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Erica: Wake up, Jack. Wake up so I can tell you how much I love you and how lucky we are to be alive. The doctors said the sedatives would wear off soon. Oh, this is all so unreal -- not just this, but if I hadn't seen the proof with my own eyes, if I didn't trust Tad as much do, I would never have believed it. The person trying to destroy my career and ruin my name is my own flesh and blood. My son.

Josh: Would it kill you to go around?

Greg: You came through this explosion relatively unscathed. You really have no reason to be here in the hospital.

Josh: You know, you act as if you have some say in my life. You, me -- complete strangers as of the minute you narced me out to Erica.

Greg: I'm still your father, no matter what you care to say about it. I'm the only reason you have to be here in this hospital, and the only legitimate reason you have to be here in Pine Valley. Cut me out of the equation, you might as well leave town for good.

Josh: Oh, you'd love that, wouldn't you? Get me as far away from your beloved Erica, right? Well, I hate to disappoint you, Dad. No, I take that back -- it's actually my new favorite thing. And for the record, Joe Martin just offered me an internship here. He thinks Pine Valley is desperate for a Dr. Josh Madden. So, who doesn't belong now, Pop?

Babe: You totally hooked me up, Janet. I -- I can take Little A, leave to the other side of the world, and nobody will even know that you had a thing to do with it. You're smart, really did your homework. You used my kidnapping rap sheet to cover how you took me and Little A. And nobody will question my guilt when it comes out that I've taken my son again. Plus, it's the perfect way to salvage Amanda's reputation. You even said it yourself that she's always getting blamed for everything that goes wrong. Not anymore. When word comes out that I have kidnapped the Chandler heir twice, she is going to seem positively saintly by comparison. You'll spend the rest of your life saying "I told you so," Jamie will spend the rest of his life kissing up to Amanda for ever doubting her, and every person in Pine Valley will absolutely despise me. Isn't that what you really want?

Janet: You've thought of every single detail, haven't you? Babe, you know what I find most fascinating, though, is you've plotted this all out without once mentioning J.R.

J.R.: Does anything make your skin crawl, Di? Do you want to know what tops my list? The sight of your face, sound of your voice -- all little repulsive reminders of what a fool I was. You can't help me.

Di: You weren't a fool, J.R. You missed your mother, and you wanted her back.

J.R.: Now, would you take a look around? Do you see my mother around here? No. Because she's not, and my son's missing. The moral of the story -- J.R. loves someone, J.R. loses someone.

Di: You haven't lost as much as you think.

[After Krystal drives off, David hears another noise outside his cabin.

David: All right. I definitely heard it this time. Who's out there?

Ryan: Hey, Kendall, it's me. I -- I don't know if you're screening your calls or whatever. Um -- but, hey, when you get this, give me a call, ok? I just want to -- I just want to make sure you're ok.

Kendall: You love me, I love you. We both just said it. So how come we're staring at each other like two total strangers? How come a part of me is screaming "Run and jump into his arms, stupid" while the other part is telling me to run far away? I don't -- I don't understand. I don't get it. I'm the queen of impulsive. I don't waste time thinking things through -- I just act! But right now, I couldn't act if I wanted to. I don't know what to do next. I have no idea what comes next, right or wrong. I'm stuck. Zach, I'm totally stuck. How do I do this, Zach? What do I do? What comes next? Can you tell me?

David: Babe? Are you out there, darling? It's all right. The coast is clear.

[When his phone rings, David goes back into his cabin and shuts the door. Relieved, Dixie continues hiding.]

David: Yeah? Hello? Anybody there? Babe? Babe, is that you?

J.R.: I haven't lost as much as I think? What do I have exactly -- money? Well, to a dirt-poor pole dancer like yourself, that might bring some merit. But that doesn't really keep me warm at night. So what's left -- family? We've already established that my mother is dead, my son is missing. You hate my father. So, what -- were you suggesting you? Don't make me sick.

Di: Not everything is as bleak as it seems. There's a lot you don't know.

J.R.: Well, that's true. Oh, there's a lot that I don't know. I don't know where Babe has taken my son, I don't know how far they've gotten. I don't know if I'm ever going to see my son again, so why don't you stop blathering about how good I have it and answer those questions? Can you tell me where I can find my son?

Babe: It's obvious where J.R. ends up in all of this -- trampled, devastated, completely broken. He'll never get over losing Little Adam. And if you set my son and me free, J.R. is guaranteed to suffer forever.

Janet: You really expect me to believe that you're ok with that? Oh, come on. I've seen the two of you all lip-locked and sexed up -- ugh. You cannot tell me that you're not hot for him, and in the park you told me you were going to marry him!

Babe: I was only playing the part. I hate J.R. You have no idea the hell he's put me through.

Janet: Well, it couldn't have been too bad if you were willing to sleep with him and then marry him again.

Babe: Only until I could set him up in a compromising position. Then I was going to get a quickie divorce and get full custody of my boy.

Janet: What kind of compromising position?

Babe: I hadn't gotten that far yet. But I don't have to now, thanks to you. I already have my son and all my dreams are in my lap because of you, Janet. And if you let me, I can help you make all your dreams come true, too.

Josh: Your dream finally came true, old man. Your wonder boy finally got an offer to be a doctor. Aren't you excited? What, no pat on the back, no hug? Ah, it's crushing.

Greg: Why would Joe Martin offer you an internship here? That makes absolutely no sense to me.

Josh: I was a total medical wizard after the explosion -- the way I saved Erica's pathetic excuse for a life? "Praiseworthy" doesn't even begin to cover it. And the big chief knew he couldn't let a talent like mine go untapped.

Greg: So that's it, is it? That's the way it is? A few words of approval from anybody in authority apart from me, and you're ready to jump out of television and jump back into medicine.

Josh: Come on, Dad. Isn't this what you've been praying for? Me, lab coat, stethoscope? Bevy of hot nurses everywhere I turn? Oh, wait -- that last part is what I've been praying for. Anyway, you were just hoping that I'd practice six states away from your girlfriend, not in her backyard, right?

Greg: I'm glad you find all of this so amusing.

Josh: Oh, and ironic. You know, the life you've tried so desperately to control -- it's about to fall completely off your radar. If I finally become a doctor, it'll be right when you lose me as a son.

Erica: Jack? I just found out that Josh is my son. Oh, I am just trying to process this whole thing. I mean, it's not like something like this happens every day of the week. The truth is I don't know if I should even tell him. I mean, Josh hates me, and, granted, he's not too crazy about Greg, either, but when he finds out what this man has done, will he ever recover? Will I? Will any of us? Jack, I need you. I don't know when I've ever needed you more. Not that I could even begin to think how you could help me now.

Kendall: Please, Zach. Please, I don't know how to -- I don't know how to take the next step. I don't know what to do next. I need your help. What would you do if you were me? Would you -- would you walk? Or would you stay?

Zach: I can't make that decision for you.

Kendall: You just -- you just said that you -- that you love me, and you want me to be happy, so tell me how to be happy. How do I stop all of this misery?

Zach: Stop loving me. I don't do happy.

Kendall: So I should just forget about you? Just pretend we never happened?

Zach: The faster, the better.

Kendall: Can you stop loving me? Do you think I can read your mind? If you stand there and stare long enough, I'll get the answer?

Zach: I gave you an answer.

Kendall: No, you said -- you told me to stop loving you, and I asked if you can stop loving me. I'm still waiting to find out.

Zach: I will love you until the day I die. I told you that.

Kendall: I don't know what to do with that, Zach. What does that mean? Tell me what that means. Does that mean "Nice knowing you, Kendall" or "Please don't give up on us"? Tell me what you mean by that. Do you mean "Please hang on to us" or "Go"? I don't know. I don't understand this.

Ryan: Kendall, are you there?

[Ryan knocks on Kendall's door and doesn't get a response. When he spies her in Zach’s condo, however, he quietly waits outside.]

Zach: What words do you need me to say to you to make yourself feel better? Tell me, and I will say them.

Kendall: I need to hear whatever it takes to put the pieces together and get us back to where we were before. Whatever it takes just to make me trust you again. I don't know the words, Zach. I don't know. I just know that I need you to fix what you broke, and I need you to do it now.

Zach: I can't give you what you're asking for.

Kendall: Don't say that.

Zach: I can't fix this. I wish to God I could, but I can't.

Kendall: So you are all about the destruction. To hell with the aftermath? That's -- that's very nice. That's very kind of you. You play God with my life, you -- you smash it to bits without telling me, and you get me to fall completely in love with you. And then when I do find out the truth, you just wave your hands in the air and you say, "You know what, you should've expected it." Thank you, Zach. That's a great way to love me! Thank you!

Ryan: I just -- I came by to see how you were doing.

Kendall: I guess you got the answer.

Ryan: I thought about knocking, but --

Kendall: Why knock when you are so good at barging in, Ryan. Seriously, this is the one time I wish you had just barged in there and interrupted me and dragged me out of there before I made a complete ass of myself.

Ryan: Because you love it so much when I tell you what to do. I'm here to support your choices, Kendall, whatever they are, not to influence them, not to make them for you. But you had a right to know the truth about Zach. After that, it's up to you, because you're the only person that knows what you want -- not me, not Zach, just -- just you.

Kendall: You're right. I do know exactly what I need, and I know how to get it.

[Sitting alone, Zach remembers happier times with Kendall.]

Zach’s voice: I don't -- I don't want to change who you are, I love who you are. And I love who you've been, and I love who you're going to be.

Kendall's voice: I love you. I love you so much.

[Pounding on door]

Babe: J.R. cut me off from my son. I'll never forgive him for that, ever.

Janet: Never say never, my friend. People change, seasons change as that song goes. I mean -- for instance, take Trevor and I. You know, we've certainly had our fair share of disagreements, and it's taken a long time and a lot of hard work for me to get him to chill, and now -- ha -- happily ever after. So what's to say that that isn't going to be true for you and J.R. -- If I were to let you go, and you took off with the kid?

Babe: I promise you right now, if you were to set us free, I would take Little Adam as far away from J.R. Chandler as humanly possible. Look, I don't know your husband, but I can pretty much guarantee that he's a better man than J.R. I seriously doubt that Trevor would let you take the fall for a near-homicidal DUI that night that Amanda was hit on that road? I wasn't the one driving, it was J.R. J.R. ran down your daughter.

J.R.: Why don't you take a hint and get lost?

Di: J.R., there's something I need to tell you.

J.R.: If it has to do with chocolate chip cookies or "You Are My Sunshine," save it.

Di: Ok. I know you don't trust me yet --

J.R.: I'll never trust you again. I will never trust anyone else again.

Di: J.R., you don't mean that.

J.R.: No, it's real clear to me now. The only person other than my son who deserved trust from me is dead.

Di: Look, Dixie loves you so much.

J.R.: So now you're having beyond-the-grave conversations with my mother? She loves me from heaven? Why don't you just let it go, Di? I know how much you want to worm your way back into here, but it's not going to happen, and I'm so sick and tired of giving people like you the benefit of the doubt. And I'm way, way over the maternal act. It's not only insulting to me, but it is a slam on my mother's memory!

[Phone rings]

J.R.: Chandler here.

Man: We spotted a woman going into that cabin you told us about.

J.R.: You think it's Babe?

Man: Fits the description.

J.R.: Is she still there?

[Dixie enters a cabin where she's apparently staying.]

J.R.: All right, keep an eye on her, but far enough away so she doesn't spot you. Don't do anything until I get there, unless she tries to leave.

Man: You got it, Mr. Chandler.

Di: What's going on? Where -- they found Babe?

J.R.: Someone's waiting for me.

[In her cabin, Dixie paces around, thinking.]

Di's voice: They ache for you, Dixie. Especially J.R.

[Dixie recalls visiting her son in his incubator in the hospital shortly after he was born.]

Dixie's voice: Hello, sweetheart. I'm your mama. I bet you were wondering where I was, weren't you?

Babe: If I hadn't have been there, J.R. would have hit Amanda and left her in the road to die.

Janet: Oh.

Babe: I made him stop. I'm the one that called 911, gave her CPR. Janet, if it weren't for me, your daughter would be dead.

Janet: Oh, my God! I'm so tired of hearing about people hurting my daughter.

Babe: The only reason that I was there is because J.R. left the Roadside Bar bragging how he had the jet fueled up, and he was ready to take my son away.

Janet: Yeah, well, he turned out to be your hero that night, Babe. Because if you had stayed, you would have been burnt to a crisp. That's the night I torched the place.

Babe: That was you? They had said that the space heater --

Janet: Yeah, you know -- pssh, boom! Oh, I'm so tired of hearing about Pine Valley-ites being mean to my Amanda! And J.R., Jamie, Adam -- all the rest of them -- I'm not going to let them get away with hurting my darling Amanda. And, you know, you, too, Babe. You gave my Amanda a truckload of trouble, so why should I give you the freedom that you want so much right now? Where's the justice in that, huh? Miss little hairy Carey?

Zach: Oh, there you go.

Myrtle: Thank you. So? How are you getting on? You know, when I heard about Ethan, I felt so bad. A parent shouldn't have to suffer the loss of a child.

Zach: I was never much of a parent.

Myrtle: You're putting on a good face, because I know you, Zach. You're hurting.

Zach: Yeah. Nothing gets past you. So you obviously heard about my role in the blackout in September?

Myrtle: Yeah.

Zach: So why don't you give me hell?

Myrtle: Oh --

Zach: Come on, I got it coming.

Myrtle: No, I can't kick a man when he's down. Anyway, you gave yourself enough hell when you found you had sabotaged the greatest love story that I ever heard of -- you and Kendall.

Kendall: Hi.

Erica: Hi.

Kendall: Oh. Well, Ryan warned me this place would be filled to the brim. I should have just listened to him and gone for the cupcakes. Hi.

Erica: Hi. Something's wrong?

Kendall: No, no, Mom, I'm fine. Actually, I should be the one worrying about you. Now, you -- you could have died, Mom.

Erica: Ok, why don't you just tell me, honey?

Kendall: The engagement is off.

Erica: Oh --

Kendall: Zach and I are finished, the end.

Erica: Sweetheart, I am so sorry.

Kendall: Ok, Mom, don't act like you're broken up about this. We both know that this is the day that you've been praying for.

Erica: Well, no, I mean, I'm not going to pretend that I'm not relieved, but I'm certainly not happy. I mean, I can see from here that your heart is breaking. And, believe me, that hurts a lot more than any broken ribs ever did. You'll understand once your baby arrives. I mean, any pain, any hurt that baby ever has, you're going to feel that hurt. And you will -- you will do anything to make sure that that child never has that hurt again.

Janet: Just the thought of my little Amanda lying in -- oh, the middle of that cold road --

Little Adam: What is this?

Babe: Mommy got hurt. It's ok.

Little Adam: Mommy got hurt?

Babe: The way that you feel about your little Amanda -- that's how I feel about Little Adam. He's the light of my life.

Janet: Amanda's the light of my life. I'm not about to let you go when the whole purpose of my bringing you was to make you suffer.

Babe: But I am suffering, Janet, and I always will. If I take off with Little Adam, I have to kiss my family and friends good-bye for good. J.R. will always be all over them with his people, screening the phone calls and the letters. I'll never see my mom again. She's my best friend, my rock.

Janet: Amanda's my best friend.

Babe: And you can imagine what it would be like to be cut out of her life forever. No more hugs, no more talks, nothing more to fill the pages of her scrapbook. I know that you want me to suffer for hurting Amanda, and I can't think of anything worse than keeping me from my mama. I'll always ache for her, and she'll always ache for me. Think about it, Janet. What worse pain can you inflict than keeping a daughter from her mama?

Erica: You know what I'm having right now? I am having déjà vu -- my mother sitting with me and my heart in a million pieces, and my mother assuring me that I would get through the pain. And I know that I was feeling just the way you must be feeling now -- full of doubts, full of skepticism. I didn't think I'd ever see another sunrise, let alone another happy day.

Kendall: Is this the part where you tell me how wrong you were?

Erica: Well, I was. And as hard as it is for you to hear this right now, you will figure out a way to breathe again. And pretty soon, you will even know what it takes to smile again, and you'll even laugh. I mean, you'll really laugh. You're a Kane woman. Kane women don't stay down long.

Kendall: Look at us -- here, talking like this.

Erica: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: You comforting me, making me feel better. If you'd have told me three years ago that I'd be able to stand in the same room with you without spitting nails --

[Erica laughs]

Kendall: I'd have said you were nuts.

Erica: Well, getting here wasn't easy, but it certainly was worth it, wasn't it?

Kendall: Yeah. I was -- I was pretty messed up, and I don't think I would ever want to travel down that road again. But, yes. Where we are now is definitely a good place to be.

Erica: I do wish it could be that way for every parent and child.

Kendall: Well, we are the lucky ones. Now, I'm going to let you rest and relax, so --

Erica: Well, I am so glad that you stopped by, honey.

Kendall: Oh -- me, too. Ok, now, relax, chill, and I will talk to you soon.

Erica: Great.

Kendall: And thank you.

Erica: Of course. You take care.

Kendall: Enjoy the flowers.

[Erica laughs]

Erica: Oh, honey, you look so pretty.

Kendall: You, too, Mom.

Erica: It's Erica. Come see me as soon as you get this. It's urgent.

Greg: If you're really serious about getting back into medicine, why don't you take the job in San Francisco?

Josh: How desperate are you to get me out of Pine Valley?

Greg: Let's be realistic. You've burned so many bridges here, you've made so many enemies.

Josh: Me? You're the one everyone hates around here. Name one friend you have in this town -- and Hazel doesn't count. I have Babe, Dani, all the people I met on "New Beginnings" -- and let's not forget my new buddy, Joe Martin, the big chief. Who knows, if I play my cards right, he could become my mentor.

David: Unless you're here with news about Babe, I'm not interested.

Di: Actually, I just came from the Chandler mansion. J.R. got a phone call that sounded like a lead, but he took off before I could get much out of him.

David: Oh, I'm sure you didn't come all the way out here to tell me that.

Di: No, I didn't. Um -- Tad and Dixie's final breakup? I want to know the parts that you left out.

David: Why? What's it to you? Are you hoping to step back into Dixie's shoes again, make your way into Martin's bed? Oh, I get it -- that's why you're acting like you care so much about Little Adam. Cry enough crocodile tears, you might just cry your way into Martin's arms.

Di: I do care about Little Adam -- and J.R., and, yes, David, I care about Tad. I made plenty of my own mistakes with that man, I don't want to repeat Dixie's, too.

David: Well, I wouldn't worry about that. Dixie was ten times the woman you could ever be.

Di: Ok. I know you love Dixie -- everyone did -- but for God's sake, the woman did not just drop down from heaven. She is a human being like the rest of us.

David: And what do you know? Just what I taught you. Stealing Dixie's life isn't exactly the same thing as actually knowing her. Dixie was kind and wonderful and real.

Di: Real people usually don't qualify for sainthood until after they've managed to die.

[J.R. pounds on Dixie's cabin door.]

J.R.: Babe! Open up the damn door! You hear me? I want my son!

[When no one answers, J.R. kicks the door open.]

Myrtle: Do I think you deserve to lose Kendall? As a matter of fact, darling, I do. But not Ethan. If I could bring Ethan back to you, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Zach: He was never mine to lose in the first place. I don't think I deserved either one of them.

Myrtle: Oh, no, I wouldn't say that. Listen, you did a lot of rotten things on the way, but you're paying for it. And although I know you had it coming to you, I hate to see it.

Zach: Why worry about a screw-up like me?

Myrtle: Well, in spite of your arrogance, your interference, your lies -- Mr. Slater, I happen to love you. And so does Kendall. I think you should never forget that.

Kendall: My mother says hello.

Ryan: How's she feeling?

Kendall: Well, she's feeling better -- much better than I'm doing.

Ryan: Did you know that the best antidote to a lousy day is actually greasy food? I don't know if you knew that.

Kendall: No, I didn't.

Ryan: Why don't we grab a bite? Come on.

Kendall: Ok. Wait, wait, hold on, hold on. Did you mean it when you said that you'd move in with me?

Ryan: Absolutely.

Kendall: Good, because I'd like you to -- right away.

[Josh goes to see Erica.]

Josh: You called?

David: Boy. And I thought I was the insensitivity champ.

Di: No, I mean -- I only meant that Dixie might not be as perfect as everyone seems --

David: You come all the way out here to pick my brain about Dixie when I just found out that I may never see my daughter or my grandson ever again? Are you so desperate to get Martin back that you would use a missing baby?

Di: I'm not using anyone. I am worried about Babe and Little Adam. And, believe me, if there was anything I could do to be helping them, I would be doing it right now, but no one wants my help. J.R. has completely cut me off. And Jamie and Tad are off pursuing some new theory that Jamie’s hatched up. Who knows if that even holds water?

David: Wait a minute, what theory? What has mini Martin come up with?

Di: Well, Jamie thinks that -- that Little Adam and -- and Babe may have been abducted -- by Janet Dillon.

Janet: Make sure you give it a little gas when you turn it on.

Babe: Thank you so much, Janet. I truly hope that you and Amanda find the happiness and justice that you're looking for.

[Babe kisses Janet on the cheek.]

Janet: Ahem.

[Little Adam babbles]

Babe: Your daddy is going to be so happy to see us.

Image: Hey -- can you spell "sucker"?

J.R.: She's got to be here. Babe, I want my son!

[After flinging a base against the wall, J.R. sits on the bed crying while Dixie listens from the other room.]

J.R.: God, help me. Somebody help me. Mom? Mom, if you can hear me, please, I need help. I need your help.

>> Next week on "All My Children" --

Erica (to Josh): It's time for you to leave Pine Valley and never come back.

J.R. (to Krystal): Put the pistol down.

[Krystal grunts as Adam wrestles her for the gun.]

David (to Amanda): I put some truth serum in your iced tea.

Ryan (to Kendall): Ryan Lavery, at your service.

Zach (to Dixie): If were you, I would disappear again.

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