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[As Dixie snoops around Greg's dark office, Tad arrives.]

Kendall: Make Ryan some guy on the street whose name I don't know anymore. That's -- that's what you need to do, Jack. Fix it so that Ryan is nothing to this baby -- not now, not ever.

Jack: Ryan's the baby's father, Kendall.

Kendall: Says who?

Jack: Well, you, him, any DNA test.

Kendall: Oh, my God. He's a sperm donor, ok? He is number 768-- make up the rest. Not to mention he was dead during the time of conception. I mean, how much less of a father could he be?

Jack: Honey, you gave him parental rights.

Kendall: Well, if I can give him rights, I can take them away.

Jack: It's not that simple. You can't just sign a piece of paper like that then change your mind and rip it up.

Kendall: I know it's not that simple. That's why I need you. Go to court, do whatever it is that you do, file briefs and motions, whatever it takes. I've got to get this baby away from Ryan before he takes it away from me.

Ryan: I have nothing that we can use against Madden, but I know you do. You've got some proof, and I think you should give it up.

Zach: And you're not going to tell me anything? I can't help you, man.

Ryan: But this isn't about me. This - -- this is about Kendall and how deep Madden's got her sucked in so far that I don't even recognize her. I don't know if she can get out. Now, look, I understand. I understand why you don't want to tell me what you've got, I do, but -- but you don't want to tell Kendall?

Zach: I could ask you the same thing. You have more on Madden than you're telling me. What is it?

Josh: Dr. Hayward? I just wanted to thank you for treating my father.

David: It's my job. It's what I do. But you're welcome, Dr. Madden.

Josh: There's just one problem -- my father didn't give you an accurate medical history.

David: What did he leave out? Another episode?

Josh: No, he -- he self-medicated. He treated himself for the arrhythmia.

David: And he told you this?

Josh: Well, after I showed him these results. I ran a tox screen without his knowledge.

David: Or mine.

Josh: Do these results make any sense to you?

David: So you don't think your father did this to himself? Who else did?

Erica: I was so worried. How are you?

Greg: Alive.

Erica: Oh. I feel so responsible. I mean, one minute, we were on the set, and the next minute --

Greg: A guest going into cardiac arrest.

[Erica sighs]

Greg: Did you kill -- in the ratings?

Erica: Greg, we were there to celebrate your life and your work. We had no idea that you would almost die.

Greg: No idea, Erica? Didn't you plan it?

Tad: Where the hell is everybody? Must've got some new men's magazines.

[Dixie hides in the next room.]

Tad: Anyone in there? Fair warning. Might just see something I'm not supposed to. Last chance.

Hazel: For you to get tossed out.

Tad: Hazel, my godlike Nubian princess. Where have you been all my life?

Hazel: They're closed, so whatever you want --

Tad: All I want is an update on your boss' heart condition.

Hazel: What's it to you?

Tad: All I want is an update on his ticker and why it went wacky all of a sudden, and as soon as you give me an answer, the sooner I get out of here and give somebody else a chance to bother you.

Hazel: It's not my business to talk about Dr. Madden's condition. I'm done here, and so are you. Out.

Jack: Kendall, did Ryan say that he wants to take this baby away from you?

Kendall: He served me with papers, Jack -- papers. He's suing me for custody of a baby that's not even born yet. Who -- who does that? Is that even possible?

Jack: Well, it's out there, certainly.

Kendall: It's insane.

Jack: But it has been done.

Kendall: That's great. Now he gets to tell me when to eat, when to sleep, when I should take my vitamins. He's going to have complete control of -- of my pregnancy and my body. He's the parent, I'm the incubator? That is hideous.

Jack: Kendall, nobody, nobody wants you to live like that.

Kendall: Well, Ryan does.

Jack: It was my understanding he wanted to raise this child with you. Why would he sue for custody now?

Kendall: He had this whole super dad epiphany. I mean, the man drove off a cliff to get away from his son. Now, he's coming back, and he wants to be parent of the year? Come on, Jack. Please, can you please help me figure out how to cut him off?

Jack: You know, he was planning on raising this child with you. What changed?

Kendall: Well, his ego exploded and now he wants to do it alone.

Jack: No, there's something else. What happened? Why doesn't he want to raise this child with you now?

Kendall: Because I won't raise this baby with him.

Jack: Kendall, you haven't even had this baby yet, and when you do, you may very well want to --

Kendall: I'm putting the child up for adoption. It's my decision to make, I've made it. And now Ryan wants to stop me.

Jack: Well, then we've got a problem here.

Zach: You've got something on Madden, and I think it has to do with what Erica's got on the guy. Your turn to talk.

Ryan: When did you fall out of love with Kendall exactly? Because if you don't want to help her get away from the guy, I can only make that assumption. Wow. No reaction at all, huh?

Zach: What was that?

Ryan: Hmm.

Zach: Are you trying to appeal to my heart? You know that I don't have one. Now, you -- you're a Kendall fan, you're an Erica fan. I know you have a secret or two. You said you would handle it, so you go ahead and handle it.

Ryan: I'm asking for your help, Zach.

Zach: Ok. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. I thought if you had something on Madden, you would've told me just to keep him away from Kendall, unless you have a reason not to. I will help when I can.

Ryan: Unless, of course, that's too late.

Zach: It's not going to happen.

Ryan: So you're still on this?

Zach: Madden's still breathing.

Greg: Erica, you look flushed. I'm so sorry. Sometimes the temperature in this room -- or was it something that I said?

Erica: Something you said? Oh. You mean that joke about my causing you to have a heart attack? Well, you're a doctor. That's gallows humor, I assume. Too much time in this place can do that to a person.

Greg: You promised my appearance on your show would be very special, but you were concerned that my earlier heart trouble might interfere with your plans. What were they exactly?

Erica: To get your story out there and make you even more famous. Although, I must say it was rather strange seeing Josh in the studio where all that ugliness had led to his being fired.

Greg: What was it about that day, Erica, you didn't want Josh to know?

Josh: See the levels right here?

David: So you don't think your father treated himself?

Josh: It's not like him.

David: To take matters into his own hands or to screw it up?

Josh: I know my father.

David: Well, I'm sure he knows you, too, but can he predict everything you do?

Josh: Just tell me. This compound, that amount -- is it something an experienced doctor would give himself?

Erica: I certainly don't think about Josh very much at all, really. And I certainly don't suspect him of trying to steal backstage secrets if that's what you meant to imply. I'm just curious. I just wonder why Josh would be where he knows he's not welcome.

Greg: Josh told you -- he was there to support me and make sure that I was all right. You must have forgotten that in the confusion.

Erica: Well, it's just strange to think of Josh as a supportive son when he's been so hateful to you.

Greg: Well, that was before my first heart episode. You remember -- you invited me over to your house for tea. After that, things just got better and better for Josh and I. And then when he saw me collapse on your set -- well, I may have almost lost my life, but I gained my son back.

Erica: More than that. Today might have been your funeral. You really need to take better care of yourself, Greg.

Greg: Your consideration is so sweet. Thank you.

Erica: Mm-hmm.

Greg: But I'm all right. I always have been.

Erica: Well, Greg, how can you say that? I mean, your heart --

Greg: Oh, that's right -- you don't know. My cardiac event was induced. It seems that I was drugged.

Erica: Oh, my God. How awful. What's going on in this town? Someone drugged you, too? Well, who would do that to you?

Greg: Well, Josh has a theory. He thinks it's you.

[Once the coast is clear, Dixie comes out of hiding and resumes searching through Greg's files when suddenly a door opens.]

Ryan: Erica, it's Ryan. Please give me a call back as soon as you get this.

Tad: I called your office. They told me you were here. You got a minute?

Ryan: Yeah.

Tad: I got this little itch at the back of my skull I can't scratch, and I was wondering if you could help me out. Yesterday, for some reason, Greg Madden ended up being a special guest on Erica's show. He then had a heart attack before the first commercial break. I was kind of thinking I should figure out why. Now, you were there. Did you notice anything strange?

Ryan: You mean other than a guy almost biting it on live television?

Tad: Yeah. Let me be more specific. Did you notice anything strange about Erica? And while we're at it, why the hell was Josh Madden there?

Josh: So you're saying it makes total sense that my dad would treat himself for arrhythmia with this compound?

David: Well, it wouldn't be my first choice nor my second, but I'm a cardiologist and he's an Ob/Gyn. So, yes, he might treat himself with that.

Josh: Yeah, but this sent him into cardiac arrest. How was that part of the plan?

David: Well, there you go. He already had an episode, right? Well, this just proves that his prescription didn't prevent a second, more severe episode.

Josh: But you can't be sure someone didn't drug him.

David: Josh, I believe the world is filled with jerks who will kill you just as soon as look at you, but that is not proof that someone is out to murder your dear old dad. Now, I have an appointment. If you need me, you can page me. Otherwise, tell your old man leave the heavy lifting to me.

Greg: Josh had your whole murder plan figured out.

Erica: Well, I'm not even going to bother to ask you if that's another joke. I know Josh too well. He would accuse me of anything. Will he ever let go of his anger?

Greg: He was perfectly calm when he presented his proof. He wasn't angry in the slightest.

Erica: Proof? Well, now how can there be proof of something that never happened?

Greg: Tox screen results. Joshua had my blood tested.

Erica: And the results showed that you had been drugged. Believe me, I know how you feel -- so violated, so invaded. A person has found his moment to hurt you. I know how that feels -- I've been there because of Josh. But why accuse me?

Greg: Joshua thinks probably revenge -- he hurts you, you hurt me. Of course, he could be wrong.

Erica: Well, you know he is.

Greg: Josh is going to bring the police in. He says, why not let them figure it out?

Erica: Oh, Greg. For your sake, I hope it doesn't come to that.

Greg: Well, don't you think I have a right to know who wants me dead?

Erica: Well, should I worry that Josh is going to accuse me?

Greg: Are you guilty?

Erica: Well, you tell me. You're the victim. Did I try to kill you?

Zach: Sorry. Any leads yet?

Dixie: Nothing. But there's a lot of files I haven't touched.

Zach: It won't be here.

Dixie: You don't know that.

Zach: Madden's too smart to leave a paper trail of what he did to you.

Dixie: The man is a detail junkie. There has to be something on Kate.

Zach: And keep it here?

Dixie: I know it's a long shot, but I don't care. I want my daughter back.

[Phone rings]

Dixie: Oh. It's David. David.

David: Hey. Where are you?

Dixie: I'm dead. Haven't you heard?

[David chuckles]

David: I ran like hell to meet you here. Are you on your way?

Dixie: Not yet. There's actually something important I have to take care of.

David: Well, tell me what it is, and I'll take care of it. Then let me take care of you.

Dixie: Now is not a good time.

David: Dixie, you're not forgetting our agreement, are you? This isn't you backing out, is it?

Dixie: I didn't say that.

Zach: Just say yes and hang up.

David: Is there someone with you?

Dixie: Uh -- no. I'm on my way. And when I don't show up --

Zach: You will show.

Dixie: There are a million papers I haven't looked through yet.

Zach: I'll take care of it. If there's something here, I'll find it.

Tad: Erica just fired Josh for trying to sabotage her career. Did she have any idea that her favorite ex-producer was even in the studio?

Ryan: Actually, she was trying to get rid of him, but he thought it was kind of messed up that his dad was on her show.

Tad: Yeah, well, I wonder where he'd get that idea. Considering she despised the man, it's kind of weird, don't you think? Not to mention the fact he nearly drops dead on national television at her feet?

Ryan: Yeah, a lot of weirdness all packed into one day.

Tad: A little too much. It's almost as if it was planned. The only question is, who would do something like that and why?

Ryan: You care to make a guess, Tad? I mean, it's just you and me here. I know what you're thinking, and I know why.

Jack: Kendall, from a legal standpoint, going after custody of a child that you don't plan to raise is unusual, to say the least.

Kendall: There's nothing about this pregnancy that isn't unusual.

Jack: And that's just going to muddy the water more when we get to court.

Kendall: Oh, I don't understand what the big deal is about all of this. This -- this is my belly, my baby, my choice!

Jack: The big deal is that courts are biased towards biological parents.

Kendall: Wonderful. That's great, that's me. There you go.

Jack: And Ryan. Now, what court is going to revoke his parental rights and give them to adoptive parents that don't even exist yet? Or do they exist?

Kendall: Even if Ryan's an unfit father?

Jack: Well, that's your only shot at this if you want to try to prove it.

Kendall: "Try"? Please. The man went off a cliff, because he was afraid of his own son. He was afraid to be a father. And then -- then there's uncle psycho. That unfit enough for you?

Jack: Kendall, there are men who have murdered their wives and gotten custody of their children.

Kendall: Ok, so then the court is full of idiots. What's your point -- is that your point?

Jack: Sit down, please. My point, sweetheart, is that this may be a fight that you cannot win.

Kendall: You wanted Ryan to stay away from Greenlee and her baby and now do you want him to -- to go anywhere near this child instead?

Jack: Two months ago, I would've had to say no, because I despised the man.

Kendall: No, no, no, no. Past tense -- you don't get to do past tense, no.

Jack: Your mother maintains that I hold a grudge too long.

Kendall: Yeah, well, my mother loves a good grudge.

Jack: Well, be that as it may, it does seem to me that Ryan may have changed.

Kendall: Yeah, into a lawsuit-crazed complete control freak.

Jack: Do you know he actually came to me and asked me how to be a good father? That couldn't have been easy for him, and he did seem sincere.

Kendall: Yeah, he also seemed pretty sincere when he completely wrecked the casino suite and almost wrecked Greenlee's face.

Jack: Kendall, decent people, decent parents -- they try to learn from their past mistakes to be better parents. That's what I'm trying to do right now with Lily. Now, her mother, Laurel -- if she hadn't trusted me enough to give me a chance -- what I'm saying is that maybe Ryan deserves a chance.

Kendall: So Ryan just sucks up to your daddy pride and all of the sudden, you're "Rah, rah, Ryan."

Jack: You know, the reason you're pregnant with Ryan's child right now is because you went behind Greenlee's back and made it happen, and now that things aren't working out the way you planned, it's a little late for you to play the victim.

Ryan: Erica told me. She told me what Madden did to her.

Tad: Told you as in --

Ryan: As in everything, right down to the result and how it feels to have that result out there in the world.

Tad: Not to mention watching his father treat Kendall. Yeah, that's pretty gnarly stuff.

Ryan: Yes, he is a sick man. So, if Erica did have it out for him --

Tad: I shouldn't be surprised?

Ryan: Not at all.

Tad: Ryan, you and I aren't the sharpest knives in town. You know, I checked. Madden's got no previous history of medical problems.

Ryan: I can't betray a personal trust, Tad.

Tad: But you don't have to, do you?

Ryan: You're a detective, you're a pro, you've got instincts, Tad. I mean, when you're right, you're right.

Erica: Do you think I'm a killer, Greg?

Greg: Those eyes alone.

Erica: My eyes made your heart stop?

Greg: I hate to think you'd want to hurt me. I've always cared very deeply for you. I have since the day we met.

Erica: It was a strange way to begin a friendship.

Greg: Another place, another time perhaps. A beginning, not an ending.

Erica: But we were both married. You were my doctor.

Greg: A sacred bond. I was connected to you. You came to me for help. I'd have done anything for you.

Erica: I seem to remember your nurse Hazel. She was at your side. She still is. She must know you better than anyone.

Greg: Hazel understands the impact of what I do.

Erica: I didn't know anything about the process. Just that it was legal and important. So when you asked me to come to the clinic at night --

Greg: You were a budding star. I didn't want to subject you to waiting-room stares and gossip.

Erica: So you said. And I remember thinking, what a kind man, someone to trust, brilliant. A doctor who would go beyond what most physicians would do. Push the envelope.

Greg: What about what you did that day? Do you ever regret it?

Erica: Do you regret what you did to me, Greg?

Greg: You were young and vivacious. Your view of the future did not include a child. So, no, I have no regrets. And you? Do you regret what you did? Do you ever wonder what might have happened to that child? It might be a boy, all grown up now, and a brother for your daughters. A son for you.

Erica: What a strange question.

Greg: Why? My son has brought me enormous joy. If you could have seen him then, Erica -- he could swim when he was 2. He could read when he was 4. By the time he was 6, he could ride a bicycle with no training wheels. He was fearless. He just swallowed life up. You would have loved him.

Erica: I know the kind of love you're talking about. I have that kind of love for my girls.

Greg: But for a son like Josh --

Erica: No. I don't regret not having a son, especially one who would accuse me of attempted murder. What did you say to Josh when he said I tried to kill you?

Tad: If I'm right, then Erica has snapped. What the hell is she thinking?

Ryan: Greg Madden has to be stopped.

Tad: Yeah, while he's still alive. What does she do for an encore? Give him an ax in the back of the head?

Ryan: No, that is done. She gave me her word.

Tad: She tried to kill a guy on national television. That's supposed to mean something? She gave you her word?

Ryan: I got it in trade, Tad. I told her that I was going to take care of him.

Tad: Oh, good. Crisis averted. That's exactly what I want to hear.

Ryan: No, no, no, no -- not like that.

Tad: Like how?

Ryan: I'm still working on it.

Tad: Look, this is nuts. It's insane. Do you have any idea what we would be swimming in right now if he had bought the farm on "New Beginnings"?

Ryan: You know what the tough part is? The tough part is I can't blame her. Because Madden's mind is -- is so twisted, I can't even imagine. And Kendall trusts him. She trusts him with our child's life.

Tad: Only because she doesn't know about Josh. She has no idea how twisted Greg Madden can be.

Ryan: No, she's got none. But I'll tell you this. There is no way that Kendall and my child will be Madden's next victim.

Kendall: You know what? This was a very bad idea, to come to you for help.

Jack: Kendall, hold on --

Kendall: No, please, Jack, just let me go.

Jack: Just -- just stop.

Kendall: No, Greenlee's gone, and you blame me.

Jack: Listen to me. I miss my daughter, ok? I miss my daughter. And I want her back.

Kendall: Well, I miss her, too. This -- this is supposed to be Greenlee's child. Not -- not mine, not Ryan's.

Jack: Whoa -- wait, you're not saying it's her fault, because you want to give this baby up?

Kendall: Why does this have to be someone's fault? I don't understand. Why is this such an earth-shaking event?

Jack: I can't believe you just said that. Kendall, how long did it take you to get over the fact that Erica gave you up?

Kendall: I -- I might still be a head case if my mother kept me. I mean, maybe about something completely different.

Jack: Have you talked to your mother about this at all?

Kendall: Oh, right. So she can look at me like everyone else does? And wonder what -- what great woman doesn't love their unborn child? That -- that's what you think. I know you think that, too.

Jack: You want to know what I think? I think I just realized that I was looking forward to this baby. Looking forward to my grandson.

Kendall: No, no. No way. No more guilt. You can't do this to me. Don't gang up on me.

Jack: Kendall, please --

Kendall: I can't take this, Jack.

Jack: Please. Just calm down a second. Just talk to me. Will you please just try to get me to understand why you think giving this baby up is the best answer to all this?

David: Our evening can begin.

Dixie: Oh, David, you shouldn't have.

David: You're kidding, right? I spent nearly four years without you. I'm not about to waste one single second now that you're here. I missed you terribly, Dixie. I mean, candles and flowers don't even come close to being nearly enough.

Dixie: That's so sweet.

David: There was nothing ever sweet about us, Dixie. Passion and risk and love -- that was us. And nothing has changed.

Dixie: Oh, David, stop.

David: Stop? Even death couldn't stop us, Dixie. So that's kind of out of the equation, don't you think? Now, slow down -- that's something I definitely would consider.

Dixie: Thank you. This is all just beautiful, but it's too soon. Ok? We can't just pick up where we left off. And -- and even before I left, we weren't together, I recall.

David: Do you remember this? From that evening when we went to dinner at the Moroccan restaurant. I couldn't keep my eyes off you, or my hands. We didn't even make it to dessert. We spent all that time outside the restaurant, kissing, intensely. When we walked back to my car, we walked past this store. That was in the window. You said its curves looked elegant and sexy. Well, I had them track down another one for you, Dixie. For you. Elegant and sexy.

Dixie: I can't believe you did that.

David: What wouldn't I do for you, Dixie?

Dixie: Maybe you haven't changed as much as I thought.

David: Just one gift. One dinner. One evening. There's so much more we can have, compared to that. The impossible. The future we almost lost.

Kendall: This baby is my baby. My reasons are my reasons. If I want to put this child up for adoption, I don't have to answer to you or anyone else.

Jack: Yes, you do. You have to answer to the baby's father and to the court if you want to get them to revoke his parental rights. If you want to prove that Ryan is an unfit father, you got a hell of a fight on your hands. It's a fight you just might lose, Kendall.

Kendall: You can't scare me, ok? You're just bullying me like --

Jack: I am not bullying you.

Kendall: Yes, you are.

Jack: And if someone is, you let me know who they are --

Kendall: Ok, really? Like you care. I'm sure you care so much.

Jack: Kendall, I took you as my daughter when I took your mother as my wife. I don't want you to live a life of regrets. I want you to think about what you're doing, about what you really want. And then if you want to fight Ryan, I'm right there beside you the whole way.

Ryan: Come on, Tad, you got to help me out here. I mean, how do we get through to Erica? How do we convince her to expose what Madden's done to her?

Tad: Well, I'm not sure that we should. Ryan, if she goes public about this, then lives are going to explode. A lot of lives. It's got to be her call.

Ryan: All right, fine. Well, we got to get that maniac away from Kendall. Then we got to think of some way to do that. And we have to cover Erica's tracks.

Tad: I want your word. You're sure she's not going to try something like this again?

Ryan: Yes, I'm sure. I mean, your dad is the man at the hospital, right? He's got to be able to find out if the doctors suspect that Madden's heart problems are anything but natural.

Erica: Josh blames me for your heart stopping. Who do you blame, Greg?

Greg: Myself. I told Josh that I was self-medicating.

Erica: Why would you do that?

Greg: Medicate myself or confess to my son? Who knows? We doctors know best.

Erica: How odd that you kept the truth to yourself all this time.

Greg: I don't think Josh believes it is the truth.

Erica: Well, why would you say it if it weren't true?

Greg: That is a very good question.

Ryan: I mean, your dad is the chief of staff, right? All the weirdness has got to go through him. Can we cover this up? Can -- we just got to make sure nobody finds out anything that they shouldn't.

Tad: I'll do what I can. But I'm not about to involve my father in attempted murder, I don't care what Erica's going through. Thanks for the nonconfirmation confirmation.

Ryan: And if I ask who, where, what, not too many details?

Tad: Ryan, we already know who and where. And as to what -- I've only got one idea as to who could supply that little commodity. You just protect Kendall and that baby.

Erica: It makes perfect sense, even if Josh doesn't believe it. You took matters into your own hands. It's what you do best.

Greg: You and I alone here in this room -- you have no idea how much it means to me. I've always felt connected to you, and now the connection feels a lot deeper. I've shared so much with you, I might as well share this. I used to have a dream. I dreamt that Josh was your son.

Erica: I don't have a son.

Greg: It was a dream. It was my fantasy. We were a family. You, me, and Joshua. Dreams are so hard to leave behind. That's why I hate to think that Josh believes you might have hurt me.

Erica: We've all outgrown make-believe.

Greg: Dreams come true every day. In my office. Other people's, my own. But I can imagine our family. I could convince Josh to trust you like a mother.

Erica: Josh had a mother. I'm merely a former boss who he despises.

Greg: But I could help Josh to see you through my eyes. Someone he could love and someone he could trust, not someone that would hurt his father. He could see how close we've become. How much closer we could become. Intimate, even.

Erica: Intimate?

Greg: It's not too late to make things right. We can make the dream a reality.

Erica: There is no intimacy between us, Greg, no matter what you fantasize. I'm married to a man I love. That's a reality that will not change.

Greg: I'm worried about you, Erica. The less I can convince Josh that he's wrong, then who knows what's going to happen? And it would just kill me if you went to prison.

Erica: Oh, I'm far more worried about Josh than I am about myself. Trials have a way of bringing out revelations, secrets that tear people apart. What if Josh heard something devastating? Something that changed the way he looked at the world and everyone he's ever known and ever loved? Oh, no. I'm not worried about myself. I'm frightened for you and for Josh.

Josh: What are you doing here?

Erica: Excuse yourself, Josh. You don't want to be here.

Josh: What did you just say to me?

Greg: Josh, I'd like you to stay. There's something very important I want you to hear.

Josh: I'm sure this has nothing to do with the blood work-up, now, does it?

Greg: It's about Miss Kane.

Kendall: Yes, let's hear it. What do you know about my mother?

David: Before you left, we couldn't even stay away from each other. But now we don't have to, ever again.

Dixie: David, so much has happened.

David: So what? Nothing has changed. People spend their entire lifetime hoping to have what we have right here, right now -- a second chance at love. Take it with me, Dixie. Now.

[Dixie turns around and is stunned to come face-to-face with Tad.]

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