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All My Children Transcript Friday 3/24/06


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Kendall: You think Dr. Madden is trying to take our baby?

Ryan: Find a new doctor, please.

Kendall: No one can take this child unless we put him up for adoption.

Ryan: Look, I saw how Madden works you, ok? How long will it take him to take advantage of how vulnerable you are right now?

Kendall: Ryan, Ryan, do you think I can't recognize when someone has an angle?

Ryan: Look, we haven't even made a decision yet, and he's throwing potential parents in our face with pen in hand.

Kendall: No one is signing anything yet. And you know what? The Rivingtons look like great people.

Ryan: Yeah, they do -- for somebody else's kid. Look, he is using them to manipulate you. He's trying to take your baby and put it in their home before you've even made any kind of decision yet. It's like our son is halfway out the door.

Greg: Oh, please come in, Miss --

Julia: Keefer. Julia Santos Keefer. Thank you for seeing me, Dr. Madden.

Greg: Well, how can I help you? Oh, please, will you sit down?

Julia: I work at the hospital -- I'm a nurse. Everybody says that you're the best.

Greg: I see. So, are you having fertility problems with your husband?

Julia: I'm a widow, but I do want to have a baby.

Greg: Well, let's start with some information about you. Why do you want to have a child?

Julia: Where do I start?

Greg: Wherever you're more comfortable. Let's just see if you've come to the right place.

J.R.: Here you are, little man.

Babe: Looky.

J.R.: All chips, no nuts -- Daddy's favorite. Now, Uncle Jamie got those for my wedding, but he also got them for your birthday, too. [As Little Adam] "Well, jeez, Uncle Jamie. You'd think with all those big bucks, you'd be able to get us some toys."

Babe: Yeah. I think both my boys have enough toys, don't you?

[J.R. chuckles]

Jamie: You can never have enough toys.

Babe: Oh.

J.R.: "Well, thanks, Uncle Jamie."

[Babe giggles]

J.R.: [Normal voice] Well, look, there, Little A. It's Grandpa playing "Pin the tail on the donkey."

Krystal: You play along, and you might just get to pin me later.

Adam: Ooh.

[Krystal chuckles]

Krystal: Ok, Grandpa. Show everybody how it's done.

Adam: I'm going to hold you to that commitment.

Krystal: Round and round and around --

Adam: Where -- where is that donkey?

Tad: You need an ass, just take off the blindfold.

Adam: Oh, cute.

Di: Tad, child present.

Del: Oh, why hide it? The kid will find it out soon enough.

Adam: Don't worry, Hunkle. We'll find a nice, easy game even you can play.

Del: Oh --

[Di chuckles]

Palmer: You know -- ahem -- it's never too late for an annulment.

Krystal: Oh, sorry, Palmer. I am hitched for real this time.

Palmer: Well, if ever you find yourself in need of a real man, you know where to find me.

Adam: Oh!


Adam: Ooh. Looks like I got the right ass after all.

Krystal: Oh.


Del: Did you see Dixie again?

Di: Yeah.

Del: Did she get away ok?

Di: Yeah, she went back to her other life, wherever that is. She's gone, Del. It's over.

David: It's a miracle.

David: Dixie?

David: It's you. You're real. Say it. Tell me you're real.

Dixie: Yes, David. I'm alive.

Kendall: Why are you so freaked out about the Rivingtons? It was just a meeting. I'm over it.

Ryan: I'm freaked out because Madden has no right throwing potential parents in our face. That's why.

Kendall: Well, maybe he was just showing us our options.

Ryan: Options that we're not sure that we want.

Kendall: Yeah, but we're not sure we don't want them, either. See, you always think you know what's best for me and that never works out, so has it maybe occurred to you that I know better myself?

Ryan: Well, Madden doesn't seem to think so.

Kendall: Don't -- I'm not promising you anything, ok, so don't go picking out cribs.

Ryan: Well, you know where I stand. I want to raise the baby that's in there. My whole world right now is you and this baby, ok, not Madden and not -- not that poor couple that's waiting out in the wings. And, yeah, I understand that no decision has been made yet. I understand that adoption is still on the table, and if, when this child is born, we decide, hopefully together, that that's the way to go, then fine, but that's not what I saw. I saw a doctor not giving you time to think, a doctor throwing a couple in your face that you weren't ready to meet. I mean, why would he do that?

Kendall: Dr. Madden is in the business of helping people start families.

Ryan: Well, what about our family?

Kendall: "Our family?" Ryan, what -- we don't have a real family. I mean, we're not even a dysfunctional family.

Ryan: Fine. But we're in the middle of making the most important family-type decision that we could possibly make, and Madden is trying to offer you an easy way out of it so you don't have to make it. I mean, he's your doctor, right, he should be taking your blood pressure and giving you sonograms and making sure the baby's got 10 fingers and 10 toes, but instead he's sticking his stethoscope where it doesn't belong. He's lobbying our whole future.

Kendall: Be honest here. Is this really about Greg, or are you so upset, because you still want Julia to adopt our child?

Julia: Having a child has always been a -- a dream. And even though Noah is gone, I still want it to come true, now more than ever. I just want to be a rock for a little boy or a little girl. I want to be the one that they run to when they're hurting, the one that they ask when they're confused, and the one they want to celebrate with first.

Greg: When was your last gynecological exam?

Julia: Don't kill me. Um -- about 10 years ago.

Greg: Why so long?

[Julia sighs]

Julia: Witness Protection meant that I couldn't offer up my personal or my family medical history. I couldn't risk being discovered, and I couldn't have my identity out there. That meant blood samples and test results.

Greg: Well, surely, there was a doctor who was in the system that you could've visited.

Julia: Yeah. If I'd had a bad accident or gotten really sick, of course. But I always felt healthy.

Greg: So, nothing unusual in any way?

Julia: Well, I do have irregular cycles.

Greg: Oh, well, you and millions of other women. Why don't we start with an exam, then I'll do some tests.

Babe: Ohh!

J.R.: You got to put some muscle into it -- muscle.

Adam: Oh!


Jamie: That's muscle?

J.R.: Well, maybe if we tell Uncle Del there's $20s in it, he'll break it for us.


Del: Uh, maybe for some hundreds.

Babe: Oh, no, no, no. Ignore them, sweetie. Let Mama try, huh?

J.R.: Oh. Back up.

Babe: Yeah. Ready?

[Swinging a bat, Babe succeeds in knocking down the piñata.]

Krystal: Go get them, baby doll.

Del: Here she goes.

All: Oh!


Di: Ah! Oh!

All: Yeah!

Del: Wow. My bet's on her.

Adam: Uh -- so when can we go upstairs and get this honeymoon rolling?

Krystal: Oh, we have guests, and do I need to remind you this is a family affair?

Adam: So? I've been rude to family before.

[Krystal laughs]

Krystal: We've already had one honeymoon.

Adam: Yeah, well, come on, that doesn't count -- I was unconscious. Now, I'm going to remember every succulent second of this one.

Krystal: You make me feel sinful when you talk like that.

Adam: Oh, good. I need to turn the wines in the cellar, if you'll excuse me.

Tad: Now? In the middle of a child's birthday party?

Adam: Anybody need anything? No one? Well, I'm off, then.

Babe: Ok.

Palmer: I thought he'd never unhand you.

Krystal: Ahem. That reminds me -- I need to, um, weigh the cat.

Palmer: Did she say "weigh the cat"? Ah.

Babe: Ok, wait, peanut. Everyone has to make their secret wish. Ok, ready? One, two, three -- blow.

All: Yay.


J.R.: You know, some of us already got their secret wish.

Jamie: Bring on the cake.


Babe: Sorry.

Jamie: I'm a growing boy.

Tad: So what'd you wish for, little girl? Hmm?

Di: I can't tell you. Then it won't come true.

Babe: Where's Mama? Oh, well, Grandma doesn't know what she's missing out on, does she?

Jamie: More cake for us. Thank you.

[Babe chuckles]

J.R.: You know, Grandpa David doesn't know what he's missing out on, either.

Babe: It's ok.

J.R.: No, it's not ok. What's more important than your daughter's wedding and your grandson's birthday?

David: My God. Dixie. Where have you been?

Dixie: Uh, you keep your voice down, ok?

David: How did you survive the crash?

Dixie: Oh, it's a long story.

David: I knew it, I knew it. I knew you were here. Did you -- did you go to the wedding?

Dixie: I -- I saw the ceremony.

David: Everybody knows you're here, and they've left you alone?

Dixie: No, no. No-- nobody saw me. I was watching from the bushes. How did you know that I was here? Does anybody else know?

David: Well, Janet told everyone that you were at the ball.

Dixie: Oh. Janet Dillon?

David: Yes. She screamed out that you were alive and right here in Pine Valley. Of course, everybody thought she was out of her mind, which she certainly is, but that doesn't make it a lie, obviously. And Di -- Di didn't seem to be too surprised to hear the news. Your half-sister knows you're alive, doesn't she?

Dixie: I don't know. I -- I don't know what Di knows.

David: Dixie, why are you hiding? Come on. You can tell me anything -- you know that. You always could. I'm the only one who pursued this. I'm the only one who had enough hope to believe that you could actually be alive.

Dixie: It doesn't matter, ok? Nothing about me matters anymore.

David: That is definitely not true. You matter to me, more than ever.

Dixie: If I matter to you, then you have to forget that you ever saw me. As -- as far as this town is concerned, I'm dead, and I intend on staying that way.

Babe: Ok, my birthday boy. Hmm. Mama and Daddy will come kiss you good night later.

J.R.: Night-night.

Babe: Happy birthday.

J.R.: There. I would like to propose a toast. Thank you. To my wife, my love, my bride. I've met my match, and I'm finally worthy.

Babe: Hear, hear.

Tad: Congratulations.

Di: Congratulations.

[Glasses clink]

Di: And I hope it isn't too presumptuous, but I would like to speak for everyone on my side of the family, including someone very special who couldn't be here today. Babe, you make J.R. so happy. That makes us happy. Personally, I am so honored to be one of you. So may this family remain united as it is now, forever.

Tad: Forever.

Di: Cheers.

[Glasses clink]

Dixie: Good-bye, David.

David: Wait a minute. How can you just leave? I just found you.

Dixie: I'm -- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

David: I -- I couldn't get over you all those years I thought you were dead. But now, seeing you, holding you, kissing you?

Dixie: David, come on. Please, stop.

David: Do you understand what you're asking from me? Dixie, think about this. We can be happy. I can make you happy.

Dixie: No, you can't. I -- I have -- I can't stay here.

David: Why not? Why? What can I do?

Dixie: Nothing. There's nothing that you can do, ok? I -- I just have to go back.

David: Where? Where do you have to go?

Dixie: It doesn't -- it's not important, ok?

David: Yes, damn it, it is important. I have been loving you all these years you've been away, alive.

Dixie: Please, David. Please just -- just take my word for it, ok? There's a reason. There's something that I have to go back to.

David: What? What, is it another man? What, you came back here just so you can say your last good-byes?

Dixie: No, no. Come on. Don't do this to yourself.

David: Oh, man. Wait a minute. Is it Kate? Did she make it, too?

Dixie: No, I don't have Kate.

David: Dixie, I am so sorry. I know how much that little girl meant to you. Let me help you. I helped you during those months that you carried her. I loved you. I -- I stood by you even when Tad wouldn't. Let me help you again.

Dixie: No, David, please. This is something that I have to do alone.

David: Dixie, we could have a new life, better than the one we had before. I'm the one who truly loved you, and you loved me, too. I know it.

Dixie: David, if you love me, then please just let me go.

David: I would do anything for you, but I cannot do that, Dixie. Come home with me.

Dixie: David, after what I found out about you, I am never going anywhere with you again.

Babe: I am the luckiest woman in the world, twice now with the same man.


Babe: To my wonderful husband.

Tad: To J.R.

All: To J.R.

Di: Cheers.

Babe: And now it's time for someone else to be as happy as we are. Are you ready, ladies, or should I say lady?


Babe: Ready?

[When Babe throws the bouquet, Opal springs out of nowhere to catch it.]

Opal: Oh.

J.R.: Ooh.

Palmer: Well, well, well --


Opal: Always the bridesmaid, never the bride? Hmm.

Kendall: Julia Keefer will never adopt my son.

Ryan: Well, let me make this really, really clear. How I feel about Madden has nothing to do with Julia, nothing. It has to do with the fact that he's trying to give away our son. That's it. That's the problem.

Kendall: Ok, well -- well, if it's not Julia, who is it? Is it someone else? My mother? Is my mother passing on all her negative thoughts about him?

Ryan: What? Since when do I listen to your mother about who I should hate?

Kendall: Well, she can be pretty persuasive when she wants to be. And -- yeah, ok. It is a little weird that he terminated a pregnancy of hers after she had me, but that was -- it was a long time ago.

Ryan: I -- I mean, I honestly didn't even know that. I didn't know that your mother had that history with him.

Kendall: Yeah, well, she asked you to get rid of him.

Ryan: Look, forget your mother's grudge for a second. Don't you find it a little bit strange that he's crossed both your paths? I mean, that's kind of creepy.

Kendall: I'm sure it's got to be a coincidence.

Ryan: Knowing that your mother had that history with him actually makes me distrust him even more.

Kendall: Ok, so is that you came with me today? You – you're afraid to leave me alone with him.

Ryan: Yeah, actually I am. I mean, the guy is obviously up to something. He's pulling a con, and you're the target. I mean, that's how I lived my life, remember? I was a con. I know how it works. You make the person believe that you're helping them, and then you make the idea come to life, the con, before they even realize what's happened.

Kendall: Since when do I let people talk me into things?

Ryan: He's offering you a solution before he gives you time to find one of your own.

Kendall: Ryan, do you think I'm a moron? You must.

Ryan: No, I don't. I think that you're brilliant. It's just that Madden is pushing your buttons, and he's doing it in a very clever way, and I'm just trying to find out why he's doing it.

Greg: I'm sorry to keep you waiting.

Julia: What took so long? Well, why did you do an ultrasound?

Greg: There were some concerns that I wanted to eliminate.

Julia: Is there a problem?

Greg: You're a health professional, so I can talk to you frankly.

Julia: Please, just tell me what's wrong.

Greg: The reason that your cycle is irregular -- you have a severe case of uterine fibroids. Now, because of this, you'd have great difficulty conceiving.

Julia: I've -- I -- wait a minute. No. Women who have that condition can conceive and have normal pregnancies all the time.

Greg: You have multiple myomas in your uterine cavity. This would make it very difficult for you to conceive, and if you did conceive, the chances of miscarriage or premature birth would be extremely high. There's barely any room in your uterus actually to sustain a pregnancy.

Julia: What about surgery? Can a myomectomy remove them?

Greg: The masses are unusually vascular. There's no safe way to remove them. It would require removing part, if not all of your uterus.

Julia: Well, there has to be something else. What about nonsurgical procedures? I read about those in my refresher course.

Greg: I'm aware of all the literature out there, and I really cannot recommend any medical procedure at this time.

Julia: So that's it?

Greg: I'm very sorry. I cannot in clear conscience recommend you for insemination or in vitro. I am terribly sorry. Even I can't help you get pregnant.

Opal: Now, just think of all the fun you and me could have on my ex-husband's dime, huh?

Palmer: You weren't invited to this party.

Opal: I'm not crashing anything. I came by with a birthday present for the little sweet potato.

Palmer: That boy is even too young for you. He's upstairs asleep.

Babe: Opal, why don't you stay and have some cake with us?

Opal: Why, thank you.

Babe: Where's Mama?

Opal: I don't mind if I do. Hey, you know something? I was thinking it might be time for a little wedding day reading for the happy couples. You want to? Come on, it'll be fun.

Tad: Mama --

Opal: Oh, you hush up. Hush up.

Adam: What do we have to do to get rid of these people?

Krystal: Oh, come on. You only get married once, or not.

Palmer: How much did that cat weigh?

Opal: All righty. Here we go -- you ready?

Babe: Yep.

Opal: Let's see -- oh. The two of swords. Well, that means that the house was built on a weak foundation.

J.R.: Oh, well, we didn't need some card to tell us that. We're solid now.

Babe: Shh.

Opal: Yes, you are.

Babe: Hush up and listen.

Del: Oh, telling you what to do already, huh, J.R.?


Opal: Let's see -- oh, the ace of cups. Now, that is very good. That means that this is the start of happier times, you see? Just so long as you stay on the straight and narrow, stay on the path.

J.R.: Off the booze.

Opal: Yeah, and watch your temper. The tower -- really? Oh, there is something here that could topple everything. Knowledge would be forced upon you and your ignorance would be taken away, but I think you better prepare yourselves for one heck of a topple. I mean, your whole world could be destroyed. You'd have to start from scratch.

Dixie: You talk to me about love? I know what you did. Did you enjoy helping Di take my life?

David: That was very complicated.

Dixie: Well, there is no excuse for what you did. You and Di had quite a time playing my family for fools. If you loved me, how could you hurt all the people that I care about?

David: Where did you hear all this? You were at the ball?

Dixie: Yes, I was at the ball, and I got quite an earful about you. If you loved me, how could you hurt me?

David: Your son was keeping my daughter away from her own child. I did what I had to do for Babe.

Dixie: That's no excuse. You did that at my son's expense. You hurt a boy that you had known for years for a daughter you just met?

David: Dixie, your son has turned out to be an SOB.

Dixie: Well, I don't care -- what does that make me? And from what I understand, J.R. was only doing what your daughter had done to him first, and I think a little worse. Frankly, I can't believe I ever loved you. What happened to you?

David: I lost you once. I will not lose you again.

[Music plays]

Singer: Softly like a whisper, hold me in your arms. Everything fades but you and me. You know, I'd cross stars for your love, and I think you would go that far

Babe: Thank you.

Singer: There's nowhere else --

J.R.: For what?

Singer: I'd rather be right now

Babe: For this.

Singer: Than where you are

Opal: All righty. So, are you ready to hear what the cards have to say for you?

Tad: Oh, no, no. Stop. Don't do it, Di. This tarot stuff is such a bunch of "Mom-sense."

Di: No, come on, it's fun. No, go -- give me the reading.

Tad: No, it's not, believe me.

Opal: All righty, here we go. The seven of cups -- well -- that means reality is not as it appears. Isn't it ironic? And the -- oh, my God, there it is. The tower -- this is the card that I was reading for J.R., the one that threatens his happiness -- it's you.

Tad: Oh, my God -- why can't you just lay off?

Opal: I'm just speaking the truth here.

Tad: No, the truth is, you don't like me seeing Di, and you're just going to have to get over it.

Opal: Tad, I'm only the messenger.

Tad: Mama, you don't -- you don't have to be loyal to Dixie anymore. Dixie's gone.

Dixie: I don't even recognize you anymore.

David: Huh. Yeah. I definitely went a little crazy the years you've been gone.

Dixie: Yeah, a little.

David: I lost a child, Dixie. And then I tried to help the one child I came to find out I had. I love my daughter so much, so much that I would do anything to make her life better.

Dixie: Is that supposed to excuse your behavior?

David: No. No. I wasn't working. I was spending way too much time alone. The plan to resurrect you, coaching Di to imitate you exactly as I remembered -- that was the only time that I had left with you. I couldn't let go. I couldn't stop loving you. It was my messed-up way of trying to keep a part of you in my life however I could.

Dixie: We've both lost way too much. Look at where we are. I mean, this is where your daughter married my son. And from what I understand, it was more than just a wedding. I -- I heard forgiveness, I saw love, the kind of love I always hoped that my son would have.

David: And you don't want to be a part of that?

Dixie: Well, of course, I do, but don't you understand? If J.R. finds out that I am alive, he will think that his mother tricked him, that his mother lied to him. This memory, the idea of a mother that he has that gives him hope, that he respects. I mean, if he's broken like that, I know what will happen to him. And he'll take it out on whoever is closest, and that means your daughter. Right now they have a chance. We could just let them be happy.

David: And you want me to just let you walk away from me once again? Is that what -- that's what you're asking me, right?

Dixie: David, please, if there is a little of the man that I once loved in there, for me, for us, for your family, please -- swear that you will never say anything about my being alive, and let me go.

David: Fine. Then I'm going with you.

Ryan: So you're not feeling all warm and fuzzy about the baby yet. But did you happen to mention those feelings to Madden?

Kendall: Yeah.

Ryan: And how long after that did he suggest adoption?

Kendall: A few minutes.

Ryan: Wow. And he showed up with the Rivington file how long after that?

Kendall: The next morning.

Ryan: Hmm. He certainly works fast, doesn't he?

Kendall: Yeah, but he was so helpful with it.

Ryan: Have you ever said to him "I want to put my child up for adoption. Please help me find a family"?

Kendall: No. No, he brought it up.

Ryan: Well, then, why -- why would he do this? Why -- why would he present this couple to you, let you see their desperate faces, faces that you are never going to be able to forget? Why?

Kendall: I don't know, Ryan. I don't know. Maybe -- maybe he promised them their own biological baby, and he failed. And now he's trying to deliver.

Ryan: Look, I'm no shrink. But the guy is definitely up to something, and it has nothing to do with taking care of you.

Julia: How can you tell me that I can't have children after one ultrasound?

Greg: The images are very clear.

Julia: There are other procedures, other tests that I could try. How about an MRI?

Greg: The results would be the same.

Julia: I want a second opinion.

Greg: Well, I can give you a few names of some reproductive endocrinologists.

Julia: This can't -- this can't be happening. I refuse to believe I can't have children.

Greg: I really wish I could give you more hope. But quite frankly, I'm the most experienced doctor in this field. Anybody else that you speak to, honestly they will give you the same diagnosis. I think it's impossible for you to conceive. You'd waste so much of your time, and you'd only end up with a broken heart.

Julia: What could break my heart more than this?

Greg: I truly wish you hadn't waited so long before you came in for an examination. Five years ago, I think this problem probably could have been fixed. Please understand how terribly sorry I am.

Ryan: What about Joe Martin? Joe Martin could help us find a great Ob-Gyn. It's not like Madden is the only one in Pine Valley.

Kendall: Yes, but Dr. Madden has been with me since the beginning. Is that why you're so mad at him? Because he inseminated me after the blackout, and that caused you to lose Greenlee?

Ryan: Obviously, you know, I've got issues surrounding that, but --

Kendall: Yes, but why? You -- you've forgiven me for it.

Ryan: Look, you loved Greenlee, right? So -- I mean, what was Madden's motives? What -- why did he do it? If I truly believed -- if I really trusted that he had your best interests in mind, then I'd be fine with this, but -- look, the pregnancy is normal, right? Everything's fine. So -- I mean, we don't need him anymore. We don't. Will you do this for me, please? Will you help me, so I don't have to worry about what kind of stunt your doctor is going to pull next?

Opal: You're keeping one big, fat, ugly secret, aren't you, missy?

Di: Are you sure you're -- I don't know -- reading the cards right?

Opal: You are the cloud over this house.

Tad: Ok, enough fun and games. We're done.

Opal: The cards never lie, Tad.

Tad: Leave it alone.

Opal: I have hit on something, haven't I?

Tad: I just might.

Opal: I have.

Tad: It's over, ok? I'm taking you home. Good night, everybody.

Babe: Hey, thank you for coming.

Tad: J.R.

Di: Congratulations, Babe.

Babe: Appreciate it.

Tad: All happiness.

Babe: Thank you.

Tad: For both of you.

Dixie: You can't come with me, David.

David: Why not? What are you keeping from me?

Dixie: Nothing. Nothing that you should care about as much as the life that you have here.

David: You are what I care about.

Dixie: What about your daughter? Your grandchild?

David: I have been dreaming about you for years. And now the dream finally comes true, and you expect me to just forget that it ever happened?

Dixie: I'm sorry. I have to leave, David.

David: If you leave without me, I will tell everyone you're alive.

[Julia sobs]

Ryan: Hey. Ok. Ok.

Greg: I didn't expect to see you back here so soon.

Kendall: I won't be your patient anymore.

Opal: Adam? I'll be darned. Well, I guess the old folks are going to bed.

Palmer: I always knew Adam had no stamina.

Opal: Well, I know somebody who does. Come on, honey, let's go.

[Adam and Krystal laugh]

Adam: Whoo-hoo. Oh, alone at last.

Krystal: Ohh.

Adam: Shall we -- to bed, my lady?

Krystal: Oh, now, watch who you call "lady."

[Adam and Krystal laugh]

Adam: Whoo!

Krystal: Whoo-hoo!

J.R.: This has been the best day of my life. Thanks to you.

Babe: I don't want this night to end. Let's go take a walk in the moonlight.

Di: When you offered to take me home, I didn't know you meant your home.

Tad: Yeah, well, I just wanted to get you alone, you know?

Di: Mm-hmm.

Tad: No interruptions.

Di: Well, that sounds good.

Tad: You know, when Mama starts throwing down those stupid tarot cards, she usually just throws out anything that comes to mind. And with good reason. Because eventually even a blind dog finds a bone. And Mama tends to hit the target, even if it's by accident.

Di: I thought you said not to believe anything she said.

Tad: It's not so much what she says that bothers me, but how you hear it. So what's the deal? Is there another secret out there floating around?

Dixie: If you tell anyone that I'm alive, I will never forgive you for as long as I live.

David: You have no choice. You have to take me with you.

Babe: Dad? Is that you?

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Greg: I can't do that.

Di (to Tad): You're angry because I proposed?

Tad: No, I'm angry because you beat me to the punch.

David: J.R., there is something you need to know.

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