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Jonathan: Did you just say – I didn't hear -- did you say you're going to -- I need you to repeat that. What – what do you want?

Reggie: She says she wants to run like hell in the opposite direction from wherever you are. What you don't understand? Oh, you got to hear it from her? Okay, Lily, repeat every word you said just before I got here.

[Ryan and Kendall slowly separate from their passionate clinch.]

Kendall: And that was for old times’ sake.

Ryan: That was because I wanted to.

[Zach slowly takes the gun out of his drawer and places it on top of the cabinet, staring at it pensively.]

[Babe is stunned to see Trevor in the large freezer.]

Janet: I told you it was a mess. I never defrost. Can't you unearth the peas? Or did you find something tastier? Babe -- this is my husband, Trevor.

Adam: I'm not going to lift a finger to help you out of this, J.R. you're damn lucky no one was shot.

[Outside, an injured Dixie holds her bleeding arm and stumbles about.]

Dixie: Oh -- oh --

Tad: I got to hand it to you, J.R. It's a hell of a plan. Get drunk, grab a gun, and start blasting.

J.R.: I fired once. Once.

Tad: Yeah, your self-control overwhelms me. You must be so proud.

J.R.: I want my son back!

Krystal: Well, then go after the person who's got him.

Tad: You go after anybody, you're going to do it sober. The last thing we need right now is more innocent victims.

J.R.: Babe is not innocent.

Krystal: Oh, you stupid, booze-soaked idiot.

Adam: Babe does not have Little Adam!

Krystal: And if you weren't so God-awful dense, then you would know it.

Tad: Janet Dillon has him. And if I know Babe, she's doing everything she can to protect him.

Babe: What did you do?

Janet: There you are. You're hiding from me. Success. Oh, you're shivering. Caught a chill from Trevor? He used to be such a warm guy, but lately, he's been sort of freezing everyone out.

Babe: What happened to him?

Janet: Trevor had problems. Issues. I tried to help him, but he just wouldn't listen.

Babe: How did he wind up in --

Janet: On ice? Trevor is a super cop -- Mr. Dream Team Lawyer, but when it comes to parenting, he's about as sharp as all those doughnuts he scarfed down every morning. Trying to get him into the freezer -- whoa! Huh. Somebody needs to go low-carb for a few years.

Babe: So you and your husband had a fight and he --

Janet: Into every marriage, a little acid rain must fall. One night, I was trying to reason with him, and he just went off the deep end. My beloved spouse actually said to me that he thought I was a few feathers short of a duck. Do you get it? Quackers. And then, to add injury to insult, he tried to muscle me out the door to a quacker factory. Well, I told him to chill, he wouldn't. And the rest is ice age history.

Babe: Oh. So you -- you overpowered him?

Janet: Little moi? Fat -- no offense -- chance. No, Trevor became a golf-nut. So while he was dragging me off to hell, I happened to spot his golf clubs by the door. And since I was pretty teed off at him, I grabbed one of them, and -- "Fore"!

Babe: You killed him with his own golf club?

Janet: Killed him? Good God, no! Trevor just needed some time to come around. This is just like a time-out, that's all. I'm going to defrost him just as soon as Amanda's life has been straightened out, and she's happy again and --

Babe: Right. Can -- can I get you something? A -- tea, or --

Janet: I loved Trevor. What I did to get him -- and what did I get in return? The hurt. He said a lot of mean and hurtful things to me, and he wants to get rid of me. Him and Amanda both. The apple of your eye did not fall very far from your tree. She has betrayed me. She learned at your knee. And now -- I can't defrost you now. Because you've betrayed me. Shame on you, Trevor! Shame on you, after the way I loved you. You and Amanda, both!

J.R.: Oh, Babe's so big on self-sacrifice. She gets ahold of a kid and doesn't let it go. Why don't you ask Bianca about that one?

Krystal: If anything happens to my grandson -- if that maniac, Janet Dillon, harms him in any way, because you wasted our time --

[Outside Dixie groans as she falls against the cabin.]

Krystal: Then you helped her, and you made it possible!


Tad: What the hell was that?

Reggie: Go on, Lily, tell him the truth. You know you have to cut this off. Dad doesn't want him anywhere near you. I mean, that's what you were telling him, right?

Jonathan: I know that your father doesn't want me anywhere around Lily.

Reggie: So then why are you here? See -- you see, this is Lily and this is you. You're too close.

Jonathan: Hey, I don't want any trouble. I'll go.

Reggie: Ok, then go. The button's right there. Did you see Dad yet?

Lily: Not yet.

Reggie: Well, Julia Santos said he's pretty out of it, so we might have to wait till tomorrow, just so he can get his rest.

Lily: I think I'll go to my tree, then.

Reggie: Well, we can get a bite to eat, or, you know, lunch or something.

Lily: No, when -- when I'm upset, being at my tree calms me.

Reggie: Ok, then we can go to your tree.

Ryan: It was just a kiss.

Kendall: My life is already too complicated.

Ryan: So is mine.

Kendall: I -- I have enough going on. I don't need anything to add to this mess that I've made.

Ryan: Agreed. But you did ask me to keep you away from Zach.

Kendall: And as I told you, you failed.

Ryan: I got your mind off him just now, didn't I?

Kendall: Even if that kiss was a distraction strategy, you blew it by bringing him up again.

Ryan: Oh. What if we go back to the idea that you were tossing around while we were trapped? About you and me becoming an "us" again? Especially if it's not to stick it to Zach?

[Alone in his office, Zach ponders his gun then places the bullets next to it and sits back in his chair. When he turns around, Ethan is standing by the door.]

Krystal: Tad? Tad, what was that?

J.R.: Was it Janet? Did she leave a ransom note?

Tad: A tree limb fell.

J.R.: You sure it wasn't Janet tossing Babe out on the porch?

Krystal: One more word out of you, and I swear, I'm going to rip --

Tad: Hey -- what is it going to take to get through to you? Why would Amanda lie?

J.R.: For a dollar. A trip to the mall. I don't know -- she's a wack job, just like her mom.

Tad: Jonathan Lavery identified both Janet's voice and her photograph.

J.R.: Jonathan Lavery? Jonathan Lavery would identify Lindsay Lohan if Aidan wanted him to.

Tad: Ok, well, Aidan’s got no reason to lie.

Adam: Aidan is your partner.

J.R.: Right.

Tad: Look, this is serious. You could have hurt somebody. You could have killed Krystal.

J.R.: She was the only leverage I had to get Babe back here.

Tad: Babe can't come back. I'm telling you, Janet's holding her and Little Adam.

J.R.: Because Jamie says so?

Krystal: Oh -- would you talk to your son?

Adam: J.R., this isn't a con job. All the evidence points to Janet Dillon.

Krystal: She has kidnapped my daughter and my grandson.

Tad: And if you don't wake up before Janet does something, you're never going to forgive yourself.

J.R.: Will you shut up? Shut up, all of you! Nothing's going to happen to Little Adam. Because his mother has him, not Janet. If Janet had -- if Janet had him, he could be dead.

Janet: Do you see how cruel life can be? The two people that I love more than myself in this world have turned against me. And now I don't have anybody!

Babe: You have me.

Janet: My husband and my daughter --

Babe: No, I'm your daughter now, remember? Please, I -- I need you, and Little Adam needs you. We both do, and I will never turn against you, ever. I cross my heart.

Janet: You sound sincere, but so did Trevor and Amanda. I believed them, too.

Babe: But you and I -- we are so much alike. I get what you did for Amanda. I would do it for Little Adam again in a heartbeat.

Janet: Peas in a pod. Peas!

Babe: No. Leave him. We'll -- let's go. We'll -- we'll get some fast food someplace on the road.

Janet: I think I'd better rethink my whole --

Babe: No, no. The plan? No, no. No, it's you and me against the world, Mom. Oh, now that I've found you, please don't leave me here alone. I can't be apart from you for a single minute. You and Little Adam -- you're all I've got.

Janet: Side by side, together? Wherever we go?

Babe: As soon as I make sure that my mother's all right.

Janet: Your old mother.

Babe: Right, yes. Yes, my old mother. Once J.R. thinks that he's getting Little Adam back, and he lets her go, and I know she's safe --

[Phone beeps]

Babe: Then I will --

Janet: Hmm, hmm. Text message. Maybe it's too late to save your old mother.

Babe: What is it?

Janet: Uh -- "Babe, I'm ok. Let my daughter go, you bitch."

Babe: She's all right. Mama's all right.

Janet: You are such a good daughter. Nobody would cry if they learned that I was all fine and dandy. They'd call the psych police and send me to the rubber room, put my toes in a toaster. Nobody gives a damn.

Babe: I do. That's how I think of you, Mom. And I'm thrilled. You have to let me be a good daughter to you.

Janet: You'll love me?

Babe: Every bit as much as I loved Krystal.

Janet: You think you can?

Babe: You'll see. I'm going to help you get away, Mom.

Janet: Just you and -- and me, and -- and Little Adam?

Babe: No. No, we're leaving him, remember?

Janet: Oh, Babe-y and me, and grandson makes three, hitting the road to happiness forever and ever, amen!

Tad: J.R., Janet doesn't have to win.

Krystal: Answer me, you psycho maniac!

Tad: What are you doing?

Krystal: I just told Janet to release Babe and Little Adam with a few more colorful words.

Tad: Krystal, no.

Adam: Dip a fork in hot sauce and stab Janet in the eye, why don't you?

Tad: You're just going to make things worse. Give me that.

J.R.: Will you guys just take off already? I've had enough of this.

Krystal: Oh, you've had enough? You who have done zero, then -- then waste time scaring the bejeebers out of me? This is your fault, you know.

Adam: I didn't abduct you.

Krystal: You bent this twig, now straighten him out and make him realize that Babe and Little Adam are in danger!

Adam: All right. Listen to me, J.R. You listening? You know that I have no reason to lie to you. And you know how I feel about Babe. I wouldn't give her a glass of water if her hair was on fire.

Krystal: Oh, you pig.

Adam: But I was wrong about this. Babe did not use the explosion to the Mardi Gras Ball to get away with your son. No, I honestly believe that Babe and your son are in danger right now. Grave danger. And we have to use all our resources to try to find them. And that means you have to pull yourself together and help us.

[Phone beeps]

Babe: Is it Krystal again?

Janet: No, someone with much more sense. "Janet, I care about you. You saved my son's life once. Let me help you now. Where are you? I'll come ASAP. Tad Martin."

Babe: Well, Tad owes you, doesn't he?

Janet: One of many who does, not that they remember.

Babe: You saved Jamie. I'm sure Tad would do anything to help you.

Janet: Mm-hmm -- if -- if he's sincere, if he sent this, if it's not a trick.

Babe: Tad always seemed like a nice, honest guy to me.

Janet: Well, but easily fooled. Always quick to fall for the pretty face -- do what the hussy wants. I mean, look -- look at how he ditched my pal Dixie and hooked up with that imposter person, Di.

Babe: He thought that she was Dixie.

Janet: When will Pine Valley men learn we're just not always what we seem, are we? Of course, some of us take on another's identity for the greater good, but that icky Di -- she's just selfish, a user and a loser. I wish Di had Di-ed when I pushed her through the ice. Some people just don't deserve to live.

Adam: Even if you don't think Babe is worth your help, think about your son.

J.R.: Make Krystal call Babe back and get her over here.

Adam: Krystal -- Krystal's right. I've done this to you. Made you angry and vengeful. Son, you got -- you got to stop it. You got to -- at least let go of some of it. Babe isn't out to make you -- make you look like a fool. No, she's wherever Janet is holding them. Probably pleading for her life. And your son's life. You got to do your part, son. I mean, what does it take? I swear to you, everything I've told you is the truth. I swear to you on your mother's memory. On Dixie’s memory. Ok? You got to believe me.

J.R.: I got to stop them.

Tad: We have to find her before we can stop them.

J.R.: No, not -- not Janet. The men that I've hired. They have orders to use force, to shoot Babe, if necessary, if she doesn't give me my son back.

Jonathan: You made it. Let me see -- did you -- did you mean what you said at the hospital? I mean, do -- do you really want to marry me?

Lily: It's the whole and complete truth.

Jonathan: Ok. It's a -- it's a total 180.

Lily: 180 what?

Jonathan: A -- a change of plan. A full reversal.

Lily: 180 -- the degrees in half of a circle -- I like that. Yes, I 180'd.

Jonathan: Yeah. Why? Why the -- what made you change your mind?

Lily: I kept working on the problem and realized that marriage is the solution.

Kendall: Oh, all right. Well, what are you -- what are you trying to do to me?

Ryan: I'm just trying to make you smile.

Kendall: Ok. You know how all of the sudden, you just --

[Ryan laughs]

Ryan: Yeah, keep going.

Kendall: You just randomly do something --

Ryan: Uh-huh.

Kendall: Like suddenly kissing me and --

Ryan: Ah.

Kendall: And saying you want to try with us again?

Ryan: Yes, impulses. They're very -- they're very, very impulsive.

Kendall: Yes, well, they make me nervous, some of them.

Ryan: Well, that's why I'm trying to make you feel better.

Kendall: Well, you're not, so why don't you just let me go outside and --

Ryan: Run?

Kendall: I do not run.

Ryan: Ok. Then why don't we go back to what you wanted -- me moving in with you?

Kendall: Yes, move in on with, not move in on.

Ryan: Well, since the -- the picture's changed a little bit, why don't we re-evaluate? Zach’s in Vegas. So maybe me moving in with you right now is a bit much. Maybe for now. But, hey, I could buy his condo. Then I'd be, like, 20 yards away. I would be close without being freaky close.

Kendall: Or we could just stay where we are, stay as we are.

Ryan: Would that make your life better? Don't be afraid to tell me that you're not sure.

Kendall: I -- I came in here wanting to slaughter the world. I just want my sanity back. Can you pull that off?

Ryan: You're hurt, and I am partially to blame, and I hate that. So, Kendall, if you'll let me, I will do everything I possibly can do to make that hurt go away.

[As Zach picks up the gun and stares at Ethan’s apparition, there's a knock on the office door.]

Zach: What is it?

Dixie: Sorry.

Zach: Dixie, what happened to you?

Dixie: I didn't know where else to go. I need help.

[Dixie groans as she collapses at Zach’s feet.]

Zach: Ok, ok. Stay there. Don't move.

Dixie: Oh. Look, you can't tell anyone.

Zach: I'm going to call a doctor.

Dixie: No! You can't tell anyone. J.R. can't find out.

Zach: J.R.? What happened here?

Dixie: Well, he --

Zach: What happened?

Dixie: I -- I got shot. It's just my arm, I think. That's all.

Zach: It is your arm. You lost a lot of blood. I'm going to call a doctor.

Dixie: No. You can't tell anyone. Please.

Zach: Ok, ok. Shh.

Dixie: Nobody can find out. If you tell somebody, I'll just leave.

Zach: Ok, ok. Calm down.

Dixie: You can't tell anybody.

Zach: Ok. Do you trust me? Can you do that -- trust me? No one's going to find out.

Zach: Hi. Dr. Miller was at the VIP poker table when I walked in. He's probably still there. Tell him to come up to my office now.

Kendall: I don't see how you can help.

Ryan: I get what you're feeling with Zach. Greenlee sent me a present today.

Ryan: Divorce papers.

Kendall: Oh. Ryan, I'm sorry.

Ryan: And she didn't even include a note, although her -- her lawyer did. A very courteous warning not to try to "locate or contact Miss du Pres."

Kendall: Let me see that. "Miss du Pres"? Isn't that a little weird?

Ryan: Yeah. She just wanted to remind me that the only marriage that meant something to her was --

Kendall: Was the one to Leo. She didn't have to slap you with that.

Ryan: She just wanted to make sure that the door was nailed shut, that's all.

Kendall: All right, you know what? Not to rub it in, Ryan, but there's a major difference between you and Greenlee and me and Zach. You caused your breakup. It wasn't the other way around.

Ryan: I know.

Kendall: But it still hurts like hell.

Jonathan: If marriage is the solution, what's the problem?

Lily: I'm nearly an adult, but my father keeps telling me what to do and where I have to be or who to associate with.

Jonathan: And who not to associate with.

Lily: Exactly my point. Now my brother is guarding me. It's too much.

Jonathan: Lily, they love you.

Lily: That's the kind of love you give a little girl, not a nearly grown woman.

Jonathan: And marrying me --

Lily: Is the solution because then I can do what I want to do. At 3:23 on the morning of May 4, 2006, I'll be 18, and we can get married.

Jonathan: Lily, when you're 18, you're legally an adult. You -- you don't have to marry me. I -- it -- it's another one of your solutions, your age. At 18, you can be independent.

Lily: You said you were happy with me and -- and in love and wanted to marry me.

Jonathan: Do you -- do you want a husband or do you want a solution?

Lily: Can't I be independent with you?

Jonathan: Yes. Oh, of course, but I need you to know, though, that you can also do it alone.

Lily: Don't you want to marry me?

Jonathan: Yes. Lily, yes, of course I do. I love you. But, well, I want you to marry me because -- because it'd make you happy to marry me. It can't be about getting away from -- from your father and your brother.

Lily: I'm doing 360s now. This is very confusing.

Jonathan: Yeah. I know. I -- at least we're doing 360s together.

Krystal: You have got sharpshooters gunning for my kid while she's being held captive by a maniac?

J.R.: I'm calling them off, ok?

Krystal: What if somebody's already pulled the trigger? What if --

Tad: Just let him make the phone call.

Krystal: If somebody's already hurt her --

Adam: Shut up, Krystal!

Krystal: No, let me go! Don't protect him!

Tad: No, he finally gets it.

Krystal: You have no respect for human life. You are just some screwed-up, cross-wired, deranged piece of slime. Let me tell you something -- I'll show you what kind of damage a real parent can do.

Babe: You're right. Of course, I want to bring Little Adam with us. It's just that J.R. is not going to let us have any rest. He's going to send armies of investigators after us.

Janet: Look, don't worry about J.R. He's not as smart he thinks he is.

Babe: But he can afford to hire the best and the smartest. I'm -- I'm just afraid that if we bring Little Adam with us, we're not going to have a fighting chance.

Janet: Oh, don't worry! I've got lots of tricks up my sleeves. I'll take care of you two. Trust Mommy. Everything's coming up roses!

Jonathan: Lily, if -- if you really want to -- really, really want to -- we can still get married the day after your 18th birthday.

Lily: But I should think about other solutions to my problem, too.

Jonathan: You -- because you can live on your own without me. You could get your own place. You could -- you could decide what school you want to go to. You can make decisions for your life. You don't have to be Mrs. Jonathan Lavery to do that.

Lily: But isn't marriage the next logical step?

Jonathan: Uh -- yes, if we really, truly love each other.

Lily: I still don't know if I love you or not.

Jonathan: We could stay boyfriend and girlfriend and -- and still love and support each other. Lily, whatever we become, what's important here is that you make a decision that you're not going to regret.

Lily: I was trying to find an answer without thinking about all the factors that would impact the solution. I can't tell what you're thinking.

Jonathan: Lily, we have plenty of time. We have our tree house. We could still come here and -- and meet and talk.

Lily: And be supportive of each other.

Jonathan: Right. But I can't come to Life Skills class anymore. I mean, Julia is going to teach me on the side, so that I can keep up. And then if your father doesn't think that you're seeing me, then he won't send you away to that school.

Lily: That would be good.

Jonathan: And you can take until your 18th birthday and -- and way, way after to decide about marriage, Lily -- hey, as long as you're happy.

Lily: That you love me matters, too.

Jonathan: Oh, well, whether we get married or not, Lily, I'm -- I'm always going to love you.

Dr. Miller: Clean entry and exit. Missed the brachial artery. Just needs some cleaning and draining. Get her to the hospital. She'll be all right.

Zach: I thought we could handle this privately.

Dr. Miller: All gunshot wounds have to be reported to the police.

Zach: Well, I don't think this is a gunshot wound. Well, you weren't shot, were you?

Dixie: No.

Dr. Miller: I can't put my license in jeopardy.

Zach: We're the only three people who will ever know about this. Now, you owe me, Jim. It'd be a good time to break even.

Dr. Miller: Ok.

Zach: Write down what you need.

Ryan: It wasn't all about the baby or Zach blacking out the fertility clinic. I mean, Ethan was all wrapped up in this, too.

Kendall: I don't know if Zach will ever get over Ethan’s death.

Ryan: He's left with a lot of regrets. And Ethan? He had Simone, they thought they had the future all figured out.

Kendall: It shouldn't have happened, not to him.

Ryan: Not to anyone. Wow -- déjà vu. We just slipped back a couple of years before Ethan even got here. I mean, I'm at Cambias, you're at Fusion. I mean, we're sort of together.

Kendall: And that signifies what, that we -- are we supposed to learn something from all of this?

Ryan: Life doesn't always work out the way you planned?

Kendall: How about we think we're moving on in life, getting somewhere, but we're really just hamsters in a giant wheel, and we end up right back at the beginning, over and over and over?

Ryan: Hmm. There's just one little flaw in your philosophy. Nothing's the same about the "baby on board."

Kendall: Yeah. One of the enormous --

Ryan: Not so enormous --

Kendall: Complications that I was talking about.

Ryan: Oh. Well, maybe it's the complications that keep the wheel turning.

Kendall: Still, I'd like to live a less troubled, more sane existence.

Ryan: Maybe I can fit in there someplace?

Kendall: It depends. What do you see for us? Where do we go from here?

Ryan: I know exactly where we go and what we do from here. From here, I take you home, and I make you one of those grassy salad healthy things that you love so much.

Kendall: Yeah? And then?

Ryan: And then to bed for you -- rest, sleep. Maybe some cosmic answer will come to you in your dreams.

Kendall: In your dreams.

Ryan: I'm sure all the angst and complications will be there when you wake up. Well?

Kendall: Sounds good. I'll settle for the short-term plan.

Ryan: Let's go.

Jonathan: I have to brush up on my prime numbers. You remember that you said you hoped someday you'd be with a guy who knew prime numbers and wouldn't mind that you have Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Lily: And you wanted a girlfriend who wouldn't ever be afraid that you'd hurt her. And I know you won't. I'd better go before Reggie comes to check up on me.

Jonathan: Take care, Lily.

Lily: Maybe I could fall in love with you.

J.R.: Ok, thanks. They haven't found Babe yet. No one's fired a shot.

Krystal: Except you, you --

J.R.: Look, Babe is safe and everybody on my payroll has orders to protect her.

Man: Ready, Mr. Chandler?

Krystal: Where do you think you're going?

J.R.: I'm going to go find Babe and Little Adam.

Tad: You've been drinking. You can't drive.

J.R.: He's driving!

[Door closes]

Krystal: I'm going to make sure that you pay for this.

Adam: You're welcome! I calmed him down and you two antagonized him.

Dixie: Oh, thank you.

Jim: For what? I was never here.

Dixie: All right, look, I'll give you three questions. First two don't count.

Zach: I don't need any questions. It's none of my business, unless there's something you want me to know.

Dixie: I was bleeding so much I thought I was going to die.

Zach: Well, you don't have to think that any more. Dr. Miller fixed you up.

Dixie: Thank you so much. I think you saved my life.

Zach: You're not going to die, not today. I'll make sure of it.

Babe: Don't you worry, honey.

[Little Adam babbles as Babe dresses him, unaware that Janet can hear her.]

Babe: Yes, that's the horsy. As soon as that weird, loud lady drives us down the hill and gets us around other people, I am going to make sure that I get you home to your bed where you'll be safe and sound, and it'll be nice and quiet away from that weird, loud lady. Ooh, one more arm. Oh. There we go. That ought to be nice and warm.

Little Adam: What's Daddy doing?

Babe: Daddy is waiting for us.

Janet: Take his coat off. You're not going anywhere.

Babe: But, Janet, you said --

Janet: I rethought, I changed my mind. You and your son are never going to leave this cabin, ever.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Dixie (to Zach): I know Janet. I know how to look for her.

Janet (to Babe): You are just like Trevor. He got what was coming to him, and you are going to get what's coming to you!

Tad: Janet's well. Come on. Who'd you shove in this time.

[As he walks around in the dark woods, Tad receives a hard punch to the face.]

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