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Ryan: Oh, my God.

Erin: You've been holding that in? Ryan, you've been thinking --

Ryan: I just -- I can't let go of that fear, the fear that I -- that I would hurt my son the way our father hurt me.

Zach: What are you thanking me for?

Kendall: Why can't you just do what everyone else does for once?

Zach: What's that?

Kendall: Just say "You're welcome, Kendall. Glad I could be of help."

Zach: Ok. You want to tell me what you're thanking me for?

Kendall: Uh -- for -- for making my life better, ok?

Zach: I thought I made your life better when I promised to stay out of it.

Janet: You came. Thank you.

Nurse: I'll be right outside.

Janet: I didn't think you would.

J.R.: This is the only call that I'll answer. I just wanted to make sure you were locked up good and tight.

Janet: It's good to see you.

J.R.: You won't think that after I'm done.

Tad: Pop.

Joe: Hey.

Tad: I just heard -- Josh's father's been admitted? What happened?

Joe: Come here. I don't want to hear you again call that SOB "Josh's father."

Tad: All right, easy. Look, if the situation's going to continue to get to you like this, I think it's high time you and Mom cash in some frequent flier miles and took a trip, so you can chill out.

Joe: "Chill out"? Yeah. I know Madden has broken the law, and I'm not doing anything. I'm keeping him on staff, I'm paying his salary, and I'm -- I'm allowing him access to more, vulnerable, pregnant women. I mean, I'm as bad as he is.

Tad: That's not true, and you know it.

Joe: How can I keep on doing this and not resign from the hospital? I tell you, he is one dangerous man.

Greg: Good to see you again, Dixie.

Dixie: Are you dying?

J.R.: Are you listening, Janet? Because I will only say this once.

Janet: What do you want to say to me?

J.R.: Are you happy here?

Janet: There are no mirrors, that's a relief -- no back talk. The food was better at the last place.

J.R.: You may not like the turkey surprise or the guy drooling next to you at dinner, but you are safe here. This is the only place that you'll ever be completely safe. Do you understand me?

Janet: I called you here so that I could apologize. I am so sorry, J.R.

J.R.: No, I don't want to hear you grovel. What I want to hear is that I'm never going to see your face again.

Janet: I committed the sin that is closest to my heart -- I separated a parent from his child.

J.R.: You killed people, you hurt my family, and you better know for sure I'll be checking on you every day that you're in here.

Janet: Could you ever find it in your heart to forgive me?

J.R.: Don't push it.

Janet: Oh, anything you say, anything at all, I deserve. I keep going it over and over and over in my head -- the sounds and the colors -- and what I did.

J.R.: Don't bother.

Janet: But you need me. You may not know it yet, but you will need me.

J.R.: What is that supposed to mean, Janet? Why would I ever need you? Your planet is not even in my universe.

Janet: You're Dixie Cooney's son, J.R.

Dixie: You don't look like you have a fatal condition.

Greg: No, you can relax. I'm not going to die -- at least not today. I have too much to do before I pass on my legacy.

Dixie: I'm sure.

Greg: I have a very good surgeon, actually -- Dr. David Hayward. I think you know him rather well.

Dixie: You know that I do.

Greg: Have you seen your son?

Dixie: I've seen him.

Greg: Has he seen you? Oh, and Tad? Do you have a nice, big reunion planned?

Dixie: And you want to know this why?

Greg: I seem to have missed the media coverage of your miraculous return from the dead.

Dixie: Well, I'm sure you have much more important things to worry about than my life or death.

Greg: Possibly. But since you didn't bring me flowers or candy, and you don't seem to have much sympathy, I don't know exactly why you came. Why did you come here, a place full of your loved ones? Why do you risk exposure?

Dixie: You know exactly why I'm here, you absolute scum of the earth.

Tad: Dad, we're supposed to be on the same side, remember? It's unanimous -- everybody hates Greg Madden.

Joe: Yes. Yes, he's a disaster waiting to happen.

Tad: If you feel so strongly about this, why didn't you fire him the second you found out about it?

Joe: Because if I unload Greg Madden, everything's going to come out, that's why -- who Josh really is, how he was created from Erica's stolen embryo. And to top it all off, I promised Erica I would keep my mouth shut.

Tad: Exactly. We both did. That means we both are stuck seeing Greg Madden every day and forcing a smile, all right?

Joe: Yeah, yeah, when I really want to call the police. Do you realize that for what he did he could be tossed into prison, never mind being barred from medicine for several lifetimes.

Tad: Pop, have you ever heard the expression "keep your enemies close"?

Joe: Yeah.

Tad: Look, at least this way you get to keep an eye on him, right? Just like Hayward. Don't give me that look. You knew if you wanted to keep your grandson by your side practicing medicine, you were going to have to pay a price, and for now that price is watching Greg Madden go unpunished.

Joe: But I hate it. I hate -- I hate not being able to do anything, and all this for a secret that's not helping anybody.

Tad: Oh, I don't think Erica would agree with you.

Joe: Well, well, yeah, that's another thing I hate -- that I promised her I would keep it a secret. Ah, well -- oh, well. It's not going to go on much longer.

Tad: What is that supposed to mean? You gave her your word, you got to keep it.

Joe: Erica is going to have to deal with Josh's biological father very soon.

Tad: Jeff? You got Jeff to come back?

Ryan: I just keep coming back to it -- what if I hurt my own son?

Erin: Ryan, I do not believe that you could ever, ever do what our father did. Look at you, Ryan. Look at you -- you're -- you're caring, you're wonderful. You have real friends, you've got real relationships. You're nothing like Patrick Lavery.

Ryan: No. No, not on the outside.

Erin: Not -- not on the inside, either. You'd never hurt your own child. You'd never hurt any child.

Ryan: Do you still not want to have kids?

Erin: Man -- Ryan, I just started dating for the first time in my life, you know? I -- I will tell you the baby train is not leaving the station for a while.

Ryan: But don't you ever wonder what you'd be like, you know, as a parent?

Erin: I'm -- I'm just -- I'm really trying to take this one step at a time, and Aunt Erin -- plenty for me to handle right now.

Ryan: Hmm. I just thought that I -- I thought I was over all this doubt from our childhood. I just -- do you think we'll ever, like, completely get past what he did?

Erin: I don't want to be stuck back there anymore. Neither do you, Ryan. Neither do you, ok?

Ryan: I guess it doesn't do us much good, does it?

Erin: No, it doesn't. Um -- I've been thinking of volunteering at the Miranda Center.

Ryan: Really?

Erin: Yeah.

Ryan: Wow. How'd you come up with that? I mean, I think it's awesome, but how did you decide, you know, there?

Erin: I want to help people out of situations like ours, you know? I want to -- I want to do for them what nobody ever did for us, and maybe it'll help me get over all this guilt I have for just standing by and watching you guys, not -- not doing enough.

Ryan: You were way too young, Erin. What could you have possibly done?

Erin: I don't know, but I could've done more. I didn't protect you guys any more than our mother did.

Kendall: I just wanted to thank you, because I took your advice that you gave me, and -- and I feel better and stronger. Ok?

Zach: Ok.

Kendall: So, thank you for that.

Zach: Sounds great -- except for one little thing.

Kendall: I know I'm going to regret this. What is that one little thing?

Zach: You wouldn't have needed my advice if I hadn't screwed up your life in the first place.

Kendall: You did do that, but --

Zach: No "buts." It's the least I could do. One bad turn deserves a good one.

Kendall: Is that why you're helping me? Because you owe me?

Zach: Because I love you.

Kendall: Why did you say you loved me?

Zach: Because I do.

Kendall: Well, I don't need you.

Zach: I know that.

Kendall: I'm not opening my heart anymore. It's closed for business.

Zach: I know that, too. Every action has a consequence, and this is mine.

Kendall: I'm just getting my balance back, taking it one step at a time.

Zach: On step at a time, that's good. That's what you should do -- look out for you.

Kendall: Yeah. Nobody can push me.

Zach: Makes sense to me. You look different.

Kendall: What are you trying to do?

Zach: You look stronger.

Kendall: Well, I -- I feel stronger. I -- I feel better than I've felt since --

Zach: Since I forced you into a decision that changed your life forever. And no one should force you into a decision ever again.

Kendall: Well, that's exactly what I told Dr. Madden and Ryan.

Zach: Ok, and they're backing off?

Kendall: So far, so good.

Zach: All right. Space -- you deserve that.

Kendall: Space -- that's exactly what I need.

Zach: You're welcome.

Tad: I cannot believe you got Jeff to come home. How? And why? What did you tell him to make him come back?

Joe: Easy, easy, don't get so upset. I'm not trying to use your older brother to get around my promise to Erica.

Tad: Well, why now all of a sudden?

Joe: Why now?

Tad: Yeah, why now?

Joe: Well, do you really expect he's going to stay away after he's found out he's got a grown son?

Tad: I don't know what I expected, but it certainly wasn't something like this.

Joe: And he certainly -- he realizes he can't make any kind of a decision until he at least sees his child that he never knew he had, find out what kind of a man he's become.

Tad: Call it a hunch, but I don't think Jeff is going to like what he sees.

Joe: You know, you really ought to quit this. You're so quick to make a judgment about Josh. Look -- look who raised him. This Greg Madden is a man without a conscience.

Tad: No matter how you feel about Josh, the guy is an adult -- an adult that drugged Erica. He has to be accountable.

Joe: This "guy" is your nephew.

Tad: I know, Pop, I know! I got that part!

Joe: All right.

Tad: I just don't know how I feel about considering him family.

Joe: Yeah, well, you can imagine how Jeff feels.

Tad: But I don't even know at this point exactly how Erica feels.

Joe: Erica, Erica -- I think -- I think Jeff's vote should count just as much as Erica's.

Tad: Jeff probably thought he'd never have to deal with Erica again.

Joe: Well, he probably didn't, but he's going to have to, and I tell you, I think he deserves to have his say.

Josh: Oh, excuse me, Dr. Martin, you're needed in the OR, STAT.

Joe: Thank you. I'll be right there.

Tad: Brace yourself, Jeff, it's going to be a hell of a homecoming.

Greg: There's no need to get nasty.

Dixie: Why not? You are a revolting excuse for a human being.

Greg: Perhaps that's how you see it. Which is not what I see. I see a woman in hiding, and I wonder why.

Dixie: You know why I'm risking everything to be here. You know exactly what I want from you.

Greg: Dixie, I can think of several reasons why you'd like to see me in private.

Dixie: You haven't told anyone that I'm alive.

Greg: That's true, I haven't.

Dixie: I don't see you spilling anything now.

Greg: That all depends on what you do next.

Kendall: Hi. Dr. Madden's office, please. This is Kendall Hart. Yes, I would like to change my appointment until he's feeling a little better. Yes. Ok, thank you.

Julia: Kendall, you're not still seeing Dr. Madden, are you? You can't do that.

Kendall: I'm sorry, did -- did I ask your opinion?

Julia: I'm sorry about that. I just thought that Ryan had clued you in on everything about Greg Madden.

Kendall: No, Ryan hasn't clued me in on anything. Am I missing something?

Julia: Yeah, you're missing a big "something." This can't get around.

Kendall: Ok, well, cross my heart, you can trust me.

Ryan: The people that hurt us -- they're gone. And it's up to us to take our lives and to turn them around.

Erin: Do it, Ryan. You can do it. Prove Dad wrong again.

Ryan: I guess I just -- I guess I was afraid to try and raise this child alone. I thought that I needed a partner, you know, to do that, but I understand now that -- that there is no such thing as perfect parents. There is no reason why we can't jump in this and just do the best job that we're capable of. I mean -- I mean, I can do this.

Erin: Yes, yes, you can.

Ryan: I just -- I keep letting the old man hold me back.

Erin: Yeah! Well, take that, Dad. You lose again, all right? We're -- we're having good lives, good lives despite everything you did, ok? You are the best. You're the best, Ryan, and I don't want any more doubt from you, because I can't wait to see you hold my little nephew.

Ryan: And I can't wait to be a father to my son.

Janet: You deserve to be your son's father.

J.R.: Don't tell me what I deserve with my son. You sure you got the right meds?

Janet: You see, you've had so much loss. You lost your mother once upon a time, and that's why you can't ever lose your son again.

J.R.: I won't lose him, and you won't lose Amanda just as long as you stay right where you are.

Janet: Your mother was such a wonderful person, and I saw that in your little one.

J.R.: As of right now, you will stop worrying about my son and my family. It's none of your business. You just focus on the padded walls and getting tucked in before lockdown.

Janet: All I could think about was my sweet daughter -- dear Amanda. I would be shattered into a million pieces if I lost her.

J.R.: Yeah, well, you almost lost her for good.

Janet: She survived the gas explosion, but she's in a million little pieces now. God. I stole her father from her, and that's indefensible. If I were not already in here, I would lock myself up, throw myself down a well.

J.R.: Janet, what does this have to do with me?

Janet: I keep thinking back to when I took your mother's brother Will away from her. I have this pattern, this habit of doing things that turn out badly.

J.R.: "Turn out badly" -- that's just a fender-bender. You killed my uncle.

Janet: But, you see, I have to face up to what I've done, and that means facing you. Did you know your sweet mother -- she forgave me.

J.R.: You keep talking like you and my mother were friends. She might have tolerated you for Trevor's sake, but I don't think she ever forgave you.

Janet: Do not underestimate your mother or yourself. You can have all the best parts of her -- I have seen them.

J.R.: Stop it. Just stop talking about my mother.

Janet: But I have to help you, J.R. I mean, was there ever a woman with a larger, more generous heart than Dixie? I don't know if it was the love of her family or -- but she was blessed.

J.R.: At the cabin you told me my mother hated me.

Janet: Oh --

J.R.: You're not making sense at all.

Janet: No, that was -- that was wrong! That was -- that was totally -- please -- please. There's more.

Dixie: I'm wasting my breath trying to talk to you like a human being.

Greg: What did I say about being nasty?

Dixie: You're heartless.

Greg: My esteemed cardiologist would beg to differ.

Dixie: I'm warning you -- do not mess with me or the people that I love.

Greg: I'm not afraid of anything you say or anything you can do.

Dixie: Well, maybe you should be.

Greg: I think you have more to lose if certain facts come to light than I do.

Dixie: Really? You think so? Because at this point, after what I've been through, I don't think you have the first clue of what I'm willing to risk.

Tad: Madden? It's Tad Martin.

[After Tad announces himself, Dixie hides in the bathroom.]

Tad: So, I guess the rumors are true -- you are human.

Greg: Despite all evidence to the contrary.

Tad: Mm-hmm. Well, don't mind me. I just came by to see if you were dead yet.

Greg: Well, you're not the first one.

Tad: I guess there is an upside to your condition.

Greg: Oh, please, why don't you enlighten me.

Tad: Well, for one, you get to work on that study, remember? The one you had all those files for? All those files on the Martins?

Greg: Oh, that's true. I could put this time to good use.

Tad: So have you proven anything yet?

Greg: I'm not into specifics. I'm just working on a connection of families who have members in the medical profession.

Tad: Oh, yeah, that's right, that's right -- the Martins and their wacky medical skills. Well, don't let me disturb you. I'll check in with you later.

Greg: Tad, wait.

J.R.: I know how incredible my mother was. If you believed it, why did you throw her in our faces like that?

Janet: Do I look very proud of myself? No, not at all. When I said those terrible things to you, I was -- I was --

J.R.: Deranged.

Janet: Struggling with reality and anger. And you know what it's like to struggle with rage. I regretted it the minute I said it.

J.R.: But you didn't stop it in time, did you, Janet?

Janet: If it's one thing I'm sure of, it's that Dixie loves you, and that there is nothing that you could ever or would ever do to change that. I know that. I'm a mother, and a mother knows these things.

J.R.: Where are you going with all this, Janet?

Janet: You can say anything you want to about me, but I am a devoted, loving mother.

J.R.: I'll tell you what -- you just keep that love to yourself.

Janet: And lashed out at you, and I -- I'm sorry, again. But I -- I came out of the cabin and I saw all these people, and they were -- they were just looking at me, staring at me, judging me as if I were some sort of an animal that needed to be caged, and maybe I do. But Amanda -- I hope to God, J.R., your son never looks at you like she looked at me with those eyes. She was so sad. She was so scared, and I did that. I mean, haven't you ever been in a situation where you just lashed out at the first person, the most vulnerable person you could find?

J.R.: And I'm the most vulnerable one?

Janet: You're a strong young man. I just happen to know where to get you. I don't hate you. I'm so sorry.

J.R.: Are you sorry for telling me that my mother's alive, she's hiding because she hates me? Whatever. You know, this whole thing is a figment of your nut job imagination. A tip from the top -- take your meds. I'm over it, you're alive, we're finished here!

Janet: Wait, that's not it! You're forgiving me for the wrong thing!

Greg: I'm sorry you can't stay longer, Tad.

Tad: I'm not.

Greg: I really do wish you and I could be friends. You know, we have so many acquaintances in common.

Tad: I doubt it.

Greg: It could be easily proven.

Tad: Well, we'll just have to compare address books some other time.

Greg: You think your loved ones are only loyal to you?

Tad: Let's just say I don't think you're the miracle worker that everybody else around here believes you are.

Greg: I can make miracles happen. I could make one happen for you.

Tad: Well, thank God I'm not looking for a child.

Greg: Sometimes we don't know what we're looking for.

Tad: This is me leaving before you get any weirder.

Greg: There's a few things left we could discuss.

Tad: Some other time. If you get to work on that paper, I can't wait to read it.

Greg: You can come out now, Dixie.

Dixie: How do you know Tad?

Greg: Small town.

Dixie: What's he talking about -- some study of his family?

Greg: I don't think you should be standing here grilling me, not when you're risking exposure.

Dixie: Why didn't you tell him? Why didn't you tell him I was here?

Greg: Dixie, we settled things between us years ago.

Dixie: Nothing is settled.

Greg: I don't think it will do you and I any good if we air our dirty laundry in public. Now, why don't you just run along? In case you hadn't noticed, I'm in recovery.

Zach: Hey. What the hell happened to you?

Dixie: Would you get me out of here? Would you get me out of here before I do something I regret for the rest of my life?

Julia: You don't want Greg Madden as your doctor.

Kendall: Well, I trust Greg. He's always been straight with me.

Julia: Does it sound like he was straight with me? Somebody supposedly as brilliant as he is could never misdiagnose me like that.

Kendall: Well, doctors are human, too.

Julia: Look, not even a first-year intern could make that kind of mistake. He did it on purpose. He doesn't want me to have kids.

Kendall: Are you kidding?

Julia: No. He thinks he's some kind of God. He's decided I'm not fit to be a mother, and he must pick or choose or he's just plain crazy.

Kendall: Ok. When I wanted to carry Greenlee's baby, Dr. Madden helped us. When I freaked out after everyone found out, he was there for me.

Julia: You can't trust anything he says.

Kendall: Did you tell Ryan this?

Julia: Yeah. And thank God I did, because he was the one who told me to get a second opinion.

Kendall: Ok, and you are sharing all this medical history with me because --

Julia: Because I know he's pushing you for adoption.

[Julia sighs]

Julia: Don't you think there's something weird behind that? Did he -- did he say anything specific?

Kendall: You know, I -- I really don't want to talk about this right now.

Julia: He just doesn't make any regular sense.

Kendall: He's at the top of his field.

Julia: There's just something sketchy. He just -- he likes to play God with women's pregnancies.

Kendall: Ok, well, thank you for filling me in.

Julia: Stay away from him, Kendall.

Greg: Amanda. It's good to see you.

Amanda: Dr. Madden, I'm sorry to bother you while you're in the hospital.

Greg: Oh, nonsense. I'm fine. Have you come to talk to me about when you're going to start work?

Amanda: I've been thinking about it, and I think it's probably best if I don't accept your job offer.

Greg: I'm very sorry to hear that. Why? What's changed your mind?

Amanda: Two reasons. First of all, who would want the daughter of Janet Dillon working for them?

Greg: If all children were be judged on the merits of their parents, my dear girl, we would be in a fine mess.

Amanda: But my mom isn't just some overly fanatic soccer mom, Dr. Madden. You would lose patients like they're going out of style -- the daughter of a killer making their appointments and getting them coffee.

Greg: And the second reason?

Amanda: You don't have to be nice to me just to make up for what Josh did.

Greg: What my son did to you was reprehensible. I would like to make it up, but also I'd like to hire you just for you.

Amanda: Thank you for being so generous. But I think that I'm doing us both a favor if I just forget that you ever asked me.

Greg: I'd like to offer you a clean slate.

Amanda: Look, I've -- I've done horrible things, too, ok? I don't deserve it.

Greg: Amanda -- Amanda, who has done this to you?

Amanda: Done what to me?

Greg: Who has made you feel so horrible about yourself? And what can I do to make you feel better?

Zach: Tell me about Madden.

Dixie: Listen, I can't talk about it, Zach. It's, uh -- it's complicated.

Zach: Try me.

Dixie: It's personal.

Zach: Personal? More personal than keeping your secret or --

Dixie: I just can't. I can't talk about it. I'm sorry.

Zach: Madden is Kendallís doctor. He's treating the woman I love. Let's have it.

[Kendall ponders recent conversations.]

Zachís voice: I didn't have what it takes to be a good father -- I still don't -- and I don't have a lot of love for Ryan Lavery. But if he thinks he can do what I couldn't, if he thinks he can be a good father to his son, then he should do it before it's too late.

Greg's voice: From what I understand, Ryan didn't receive much love as a child. You tell me that he loves this child. There's an enormous difference between loving a child and needing to possess that child. Do you think he understands that?

Kendall: I'm busy.

Ryan: Yeah, so am I. I have the answer.

Kendall: I don't have time for this, Ryan.

Ryan: Ok, just -- just stop for a second. Please listen to me because I got it.

Kendall: Well, I'm so glad you have the answer. I don't really remember asking you a question.

Ryan: Look, Kendall, we have to talk about this, ok?

Kendall: Oh --

Ryan: We have to talk about this -- about us, about the baby, about what we're going to do.

Kendall: Ok, what happened to no pressure, no pushing, stress-free zone?

Ryan: This is going to help the stress-free zone, ok? You -- you can be the mother of our child or not. That's completely up to you and always has been completely up to you. But I want to be our child's father. No matter what, Kendall, even if it means me doing it alone.

Kendall: No. I won't let you do that.

Tad: What about the surgery? How'd it go?

Joe: Oh, about as well as can be expected. That's the thing about being a surgeon, you know -- you see a problem and you can mostly go right in and repair it. Life outside the hospital is not quite that simple.

Tad: If only it were. Dad, I've made a lot of mistakes with both my boys, especially J.R. Now I have to take every chance I can get to make things up to him. Do you have any idea how Jeff is going to feel when he finds out? Do you know what he's going to do?

Joe: Years ago, Greg Madden made a choice. We didn't know about it, so it was taken out of our hands. Now Jeff gets to make a choice. So tell me, what would you do if it were your son and someone did that to you?

Greg: It's not going to be this way forever.

Amanda: Why are you being so nice to me?

Greg: You know, when I look at you, I see a young woman full of so much potential. But I also see a young woman whose self-image has been destroyed by people she trusted, probably by people that she loved. You had no idea that was going to happen. You were too young and too innocent. You've been emotionally abused. Have you been talking to somebody?

Amanda: Not really. I should talk to someone, shouldn't I, about my mother?

Greg: Your mother, your father, your future -- all these thoughts running around your head.

Amanda: How do you know me so well?

Greg: I know you by painful experience, much like your own. But you know what?

Amanda: What?

Greg: I just had an idea. You and I could help each other. Would you like to do that? All you have to do is not worry. If you can stop worrying, then I'll take care of the rest.

Amanda: It's so nice to hear somebody who really cares.

J.R.: I don't care what you've forgiven me for. It doesn't matter.

Janet: It will matter very much.

J.R.: This conversation's over. It's time to take your meds.

Janet: I don't need meds. Look at me. Do I not seem very clear and lucid right this minute, clear as a bell?

J.R.: This conversation is over.

Janet: Wait, wait, wait. My lie was that Dixie hated you, not the rest of it. I swear to God, honest truth, clear as a bell, your mother is still very much alive.

Dixie: My history with Greg Madden may have nothing to do with Kendall.

Zach: Maybe not, but he's pressuring Kendall to give up her baby for adoption.

Dixie: He's what?

Zach: Now, you risked everything in the hospital in order to talk to him. What do you know?

Dixie: Just -- just get her away from him. That -- that's all I feel comfortable saying, ok? Isn't that enough?

Zach: No, it's not enough. What's going on? Is Kendall in trouble, the baby in trouble -- what?

Dixie: Look, you told me once that I could keep my business to myself.

Zach: That's before I knew that Kendall was involved.

Dixie: I don't have to confess anything to you.

Zach: Ok, then try to help me. How can I protect Kendall if I don't know what to protect her from?

Dixie: Greg Madden is the reason that I lost my child.

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David (to Di): We're finally on the same side. When Dixie and I run off together, we're going to leave you the consolation prize.

Dixie (to Zach): I did everything I could to protect my daughter, but I didn't.

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