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[Door creaks]

Janet: I do not want an audience.


Janet: Guard! Who are you? Who's there? What do you want?

Zach: You killed my son.

Ryan: He is my son, too.

Kendall: It's just a routine checkup, Ryan. You'll be bored.

Ryan: Why are you doing this? Why are you trying to get rid of me?

Kendall: I -- just please don't make trouble, ok? Please?

Greg: Kendall -- Ryan, hello. Well, it's very nice of you to join us.

Ryan: I wouldn't miss the latest update on my son. After you.

Kendall: Ok.

Greg: Kendall, Ryan, this is Jennifer and Joel Rivington.

Kendall: They want the baby.

Babe: Everybody can have magicians and cake at their birthday party but, you, my big boy, you --

J.R.: Gets both, because I'm a magician who cast a spell over your mama.

Babe: Oh, really, really? Are you saying that you got me through magic?

J.R.: Well, how else am I supposed to get the most beautiful woman in the world to marry me?

Babe: So, Little Adam and I were talking, and we were saying that it is going to be the best birthday ever because it's also a wedding, and also that it is bad luck to see the bride before the ceremony.

J.R.: Well, I'm not worried. I'm a magician, remember?

Babe: Hmm.

J.R.: So, all bad luck and unhappiness in this house is hereby banished. Hocus pocus, alla-shazam. See? It's a done deal. Right?

Adam: Mrs. Chandler. Do you think you'll be able to live with me till death do us part?

Krystal: Well, mister, I'm up to that challenge, but let me tell you something -- you cross me one too many times and that "death" part's going to come a little bit early, and, honey, it'll be you.

[Adam laughs]

[Glasses clink]

Adam: Ouch.

Tad: By all means, don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

Del: So you think we have to worry about Hayward raising hell at the wedding?

Di: I -- I haven't heard from him.

Del: What about Dixie?

Di: I don't know. I guess no one is really communicating with me these days, because I don't even know where she is.

Dixie: Hello, family.

Del: Dixie. You really are --

Dixie: Alive.

J.R.: You remember that? Hmm?

Babe: It was the night we met.

J.R.: Yeah, on the pier in San Diego.

Babe: Oh. Oh, look at me. I look like such a dork. Now what?

J.R.: Are you kidding me? Look at me. I just realized that that girl has my heart in her back pocket. I never even had a chance.

Babe: It's the nicest present I ever got. Thank you for saving it all this time.

J.R.: Now mine.

Babe: Easy, greedy.

J.R.: Hey, some things change, but I never change.

Babe: Ok. This -- it's -- it's not a replacement, because it can't -- I don't know. Ok, just -- just open it. I know that it broke your heart when your mom's snow globe broke, so I thought you'd like this one.

J.R.: Like it? I love it.

Stuart: Oh, ho, ho. What a beautiful picture. I -- I wish I had my paints.

Babe: I wish we had time, but it's such a big day, Stuart.

J.R.: I better let you get ready. I can't wait to marry you.

[Babe giggles]

Jamie: Hey, J.R.? I brought something. This is just for you.

J.R.: You're my best man, and that's enough.

Jamie: Yeah, well, the best man's got to throw a bachelor party, and you didn't leave me a lot of time, so come on.

J.R.: What?

Jamie: Let's go. It'll be painless. Come on.

Stuart: What a difference I see. You remember -- you remember a while ago that you wanted to talk to me about secrets? Secrets and then -- and then maybe sometimes you had to keep secrets to -- well, to protect people, the people that you love, and you loved J.R. at the time.

Babe: I was just terrified that he would find out I was still married to someone else.

Stuart: Yes, you were terrified, but not now. Now you're free to share your love, and J.R.’s free to accept it and -- and then give it right back at you.

Babe: We really do love each other.

Stuart: Yeah. And now the fear is gone because the secrets are gone. Right?

Babe: I hope so, Stuart.

Del: I never expected to see you again.

Dixie: I know. I'm sorry, kiddo. So you told Del. Who else?

Di: Well, it's not like I'm the only one who knows you're here.

Dixie: I think I can trust Zach.

Di: Well, I couldn't keep it to myself.

Dixie: You swore you would.

Del: Dix, come on. This is me, remember? I love you. I might have been able to help you. Why couldn't you come to me? Why keep this quiet? I -- I don't get it.

Dixie: Sorry, I can't give you an explanation that will satisfy you.

Di: Well, it's kind of huge to just pretend that it all makes sense.

Dixie: I don't think you'll ever understand what it is I had to do.

Del: We'll try if you tell us.

Tad: You know, if I distract him, you can run.

Adam: Give up, Tad. The best man won.

Palmer: Ah, the hell he did. Huh. You know, it's blackmail. He forced you into this.

Krystal: Yeah. Sorry, Palmer, but all he did was steal my heart.

Adam: Eat your heart out, Palmer, whatever's left of it.

Krystal: Oh, shush now.

Tad: I tried to reason with her, too, P.C.

Krystal: Listen, if anybody really cared about me, they'd go find me something to munch on before I faint from hunger.

Palmer: My pleasure.

Adam: Wait, wait, darling. I've got it covered, Pete.

Palmer: You, you -- you are a divorce waiting to happen. I'll give you my attorney's number, hmm?

Tad: Well, Miss Scarlett, now that the Tarleton twins are gone --

Krystal: It is pretty incredible, isn't it?

Tad: It's mind-numbing. Just make me a promise -- if Adam gets out of control, promise me you'll call me to take care of it and not Palmer.

Janet: You know, this isn't the zoo. I don't know you and I -- I don't know your son.

Zach: Ethan Cambias. When you blew up the Mardi Gras Ball, you killed him.

Janet: Well, I don't know what you're talking about. I'm afraid you've been misinformed by some hostile Pine Valleyite. I am not -- repeat, not -- a killer.

Zach: Then why are you here?

Janet: For my own protection. There are very dangerous people in this town.

Zach: Oh, honey, you have no idea. Why did you kill my son?

Janet: I didn't. I give life, I -- I nurture it. I didn't hurt anyone's little boy. I -- I have my own heartache, you know, and you don't see me blaming somebody else. I lost my daughter, I lost my little girl, and that's heartache enough. I cannot take on everyone else's pain. I'm sorry. I -- the hurt is unimaginable, but they don't think that that's enough for me. They're going to send me to an asylum and that's where they chemically imbalance me again. It's like I'm asleep but with my eyes open. I'm numbed and drug-addled.

Zach: I don't care what you're scared of, and I don't care where you're going, but you will give me a reason why you did what you did.

Janet: I don't understand.

Zach: Before I leave here, you will.

Kendall: I wasn't expecting --

Greg: Oh, forgive me. I told the Rivingtons that I presented their material to you, you had reviewed it, and you liked what you saw.

Joel: We've been so anxious to meet you.

Jennifer: Maybe we should've waited.

Greg: No, I wanted the first meeting to be on mutual territory, so to speak.

Ryan: I'm -- I'm a little surprised that Greg didn't tell you that we haven't actually made a decision yet.

Jennifer: But if you do, we wanted --

Joel: We wanted you to know how serious we are.

Ryan: I understand how anxious you are to have a child.

Greg: I wanted Kendall to meet the Rivingtons and then she'd see just how perfect they are.

Ryan: Any child would be very lucky to have you both as parents, I'm sure, and if we decide that adoption is the way to go, then I'm sure we would love to meet with you again.

Greg: Wonderful. I knew you would all just hit it off.

Kendall: Ahem.

Ryan: So, now, I -- I don't mean to be rude, but Kendall is here for an exam, so --

Joel: Right, right. We should be going.

Greg: Well, good. Now we've had the first face-to-face. The human element is absolutely vital.

Joel: It's great meeting you.

Ryan: Yes, yeah.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Greg: I'll be in touch.

Kendall: How in the hell can you do this to me? I cannot believe you would pull something like this.

Greg: I thought you would like to meet the potential parents.

Kendall: So then ask me. Ask, don't set me up.

Greg: Kendall, you know I would never do anything to upset you.

Ryan: You railroaded her.

Greg: That is untrue.

Ryan: No, actually, it's not untrue. You didn't expect me to show up with Kendall here and this whole ambush was supposed to take the wind out of her and when she was at her absolute most vulnerable, you were going to throw the papers under her nose and make her sign away our son.

Greg: Kendall, you don't believe that I'd spring a surprise like that on you?

Kendall: Uh -- Ryan's right. You crossed the line. Now, you don't want to do this, Ryan, and right now, neither do I.

Krystal: You know, I really was in my right mind when I started. It was -- it was a scheme. It was a way to get Babe more access with her little boy and then love just tripped me up and here we are.

Tad: Yeah. Here we are. Serves him right.

Krystal: What?

Tad: Oh, I'm sure whatever Adam dishes out, you're going to lob back at him fast and furious. It's going to be an interesting ride.

Krystal: Oh.

Tad: I just want you to know something. What we had -- no. What we have means a hell of a lot to me.

Krystal: Me, too. I'm -- I'm really glad that you and Di put things back together, Tad. I like seeing you happy.

Tad: Yeah.

[Tad chuckles]

Tad: And all this happiness on Chandler property. Makes you think it's a trick.

Krystal: Don't you jinx it.

Tad: Well, it does.

Dixie: Del, I wish I could've called you ages ago.

Del: I would've done anything for you.

Dixie: I know. I'm so sorry. There were just things that I had to do alone, things I couldn't trust to anyone.

Di: "Things"? You're still not going to tell us?

Dixie: I think it's best not to involve you.

Del: Oh, for God's sakes, Dixie.

Dixie: But you can help me, Del. Just don't say anything. Keep my secret.

Del: I will, I swear. But I need you to stay. Don't disappear again.

Dixie: That has to be my call, kiddo.

Del: You've got us here and J.R. and your grandson.

Dixie: I know.

Di: Have you seen Little Adam?

Dixie: Yeah, I snuck into the hospital.

Di: You told me you were leaving. I mean, you want all this secrecy -- my God. Dixie, what is next? Are you -- you going to push Babe out of the way and march down the aisle yourself and announce to everyone that you're here? If you're here to make a big scene, tell us now.

Greg: Kendall, when we discussed you meeting potential parents, I --

Kendall: If I decided to give up this child. With some warning, Dr. Madden, not like this.

Greg: Would you be more comfortable with somebody else acting as intermediary? If so, I can give you a list of people --

Kendall: No. No, that's not necessary.

Ryan: We don't need a middle man when there's no deal.

Greg: Of course. Shall we carry on with the examination?

Kendall: That's why we're here.

J.R.: You know, I'm glad that you were the one to inherit Aunt Phoebe's big bucks. I'm just really sorry that --

Jamie: Hey. It all turned out like it was supposed to -- you and Babe and Little Adam.

J.R.: And my brother and I kicking back, enjoying some damn fine cookies.

Jamie: No nuts.

[J.R. chuckles]

Jamie: You know, I missed this, and then not just this.

J.R.: Yeah, me, too. I want it to stay like this.

Jamie: I'll drink to that.

Krystal: Something old, something new, borrowed, and blue. Ok, our dresses are new. Now, you loaned me your bracelet, I loaned you my earrings. Blue. Now, Babette loaned this to me a few years ago. I never did give it back to her.

Babe: Oh, we don't need something stolen.

Krystal: Oh, funny. Here -- carry it with your bouquet. It's blue.

Babe: Well, you need something blue, too.

Krystal: Well, I don't know. Adam and I are just renewing our vows. But he does have that vein that throbs in his temple when he gets excited and nervous, huh? That's blue. Does that count? Or is it going to mess up my big day --

Babe: Oh, no.

Krystal: If we don't have something blue?

Dixie: I'm so happy I got to hear Babe for myself.

Del: Where, at the hospital?

Dixie: She is so good for J.R. She loves him. She loves their baby. I'm so happy they found each other.

Di: Dixie, did you -- did you hear about David Hayward?

Del: Yeah, he came by Wildwind determined to see you. Apparently, Janet Dillon announced that she saw you at the Mardi Gras Ball.

Dixie: Yeah, I heard David was looking for me.

Di: Yeah. I mean, is that why you changed your mind? You figured David's going to track you down, he might as well go public?

Dixie: Don't you worry about David. He's been taken care of.

[Locked in a maintenance closet with duct tape over his mouth, David kicks frantically at the door but just succeeds in knocking cleaning supplies and toilet paper rolls on top of himself.]

David: [Muffled] Help! Help!

Zach: You think you can take a person's life and just shrug it off?

Janet: No, I -- I didn't know.

Zach: You didn't know what? Fill a basement with gas and someone's going to get hurt? You just -- what, you don't care about people? Is that it?

Janet: No, I -- I did. I did what I had to do.

Zach: Why?

Janet: It was for her. It was all for her.

Zach: "Her" who -- your daughter?

Janet: Amanda. Oh, my sweet -- aren't our children supposed to be our hope for the future?

Zach: Tell me about her.

Janet: When she was little, and I was sick, she could -- she could always get through to me. One time, she went out and she bought gallons of ice cream, and she made a pistachio penguin sculpture, and she served it to me in bed. Every spoonful was just sunshine. The room got brighter and brighter.

Zach: You love her?

Janet: And when Amanda was in seventh grade, she had to write an essay -- on her greatest hero, the person that she admired above all others and she chose me!

Zach: She did, huh? Yeah. Now you're in here in this cage. Just imagine her now, happy and healthy, whole life ahead of her.

Janet: Her amazing, wonderful life.

Zach: Yeah. Now imagine this -- she's dancing with her fiancé and all of a sudden, the building around her just blows up, ceiling collapses.

Janet: I don't want to imagine this.

Zach: She can't move. She can't move, because she's bleeding internally, but you don't know that. You can't see that. You can't stop it.

Janet: A doctor could see it, I think.

Zach: No, a doctor can't get there in time. No one can. It's just you. It's just you, and you're trapped, but you can't save her. All you can do is watch her. You can watch that face, and you can watch life drain out of her. You can watch her suffer. You can watch her face go from pale to gray. And you can hear her last words. And you can see her last breath. And then it's done. It's over. She's dead, Janet. She's dead.

Janet: No, I don't like this. I don't -- I don't like this make-believe. It's -- it's sick.

Zach: That's what you did to my son. And I got a chance to watch you kill him.

Di: So you're not going to tell us anything, if you're going or you're staying?

Dixie: My son's getting married today, my little boy. How can I miss that?

Di: Well, you think everything is just going to go as planned when you walk in?

Dixie: They don't have to know that I'm here. You guys could help me find a place where I could hide. Just so I can watch. And then I'll leave, ok, after the ceremony. No one will get hurt. I promise.

J.R.: Where is he? I'll kill him. David still hasn't shown up?

Babe: No. He's a creep. He is a thoughtless creep.

J.R.: This day is supposed to be everything that you want. Look, if David is against us, maybe it's better that he stays away. This day is supposed to be perfect for us. Don't let him mess this up.

Babe: It's not David's fault. This -- this is you. You're so -- oh, I love you so much. To hell with my father.

David: Hey! Somebody get me out of here! Get me the hell out of here! Ah.

Greg: Well, they're both doing extremely well, progressing exactly according to nature's plan. Ryan, I'd like to apologize to you for my earlier misstep. I truly believed that Kendall was interested in adoption.

Ryan: Hmm. Well, don't worry, Dr. Madden. When we decide, you'll be among the first to know.

Janet: I didn't mean for anyone -- it was -- it was -- um -- supposed to -- they weren't -- they were supposed to -- they were supposed to be afraid and to regret the hurtful things that they did to my Amanda, but no one was supposed to -- I didn't mean to kill anyone. I -- it -- it was -- God. Ethan? Oh. Cambias -- I -- I don't think that, uh, he hurt Amanda. I -- I don't think I -- I know him. And -- but he's dead? Because I killed him? Oh, my God. I killed an innocent man. Your son. I'm sorry.

Zach: You really think that is what sorry feels like? You don't know anything.

[As the guests gather in the Chandler garden, Dixie peeks out from behind the hedges.]

Minister: Three generations of Chandler men welcome you to their home to witness the marriage of J.R. and Babe, and the renewal of vows of Adam and Krystal. And now if the third Chandler man is ready, we'll begin.

[Classical music plays]

J.R.: Excuse me.

[J.R. runs to pick up Little Adam who's dressed as a ring bearer.]

J.R.: Here we go. Good job. Good job.

[As the "Wedding March" plays, Stuart walks Babe and Krystal down the “aisle.”  After Krystal joins Adam, J.R. stands next to Babe.]

J.R.: You look -- you're amazing.

Adam: Has anyone ever told you you're the most beautiful woman in the world?

Stuart: Oh, what a big guy!

Little Adam: Oh.

Stuart: Yeah.

[Music stops]

Minister: Our couples have written their own vows. So, Adam, Krystal, you wanted to start?

Adam: Yes. Ahem. Ours is not a quiet kind of love. It's loud, it's abrasive, and above all, fascinating. Krystal, you've never given me a moment's rest. You never placate me. You never humor me. You're always telling me what I need to hear. Which is nothing like what I'd like to hear. Ever since we met, you made it your mission to kick the stuffing out of this tailor-made Saville Row shirt I wear. I can never remember being happier. Or having a better time. So you better be sure about this. Because I intend to never let you go.

[Krystal chuckles]

Krystal: Well, it's settled, then. Nobody gets out of here alive, huh? Adam Chandler, only you can make a marriage vow sound like a threat. No, no, no, no. No, you had your chance.

Adam: Oh, ok.

Krystal: Adam, you've put up with a lot of chain-yanking from me, and you took it like a man. I can't analyze what it is that we have. But whatever it is, it was strong enough to finally get me to the altar. You are the last man I ever expected to lose my heart to.

Adam: Ouch.

Krystal: But I did. And now I just want you to hold on to it forever. Because you need me -- just as much as I need you.

J.R.: I've loved you from the first moment that I laid eyes on you. And when I was hurt and disappointed, I fought that with everything that I could. But it's still there, Babe. Always. And when we were apart, and I tried so desperately to keep our son from you, it wasn't just to get back at you. It was because he was you. He's the best of both of us. He's our love. And I had to keep that any way that I could. I know what it's like to lose you, and to think that I might never see that face again, or hear that voice. I need you to share the rest of my life with me.

Babe: I used to think that love -- the kind that I feel for you -- had to be exclusive. That I could never share the man that I love with someone else. Well, except for our son. But the truth is, is that we wouldn't be standing here today getting married if you hadn't let another woman into your heart. Your mom. Dixie. She made you the man that you are. She shared with you her wisdom and gave you enough love to last a lifetime, and still have enough left over for both me and our son. She's with us, J.R. Your mother will always be with us. And we'll share with our son everything that she's taught both you and me.

[From behind the tall hedges, an approving Dixie quietly weeps.]

J.R.: I do.

Babe: I do.

Adam: I still do.

Krystal: I still do, too.

Tad: All right.

Tad: Happy birthday, Little Adam.

Marian: Happy birthday!

Babe: Happy birthday, sweetie.

Marian: Congratulations.

J.R.: Happy birthday, buddy.

Janet: How is it that you think you're doing the right thing? You think -- you think you're doing what's best for your child. It's -- it's like it's -- it's an act of love. But it's all wrong. And then you find out too late it's all gone. And then you've lost her forever!

Guard: Transport's here.

Zach: Where are you taking her?

Guard: State psychiatric ward.

Janet: It's where they -- they make me not me anymore. It's -- you know, sort of like I'm -- I'm asleep, but I'm awake. I can't hurt anyone when I'm awake -- then. It's sort of like a -- a living death. Huh. Yeah. A kind of justice.

Kendall: Oh, thank you for coming with me.

Ryan: Do me a favor. Find a new doctor.

Kendall: But Dr. Madden has been with --

Ryan: Has been with you since the beginning, I know. I don't care. He's trying to give away our baby.

Tad: Thanks for all the nice things you said about Dixie.

Babe: Got to remember the special people on the special days.

Di: Are you still there?

Dixie: I feel so lucky I got to see that.

Di: I thought for a second that you might just say the hell with it, let everybody know you were here.

Dixie: I couldn't do that to them. Or you. No, this -- this is good-bye. Absolutely. I've seen everything I need to see.

Di: Take care of yourself.

[Dixie picks a white tulip and turns to leave when she comes face-to-face with David.]

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Ryan (to Kendall): Madden is pushing your buttons, and I'm just trying to find out why he's doing it.

Kendall: Ryan, do you think I'm a moron? You must.

Ryan: He's pulling a con, and you're the target.

David (to Dixie): Come home with me.

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