?

Tad: By going to see Dixie with a gun and shipping her off in a crate?

Adam: I had things under control. If anything happens to my son --

Tad: Fine, fine, Adam, we'll deal with it later! Are you ok?

Jamie: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just worried about J.R.

Jonathan: Lily! Are you alone?

Lily: I'm with you. Aren't you glad to see me?

Jonathan: I -- I love seeing you, Lily, but we're not supposed to. And your schedule -- aren't -- aren't you supposed to be in bed right now?

Lily: Well, that's actually what I'm here about -- to spend the night with you.

Tad: What the hell was J.R. doing in a casino bar.

Jamie: How should I know? All I do know is that he ran straight into Dixie.

Adam: If I'd had a little help, it never would've happened.

Tad: Oh, yeah, right -- put Dixie in a box and ship her off somewhere, pretend she never existed -- that's perfect.

Krystal: Wait a minute, you said that if you thought there was a chance J.R. would find --

Tad: No, no, no, that is not exactly what I said. And you can hit me in the face anytime I start thinking like he does.

Jamie: How long have you known about this?

[Door closes]

Jamie: And does someone want to tell me what the hell is going on?

Adam: Oh, no. No, no, get out. You've done enough damage.

Di: What's happened? Is J.R. ok?

Adam: Oh, you want to kick him while he's down, again?

Di: Oh.

Adam: No, he's not here, so get out.

Brooke: Adam, you're not the only one concerned about J.R., so just get a grip.

Krystal: Tell him, Brooke. He won't listen to me.

Adam: Yeah, I don't -- I don't need to "get a grip." I need you two leeches out of my house.

Babe: Is J.R. back?

Tad: He's not with you?

Babe: He -- he saw -- do you all know?

Jamie: Yes, I guess we all know about Dixie now. That's why we're here.

Babe: He was with her alone, and they were talking, and then he bolted, and I tried to follow him. Could be anywhere, he could do anything.

[Sitting precipitously on Fusion's rooftop, J.R. uncorks a bottle of pomegranate juice and starts to drink.]

J.R.: Ah. Well, what should I toast to?

Tad: Babe, how did J.R. seem? What exactly happened?

Babe: It was a setup. David planned the whole thing. He sent us to the Seasons East Casino and there's Dixie, at the bar like a ghost. And then J.R.ís face --

Adam: Hayward, that maggot! I swear, I'll kill him. I'm going to crack open his skull and tear his brains out.

Babe: David didn't lie. You all already knew.

Krystal: We found out when you were in France. Tad ran into Dixie at David's.

Babe: Like having your heart ripped out of your chest and squeezed tight.

Krystal: Honey, Dixie came here to tell J.R., but you two weren't here.

Babe: So, what, you all knew and you just didn't tell us? No "heads up, hey, J.R.ís about to fall back into the pit that we finally dragged him out of"?

Krystal: Sweetheart, we wanted to tell you.

Babe: But instead he walks in and sees his mother at a bar with a guy that he hates? That's a real happy homecoming, everyone.

Tad: I came here to tell him, but you were already in Europe.

Babe: It's called a telephone, France does have them.

Tad: Do you really think that any of us wanted to destroy the last peaceful moment that J.R. was going to know for God knows how long?

Jamie: David told the truth about you, too. You did know before everybody else.

Di: I did.

Brooke: Di swore an oath to Dixie that she wouldn't tell. It's what Dixie wanted.

Adam: And who cares what J.R. wants or needs. Way to go, Tad.

Tad: Yeah, like it's my fault.

Adam: None of this had to happen.

Tad: I brought back Dixie, and I waited four years to do it.

Di: Jamie, I am so sorry. I regret it all, but you know what? Right now it's just not about me.

Babe: So where is J.R.? What's going to happen to him?

Adam: I was insane ever to ask you for help.

Brooke: Oh, Adam, beat your chest and roar and just make everything worse.

Adam: I don't care what any of you say. I'm trying to help my son.

J.R.: Ah.


J.R.: Ah, Kendall. At last I get to share a drink with -- Erin Lavery. Are you a Fusion girl now?

Erin: I'm sorry, is there something I can help you with, Mr. Chandler?

[J.R. sighs]

J.R.: The stars are out. I have got pomegranate juice for the boss, lots of antioxidants -- it's good for the baby. I tell you what -- tell her that I'm here, send her up, tell her I have a surprise for her.

Erin: I'm sorry, Kendallís not here.

J.R.: Well, then I'll just have to pack up my stuff and head to her place.

Erin: No, she's not home, either. Nobody knows where Kendall is.

J.R.: Well, then we'll just have a toast to her, huh? To the mother-to-be. Oh, heck -- to mothers everywhere. Huh?

Erin: Uh-huh. Um -- we're getting ready to close up now, and you might get locked out here, so maybe you could just come --

J.R.: I'm sorry, you -- what were you saying? Miss Lavery, your eyes are absolutely spectacular. I wonder why I've never noticed.

Erin: Maybe you were too busy yelling to notice I had a face.

J.R.: True. Shameful, but true. I've been inappropriate to you. I launched off at your brother for what crazy Janet had done. That lunatic snatched my kid, quicksanded my family. Her excuse was the curse of being a parent. We do unreasonable things for our kids, and we do crazy things to get that love, don't we?

Erin: Would you like me to go get Babe?

J.R.: No, what I'd like for you to do is to forgive me. What's the rush? I've got plenty of antioxidants and lots of bubbly and all the time in the world.

Kendall: No, no, no, no, put down the coral. You need to use -- uh -- vamp red instead.

Camille: Ooh.

Leann: She says with no conviction.

[Kendall sighs]

Kendall: Sorry. Sorry. I'm just -- I don't know, I've had a lot on my mind, and I wasn't really expecting visitors.

Camille: Your Stork Club invite must've gotten lost in the mail. So, what do you girls think about spray-on foundation?

Kendall: Hmm -- it's definitely good for young skin. Definitely. So, tell me, this is like one big preggers party, the whole spa?

Woman: Caters to the bumpalicious crowd -- screening room, on-call masseuse --

Camille: Or masseur if you prefer.

Leann: And I so prefer.

First woman: Room service and endless treats.

Leann: Hmm -- someone to help me paint my toenails -- I can't reach. Heck, I can't see them.

Camille: And as fab as all this is, Dr. Greg is the real reason that I'm here.

Woman: Yawn and say "Good night." Otherwise, she'll start the whole "My Hero" speech.

Camille: Ok, I can hear you, you know.

Kendall: I'm new. Hello, I'm new here. You have an audience in me, I'll listen.

Woman: Let me. I can keep it under an hour. Camille's family went ballistic.

Camille: Yep, it was really great. First it was I'm a slut, then let's kill the boyfriend, Mom wanted me to terminate, and Dad said he didn't know me. Then I --

Leann: This is where the angels sing.

Camille: And then I met Dr. Greg.

Kendall: Huh. This is your color, definitely.

Camille: Oh.

Kendall: So, tell me more.

Ryan: If Madden doesn't tell you where Kendall is --

Erica: I'll destroy him.

Ryan: You said he didn't even flinch when you threatened to tell Josh.

Erica: Because Greg Madden doesn't know how to love. I mean, his precious miracle child, Josh, is really more about pride in himself. His career, his own ego -- that's his real treasure. But when I take his twisted, sick experiment public, what woman would trust him? What hospital would allow him to practice? An ugly trial, a long prison sentence -- no, Greg Madden will be nothing.

Ryan: Erica, you haven't thought this through.

Erica: Mm-hmm, I have -- every pain he will suffer, every humiliation, every degradation. It'll never be enough.

Ryan: You forgot about Jack, Erica. Your husband still has no idea.

Jonathan: How did -- how did you get here, Lily? Does Jack know that you're here?

Lily: No. Only you and I know -- and the bus driver that dropped me off, but I don't think he cares.

Jonathan: Lily, remember what Jack said at the Mardi Gras Ball? That if he -- he caught us together again, that he'd -- he would send you back to your boarding school.

Lily: But I saw you again, and he didn't.

Jonathan: Yeah, but he could.

Lily: But we'll leave before that can happen -- on May 4, on my birthday, like we planned, right?

Jonathan: Yeah. But until then, -- I think that we should play by Jack's rules.

Lily: Well, this isn't a game. This is my life. New schedules and places make me uncomfortable. You bought me those maps of Boston, so I could study them. But your plan for us to live together while I go to MIT was incomplete. You didn't run the numbers. According to my research on the Internet, factoring in rent and tuition --

Jonathan: But you're going to get a big scholarship, though.

Lily: Only partial. Money for books and food and bus passes. And the average salary of a hospital orderly --

Jonathan: $600 a month for rent. I mean, that's all we can afford?

Lily: Which means a studio apartment -- one room, no separate sleeping area. I've never slept with anyone else in a room before. And I don't want our plan to fail, Jonathan, so in order for it to work, I need to sleep with you tonight.

Babe: Why did this have to happen? Why now?

Adam: Ask Di or Tad. Or how about Dixie? Yeah, by all means, ask Dixie -- if you can find her.

Jamie: I mean, I just don't understand, Di. You can lie to us for months, but you can't break a promise to Dixie?

Brooke: Jamie, we've all lied about things, so let's not forget that now.

Di: I just want J.R. to be ok, all right?

Adam: Ok, but then leave, all right? Leave!

Krystal: Keep it down, all right? You'll wake the dead.

Adam: No, too late -- Dixieís alive.

[While everyone argues, Tad picks up a large ceramic vase from a side table and forcefully drops it.]

Di: Oh!

Adam: What the -- hell was that?

Tad: I wanted to see if the floor would break the vase's fall.

Brooke: Oh. Well, good job.

Tad: On the other hand, I thought we might want to get back on topic.

Krystal: You mean tearing out each other's throats isn't it?

Tad: Exactly. There's only one reason we're all in this room, and that's because we care about J.R., and obviously he's in hell.

Babe: And he rushed right past me, and when he gets like that, he won't want anyone's help.

Brooke: He didn't have a very good role model.

Adam: J.R.ís mother came back from the dead, and that's my fault? I wanted her gone.

Di: For J.R.ís sake or for yours?

Adam: J.R. can handle this -- the way he's handled all of his other betrayals.

Babe: Oh, great. Thank you. Now I'm really scared.

Jamie: Ok, we're wasting time with this garbage. We need to find J.R., bring him back, and help him deal with this, whether he wants us to or not.

Babe: You're right. You're absolutely right. Just let me see Little Adam, and then I'm with you. I just need to promise him his daddy will be back soon, and hope it's not a lie.

Adam: J.R. will be back in this house any minute now. He'll come back to see his son, because he's a Chandler, and nothing is more important than family.

Tad: You know where you got to start looking.

Jamie: Yeah, I'll start at the bars first.

Adam: You're wasting your time. J.R. will come back, he'll come back to his family.

Krystal: Adam, you know your son better than people think. Is there someplace he might be we haven't thought about?

Adam: I do know him. I do know him. He'll be fine.

Jamie: Adam, check with your pilot. J.R. just got off the jet, maybe he got right back on.

Di: And -- and the rocks, you know, by the waterfall. It's peaceful up there. Maybe he went up there to think.

Tad: I'm just afraid of what's going to happen when J.R. starts to think.

Babe: Ok, let's go.

Adam: You're all -- you're all wasting your time! J.R.ís a man! He can handle this, he can handle anything! He'll be fine.

[Door closes]

Krystal: I know you're scared to death, and you don't mean a word of that, but it could happen. J.R. could survive this.

Adam: You really believe that?

J.R.: "I'm the king of the world! Rose -- Rose, come up here -- come up here with me."

Erin: What is that? Is that -- is that "Titanic"?

J.R.: You're absolutely right, Miss Lavery. Jack's up there, he's got the world by the stones, he's got everything he'd want and more than he could ever expect. And then he turns into an ice cube, froze solid. How bad does that suck? King of the world? Fat chance. Here, let me get that for you. Who needs pomegranate juice when we got champagne?

Erin: I'm not -- I'm -- I'm sorry, but Ė

[J.R. kisses Erin]

J.R.: Did I overstep my boundaries? I did, didn't I? I'm sorry. I was just testing.

Erin: You were -- you were testing me?

J.R.: Have you ever pondered the average crazy person? That's not a dig at your brother, by the way. I mean, sometimes a crazy person could be the smartest one in a room. They see things that other people don't. But then again, they see things that aren't there. There, not there -- it's kind of a problem. Do you see my point?

Erin: No, I don't see your point, but, you know, who I bet would would be your family, so why don't you go home to them.

J.R.: Crazy Janet told me that my mother was alive. Have you heard of my mother -- sainted Dixie Cooney Martin, loved by everyone, especially after her tragic death? Did I tell you that she was dead? I didn't? Oh, that's good, because it turns out that she's not -- dead.

Erin: Oh -- um -- I know that -- that strangers can be easy to talk to, but tomorrow you're going to wish that you had never spoken to me, I promise you, so maybe you should find somewhere --

J.R.: Janet said that my mother was alive, but everybody else was like, "Duh, J.R., your mother's dead. But crazy Janet, in a word, is --"

Erin: Oh --

J.R.: "Crazy."

Erin: Please -- you know what? I'd be glad to talk to you, I would, but -- but down here. Please, please come down?

J.R.: You know what? Tightrope walkers are so lucky. I mean, not for the costumes -- they're -- they're a little tight for my liking. But tightrope walkers don't have that gray area. They have the "on the rope," and then there's "dead."

Erin: It's true. That's true, and -- and since not dead seems to be the theme of the day, maybe you could please come down Ė

J.R.: But Janet also told me that my wife doesn't love me. Now, I just kissed you -- which as nice as it really was -- I still love my wife. Do you see my dilemma? I don't know how much more bull I can take from Janet, since she was partially right. My mother's back, my wife doesn't love me -- I am the king of the world!

[Erin screams when J.R. wobbles on the parapet.]

Babe: God, this place --

Jamie: If there's a problem, I can do this on my own.

Babe: No, no, I'm fine. It's just the last time I was here --

Jamie: J.R. got drunk, plowed over Amanda, and Janet set fire to the top floor.

Babe: J.R. -- he wouldn't drink again.

Jamie: He just saw his dead mother having a drink with the local jackass.

Babe: Way to step on my positive thinking, why don't you?

Jamie: You're going to have to be realistic when we find J.R.

Babe: But it just feels so much better until the truth crashes in. Oh, no. Adam was right -- I will kill him. I swear to God, I'll kill him.

David: Hey, Babe! Have a seat. What can I get you?

Jamie: You love this, don't you? Made everyone's life hell, time to toss one back.

David: You get me. You really get me. Next round's on you.

Babe: Where's J.R.?

David: Hmm -- taking back all the prayers said for angel mommykins? Was I right? What do I win?

Jamie: You want to eat that glass?

Babe: Alone in a bar toasting the fact that you're an SOB -- you are so pathetic.

David: No, I'm the man who gave J.R. back his precious mama. You're welcome.

Babe: You say that you love me, and then you smash the man I love into pieces? Do you still not get it?

David: It was time.

Babe: For what? To wreck your daughter's life?

Jonathan: Lily -- I mean, this is Ryan's penthouse.

Lily: I know.

Jonathan: Hmm -- but Erin lives here, too.

Lily: You're all very neat. I'm neat, too.

Jonathan: I -- no, they're -- they're going to be home very soon, and, Lily, you can't spend the night.

Lily: Well, don't you have your own room?

Jonathan: If -- if Ryan sees you here, he's going to get really, really mad at me.

Lily: But you're over 18. Ryan's your brother, not your guardian.

Jonathan: Ryan will call your dad, and it doesn't matter how old I am. It's going to matter how old you are, Lily. And then things are going to get much worse.

Lily: Well, how will we know if our plan to live together is going to work?

Jonathan: Once we get our own apartment, I can sleep in the bathtub -- until -- until you're sure.

Lily: And then we'll share a room, and then a bed.

Jonathan: Maybe, or maybe not.

Lily: You'll be paying the rent, and I'll be the only one using the bed. That doesn't seem fair or equitable.

Jonathan: I -- I don't care about any of that. Sharing my life with you is -- is much more important than -- than beds or -- or rent.

Lily: Julia says to avoid conflict and resentment, respect each other's ideas. I suggest a brief practice, only a few minutes. Well, that respects both your and my opinion.

Jonathan: What does that mean?

Lily: It means we need to get in your bed.

Jonathan: What -- no, Lily! Lily?

Kendall: So, you are going the adoption route?

Camille: Yep. There's a mommy and daddy waiting as we speak.

Kendall: And -- and you're ok with that?

Camille: Yeah, I'm fine. I was never the baby-maker type. I never dreamed about picking out names or planning first birthdays. Ugh.

Kendall: Yeah, well, a lot of women do.

Camille: Yeah. Oh, one in particular. Her name is Melora. She's got a totally hot husband, totally cool job. She's smart and funny. She laughs at all the stupid jokes like I do, though. And, man, she wants a baby so badly. There are days that she's woke up crying, because she dreamed about a baby, and then she woke up empty-handed.

Kendall: I knew a woman like that.

Camille: Yeah, I was never like that. Never, never wanted this. Hmm. So, because of me, one day soon Melora will never wake up empty-handed. We balance each other out, you know, and all is right with the world.

Kendall: What about the baby's father? Does he feel the balance, too?

Ryan: If you expose Greg about Josh, you're going to need some backup, Erica, mainly Jack, your husband, who has -- who has no idea what Madden did to you.

Erica: Jack is a wonderful, very, very complicated man. His allegiance has always been to me. The only thing that's ever come between us is the law.

Ryan: A slight problem, considering your attempted murder.

Erica: If Jack -- if Jack knew why I did it, I know that he would keep my secret. I mean, it might torture him. He might even give up the law again.

Ryan: He'd understand? That's what you're saying?

Erica: Just the way he did when Michael Cambias raped Bianca. If Jack knew what Madden did to me, that he violated me --

Ryan: But let's say you go public. When Jack asks you, "Why didn't you tell me first?"

Erica: Well, at least it would be over. Look, if I wait until then to tell him, it really would --

Jack: Tell him what?

David: I am done with the hypocrites, Babe. To hell with them all. Angelic Dixie -- the center of J.R.ís world, his permanent excuse for jerking you around and messing with your head. "I'm wounded. I lost my mommy and my faith in love." Yeah, well, guess what -- Mommy's back. So what's his excuse now for being a useless sack? Oh, and Tad -- got to love that one, huh? Tad and Dixie, Dixie and Tad -- true love forever and ever, lovebirds, soul mates, and all that other garbage that makes one puke. I guess she didn't love him or her son enough to come back, right? Oh, and let us not forget Adam, huh? I mean, the brass on that guy.

Babe: What about you, David? I love J.R. and I want this marriage to work. I told you -- you mess his life up, you mess mine up.

David: You're a sweet girl, Babe, and I love you very much. But Dixie is back, the truth was going to come out, I'm the one with the guts who made it happen.

Babe: Hmm. You're right. You are so brave. How come I didn't see that before? Come on, Jamie, let's go.

[As they're leaving, Jamie turns around and surprises David with a punch to the mouth.]

Man: Whoa! Oh, come --

Jamie: I had to do it. I'm sorry.

Babe: Don't be. Let's find J.R.

[Jamie sighs]

J.R.: The view from up here -- wow! It's almost like you just want to join it. No more squealing. Thrill is gone.

Erin: Oh -- don't I look thrilled, though, because I am. I mean, here I am -- at work, on the roof, and there's a two-drink minimum and a heck of a show. To think, your wife pays me for this. Really, I should be paying her. I'll tell you what -- why don't you come down here, I'll write you both a check.

J.R.: That's cute. That's cute in a gorgeous, funny sort of way, you know, from the family who -- who cranked out Ryan, Braden, Jonathan. Who knew?

Erin: You know what? Enjoy your bubbly.

J.R.: No, please, don't leave. I was a jerk

Erin: You think? Hmm.

J.R.: Don't go.

Aidan: Is there a problem here?

Erin: Hmm -- no.

J.R.: That, my friend, is irony. You Brits are so good at that. Is it the accent?

Aidan: Is there something you need me to take care of?

Erin: No. He came up here looking for Kendall, and I told him that she wasn't here.

J.R.: Ah, the hand on the shoulder. Love is a magic thing. If you -- if you find one, more power to you. But if you can hold on to it, make sure you tell me how.

Erin: He's not drunk. He's just -- he's --

J.R.: Just leaving. If I have overstepped my boundaries, Miss Lavery, my apologies. Could you tell Kendall that I stopped by?

Aidan: What was that?

Erin: I think that's what he looks like completely devastated. Speaking of, you don't look so hot yourself.

Aidan: Yeah, we think Kendall got on a boat. I'm not sure where it's headed.

Erin: Oh.

Aidan: I don't know what to tell Ryan.

Ryan: Erica just doesn't think that you and I should be getting into it right now about Kendall. The court order that I have, the one that you were going to fight?

Jack: Yes, the one that gives you the right to control her every move until she delivers this child.

Ryan: Yeah, well, now you know why I did it. This right here -- Kendall missing.

Erica: Please, please stop, both of you. The only thing that matters is that we get Kendall home safe.

Jack: Let me just check on Lily, and then I'll do whatever I can.

Erica: In case you didn't notice, you just helped me cover for the man that you want me to tell all to. I'm confused.

Ryan: Well, I'm not going to force you into anything, Erica. I mean, if you want to expose Greg about Josh and not tell Jack first -- if there's one thing that I've learned, letting your mate be the last to know is just a really bad idea.

Erica: Hmm. I've learned the same thing. Funny how I forget that a lot.

Jack: Lily? Lily? So where is she?

Erica: Well, she was in her room.

Jack: She's not there now. Her purse is gone, her jacket, gone.

Erica: Well, if she left --

Jack: That means she sneaked out. Where's your brother?

Ryan: He's at home, Jack, and I talked to him, and I told him that he's not to see Lily secretly ever again.

Jack: Well, as long as you told him, I have nothing to worry about, do I? If he has lured my daughter to your house you know where I'll be.

Erica: Oh, Ryan, please go after him, stop him from doing something that we are all going to regret.

Lily: There's no red. That's good. I've seen this shirt before -- blue and white stripes. Chair, bed, pillows -- green, two. You can come in now. That's me.

Jonathan: I -- I like to look at you before I go to sleep.

Lily: Well, you can see the real me tonight. This is just a test, but if it was normal, I would be wearing my nightgown -- I like the white one. My clothes are on, but I still think this test will work.

Kendall: So the baby's father -- he's -- he's ok with all of this?

Camille: Oh, well, yeah. I mean, he was really sweet when he offered to do the right thing -- to marry me. Yeah, he was drunk and crying -- oh, not happy tears.

Kendall: Oh.

Camille: His dad put him up to it. It was either propose or go to hell. That makes for a super-happy life, doesn't it? Yeah, my baby can do better than that. I'll make sure of it.

Kendall: So -- so that's it, then? Then -- then the father is cool with your choice?

Camille: I mean, it's like awesome food here, you know, 24-hour room service. But you know what makes this place really great? Dr. Greg. He takes care of everything, baby's daddy and all.

Leann: It's official -- I'm gorgeous, and it's time for bed.

Kendall: Oh, no, I'm not ready yet.

Camille: Oh.

Kendall: Besides, you haven't heard my lip seminar -- why lip pencil is not your friend.

Woman: Don't worry, Leann will exploit you shamelessly throughout your stay.

Camille: But she does bring milk shakes, so she's good for something.

Kendall: What -- what if I have more questions? I mean, I know makeup, but you guys are the experts on Dr. Madden's spa.

Leann: Oh, have no fear. We have all the As to your Qs.

Kendall: All?

Camille: Absolutely. Get some rest, ok?

Kendall: Ok, thank you, guys. It's -- it's really nice to know I don't have to do this alone.

Leann: Honey, if we don't help each other out, who will?

Woman: And before Camille says "Dr. Madden," it goes without saying. He's part of the club.

Camille: Yeah.

Woman: Night.

Camille: Good night, sleep tight.

Kendall: Thank you. Thank you so much, you guys. Thank you, all.

Camille: We'll show our way out.

Kendall: Ok. Fine.

Leann: Bye.

Kendall: Bye.

[Once alone, Kendall sits on her balcony and ponders.]

Kendall: Dr. Greg takes care of everything.

[Erica recalls recent conversations about Kendall.]

Erica's voice: You either tell me where my daughter is, or I will tell your son the truth.

Greg's voice: Kendall, if you will entrust your baby to me, I promise the child will end up with a loving family.

Erica's voice: There is so much more to Greg Madden than the kindly, handholding saint he makes himself out to be.

Kendall: My doctor, my choice, my decision. He remains my doctor during this pregnancy as planned.

Tad's voice: There's only one sure way for you to get Kendall away from Greg -- that's to go public.

Erica's voice: But for Kendall -- I mean, when she found out that I had put her up for adoption, it broke a part of her, and I don't want Josh to be broken.

Tad: Well, I got to admit -- even with his ego, something like this could do some serious damage.

Jack: I thought we were through with all the secrets. I love you, I'm your husband, and after everything we've been through together, I would think you would know that you could tell me anything. So why are you holding back on me?

Tad: Secrets this big have a way of finding their way out into the light.

Erica: Greg Madden will take Kendallís baby as if it's his right, and he will keep that baby as a toy, as a science experiment -- whatever he sees fit. Greg Madden would do God knows what with Kendall and Ryan's baby.

Lily: This bed is strange. It's firmer than mine. But it smells like you, so it's familiar. I never thought of that.

Jonathan: That's good. Is the test over now?

Lily: Move slowly.

Jonathan: Oh, I haven't moved. I'm -- I'm right here.

Lily: No, move slowly when you come to lie beside me, so I can know if I can sleep with you.

Jonathan: Lily, I -- I don't know. This is --

Lily: Please, Jonathan? I need you to do this.

Ryan: You see, Jack? No Lily. Jonathan's probably asleep. Look, I'll help you find your daughter, but maybe --

Jack: This is Lily's, son of Ė

[Jack runs into Jonathan's room and is shocked to see him and his daughter in the same bed.]

[Kendall is startled out of her sleep by a presence in her room.]

Babe: He's not in any of the bars that we hit, but I knew he wouldn't be.

Krystal: Oh, that's my girl. You just keep the faith, ok?

Di: He's not at the boathouse, not at the waterfall --

Tad: Not at the Pine Cone with a bottle of scotch.

Brooke: And he's not at any of the places that he and Jamie went as kids, either.

Adam: He's not a kid. He's a man.

Babe: He's a person and he's hurting.

Tad: And he's someplace we haven't looked yet. So where is J.R.?

J.R.: Right here.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Kendall (to Zach): How did you know I was here?

Zach (to Kendall): We got to go, now.

Babe (to J.R.): How much did you have to drink?

Brooke (to Dixie): You obviously stayed away for a reason. Why? What happened to you?

Di (to Dixie): I kept your secret. I deserve to know, too.

Dixie (to Di): You're right. You do.

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