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Jonathan: This -- this looks really bad.

Jack: You think?

Lily: Of course, he thinks, Dad.

Jonathan: Mr. Montgomery, it's not Lily's fault, ok? Don't blame her. It's my fault.

Jack: Well, I'm quite sure that's true.

Lily: No, no don't say it's your fault. It's not your fault. Dad, Jonathan didn't force me to come here. I came here, because I want to be here, and I enjoy spending time with Jonathan. And if you want to be mad, be mad at me.

Babe: Ok. I'm all set.

J.R.: You wearing that?

Babe: Yeah. Why?

J.R.: To a picnic?

Babe: What's wrong with this?

J.R.: Well, it's just -- I don't know -- those clothes.

Babe: What about them?

J.R.: You just -- can't really see your body.

Babe: Would you rather I went naked? I will get Little A, and I'll meet you in the car, still dressed.

J.R.: You know, it's really hot outside. You might want to reconsider that blouse.

Babe: The car, J.R.

[Phone beeps]

J.R.: What the hell -- Janet? "Has Babe pulled the rug out from under you yet?"

Di: I can't take it.

Tad: Why? I'm sorry. Is it the ring?

Di: No, like I said, the ring -- the ring is beautiful.

Tad: But you can't take it, because --

Di: Oh --

Tad: Well, I mean, what is it? Was it the proposal? Was it too sappy? Was it not sappy enough? I mean, I can do romantic --

Di: No, I know you can do romantic. This is -- this is way beyond romantic -- it was until I ruined it.

Tad: So why'd you ruin it?

Di: I want to marry you, Tad, but I can't. I don't want to hurt you, and there's -- still so much you don't know.

Josh: 2, 3, 4 --

Erica: Oh, my God.

Josh: 5, 6.

Erica: Oh, my God. Greg?

Josh: 9, 10, 11, 12 --

Erica: Is he dead?

Josh: 13. Come on, Pop. 16, 17 --

[In her room at the casino, Dixie watches the action on TV with Zach by her side.]

Dixie: He's not --

Josh: 18, 19, 20 --

Dixie: He's not dead. He can't be dead. Get up, you bastard! Stand up!

Tech: This is live. I just can't believe -- this is unbelievable.

Man: Tell the control room to keep us on the air.

Tech: You got it.

Josh: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 --

Ryan: Yes, we're at the corner of Marconi and First. A man is having a heart attack. Dr. Greg Madden, and I don't know how old he is -- either he's early 50s --

Erica: Oh, my God. I don't even believe this is happening.

Josh: 19, 20, 21, 22 --

Ryan: There's a doctor doing CPR on him.

Josh: 25, 26 --

Ryan: Ok.

Josh: 27, 28 --

Ryan: All right, thank you. Thank you.

Josh: 30.

Erica: Well, what did they say? Did they say how long it would be before they get here?

Ryan: They're going to be here very soon, Erica, very soon. Look -- look, I --

Josh: Come on.

Ryan: I know CPR.

Josh: Come on, Pop.

Ryan: Is there anything that I can do at all, anything? Do you want me to relieve you for a little bit?

Josh: There's an emergency defibrillator in the production office. Bring it to me!

Ryan: Ok, in the production office.

Josh: Hurry up!

Ryan: Production office?

Josh: 20 -- come on, Pop. Come on! Breathe!

Dixie: He can't die. He can't they -- they have to save him.

Zach: You said something about your daughter. She's alive.

Ryan: Jeez. Ok, here you go.

Man: Is there anything else we can do?

Josh: Go wait outside for the ambulance.

Ryan: Ok, look, can I do anything else?

Josh: All right. Keep up the compressions while I get this ready.

Erica: I'm sure he's going to be fine.

Ryan: All right, what were you at? 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23.

Kendall: Mother, what have you done to him?

Ryan: 26, 27, 28.

Josh: All right, stand by. Clear! Damn it, he needs another one. Stand back.

Kendall: What is -- what is Greg even doing here, Mother? He just got out of the hospital.

Josh: Clear!

Erica: Please, not now, Kendall.

Kendall: Yes, now. You did this, Mother. Greg was just barely out of a hospital gown, and you propped him up in front of a live studio audience under these steaming hot lights. You put him on national television.

Erica: Greg had every opportunity -- I gave Greg every opportunity to cancel his appearance, and he really felt that he was strong enough to go through with this.

Ryan: Ok, anything? Have you got anything at all?

Josh: Nothing yet, nothing yet.

Kendall: Well, what is Ryan doing here? I mean, I -- I don't understand this. Are you trying to make this as stressful for Greg as possible? Is that what this is? Did Ryan threaten him? Is that what's going on? Is that why my doctor is lying here on the floor?

Erica: Ryan didn't do anything, really. Kendall, you have got to stop with the blaming.

Josh: We'll do it again. Stand by. Clear! I got him! I got him back! I got a pulse! Oh. Pop, breathe. Try to breathe, Pop.

Erica: Oh, my goodness.

Josh: That's it. Just relax.

Ryan: Here, let me get him to his side -- oh, ok. Just -- ok.

Josh: Just -- yeah, just like this.

Erica: Oh.

Josh: That's it.

Erica: Camera 2?

Ryan: Does he still have a pulse?

Erica: Obviously, this has been an enormous scare for all of us. And I apologize to all of you at home who -- who had to witness this, this very, very frightening ordeal. But Dr. Madden has been resuscitated, and I know that you join with all of us here in praying for his speedy and his -- his full recovery.

Babe: Everything ok?

J.R.: Yeah, fine.

Babe: You don't look fine.

J.R.: Um -- it's just I got a heads-up that one of the Chandler board members wants to oppose an acquisition of mine and -- I'm not going to let it ruin our day -- your day or Little Adam’s.

Babe: Are you sure?

J.R.: Mm-hmm.

Babe: You want me to take the board member out, because I got a pretty mean left hook.

J.R.: I love you.

Babe: I love you more. You sure that's the only thing bugging you?

J.R.: No. We're still in this stuffy house when we could be at the beach rolling around in the sand with our son. Let's go already.

Erica: And so, my friends, I want you to hold good thoughts for our esteemed guest, Dr. Madden. I know that he will come out of this stronger and healthier and with his own new beginning. Good-bye for now.

[Turns TV off]

Zach: Your daughter survived the accident in Switzerland, and Madden is the only one who knows where she is.

Dixie: Yes.

Tad: Di, I realize there's a lot I don't know about you -- how you were raised, what happened to you. I don't care. I mean, make no mistake -- you're not marrying a saint, either. The point is I've seen your dark side. Didn't scare me then, it's not going to scare me now. I want to marry you. I want to be with you from here on out -- that's got to mean something. Maybe it means you should stop worrying so much about the past.

Di: No, it's not the past that I'm worried about.

Tad: All right, then what? What, then?

Di: It's just the way -- the way you feel about me now, right now, that could all change.

Tad: Look, you're not making sense. Ok, terrific. Yeah, I --

Di: God.

Tad: I -- no, no. Ok, I understand. Look, we're going to go through some hard times, ok? I know we will. I can guarantee it. There's going to be fights and tears and sleepless nights. No marriage is perfect -- that's just the way it is. But I wouldn't be asking you to be my wife if I wasn't positive the good times would outweigh the bad.

Di: You say that now --

Tad: Yeah, yeah. I am saying it now. And I'm going to say it tomorrow and I'll say it the day after that and the day after that, because I am willing to put up with your eccentricities, because I want you to put up with mine. Please, come on, Di. I mean, for better or worse, right? It's right there, it's in the vows -- the whole thing. You with me on this?

Di: I'm with you.

Tad: That's my girl.

[Di chuckles]

Tad: That's my girl. Hmm.

Dixie: My Kate. Mine and Tad's daughter. Greg Madden knows where she is.

Zach: Why won't he tell you?

Dixie: Because he won't.

Zach: But why? I can help you if you tell me what happened. Fill me in for Kate's sake.

Jack: Please, please tell me this has not been going on. Please tell me you haven't been sneaking out to see this guy.

Lily: Maybe Jonathan should tell you. I'm not really good with lying.

Jack: Oh.

Jonathan: I'd never hurt her, sir. I would never hurt Lily -- well, not again, I mean.

Jack: You were not to see Jonathan ever again.

Lily: Well, you told me you would give me more freedom.

Jack: Not to meet him in a tree house. Lily, you promised me that you would stay away from Jonathan. Now you've broken your promise to me -- do you see that?

Lily: No, I don't break promises, Dad.

Jonathan: She doesn't, Mr. Montgomery. It's true, I --

Lily: The only promise I ever made to you was that I wouldn't tell you anything that might upset you. That's why I didn't tell you I was still seeing Jonathan. But -- but you also made a promise to me, Dad. You told me that you wouldn't make my life miserable, and if you make me stop seeing Jonathan, you'll be the one going back on your word.

Ryan: You all right?

Josh: Yeah, yeah. Thanks.

Kendall: Josh? Josh, please tell us your dad's going to be ok.

Josh: Well, his -- his heart's beating again, but I don't know. There's no -- there's no guarantee.

Erica: Oh, I just think that that was one of the most scary things I have ever seen. I mean, one minute he was fine, he was talking, and the next -- well, thank God you were here to take care of him, Josh.

Josh: Yeah, well, it's a damn good thing I didn't leave when you got in my face and told me to get the hell out of your studio. My father had no business doing that interview, Erica! I only wish I would've gotten him away from you while I had the chance.

Kendall: Haven't heard much from you in a while. You just sitting back, enjoying the show? You would just be so happy if Greg Madden died, wouldn't you? The one person who backs me completely silenced?

Erica: Kendall, please. Ryan just tried to save his life.

Ryan: I don't want anyone to die, Kendall.

Kendall: He's not "anyone," Ryan. He's Greg Madden.

Ryan: I am not getting into this with you right now.

Josh: All right, let's just get him out of here.

Paramedic: All right.

Josh: All right, move out of the way. Excuse us.

Kendall: I want to go. I'm going to go with you.

Erica: No, that's not a good idea.

Kendall: You may not care if Greg lives or dies, but I do.

Erica: Oh, God.

Ryan: Where is it? The drug -- that you gave Madden to stop his heart.

Erica: Ryan, if this is your idea of humor --

Ryan: Erica, Greg Madden's life is hanging on by a thread, and you're the reason. You tried to kill him.

Erica: I most certainly did not.

Ryan: I watched you, Erica. I watched you, Erica, while you were interviewing him. It's as if you were sitting there, and you were watching him, and you were waiting for something to happen.

Erica: Well, it's a talk show, Ryan. Of course, I was waiting for something to happen. I'm actually hoping that something exciting will happen --

Ryan: I saw your face, Erica. I saw your face when he went down. And, yes, it was only for a second. It was a flash, but I caught it. It was like -- it was like the waiting was over. I mean, it was like you were expecting him to die.

Erica: Oh, Ryan, this is ridiculous. What are you now, a mind reader?

Ryan: That cup that you took from his office -- that wasn't because you were looking for his DNA. It was -- it was because it was proof. It was evidence that you tried to poison him, wasn't it? I mean, that's why you were trying to get rid of it, and you've been -- you've been behind every attack that Madden's had. And you can deny it all you want. I mean, you can, but I know that I'm right, so it would save us both just a lot of trouble if you just handed over whatever it was that you slipped him, Erica.

Erica: Ryan, there is nothing to hand over. I didn't slip him anything.

Ryan: Or I can just find it myself.

Jack: So tell me something, Jonathan -- does Ryan know about this? Did he help you build this tree house, so you could keep on corrupting my daughter?

Jonathan: What, no -- no. Ryan doesn't know anything about it, and I'm not corrupting Lily, sir.

Lily: Ryan doesn't want us together, either. You heard him at the ball. So we had to find our own way to be together.

Jack: Yeah, well, that way is done. We're going home now. Let's go.

Lily: No, Jonathan's my boyfriend, and I want to be with him.

Jack: No, he's not your boyfriend, Lily. This is over.

Jonathan: Lily? Maybe you should go home with your dad.

Lily: No. I'm not going to follow your rules anymore, not when they upset me so much, and they keep me from the one person that makes me feel better than anyone else.

Jack: Just how close have you two gotten?

Jonathan: It's not what you're thinking.

Lily: What's he thinking?

Jonathan: He thinks that we're having sex.

Jack: Oh, thank you, Jonathan, for putting it so delicately.

Lily: You don't get to make the rules anymore, Dad. I'm making my own now, and the first one is we don't have to tell you everything we do.

Jack: Lily, that is unacceptable.

Lily: I'm going to be 18 in a month, Dad. And then I can live by my own rules completely. And I can be with Jonathan, and I can have sex with him, and I can -- I can even marry him I want to. And you won't be able to stop me.

[Di chuckles]

Di: Oh.

Tad: Got to admit, this is nice.

Di: Mm-hmm.

Tad: I can be romantic -- I mean, dancing alone on a beach, no music? Just the rhythm of our hearts beating as one.

Di: Hmm.

[Di giggles]

Tad: I'm sorry. Either somebody really short is trying to pull my pants down, or your arms are a hell of a lot longer than I thought.

Di: Oh, no!

Tad: Oh!

[Di laughs]

Tad: Hey, sweetie.

Di: Hey, darling.

Babe: Hey.

Di: Hey.

Babe: I hope we didn't kill the mood.

Di: Oh!

Babe: He saw you guys, and he took off.

Di: Oh, oh, oh. Hey.

Tad: His timing is perfect, because I want to take a family vote.

Di: Hey, darling.

J.R.: What are we voting on?

Tad: How would you feel about getting married right here, on the beach, this summer?

Di: Oh -- are -- are you serious, Tad? This summer is so soon.

Tad: I'm perfectly serious. I can't think of one good reason not to do this. Can you?

Dixie: And that's when I lost track of Madden.

Zach: So that's how this guy gets off? Taking the child from her mother?

Dixie: Promise me that you won't say anything. You understand, Tad and J.R. cannot know that I'm alive? They can never know what happened.

Zach: They won't hear it from me.

Dixie: Thank you.

Zach: But Madden has to be stopped.

Dixie: Look, you do whatever you have to to protect Kendall, ok? I understand. After what he did to me and my baby, there's really no telling what he has planned for Kendall or her child.

David: I'll take it from here.

Anita: Josh, why don't you wait outside?

Josh: No, no, no. I'm staying right here. I'm not going anywhere.

David: All right, listen. You did a wonderful job resuscitating your dad, but relatives make lousy doctors, so let me handle this, please?

Kendall: Hey. How is he?

Josh: It's too soon to know.

Kendall: You did a great job with him, Josh.

Josh: How could this happen? What were the signs, the signals? My father is the epitome of good health. I can't remember a single day when that man was sick. How could this just creep up out of nowhere?

Erica: Stop it now, would you just stop it right this minute?

Ryan: I need you to move, Erica.

Erica: No, you move. I mean, should I call security? Do I need to?

Ryan: You move or I will physically pick you up, and I will move you myself.

[While Ryan searches her office, Erica makes the mistake of picking up her purse, which leads him right to the pills she was using to try to kill Greg.]

Erica: Hey!

Ryan: "Improper dosage or consumption may cause cardiac arrest resulting in death." If Greg dies, you will be guilty of murder.

Erica: No, murder is a crime. The death of Greg Madden is justice.

Kendall: You cannot think the worst, Josh. Your father is still here. He's still alive, because of you.

Josh: And this totally artificial be-nice-to-Josh act -- what's that about? Because I'm not in the market for pity.

Kendall: Well, that's good. Because I wouldn't know how to give it even if I wanted to. You're right. We're not exactly best buds. But we do have one thing in common. We're both scared to death at the prospect of losing your dad. He means a lot to me. He's helped me through some pretty tough times. He's still helping me.

Josh: Your mother thinks I drugged her. She hates me.

Kendall: Doesn't mean I have to.

Erica: You can still walk away, Ryan. You could pretend you didn't see anything, you didn't find anything.

Ryan: Oh -- you're not a killer, Erica. If -- if you're doing this, there has to be -- there's got to be a really, really good reason.

Erica: I have a really good reason.

Ryan: Well, then tell me what it is so that I can help you, like I helped you before. I mean, what is it? Is it Kendall? Is that why you're so furious with Madden? Because of the way that he got Kendall pregnant?

Erica: Oh -- I hate the way he inseminated Kendall. And he didn't even tell Greenlee.

Ryan: Well, I hate it, too, but not enough to kill him. There's got to be something else, Erica. I know -- I know that he terminated a pregnancy for you in the past. Is it -- you can trust me, Erica. I've -- I've proved that to you. My God. What did he do to you?

Erica: He experimented on me. Greg Madden violated me.

Dixie: Greg Madden has no conscience.

Zach: My child was taken from me, too. Except it was my father who did the taking, and I didn't know anything about it.

Dixie: Well, you still suffered for it.

Zach: Pain has a way of creeping up on you, no matter what you do.

Dixie: I would kill to hold my little girl again. Now you understand why I have to find Kate, why I have to be so careful.

Zach: You had her long enough to name her.

Dixie: Well, no, I -- I named her before she was ever born. I named her after her great grandmother, Grandma Kate. Because I didn't know her, but I knew that she was a strong and wise woman. And everybody loved her. And I wanted Kate to have that strength. You know, at least I have the comfort of knowing that Grandma Kate is keeping an eye on her, from heaven.

Tad: "Well" and "I don't know" and "I'm not sure" are not good reasons to postpone a wedding, so you're going to have to come up with something a little more concrete than that. What's got you so sketched out?

Di: It's a lot to think about.

J.R.: Well, lucky for you, we have a three-time wedding planner right here in the family.

Tad: Et voilà.

Babe: Thanks. And I will totally help you with everything. I know it's scary, but you can pull it off.

Di: Hmm.

Tad: It's worth thinking about.

Babe: Hey, how about we take Little A down to the water.

Di: Mm-hmm.

Babe: And I'll give you some turbo-wedding-planning tips. I have a shovel for you.

Little Adam: Thanks.

Babe: Shovel!

J.R.: You used to look at Mom like that. It's nice to see I'm not the only one power slamming into happily ever after.

Tad: Power slamming? Don't tell me you're having second thoughts about Babe already.

J.R.: Oh, no, I love my wife. She got me to trust again. That's no small feat. I'm not about to stop. In fact, I have every intention of making it last this time. And I hope it does for you and Di. And if I know Mom, even she's giving you her blessing.

Dixie: The problem is Kate could be anywhere. Other than Greg Madden, I have no leads at all.

Zach: As long as he's alive, we can still find her.

Dixie: He's an idiot. He may never tell me where she is.

Zach: Stop asking. Leave Madden to me.

Jack: Sweetheart, your 18th birthday won't make any difference. You'll still need supervision.

Lily: Why? Because I have Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Jack: Yes.

Jonathan: No, I think that you're underestimating your daughter, Mr. Montgomery. Lily's smart enough to be able --

Jack: Shut up and stay out of this, please! Lily, I know you don't like the rules I make for you, but I don't make these rules to make you miserable, sweetheart. I make these rules, because I am trying to shape your life for the better. I'm trying to spare you a great deal of pain.

Lily: But Jonathan doesn't hurt me. You hurt me.

Jack: I'm sorry you feel that way. I'm not trying to hurt you. I mean, you know how much I love you. You know how much. And if Jonathan here had your best interests at heart, he wouldn't be encouraging you to disobey your father.

Lily: He doesn't do that.

Jonathan: I don't!

Jack: Of course, you do! You do just by going along with this. Lily, this is the last time you're going to see Jonathan. All right? And I'm telling you right now -- you come around my daughter again, I will get that restraining order so fast your head will spin. You understand me? I'm going to destroy this tree house. I'm not going to have you sneaking off --

Lily: No!

Jack: And meeting him up there!

Lily: You can't! You can't take down my tree house! And you can't stop me from seeing Jonathan! If you love me as much as you say you do, why are you trying to destroy the one thing that makes me happy?

Erica: Being raped by Richard Fields at 14 -- that was such a -- a violation, such an abuse. I didn't really think that I would even survive it. And -- and I really don't think that I would have, except that I was able to block it completely. But that kind of intrusion -- this is -- this is a violation of -- of the soul. And if something like that happens -- if it has to happen, it should only happen once. A second time -- that's just unthinkable. But Greg Madden did it. He violated me. He didn't rape me. But he -- he invaded my body.

Ryan: But how? What did -- what did he do?

Erica: When I went to him to terminate the pregnancy, he -- he experimented on me, without my knowledge, without my consent. He -- he -- he stole my embryo. And he -- and he implanted it in his wife. And she gave birth to that baby, to a boy. Josh. Josh Madden is Bianca and Kendall's brother. He's my son.

Josh: I wish I knew what was wrong with him.

Kendall: Well, Anita said she'd keep you posted. You thirsty?

Josh: Root beer float.

Kendall: I -- I seriously doubt the hospital cafeteria has a soda fountain.

Josh: My mom never used to let me drink anything out of a can. She was convinced it rotted your insides. So, of course, that made me want it all the more. My dad acted like he agreed with her. But every once in a while, he'd sneak me out for a root beer float. And I always knew when he was going to take me out, because he'd tell my mom he was going to the hardware store. I used to get so excited, run for that car so fast. We'd come back an hour later, minus the hardware, of course, but with the biggest sugar high known to man.

Kendall: Your dad's a great guy, Josh.

Josh: He's a pain in the neck, Kendall. But I love him, and I don't think he knows that.

Kendall: No, you know what? I bet you he does. I bet he does.

Josh: So, what's the word?

David: Well, I want to schedule EPS studies for your father as soon as we have him stabilized. I also want to order a new round of blood work for him, try to get this thing under control.

Josh: Can I see him?

David: Sure.

Greg: Son?

Erica: I couldn't fight Greg back when he violated me, because I didn't know. But now I do know, and now I'm strong, and I am not going to stop.

Ryan: Madden crossed an incomprehensible line. He is a -- he is a vicious, insane maniac who has no business practicing medicine. And I will do everything in my power to keep Kendall and my son away from him. But killing him is not the answer.

Erica: How are you going to stop me?

Lily: In 24 days, I'm going to be 18, and I will be independent, whether you like it or not!

Jack: Lily, I'm just -- I'm just trying to get you to see that it's different for you.

Lily: I'm tired of it being different! I want to be normal, and I don't want you as a father anymore!

Babe: Aw. Now, there is a hot wedding picture. I'll be sure the photographer takes one just like it.

J.R.: Now, don't you think you should leave the planning up to the bride and groom?

Di: No. I'll take all the help I can get.

Babe: Well, leave it to me, and I'll make sure this wedding is amazing.

Tad: No doubt. Well, I hate to get the old wedding guru to change hats, but this one is ready for his nap.

Di: Yeah. You know, do you want us to take him home, so that you guys can have some time alone?

Babe: I don't --

Tad: Sure.

J.R.: Thanks.

Babe: Are you sure?

Di: Yeah.

Babe: Ok. Thank you.

Tad: Come on a minute.

Babe: Yay.

J.R.: Hey, guess who gets to ride with Aunt Di. Hmm?

Tad: Come on. Time to go.

Babe: Love you.

J.R.: Bye-bye, son.

Babe: Good night.

[Hiding in the brush, Dixie watches the happy family scene.]

Erica: I mean it, Ryan. Don't interfere with my plan.

Ryan: Too late. I've officially interfered. And I will bring Jack into this if you don't back off -- and Kendall and Bianca.

Erica: No, you can't.

Ryan: They did a family intervention before. They can do it again.

Erica: No, Ryan, no one can know about this. No one. I haven't even told Jack that -- that Josh is my son.

Ryan: And -- and why is that, Erica? Because you don't want Jack to find out that you're plotting a murder. Because you know Jack would want the truth to come out. You can't keep this to yourself forever.

Erica: Tad knows. But my family -- I don't know that I'm ready to tell them. In fact, I don't know that I ever will be.

Ryan: I can't let you kill Greg Madden. I just can't. And not only because I care about what happens to you, Erica, but -- I mean, I owe it to Bianca, and I owe it to Kendall and Miranda and -- and my son. I want you to be part of his life, and you can't be if you're locked up behind bars for the rest of your life. Now, I need you to swear to me -- swear to me that you won't try to poison Madden again.

Greg: How long was I out? Josh, what is it?

Josh: Oh, it's nothing. Oh, you weren't out long, Dad.

Greg: Hayward told me you saved my life.

Josh: Guess it just wasn't your time. Listen, they want to move you upstairs to a room. I got to go take care of something. But I'm going to come back to check on you later, ok?

Greg: Thank you, son.

Ryan: Swear to me, Erica. Let Madden live. Do it for your daughters and -- and Miranda and my son.

Erica: You swear you won't tell anyone that Josh is my son?

Ryan: I swear. No more murder attempts, and I will never tell a soul.

Erica: All right.

Ryan: Ok. And don't worry about Madden. He will not get away with what he's done. He'll be stopped. I'll make sure of it.

Josh: Hey, Steve. I want you to run a tox screen on the blood you took from my father. And I don't want anyone to get the results but me, all right?

[Through the window of Greg's hospital room, Kendall sees Zach approach her doctor.]

Zach: Where is Dixie Martin's child?

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Adam (to Krystal): You're pregnant, aren't you?

[Kendall eavesdrops at the door to Greg's hospital room.]

Zach (to Greg): You tell me where the kid is. Save me the trouble, and I will save you the pain.

Babe (to J.R.): What did Janet want?

J.R. (to Babe): She said that she was sorry. She also told me that you only married me to get our son.

Babe (to J.R.): I did.


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