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[Traveling in the car with Tad, Jamie, David, and Aidan, J.R. recalls moments from the past.]

David's voice: I heard someone saw Babe, she survived the explosion? Have you seen her?

J.R.ís voice: Text message from Babe -- "You won't see us again, J.R. I took our son. Forget me and him. Babe."

Tad: Babe doesn't have your son.

J.R.: Babe has my son.

Tad: Janet Dillon has him. She took both Babe and Little Adam.

J.R.: Do you want me to stop?

Babe: Don't stop, ever.

J.R.'s voice: Let's do it.

Babe: Are you serious?

J.R.: We can get married tonight. You did the impossible. You took a shot. You made us a real family again.

Krystal: J.R. doesnít know what he's doing. He'll get Babe and Little Adam killed.

Adam: If J.R. doesnít get himself killed first.

Krystal: Adam, call the police!

Adam: No, those buffoons? Might as well start shopping for coffins. No, there's only one way to make sure our children are protected.

Krystal: Get up there ourselves.

Adam: Let's go.

[Sitting behind J.R. in the car, Tad remembers comforting Dixieís baby.]

Tad's voice: You keep your chin up, pal. I know the future seems uncertain, but you got a lot going for you, mostly a beautiful woman from West Virginia smiling down on you right now. Lord knows you couldn't ask for a better guardian angel.

Dixie: I was really starting to like you. Huh. I was thinking, "Wow, you know, if I had to be found out by somebody, at least it was this really nice, smart man like Zach."

Zach: Yeah. I'm glad you wised up. Come on, sit down.

Dixie: No, I'll sit down in a second. I'm sorry you lost your son, your only son. I'm really sorry about that, but you have to get a reality check here and look around you. You have a woman that loves you, you have a thriving business, you have a life. You're not some helpless infant. You're not some child. You're not J.R.ís son who is out there, whose life might be taken away, who may be dead even as we're standing here. You're a grown man. You know, life is precious, all life, even yours. How can you think of throwing it away? I'm sorry. I -- I just can't let you do that.

[Riding in the car next to Jamie, David thinks of a sweet moment with his daughter.]

Babe's voice: What's he get? You know, my dad? You know, I never thought that I needed a father before. That was before I met you. I love you.

David: I love you, too.

Little Adam: Mommy?

[As sheís attempting to dispose of Babeís body, Janet gasps when the baby calls out.]

Janet: Ooh, my sweet little baby. Oh, it's all right. Your mommy is here now. Yes, there you are, Little Adam. Oh, it's ok. It's all right, my sweet little boy. Mommy's here now. You are mummy's whole life now, yummy little boy. Yes, you are. Oh, it's just wonderful, isn't it? It's like -- it's like winning the baby lottery, Little Adam. "Adam" is an ugly name. I really think we need to get you a new name. We need to think of something that would be really good.

Little Adam: "Adam?"

Janet: "Adam" -- no, that's not a good name for you. Let's think of something else. Oh, I know. How do you feel about "Trevor," huh?

[Janet remembers an unhappy moment with Trevor.]

Janet's voice: Trevor, will you --

Trevorís voice: Janet? Janet, just get up.

Janet's voice: Your arms around me and --

Trevor: Janet, just --

Janet: Oh, Trevor, you could marry Natalie if that's what you want, but I just need one night, just tonight! It'll last me a lifetime. It'll last me a lifetime!

[Trevor growls]

Janet: Oh.

Trevor: Get off me.

Janet: Trevor --

Trevor: Get out of here! Get the hell out of my life!

Janet: Trevor's a hideous name. No, I think you deserve to -- you deserve to share a name with one of the great masters, like a "Vincent" or "Michelangelo."

Little Adam: What?

Janet: Or -- oh, a "Rembrandt." Rembrandt Green! "Green" was Mommyís name before it was "Dillon," and you know what else? It's a color like your car, which is just perfect, because you're going to grow up to be a very important painter. Oh, you're such a good boy. You're Mommy's little good boy. Now, I want you to stay here. Yes, you stay here with the piggy. You stay here with the piggy. You play for just a little while longer, ok, because I'm just going to finish packing us up, so that we can get ready to have our new life together. I just have to make sure that everything's put away so that nothing will spoil, and then once the cabin is all neat and tidy, then Mommy and Remy are going to start our whole new wonderful life together far, far away.

J.R.: You think you can go any slower? I don't think that squirrel back there caught our license plate number.

Aidan: I don't want to miss anything, ok?

J.R.: Oh, like, what -- bark falling off a tree? There's nothing even out here.

Jamie: Do you think there's going to be a sign -- "This way to Janet"? The cabin could be anywhere out here.

Tad: Everybody, just relax, ok? Just shut up. It's dark, we can't afford to double-back. Aidan's just being thorough.

David: Oh, come on, man. "Thorough" is one thing. A snail's pace is overkill.

Aidan: There, the bait shop that Amanda remembered.

Tad: It has to be.

David: Thank God.

Jamie: Yeah, we're close, J.R.

J.R.: To what? Until Little Adam and Babe are in that cabin, I'm not going to get excited about anything.

Tad: We'll find them, J.R.

J.R.: I wouldn't make any promises if I were you. Your track record stinks. You never found my mother's body.

Dixie: Life is precious, ok? Life is a gift. Do you understand what I'm saying? I know it's hard, I know it's painful, it know it sometimes feels like you can't breathe it hurts so much, but that doesn't give you the right to give up.

Zach: And you're talking from experience now?

Dixie: I have had to fight for my life probably for more than a year. I have had more surgeries than I care to think about. I have had doctors telling me that I might not wake up at times, and I could have chosen to give up, but I didnít. I fought, and I fought for a reason -- because dying, choosing to die, is the easy way out. It's a very lonely way -- I understand that. But you're not alone, Zach.

Zach: Yeah. All alone or not, I'm not afraid of pain. I've tried my whole life to find a reason to get up in the morning. Can I ask you something -- do you mind? Do you think I have a right to be here when my son is gone? Can you tell me that? You can't, can you?

[David holds his mysterious drugs in little vials.]

Jamie: Do you carry that garbage with you everywhere you go?

David: Let's say we find Janet alone, Babe and Little Adam nowhere in sight. Now, we could waste our time asking that head case to tell us where my daughter and his son is, or I vote for this.

J.R.: For once I agree with Dr. Death. Let's drug that kidnapping psycho.

Jamie: What's that one for?

J.R.: Where is this place?

Aidan: Well, we must be getting close, because this is the only road by the bait shop that Amanda described.

[Phone rings]

Tad: It's Di. Hello?

Di: Have you heard anything? Any -- any new leads? I've been going out of my mind, Tad, trying to get ahold of you for almost an hour.

Tad: Amanda gave us a lead on a cabin up at Meyers Lake. Janet might be holding them there. We're on our way.

Di: Please let Amanda be right.

Radio Announcer: City officials are threatening to fine businesses $250 a pop for discarding recyclable materials in the garbage bins. While most local businesses --

Amanda: God, voicemail again. God, Daddy, where are you?

Brooke: Amanda, what's wrong? Where's Tad?

Amanda: He went with Jamie and J.R., and they went to look for my mom.

Brooke: What did Janet do? What happened? Amanda, who are you calling?

Amanda: Derek Frye, please. You have to get him. Just tell him it's Amanda Dillon -- he'll take the call.

Brooke: Where did Jamie and Tad go exactly?

Amanda: To a fishing cabin. They went to find my mom. They think that she's holding Babe or Little -- hello, Derek. Please tell me that you've heard from Aidan or Tad. They said they could take care of themselves, but I haven't heard anything yet, and -- yes, yes, I thought of another place my mom could be hiding, but please, you are friends of my parents, you can protect her. Please do not let them kill my mother.

Janet: I just need you to stay here for one minute while I take care of one more detail, and then it'll be our turn. Oh. Oh, Babe. Babe, I had such high hopes for us, for you and me and that little boy. We could've been a very happy family, because, you know, despite what they say about me, I'm really a very good mother. I love like nobody's business. You said all the right things, though. You did -- when you said that you wanted to be my daughter. And then all those promises you made about loving me forever and never betraying me and being proud to call me "Mom"? If only you'd meant it. If only anyone ever meant it. Move over, Trevor. You've got company.

[Janet lifts the lid to the freezer and places Babe inside.]

Janet: Pork Chop -- oh, Trevor. God does have a sense of humor, although, you know, to be perfectly frank, this is just not all that funny. Can you hold that, please, while I rearrange Babe here for a minute? You know, why did you do it, you and her? Why did you make me do this? Ugh! Hold this. You know, how many wives -- I just want to know this. You try to send me to the funny farm, and what do I do? I just give, give, give, give, give, give, you know? How many wives are going to let a trashy blonde mount their husband, let alone help them do the mounting?

[Janet jumps when she hears a noise outside the cabin.]

J.R.: What are we standing around for? Let's get in there.

Jamie: J.R., no.

Tad: No, no. Look, if they are in there, bursting in could be too risky. We got to assess the situation.

J.R.: Give that mental case more time to torture my son? I don't think so.

Aidan: J.R., Will you listen to us? She could have a weapon in there. You really want to set her off?

David: It looks like it's you and me against these morons, Junior. I say we go in there and ambush the nut case.

Tad: No.

Jamie: Would you keep it down? Now, you want to tip her off?

Janet: Whoever's out there, go away! You won't win. I won't give up. You'll never get my child away from me.

Amanda: Oh, God. What if I shouldn't have called Derek? Aidan and Tad specifically said to leave the cops out of this. The sirens -- they were afraid that they would freak her out. What if she does something to hurt the baby? What if the cops see her with Babe and Little Adam, and they shoot her dead? It would be my fault.

Brooke: Amanda, stop it, all right? Whatever happens, you're not to blame. It's not your fault.

Amanda: It is. I didn't protect her like I said I would. I let her down. I broke my promise to her. I know you hate my mom -- everyone does, but she is my mom, and I love her more than anything, and I don't really care what everyone thinks, because she is my mom.

Brooke: I know. Of course she's your mom. She's your mom. And you have to know that Janet loves you.

Amanda: Not anymore. I totally destroyed her after I tried to turn her in.

Brooke: She's sick, and she's confused, but when her head is clear again, she will know that you did what you did to help her.

Amanda: She may not get a chance to get well again, because I may have just killed her. I've got to go, Brooke. I've got to find her and protect her. I've got to help her before she gets hurt.

Brooke: Let's go.

Amanda: You're --

Brooke: I'm coming with you. Come on.

Tad: Janet? Janet, if you can hear me, it's Tad Martin.

Janet: Tad? I'm not coming out, Tad, not until you've all gone, and could you make it quick, please? You're upsetting my child.

Tad: We can't do that, and you know it. Janet, we can't leave without Babe and Little Adam.

Janet: His name is Rembrandt now.

David: No, she's out of her freakin' mind.

Tad: Shh. Give me a second. Janet, listen to me. It's not too late to fix this thing, to work it out somehow. Now, if you come outside, we can talk about it. But like I said, you're going to have to let Babe and that little boy go free.

Janet: No! No, I don't have to! No!

Krystal: Are they in there? Is she --

[Tad silently mouths for Krystal to be quiet.]

Janet: I didn't do anything wrong, Tad. It's -- it's all those snooty friends of yours -- they forced my hand.

Tad: All right, all right, all right. Listen, nobody knows that. Nobody's ever going to know it unless you give them the details. You got to give your side of the story, Janet, so please, please I'm begging you, just come out.

Janet: And how stupid do you think I am?

Tad: I don't think you're stupid at all. You're the one that saved Jamieís life -- remember that? You kept my little boy from drowning at that lake all those years ago.

Janet: Jamie drowning in the lake -- yes, of course I remember, Tad. Well, you see, I'm really a very charitable person. I've just been so misjudged.

Tad: Janet, listen to me. I got to be honest with you -- I do not understand why this happened, but I want to try. I want to help you the same way you helped Jamie. And I can help you. I can protect you if you just trust me.

Janet: Is that what you said to Dixie -- "You can trust me"? You think I don't know what a liar you are, Tad? You betrayed that sweet, beautiful woman, and you're still betraying her with that -- that tramp of an imposter, Di Henry. Don't tell me she's out there with you, Tad? For shame on you. I really thought that that little dip under the ice would've convinced her to leave. Are you the one who talked her into staying? Tad, Tad, Tad -- shame on you. Incredible. After everything she did to your sons? Oh. Tad, Tad, Tad. I really thought you knew what it was to be a loving parent. Of course, your sons are nothing to write home about.

Aidan: Tad?

Tad: Yeah, I'm here. What do you got? Can we go in?

Aidan: Not yet. She's holding Little Adam. The baby's fine. She could be carrying a weapon in the other hand -- I can't tell.

J.R.: Ask if he can see her.

Tad: Can you see Babe?

Aidan: There's no sign of her.

J.R.: What did you do to Babe, you maniac?

Tad: No, no --

J.R.: Where is she?

Janet: I -- I would forget about her if I were you. She's turned into something of a cold fish.

Janet: Yes, yes. Shh. Be right back.

Image: Well. That was fun while it lasted. You blew it. You're cooked. There's no way to escape it. You are headed to the padded room now.


Janet: No.

[Image laughs]

Janet: No, I'm not. I'm not.

Image: You're going to the room

Janet: I'm not going anywhere. I'm not going anywhere! You hear me? Nowhere!

[Janetís mirror image laughs maniacally then gasps as Janet knocks it off the wall.]

Image: Janet botched it up again. Face it, the jig is up. The jig is up. Face it, jig is up.

[Janetís mirror image laughs as it lies on the floor in a million little pieces.]

Image: You're nothing but a loser, a fool. Nothing but a crazy, psychotic loser!

[Echoes and laughter]

Janet: No!

Zach: I didn't know when Ethan was born. I didn't raise him, I didn't teach him, and I didn't love him, because I didn't know he was there and then when I found out about him, I still didn't give an inch. I wasn't a very good father to him -- no, come on. I wasn't a father to him at all. But now, looking back, I think I could've made a difference in his life, and I didnít. And I find that to be a very difficult thing to go to sleep with at night. So I'm standing here, and I'm still cheating him with every breath I take.

Dixie: So you think that killing yourself is the ultimate way of saying that you're sorry?

Zach: Yeah, it seems fair to me.

Dixie: I don't think so. It's not. It's not, and you know it. I mean, Ethan wouldn't think so, and I didn't even know the man.

Zach: Yeah, I know. I didn't really know him, either. But enough about me. What about you? You fought so hard to get your life back, you fought so hard, but yet you made your family believe that you were dead. You killed Dixie Martin, so who are you? Who are you to come in here and tell me that I should embrace life?

Dixie: Look, I had my reasons for staying away, and I have my reasons for coming back, and no, I don't know whether I'm going to tell my family if I'm alive or not, because I think it might just make things worse. But I saw what my dying did to the people that I love. And if things, if the situation had been different, maybe I would've gotten a chance to do things differently. But whatever, whatever the past is, whatever the future is going to be, I'm going to go on living, because life is painful for everyone and there is reason that we are here. So you just -- what do you do with the pain? You just live through it. That's it. That's all you do. That is the only answer that there is -- you go on living.

Janet: I destroyed you! Would you go away?

Image: You can't destroy me. You'll never escape me.


Image: You're a loser, a fool.

Janet: Shut up! God, would you please shut up!


Image: Janet botched things up again.

Tad: Aidan, talk to me.


Tad: What the hell is she doing in there?

Aidan: She went berserk on the place. I'm not sure what happened. All of a sudden, she freaked out and started smashing the furniture.

J.R.: We've got to get my son out of there.

Tad: Listen, listen to us.

Aidan: Little Adam is fine. She put him back in the playpen before she went berserk.

Tad: Hey, you hear that? The baby's fine.

J.R.: She's trashing the place to shreds. I'm not going to let him stay in there another second!

David: He's right, he's right.

Tad: Shh, shh. Shut up.

David: We've got to get Little Adam out of there.

Tad: No. For all we know, we're going to be putting the baby in more risk if we go bursting in there, believe me.

Krystal: But what if Babe is in there, and she's hurt? We've got to go get her.

Tad: We'll get her back.


Tad: Right now, Janetís freaking out, so what happens if we go through that door and she starts using Little Adam as a shield? What are we going to do then? Right now, we got to wait this out. Just let her burn up some energy breaking up tables. Better that than --

Janet: Ah!


Janet: Go away!


Janet: You can't tell me.

[Laughter stops]

Janet: There. That ought to shut you up for good.

Tad: Aidan, what's going on?

Aidan: From what I can tell, she's run out of things to bust up. She seems to be pulling herself together.

David: Now's our chance to catch her off-guard. You know we just -- we overpower her.


David: Oh, you've got to be kidding me!

Jamie: Oh, perfect. Who tipped them off?

Derek: Unbelievable. This vigilante crap is going to get someone killed.

J.R.: Do you know what -- you know what's unbelievable?

Tad: Shh. Don't, don't --

J.R.: Is if your sirens did something to freak out Janet, and she hurts my son!

Tad: He's just fine. Wait a minute. Listen, tell him what you saw.

Adam: She's going to be all right. You got to believe that.

Krystal: No. Aidan said that Babe wasn't in the cabin, and she wouldn't leave her son. Does that mean she's hurt or -- or is she already -- oh, my God. Oh, please hope -- she's still alive, please. My baby doll has to still be alive. I mean, I just couldn't handle it if she --

Adam: No, we'll handle it. We'll handle it together. I won't leave you to handle this alone.

Krystal: Oh, God.

Adam: Ok?

Derek: Janet, it's Derek Frye.

Janet: Go away, Derek. You may be Trevorís friend, but you are no longer mine.

Derek: No one wants to hurt you. Just come out of the cabin with your hands in the air, and I promise we'll get you whatever help you need.

Janet: I'm not the one who needs help. You are, all of you. You're all mean, bloodthirsty, deceitful people, and I don't want you anywhere near my son. Don't try anything stupid. Just go away. You wouldn't want to put my little boy in danger, would you?

Derek: No. No one wants to put the boy in danger.

Janet: Then you'll do exactly as I ask.

Derek: What is it that you want?

Janet: Hold that thought. Babe? Trevor? It's been fun -- not really.

Janet: Nighty-night.

[Janet closes the door on Babe who has joined Trevor in the big meat freezer.]

Derek: Janet? Answer me. I'm giving her ten minutes to get out of there.

Tad: And then what?

Derek: Tear gas.

J.R.: What? Youíre as twisted as her if you think you're going to go ahead and gas my son!

Derek: You want to get him out of here, so I can do my job?

Tad: No, wait -- his son is in there. He's scared to death, ok? Ok, fine.

J.R.: No, what do you think you're doing. There's a baby inside of there!

Jamie: Hey, J.R., back off.

Aidan: Hey, calm down, J.R.

J.R.: No, no, you know what?

Aidan: You understand?

J.R.: You know what? I'm trying to protect Little Adam and Babe.

Derek: Control him, Tad, or I swear to God, I'll have him --

Tad: Ok. He's ok.

J.R.: What do you think, I'm just going to stand around here while you shoot my kid?

Derek: This is to protect your kid. Don't you get that? We don't know what we're dealing with. She could come out of there with a gun to Babeís head or a gun on your son. This is a precaution. He has strict orders not to fire unless I give the word, but I'm not going to take any chances where Babe and your son are concerned. And you'd be wise to do the same.

Dixie: J.R. must be so scared right now. Not knowing if his -- his son is safe, not knowing if he's alive. And there's nothing I can do. If they don't find the baby or if there's something wrong, if J.R. loses his son --

Zach: He'll probably want to kill himself, huh?

Dixie: I know what it's like to lose a child. I understand that that's more pain than any parent should have to bear. I lost my little girl. And for a long time, I lost J.R., too.

J.R.: Donít. I can't do this right now.

Di: J.R., I don't want to upset you. I just want to help.

J.R.: You can't.

Di: I'll just stay here with you, then? Ok? I won't say anything, I'll just -- I'll be close by so you don't feel alone.

J.R.: I'm fine.

Di: I'm family, J.R. You know how much I love Little Adam, and I love you. So please, just let me help.

[J.R. tearfully hugs Di.]

[Janet comes out of the cabin carrying Little Adam.]

Janet: Oh, my, Rembrandt. Look at all the people who came to say good-bye to us. You've seen us. Now you may go.

Derek: We can't leave, Janet. You know that.

Tad: Janet, please, just put the baby down.

Janet: Derek, you and your friends are blocking my car. Now, I'd like you all to get off my property, so my little boy and I can leave.

J.R.: Little Adam?

Janet: Shut up.

J.R.: Adam!

Janet: That is no longer his name. Please do not confuse him.

Krystal: Oh, God. Oh, God, please get him away from her.

Adam: If she doesn't --

Krystal: And where is Babe?

Adam: If she doesn't hand over Little Adam in 30 seconds, I'm going to rip her head off.

Derek: Now, Janet, just set the boy down, and no one gets hurt.

Janet: Is that a threat, Derek? Do you really want to go there with me?

Tad: Janet, we just want to make sure that little -- the boy safe.

Janet: Then I suggest you all leave, all of you. Get out of my way, so that I can take my sweet angel where he belongs.

Amanda: Mom? Ma? Mom, I thought I was your sweet angel.

Janet: Do I know you?

Amanda: How can you say that? I'm your little girl, Mom. You know that.

Janet: I don't have a little girl anymore.

Amanda: Mom, I love you.

Janet: Amanda, what are you doing here? Why did you come here?

Amanda: Because I love you. Please do not leave me. Take me with you. Please do not turn your back ut on me. Let the baby go and take me with you.

Janet: I didn't turn my back on you. You turned your back on me, because you promised me that you would never, ever betray me and that you would never send me back to that place. You know, this -- all of this -- all of it is because of you, because you broke your promise to me.

Amanda: Mom, one minor disagreement, and you jump straight to betrayal. Come on, we had one little disagreement. We may not always see eye to eye on things, but do you really think that I would ever abandon you? I'm your little girl. I'm the same little girl that you gave butterfly kisses to every night before I went to sleep. I'm the little girl that you taught to pray to the angels. "God bless Mommy, Daddy, and all my friends and --"

Amanda and Janet: "All my family, and all my pets, and all the people who don't have little girls of their own to pray for them."

Amanda: Mom, do you really think that I could ever stop loving you? Mom, after everything you've done for me. I am the luckiest daughter in the whole world.

[Janet remembers saying good-bye to Amanda as a baby when she went to jail.]

Janet's voice: I'm not going to say goodbye. Because I'm never really going to leave you, and you're never going to leave me. You're going to be in my heart forever, I promise. And remember, I always love you. I love you.

Amanda: I love you, Mom. And I always will. Please -- please do not let that baby take my place.

Janet: Oh, my sweet angel! Oh, my little girl is back!

J.R.: Hey, there, little man. Daddy's got you.

Janet: Oh --

J.R.: I got you. I'm right here. I'm never going to let you go again.

Krystal: Where's Babe? What have you done with my little girl?

Adam: Krystal -- Krystal, stay here. Just a moment. Just stay here.

J.R.: Krystal. Look, Babeís going to be all right. I'm going to make sure of it. I'm going to make sure of it.

Krystal: Oh, come here, precious. Come here. Oh.

Di: Hey, you have any idea how -- how much we missed you? Huh?

Janet: Oh. My sweet angel. It is so wonderful. What, Derek? What -- what's going on? What -- what -- what'd I do?

Amanda: It's going to be ok, Mom, ok? I'm not going to leave you. I promise, I will never leave you again, ok? It's going to be ok.

J.R.: Babe?

Tad: Babe? Babe?

Aidan: The bedroom's empty.

David: Great, where the hell is she?

[Spotting the freezer, J.R. is horrified to think that Babe may be in it.]

J.R.: Oh, please, no. Oh, no. Oh, Babe!

Tad: Babe!

David: Get her out. Get her out!

J.R.: Come on, come on, come on.

Tad: Somebody get some blankets!

J.R.: Oh, is she -- is she still -- is she --

David: She's still with us.

Aidan: We need some medical attention in here!

David: Come on, just rub her down, get her warm.

J.R.: It's ok, Babe. You're going to be all right.

David: Come on.

Tad: Derek?

[Tad and Derek look at each other as they realize that Trevorís body is in the freezer.]

Tad: Mother of God.

Brooke: Amanda, sweetie, why don't we step over here for a minute?

Janet: Oh, no, don't leave me, Mandy.

Brooke: It's ok. It's just until Derek finishes with the formalities. And -- and we're just going to be right over here.

Amanda: Ok. Mom, I'm not going to go far, ok? I'm not going to leave you, I swear.

Janet: Ok, baby. My sweetie angel.

Derek: Janet Dillon, you're under arrest for kidnapping, the attempted murder of Babe Carey, and the murder of Trevor Dillon.

Krystal: Oh, my God -- oh, my God. Oh, Babe! Babe -- what happened to her? Is she going to be all right?

David: She's alive. That's all I know right now.

J.R.: Krystal, take Little Adam to the hospital with Babe.

Adam: Aren't you coming?

J.R.: As soon as I'm finished here.

David: Have Little Adam checked, too, all right?

Krystal: Ok.

J.R.: You will die for this.

Derek: Back off, Jr. I've got it handled.

J.R.: I'll see that you --

Derek: J.R. --

J.R.: Burn in hell.

Janet: You are an evil man, J.R. Chandler. Dixie must be so ashamed of you.

J.R.: Don't you talk about my mother!

Zach: Yeah, thank you. I'll call you back. That was my contact at the police department. They found Little Adam, and he's safe.

Dixie: Oh. Thank God.

Zach: Yeah. Babe's on her way to the hospital. I'll get an update later, I'll call you, but your grandson is alive and well.

Dixie: Oh, thank God.

[Zach hugs Dixie as she cries tears of joy and relief.]

Dixie: Zach Ė

Janet: I wish Dixie were here. Because she understands me. Because she's a good mother. And she would tell you, if she were here, that what I've done is really not such a bad thing.

J.R.: You shut up!

Amanda: Mom, we really should go right now.

Derek: Let's get you out to the car.

Janet: Do you think you could call Dixie for me, Derek? I mean, I would really like to talk to her. I -- I -- do you think she'd come visit me?

J.R.: You shut up! Shut the hell up! My mother's dead.

Janet: No. Your mother is as alive as you or I.

Tad: Janet, Dixie died over four years ago.

Janet: No, she didnít. I've seen her, in Pine Valley. Dixie Cooney Martin is very much alive.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Amanda (to Tad & Trevor): You found my father.

Tad: Amanda --

Amanda: He's inside. Daddy?

Tad: Amanda, no!

Janet (to J.R.): Any mother with you for a son would rather stay dead.

J.R. (to Janet): I'm going to save the state a trial, and I'm going to take you out myself.

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