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Babe: Definitely better than snails. And the crème caramel and the coke -- coco --

J.R.: Coq au vin.

Babe: Coq au vin.

J.R.: Hmm.

Babe: Who jets to the South of France for breakfast -- and lunch and dinner?

J.R.: Us, anytime you want.

[Surf crashes]

Babe: Is the sun bigger here? It's glowier, don't you think? I mean, it is totally different than home.

J.R.: Yes, it has a -- [French accent] Certain je ne sais quoi.

Babe: Hmm, I love it when you speak French.

J.R.: Je t'aime, mon petit chou.

Babe: Did you just call me a shoe?

J.R.: My little cabbage.

Babe: Better, I think. Je t'aime you back. Hmm. Can people really be this happy?

J.R.: [Normal voice] We can. I promise. Nothing's ever going to come between us ever again.

Adam: Why couldn't you just stay dead?

Krystal: The office just called. The jet's still in France. Seems like breakfast au francais was so good that Babe and J.R. decided to settle in for the night, some villa, Cap Ferret or something like that.

Adam: Oh. That's good, that's good. Maybe -- maybe it's not too late.

Krystal: Too late for what?

[Doorbell rings]

Krystal: Hold that thought.

Adam: Tad, oh, my God. I -- you must be going through hell, my friend. I can only imagine the pain. I'm so sorry.

Tad: Whatever you want, forget it.

Jack: My God, Livia -- immediate custody of this baby? Do you know what kind of fire that's going to light under Kendall?

Livia: The kind that'll blow her sky-high.

Jack: You're right. I mean, I can understand Ryan suing for custody, but for "total and immediate control of the unborn child"? I mean, isn't that a little bit extreme?

Livia: Ryan feels he has no choice.

Jack: Well, that's too bad. I was hoping to sit these two down, bang out some kind of an agreement between them. That's why I decided to represent Kendall in the first place. Now Ryan's fired the first shot of World War III. How the hell did you get a judge to write off on this anyway?

Livia: I'm very good at what I do, Jack, and I'd appreciate it if you let your client know that.

Jack: Kendall didn't give Ryan parental rights so he could hijack their unborn child.

Livia: He wants to protect the baby.

Jack: With this? This is a total violation of Kendall’s rights, Livia.

Livia: Tell it to the judge, Jack.

Jack: I will. Believe me, I will. You know, when Ryan served Kendall with papers, she came right to me, wanted to countersue to rescind his parental rights.

Erica: You met with Kendall? You discussed this?

Jack: Yeah, she came by the house here. Look, she was very clear about what she wanted and clearly this ain't it. Now, Ryan has gone too far, and I'm going to stop this guy.

Erica: No, Jack, you will do nothing of the kind.

Ryan: Where's Kendall?

Greg: I wouldn't know.

Ryan: What did you do with her?

Greg: Would you like to look in my bag? Do you want to look under the bed?

Ryan: She hasn't been home, she hasn't been to work. Nobody's seen her. What did you do with her?

Greg: You'll have to find yourself a new bone, Mr. Lavery. This is becoming very tedious.

Ryan: Oh, you have no idea how tedious. Tell me.

Greg: Maybe security can convince you to leave.

Zach: I have a better idea -- answer the man's question.

Greg: Kendall's free to do as she pleases.

Ryan: So what happened here? You just felt a little bit of heat and stashed her someplace?

Greg: You're delusional.

Ryan: Well, I'm legal. Yeah, you see, as of right now, I have custody of my unborn child.

Greg: You got yourself a clever attorney. Good for you.

Zach: You still haven't answered the question.

Greg: If you want to wait for Kendall, I suggest you do it some other place.

Ryan: You know, we could drag you in front of a judge. I mean, we could do that.

Zach: Yeah, send some press maybe. What do you think?

Greg: You can drag me in front of as many judges as you like -- the answer still won't change. I don't know where Kendall is. But since you enjoy throwing documents around, I have something here that might interest you.

Jack: I'm fighting Ryan at Kendall’s request.

Erica: And I think that you're only too happy to have a "legitimate" reason to go after a man you detest.

Jack: Kendall came to me, she laid it out. I just want to help her.

Erica: You couldn't discuss this with me? Kendall is my daughter.

Jack: Livia, if there's nothing else, I'll see you in court.

Livia: If Kendall wants a fight, she will get one. Until then, I suggest you let your client know that she may not make any decisions without my client's permission. That includes prenatal care and choice of physician.

Erica: Ryan has complete control?

Livia: That's what the order says. You know where to reach me.

Erica: Please don't go after him, Jack. Ryan wants to do the best thing. He wants to raise his baby, keep his baby and raise his son as his own. How can you deny him that chance? How can you deny the baby the chance to know his father and his family?

Jack: Actually, Erica, I was hoping for a compromise in all this. Look, I understand why you don't want Kendall to give the child up -- everything she went through, because you gave her up. I get that.

Erica: Yes, yes. And what about what you went through? How could you possibly want to keep Ryan from his own child? You remember how you felt when you found out that you had a grown daughter? All the years you missed, all the -- all the moments you missed, because she was kept from you?

Jack: This is completely different. I mean, there are no secrets here. Everything is out in the open. Erica, what's important now is not what you want Kendall to want, but what Kendall wants.

Erica: Isn't this really about what you want? You won't forgive Ryan for what he did to Greenlee, and you want to use my daughter to punish him.

Jack: Ryan blindsided Kendall with this thing.

Erica: Was this your idea? Did you suggest that Kendall fight Ryan in court?

Jack: I tried to talk her out of it, all right? I told her to make very sure this is what she wanted before she went for it. Now, I care about Kendall. I care about that baby.

Erica: No, I think that you care more about punishing Ryan.

Jack: Kendall has rights, Erica.

Erica: And so does Ryan, and Ryan has the baby's best interests at heart.

Jack: And what makes you think your daughter doesn't?

Erica: Because I think she's confused.

Jack: Because she won't listen to you?

Erica: No. Because she's been completely manipulated by Greg Madden and she needs to be protected.

Jack: That's what I'm trying to do, Erica -- protect her!

Erica: Oh, I see, a taking Ryan's baby away from him --

Lily: Too loud, too loud.

Erica: That's just an added bonus.

Jack: Sweetheart, I'm -- I'm sorry.

Erica: We didn't mean to upset you, Lily.

Tad: Don't ever hug me again.

Adam: This is a travesty -- Dixie coming back like this? The woman is completely twisted.

Tad: You saw her?

Adam: Yes. I couldn't keep her out.

Tad: How's J.R.?

Krystal: He doesn't know yet. He got it in his head to whisk Babe off to France.

Adam: Yeah, so J.R. is safe for the moment, but you -- I can't fathom what this must be like for you seeing Dixie again. Are you all right?

Tad: Well, it's not like running into an ex-girlfriend at the supermarket, is it?

Krystal: Oh. Not even close.

Adam: If there's anything I can do --

Tad: J.R. is my only concern.

Adam: Absolutely, positively. We have to -- to circle the wagons, partner.

Tad: "Circle the wagons"? What is this, a cattle drive?

Adam: We have to do something.

Tad: Well, we don't have a lot of options, Adam. Unfortunately, the best we can do is try to be there for J.R. when the sky falls on him.

Adam: Well, maybe it doesn't have to.

Babe: This is unreal -- a villa all to ourselves, food so good I can't even pronounce it, and the man of my dreams speaking French to me in France.

[Babe giggles]

J.R.: Don't forget the shopping.

Babe: Oh, the antiques -- why did I buy all that?

J.R.: Because you needed a little souvenir to take back to remember your first trip to Europe.

Babe: An 18th-century hand-painted chest isn't exactly little. But I do love it.

J.R.: Hmm.

Babe: Oh, this is the most crazy, decadent thing I've ever done in my whole entire life.

J.R.: We're going to do lots of things you've never done before.

Babe: Hmm. Is anything this wonderful?

J.R.: You in this light. I wish I had a camera, so I could catch it, hold on to it forever, how beautiful you are, how much in love I am with you.

Babe: We have forever and ever. Where are you going?

J.R.: I'll be right back.

Babe: It's all come true, Mama. I've never been so happy. I hope you are, too.

Krystal: J.R. was finally happy and now this.

Adam: Well, this will blow his happiness to hell. You have to do something, Tad.

Tad: Adam, if Dixie wants to see her son, there's not a whole lot I can do.

Adam: Are you telling me that you are so pie-eyed over your precious Dixie coming home that you don't realize what this will do to my son?

Tad: Look, I'm just as angry as you are. I am every bit as concerned for J.R., but I'm sorry -- I honestly don't know how I can keep him from getting hit.

Adam: All right. You're dazed, you're confused right now. The love of your life just came back from the dead. Whose head wouldn't be spinning? But J.R. has to be our priority.

Tad: I know he's the priority.

Adam: Ok. So help me do something!

Tad: So what do you suggest?

Adam: Dixie will listen to you. You can convince her to go away, to send her back to that -- that hole she crawled out of. It's our only hope. It's J.R.’s only hope -- to get rid of Dixie. We could forget she was ever here, J.R. will never have to know.

J.R.: I found this inside.

Babe: We going to make paper airplanes?

J.R.: I'm going to sketch you.

Babe: I didn't know you could draw.

J.R.: Well, Uncle Stuart gave me lessons a long time ago. I haven't done it in a long time or even thought about it, but today I've been inspired. I mean, if you don't mind --

[Babe chuckles]

Babe: This is so Leo DiCaprio, but you are way hotter.

J.R.: So is that a yes?

Babe: With clothes or without?

J.R.: If you take your clothes off, I'm going to be so distracted I'm not going to be able to put anything on this paper.

[J.R. chuckles]

Babe: Ok. So, where do you want me? Do you want me here, there, standing --

J.R.: No, no --

Babe: Sitting?

J.R.: Perfect. Right there.

Babe: What do you think of Claire? Isabel, Yvette?

J.R.: You're the only model that I want.

Babe: You're very sweet. But I was thinking of names for our daughter.

Erica: Amanda, can I help you?

Amanda: Hi, Erica. I was actually hoping I could see Lily. We could do lunch, maybe shop. Lacey’s is having a sale.

Erica: Oh. Well, I think that sounds like a great idea. Jack?

Jack: How's your mom doing, Amanda?

Amanda: I don't know -- fine, I guess?

Erica: Janet's getting all the help she needs.

Jack: Well, it's too bad she didn't get it sooner.

Amanda: I know, you're right. I should've stepped up a lot sooner. Lily and I used to be stepsisters, and I don't really have a lot of family left, so I thought maybe we could hang out, I could try and get my life back to some sort of normal.

Jack: It is a beautiful day out. Lily, would you be up for it?

Lily: At the boathouse with Aidan, you called me weird.

Amanda: I know. I'm sorry.

Lily: You were patronizing me, like Aidan said.

Amanda: My mind was in a freaky place. I totally blew it that day. I was mean and stupid -- I'm sorry.

Lily: Well, we're not family anymore.

Amanda: Not legally. Maybe we can be friends.

Erica: It would really do you good to get out of the house.

Amanda: Please? I promise you'll have fun.

Lily: Well, I've never done lunch.

Amanda: You'll like it, I promise. Thank you.

Lily: The sun sets at 7:44, but I don't think it'll be dark until 8:13 and then I eat dinner at 6:30, so we should be back by 6:15.

Jack: Well, I hope that was a good idea.

Erica: You just have to have an iron grip, don't you? On Lily, on Kendall?

Jack: I love my family, Erica.

Erica: Please, Jack. Please don't do it. Please, please don't help Kendall take away Ryan's baby from him.

Jack: I will do whatever Kendall needs me to do.

Erica: All right. Ok. You made your choice.

Babe: Guess I didn't have to take my clothes off to distract you.

J.R.: Um -- no, no. It's -- it's not that. I just thought that -- I just thought you wanted to wait.

Babe: Not forever. Wouldn't it be cool if Little A had a baby sister?

J.R.: Especially if she's as beautiful as you.

Babe: Hmm.

J.R.: But Yvette? Probably no.

Babe: Maybe her middle name could be Dixie. What is it?

J.R.: A shooting star. Make a wish.

Adam: We can head this off before it becomes a complete disaster.

Tad: Adam, do you really think I want to watch J.R.’s heart get mulched all over again? If I thought there were the tiniest chance that you and I could keep him from finding out that Dixie is alive, as much as I hate it, I'd probably go along with you.

Adam: But you are that chance! Make it happen. You have a connection with Dixie. Use it. Make her understand what this will do to her son.

Krystal: No, wait, wait, wait. None of us should be considering handling it this way.

Tad: No, I understand how he feels.

[Adam sighs]

Tad: J.R. is finally on terra firma again. I'd hate to see that get sucked out from under him.

Krystal: No, I know, Tad. And for a minute last night, I was ready to send Dixie packing myself, but then it hit me. The woman is his mother, and I know she's been away for a long time. She's a cold case.

Adam: Hmm.

Tad: Hmm.

Krystal: But nobody can keep a mother from her son.

Adam: Oh. Oh, is that the advice you gave Babe when she was holding back Bianca’s baby?

Krystal: That's a low blow, Adam. I was wrong, but your plan is almost as bad. We just got to let this thing play out. We've got to deal with the fallout the best that we can.

Adam: Oh. Well, get ready for Armageddon, honey. Dixie, for some reason, has become everything to J.R. She's the person he loves most in the world. Now, what do you think's going to happen when he sees her? The perfect woman he loved more than anyone else, the perfect mother who walked away from her son, chose to leave him, chose to let him think she was dead? The perfect mother -- nothing but a lie. He'll never survive it. And Tad knows that. We will lose J.R. to a place so deep and dark that no one, not even Babe, will be able to reach him. Is that what you want for your daughter? Hmm? Her life with J.R., her love, their family, all of it gone for good?

Krystal: It's going to be bad, but we have to find a way to get J.R. through this without lying to him. For better, for worse, he has to know that his mother is alive.

[When the doorbell rings, Krystal opens the front door and lets Di in.]

Greg: Do you recognize the handwriting or should we call in an expert and have it analyzed? Kendall no longer wants me to be her doctor, as you can see for yourself.

Ryan: That is what it says.

Greg: Well, where's the relief? Isn't that exactly what you wanted?

Zach: There's no reason nor explanation. Why'd she cut you off?

Greg: My, you are the busy man, Mr. Slater. Don't you have your hands full championing another woman's cause?

Zach: We're talking about you right now.

Greg: Is this the part where you threaten me? Because if it is, I'd like to fast-forward and have you leave, both of you.

Ryan: You realize that little note that you're carrying around -- that's not going to get you off the hook, right? You know that?

Greg: You want to know why Kendall ran? I blame you, Mr. Lavery. You bossed her around, you bullied her. Now you've taken full control of the baby before it's born. If you want to blame somebody for her disappearing, blame yourself.

Ryan: Wow. You're just going to lay this all on me, right? That's nice, that's really nice, but it's not going to work.

Greg: You beat your chest, you told everyone you only wanted what was best for the child. The only person who cares about that child's welfare is Kendall. She ran to protect her baby.

Zach: Hmm. Doctor's orders?

Greg: I would ask her new doctor. My only regret is I may never see her again. But fortunately, she may never see either of you.

Jonathan: Hi. How are you?

Lily: I missed you.

Jonathan: I missed you, too.

Amanda: Wow. You guys have it bad. I'll come back later to take you home.

Jonathan: Ok. Thank you so much. This -- this is so great, Amanda. You're the best, really.

Amanda: You're welcome.

Lily: What is she the best at?

Jonathan: Well, she -- she helped me plan all this.

Lily: I didn't know you knew Amanda.

Jonathan: Well, we went on a date.

Lily: You did? Is she your new girlfriend? This isn't a picnic. This is just letting me down easy.

Jonathan: No, no. No, no. No, Lily, Aidan told me that I should date someone else.

Lily: Well, Aidan knows you're my boyfriend. Why would he do that?

Jonathan: Hmm, everything got so complicated with you and me and your dad that Aidan thought I should date someone else. But -- but I didn't like it. Amanda's really nice, but she doesn't know how to play chess, and she couldn't finish my sentences for me and her favorite color, it -- it's all wrong.

Lily: So you won't date her anymore?

Jonathan: Well, I don't want to date her. I want to be with you -- no one else.

Lily: This is as nice as the tree house.

Jonathan: Amanda helped me with everything. If it wasn't for her --

Lily: We wouldn't be together right now.

Jonathan: You finished my sentence for me.

Babe: Are you drawing or erasing?

J.R.: Oh, I can hear Uncle Stuart now -- "Just draw. Don't copy the subject, feel it." And then I'd get bored and want to go play soccer or go swimming, and I'd be gone. Poor Uncle Stuart. I never practiced. Now I wish I had.

Babe: I bet it's terrific.

J.R.: No, it's --

Babe: Can I see it?

J.R.: Well, just don't laugh.

Babe: J.R., I -- you're an artist. You made me look so beautiful.

J.R.: I didn't do that.

Babe: There's still so much I don't know about you.

J.R.: All you need to know is this.

[J.R. sits next to Babe and kisses her.]

Adam: All this time, you've known Dixie was alive, and you didn't say a word. You practically destroyed my son by that phony Dixie act of yours, and now your sister's here to help you.

Di: Maybe I can help.

Adam: Oh, you want to help? Get out of town and take your sister with you. Ever since you landed in this house, you've done nothing but bring down the worst kind of trouble.

Tad: Hey, landing on Di isn't going to do anybody any good. It's not about her.

Adam: The hell it isn't.

Tad: No. It's about you. Ever since the day J.R. was born, you've loved him, but you despised Dixie. No matter what you did, no matter how you fought it, she has his heart, and you hate her for it.

Adam: Yeah, I have every reason to hate that woman, every reason, now more than ever. What the hell good is -- is Dixie’s love? I never hurt him the way she did. I never abandoned him for four years. For once, believe it or not, I'm actually better for my son than she is.

Tad: For once, I agree with you.

Greg: You want the truth about why she ran? Look to yourselves. Leave me out of it.

Josh: Everything all right? You ok?

Greg: As well as can be expected. Gentlemen.

PA Announcer: Obstetrics visiting hours are now over.

Ryan: So you're with Madden on this -- you think it's my fault? Kendall split because I was pushing for custody?

Zach: I think the court order was a very good idea, considering this.

Ryan: What is this?

Zach: I found it in Madden's office.

Ryan: Adoption papers. Oh, my God. Kendall already signed away our son.

[From the hall, Erica is listening.]

[As the surf crashes, Babe dreams that she's alone.]

Babe: J.R.? J.R.? J.R., where are you? J.R.? J.R.? Please, J.R. Please don't leave me. Oh, God. J.R., please. Please. Oh, god. Oh, god. God, no. No. J.R. J.R.

J.R.: Hey. Hey. Are you all right?

[Babe sighs]

Babe: Yeah.

J.R.: Huh?

Babe: Yeah, I just had a bad dream.

J.R.: No more bad dreams ever.

Di: Dixie said she was leaving for good. She swore it was the best thing for J.R., for everyone.

Adam: We, then why is she still here?

Di: I don't know.

Adam: Oh. You should've taken her to the airport and put her on a plane. You, of all people, had a hell of a lot to lose by her staying here. Hmm? I assume the engagement is off?

Krystal: Adam, don't make things worse.

Di: I warned Dixie that if she stayed, she would get caught.

Adam: Because she started knocking on doors. Where is she staying? Where the hell is Dixie staying?

Tad: Slater's casino. The high roller suite. That day I walked in the room, you couldn't get me out of there fast enough.

Adam: Ok, you -- go. Talk to Dixie. Beg, cajole, threaten -- I don't care. Get Dixie gone before she destroys my son's life again.

Krystal: Adam, as hard as it is, the best way to love J.R. is to let this thing take its course and be there for him when he finds out.

Adam: Really? Is that what you all think? You all want to stand around and wring your hands and wait for the inevitable train wreck? Is that -- fine. Go ahead, all of you. Not I.

Di: What if -- what if you tell J.R. this is all my fault?

Jonathan: Was this -- was this a bad idea? I mean, are you sorry that you came?

Lily: No. I'm really glad I'm here. It's just that I'm trying to solve a problem. In 13 days, 15 1/2 hours, I'll be 18, and my dad won't be able to legally tell me what to do or who to see or who not to see.

Jonathan: You mean, you'll be an adult. It's what you've been waiting for.

Lily: Yes, but my dad won't look at me as an adult. He'll just look at me as me and that's a problem.

Jonathan: It's a big one.

Lily: And I've considered various conclusions, but there are too many variables. The only constant is I want to be with you.

Ryan: So obviously Madden knows where Kendall is.

Zach: He's behind every move she makes.

Ryan: Including these -- the adoption papers. Son of a bitch. I'm going to get a tail on him.

Zach: It's taken care of.

Ryan: I think I'm going to get my man on him, too.

Zach: If Madden sees a crowd in his rearview mirror, he's going to be more cautious. We're ok with one man.

Ryan: "We"? So we're actually working together now?

Greg: Son, I can catch a cab.

Josh: Well, I'm not going anywhere until I get some answers from you.

Greg: What -- this is my day to be in the hot seat. What mystery can I solve?

Josh: Erica Kane.

Di: Blame it on me. Say -- say I kept Dixie away, say I lied, anything. Say I locked her up, just put it -- put it on me, Tad.

Tad: That's crazy.

Di: I know it's crazy. Crazy I can handle. It's J.R.’s life being blown to bits is what I can't.

Krystal: That's really big of you, did. I mean that, but -- but the last thing J.R. needs is --

Tad: The last thing J.R. needs is more lies from you or from me or his mother.

Di: When is he coming home?

Krystal: We don't know, not tonight.

Di: I will -- I better get going. I'm real sorry.

Krystal: Nothing like getting your guts ripped out all over again.

Tad: Hmm. This will take J.R. right to his knees.

Krystal: I'm not talking about J.R. I'm talking about you.

Tad: I'll be all right.

Krystal: Oh, come on, Tad. That's a load of crud, and you know it.

Greg: The woman obviously is not a fan of your father's.

Josh: Dad, this is about more than just average, everyday hate. You two were going at each other, and what is this talk about some -- some deep, dark secret?

Greg: Erica has a flair for the dramatic.

Josh: Dad, she has gotten to you bigtime. Alarms went off, remember?

Greg: She came to me years ago. I terminated her pregnancy. That was her decision. She apparently holds it against me.

Josh: Dad, this is about more than just some procedure. I want the truth. I want it now.

[From the hall, Erica eavesdrops again.]

Jonathan: Well, I want to be with you, too.

Lily: Well, we need a new plan. We can't go to the tree house anymore. Dad watches me all the time, and he'll still watch me when I turn 18.

Jonathan: Did you really, really mean what you said, that -- that you want to be independent from your dad?

Lily: Yeah. It's the only way I can see you.

Jonathan: Ta-da!

Lily: What is it?

Jonathan: It's your birthday present.

Lily: But it's not my birthday yet.

Jonathan: Well, you can open it today, but you'll use it on your birthday.

Greg: She baited me. I lost my temper. It never should've happened.

Josh: I know what I heard, Dad. All this talk about some magical connection? And what is this -- this picture that you have of her? Of when she was a little girl? Do you really have this thing? And, what, Tad Martin -- did he find something digging around?

Greg: Again, that is Erica acting out, her flair for the dramatic. It was a -- it was a mind game. I took the bait. I got irritated. I'm very sorry both you and Kendall had to witness it.

[Pager beeps]

Josh: I got to take this, but we're not finished here.

Erica: You either tell me where my daughter is, or I will tell your son the truth.

Ryan: A tail's not enough. We've got to get on phone calls and -- and e-mails, home, work, everything.

Zach: All right, I'm on it.

Ryan: No, I'll take care of that. We follow two trails, maybe we'll get lucky. We don't have a lot of time here.

Zach: If we don't find Kendall before the baby's born, you will never see your son.

Krystal: I know you through and through, Thaddeus. No way, no how you're even on the same planet as fine. Dixie didn't give you any reason why she stayed away?

Tad: I didn't ask.

Krystal: It just doesn't make any sense any way you look at it. Where has she been? I mean, how did she survive that crash? What's she been doing all that time and -- and what happened to your baby?

J.R.: You happy?

Babe: I want to go home.

J.R.: What happened to the joie de vivre thing? I haven't even worked on the -- the nude study yet. I was going to hang it over the fireplace, call it "Babe on a half shell."

Babe: Really, it's all been great. But I just miss Little A all of a sudden.

J.R.: Hmm, yeah. I miss him, too. I can't wait to give him that puppet we got him.

Babe: So you don't mind?

J.R.: Anything for you, Babe. Anything you want, always.

[Pounding on door]

Adam: Dixie. I was wrong to have offered you money to get out of town. Maybe this will convince you.

[Adam whips a gun from behind his back and aims it at Dixie.]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Greg (to Erica): I paid you the highest compliment when I chose you. My only regret is that Josh isn't ours biologically, Erica -- yours and mine.

J.R. (to Babe): We couldn't stay in France forever. We'd miss all the excitement in Pine Valley.

Tad (to Adam): Where's Dixie?

Adam (to Tad): She's left Pine Valley permanently.

[Somewhere, Dixie lies unconscious on the hay.]

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