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Josh: "Erica Finally Tells Us How She Really Feels." What the tabloids wouldn't give for this. Too bad for them it's just you and me. Why don't you tell me how you really feel about me?

Erica: How arrogant are you? And how dismissive, as if nothing I could say could really matter. So, are you giving up this second chance I supposedly "owed" you?

Josh: Well, I held your hand and fetched your tea too long. You think I don't know who you are?

Erica: You don't know me. You don't even know who you are. But you will. You will know who we are to each other and who we're going to be.

Ryan: Look, it's been a rough day, a lot has happened. Why don't you --

Kendall: What, come to my senses, try to think things through, maybe go for that dinner invitation?

Ryan: No. Why don't you sit down and take a moment, please.

Kendall: To ponder the weirdness? Yes. Yes, Ryan, I asked my ex-best friend's soon-to-be ex-husband who, by the way, is my ex-fiancé, but knocked me up way after the fact.

Ryan: Without ever touching you.

Kendall: Yes, exactly -- him, you. I asked you to make good on your offer and move in with me. Now, are you going to do it, or you going to drive me nuts?

Ryan: If you want me there, I'm there.

[At the cemetery, Zach stares at his son's open grave.]

Zach: This is it, Ethan.

Image: Sucker. Blondilocks conned you -- whoosh -- right out the door.

Janet: No. No. I wasn't conned. I let Babe take her son so that she could abandon that cruel J.R. and leave Pine Valley forever. This way, she'll never torment my sweet Amanda again.

Image: Get a brain scan -- make sure you still have one. Bouncy bimbo's going to go straight to the rich boy, who's going to sic the cops on you. You are going to be hanging with the old prison gang in no time at all. Or maybe you'll just fly straight to the cuckoo's nest.

Janet: No, no, no! No! No! No!

[Running after Babe, Janet doesn't hear her cell phone ringing]

Amanda: Come on, Mom, answer, answer, answer. Oh, damn! Mom, please, you have to call me back as soon as you get this. People say that you kidnapped Babe and Little Adam, and the cops are going to come to me next. What am I supposed to tell them? Come on, you have to call me back now before things go from bad to worse to no-coming-back.

[David sneaks into Myrtle's boarding house and pours his truth serum into Amanda's iced tea.]

Janet: Don't fight me, Babe.

Babe: Janet, please. I -- I know you don't want to scare the baby. Don't do this.

Janet: Oh, don't you "the baby" me. Trying to work my tender feelings?

Babe: We had a deal -- I was supposed to take him and go far away. It's what you wanted, too.

Janet: Yes, I did. Of course, I wanted you gone. But you lied to me. Come here, sweetie.

Babe: No, you can't --

Janet: Oh, don't you scare the baby. Now, come here, honey. Ooh, yes. You're a manipulative, lying, little you-know-what. You have no idea what it takes to be a good mother. Luckily, I do. Yes, I do.

J.R.: My son, my mother. Why do I always lose everyone that I love?

[Hidden in a cabin, Dixie listens to her son's lament until he leaves, crying.]

Babe: Janet, what is going on? I never lied to you.

Janet: Mm-hmm, come on, give it to me. Give me your coat. What did you do, Babe? Did you -- did you cross your fingers behind your back? Or do you just lie for the fun of it, so that you can laugh at the poor fools who fall for it? Huh? You know, I believed in you. I believed in you, Babe -- and I do not believe easily.

Babe: Yeah? Well, how about you believe this. I'm as good as busted. Because you wouldn't let me take Little A and go away, J.R. pretty much owns that sweet boy's soul. He hurt Amanda, he ran her down. What, you want another Adam Chandler in this world, because I sure as heck don't. I am just like you, Janet. All I want to do is protect Little Adam the same way you want to protect Amanda. And you let me get in that car and think that my son was safe, and now -- now you're keeping me here. You didn't just betray me and Little Adam, you've betrayed your precious daughter. You have gone and screwed things up for Amanda all over again. Don't expect her to thank you for it.

Tad: Where's your mother?

Amanda: What, that's it? You just come in, "Where's Janet?" Like I know.

Tad: Do you?

Amanda: Why would I? Because I'm just like her?

Tad: Of course not. I mean, let's be honest, you've done some pretty iffy things since you've been back -- very iffy. If you're still the same person I've known for years, you haven't changed, which means I haven't. I'm still your friend, right?

Amanda: You think she's at it again.

Tad: I don't know. I just want to find Babe and Little Adam before anybody gets hurt.

Amanda: Look, you're wrong about my mom, ok? She gets freaked out -- I don't know, she bakes me too many cookies -- but she wouldn't hurt anyone.

Tad: Amanda, don't kid yourself. People died in that explosion.

Amanda: And it just has to be my mother's fault even though there's no proof.

Tad: Fine. You don't think Janet's involved, I understand. Help me prove it. Now, she calls you, what, every 10 minutes? Jamie just happened to mention the caller ID.

Amanda: I haven't been able to reach her.

Tad: If we wait long enough, she'll call.

Amanda: Look, if anyone talks to my mom, it has to be my dad. Call him. I -- I just get his voicemail, he doesn't call me back.

Tad: Ok. Terrific. That's brilliant. If you want Trevor onboard, he should be onboard. I'll get Aidan right on it, make sure that your father's right there with us, but right now you're all I got.

Amanda: Find someone else.

Tad: Amanda, Little Adam is just a boy. He doesn't deserve this. Now, if your mother is involved, you're the only one that can solve this. Just give me the phone. I'll trace the call, I'll find your mother, and I'll owe you -- we'll all owe you -- and anything that happened between J.R. and Jamie and you will be forgotten. You'll have done the right thing, you'll have saved a little boy's life.

Amanda: Stop, ok? I swore I would never betray my own mother.

Erica: You betrayed me. You are not my employee and not my friend. You are nothing to me, as I am nothing to you.

Josh: How can you say that, Erica? You're my idol.

Erica: When I say "nothing," I mean nothing. Not even your enemy. I will not press charges against you for drugging me.

Josh: Never mind that you couldn't prove that I drugged you even if you wanted to. All the charges would do is give you more ink on how you lost it and stabbed your daughter's lover.

Erica: I don't want to hurt you, Josh. I'm very sorry that you chose to hurt me. We can't change what's happened, but we do have control over what happens next. There's no need for us to go to war. Just move on.

Josh: Agreed. Onward and upward.

Erica: We're done. That means I cannot teach you, I cannot mentor you, you cannot ride my coattails to whatever vision of success you have for yourself. So it's time to go, Josh. It's time for you to leave Pine Valley and never come back.

Ryan: Come on, sit down. I just want to know what you need.

Kendall: I don't need anything from you.

Ryan: Well, then why did you ask me to move in with you?

Kendall: Because Zach is across the courtyard, and if you live with me, then you're a lot closer.

Ryan: And -- I'm sorry, but that matters because --

Kendall: Because, Ryan. Because he lost his son, and he's in pain, and it kills me. Because I still love him, and he still loves me, and it'll never work. So I don't want to go knocking on his door trying to make it better.

Ryan: Then don't.

Kendall: I can't make anything better, because I can't forgive him.

Ryan: Well, then what's the problem? I mean, you can't forgive him -- you can't forgive him, it is -- it is his fault.

Kendall: Right. And that's supposed to matter when it's 3:00 AM, and I see that he's home, and he's awake. And I know that he's going over every single thing in his head over and over again -- all the times that he screwed over Ethan or he hurt him or refused him, or all the times that we talked about our life together. I'm supposed to just go to bed, just -- just forget about that, not walk all of 20 feet, not hold Zach, and not -- not try again?

Ryan: This is what you want.

Kendall: He betrayed me, so we're done. It's over. And even if we did try again, it would never work, and -- and we would just crash and burn, and I can't let that happen, Ryan, and if you care about me, you won't let that happen, either.

Ryan: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- ok, so I am supposed to stop Kendall Hart from doing what she wants to do? That's what I'm supposed to do? I'm like your warden now?

Kendall: Yeah, you got a problem with that? You said -- you said whatever I want. Well, this is it, and if you don't like it, if you can't handle it, then, fine, you can go away, you can leave me, it's fine.

Ryan: Whoa -- easy, please. Easy, easy. You want a buffer, you want me there to make sure you don't go back to Zach.

Kendall: Finally he catches on.

Ryan: You want to use me.

Kendall: Exactly. So, yes or no?

Ryan: I said yes before, I'm saying yes now. Yes -- if that's what you really want.

Josh: You and my father put your heads together on this one? Both of you want me out of this town as fast as you can boot me out, as if I never existed.

Erica: Greg Madden can rot in hell before I would ever do anything for him.

Josh: You know, it's interesting -- my dad can rot in hell, but me you just want to shove off. Why is that?

Erica: We never would've met if it hadn't been for your father. Trust me on that. You tried to ruin me, and you didn't. It's time for you to move on.

Josh: Listen to yourself, Erica, as if you almost regret it.

Erica: Things I regret --

Josh: Why don't you curse my name, throw something, threaten my life as I know it? Something's not right here. Why aren't you out to destroy me?

Tad: Amanda, don't get me wrong. I don't want to see Janet get hurt. I just -- I want to help people who need it. For God's sake, how old were you when she asked you to cross your heart and hope to die, huh? 10? 15?

Amanda: You know the usual bad words that kids aren't supposed to say? Well, they were different in our house -- "nuts," "crazy," "psycho," and "crowbar" -- let's not forget that one. Those were the words that could get you a time-out. Jamie and J.R. -- I used to be so jealous of them. They had no idea how lucky they were to have normal moms who were normal all the time.

Tad: Janet had a pretty good run there, I recall.

[From his hiding place in the shadows, David is pleased to see Amanda drinking the spiked iced tea.]

Amanda: Yeah, it was great -- which made it that much worse when it was over. Tad, I am the center of her life. The least I can do is keep a promise.

Tad: Amanda, a sane woman wouldn't have asked you to make that promise.

Amanda: Don't do that, don't call her crazy. That's the reason why I made the promise. I won't be the one to get my mom killed.

Tad: I told you -- I don't want to see Janet get hurt. I give you my word, if she's done anything, we'll get her the help she needs.

Amanda: "Help" means the Psych ward. You don't get it -- that is death to my mother. If I am the reason that she goes back there, it's as if I pulled the trigger myself.

Tad: Ok. Think about this. Do you want to be responsible for the deaths of Babe and Little Adam?

[Knock on door]

Kendall: Zach?

[While Zach is ruminating over Ethan’s grave, Dixie nonchalantly strolls over.]

Erica: I don't need revenge. It's just time for you to move on with your life elsewhere, as I plan to go on with mine.

Josh: That's it? Hands washed, no big deal?

Erica: You said you deserved to be a star. Go to LA and be one. You certainly have made enough connections from "New Beginnings."

Josh: So you just want me to leave town, so you don't have to look at my face anymore?

Erica: Is that a surprise to you, Josh? No, I don't want to see your face. This has all been a strange mistake. None of this ever should've happened.

Josh: Maybe I did sell you short.

Erica: You certainly did.

Dixie: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to intrude.

Zach: It's ok. You here to see someone?

Dixie: My brother.

Zach: Son.

Dixie: I'm so sorry.

Zach: It's ok, I lost him before he died. I lost him before he was born. In a lot of ways, he wasn't my son to lose at all.

Dixie: If you don't mind my asking, how did you lose him? Was there any other way? Could things have been different?

Zach: You sure you want to do this? Because I will tell you.

Dixie: You can if you like. I lost a son, too.

J.R.: I knew Zach Slater offered to buy her out and then give all her shares to you. Is that what happened? Is that why she's got enough money, because Zach Slater made it available so she can go on the run?

Kendall: Run where? Never mind. You know what? Ask me if I even care about Babe, then ask me if I know anything about Zach other than he broke my heart, and he lost his son. Finally, ask yourself how long it will take you to get out of my house, and then do it, please.

J.R.: No, not until you answer the damn question.

Kendall: No -- but, J.R., please, just get out. Please? Out.

J.R.: I wanted to marry Babe --

Kendall: Well, that was your first mistake.

J.R.: And then the bitch betrayed me.

Kendall: Oh. Well, why didn't you say so? Ahem. You came to the right place.

Zach: I didn't know about him until he was a grown man, and then I denied him. I denied who he was to me. And this is going to sound crazy, but I did it, because I wanted to be a good father to him, and I thought the only way I can do that is by not being a father at all. Does it make sense?

Dixie: Yeah. It makes a lot of sense, actually.

Zach: I wanted to give him a good shot at life, and I knew that didn't include me or my family. I wanted him to be a better man than I ever was. But I made a lot of mistakes, a lot of them, and by the time I reached out to him and asked his forgiveness and told him that I loved him --

Dixie: What did he say?

Zach: Well, it was too late.

Dixie: I'm so sorry.

Zach: He looked at me, and he told me that he would never forgive me -- his last words. And then he closed his eyes. And now when I close my eyes, that's all I see -- him, his face, saying those words -- and I can't forget. I can't forgive myself.

Tad: You think about what I said. Call me when you're ready, but sooner is better than later.

[As soon as Tad closes the front door, David descends the stairs.]

Amanda: David. What -- what are you doing here?

David: You need me here to listen, Amanda, because you're going to tell me everything you wouldn't tell Martin.

Janet: Liar you're a good one, though, I'll give you that. You're like my sister, Natalie. She used to get me in trouble, and then I would get the triple-long groundings that she should've gotten.

Babe: I don't want to get you in trouble, Janet -- you or Amanda. All I want to do is get out of your hair for good. So if you could just give me back the keys and our coats so I can get my son.

Janet: So that you can be a good mother?

Babe: Yes, exactly.

Janet: You did it again -- you just lied. This isn't about you or your son. This is about you lying to me, so that you can get out of here and sic your rich intended on me and mine. You conned me, Babe. You made me convinced that you were interested in being a decent mother. You're not!

Babe: I am a decent mother, you pathetic nut job!

Janet: Oh! Oh, oh! What did you just say to me?

[Angered, Janet waves a fireplace poker at Babe.]

Dixie: Your son --

Zach: Ethan. His name was Ethan.

Dixie: Ethan. Ethan. Was he an unforgiving man?

Zach: I don't think so. I think he was generous and loyal, a little wry. And he had this laugh that would come out of nowhere. A big old laugh. It -- it made you think what kind of a kid he must've been.

Dixie: You didn't know him when he was a child?

Zach: No. No, he was conceived, born, raised, and I had no idea at all.

Dixie: Well, I'm sure he -- he couldn't have held that against you.

Zach: What he couldn't forgive was that I denied him once I knew who he was. Despite all that, he -- he was looking for happiness, and he found it. He was looking for love, and he found that, too. He was getting married, you know, just -- he and his fiancée were planning this big wedding. And I got -- I got a feeling I wouldn't have been invited, but that's ok, I would've gone, anyway. Stand in the back and just hear that laugh, you know?

[Zach sighs]

Zach: Ahem. Excuse me.

Dixie: Do you think he had any idea how much you loved him?

Zach: I think I lied too often and too easily for him to believe that.

Dixie: Well, I hear -- I hear that.

Zach: I know you do. Your turn. Tell me.

J.R.: I fell for it. She played me again. Sometimes soft, sometimes feisty -- she kept me on my toes.

Kendall: Zach said all the right things, made me feel safe -- like he was the one person I could believe in.

J.R.: Want to know what the worst part is? I believed it. The family thing -- her, me, our son -- real love, you know? I'm such an idiot.

Kendall: No, J.R., the worst part is the love can be real, and they can betray you, anyway.

J.R.: What? All that with Babe? You're saying that her love could've been real?

Kendall: Could be. Doesn't really make a difference in the end, anyway. Because you're here, and the person that you gave your heart to is who-the-hell-knows-where.

Babe: I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said what I said to you. You're -- you're right, I do screw things up, and I'm really new to this whole mothering thing. I -- I have a lot to learn. You're right -- you're right about everything.

Janet: You have been rude and wrong, and you do need to be punished, the way my mother used to punish me.

Babe: How did she do that?

Janet: Go to your room, young lady, and you may come out when you can behave!

Babe: I said that I was sorry!

Janet: And you can come out when you actually mean it!

Babe: Oh, God.

Janet: Trevor?

Little Adam: Can I have my milk?

Janet: Trevor, where are you? I need you.

Babe: Ah. It's ok.

Janet: Well, of course I know where you are. But do you have any idea what it's like to be a single parent? Because that's what you've done to me.

Babe: Ok. Ok. Wood, window, nails.

Janet: Amanda needs me.

Babe: Hey, little man.

Janet: She needs the love and attention --

Babe: Little man, you know what? We're going to play a game -- you, me, and loud Janet out there. She's being so loud, isn't she? So loud that she can't hear what we're saying. Can Mommy see what you have in here? Um -- Mommy’s going to borrow Mr. Spoony here, and I'm going to get to work on those nails. And then after that, Mama and Little A are going to play a new game. It's called run home to Daddy.

Little Adam: I don't need this.

Babe: Ok. I'll take him.

David: You know something, Mandy? You're absolutely right. I have treated you like a jerk, but don't take it personally. Ask anyone -- I'm always a jerk. And I thought that you had done some harm to my daughter. But I was wrong, wasn't I?

Amanda: I wanted Jamie. Big deal.

David: So when the pumpkin soup was poisoned, and Little Adam ended up in that nativity, that wasn't you, was it? It was your mother. Boy, that must've been very painful for you to be accused of doing so many outrageous things -- like those people ending up in that truck dumped in quicksand.

Amanda: It wasn't me -- any of it.

David: It was all Janet?

Amanda: I'm not supposed to talk about it.

David: Oh, you don't have to worry about that. I'm doing all the talking, not you.

Amanda: But still --

David: Yeah -- no, look, trust me, Amanda, you're off the hook. I put some truth serum in your iced tea. Now, back to where we were - Kendall hanging off the side of that building, Babe being pushed down those stairs?

Amanda: So not me.

David: Me nearly carved up for open-heart surgery?

Amanda: You're Babe's dad, and, like you said, you're a jerk.

David: Amanda, do you think your mother has Babe and my grandson right now?

Amanda: She won't admit it, but I know she does.

David: Where are my daughter and my grandson, Amanda?

Amanda: I don't know.

David: Look, listen to me carefully. I want you to tell me where your lunatic mother has my daughter.

Amanda: I can't, I don't know.

David: If my daughter ran away with my grandson to get away from that jerk J.R., I could live with that. But if your mother has harmed my daughter in any way -- well, fair is fair, don't you think, Amanda?

Amanda: Do you want to hurt me, David?

David: Oh, yeah. And that is the truth.

[Knock on door]

Tad: Hey, good-looking. I -- I crossed paths with Josh on my way past the elevator. I assume he's been in here? I hope you don't think I'm dense if I ask you how it went.

Erica: Well, I'm fine -- at least I will be when Josh does what I want him to do.

Tad: Which is?

Erica: Leave town.

Tad: Huh. So I guess you didn't tell him that you and he are famiglia.

Erica: No, I did not, and I won't. Because I really do think it's better for Josh and for everyone if Josh just never knows in fact, better that he forgets he ever met me.

Tad: Mm-hmm. But as a friend, do you mind if I ask how it was that you came to this decision?

Erica: Kendall -- the first child I wasn't ever supposed to know. And now she's pregnant, and -- and she has no idea, she has no vision of -- of this baby, and she -- she doesn't even know if they're supposed to be together, or if she's doing the right thing.

Tad: Well, I mean, not for nothing, but, you know, there's always the adoption route. It's none of my business, but, hey, you know, the fact is it worked for me.

Erica: But, Tad, you were a growing a boy when the Martins adopted you. I think you understood.

Tad: "Understood"? Becoming a Martin meant I got to get away from Ray Gardner. Erica, the world is full of stories like this, of kids whose adoptive parents have all the love and support that they're ever going to need or want.

Erica: I know. And believe me, that's what I wanted for Kendall -- that kind of peace and that kind of security. But for Kendall -- I mean, when she found out that I had put her up for adoption, it broke a part of her, and I don't want Josh to be broken.

Tad: Well, I got to admit, even with his ego, something like this could do some serious damage.

Erica: I do think it's better if he just goes on with his life as it is.

Tad: Well, I certainly have to give Greg Madden more credit than I ever thought I'd have to. I mean, he was more twisted than any of us suspected. With a family tree like that, Josh is bound to have some glitches.

Erica: Well, the only thing I truly regret in all this is that Greg Madden gets away with it, you know? That just means Josh and I are some sort of a science project.

Tad: Yeah. You have to be at peace with that. If this is the decision you make, he keeps his business and keeps his license.

Erica: And we keep quiet.

Tad: Exactly. In the meantime, I need you to do me a favor. We have to tell my father. I'm sorry, but something tells me this is not going to be too easy for him to take.

Erica: Well, it was very hard for me, too, believe me. Do you think that Joe will understand, that Josh was never ours to begin with?

Dixie: My son. He's an incredibly beautiful young man, and I was very lucky we got to spend a great deal of time together when he was little. I should explain that he's alive. He's a grown man. He's an incredibly beautiful, wonderful adult. He's very complicated, though, and I think confused, and I know I had a lot to do with that. I left him with his father, and --

[Dixie sighs]

Dixie: When I had a chance to come back, I didn't.

Zach: But you're here now.

Dixie: I really think it might be too late.

Zach: Why? He's not here, so you still have a shot.

Dixie: I've changed so much, and so many things have happened, and I -- I just don't know if I'm what he needs anymore. I think I just might make things worse.

Zach: Well, there's the rub.

Dixie: I saw him, though. He's all grown up. I heard his voice. Ha. Sorry. And it's funny -- I was so close once I could almost touch him.

Zach: But you didn't.

Dixie: I don't know how to help him. And honestly, sometimes I think it would be incredibly selfish of me to even try.

Josh: Dr. Martin, I accept your offer to join the PVH staff.

Joe: I couldn't be more pleased. You're what this place needs -- new ideas, new blood.

Josh: New doctor's coat -- I left mine at med school.

[Joe laughs]

Josh: I'll start whenever you want.

Babe: Mommy was so busy working she didn't realize the lady stopped yelling. I guess that means we'll have to be even quieter. Let's see who can be softer -- Mommy or Little A. And you know what? I bet we'll both win, and we can get home to Daddy sooner than soon.

Little Adam: What's Daddy doing?

Babe: Daddy's waiting for us to get home. Mommy and Little A are going to be just fine.

David: What part of the concept of truth serum are you not understanding? I ask you a question, and you answer. Now, where is the head case you call Mommy?

Amanda: What part of the concept of truth serum do you not understand? If I said I don't know, it means I don't know!

David: All right, Amanda. You're absolutely right, my mistake. I'm going to have to find another way to flush out Mommy freakazoid. Now, get up.

Amanda: Aah --

David: You're coming with me. I'm going to make your mother a trade -- her daughter, still breathing, for my daughter and her son, still safe and sound. And if she doesn't pony them up -- oh –

[Sneaking up behind David, Janet brains him with a frying pan.]

Janet: Mommy's back.

Kendall: Can you believe this, J.R.? You are the safest, least destructive man in my life.

J.R.: Hmm. You know, it should've been us all along -- friends with the most excellent bennies. It would've saved us a boatload of misery, nice and simple.

Kendall: Yeah, well, it's too late for simple. Way, way too late.

Ryan: Ryan Lavery at your service.

Kendall: Thank you.

Dixie: Huh. What are the odds, huh?

Zach: What are the odds on what?

Dixie: Oh, everything -- you and me meeting like this. What would you do if you were me?

Zach: If I were you, I would disappear again, leave well enough alone. But that's only my opinion, Dixie.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Janet (to Amanda): Step away from the door.

Amanda (to Janet): You will have to fight me to get past me.

J.R. (to Jamie): You can't save Babe. I'm going to make her sorry she ever took my son.

Dixie (to Zach): Are you going to tell my family that you saw me, that I'm here?

Erica (to Joe): Have you decided to tell Josh he's your grandson?

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