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J.R.: Clock's ticking. Better get your baby doll down here in a hurry. It's just a matter of time before Mama's pushing daisies.

Krystal: Hey, J.R. You think Babe really is going to believe that text message you sent? She knows you're not a killer.

J.R.: Babe knows I'll do anything to get my son back. And when it comes to my family, Krystal, I don't mess around!

Krystal: And blowing my head off accomplishes what exactly? Huh? You're not going to get your son back. You're just going to have a big mess to clean up.

J.R.: At least Babe knows that I'm not messing around.

Krystal: And she's just going to run farther away, J.R. You think she's going to hand over her son to a gun-wielding maniac? You're going about this the wrong way. You're not going to get him back like this.

J.R.: It's the best plan that I got.

[Dixie eavesdrops from outside the cabin.]

Babe: Don't you think it's the perfect plan? Me becoming your daughter?

Janet: It's absolutely ludicrous. You could never replace Amanda.

Babe: But you just said it yourself, that Amanda is not the person that you thought that she was. She turned on you, Janet. All that love and loyalty that she claimed to have -- it was a total lie.

Janet: It's just you -- you raise them, you love them, and this is the way they repay you?

Babe: You just lost the daughter that you worship, and I am this close to losing the mama that I love. It doesn't have to have an unhappy ending.

Janet: What, you mean you and me? You mean, like the new Goldie and Kate?

Babe: We offer J.R. a deal -- Little Adam in exchange for freeing Mama, but he has to promise that he won't sic the cops on me. As long as I know that my baby is safe and Mama's alive, and I'm not being hunted down, I am free to start my new life with my new mama. Let's do it. Call J.R. Tell him our little boy is coming home.

Lily: You cooked a lot of food. There's nothing red in here, is there?

Livia: Two casseroles, salad, mashed potatoes, green beans. I defy you to find anything red in the bunch.

Lily: Reggie and I know how to make sandwiches and cereal. He'll be down to check on me soon. I'm glad you're here. I need an attorney, and it can't be my dad.

Livia: Lily, why on earth would you need an attorney?

Lily: Because I'm going to divorce my father.

Jonathan: Hi, Jack. Bet you're feeling pretty helpless right now. Am I right?

Kendall: Where you been, Zach? Long day at the office? You play hooky from work today, take in a game of golf instead? It's a lovely day for golf, lovely day to be outdoors unless, of course, you were at a funeral, which is where I was and where you weren't. Couldn't bother to show up for your own son's burial?

Zach: You want to destroy my place? Don't waste time with the small stuff.

[Grabbing the fireplace poker, Zach smashes his valuable to smithereens.]

Zach: You want to try again?

Kendall: You should've heard me going on and on to Simone about how much her son means to you, how much you care about him. I think I even threw in the word "love" a few times. I actually thought that you would show up at his funeral. I guess -- I guess I was wrong about that. Simone said you wouldn't bother making an appearance, and I was actually insulted. I id there was no way that you would be that disrespectful. So what happened? Why couldn't you just make an appearance?

Zach: You really don't know, do you?

Kendall: You're a selfish, heartless jerk? Yeah, I do know. I'm finding out more and more each day.

Zach: You want to make yourself feel better, forget about the furniture. Use it on me.

Lily: Your adopted son, Jamal, divorced his father, and you helped him. I'd like you to help me, too.

Livia: Well, Lily, that was an entirely different set of circumstances. Jamal's biological father had no business being a parent, but Jack is a wonderful father. He loves you. I thought you loved him, too.

Lily: I do.

Livia: I know you were thrilled when he made you his daughter.

Lily: I was happy when Jack made me his daughter, that's true, but I'd rather not have a father anymore.

Livia: Honey, every teenager feels that at many points in time, but it's just not grounds for divorce.

Lily: Is wanting to be a woman grounds for divorce?

Livia: No. America would be teeming with parentless young women. Now, the law says when you're 18, you're old enough to be on your own.

Lily: I'm 18 in 62 days but that's not fast enough.

Livia: Well, do you mind telling me what the hurry is?

Lily: No, I don't mind. I don't want to be a little girl anymore, and keeping my dad means staying a little girl, because that's what he thinks I am. I want to make my own decisions without him being able to tell me not to. I don't want him to send me away to school or have my brother guard me, and I really don't want him telling me who I can and can't see.

Livia: Lily, there is no way that I will help you divorce your father if this is about Jonathan Lavery.

Jonathan: Wait till I tell Lily you're feeling better.

Jack: Stay away from my daughter.

Jonathan: You say that you love Lily, but do you really want to see her happy? I told you I wouldn't hurt her, and I mean that. It would be real nice if Lily and I could be together without you freaking out about it or without you freaking her out about it. You think we can make that happen?

Jack: I will kill you if --

Jonathan: Oh, you can't do it, can you? Finish a sentence -- I mean, let alone a whole thought. I've been there, too, with the -- the surgery. And the drugs? I mean, who even knew that they could make them that strong? I mean, I -- well, I went to some crazy parties back in the day, but, I mean, this stuff, it's -- it's like you're barely conscious, right? I mean, you're looking at me like you want to put me through a wall, but, I mean, your body won't listen. And the worst part about it is, I mean, you -- you can't eat on your own, you can't sit. You can't even get up to go to the bathroom. Oh, what made me feel the most helpless was that I couldn't even lift a finger to defend myself.

Janet: Nice try, tricky trickster. I'm no dummy. You'd rather chew glass than give your son back to J.R. -- I know that.

Babe: But if it will save my mama's life, I will --

Janet: And do not lie to me about wanting to be my daughter, because you don't. Nobody wants to be my daughter, and they certainly don't want me as a mom. I'm smothering, embarrassing, pushing. I'm way too protective for people.

Babe: So am I.

Janet: You don't like me.

Babe: I don't know you, Janet. That is not fair, but the little that I do know, I like very much, and I feel sorry for you. I think it's awful that Amanda turned her back on you.

Janet: All I wanted was to make life a little easier for her.

Babe: She doesn't understand, but I do and -- and I can -- I can pick up where she left off. I would never let anyone put you in a hospital.

Janet: You wouldn't? I've made some debatable choices of late. How can you make that promise?

Babe: Send J.R. a text from me -- Little Adam in exchange for letting Mama and me go free. He'll never even know that you were here, and then that way, we'll be free to go off and start our new life with no one even looking for us. Janet, it's the perfect plan -- a happy ending for everyone. Come on. Text J.R. Tell him I surrender.

J.R.: You know, if you got a better way of getting Babe back here, I'd spill it.

Krystal: A better way than you pumping me full of lead? Yeah, I think I could come up with something, J.R.

J.R.: Yeah, well, it better not include some sort of text-message apology. Give me something I can work with or say good night.

Krystal: You know what? No offense, but the Don Corleone routine leaves a lot to be desired.

J.R.: You know, you're making this real, real easy for me!

[As a car approaches, Dixie runs to hide behind the cabin.]

J.R.: What the hell.

Krystal: Thank God. Help.

J.R.: Shut up!

Krystal: In here!

J.R.: Shut up! Shut up!

Krystal: Help!

J.R.: No. Get out, Tad. I mean it!

Krystal: I'd be careful. He's been drinking.

Tad: J.R., put down the gun. Babe doesn't have your son.

J.R.: Babe has my son and I have her mama. That's what we like to call a little trade-off.

Tad: Janet Dillon has them.

Krystal: What? Are you serious?

Tad: Amanda confessed to as much.

Krystal: Did you hear that, you ball of scuz? This whole time, you've been badmouthing my baby doll, and she didn't have a damn thing to do with it!

J.R.: Your baby doll is a whore and a liar, just like her mama. And you -- you've been known to choke out a few lies. How many hours are you trying to buy Babe and Jamie this time? How much time does Jamie need to catch up with his girlfriend and run off with my boy all over again?

Adam: Have you lost your mind, boy?

Adam: My God, J.R., look at yourself. You're drunk, you're bleary-eyed, brandishing a weapon. Get ahold of yourself.

J.R.: Leave her where she is, Dad.

Adam: No, I will not.

J.R.: It's the only way I can get my son back!

Tad: Easy, easy.

Adam: Do you think Janet Dillon gives a rat's tail that you have Krystal tied to a chair?

J.R.: It is not Janet! Tad and Jamie made that up so Babe could have more time to run.

Tad: J.R., listen to me. Just listen to me, all right? Janet Dillon attacked David Hayward. She fought with Jamie -- it's a fact. She has Babe and Little Adam.

Krystal: Tad? Tad, do you think you're going to find where they are?

Tad: Still working on it. We haven't got much yet.

J.R.: Oh, would you two cut the act? I don't believe you.

Adam: It's the truth, J.R.

Tad: Look, Amanda confessed to all of the weird things that have been happening around here on her mother's behalf. It was all Janet's doing -- Babe falling down the stairs, everybody being poisoned at Thanksgiving, Little Adam disappearing at Christmas, Di falling through the ice, even the explosion at the ball. It was all Janet's responsibility.

J.R.: Yeah. Babe's and Little Adam’s bags were packed, there was money missing out of our safe. Now, Janet is a nut case, but there's no way that she could plan all of that.

Tad: J.R., she knocked five grown people unconscious, ripped them out of their shoes, locked them in a truck, and then drove it into quicksand.

Adam: She's deranged, son, but she's shrewd. Don't forget she stayed in our house when Natalie was there. She knows the tunnels inside and out, she knows where the safe is. And Amanda turned in her own mother.

J.R.: I believe a -- believe a word out of that tramp's mouth like I believe anything that's come out of his.

Tad: Well, then I suggest you start believing in one of us, because if you don't, you may not see your son ever again. Now get rid of the gun and let's start looking for him.

Babe: We'll tell J.R. that we'll -- we'll leave the baby at the church where the Christmas crèche used to be. That way he's going to have all these cops waiting for us, so we – we leave the baby at the Chandler Mansion or at Tad's office, someplace where we know he'll be found quickly, but we'll know he'll be safe and where we can get in and out without being seen.

Janet: It sounds risky.

Babe: Oh, I don't think so. You're a genius when it comes to getting around Pine Valley unseen. It'll work. I know it will, and once J.R. has Little Adam back, he'll have no reason to hold Mama hostage, no reason to come after me, and no reason to suspect you.

Janet: To think, you're willing to give up your son to save Krystal's life? Oh. If my Amanda had been that loyal.

Babe: I am loyal, and you can trust me, Janet.

Janet: I just don't get one thing -- why would you give up your baby to J.R. of all people? You loathe J.R.

Babe: But Mama will look out for my little boy with me gone.

Janet: Uh-uh, no, I don't buy it. I never in a million years would've given my Mandy over to the enemy.

Babe: Ok. I've got it. Once we know that Mama's set free, we go back and we steal Little A again. We'll be like this mother-daughter duo out to save this little boy's life.

Janet: You really do want my help? Thank you. Amanda never really did. Especially not the law-bending kind. She always said handle everything on her own.

Babe: No, I can't, not this. I couldn't do this without you.

Janet: Babe, thank you. Thank you for believing in me and for -- for giving me a new family. And because Mommy is always right, I think you're going to be absolutely thrilled when you hear my alternative plan. We're going to keep the little baby with us while we go on the run. I have grown so fond of that little corn nut and, you know, I missed out on all those years with Amanda when she was little, and now I can make up for it. It's like it'll heal that toddler hole in my heart, and I am so happy that we're going to be just one big, happy family!

Kendall: What am I even doing here? Did I actually think that you would have anything profound to say at all, anything at all? You don't talk. You -- you stare and you brood. I would like nothing more than to avoid you, but I don't know how I can. You live right across the courtyard. You're always in my -- you're in my face, you're in my life, you're in my business. It makes me nauseous.

Zach: Well, you should start feeling better soon. I'm not going to be around much longer.

Kendall: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Jonathan: So, see, in the beginning, it makes sense. I understand why -- why you wouldn't trust me, because of all those horrible things I did like kidnapping your daughters and killing people. I -- I understand how that made you so scared, but, Jack -- Mr. Montgomery, I have something you should know. Cutting that tumor out of my head, it really did work. I am better. You want to know how I know? Hmm, the cops, Aidan, Jamie Martin -- everyone knows that I didn't do those horrible things like trapping those people in the quicksand. It was that crazy lady that I kept seeing, the one that Lily helped me learn was real and not in my head. And -- and I want you to know all of this, so that you know that Lily really is safe with me. And because I have been cleared of all those things -- which makes a difference, I think -- you have no good reason to hate me. Well, I mean, I mean, if I'm a good guy, you have no good reason to keep me from seeing your daughter. Isn't that how it works, Mr. Montgomery?

[While Jonathan rambles on, a frightened Jack searches for his call button and finally pushes it.]

Lily: You're Jonathan's lawyer. You know he didn't hurt anyone. He didn't do any of the things he was accused of.

Livia: And as his lawyer, I will see to it that he is cleared of every charge.

Lily: So, if you can convince a judge that Jonathan's a good guy, why can't you convince my father?

Livia: Lily, your father doesn't want you to be with Jonathan for many reasons, the least of which is his violent past.

Lily: Are you going to say that I'm too young for Jonathan? Because that's just another good argument for divorce.

Livia: Well, age is one issue, but I would say that you still need to mature.

Lily: You think I can't be with Jonathan, because I have Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Livia: No. I think that you shouldn't be with Jonathan because you' 17 and it's as simple as that.

Lily: It's not simple to me.

J.R.: Why are you staring at me like I'm some sort of freak? I'm not buying this bogus story, and I'm not giving up the gun!

Adam: J.R., listen to him. Everything Tad said is the truth.

J.R.: What is this, some sort of joke? Do I have to remind you of this? You're actually defending the guy who was all too happy to tell me Miranda wasn't my daughter but conveniently forgot to tell me my son was alive. His words mean nothing to me.

Tad: J.R., I hated lying to you. It still bothers me. I'd never do it again.

J.R.: How many times did you tell my mother that? "I'll never lie to you, Dix? Oops, except for now and now and now." Everything that comes out of your mouth is nothing. I call the shots, the gun stays.

Krystal: Ok, let him keep his stupid gun. I'm going to go find my daughter and my grandson.

J.R.: Listen, you're not going anywhere, Mama. You get me Little Adam and maybe I'll believe you.

Adam: You want to threaten Krystal, you're going to have to shoot me first.

Babe: It's -- it's a wonderful idea, Janet. It's just that --

Janet: You can call me "Mom."

Babe: Right, Mom. I -- I'm not quite sure that it'll work.

Janet: Well, of course it'll work. We're going to trick J.R. into letting Krystal go, and then we can sneak off with our precious baby boy.

Babe: And spend our lives on the run? J.R. tracked me down once before, he'll do it again.

Janet: He cannot outsmart me. You said it yourself -- I am a genius when it comes to dodging people.

Babe: That you are. But it's really no way to raise a baby -- always on the run, in hiding, using aliases.

Janet: Oh. Phooey! I guess you're right. Well, I guess I have to take Little Adam back to J.R.

Babe: Great, great! Just unlock my coat.

Janet: Well, you're not coming with us. Don't be mad at Mommy, jellybean, but I'm going to have to lock you here in your room. I can't risk losing my precious new daughter the way I did my old one.

Babe: But you can't take Little Adam by yourself. I -- I have to come with.

Janet: Babe, you're not afraid, are you, to leave me alone with the baby?

Babe: No, no, of course not. It's just I don't think that --

Janet: No, you don't think. Now, I am going to go get that potato chip and get him ready to go back to see his dad, and you're going to stay here. And you're going to think about what a silly goose you've been.

[Babe gets ready to bop Janet over the head with a frying pan but pauses when she comes out carrying the baby.]

Kendall: You're leaving town?

Zach: I'm in the way here. A constant reminder of how I wrecked your life. A constant source of pain. And I don't want to be that for anyone, especially you.

Kendall: Leaving town won't make the pain go away.

Zach: Over time, it will. I was never happier than I was with you. As short-lived as it was. Thank you.

Kendall: Don't thank me. Do me a favor. Get on the next plane and get the hell out of town, because I never want to see you again.

Jack: You stay away from my daughter, you son of a --

Jonathan: No --

Jack: Bitch.

Jonathan: You don't understand, Mr. Montgomery. I -- I've been cleared on all of that. I'm a -- I'm a nice guy.

Jack: Who cares?

Jonathan I am.

Jack: Stay away from --

Julia: Jonathan --

Jonathan: No, no, you don't understand!

Jack: Stay away --

Julia: What -- what are you doing in here? What -- what's going on?

Jonathan: I was telling Mr. Montgomery that I've been cleared of all those charges.

Julia: Jack?

Jack: Stay away from her.

Jonathan: I haven't done anything wrong.

Julia: It's all right. It's ok.

Jonathan: And now --

Julia: Excuse me -- visit's over. Please, leave now. I'll be back, Jack.

Jack: Just stay away from her.

Jonathan: I was just trying to tell Mr. Montgomery that I've been cleared on those --

Julia: You shouldn't have been in there. Jackson is recovering from very serious -- what?

Jonathan: You -- you look like you work here.

Julia: Well, I do. I passed my boards. I'm on the nursing staff.

Jonathan: Wow. Congratulations.

Julia: Thank you. What?

Jonathan: Well, it make -- it makes me upset, because Lily and I are going to have to get a new Life Skills coach now.

Julia: No. I'm still your teacher. And obviously, you didn't pay much attention in the class on personal space, because you really stressed Jack out in there.

Jonathan: I just -- I want to be normal, like everyone else. Like -- like him. He's -- he's normal. Maybe that's it. Maybe I need a job like that and I -- I could be normal, too.

Julia: Well, I think it might be a great idea if you got a job.

Jonathan: Here -- at the hospital. Would you help me, Julia? Would you please -- please help me get a job here at the hospital.

Julia: Ok, ok, all right, I'll -- I'll get you an application. It's not a guarantee of anything.

Jonathan: No. No, it's fine, thank you. All right, I'll wait right here.

Julia: Right now?

Jonathan: Yeah. If I get a job, I don't have to depend on Ryan. And then I can get a place of my own. And then we can live together like normal people.

Julia: "We"? You and Lily?

Lily: Did you have a boyfriend when you were 17?

Livia: Yes, and there were some serious consequences.

Lily: Did you get pregnant?

Livia: Yes.

Lily: Pregnancy is a very serious consequence, isn't it?

Livia: Mm-hmm.

Lily: Of course, it's not one that I have to worry about, because Jonathan and I aren't having sex.

Livia: Not having sex yet.

Lily: Do you think I'll change my mind?

Livia: It's been known to happen, though I applaud your current resolve.

Lily: Do you think I'd stay more resolved if I got married?

Livia: Lily, you are way too young to even be talking about marriage.

Lily: How old is old enough?

Livia: In this state, the law says 18 unless you have your parents' permission. Lily, are you thinking about marrying Jonathan Lavery?

Lily: Thank you for the two casseroles, the mashed potatoes, the green beans, and the salad, Livia. You have to go now.

Babe: Busted. I -- I was going to start to fry up some grilled cheese sandwiches while you were getting Little A dressed. I thought you'd be surprised when you smelled them cooking.

Janet: Mm-hmm. Wasn't that nice of Mommy to think of us that way?

[Janet laughs]

Janet: Yeah. Well, I'm not really sure that we have time to lollygag over grilled cheese. You know, if we delay too long, J.R. might get impatient and -- pow! -- bye-bye, Krystal. You -- you know what I mean, don't you? Yeah -- I really think we need to get you back to your daddy, shnookems.

Babe: Wait, please. Not yet. You should eat something. No good daughter would let her mother go out on an empty stomach. Besides, this -- this could be the last time that I see my little boy. Just a little more time?

Janet: Ok. All right. But not too long. Because you and I have a life to plan for, missy. We should go. Should we go?

[Janet hums]

Babe: What about Trevor?

Janet: What about Trevor?

Babe: I -- I heard you talking to him on the phone, and I assume he's still a major part of your life. Does that mean that he'll be coming with us?

Janet: Well, that'd be a cold day in hell.

Adam: J.R., did I steer you wrong when we went after Little Adam the first time? We were a team. We worked together to bring the little boy home.

J.R.: That was before your wifey batted her fake eyelashes, and you switched sides.

Adam: No, don't ever say that. My grandson means more to me than my own life. And if I thought for a minute that Babe was involved -- and I did for a long time -- I would have reserved a jail cell for Babe and her mother. Believe me, I would never cover for anyone -- and I mean anyone -- at your expense.

Tad: J.R., I swear to you on Dixie’s memory, you're wrong. Babe doesn't have Little Adam. If you think about it, what ha she got to gain by running away with him now? She's spent more time with him lately than she's ever spent with him. Not to mention the fact she's just inherited a major chunk of a very successful company. Her mother finally lives under the same roof as her son. And Krystal -- she gets to see her grandchild every day. I'm sure she wants him back safe and sound as much as all of us.

Krystal: I do, J.R. I miss that little guy more than you will ever know.

Adam: We all want the same thing, J.R.

Tad: You say you're fighting to get Little Adam back. We just showed up, because we're all fighting for the same thing. Now, please, put away the gun.

[Dixie continues to listen from the other side of the door.]

Kendall: There you are. Where have you been? I've been looking everywhere for you.

Ryan: I've just been trying to sort out Ethan’s business. Why? What's got you so freaked out?

Kendall: Were you or were you not supposed to stop me from going to see Zach?

Ryan: Oh, no.

Kendall: Was that not your designated job, Ryan?

Ryan: What did you say to him?

Kendall: Well, it doesn't really matter now, because he's leaving town.

Ryan: He said that to you?

Kendall: No, I made it up. What do you think?

[Ryan sighs]

Ryan: Come here. I'm sorry.

Kendall: No, no, you're not. No. You're not sorry. And no, I will not -- I don't need you to coddle me like I'm some little -- stupid little baby, Ryan. I can get through life just fine without Zach. I got through Greenlee walking out on me, I got through losing you and Ethan. It -- so quit looking at me like that, ok? I'm a very strong, independent woman. I'm a Kane woman, for God's sakes. I can completely handle this.

Julia: You have to understand Jack's point of view. You have a very bad history with his daughters. It's going to take a while before he changes his opinion of you.

Jonathan: That was -- that was a long time ago. I'm better now.

Julia: Well, Jackson is Lily's father. Neither of you has to like his rules, but you should keep them.

Jonathan: I don't -- didn't have a good father like Lily does. I'm trying to get my life back in order. And I'm -- I'm trying to convince everybody that they can trust me. And I -- I know that's going to take time. And that's why I need your help, Julia. Would you please -- I need to prove to people that I've changed. Would you please, please help me?

Adam: J.R., don't. Don't do this. Put the gun down.

Tad: J.R., you're drunk. If you make a mistake, you're going to ruin the rest of your life. And I'm sure you don't want to replay the night you ran over Amanda Dillon.

J.R.: Amanda's a target again? Because I was thinking about her.

Tad: Ok, just -- slow, all right? If you go to prison, you'll never see Little Adam grow up.

J.R.: We've given Babe so much time to run, I'll probably never get to see my son.

Tad: We're going to find Little Adam, and we're going to bring him home. That's a given. You start waving a gun around, you're going to miss the celebration.

J.R.: You're a little too close for my comfort.

Krystal: Be careful, Tad.

J.R.: Yeah, Tad, I'd be careful if I were you. When I shot at you last time, I missed, but I never miss twice.

Ryan: No matter how I feel about Zach, it kills me to see you like this. And I know this is killing you, Kendall, but --

Kendall: Stop, Ryan, stop, please. Please, don't play Mr. Bright Side right now. There's not a damn thing you can say to make this better.

[After hugging Kendall, Ryan is drawn to kiss her.]

[Knock on door]

Zach: Yeah?

Man: Everything here going to Vegas, Mr. Slater?

Zach: Almost everything. When I finish here, I want you to clean up personally. Understood?

[After staring at his final will leaving everything to Kendall, Zach contemplates the gun in his drawer.]

Julia: Livia, hi.

Livia: Hi, Julia. Are you working here now?

Julia: Yeah, I just started back. I'm sorry, I can't let you in to see him.

Livia: Well, it'll only take a minute.

Julia: No, I'm sorry, he's heavily sedated. And he's really in a lot of pain.

Livia: Are you sure? It's very important.

Julia: I'm sorry. He's really out of it. I don't think that he would remember anything anyway. Come back another time?

Lily: Hi, Jonathan.

Jonathan: Lily, hi. Did you know I was -- I was going to be here?

Lily: No, I'm looking for Julia. I need some life skills on how to make my father treat me like an adult.

Jonathan: I was -- I was just talking to Julia about the same thing, and -- I tried to tell your dad about the chameleon lady and how -- how he should stop hating me now, but I think I made it worse.

Lily: That's bad news.

Jonathan: I do have some good news. Julia's going to help me get a job here.

Lily: Why do you need a job?

Jonathan: So I can take care of you.

Lily: That's good, because I've decided I'm going to marry you.

Janet: Patty cake, patty cake, bakers' man

Babe: You know, Little Adam should really have some vegetables. How about you put him down in the crib and you help?

Janet: That's ok. There's some frozen peas right in there. You can get them. Let's pat it and roll it.

Babe: Isn't Trevor going to be upset that we're taking off without him?

Janet: Well, he gave me the cold shoulder a long time ago. Ahem -- no, he's far too rigid to even bother coming after us. So let's pat it -- good -- and roll it. Roll it. And mark it with a B. It's kind of crowded in there, so you're going to have to dig around in the meat section.

[Babe screams then gasps as she sees Trevor, still wearing one of his trademark ties, frozen in the large freezer.]

Krystal: All right, I am sick and tired of listening to this drunken fool and his stupid accusations. My daughter and my grandson need me. I'm not going to wait another second for J.R. Chandler to become a human being.

Adam: Wait. Wait.

J.R.: Stop, Krystal! I will pull this trigger!

Krystal: Oh, kiss off!


Tad: Let go!

J.R.: She deserved it!

Tad: J.R. --

J.R.: She knows where my son -- agh!

Adam: My God. Are you ok?

Krystal: Yeah, I'm ok. Am I bleeding? Hey, what --

Adam: I don't know. I don't think so. You got the gun?

Tad: Yeah, I got it. Was anybody hit?

[From the other side of the front door, Dixie holds her arm in pain but doesn't utter a sound.]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Ryan (to Kendall): What if we go back to the idea about you and me becoming an "us"?

Janet (to Babe): This is my husband, Trevor.

J.R. (to Adam and Krystal): The men that I've hired have orders to shoot Babe.

[Outside, a staggering Dixie falls against the side of the cabin.]

Krystal: Tad, what was that?

[Alarmed by the noise outside, Tad heads for the door.]

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