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Greg: Hazel, research a birthing coach for our special patient. And also you can -- bear in mind the adoptive parents would like to see their son immediately, so select a coach accordingly.

Erica: Greg, what's this all about?

Greg: Oh. Well, it's my work, you know. It is -- it's confidential.

Erica: No, not that. This. You in here. Are you all right?

Greg: Oh, it's a minor arrhythmia. It's nothing serious.

Erica: How can you say that, Greg? It's -- it's your heart.

Greg: Well, my heart's fine. In fact, it's beating a little faster right now, but I feel wonderful. I'll be back at work very soon.

Erica: Honestly?

Greg: Why would I ever lie to you?

Erica: I want you fully recovered, Greg. I won't let anything interfere with the plans I have for you.

Julia: So what did Mr. Gammon do to tick you off? A gram of Vanco IV? Didn't you read the itty-bitty label on the front of the chart? You want me to call the morgue and have them on standby?

Josh: How about you call Mrs. Gammon instead? Tell her her hubby will be at their son's wedding as planned. Did you miss yesterday's itty-bitty lab results? The Vanco's for the infection. We counteracted any allergic reaction with prednisolone.

Josh: This is where you admit you're wrong.

Lily: Sorry I'm behind schedule. I'm 10 minutes late.

Jonathan: I was -- I was worried that you changed your mind.

Lily: No, my dad's home from the hospital, so I had to think of triple reasons to come to my special place. I told him I had to study.

Jonathan: Has -- has your sister Kendall been in your house? Has she -- has she mentioned me at all?

Lily: Not recently, regarding your first question, and no regarding your second question. What do you expect Kendall to say about you?

Jonathan: That I'm the reason that Ryan can't have his baby.

Zach: Thank you.

Ryan: I need a minute and I need some answers.

Zach: The answer is yes -- we will extend credit to the CEO of Cambias.

Ryan: Was it you?

Zach: It's always me. You know that. A minute's almost up.

Ryan: If it was you, then we finish this right now.

Zach: I would love to play name this crime with you, but once again, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Ryan: I'm talking about Kendall and the baby and whether you told her to keep my son from me.

Babe: Is it a bear's paw? Oh, I know, it's a horse's hoof. Let me see it. Oh! It's a lion paw. Roar. I'm -- oh, no, is it -- it is Little Adamís foot. I didn't even know that. You know, I am going to eat it. Let's see -- I'm going to eat your foot. I am. Let's count your toes. Ready? One, two, three, four, five. You see, it is! Want to come play?

Jonathan: The look on Kendallís face. She was -- she was confused and scared, angry. She looked at me like everything was my fault. And -- and then she left. She just left as fast as she could.

Lily: Because you wanted to touch her stomach? But Kendallís not like me. She doesn't have a problem with touching.

Jonathan: Well, after the cave, it makes sense that Kendall -- well, is going to be a little nervous around me.

Lily: Well, it would only make sense if you hadn't changed.

Jonathan: But no one else can see that I'm different. I mean, not like you can.

Lily: Well, I can see 20/10, but that's above average, but I think everyone else can see what I can see.

Jonathan: No -- it -- it's not seeing with your eyes. It's that -- nobody will forget what I've done. It's like when I opened the door at Ryan's place, and the way Kendall acted.

Lily: Did she say that Ryan couldn't have his baby?

Jonathan: No, no. But -- but she hasn't said that he can, either. And if Kendall is going to freak out every time that she's around me, she's not going to want me around the baby. And -- and I don't want to b responsible for Ryan not getting his son.

Lily: It's an equation. We need to determine the correct variables for the desired conclusion.

Jonathan: Well, my -- my brain's a lot better, but I was never very good at equations.

Lily: Well, remember Julia said in Life Skills class that to feel control in our lives, we have to find solutions to our problems? It's the mature, proactive thing to do. So what we need to do is find out what you can do so Kendall won't freak out.

Kendall: Shocking news, Babe. Some of us work at the office, not count toes.

Babe: Oh, you haven't counted toes lately, have you? Because it is some serious business. It is. One, two, three.

Kendall: You know what? Enough of the giggles and the squeals and the noise, ok? I don't work in his bedroom, so you two don't play in my office.

Babe: Our office. That little detail just seems to fly right out of Auntie Kendall's head, doesn't it? Ooh! Well, this partner's first rule is kids are cool as long as the work gets done.

Kendall: What work? Who's -- who's working? You're counting toes. You plan to count fingers? That might fry your little brain.

Babe: Ooh, somebody is very, very cranky today, and it's not you, sweetie. Well, I've prepared a market study on the top candies in the 8-12 girl market.

Kendall: Meaning what, you sugar binged? Save the confessions for your shrink.

Babe: It's for the flavored lip-gloss market for the younger demo. It's huge, and I think we should cash in on it. So it's on your desk. And until you check it out and we talk strategy, yes, I do plan on moving on to fingers. Let's see, how many fingers? One, two, three, four, five --

Kendall: Ok, all right, so unless I check out your chocolate-covered candy lip-gloss report, you're going to sit here and annoy me with these toys and this child, and you're going to torture me with ankle-biting?

Babe: Kendall, I didn't plan on having Little Adam today. What do you want, baby? You want this? But --

Little Adam: Yeah.

Babe: That's pretty, huh? Kendall came up with that. But Winifred had a dentist appointment. And to ease your mind, Mama will be here to take him to the P-A-R-K. If I say the word, he'll want to go, and he'll get all excited, huh?

Kendall: Kind of like a dog? Park. Come on, boy! Come on. Yeah! Oh, there you go. You better take him now.

Babe: You can't scare me off just by being snotty, Kendall.

Kendall: I'll settle for chasing out the darling little angel.

Babe: Is it the noise? Because if it is, we can tone it down.

Kendall: It is the noise and the chaos and the junk. Some of us don't live like this.

Babe: Oh. Give yourself a year, and you'll be knee-deep in chaos, loving every minute of it. Isn't that right, baby? Oh, good boy! Look at those little blocks.

Ryan: Up till now, Kendall and I have been nowhere on what to do with this child, but -- but now I know what I want.

Zach: Yeah? What do you want? Jump off another cliff?

Ryan: I want to be there for my son. I want to be a real father, whether Kendallís involved or not.

Zach: Well, that's a bold move. You'd better have some coffee. Good luck.

Ryan: You see, Kendallís still not sure whether she wants to be a mother, but all of the sudden, she's positive that I shouldn't be my child's father. And I know that wasn't her idea. I know somebody put that in her head, and I'd like to know, was it you?

Zach: Hmm. That would be poetic justice, wouldn't it? If I trashed your hopes of being a father. But alas, it wasn't.

Ryan: Well, then what was it, Zach? I mean, how did Kendall all of a sudden decide out of nowhere that I shouldn't raise my own son?

Zach: I didn't blow this for you, Ryan. You did.

Josh: What's your problem, Keefer? You got a full-out hate for me. Why is that?

Julia: Well, I'd probably be your fan club president if you hadn't called me a murderer.

Josh: That's a nice one. But do I have to remind you that you gave me your own special brand of sunshine way before that. The whole thing with my father --

Julia: Well, you're arrogant, you're smarmy, and you turned yourself into a media whore and got on TV and bragged how you saved Erica Kaneís life.

Josh: Wow. Some real heat there. Some real fire in your eye. But I get the feeling there's something else about me that just rips you. So what is it? Put-up or shut-up time. Come on. I'm waiting.

Julia: I was wrong about the chart.

Josh: You were wrong?

Julia: Yes.

Josh: And I was right.

Julia: Yes.

Josh: And I'm not just a hack in a white coat, someone whose messes you clean up after. Apology accepted, Keefer.

Erica: What did the doctor say? How did this happen?

Greg: Well, Dr. Hayward has found nothing more interesting than a blood pressure problem. But I won't have you worrying about me. I'm going to be fine.

Erica: Does my concern bother you? I will try to tone it down.

Greg: No, not at all. In fact, I rather enjoy your concern for me, but I feel wonderful, thank you.

Erica: I can reschedule your appearance, if you'd like. Although, of course, it would be a major disappointment.

Greg: And put a frown on that beautiful face? That would be such a crime.

Erica: No, not just me. Our audience. Can you imagine how fascinated women are going to be with your story? The effect you've had on countless women's lives?

Greg: Not everyone understands what I do, or even why I do it.

Erica: Well, I must confess, I didn't either before. But things have changed. Do I have your word?

Greg: Always. About what?

Erica: That you won't let me down.

Greg: Well, I'll do my best, but you know, I do have a son who's learned to give very strict orders.

[Greg and Erica chuckle as Josh listens from the doorway.]

Greg: Where are you going?

Erica: To let you get some rest. How are you going to dazzle my audience if you're not 100%? I feel very badly. I've already taken so much of your time.

Greg: Erica, you have lightened my heart.

Erica: Well, you have doctor's orders. And I have network orders. It's really time for me to get back to the suits and tell them that yes, indeed, we do have our big get.

Greg: So this visit was strictly business?

Erica: Well, we are way beyond that, Greg. You know that. This visit was definitely personal.

Josh: What are you up to with my father?

Babe: Yeah, that's right!

Krystal: Hey. It's been a whole two hours. I've got a major baby craving. Oh, dear Lord, look at that. "D-O-G" -- he spelled dog! He is like little man Tate without the drink-slinging mama. Five bucks says he's going to have a Ph.D. before he's even driving.

Kendall: Danielle --

Babe: Show Grandma your --

Kendall: Hey, hey, it's Kendall. Can you please bring me an Ipod and some very big headphones, please? Huge. Thank you.

Babe: Well, I would be fine if Little Adam was happy. That's what's important. He doesn't have to be a genius.

Krystal: Well, tough luck, tough luck, because you're making that little boy smart, happy, and sweet as can be without even trying. Got a nice setup here. Sort of super woman/mogul mama combo.

Babe: Yeah, work is a blast, too. Kendall nailed this awesome product concept. There's going to be two of these. You want to show Grandma the product? There's going to be two of these in a pack. One to keep and one to give. You know what? It'd be perfect for Mother's Day, too.

Krystal: How do you figure?

Babe: Mama, who was my best friend, ever, growing up?

Krystal: Oh, now, don't get me all mushy in front of my grandson, huh?

Babe: You remember the little necklaces? The heart necklaces. You had one half and I had the other?

Krystal: Except we were always together, so our hearts were ok, right?

Babe: Aw.

Kendall: Ok, ok, ok. I've had enough morning sickness, thank you. Can we please get back to work here?

Babe: Sure. Sure. Auntie Kendall wants to work. How about we talk -- we have bracelets, lots of bracelets. Or the candy lip-gloss?

Kendall: We can talk about money, how's that? Like you chose the cheap version of Fusion Princess Play over the expensive version.

Babe: You priced too high. What kid can afford it?

Kendall: Kids have massive disposable income. We want them to dispose it with us.

[Kendall slams the bottles down]

Kendall: Excuse me.

Babe: Ok. How about we do some prime kiddie research right now, hmm? Ok, which one do we like, huh? Little Adam will help us out, right? We want the affordable one, right?

Kendall: Listen! Your crumb muncher is not our market, ok? My God, is that little drool machine all you can think about?

Krystal: Well, Kendall, you're pregnant. Isn't your baby all you can think about?

Ryan: Well, that's an interesting way to get Kendall back.

[Zach sighs]

Ryan: You just remind her of all my crimes, I'm out of the picture, you get your shot. I lose my kid, and you get a chance to do things right this time.

Zach: I don't do things right. But I got to ask you something. Do you really think that you're the only thing between me and Kendall? I saw her face the night that you and Marty put on that light show. Did you?

Ryan: Yeah, I did. And I know you hated me before that. I can only imagine how much you hate me now. Poetic justice. You lost your son. Why shouldn't I lose mine?

Zach: You shouldn't. You should have your son. That's what I told Kendall.

Erica: Aren't there rules against what you're doing?

Josh: What? Calling you out on your garbage?

Erica: Treating your father. Emotions between a parent and child are complicated enough. But when one is the patient and one is the doctor --

Josh: What were you doing in my father's room, Erica?

Erica: I was visiting an ailing friend. Do you have a problem with that?

Josh: Where should I start? With your selfless act? Or the fact that you just lied to my face and called my father your friend.

Erica: Greg and I have our issues. But your father is responsible for letting me know who you really are, deep down. I owe him for that. So if a brief visit can lift his spirits, I'm happy to do it.

Josh: Yeah. And you get a captive audience, your biggest fan. So, what's the game, Erica? You lead him on and then drop him hard, just to pay me back?

Erica: Because you drugged me?

Josh: Wasn't me, Officer.

Erica: Why would I hurt your father for something you did?

Josh: Because he's my father, Erica. You would take aim at him to get to me.

Erica: Well, now, Josh, you cut your father out of your life. I hurt him, I hurt you? Now you care?

Julia: Hey.

Anita: Want to hit the caf with me later?

Julia: Yeah, maybe later. Hey, Anita, help me out with a favor first.

Anita: All right, tell me.

Julia: Um -- as a physician's assistant, you outrank me, so could you pull me off Greg Madden's case?

Anita: They can't all be big cases, Jules. Just float this dinky heart case and then -- then we'll see.

Julia: No, but just -- just get me out of his wing. Get me off the floor, whatever.

Anita: Oh, so this isn't about the case, it's about the man?

Julia: Come on, Anita. Play nice. How about your big sis, huh?

Anita: Dr. Madden has privileges here, Jules. I mean, you can't dodge the guy forever. What's your deal? Did -- did he say something? Did he make you uncomfortable? Because if -- if he got out of line, then --

Julia: No, look, it's nothing like that. Both Dr. Maddens are just the same. They're total egomaniacs.

Anita: I don't -- I don't get this. Since when do you get worked up about jerks with attitude? That's not you.

Julia: Wow. I'm glad you know who I am, because I am totally clueless. Why don't you write me out a chart? Remind me of who I am.

Lily: Read books, watch movies, and otherwise become familiar with babies. Hey, maybe Julia would let you hold a real infant at the hospital.

Jonathan: That's a great idea.

Lily: Ok, and do charity work. Charity work is good. Maybe if Kendall knows you're doing good things, she'll think you're good, too.

Jonathan: And that one -- I -- I like that one.

Lily: That one has to be a surprise. That's the primary point. If you follow the list, Kendall will start to like you, and Ryan will have his baby.

Jonathan: I'll do all of them, Lily. All of them. Including -- including moving out of -- moving out of Ryan's place.

Lily: That's a very important step.

Jonathan: Well, I have a job now. A paycheck. And it makes sense that I -- I would get my own apartment.

Lily: Yeah, and we wouldn't have to come to the tree house anymore.

Jonathan: Well, I'd like to come here sometimes. I mean, if you don't mind.

Lily: No, I'd like that. But I'd also like your new place, too. Eventually. Transitions are difficult for me. All new places, new things, new positions. Are you scared at all?

Jonathan: A little, yeah. But I've had my own place before.

Lily: I think you'll adjust.

Jonathan: Thank you, Lily, for the -- the list, for having faith in me. Thank you for everything. I -- it's all helped me so much.

Lily: Well, usually people have to help me.

Ryan: I should have my kid -- you told this to Kendall?

Zach: It came up.

Ryan: Should I point out to you that your comment was actually in my favor?

Zach: Your child's favor.

Ryan: You're saying that me being in my son's life is actually in his best interest.

Zach: He should have his father.

Ryan: And then what? Kendall --

Zach: I backed you up. Now, be nice. Say "Thank you" and leave.

Ryan: I intend to protect both of them, Zach -- Kendall and the baby. If Kendall tells me to go to hell and cuts me loose, I will still be there for my son every single day. I'll make sure that he's safe, and he's loved, and I'll give him a real childhood, not like what some of us had.

Zach: That's good.

Ryan: What am I missing?

Zach: I lost my son. I watched him die. Flesh and blood, never family. And you don't think I'd want to do that over? You have a shot. Take it.

Kendall: Poured juice boxes in the copier, let grubby paws answer the phone.

Krystal: He's a little boy. He plays, he has fun, he makes noise. Is this because he's Babe's little boy? Huh? Anything she wants, you have to ruin because that's no way to run a business or lead a life.

Babe: Ok. I think it's time for you to take Grandma to the park -- what do you think of that? Make sure Grandma takes a picture of you on the slide, ok? All right!

Krystal: You know what?

Babe: Bye.

Krystal: Someone needs a major attitude adjustment, and I am just the woman to do it.

Babe: Ok. Ok, thanks. Ok, bye. Love you.

Kendall: Ahem.

Babe: Well, Mama must be right. It's got to be because of me, because there's no way you'd let somebody get in your face when you bring your baby in.

Kendall: Well, that won't happen.

Babe: Oh, you think a couple of hours of office doesn't seem like much, but once he's in your arms, you won't want to let go. It's like babies -- they belong in your arms or something. And then when you can't have him in your arms or smell his hair or kiss him --

Kendall: Ok, you know what? You have to talk about him even when he's not here? Oh.

Babe: Sorry. All I'm saying is that all the decisions that you make before the baby, they all go out the window the second that you hold him in your arms.

Kendall: Why are we still talking about this? Why are we even on this topic? And where the hell are those headphones? My God. You know what? You want to talk baby talk -- do it to yourself. Please leave me out of it. And the rest of you, leave me alone, all of you!

Babe: Oh, my God. You don't want your baby.

Kendall: Kendall Hart, freak of nature, cold-hearted bitch. Doesn't knit bootees, doesn't write letters to her unborn child.

Babe: No, no. Kendall, I did not say that.

Kendall: You know what? That -- that's exactly what you're thinking. Want to know the real horror? I'm not ready to count fingers and toes or pick names. And worse, even worse, I'm such a nightmare, I don't even want the kid's father to have him, either. I'm against breeders everywhere.

Babe: Maybe it's nerves. Babies -- they're a big deal. They take a lot of work. It's this tiny little life that depends only on you, needs you more than anything in the whole, entire world. Look, if you weren't freaked out, then I --

Kendall: I'm not freaked out, I'm not -- I'm not nervous. I'm just not a mom.

Babe: Well, not yet, but soon you're going to be.

Kendall: Oh, God, not now, not ever -- don't you get it?

Babe: No, I don't understand.

Kendall: Of course, you don't, because you think the urge to crank out babies is what makes a woman a woman.

Babe: Don't you even want to hold him?

Kendall: Oh, of course, here we go -- the joys of nice, fat, chubby little babies, their squishy little cheeks and their dimpled knees and their chubby little fingers. You just live for that, don't you? You want it so bad that you swiped your baby from J.R. and told him the little peanut was dead.

Babe: That was a mistake, and I regret it, Kendall.

Kendall: Yes, of course you do, but you did it in the name of the almighty baby. Come on, Babe, it's just us girls here. Forget about the warm and the fuzzies. Don't you ever look at the little nipper and just for a minute go, "What in the hell was I thinking?"

Babe: No. God, no. I would rather die than give up my child.

Ryan: Your son was a good man and I'm -- I'm sorry that he's gone. I'm sorry for all of us.

Zach: Who is "us," exactly? Hmm? Does your sympathy reach all the way to me? You have a family -- worry about them. Do it, go.

Ryan: You should know that Madden is involved in this, too. He's getting inside of Kendallís head.

Zach: Get him away from her. Get him away from her now.

Ryan: And what exactly do you know about Greg Madden?

Erica: I thought you hated your father. Now you're worried about him?

Josh: What do you expect, Erica? He's -- he's an egomaniac pain-in-the-neck, but he's still my father, the only family I have since my mother died.

Erica: What he's done to you --

Josh: That's between me and him, just like whatever you've done to your kids is between them and you.

Erica: It's not always that simple.

Josh: Well, then let me break it down for you, Erica. You stay away from my father. Don't mess with his head just because you hate me. If you have a problem with me, you deal with me. Leave my father out of this. Dr. Martin.

Joe: Dr. Madden.

Erica: Oh.

Joe: Remarkable, isn't it? Seeing your son take hold of his life. He's a young man to be proud of, to support and encourage.

Erica: You're happy he's here.

Joe: Yes, I am, very. It's -- it's an unexpected gift.

Erica: And you want me to say the same? Well, I'm sorry, Joe, I can't. I wish my son well, but no, I don't want him here, and no, I will not tell him the truth about who he is and nothing you can say can persuade me otherwise, Joe.

Joe: Perhaps my son will.

Erica: Tad understands how I feel.

Joe: Not Tad -- the boy's father. Maybe Jeff will change your mind.

Julia: Dear God. I don't know how to ask for your help or even if I deserve to.

Julia's voice: I took a life. I was so angry. He hurt so many people, killed your beautiful Noah. But Garret's wasn't my life to take, and I took it anyway.

Julia: But I want to go on. I want to be what you want me to be. I want to do what you want me to do. I don't want to love. I want to -- I want to open my heart and give so much love to a child.

Julia's voice: Is that wrong? Selfish? Am I dirty or unfit after what I've done? I don't know anymore. I don't know me.

Julia: But you do, don't you? Am I still your child? Will you help me find my way?

Jonathan: I got breakfast because I knew that coming to see me would mess up your schedule.

Lily: Well, thank you, but I ate at home already. But I can eat more, which shows that I can change. I can adjust my schedule. My dad doesn't think I can, but I can if I want to try to grow up.

Jonathan: But the people that love us think that they have to take care of us.

Lily: I know, like Reggie wears headphones when he listens to music. And when it's family dinner night and we go to a restaurant, my dad always calls ahead to make sure that there's not too much red or it's not too loud. And when we watch movies, we always watch black-and-white ones so that no red will surprise me. And at the restaurants, red is said to stimulate the appetite, so usually restaurants have a substantial amount.

Jonathan: I love that you know that.

Lily: If I had my own place, no one would have to worry about me.

Jonathan: No. No, they'd still worry, Lily, because they love you.

Lily: But they couldn't control me. And they could do things that they can't do with me now like go to red restaurants or go away for the weekend. It would be better for all parties.

Jonathan: But we'd still have time like this when it's just -- just the two of us out here.

Lily: That's true. Reggie didn't follow me, and my dad doesn't talk about sending me away anymore. But if I wanted to go away on my own, my dad wouldn't let me.

Jonathan: You -- you want to leave?

Lily: MIT has a very interesting Calculus program. My teacher said she went there and that I could surely get in.

Jonathan: Well, you -- you can get in anywhere you want, Lily. I mean, schools will compete for you.

Lily: Well, my dad wants me to live at home and go to PVU He doesn't accept that I can change.

Jonathan: I think it's like -- I think it's like getting taller, because it happens right in front of your eyes and so slowly that you don't really notice. It's like with Kendall and everyone else not thinking that I've changed. If -- if they don't think that I changed, then no one, no one will ever trust me.

Lily: That's a fallacy. Someone does trust you -- I trust you.

Zach: I have an appointment. Excuse me.

Ryan: No, don't do this. Don't blow me off, Zach.

Zach: Madden is a doctor who likes to do things his way, but this is Kendallís decision, her decision alone.

Ryan: And I agree, but you obviously don't like the man. I just want to know why.

Zach: I hate everybody -- it's part of my charm.

Ryan: What do you know, Zach?

Zach: I know he helped Kendall have a baby with you -- that's good enough for me.

Ryan: If what you know affects Kendall and the baby, if you have some evidence, some proof that he's actually dangerous, then --

Zach: Dangerous how?

Ryan: You tell me.

Zach: No, I don't know the man. What -- what do you know?

Ryan: I know he's unethical. I know he's manipulative, I know he's controlling, I know he's a liar --

Zach: But Kendall trusts him.

Ryan: Yes, she does, even though he puts pressure on her, even though he introduces her to a couple that actually want your son.

Zach: What are you asking me? You want me to take care of this?

Ryan: Man's dangerous, Zach. Any way we protect Kendall works for me.

[Door opens and closes]

Kendall: Great. Now you have me talking about babies.

Babe: You're scared, Kendall.

Kendall: Ahem.

Babe: You have this life inside you, and you don't know what to expect and nobody can really tell you what it's like. It's like you're this clueless lady with this big belly until you feel it for yourself, when you feel his little body in your hands and his little head on your chest. I look into Little Adamís eyes and he is seeing the world for the first time -- what can make him smile, what can break his heart. You see it all and he's this person that needs you like nobody's ever needed you before and suddenly the world makes sense, you and the baby and the world. It's like -- it's like one big "Aha." That's what it's all about, and it may not make sense now, but I promise you it will.

Kendall: How would you know?

Babe: I have faith. You should try it.

Kendall: Why bother? Maybe I'm too stupid and messed-up. Blame it on my damaged childhood. Screwed-up Kendall can't even love an innocent baby.

Babe: I'm so sorry, Kendall.

Kendall: Stuff your pity, Babe.

Babe: No. No, Kendall, I didn't mean it like that. I was just saying that you --

Kendall: I, what, what? I look like damaged goods? Why don't you save your pity for this baby, the baby that I'm going to mess up beyond belief? I don't need your stupid little pep talk. I'm a lost cause.

Jonathan: So should I start at the top of the list?

Lily: Well, I would. But you can go out of order if you'd like.

Jonathan: And -- and start with Kendallís big surprise?

Lily: Your mouth is up. You're happy.

Jonathan: You do that for me.

Lily: I'm glad. Hey, you said that love is wanting someone else to be happy. And maybe that means I'm falling in love with you right now.

Erica: You just drop Jeff's name and walk away?

Joe: Josh has a biological father that you seem to have forgotten.

Erica: Tad spoke to Jeff. Jeff wasn't ready to make a decision, so I did.

Joe: He needed time to think.

Erica: What is there to think about? I made the best decision for all of us.

Joe: Jeff has just learned that he's got a son he never even knew existed. Now, if he wants to come and see Josh --

Erica: How could you do this? You promised me, Joe. You promised me that you would not tell Josh the truth.

Joe: And I will keep my promise, but Jeff is a different matter. Now, he will come home soon, and when he does, things may change.

Krystal: It got worse, didn't it? I knew I should've stayed here and put her in her place, talking about my babies like that.

Babe: Here. Oh. Oh, sugar, come here. Let Mama give you squishies. I missed you.

Krystal: What did she say to you?

Babe: Mama, I'm -- I'm so lucky. And I always was, even when we were dodging the rent.

Krystal: Yeah -- ketchup soup.

Little Adam: Mama?

Babe: Remember when you rubbed those two berries on my cheeks, and you said it was blush? What's wrong, buddy?

Krystal: Prettiest little girl I ever saw.

Babe: It's just crazy to think, from blush to here, and it's all because you didn't give up on me or give up on us. You were this young, pretty, single mama with no money and a baby on your hip, and you loved me anyway.

Krystal: "Anyway"? What kind of talk is that? I -- I loved you, period. Always will -- period.

Babe: Just like I love you and Little Adam. Why can't everyone just be as lucky as we are? Hi.

Ryan: Hey.

Julia: I was wrong about Dr. Madden. I was wrong about everything.

[Seeing Kendall approaching Greg's room, Zach spies on her.]

Greg: Kendall. How nice of you to come to see --

Kendall: Give me the papers. I want to sign and file and be done with it for good. I want to give my baby up for adoption.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Aidan (to Erin): I'm falling in love with you.

Zach (to Erica): I'm going to make sure that Madden doesn't get close to Kendall or any other expectant mother ever again. Tell me what you know.

Kendall (to Greg): How do we keep Ryan from interfering with what's best for my son?

Greg (to Kendall): How would you feel if I handled Ryan myself?

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