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Zach: Is anybody out there? We need help down here!

Kendall: Zach? Zach? Zach?

Simone: Help!

Kendall: Ryan, Ryan, you need to help.

Ryan: Do you see anything?

Kendall: Oh, my God! We have to find Zach!

Ryan: It's fine, it's going to be fine. Everybody's going to be -- he's going to be fine.

Kendall: Ryan, Zach can't die! Zach!

Ryan: Zach, can you see anybody?

Zach: Son, wake up, wake up. Tell your beautiful fiancée more about your wedding plans. Tell her about --

Simone: Stop it, Zach. He just looked you in the face and told you he would never forgive you. He doesn't want you around. Leave him alone. You have made this worse. It's ok, baby.

Tad: You see anything yet, guys?

Ryan: We're starting to get there!

Joe: Keep digging.

Ryan: Hold on!

Babe: Mrs. Dillon, thank God that you found me. I just -- how is everyone? Have you seen J.R. or Jamie? Please tell me everyone's ok. My mom and my dad -- are they ok?

Janet: Slow down. Not an encyclopedia. I don't have all the answers.

Babe: I'm -- I'm sorry. It's just -- it's just I've been really scared in here alone. If you could -- if you could just get me out, so I could see my family and hug my son.

Janet: I have every intention of helping you, Babe. But you forgot to say the magic words.

Babe: "Thank you"? Thank you so, so very much.

[Imitates buzzer]

Janet: It's all right. You take your time. I'm not going anywhere.

Adam: Krystal? Is that you?

Krystal: Where am I?

Adam: Your spirit, trapped in limbo. Fight the pull, go to the light.

Krystal: Take this sheet off my face, and I'll be happy to.

Adam: Krystal? Krystal! Oh.

[Krystal groans as Adam lifts off the sheet and hugs his wife.]

Adam: Oh, Krystal!

Dixie: Surprised?

Di: Uh -- try "staggered." I think you're the last person I expected to walk in on.

Dixie: Well, you told me you were staying here as Julia's guest, so I thought --

Di: Ahem.

Dixie: I hope you don't mind.

Di: Of course not. You were at the ball.

Dixie: Yeah. Yeah, this -- um -- dress looked a lot better in the store when I tried it on.

Di: Well, you still manage to look beautiful, even after a huge explosion. You weren't hurt, you're fine.

Dixie: How much -- how many lives do you think that leaves me?

Di: I guess that depends if you're ready to start a new one or here to claim an old one. I thought you said you weren't coming back to Pine Valley, Dixie. What are you doing here?

Tad: Be careful. Just be careful, you're going too fast.

[Ryan groans]

Tad: It's going to cave.

Ryan: You know what? It's just -- it's not big enough. The hole's not big enough. We need some equipment or something. Can we get –

Zach: Can't you go any faster? I can't feel a pulse. My son is dying!

Kendall: Oh, my God, it's not Zach. It's Ethan.

Ryan: We're coming!

Tad: Pop, there's got to be something we can send down to help him.

Julia: Me. Me. I -- I can.

Tad: No.

Julia: I can -- I can fit down there, and I can treat Ethan until you're ready for him.

Tad: No, no, no, it's not safe.

Aidan: You guys, you must be careful. This place could collapse at any time.

Firefighter: No one goes down there until this place is secure.

Julia: Ok, Ethan doesn't have time to wait for a safety inspection. I'm the only medical personnel we have that will fit.

Joe: She did save Stuart.

Julia: Please, don't make me wonder "what if" for the rest of my life.

Tad: Hand me your bag.

Ryan: Be careful.

Tad: I'll slide it down to you after you're ready.

Ryan: Come on, careful, slowly.

Tad: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Ryan: Just a moment, there's a piece of shield. You got it?

Jamie: Are your feet clear?

Julia: I got it.

Jamie: Watch out for that beam.

Ryan: God. Agh.

[Everyone screams as debris shifts.]

Ryan: Don't move! Don't move!

Kendall: Please be ok, please be ok. Please help him, Zach!


Julia: Ok, I got it. I'm in, I need my bag! Ok. Ethan, can you hear me?

Simone: He's been hallucinating, in and out.

Zach: I didn't feel anything.

Julia: It's hard to find, but it's there. Thanks. All right.

Simone: Everything's going to be just fine.

Julia: Ok. Hey, Simone?

Simone: Yeah?

Julia: You're small enough to fit through that opening. Why don't you go up and get yourself checked out.

Simone: No, I'm not leaving him.

Julia: Ok.

Zach: What? What's wrong?

Julia: Ok, I think we're looking at an open-book pelvic fracture.

Zach: What the hell does that mean?

Julia: It means that he's bleeding internally, he's going into deep shock.

Simone: Oh, God.

Julia: I have to get him to a hospital, I can't treat him here. Tad? Joe?

Tad: How does he look?

Julia: He's got a fractured pelvis, probably some spleen and liver tearing, heavy bleeds. We have to hurry.

Joe: She's right, we've got to get him out now. There's no way he's going to survive without surgery.

Tad: If we move too fast, this whole place is going to implode.

Ryan: I mean, is it just me? This is a chance that we got to take. Am I right? Come on. We're coming! Come on.

Babe: Look, I was never very good at these guessing games. Does this have something to do with Amanda?

Janet: Hmm! Bingo, jackpot. Joker, joker, joker. Oh, finally.

Babe: "Amanda's" the magic word?

Janet: You asked about everybody else at the ball but her. My little one was in the explosion, too.

Babe: I'm sorry, I -- I guess I figured since you were ok, she was ok, too. She is ok, isn't she?

Janet: Thank heavens, yes, she is. God really does look after my Mandy.

Babe: I'm very grateful that your daughter's safe, but I can't relax until I know that my family is safe, too. So, please, as one mother to another, can you help me get out of here and home to my son?

Janet: I do believe I can help you with that, Babe, but it isn't going to be as easy as you think. And while you may be feeling all right this minute, you know, in, like, 10 seconds you could just -- so, now, let's take this very slowly, shall we? You've suffered a terrible trauma. First thing we're going to do is make this hole a teensy-weensy bit bigger.

Krystal: Ok, all right -- all right, all right, all right, all right, get -- get off, now, ok?

Adam: It's a miracle!

Krystal: Oh -- where -- are we in the hospital? It's freezing. Why -- why is it so cold in here?

Adam: I am so relieved, baby.

Krystal: Oh, gosh, you have pull in this joint. Can't you get them to spring for something more than just a sheet? Where's my bed?

Adam: Um --

Krystal: Where's all the doctors and the nurses? Why is it so -- quiet? The -- the morgue? The morgue?

Adam: It's just a slip-up, a little miscalculation.

Krystal: Shut the front door, Adam Chandler! I -- I knew you wanted me dead, but I never thought you'd actually try to kill me!

Dixie: It's hard to believe that Edmund isn't alive. Even harder to believe my long-lost half sister is living in his house.

Di: Yeah, well, I mean, Julia and I went through a pretty rough time together. It's hard not to bond.

Dixie: Yeah. It seems like you've been doing a lot of that since you've been here -- bonding.

Di: You know, I -- I didn't see you at the ball.

Dixie: Well, I had a mask on so nobody would recognize me, but I got to see some people.

Di: Such as?

Dixie: Well, Del and Jamie and Adam and Brooke, David, my very handsome, very mature son.

Di: Yeah, J.R. is gorgeous.

Dixie: I also got to see that woman, Babe, that you were telling me about.

Di: Mm-hmm. That all?

Dixie: Oh, I saw Tad.

Di: You did? How was that?

Dixie: It was probably one of the more interesting parts of the evening.

Dixie: What's the matter? You look a little nervous. Is something bothering you?

Di: Uh -- no, no. No, of course not. I'm just -- I -- you really -- you really threw me by showing up here. I'm just -- I'm surprised, that's all.

Dixie: You're surprised? You're not -- not scared?

Di: Why would I be scared?

Dixie: You stole my life.

Joe: Is his collar secure?

Paramedic: Yes.

Joe: All right, let's start some salines. Two IVs wide open. Draw blood for a trauma panel while you're at it.

Kendall: Ryan, look at him. Look at him!

Ryan: He's a strong man with a lot to live for, Kendall. He's going to be fine.

Aidan: Easy.

Simone: Thank you. Where is he?

Tad: Right here.

Simone: Where is Ethan?

Jamie: My grandfather -- he's taking care of him.

Joe: We have to sarong him. We're going to need another sheet, so we can stabilize his pelvis.

Simone: Your dad does this all the time, right? It's a piece of cake for Doc Joe, right?

Tad: You bet, you bet. It's all right. It's ok.

Kendall: Come on. Come on, Simone, come here. Come here, baby. Come on.

Ryan: Just come with us.

Kendall: Come with us, ok? The doctors are going to take care of him. Come on.

Zach: Where is he? You can fix him, right? Doc, you can fix --

Simone: I told you to stay away from him! He told you a million different ways that you ruined his life, so just leave him alone!

Ryan: Come on, he gets the message.

Simone: Get away!

Ryan: He's going to stay away. He's going to stay away from you and Ethan from now on. He is. It's ok. It's ok. Come on.

Julia: Hey, let me take a look at that. Your stitches have opened up.

Joe: Get him on the bus. I'll ride along. Have a Foley set up and ready to go. I'll do it in transit.

Simone: Hey, he's going to be all right, right, Joe?

Joe: We have to take it as it goes.

Jamie: Hey, that EMT over there said they just took up a young blonde woman to the hospital a few hours ago.

J.R.: You think it's Babe?

Jamie: Sounded like it.

J.R.: All right. You know, I'm going to go check it out. You let me know if they find her here.

Jamie: Yeah, of course.

J.R.: I do care about her. More than I like to admit sometimes.

Simone: No, but I have to ride with him, Joe. I can't leave him. I can't.

Joe: Simone -- Simone --

Simone: Please?

Joe: You can't come with us.

Simone: Please?

Joe: I'm sorry, it's impossible.

J.R.: You can catch a ride with me. I'm going to the hospital, Simone.

Simone: Oh -- I'm going to be right there, baby. I love you so. You're going to be fine.

Ryan: Ok, let's go.

Zach: No! We're done here. I'm going to follow him.

Julia: I'll take you.

Ryan: You sure you got everything? You sure you're all right?

Tad: Covered. Covered. Kendall, you'll be all right?

Kendall: I'll be fine if -- once we make sure Ethan’s ok.

Tad: We all will.

[As the ambulance siren wails, Tad stands in the middle of the rubble as another piece falls down.]

Di: If you're waiting for some excuse -- a logical defense for me stealing your life, you're not going to get it.

Dixie: Is this why you sought me out? To play the loving, lost little sister? Just get me to open up about every detail of my previous life? At least I know why you were so desperate to find out whether I was coming back here or not.

Di: No, you know what? You didn't tell me why, but you just said you were -- you were dead set. You were not going to come back to Pine Valley. You -- you made me swear on the Bible never to tell anyone that you were alive.

Dixie: So this gives you permission to steal my life? To trick my son in believing that his mother is alive?

Di: His mother is alive.

Dixie: If I had known that you were going to take my history and use it to manipulate people that I cared about, that I spent my life with, I never would have talked to you! I never would have let you in the door.

Di: I don't know what you want me to say, Dixie. Nothing I'm going to tell you is going to make this seem at all right.

Dixie: Well, little sister of mine, you better damn well try.

Krystal: You dirty, good-for-nothing maggot! You lousy, bloodsucking bum!

Adam: Krystal, will you just let me -- Krystal, let me explain.

Krystal: Of all the cruel, vicious, cold-blooded stunts you've pulled --

Adam: You can't honestly believe I put you here.

Krystal: This tops the whole stinking list, you skunk!

Adam: Will you just -- I didn't do it. You got -- you got it all wrong.

Krystal: A toe tag?

Adam: Oh, no --

Krystal: You let them toe-tag me?

Adam: I didn't --

Krystal: You'd better stop with the "I didn'ts" and you start with the "I'm sorrys," or you're going to be wearing this toe tag permanently.

Adam: They told me you were dead! I was devastated. How could I know they made a mistake?

Krystal: "They"? What do you mean, the idiots that you paid off? Your hired gun doctors?

Adam: I didn't pay anybody off! I don't want you dead. Making love to you in the debris of that mansion was absolutely mind-bending.

Krystal: Fastest 15 seconds of my life.

Adam: Oh, stop it. It was amazing. And you know it. After what we've shared, do you honestly believe that I'd want you to end up here? Where are you going?

Krystal: I'm going to go look for that mystery intern. The one who declared me a stiff. And if this has your fingerprints on it, Adam, you're going to wish that you were the dead one!

Janet: Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa -- honey, stop. Babe, you have got to let me guide you. Watch your arm! Look, honey, I know you're impatient. This is my fifth rescue tonight. And if you could see the nasty gashes those other people have on their arms, because they were also impatient, you would be happy to do exactly as I told you.

Babe: All right, I'll listen.

Janet: Good. And you're going to follow my instructions to the letter, even once we are outside.

Babe: No, no, the second I am out of here, I am going straight to see Mama and J.R.

Janet: You can't do that. Honey, you cannot just rush off without taking time to decompress. If you try to do too much too soon, you could be in terrible shape.

Babe: Ok. Ok, I will do whatever you say. I won't go anywhere until we know that I am ok. Now, can you please just get me out of here?

Janet: Yes, I will help you. Now give me your hand.

Di: When I asked you about your life in Pine Valley, it -- it wasn't so that I could suck you dry of the details so that I could steal your life. I've never had a family of my own. Not -- not a real one. I mean, I was -- I was fascinated by your life, by your history. I never intended to take it.

Dixie: So it was all just one, big, crazy accident?

Di: No, no, actually, it wasn't even my idea to begin with. It was David's.

Dixie: David Hayward?

Di: Yeah, he wanted to mess with -- with J.R. and Adam, and Tad. Imagine that, huh? He also wanted to help Babe get more time with her son. And I told him to kiss off at first, but he convinced me to become a nanny for Little Adam. And at that time, I didn't -- I didn't tell them whether I was you or me. They just knew me as Diana Cole.

Dixie: Oh, a third personality? Oh, this is great. This is great, Di. This just keeps getting better and better.

Di: You know, Dixie, I called you. Do you remember? I called you, and I asked you if there was -- if there was any chance of you changing your mind, if there was any chance of you coming back here to the people who loved you. "No, Di. Let it go, Di. It's not going to happen." You did not say "Maybe." You did not say "I'm thinking about it." There was no -- there was no "possibly one day, I'll slip back into town when Erica's throwing a masquerade fundraiser." You gave me a definitive no. And by that time, I'd come to know your family. And I'd come to care about them. I mean, J.R., Jamie, Little Adam, and Tad.

Dixie: So why'd you have to drag me into it?

Di: Because I could see what you couldn't. They needed you, Dixie. You know, Diana, the helpful nanny -- that wasn't going to do the trick. Neither was -- was some strange half sister they had never even laid eyes on called Di. They needed you. And the minute they got you, Dixie, things changed. You know, J.R. went from being this -- this stubborn, angry, mini -- mini-Adam to being a pretty compassionate young man. And Tad stopped being completely shut down. They -- they ache for you, Dixie. Especially J.R. You know, I saw the chance to give them what they were so desperate for, and I took it.

Dixie: And after a few months of their clueless happy family reunion, you got found out. You broke their hearts. And everybody ended up worse than before. Honestly, Di, was it worth it?

Babe: Where are we going?

Janet: Babe, you promised that you were not going to fight me. You need to get your balance back.

Babe: I can sit down right out here.

Janet: You absolutely cannot do that. You could go into shock sitting out here in the cold. Honey, just come in the shed and let me get you something warm to wear. I salvaged a whole bunch of coats from the coat room, just in case. I think one of them is yours. Now, come on. Come on. It'll only take a second.

[After Babe walks into the garden shed and Janet shuts the door behind her, Jamie walks up and stops to listen.]

Krystal: All right, who is responsible for killing me? And don't you dare pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about. I want to know which bozo toe-tagged me!

Brooke: Oh, Krystal. You're alive! What -- what happened?

Krystal: Well, my bloodthirsty hubby here decided it was time I met my maker.

Adam: Will you please tell her that I had nothing to do with this? Please? You saw how distraught I was when that -- that twerp of an intern told me she was gone. Tell her.

Brooke: Krystal, I'm -- I'm very glad to see that you're still breathing.

Adam: Hey. Wait a minute, don't go.

Brooke: Oh, ho, ho.

Adam: I need -- you're my alibi!

Krystal: Hello? Who do I sue?

Joe: Call radiology. I want a fast exam, STAT, so we can see what we've got. Get on the line to the blood bank, tell them I want six units of O negative now, type and cross for 10 more.

Krystal: Babe -- where's Babe? J.R., where's Babe? You've seen her, haven't you? Please, tell me she's ok.

J.R.: I thought she was here.

Joe: There's no time to move him to the OR. Page Anesthesia. Open a LAP pack. Clear the room. All right, let's move.

Simone: You don't understand. He kept talking to his mother. He said he could see her. He kept speaking to her as if she hadn't been dead for 15 years, and she was standing right there.

Kendall: Listen to me. Simone -- Simone, he was just out of it, ok?

Ryan: Yeah, I'm sure -- I'm sure -- listen, I am sure that it didn't mean anything at all. I'm sure he's fine.

Kendall: Yes.

Julia: Hey, hey, hey. You can't go in there. They're performing surgery. Come on, now, let me take a look at that wound.

[As the music plays, a surgical team at the hospital works feverishly to save Ethan, while Zach, Julia, Kendall, Ryan, and Simone wait worriedly.  Adam, Krystal, and J.R. impatiently wait for word of Babe while more patients are wheeled in for treatment.]

Singer: They say the sun will never shine this way again. Lose too much time and all my friends, and I wonder why we gather near the end. And it's one, two, three. Oh, what you need, find the light, it's all you see. Celebrate your clean escape while they blow us away, and take me down to the river. Take me down, take me down to see what's wrong, what's wrong. Take me to the river to find out, my love. Take me down to see what's been going on with me, with me, with me, and they're telling us in God we trust. Killing us with forgiveness. It's all the things we will mistrust, and they lead us and plead, and it is one, two, three. Oh, what you need, find the light, it's all you see. Won't you celebrate your clean escape while they blow us away and take me down to the river, take me down, take me down to see what's wrong with you and me. Take me to the river to find out, my love. Won't you take me to find out, my love. Won't you take me to see what's wrong with you and me, and take me to the river. You'll find, my love, take me down to see. Yeah, what's going on, what's going on with me, with me. What's going on ---

Janet: There you go, huh? All nice and warm.

Babe: Yes, I feel fantastic, well enough to go off on my own.

Janet: Oh, well, that's what you think.

Firefighter: The old lady is under some wreckage. We can use some more manpower.

Jamie: All right, lead the way.

Firefighter: Come on.

Janet: Do you like the taste of dirt, Babe?

Babe: Um -- no, not really.

Janet: Well, you certainly do seem determined to eat it. You know, the other people I rescued, too -- they were in a wonderful hurry, had to go home. Biggest mistake of their lives.

Babe: Look, I don't really know about the others, but I am fine enough to go off on my own. Thank you, really, for everything.

Janet: Wait. You need to come with me.

Babe: I really hope you don't take this the wrong way, Mrs. Dillon, but I'm not going anywhere else with you.

Dixie: Yeah, you claim you're in love with my family. You only want what's best for them. Right? So you trick them into believing that I'm still alive only to make them grieve for me all over again?

Di: You know what, Dixie, your life was spared for a reason, and I don't think that reason was to hide from the people you love. You know, J.R., Jamie, Tad, Palmer -- you know, they don't have to keep on hurting the way they are now. You can tell them you're alive, you're here. I mean, why don't you just tell them?

Dixie: Oh, God, stop it. Don't make this about me right now after what you've done.

Di: Well, you think I came out of this in one piece? I'm still paying for it.

Dixie: Oh, really?

Di: You know what? I didn't run when the truth came out. I stuck right here and took -- took the abuse that Adam and J.R., even Tad, threw my way. I took it because it was coming to me. I did lie to them, I did hurt them. You know, but slowly by sticking around, by not running away, I am regaining some of their respect.

Dixie: Yes, I was wondering how you'd gotten Tad to be so forgiving. That kiss he planted on you didn't exactly scream "Get lost, loser."

Di: Is that what you're maddest about? You caught me kissing Tad?

Tad: Dixie?

[Sitting amidst the wreckage, Tad thinks of his ex-wife as he feels a comforting hand on his shoulder.]

Tad: Oh.

Brooke: I'm sorry.

Tad: Oh, Brooke, you scared the hell out of me.

Brooke: It's a scary place to let your mind wander. I thought I heard you call me Dixie.

Tad: Well, I was just daydreaming.

Brooke: Wishing on a star?

Tad: Hardly. Want to help me with something? How is it that on one of the darkest days in the history of this town I can take a trip into fantasy land?

Brooke: Is there some kind of way you're supposed to deal with a day like today?

Tad: I don't know. I just think that after something like this, I mean, I ought to be thinking about -- thinking about moving on.

Brooke: Just like that?

Tad: We're lucky to be alive. It's long overdue. You know it better than anybody. It's time -- time for Tad Martin to come up with a new life no matter what's yanking on his heart.

Brooke: Boy, if that works, can I have the book rights?

Tad: Let's get out of here.

Brooke: Hmm.

Dixie: Let's just suppose that -- that I -- I did want to come back someday, you know, maybe today. Your selfish little scam has made that all but impossible.

Di: You know, I'm sorry, but you can't even go there. I -- Dixie, I begged you to let me tell them that you were alive. I made damn sure you knew just how broken they were, how desperately they needed you, and you told me to drop it, that it wasn't going to happen. And -- and now here you are in Pine Valley, which is great. You've decided to come back, and if you decide to -- to show yourself now, terrific. I'm all for it. But you know, they -- they are going to freak out when they find out that you stayed away on purpose; and when it comes out that I knew that you were alive all along. And that's not my lie. That was yours.

Dixie: How was I supposed to know you were going to use it against me? Come on. I mean, what's wrong with you? Do you hate your own life that much? Did you enjoy betraying me? Oh -- and, you know, while we're at it here, little sis, with the old stabbing in the back, what did you tell them about my baby?

[Monitor flat-lines]

Joe: I'm calling it. There's nothing more we can do. 5:27 p.m. Thank you, everybody. I know how hard you tried.

Simone: Is he ok? No, he -- no!

Kendall: Ok, shh, shh.

Simone: No.

Kendall: Wait --

Simone: You have no son. You never did. Get out.

J.R.: Babe! Babe Carey Chandler! Are you in here? Are you alive?

Babe: Get out of my way before I walk right through you.

Janet: Babe? I'm going to overlook the harshness of your tone, because I don't think you understand the gravity of your situation. It is absolutely imperative you come with me.

Babe: No, "absolutely imperative" is that I get back to the people I love.

Janet: Exactly. Oh, how can I make you understand? What can I say that will convince you to do what I tell you -- I know. Say I had your son and that he looked really cute in his red PJs. The ones with the little mooses all over them, and say I forgot to give him his favorite stuffed animal -- champion Sophie, the Burmese mountain dog? I wonder if that would make you listen to me, do what I want you to.

Babe: I'll go anywhere you want.

Janet: I thought you might.

Di: You never told me anything about the baby.

Dixie: This is not about what I told you. I want to know what you told Tad and the boys.

Di: I told them that she died in the accident with you.

Dixie: That's great. So not only did they have to find out that you were a fraud, they had to mourn Kate all over again?

Di: You know, I know this all sounds terrible, but for the short time that they believed they had you back, it made all the difference in the world.

Dixie: This just never should have happened. Why couldn't you have just been content to be their -- the nanny or their aunt? I'm sorry you never had a family of your own, I'm sorry you never had children of your own, but this is not the way to get it. This was my life. I earned this life. And you just took it!

Di: I took it because you let it go. So, I mean, do -- do whatever you want. It's up to you to save your family.

[Tad walks up to Wildwind’s front door.]

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Winifred (to the Chandlers): It's the baby! Little Adam’s gone!

Di (Tad): You've waited too long to give yourself a second chance at happiness, and I want to try and earn a place in your heart.

[Hiding in the shadows, Dixie watches Tad and Di kissing.]

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