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All My Children Transcript Monday 4/24/06


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Aidan: Wicked afternoon for a boat ride, wouldn't you say? One of these beauties yours? Or are you just here looking for a skipper's job, because times are rough?

Zach: I know why you're here, and you can leave.

Aidan: Oh, come on, Zach, don't be like that. We're just starting to have a great conversation.

Zach: If Madden used his yacht to smuggle Kendall out of Pine Valley, I'll find out about it myself.

Ryan: Madden definitely, definitely knows where Kendall is and either he spills or I do -- I will spill his brains all over the floor.

Julia: Um -- ok, clobbering Madden doesn't automatically equal "this way to Kendall."

Ryan: I'm willing to take the chance.

Julia: Look, I would be willing to watch Madden take a pounding, too, but not like this. All he's going to do is slap you with an assault charge and then you're going to be in jail, and you're not going to be able to find Kendall and your son from there. What you need to do is to figure out a way --

Ryan: Look, I don't have time, because Kendall could be anywhere, and if she gives birth before I find her, then I will never see my son, ever.

Julia: It's not like she's due tomorrow.

Ryan: I know, but I have no idea where to start looking, and it could take a month, right? And if it takes a month, then Madden will have already gotten rid of my son, and my custody rights will have meant nothing. Nothing. So I know, yes, violence is not always the best answer, but in this case, it's -- it's all I got.

Julia: That's not true. You've got me. Between the two of us, we have the power to get Madden to talk. If you want to hit the guy -- well, let's hit him where it counts.

[Erica slaps Greg hard across the face.]

Erica: You sick pervert! Don't you ever come on to me again. I couldn't even imagine myself with you.

Greg: You know, your stunning beauty was what captivated me when I first met you, but it's this passion of yours that I fell in love with.

Erica: "Passion"? The only passion I feel for you is -- is complete hatred! You get it through your head -- you and I can never be!

Greg: Yes, but we are. You're the mother of my son, and I couldn't have chosen a more perfect one.

Erica: You are out of your mind. I will not waste another second of my life or my daughter's life. I will kill you if I have to.

Greg: You tried that. You failed. You'll fail again. The reason I'm standing here, the reason I'm still breathing -- we share a destiny, Erica, you and I, and I'm not just talking about Josh, it's more profound than that. We're part of something that's inevitable. It hurts me that you don't see it yet, but you won't be able to fight it forever.

[While Tad and Adam fight for the gun in Di’s room, David arrives and picks it up off the floor.]

Tad: No -- oh!

Adam: Get off -- get off me! Get off!

Tad: Stop!

Adam: Pile of blubber! Get off of me!

David: Two men I detest, and a loaded gun. What to do, what to do? So, who wants to die first?

[Dixie lies unconscious in a packing crate on the dock.]

Babe: Careful. Please don't break the first antique I ever bought.

J.R.: Look, relax. Whatever's coming out of this crate's coming out in one piece -- right now. If this is the crate with your antique chest in it, I wouldn't worry about it being broken. They went a little overboard with the packing, don't you think?

Babe: Seriously.

J.R.: Yeah.

Man: Medical emergency!

Babe: What is that?

Man: Clear a path!

[Helicopter flies]

Man: I'm sorry, Mr. Chandler.

Josh: Watch out, trying to save a life!

Babe: What's going on?

Erica: I would never accept a future that has you in it. I would rather die.

Greg: Erica, I'm a patient man. But you can't resist me much longer. It's hard for me to watch you fight the inevitable

Erica: Where is my daughter?

Greg: You could at least be grateful that I brought Josh into the world. Don't you admire my foresight? I saw what you couldn't, I gave life when you refused.

Erica: You expect my gratitude?

Greg: At least you should appreciate my foresight and my -- my brilliance. He's an extraordinary human being. The world is a better place because he's in it -- that's only because of me.

Erica: Jeff Martin is his father. Any gifts, any talents, any loving qualities that the boy has surely do not come from you.

Greg: Biology does not mold a child into a man. I raised Josh. He is the person he is only because of me.

Erica: You may call yourself a father, but you are an evil scientist who used Josh and me as -- as some kind of a twisted experiment. And thank God he's not related to you biologically. You are insane.

Greg: No. I'm the perfect partner for you. You and I would make a perfect team. We're both strong, we're both powerful, we're both intelligent. With your beauty and my mind, we can go further than either of us have ever dreamed.

Erica: Don't make me sick.

Greg: How do you know you'll be sick if you haven't even tried it?

Erica: I know. I just know. Now, please tell me where my daughter is, Greg. Stop stalling!

Greg: You'll never find a man who understands the female body better than I do.

Erica: Please just tell me where you took my daughter.

Greg: I can show you parts of your body you didn't even know existed.

Erica: Stop it! Stop it! Stop it and tell me where my daughter is!

Ryan: Ok --

Erica: Where is she?

Ryan: It's ok, it's ok. This ends now.

Zach: Ok, you want to help? Find out what Wellspring is.

Aidan: Bottled water? Miracle face cream? That's a hard one.

Zach: Madden has an account in the Caymans. He's sending money to something called "Wellspring." Look into it, ok?

Aidan: I'm sorry, are you trying to get rid of me?

Zach: I'm trying to find Kendall. Keep Madden away from her.

Aidan: So while you go off and get a suntan, I do your dirty work, and I find out what Wellspring is, is that right?

Zach: I'm not in the market for a sidekick. Excuse me.

Erica: Ryan, he's crazy! He knows where Kendall is, and he won't tell me!

Ryan: I know, I know, but it's ok, because we're going to find her.

Greg: Well, I hope you're right. We're all worried sick about Kendall. You can see the toll her disappearance has taking on her mother.

Erica: Stop it! Stop acting as if you don't know where she is. You took her. You know where she is. You're hiding her from the people who love her.

Ryan: I'm going to give you one last chance to come clean. Where have you taken Kendall?

Greg: I haven't taken Kendall -- I have been confined to a hospital bed, if you remember. I'm as anxious for her safe return as anyone.

Erica: Liar.

Ryan: Look, we know that you have her.

Greg: I'm not interested in your baseless theories, Mr. Lavery. Erica, I hope you feel better soon.

Julia: They asked you nicely. Now we get ugly.

Babe: So those helicopters were here to pick up life-saving organs?

Man: Sorry I had to bother you.

J.R.: Well, I think a liver ranks a little higher on the import scale than my wife and I checking our souvenir for some scratches.

Man: That's not yours, sir.

J.R.: But it says "Chandler" on the side here. "Being exported to Uzbekistan"?

Babe: Honey, here's ours over here.

J.R.: Oh.

Babe: Why don't you grab that crowbar again.

J.R.: Yeah, I'll do that. I hope this one's a little easier.

Babe: No, this is it, definitely, because it says "antique crate" here on the left.


J.R.: I hope this one's easier to pop open.

Tad: Well, you know who I'd vote for. Just don't pull the trigger before you get him to tell you what he did with Dixie.

Adam: Dixie's fine! Tad keeps making it sound like I did something sinister. All I did was remind her how selfish it would be to reveal herself to J.R.

Tad: For God's sake, you're not buying any of this, are you?

David: I've never believed a word from either of you.

Adam: I'm telling you the truth! Dixie left of her own volition. It took some skillful persuasion on my part, but she finally got the message and hightailed it out of town, no forwarding address.

Tad: You're a stinking liar.

David: Maybe. But I do like the implication. You finally get the love of your life back after all these years, and you lose her in record time. I at least had some quality time with Dixie. What'd you have, a couple of lousy hours? You got to love that.

Tad: Oh, yeah, yeah. Dixie might be dead -- that's a thigh-slapper.

Adam: Stop being such a drama queen. Dixie isn't dead. He'll say anything to get you to use that on me.

Tad: You got me there.

Adam: Yeah, well, the simple fact is that Dixie finally saw the light and left town. No mischief, no drama, no -- no forwarding address, just good-bye, good luck.

Tad: Well, if Dixie was willing to leave so peaceably, just tell the guy with the pistol one thing. Why'd you have to bring along a gun to persuade her?


J.R.: Well, I hope so, it's a $20,000 chest. Apparently, Napoleon used it one time.

Babe: I didn't -- where do we want to put it?

J.R.: I have no clue. Hey, thanks again.

Babe: Have a good night.

J.R.: When it's all intact, how about we head home, we'll have it sent on over?

Babe: I can't wait to see our boy.

J.R.: Yeah.

Josh: Babe. Hey, sorry I had to blow past you earlier without saying hi. Critical assignment.

Babe: We heard. You were dropping off an organ for transplant?

Josh: Yeah. Yeah, they -- they don't trust deliveries like that to just anyone.

J.R.: Yeah, which proves my theory -- you conned your way into the job. There's no way Joe would send you on such a big assignment if he knew what a pathetic sack you were.

Josh: "Pathetic" is a loser like you thinking you can make it with a woman like Babe.

Babe: Ok, come on, J.R., let's go.

J.R.: You know what "pathetic" is -- you still coming around like you have a shot.

Babe: Don't do this.

Josh: Go back to playing hardball, Babe if you haven't already. It's the smart way to go.

Babe: Ok, good-bye, Josh.

[As he’s walking away, Josh hears a noise coming from a crate marked “Chandler” and investigates.]

David: Go ahead, Adam, tell us. Is this how you persuaded Dixie to leave Pine Valley? Waved your little gun in her face?

Adam: That isn't mine. I don't carry weapons. My friend, the detective here, does, though. Hmm? He threatened to kill me!

[On the dock, Josh opens the crate and looks inside.]

Adam: Tad knew that I was trying to coax Dixie into staying, that he was desperate and irrational and jealous, so he stormed in to try to stop me. I told him he was too late, that she'd already left. Well, he -- he went into this jealous rage and whipped out this gun, waved it in my face, and said -- [As a gangster] "Talk or die, old man."

Tad: I swear to God I don't know how you could possibly get more annoying. Look, Dixie’s things are still in the closet. Look for yourself.

Adam: [Normal voice] I -- I can explain that. She was in a bit of a rush.

David: All right, all right. Save your breath. I'm kind of preoccupied at the moment. You see, I'm making a list in my head -- 101 ways on how to torture you clowns. I'm already up to 76.

Tad: David, what is wrong with you? Dixie may be dead. Doesn't that bother you?

David: At this point, I'm thinking, not so much.

Dixie: Where am I?

Josh: You're in the cargo area of Pine Valley airport. Lucky for you, I'm a doctor. Everything seems to be working all right, but I'm going to get you to the hospital, get you checked out just to be sure. You can tell me who you are along the way, so I can call the police, let them know whose beautiful life I saved.

Zach: So tell me again -- I should make this out to the Marina Restoration Fund, right? Is that what you said?

Man: Yes, that's right, but you really don't have to do this right now, Mr. Slater. You could have your secretary send it later or --

Zach: No, I'm an instant gratification kind of guy. Here you go.

Man: This is extremely generous.

Zach: It's a good cause.

Man: I'll be right back with your receipt if you'll just wait here for a moment.

Zach: Great.

Aidan: Ahem. Was that a check that I saw that guy French-kissing? Did you buy yourself any information worth sharing? Ah, that's right -- you're not in the market for a sidekick. I remember. Well, it's lucky for you I don't do tit for tat, isn't it? Greg Madden's Wellspring is a dummy corporation, and he's channeling funds into something called RG Incorporated.

Zach: Madden's yacht set sail the night that Kendall disappeared.

Greg: Such conviction. You all think that I masterminded such a long list of earth-shattering events. I'm flattered.

Ryan: Save yourself from me, Dr. Madden. I would listen to what Julia has to say.

Julia: Tell Ryan and Erica where Kendall is, and I won't go public with your deliberate misdiagnosis.

Ryan: Take it or leave it.

Greg: Yours is the last in a long list of ultimatums that I have received recently. I'm going to have to pass, not out of defiance, but only because I've done nothing wrong. I have always acted with the highest level of professionalism.

Julia: You lied straight to my face. You told me I was physically incapable of having children when you knew I was perfectly healthy.

Erica: Oh, my God.

Greg: We can go around like this for days, but the facts won't change. I did not deceive you, and I do not know where Kendall is.

Ryan: Well, at least you're predictable, because we kind of figured that you were going to throw your hands up and play innocent.

Julia: So we called in the chief of staff, filled him in on all those things you haven't done. A girl can never be too careful.

Joe: I understand we have a serious problem, Dr. Madden.

Josh: No hospital, no cops, no explanation why you were locked in a crate headed for Uzbekistan, and I'm not buying the harmless-prank alibi. You won't tell me your name. Does that about cover it?

Dixie: Yes, but I am eternally grateful for the ride home.

Josh: Well, then why don't you show your appreciation and let me buy you a drink, no name?

Dixie: Oh, I can't.

Josh: Are you going to make me play the guilt card, because you haven't properly thanked me yet for saving your life.

Dixie: Yes, I did, in the car.

Josh: Those were just words. I need something more substantial like, say, dinner or coffee, something along the "we're on a date" line.

Dixie: No thank you. I really appreciate the offer, but the only date I have right now is with a hot shower.

Josh: Well, I can -- I can wait.

Dixie: Don't. I am really not feeling very social.

Josh: An hour with me --

Dixie: Will do nothing whatsoever, sadly.

[Dixie sighs]

Dixie: But nothing will.

J.R.: I didn't do a very good job on the eyes.

Babe: My eyes have never looked so amazing.

J.R.: Ok, come on, bag the drool-fest. That sketch is totally amateur. In fact, I wouldn't have cared if you would've left it in Cap Ferrat.

Babe: I am never giving it up. It's getting framed -- today. Hmm.

J.R.: What did Josh mean when he said that you better start playing hardball if you haven't already yet?

Babe: Who knows?

J.R.: Well, from the look on his face, you do.

Tad: Listen, David, you know as well as I do there is no way that Dixie would willingly agree to leave without her things. Now, if she truly made up her mind to tell J.R. she was alive, then one conversation with Zippy the persuasive chimp wouldn't change it.

Adam: You know this? You -- you were here?

Tad: No, but I'm sure you could act it out. Now, maybe you don't care that Dixie is missing, but I do, so get out of my way, because I'm looking for her.

David: Is it just me or did this gun land at my feet with the perfect alibi? I walked in, saw you standing over his dead body. You freaked, turned the gun on me. We fought, it went off, you died -- self-defense. And just like that, Pine Valley is purged of two of its most irritating citizens.

Dixie: My God, David. Put the gun down.

Babe: First Janet, now Josh. Two people who love to get under your skin, who have no say in our lives, no say in our happiness, yet you're letting them get to you. I am so over this, J.R.

J.R.: You confided in Josh back in the day.

Babe: But this is the only day that I care about. I am so in love with you right now, I am brainstorming baby names. How can that not be enough? I mean, you let one dig from someone you hate, who hates you, question every single thing about me?

J.R.: I never said I questioned everything about you.

Babe: So what's next? Street polls? Because I'm sure the driver will pull over if you ask him to. Question everyone you can find, man, woman, kid, dog. "Hi, this is my wife. Think I can trust her?" Collect all the input you can, because it's obvious that my word doesn't mean a damn.

Dixie: Thank you. Did you actually think you could get away with sticking me in a box and shipping me to Uzbekistan?

Tad: You stupid son of a --

Adam: It was worth taking the risk. Anything to keep you from gutting our son, which I see you're determined to do, anyway.

Tad: It's time to lock you up for good.

David: Adam was just paying homage to my brilliance. Shipping him off in a crate to a foreign country was one of my better kiss-offs. Compliment taken.

Adam: Shut up.

David: Of course, when I shipped you off in a crate, you actually made it to the destination.

Adam: Give me that gun.

Dixie: Get out.

Adam: You give me --

Dixie: Out -- get out! Get out! Get out! You get out of here!

Adam: I'm not through with you, Dixie.

David: You have any dreams of bubble wrap, give me a call.

Dixie: Wait, Tad -- um -- will you please stay?

Tad: Why?

J.R.: I totally suck. I admit it. I mean, how many times have I promised not to play the doubt card, and how many times have I gone back on my word?

Babe: I've lost count.

J.R.: I'm sorry. It's no excuse, but I've spent a lot of time swearing off trust. I know you're not out to get me. It's just going to take me a little more time.

Babe: So if you overhear the gardener telling the plumber that I'm sleeping with the pool guy --

J.R.: Have you seen the pool guy? He's got four teeth, and he's hairy as hell. Even I wouldn't fall for that one. I love you like crazy, Babe. Please accept my apology.

Babe: Only because I am the nicest woman in the world.

[Phone rings]

Babe: Hello?

David: Hey, you're back. I wasn't sure I'd reach you.

Babe: Good-bye.

David: No, no, no. No, wait -- wait, wait. Don't hang up.

Babe: What do you want, David?

J.R.: Hang up.

David: Can I see you? I have a wedding present for both you and J.R.

Babe: We have everything we need.

David: Please, Babe. I'm going to be leaving town, and I don't know when I'm coming back. I may never come back. And I just would hate to leave things the way they are between us.

Babe: You told J.R. and Jamie that their mother was still alive. After all the hideous things that you've done, there's nothing you can do to make it right.

J.R.: Don't waste your time with that jerk.

David: You're right. And I want to apologize to J.R., in person.

Babe: David, just let it go, ok? We're on the causeway, headed home from the airport. We don't want to drive all the way back out to your cabin.

David: But I'm not at my cabin. I'm at the Seasons East Casino. Please, Babe. Five minutes, that's all I ask.

Joe: Utter disregard for a patient, abuse of your power here. Serious charges, Dr. Madden. And I'm going to have to present them to the board. And you should be prepared to lose your privileges here as a result. I mean, no doctor's got the right to be pursuing his own personal agenda with patients. You don't have to like your patients, but personal aversion does not justify a false diagnosis.

Greg: I did not give a false diagnosis. On the day Mrs. Keefer came to see me, she was emotionally agitated. I think perhaps her recollection of the visit may be a bit skewed.

Julia: You told me I'd never be able to have kids. Message received, loud and clear.

Greg: You see? You misunderstood.

Julia: I'm a nurse. Medicalese doesn't wash over me the way it might with some of your patients. Inoperable fibroid tumors. Conception unlikely. Full-term pregnancy virtually impossible. That's what you said.

Ryan: Your lies aren't going to save you this time, Madden.

Erica: But you tell us where my daughter is before they throw you out of here.

Greg: Will you excuse me, Dr. Martin? I'd like to retrieve Julia's file.

Joe: I am one step ahead of you. Esther? Thank you. This is your case file, Dr. Madden. Now we will see whose recollection is skewed.

Aidan: Any idea where Greg Madden's yacht was headed?

Zach: No. Apparently, yachts aren't required to tell anyone their destination.

Aidan: So we're back to square one. We have no idea where Kendall is. Well, if she did disembark, it'd have to be at a US port, because she didn't take her passport. I found it in her apartment yesterday.

Zach: Right. And she didn't commission one in another name. Not in Pennsylvania or New Jersey, New York, Delaware.

Aidan: I'll tell you what -- I'll take a thorough check into this RG Incorporated, and you see what you can find out here.

Zach: Ok. Oh, come on, Dixie. Hi. It's Zach. Give me a call when you can. I -- I have something on Madden I want to run past you.

Man: Excuse me, here's your receipt, Mr. Slater.

Zach: Oh.

Man: And again, thank you so much.

Zach: Hey, thank you.

Man: Oh, you know that yacht you were asking me about a little while ago?

Zach: Madden's yacht?

Man: It just docked a couple of minutes ago.

Zach: Hang on a sec.

Greg: "Due to the patient spending the last nine years in witness protection, she has not had a physical exam in as much time. While Mrs. Keefer, a nurse and recent widow, is eager to have a child, she is under the impression a mass of inoperable fibroid tumors may prevent her from carrying to term."

Julia: That never even occurred to me, Joe. He was the one who told me I had tumors.

Greg: It's all documented here. You're very welcome to read along. "A sonogram was performed and showed no sign of said fibroids. In fact, there are no visible reproductive impediments whatsoever. Mrs. Keefer should have no trouble conceiving a child and carrying to term."

Ryan: But you -- you know that isn't what you told her.

Julia: He did this to cover his tracks.

Erica: Madden is an expert at creating his own reality.

Ryan: Joe, I saw Julia right after the examination and -- and there is no possible way that Madden gave her the "all clear."

Greg: Well, speaking of "all clear" -- ah, yes. Here is the sonogram.

Joe: Mm-hmm.

Julia: He never showed that to me.

Erica: Probably because he knows that you could read it, you could see that there was nothing wrong.

Greg: "Mrs. Keefer recently suffered a major trauma, killing a man in self-defense."

Julia: You were the one who brought that up. You tried to use that as a reason to talk me out of adopting.

Ryan: Joe -- Joe, for whatever reason, Madden got in his head that Julia shouldn't be a mother, and he did everything in his power to rip that away from her.

Greg: "The patient appears to carry a great deal of residual guilt, and as a result experiences an altered perception of reality."

Ryan: I mean, you're not buying this, are you?

Erica: Joe, please believe me. Madden is a masterful liar. Please don't let him off the hook.

Julia: He's doing everything he can to make me look crazy. Everything that he's told you, everything in those notes -- they're all lies. You cannot let him get away with this.

Joe: Julia, it's all right. Well, you certainly keep very detailed notes, Dr. Madden. I mean, most doctors write in shorthand, abbreviations. These are so thorough and meticulous and typewritten, not handwritten. I'd almost think I was reading a legal brief.

Greg: Well, I think it's important to keep comprehensive annotations just in case there are mistakes.

Julia: You know damn well that is not how that happened.

Joe: Julia, I've known you for a very long time, and I've never thought of you in any other way but as levelheaded.

Greg: Dr. Martin, you're surely not going to side with her after all this evidence that I've presented to you?

Joe: Come on, Julia. Back to work.

Julia: But, Joe, he's lying.

Erica: How could you be so heartless? How could anyone be so corrupt?

Ryan: You've dodged a lot of bullets lately, Madden, but your luck is going to run out.

Greg: You will let me know if you hear from Kendall? And will you think about the conversation we were having before we were so rudely interrupted? It's one that I intend to continue.

Dixie: I know you don't like me very much right now. I -- I accept that. But I know you love my son.

Tad: In every way that's important. I think of him as my son, too.

Dixie: I know you do. You have been more of a father to him than Adam ever was. Even since before he was born, you were there for him, and you loved him, and you protected him. Tad, I need some advice. I'm incredibly worried about how J.R. is going to react when he sees me again. And I think at this point you know him better than I do. Can you tell me how I can do this without killing him?

Tad: Dixie, when I was young, I spent a lot of time in trouble. Hours making up wild stories so that my father wouldn't flip out. When my mother caught on to what I was doing, she would always give me the same advice -- "Give your father the truth, because in the end, no matter what you do, the truth is going to come out." My father would appreciate me for being upfront. You know, I didn't always take her advice, but I always knew she was right. You should be honest with J.R. I know you love him -- at least I used to think you did -- so give him the truth, your truth, whatever it is. Why'd you stay away for so long?

Dixie: Well, uh -- I wish I could explain that.

Tad: Hmm. Yeah. So do I. Short of being abducted by aliens, I don't think anything is going to make this easier.

Dixie: Yeah. Ok. I was afraid that's what you were going to say.

Tad: I'm sorry. What do you want, a homecoming party? J.R. has finally found his place in the world. He earned it. He's got a -- a wife and a son, a family that he always dreamed of. This is going to destroy that. Now, I will do whatever I have to to be there to pick up the pieces. But when he lays eyes on you, when he finds out that you stayed away from him -- your own son, for four years -- on purpose, his world will explode. I don't condone anything Adam would ever do, but for the first time in my life, I understand it. You've been in Pine Valley for, what -- months? And all that time, you hid from J.R. Why? Why do you have to do this? Why do you have to do it now?

Dixie: Because you saw me. I can't ask you to lie to J.R. I don't think you could -- you could do it for very long anyway.

Tad: It's amazing. You still know me so well, and I don't think I know you at all.

Zach: And I don't even know why, but I always wanted a boat, you know, ever since I was a kid, and then I see that thing and that's beautiful. That's -- that's Madden's boat, huh? He's a business associate of mine. I mean, is that -- is that rough? Could I handle it? Does -- does it handle nice?

Man: Beautifully.

Zach: Yeah? What about out on the open sea? You just came in --

Man: I really should get going. Thanks for the drink.

Zach: Hey, no problem. We'll do it again some other time.

Man: Yeah.

Zach: I'll keep an eye on it for you. What's the name of it anyway?

Man: ReGeneration.

[Seeing the man wearing an RG jacket, Zach recalls seeing a folder marked RG, Spa ReGeneration in Greg’s office.]

[Wearing an RG plush white robe, Kendall walks around her spa room.]

Erica: Why can't I get anyone to listen to me? I mean, every time I think of Kendall out there all by herself alone, her fate completely in the hands of that -- that lying maniac --

Ryan: I mean, he just -- he just undercut Julia without even -- without even the slightest twinge.

Erica: But at least Joe knew that he was full of it.

Ryan: I should've known. I should've known that he would've pulled something like that.

Erica: He's been one step ahead of us all this time, Ryan. But not anymore. No, there is one way to save Kendall. I have to go public about Josh.

[Music plays]

Josh: Thanks.

Singer: She don't have to make her mind she's right 'cause she's all the time she don't

Singers: She don't

Josh: So, was it my persistence or my smile?

Dixie: I am shocked you're still here.

Josh: Hmm. Well, I had a feeling you wouldn't be able to stay away.

[Dixie chuckles]

Dixie: Honestly, I had forgotten all about you.

Josh: Ouch.

Dixie: No, I -- what I mean is it never occurred to me that you would wait this long.

Josh: Hmm. Well, not only did I wait, I got you this just in case.

Dixie: Oh. How lovely. Um -- that's very sweet and thank you, but I don't drink.

Josh: Not even a sip? You've had a hell of a day.

[Dixie chuckles]

Dixie: Yeah, that's true. Maybe just one sip.

Josh: One sip, hmm. Well, I guess there goes my plan to get you drunk and take advantage of you. Any chance you're a super extreme lightweight? Check out the latest beauty craze.

[From the other end of the bar, David watches with satisfaction as J.R. and Babe enter and see Dixie.]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Dixie: J.R.? It's Mama, I'm home. The only thing that's important is that you know that I love you.

J.R. (to Dixie): When you walked out of my life four years ago, you said that you needed to find yourself. Did you? Who are you now, lady?

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