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Josh: Well, I just wish I could've done something more to help Erica.

Reporter: Are you kidding? You saved her life after that explosion with a drinking straw.

Josh: I was just doing what I could.

Reporter: You're a hero, and you should be proud of yourself.

Tad: Excuse me. Sorry to interrupt, but I think this interview is over. Thank you for your time.

Josh: We were in the middle of something, if you don't mind.

Tad: No, actually, you're finished. Why don't you come back when you can hear from Erica herself?

Reporter: I'll call you if we need anything more.

Josh: Who the hell do you think you are? That was an important interview.

Tad: No, Josh, that was PR, and you mean it was important to you.

Josh: Why do you care about me or what I do? What does it have to do with you?

[Monitor beeps]

Erica: Do I know you from somewhere?

Josh's voice: The world finally took notice and paid me my due. It came right on schedule. It just so happened to involve you going crazy -- it's nothing personal.

Erica's voice: The mask, the scrubs --

Greg: Oh, I'm on my way to a little baby.

Tad: Erica, Josh Madden is your son.

Erica: Maybe you're right, Josh. You do have a right to be told.

Erica: Oh, Jack?

Greg: Are you awake, Erica?

Adam: Who called, J.R.?

David: I heard someone saw Babe? She survived the explosion? Have you seen her?

Adam: Son, what's wrong?

J.R.: Text message from Babe.

Krystal: Thank goodness she's ok! Where is she?

J.R.: Not here. "You won't see us again, J.R. I took our son. Forget me and him. Babe."

Krystal: What? Give me that!

Adam: I knew it! Damn that girl!

Jamie: Well, what number is that text from?

J.R.: It's from her cell phone.

David: Good for her.

Krystal: Oh, shut your mouth right now!

Jamie: J.R., call Babe back! Call her now!

Babe: Why can't we leave yet?

Janet: Because we just got here, and there's so much to be done.

[Cell phone rings]

Babe: That's my phone. It's J.R. I can tell by the ring. Answer it -- he's probably worried.

Janet: Oh, you mean -- oh, you mean this thing?

Babe: Why do you have my phone?

Janet: Well, I'm starting a phone tree. I called J.R., and he can call, you know, everyone else. No matter.


Babe: Give it to me.

Janet: Oh, don't you go getting handsy on me! Sorry. Arabella can't take your call right now. It's too late to leave a message.

Babe: What do you mean, "It's too late"?

Janet: Well, would you look at the time. Doesn't anybody have manners anymore? And it's far too late to be making any calls.

J.R.: Pick up the phone, Babe. I know you're there.

Krystal: This has -- this has got to be a mistake.

Adam: The only mistake was letting Babe back in our lives.

J.R.: Babe, it's me! Where are you? And bring my son back to me!

Jamie: Voicemail?

Adam: Yeah, of course she's not answering. She's too busy kidnapping my grandchild again.

Jamie: J.R., give me your phone.

J.R.: Why, so you can call her up and congratulate her? No, thank you.

Jamie: Just give me your damn phone!

David: You got to hand it to her -- pretty gutsy to take Little A again. What a perfect time to do it, huh? Total chaos, no one knows what the hell is going on.

Krystal: No, this isn't right. She would've told me.

J.R.: Babe can't do this to me again.

David: Babe is going to be a hell of a lot better off away from you Chandlers, and so will my grandson.

Adam: You will tell us if she contacts you again?

David: If Babe contacts me, I'm going to wish her luck and tell her to keep running.

Krystal: But there's something -- there's something off about this.

Adam: What's off is Babe.

Krystal: She didn't even know I was ok. She wouldn't leave without knowing that I was ok.

Jamie: Have you seen Amanda?

Aidan: I was just about to ask you the same thing. I just spoke to the head of the arson squad. He told me someone got to a major gas pipe before the explosion and used a wrench to open the whole thing up.

Jamie: Someone blew this place on purpose.

Amanda: Dad, where are you? You have never gone this long without talking to me. You have to come to Pine Valley. Mom caused some huge explosion. I don't know what to do. Please come. Who knows what Mom will do next.

Janet: I'm sorry, I no can do on the phone. But I did bring you some clothes that you left at Chandler Mansion. You really should get out of that ratty old ball gown.

Babe: Why are you locking up our coats and my cell phone?

Janet: Bad neighborhood can't be too careful. Hmm.

Janet: Would you like a little late supper?

Babe: I'm not very hungry.

Janet: Oh, now, that's silly. You haven't eaten for hours. How about some soup? Yum.

Babe: No, thanks.

Janet: Or I've got -- oh -- I know, don't worry. My soup poisoning days are over. I've got vegetable, and I've got chicken noodle. Which do you think? I prefer vegetable myself.

Babe: What are you going to do to us?

Janet: Ok, vegetable it is, then. Uh -- I'm going to do something that I should've done a long time ago. But first, why don't you take that sweet little boy and put him to bed in the next room. He certainly doesn't need to be a part of this.

Babe: A part of what?

Janet: It's time for your lesson.

Josh: Since when are you the keeper of Erica's stories?

Tad: There's no "since when." She's a good friend of mine, and I care about her, that's all.

Josh: Well, she's also your employer, right? She hired you to get the goods on my father, didn't she?

Tad: Well, that's confidential and none of your business.

Josh: Well, it is my business when she hired you to check up on me, too.

Tad: You know what, Josh? I think that explosion's given you visions of grandeur, or did you always suffer from those?

Josh: Hey, you know what, Tad? You can spy on my dad all you want, but you get any closer to me, and you will have one hell of a lawsuit on your hands, and that will be the story I tell.

Tad: Whoa. That kid has just begun to cause trouble -- mark my words.

Joe: That kid saved Erica's life.

Tad: Yeah, and he's milking it for all it's worth.

Joe: Well, even so, he did a wonderful thing.

Tad: Wait a minute, wait a minute. Have you forgotten? That's the guy that sabotaged Erica. He drugged her, remember?

Joe: Oh, is there really proof of that?

Tad: Take it from me, Pop -- he's guilty.

Joe: All right, all right. But even so, even if he did it, I'm sure right now he regrets that he did it.

Tad: No, no, I know what you're doing. You're just saying that, because you just found out he's your grandson.

Joe: Well, he's your nephew.

Tad: Yeah, right, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to be able to see him for what he is.

Joe: Yeah, well, and when he finds out that Erica is his mother, then it'll change.

Tad: No, no, wait, no, wait. Just wait a second, Pop. Now, there's a reason she didn't tell him about it. I mean, they were certainly down there long enough.

Joe: Well, I mean, being under a pile of rubble --

Tad: No, no, Dad --

Joe: With two broken ribs --

Tad: Dad, look at me. There was a reason. Maybe she doesn't want him to know.

Joe: Look, whatever's happened before, he's done everything he can to help out with the victims and everything, so I mean, he can't be all bad.

Tad: He can't be trusted.

Joe: And he's a very fine doctor.

Tad: You're kidding.

Joe: No, I'm not kidding, though I admit every time I look at him, I see your brother Jeff.

Tad: That's it. That's it, isn't it? You want him to find out who his parents are.

Joe: Of course I do. He's a Martin. He's family.

Erica: You.

Greg: Are you uncomfortable? Can I get you anything?

[Monitor beeps]

Greg: I'm told you came through the surgery very well. I'm very relieved. Your surgeon said you're going to make a full recovery. Your family are doing fine. Jack suffered a very painful back injury, but he's been sedated, and he's resting. And Kendall and the baby are -- they're both fine. I checked on them myself. Reggie -- he took Lily home. They were shaken up, but they're -- they're none the worse for wear. You gave us all such a scare, you know. You must have been terrified. You know, the most extraordinary things happen when we face life-threatening situations. Just before you were wheeled into surgery, you -- you said the oddest thing to me. Do you remember? You said I took your child. Why would you say such a thing?

[Monitor beeps]

Erica: Why do you think I accused you of taking my child?

Greg: Who knows? Perhaps it was shock or confusion. You -- you did come to me many years ago for the procedure, but it was your choice that I terminate your pregnancy.

Erica: Yes, you're right. It was my choice. I realized something about Josh when we were trapped.

Greg: I'm sure you two haven't reconciled, so I can't imagine what you realized.

Josh: Pop? What are you doing here? No worries. It's -- it's good you're here.

Greg: I came to check on Erica. You did a very good job, son.

Josh: Erica, these are for you. Now that you're out of surgery, I -- I just wanted to get everything out there, make sure we all understand each other.

Erica: I understand more than you do, Josh.

Josh: I don't think you do. I don't want to be your son.

Adam: My son will not be bamboozled again by that little twit.

Krystal: Would you can the name-calling, Adam. J.R., wait, where are you going?

J.R.: Babe took my son. I'm going to get him back.

Krystal: I know there's an explanation. Maybe Babe made that phone call out of anger. Maybe she's in shock. She's -- she's confused, but whatever the reason, I know she didn't mean it for real.

J.R.: Why didn't she pick up the phone then?

Krystal: Maybe she turned the phone off, maybe Little Adam was asleep, or maybe her phone went dead. Look, J.R., let's just go home. Babe and that little baby are going to be there, and let's just all sit down and straighten this whole thing out.

Babe: Little Adamís in bed.

Janet: Now, now, don't sound so vexed, dear. This is going to be fun. Please. Sit down. Now, these are only ten of them. These are my Amanda scrapbooks. There are 67 altogether, but these are sort of the "Best of," the ones for when I travel.

Babe: You take them with you everywhere?

Janet: Yes. When my little girl can't be with me, these help me bring me closer. Every photograph, every lock of hair, every lost tooth is a part of her story, and you're going to learn her story, and then you're going to know that you never should've given her a hard time in the first place. Go ahead, take a peek.

Babe: Her sonogram.

Janet: Yes. Unfortunately, I wasn't around very much in -- in those early years. But -- ahem -- if I had been, I would've kept much better records.

Babe: Why? Was that when you were in --

Janet: When I was incapacitated. Yes, well, Trevor and my sister Natalie were taking care of her in those years, but once I got her back, I did everything I could to make up the time. These. These pictures. Trevor sent them to me when I was -- well, anyway, these really kept me going.

Babe: You know, when -- when I was kept from my son, I had the same couple of pictures that I would just look at over and over, and I would -- I would touch them, and I would talk to them, and it would get me through to the next day.

Janet: Well, then you know exactly how I feel.

Babe: Of course I do.

Janet: Oh! And you -- honey, are you all right?

Babe: I'm fine. It's just -- I look at these pictures, and Amanda was the -- she's the most glorious baby that I've ever seen, and to think that she didn't have her mother, it's -- it's terrible. It's absolutely horrible. Every child should be with their mama.

Janet: That's exactly right. That's exactly right, and you know that when you do get your pride and joy back, that you'll do anything to make up that time -- oh, honey. Come here. Oh, honey.

Josh: You heard right.

Erica: You -- you don't want to be my son?

Josh: Well, before the ambulance took you away, you said that I couldn't be your son. I -- I didn't know what you meant at the time, but now I understand. You thought I was trying to get all up in your personal life, so you'd think of me as family -- the son you never had.

Greg: I think we should postpone this conversation until Erica's feeling better.

Erica: No. No, go ahead.

Josh: Listen, Erica -- excuse me. I know I did my fair share of sucking up, but I never tried to manipulate you in that way. In other ways, maybe. But I'm not trying to form some sort of maternal bond with you. I've always tried to keep it professional.

Erica: Even when you tried to take my place?

Josh: Well, listen, I've thought about that, and I'm sorry. Consider the flowers a peace offering. I'm just trying to salvage what's left of our professional relationship. You do owe me a second chance. I did save your life. Let's -- let's just call this even. Let's get back to work at New Beginnings -- together.

Erica: "Together"? You did this to him. You did this to me.

Josh: What exactly did you do to us?

J.R.: Babe! What did you do with my son?

Krystal: Babe, honey, where are you?

Adam: Save your breath, Babe is gone -- probably the first bus to Canada.

Winifred: Maybe she's upstairs with Little Adam.

Krystal: You check the west wing, I'm going to check the nursery.

Adam: Will you stop listening to Krystal? Believe me, the only thing she cares about is covering for Babe.

J.R.: There's a stack of money missing.

Adam: Money she'll use to take your son far, far away.

Babe: Oh, I know how it feels to be separated from your baby. I am so, so sorry. I was -- I was wrong to judge Amanda so quickly. Oh, Janet, I just want to make things right again.

Janet: Oh, honey, it's all right, it's all right.

Babe: Oh.

Janet: Isn't it just wonderful when we discover the truth? Oh, it sets us free, doesn't it?

Babe: Oh, yeah.

Janet: And now you and Amanda could be friends.

Amanda: Come on, Mom, pick up the phone. Where are you?

Jamie: That's what we'd like to know.

Janet: You need a tissue or something? Do you want some soup, honey?

Babe: Oh, no, no, no, no, I just -- I just want to make things right with Amanda more than anything.

Janet: I think we can do that.

[Janet catches Babe trying to steal the keys from her.]

Janet: I thought you loved your son.

Babe: I do. I love him more than anything!

Janet: Oh, if you loved your son, you wouldn't have tried to trick me!

Babe: Are you threatening my son?

Janet: Hey, I'm not the bad guy here. You're the one who just tried to play me and get something that doesn't belong to you. Hopefully, you will have a chance to teach your son better manners.

Babe: What do you want from us, Janet?

Janet: I want for you to realize what a wonderful person my Amanda is! And you are going to stay here until you get it through all that blond. You -- you really shouldn't have tried to trick me.

[Phone rings]

Janet: It wasn't good of you to try to trick me right now with all of this.

Babe: That's your Amanda phone. You showed that one to me before.

Janet: Yeah, very good. You listen sometimes.

Babe: Answer it. Answer it! Have you even talked to her since the explosion? She's probably really worried about you. Janet, what if she's hurt? She might need you.

Amanda: Did you follow me here?

Jamie: Why are you calling your mother? Is she supposed to meet you here?

Amanda: Who I'm calling is none of your freaking business. Why can't you leave me alone?

Janet: One missed call. If it's really important, she's going to call back.

Babe: You should call Amanda. There was one time that my mama was missing, and I was frantic.

Janet: Stop trying to distract me, ok? Look, I am smarter than a -- a box of hair. You are not going to be able to trick me again. Ho, ho, no way, girlie!

Jamie: Amanda, relax. We didn't follow you, we just got lucky. We wanted to make sure you're ok.

Amanda: Oh, don't lie to me. I told you to leave me alone. Get out!

Jamie: Hey, I tried calling you everywhere -- at Myrtle's, on your cell -- but you never picked up.

Amanda: Maybe because I didn't want to talk to you.

Jamie: You seemed really freaked out about something before the explosion.

Amanda: I was in jail. I was a little nuts.

Aidan: Are you telling us you don't know anything about it?

Amanda: Not a thing.

Jamie: Maybe your mom knows something.

Aidan: Is that why you're calling her?

Jamie: Aidan got some test results back from a hair that we found here last time.

Aidan: And the results show 80% match to your DNA.

Amanda: You tested hair? My -- how did you get my DNA?

Jamie: You lived with me, remember? Your hair's all over the place.

Amanda: Ok, so you found my hair. So what? You saw me here.

Aidan: It could have been from someone you're related to.

Amanda: And, bam, you're back to crazy, out there Janet from Another Planet. Turned Aidan against her, too. My mother is not here, ok? Look around! Nothing! My mother didn't do anything wrong.

Aidan: You're in over your head on this one, Amanda.

Jamie: Someone rigged that explosion.

Aidan: And now Ethan Cambias is dead because of that blast. And he's not the only one.

Jamie: Which means, if your mother did cause that blast, she committed murder.

J.R.: No sign of Little A?

Krystal: Nothing. And Winifred noticed that some of Little Adamís clothes are missing and a suitcase and his favorite stuffed puppy.

Adam: We're wasting too much time. Call the authorities.

Krystal: Some of Babe's clothes are missing, too.

Adam: Your daughter stole $5,000 out of my safe. That's enough sleazy motels and fast food to last a long time on the run.

Babe: I don't want to trick anyone. I just want to take my little boy home.

Janet: If you don't start behaving, you're the one who's going to hurt that little boy.

Babe: Janet, please, you don't want to hurt my little boy --

Janet: Do you knit?

Babe: Any more than I do!

Janet: Do you knit?

Babe: What does that have to do with my son?

Janet: It doesn't. I just like to knit. Do you mind?

Babe: No, you can do whatever you want, as long as Little Adam stays safe. Please.

Janet: You know, when you misbehave -- when you treat people badly like that, then you get this -- this bad karma. And then -- oh, where are my needles? I need the fat ones! Then the bad karma, it can -- it can invade your aura. And it can just sort of slip out to everything near you and around you.

Babe: Little A -- he can't have bad karma. He's a sweet, innocent angel.

Janet: Yeah, but bad karma rubs off. Aha! Ok, got them. See, it was your bad karma that made me rig that explosion in that beautiful old mansion. I didn't want to do it, but it was, you know --

Babe: My karma?

Janet: Exactly! And if you don't start behaving, that bad karma could bring some disaster here into this little cabin.

Babe: Are you saying that this cabin could explode?

Janet: I'm saying you need to start behaving, for all our sakes.

Josh: You didn't answer the question, Pop. What did you do to me and Erica?

Erica: Tad, come in, please.

Tad: Ok, guys, Erica needs her rest. I'd say that was enough. What do you think?

Josh: I won't forget about this.

Erica: Oh, Tad, thank goodness you showed up.

Tad: Yeah, no kidding. The way you were staring at Greg, I thought you were about this close to spilling the beans about Josh.

Erica: Well, I just woke up. And there he was. Greg was just so suspicious, and he was so pushy, and then Josh came in.

Tad: All right, you got to calm down, all right? You got to remember the reason you're here. This is not good for your recovery. You can't start killing yourself about this now.

Erica: Oh, I don't want to kill myself, believe me. But when I look at Greg Madden, I definitely want to kill him.

Tad: Ok, take it easy, take it easy.

[Erica groans]

Tad: Drink some of this.

Erica: Ok. Thank you. Tad, when you first told me, I couldn't fathom -- I mean, I still -- I can't believe. I have a biological son. I have a son, and Josh Madden of all people?

Tad: He's not exactly a poster boy for family loyalty, is he?

Erica: When I was trapped with him, I saw a lot of myself in him.

Tad: Come on. I find that hard to believe.

Erica: Well, not everything, believe me. But my ambition, my drive, my self-confidence. It -- it does seem to be true. He's my son.

Tad: So how are you going to play it? I mean, aside from killing Greg Madden as slowly and painfully as you possibly can.

Erica: I definitely want to expose Greg Madden. He should not be allowed to practice medicine anymore, Tad. And I definitely don't want him anywhere near Kendall.

Tad: So where's that going to leave Josh? If you shine the light on Greg, Josh is going to have to know everything.

Erica: Exactly. And I don't know if it's the right thing --or Josh, for me, for anyone. Help me decide what to do.

Josh: Don't duck my questions about Erica.

Greg: Erica is still recovering from surgery. After all that anesthesia, she doesn't know what she's saying.

Josh: What did you say to her to make her hate me even more?

Greg: You did all of that work on your own. She hasn't forgotten what you did to her.

Josh: You know what? I'm going to be fine. I'm going to be -- I'm going to be better than fine, and you're not going to be able to bring me down anymore.

Greg: Son, the last thing I wanted to do was to hurt you. All I've ever cared about was your happiness and your success.

Josh: Yeah, well, I can get both of those myself, thank you.

Greg: Why don't you stay clear of New Beginnings and Erica Kane? Leave Pine Valley and start fresh somewhere else.

Josh: Uh-huh. You know what? You can take your advice and leave it to yourself, because I don't need it. I don't need anything from you anymore. I will never forgive you for what you did to me. This wonderful father-son bond that we have -- it's finally over. It's dead.

Greg: All I've ever wanted is the best for you in the long run.

Josh: Well, give it up. We're done.

Joe: Well, the truth is out now. I'm very sorry. Please let me help you.

David: I will always love you both, and I'll miss you, but you did the right thing. To my beautiful daughter and my grandson. To your freedom.

Adam: Call the police right now. We'll put out an Amber Alert.

Krystal: Don't be so hasty.

J.R.: Why should I hold off? So Babe can get farther with my son?

Krystal: Babe loved you, ok? She wanted to marry you, she wanted to start over, and she wanted to be a family.

J.R.: The only thing that she wanted was to get close enough to let my guard down and make a stupid mistake -- like trust her.

Krystal: No, no, you were the one that played her -- first with the ring, and then with the prenup -- and you were the one that kept resisting.

Adam: Come on.

Krystal: No! You -- you never did give in when it came to joint custody.

Adam: Babe never wanted to marry J.R. or raise a family. She was playing him all along. Call the police.

Amanda: My mother did not cause that explosion.

Jamie: Babe was finally seen after the building came down, but she -- well, she disappeared, and no one can seem to find her.

Amanda: I can't say I'm crying. What -- what does this have to do with me?

Aidan: Well, Little Adam is missing, as well.

Amanda: That's a no-brainer -- Babe obviously took the kid again.

Aidan: Or Babe was set up.

Jamie: The same way Jonathan Lavery was set up for snagging all those people in the quicksand.

Amanda: Look, what would my mom want with J.R.ís kid, ok? She's not even in town.

Aidan: When you were in jail with Jonathan, he said the lady showed up in another disguise as a cleaning lady. You remember that?

Amanda: Yeah, I do remember. Actually, the tooth fairy was there, too.

Jamie: That lady was real, wasn't she, Amanda? The lady was your mother.

Amanda: Shut up about my mother -- they're total lies!

Jamie: Remember when Janet showed up out of nowhere to talk to Babe? She was in Pine Valley, and she stuck around, didn't she?

Aidan: She caused that explosion.

Jamie: And now she has Babe and that little boy.

Amanda: Man, it is always about Babe, isn't it?

Jamie: You love your mom, you want to protect her, but if you keep protecting her, you'll end up hurting more people. So help us. Help that little guy. Help us find your mom, so we can stop her.

Janet: Now, isn't this so much nicer -- oh -- with you behaving well. Oh. This -- this is a picture of Amanda's first play. What a performance. She's a natural, just like her mother. I always really did enjoy playing different parts, getting into -- all right, what is it, dear?

Babe: Why did you pack an entire suitcase for me and Little A?

Janet: Because I'm a considerate person. I always have been. Oh, my mother, Wilma, used to say, "Well, you have to work extra hard at being considerate -- extra considerate, extra nice to make up for the fact that you're not the pretty one," so I always worked harder.

Babe: I think we should leave after we finish this scrapbook. We really need to tell Amanda about her new job at Fusion.

Janet: In due time, dear.

Babe: I'm sure they're all worried about us.

Janet: It's all right, I took care of everything. Don't worry.

Babe: And how did you do that?

Janet: Oh. There's the one of Amanda, just dancing her heart out.

Babe: Let's go.

Janet: No. No can do, honey. It's late, and I am much too tired to be driving all the way down that mountain. We are spending the night.

Babe: No! No way! We are not staying the night here with you! Either you're taking us back now, or I'm driving!

Janet: Just when I thought we were getting along so well, you start misbehaving again. Well, you know what? I've had it! Off we go! Take the keys and lock her up lock her up, lock her up. Take the keys and lock her up, my fair lady

Tad: Listen, Josh is my family, too, and I would love to be able to give you the right answer, but I just don't have it. I can't tell you what to do about your son. This decision is yours and yours alone to make.

Erica: That's right. It is my decision. I just don't know. I really don't know what to do.

Josh: What truth are you talking about?

Joe: I heard you with your father.

Josh: So? What is nobody telling me about here?

Joe: Please let me help you.

Josh: Look, if you really want to help me, then just shoot straight with me.

Joe: I -- uh -- I heard that you were having some trouble with your job. Look, I was very impressed by the way you saved Erica. You handled yourself very, very well.

Josh: Yeah, well, I went to medical school.

Joe: Yes, yes, and you graduated third in your class. I've made some calls. You also have very impressive board scores.

Josh: Yeah, well, I've -- I have some doctor in my blood. What of it?

Joe: Yes, I'll say you do. We have an opening for an intern here at PVH. If you would like it, the position is yours.

Josh: Wow. I didn't see that one coming.

Joe: Please think it over very seriously. I would love to have you here as part of our family.

Janet's voice: Swear to me that you will never put me away again! Can you swear to that? Swear you will never do that to me again! Swear!

Amanda: I swear I will never let anyone do that to you.

Jamie: Please, Amanda. Help us find your mother.

Amanda: You two are wrong about my mother. She doesn't hurt people anymore.

Jamie: If you don't help us, you're going to regret it.

Amanda: What I regret is ever falling in love with you.

Aidan: Hey -- I hate to say it, but I hope Babe did take Little Adam. Because if Janet Dillon did cause that explosion, God knows what she can do to those two.

Babe: It'll be all right, little man. Mama will take care of you.

Janet: Good night. Sleep tight.

Babe: Janet, please, please don't do this.

Janet: Don't let the bedbugs bite.

Babe: Sweetie, your mama is getting us out of here.

[Babe unsuccessfully tries to remove the boards covering the window of the room in which Janet has locked her and her baby.]

Adam: Forget it, I'll call the police.

Krystal: No, Adam, come here. Give -- give me some time. I'll find Babe, and I'll -- I'll bring her back here. We don't need the police tracking her down like she's some kind of criminal.

J.R.: Krystal's right. We don't need the police.

Adam: Look, the more people on this, the better.

J.R.: I'll track Babe down the way that I want to, and I don't want to hear another word about it.

Adam: You're a fool.

Krystal: Thanks, J.R. We'll find Babe.

J.R.ís voice: I love you, Babe. I know sometimes that's hard to believe -- a lot of times -- because of the way I act and the things that I do. But it's always there, and I really believe it's going to work out.

Babe: It's going to be all right. Daddy will come for us. Daddy will rescue us.

J.R.: Yeah. It's J.R. Chandler. I need you to send out a search party to hunt down my ex-wife, Babe, and my son. No, no cops. I figured you can handle this better. Look, when you find Babe, I don't care what you do to her. I just want my son back. He belongs at home with me, and she belongs in hell.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Kendall (to Zach): I'm thinking of getting back together with Ryan.

Del (to Di): If Dixie's in town, someone's going to find out. Let them find out from you.

Di (to Adam, Tad, and J.R.): I'm glad you're all here. There's something you need to know.

David (to Dixie, hiding in the bushes outside his cabin): Hello? Babe? Is that you?

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