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Jamie: Dad, what did you find?

Tad: I don't know. There's definitely something down there. Let's find out what. You have to go slow, all right? Last thing we need is another cave-in. Can anybody hear me? Don't worry, we're almost there. You'll be out soon.

[Trapped below the rubble of the casino, Dixie silently waits.]

Palmer: Martin, down here! Martin! Martin.

David: I'm sorry, did you say something?

Palmer: You sadistic son of a --

David: What? Just because you're two twitches away from a heart attack, and I'm holding your nitro pills?

Palmer: I will not be blackmailed.

David: Fine. Don't give me back my medical license or my job, and I won't give you these pills. Any final words for your loved ones? Other than, "I, Palmer Cortlandt, died a stubborn ass?”

Lily: You want us to run away from Pine Valley and -- and get married?

Jonathan: If you run away by yourself, I'd never see you again, and I don't want to lose you like that.

Lily: You know what it means to be married?

Jonathan: It means that we'd always be together.

Lily: Even at night. Married people sleep in the same bed. Married people have sex.

Adam: Ah! Sick. Absurd. It's ridiculous!

Krystal: Oh, keep sucking up all that oxygen, you're going to kill us that much faster.

Adam: Yeah, and put me out my misery.

Krystal: Oh, put me out my misery first and stop flapping your gums!

Adam: Oh, flapping my -- well, my apologies. I shall stop flapping at once.

Krystal: Oh, good. Hmm!

[In her position on top of Adam, Krystal is unable to resist his kisses.]

Erica: Can't breathe.

Josh: Erica --

Erica: No --

Josh: You may have punctured a lung, all right? I'm just going to take a quick listen. Just sit there and relax.

Erica: No, get away from me.

Simone: Ethan?

Zach: Come on.

Simone: Can you hear me? Baby, can you hear me? Hello? Hi. Ok. You're back.

Ethan: I'm sorry to blow your hopes and dreams, Dad. I'm going to be ok, ok.

Kendall: Zach broke my heart, but I'll die still loving him.

Ryan: You will be over him long before that, Kendall.

Kendall: No, liar! You don't know that.

Ryan: Come on, now. In 50 or 60 years, you're going to be far too senile to even remember Slater’s name, never mind be in love with him.

Kendall: We might not have that long, Ryan. We could die here! We could die here together, you and me, right now! We could really die here!

Ryan: We are not going to die.

Kendall: Ryan, you don't know that.

Ryan: I do know that, Kendall. I know it, because I -- I know it.

Kendall: No, Ryan, do we have any water? Do we have any food? I mean, has anyone tried to save us? No! No, I don't even know where my mother is. I don't know if my mother's hurt, I don't know if the other people that I love even made it out! All I know is I'm stuck here with you, alone, you and me! We're doomed.

Ryan: Well, you know, you've always -- you've always been really upbeat and positive. It's one of the things I really like about you, you know that, Kendall?

Kendall: It's not funny.

Ryan: I know, it's not. Here. Here.

[Ryan hands Kendall a couple of tissues.]

Ryan: Is that better?

Kendall: Yes, much. Tissue just fixes everything.

Ryan: You see? You can make jokes. That's a -- that's a good sign.

Kendall: It's only because I'm all cried out. I'm all everything out.

Ryan: Come on, now, Kendall, that's not the Kendall that I know.

Kendall: You know exactly who I am and what I need, and you know just what I had to find out.

Ryan: And we're right back to Zach. Only took about 30 seconds.

Kendall: No, this is not a Zach thing, this is a you thing, Ryan, because you always have to know everything. You -- you know that we're going to be rescued. Well, you knew Jonathan was innocent, only he was guilty as hell. You knew Greenlee, she was much better off without you, so you decided to fake your own death. You knew exactly how to handle me when we were together, and you knew just what I had to find out, knew just what I need right now in my life. You notice a pattern here, Ryan, a little pattern, maybe a little cause-and-effect? Every time you know something, you're wrong.

Zach: You think I want you dead?

Ethan: I try not to think about you at all.

Simone: Ok, maybe you don't know this about me, but I -- I have a tendency to freak out in small places. So maybe you could just focus right on me, ok? Maybe you can just explain to me why you passed out.

Ethan: Could be the explosion. Then, of course, the building collapsed. Ow. Or being stuck in here with dear old dad and his endless head games.

Zach: No games. I was wrong. I admit that.

Ethan: See?

Zach: And I love you.

Ethan: Ha!

Zach: I admit that, too.

Ethan: Can you -- can you blame me for preferring to be unconscious?

Simone: Well, don't do it again, ok, because I need you here with me.

Ethan: You hear that, Slater? That's love. What my mother gave to me, that was love. I wish I'd realized it at the time. Instead I just -- I fixated on what she told me on her deathbed, this father out there somewhere in the world. She thought she was doing me a favor, giving me family when she was gone. But she never knew you, and I wish to God I never did.

Josh: You want me to tell Bianca and Kendall you were tough till the end, that you didn't want me to touch you? You think that'll make them feel really good when they're crying over your grave?

Erica: Ok, ok. Go ahead. Ah!

Josh: I'll just feel up here, all right? I got to see if there's air underneath the skin there. I'm going to have to get a hollow tube. There's plenty of broken glass. The bar was around here. Here's a straw. All right, now listen to me, Erica -- I'm going to use a pocket knife here to make a small incision. It's going to hurt, I'm not going to lie to you, but it's better than the alternative. After I do that, I'm going to insert this tube into your chest.

Erica: The hell you will. No. No.

Tad: Great. Guys? Listen, there's some kind of obstruction or board in front of the passageway. I mean, it's going to keep who's ever in in and us out. All right, we're going to dig under, find the edges, and hoist this thing.

J.R.: I'll get my side going.

Tad: We're almost there! We're coming in. You're almost out.

[Trapped in the rubble, Dixie remembers Tad's promise.]

Tad's voice: I promise you that I'm in it for the long haul no matter what. And I promise you that nothing will ever separate us again.

Dixie: Tad, I'm here.

Tad: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Listen. You hear something?

Jamie: Nothing. You?

David: All yours. Just give me what I want.

Palmer: Over my dead body. Ah!

David: Yep, that pretty much sums it up. Can't wait.

Palmer: Anybody, help. Help!

J.R.: Wait, wait, wait! Did you hear that? Uncle Palmer?


J.R.: It's him.

Aidan: Hang on, we're in the wrong spot.

Jamie: Damn it, it's coming from over here.

Krystal: No!

Adam: Ah.

Krystal: No way! Would you stop it? This is no moonshine here.

Adam: Well, it -- it's the lack of oxygen. It makes me lightheaded. I -- I have no control over my physical responses.

Krystal: Mm-hmm, well, trust me -- ah! They're up to speed. Now, what makes you think I want a roll in the rubble with you, anyway?

Adam: I remember our wedding night. Euphoric ecstasy. If tonight is our last, if we die, I say let's die happy.

Jonathan: There's no rule saying that married people have to have sex, Lily. Lily, there's -- there's polls and talk shows saying how some married people don't have sex at all.

Lily: Are they happy about it?

Jonathan: No. But that's them. I don't mind not having sex.

Lily: But you said in class you had lots of sex and that it was fun.

Jonathan: It was. And I liked it. But now I'm here with you, Lily. You know, I want what you want, whatever that is.

Lily: Could you help me learn to like sex?

Jonathan: Lily, there's a lot of touching in sex. Why would you want to do something that's going to make you upset?

Lily: It's normal to like sex, and I want to be normal. It doesn't feel easy to be me all the time.

Jonathan: Lily, you're what normal -- normal should be. And because of you, for the first time in my life ever, I feel normal, too.

J.R.: You hear us, Uncle Palmer? We're almost there! Uncle Palmer, hold on! We'll be there in a few minutes! Come on, we need some help down here!

Jamie: Still think we got a survivor down there?

Tad: It's a feeling.

Jamie: How big?

Tad: Enough.

Jamie: Then that's next, right after we help Palmer.

Tad: Yeah, good. Sure.

[Still stuck in the destruction, Dixie remembers unhappier times.]

Tad: I'm the one that stuck a knife in your chest! I'm the one that jumped into Liza’s bed! I made love to her. You think about that? You think about what it was like for me kissing her? Come on, Dixie. Do something! Get mad at me! I cheated on you. Show me how it made you feel. Show me!

David: You hoping to rest in peace with Dixie? I'm sure she'll remember that I saved her life, even if you don't.

Palmer: Don't you even mention her name.

David: Dixie lived because I have a gift, a gift that created a bond that even you and Martin couldn't break. You know something, Palmer? Forget the explosion. You want a real heart attack? Focus on this -- the one person in this town that Dixie trusted when she left is the man that holds your life in his hands -- me. Dixie loved me, and I loved her in a way that she deserved to be loved. So why don't you think on that for a while?

[As Dixie tries to dig her way out, debris continues rumbling above her.]

David: How much time do you honestly think you have? Five, ten minutes tops?

Palmer: Oh, don't, don't. All right. Just give me the pills. You got a deal.

David: I'm sorry, can you say that again? Say it again for world-renowned cardiologist Dr. Hayward.

Palmer: Your position, your license -- everything -- your position at Pine Valley Hospital, blast it. Just give me the pills.

[Palmer groans as he tries to wrestle the bottle out of David's hand.]

Erica: No, never -- never touch me.

Josh: Fine. After I tell Bianca and Kendall, I'll move on to the masses, tell them you chose a new beginning in the great beyond. Which head shot would you like me to use, Erica? All right, you're going to need this to bite on.

Erica: No, don't touch me!

Josh: Erica, it's for your own good. Erica? Erica? Erica, you're going to breathe whether you like it or not.

[Josh prepares for the procedure by sterilizing his penknife with his lighter.]

Kendall: You knew exactly how to build the house of Hart-Lavery. You thought, "I will build it on pure ego and ultimatums."

Ryan: Here come the compliments.

Kendall: You handed me a lovely engagement ring, and then said I had to accept Greenlee as a full partner, otherwise, sorry, too bad, deal's off.

Ryan: You see, now, that is very interesting to me, because the way I remember it, you told me that I couldn't talk to Greenlee ever again, and she had to be cut out of Fusion and our lives forever.

Kendall: How silly of me to think that you wanted her. That's -- that's kind of crazy. You only married Greenlee and declared her the love of your life. Because, obviously, I wasn't. So I guess that makes me the "thank God I got away from her when I did" of your life.

Ryan: Hey, you want to play? That's fine with me. If you want to distract yourself from what's happened here, I completely understand that, but don't -- don't lie and pretend that you found some -- some deep truth, Kendall, because I did love you. I loved you like hell.

Kendall: You got it backwards. You said, "I loved you like hell." But what you meant was, "Like hell I loved you."

Ryan: Come on now, Kendall, if I'm going to admit it, you sure as hell have to admit it, too. I loved you.

Kendall: Ok. Enough, already. All right. You loved me. I loved you, too -- like crazy.

Ryan: That's a nice word. Fits somehow.

Kendall: Why, just because I stormed your wedding and slam-dunked your puny, little bride like a doughnut?

Ryan: You didn't think we were done yet and, at that time, you were -- you know, you were right.

Kendall: I was delusional.

Ryan: I hurt you.

Kendall: You know, this really is not one of my mother's best parties. Don't tell her I said that.

Ryan: I hurt you, and I am really, really sorry.

Kendall: Well, you should be. I was kind and gentle and sweet, and I never caused you a moment's pain.

Ryan: Look, if you want to be like that, that's cool. I'm just trying to be honest here. I'm trying to get this kind of out in the open.

Kendall: I hurt you, too. And I'm sorry.

Ryan: We did have a few unpainful moments, like when we met.

Kendall: Hmm. Like when we met? Oh, God, at the Pine Cone. I was wearing a towel and you -- you came in fresh off your bike.

Ryan: You were blaring music and chugging champagne. Almost burned the place down with your cigarettes.

Kendall: I quit!

Ryan: Yeah. You called me "six-pack" when I had one.

Kendall: You called me "brat."

Ryan: Yeah, I did. How could I have been so wrong?

Kendall: Yeah, you know, there was also the time when you -- you gave me the best Christmas gift a girl could ever get -- a fake pregnancy pooch so that I could beat a murder rap.

Ryan: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: And look. You gave me another pooch. Only this one's for real. It's not so much a gift as it is theft.

Ryan: What's a little larceny between friends?

Kendall: Well, you aren't always wrong. You weren't wrong about Zach.

Zach: Where the hell is everyone?

Ethan: Hey, pretty girl? Exactly how American is our -- is our wedding going to be, huh? We got bridesmaids in the double digits yet? Or rose petals, an eight-tiered wedding cake? Damn.

Simone: What's wrong?

Ethan: The limo. The limousine. You know, something grandiose -- exactly the last thing that you would ever expect a multimillionaire and his beautiful, beautiful bride to be seen in. With a hot tub.

Simone: Oh, baby, you're shivering.

Ethan: I -- uh -- I think -- I think the heater's on the blink.

Simone: I'm not cold.

Krystal: Would you --

Adam: Ow.

Krystal: Stop thinking about your manly urges and think about your family? The people we love, huh? No idea whether we're going to see their faces again, look into their eyes and tell them that we love them. Adam, this could be it -- the end, all she wrote, death. If I were you, unless you want an eternity of damnation, I'd start working on my sins. You've only got about a million of them.

Adam: You're right. It's disgraceful. But what's one more?

Krystal: Hey!

[Though she initially struggles against Adam’s kisses, Krystal eventually gives in.]

Jamie: You ok?

J.R.: My son's mother's down there somewhere.

Jamie: We'll find her.

J.R.: Yeah, if we find her.

Jamie: When, not "if"

J.R.: If we find her, is she still going to be alive? I can't lose her, too.

Palmer: Your license, your job -- whatever it takes, whatever it takes. It -- it'll all be yours again. Now, give me, give me, give me the pills.

David: How could you be so successful and yet be so naive? I can't just give you these pills, Palmer. You could reneg on your promise and tell me "tough luck." I need you to swear, to swear on something so important to you, so essential to your very being that you would never even dare reneg.

Palmer: Name it. Name it! What?

David: I want you to swear on Dixie’s name.

[Dixie recalls hurtful moments with Tad,]

Tad's voice: You always manage to put something or someone else ahead of me and our marriage.

Dixie's voice: That's not true!

Tad: Well, it's how I felt! I felt like I had to make an appointment just to schedule sex!

Dixie: If I mean anything to you, if our marriage means anything to you, you will tell me the truth. Did you -- did you sleep with Leslie Coulson?

Tad: Yes. But it wasn't like that. I -- I had sex with her.

Dixie: Oh!

Tad: You did it. You did it, didn't you? You slept with David?

Dixie: You should have been honest with me, and you know that. But I guess what I want really is just not that important to you.

Tad: Wrong. You're everything to me, and you always will be.

Palmer: All right. On Dixie’s name, everything -- your job, your position at Pine Valley Hospital -- everything. Please, please, just give me the -- give me the pills.

David: To show you what a nice guy I am, I'm not even going to charge you for tonight.

Palmer: Oh!

David: You kidding me? You think I'm going to let you die on me now, Cortlandt? No way. At least not until you give me my job back. Open your mouth, you son of a bitch.

[While Palmer gasps for air, David forces some nitro pills into his mouth.]

Tad: Looks, like Palmer's as good as out.

[The rubble shifts as Tad tries to reach Palmer, knocking him into the hole.]

Aidan: Watch out!

David: Ow!


Tad: Heya, doc.

David: Get off of me, you moron!

Tad: Just like old times. Just you and me on the floor of the motel room.

David: Ugh! Get off of me!

Tad: Jerk. Ow, son of a --

David: Serves you right.

Tad: Oh, shut up!

Jonathan: It stopped. It stopped. Are you ok, Lily? It's fine now. I -- I hear people digging. They're going to save us soon.

Lily: But I like it down here. We've already talked about sex. We need to talk about love, too. That's why people get married, because they love each other. At least most of the time.

Jonathan: I love you now, and I'll love you after.

Lily: I don't love you.

Jonathan: Well, maybe you'll fall in love with me. I don't mind waiting, as long as I can be with you.

Lily: What if I don't know how to fall in love? You'll -- you'll be waiting for something that will never happen. Can you teach me how?

Jonathan: It's not something you can teach, Lily. It just -- it just happens.

Lily: I'll need a criteria to evaluate my feelings. What does love feel like?

Jonathan: With you, it feels like the home that I always wish I had, things making sense, peaceful. I don't wish that -- that I was somewhere else or that I didn't exist. With you, I know that I'm exactly where I should be, right here, the tree -- wherever you are.

Lily: I thought I belonged with my father, but he doesn't trust me or think that I'm smart enough to make my own decisions. If we were married, he couldn't send me away. He couldn't tell me what to do or make my decisions for me. If I were married, I'd -- I'd be an adult. I'd be independent and -- and no one could ever tell me what to do.

David: Remember, old man, I saved your miserable life.

Joe: Step aside, please. I need to check out Palmer.

David: Yeah, right. You won't want me to botch things up, right, Joe? Me and my toilet brush?

Joe: Lie still, Palmer. I'm just trying to get a reading.

David: Must keep you up at night, Joe, in a cold sweat -- the nightmares of me coming back to PVH, credentials, lab coat, ah, saving lives that you're too clueless to treat.

Tad: Why don't you shut up and go see an EMT?

David: Nightmares do come true, Joe.

J.R.: Over here! Another air pocket! We found someone!

Jamie: More than one survivor?

Greg: Good Lord, Erica. Anyone know how long she's been unconscious?

Josh: Not long.

Greg: Son! I'm glad you're all right.

Josh: Yeah, I'm better than all right, Dad. She's been out long enough for me to perform a tube thoracotomy. We're going to need a chest tube on her ASAP. Possible broken ribs, punctured lung.

Greg: You saved her life.

Josh: Yeah, well, you always wanted me to practice medicine, didn't you? Looks like the bad seed saved a life today. I'm going to make sure everyone knows about it, too.

Zach: Here, keep him warm.

Simone: I know, I know.

Zach: Is anybody up there?

Simone: Hi. There you are. There's the face that I love. How did I get so lucky? It's like God made the perfect man just for me.

Ethan: I'll give you perfect.

Simone: Yeah.

Ethan: I can give you a perfect honeymoon.

Simone: You'd better.

Ethan: Yeah. We're going to go to Paris and the Greek Islands and Italy. Flowers. Flowers everywhere.

Simone: And a yacht. I want to see it all from the deck of a yacht.

Ethan: We have to hurry, or we'll be late.

Zach: Late for what?

Ethan: School. Mrs. Winchester -- she makes you kneel for an hour if you forget your daily verse.

Simone: Ethan, this is Simone. You're in Pine Valley. There was an explosion, but we're ok, we're together. Everything is going to be fine.

Ethan: "Bold lover, never, never canst thou kiss."

Simone: What is he doing?

Zach: It's Keats. He's in school.

Ethan: "Do not grieve."

Simone: Why? Why is he doing this?

Ethan: "She cannot die, for thou --"

Zach: As cold as ice. Son?

Ethan: "Forever thou --"

Zach: Good job, good job. Listen to me, listen to me. Look at me. Look at me.

Ethan: I'm -- I'm looking at you.

Zach: Ok, try to focus.

Ethan: I don't -- I don't know you.

Jonathan: I said we could get married, but I didn't propose. I should be on one knee.

Lily: That's how men propose in the movies.

Jonathan: I don't have a ring, Lily. If I did, it'd be purple. Anything to make you happy. Lily, when I first came back to Pine Valley and saw you again, I was broken -- my head and my heart. But you saw something in me that no one else could. I want to be a good man, a man that you can talk to and -- and trust. Lily, I was broken, and you're making me right again, and I want to spend the rest of my life thanking you. I love you, Lily. Will you please be my wife?

J.R.: Babe! Just tap or something! Just let me know that you're alive!

David: Wait a minute, what are you talking about? Babe? What, she hasn't been found yet?

J.R.: You think that I'd be yelling for her if she was?

David: Well, we got to find her! My God, she --

J.R.: Don't you think I've already thought of that? Why the hell have you been found, and she hasn't? Babe should be here right now, not you.

Tad: The last slide caused another collapse. So whatever we dug out has just been refilled in with debris. If anybody's down there, they're in trouble.

[Dixie renews her efforts to dig herself out.]

Krystal: Take it to the grave, buster.

Adam: Oh, I am reborn.

Krystal: Oh, thank me later.

Adam: Yeah, thank you later. Again? You seemed extremely well-thanked a moment ago.

Krystal: Oh, God, you are so darn proud of yourself.

Adam: Oh-ho.

Krystal: With good reason, but still --

Adam: Oh.

Krystal: Ah! Adam!

[Krystal screams as she and Adam are buried in a collapse.]

Erica: Where -- where am I?

Greg: You're on your way to PVH. You're going to get the best care possible.

Josh: Excuse me. I need a second with the patient. Do you mind? Get all of it? You all right? Erica, you're going to be just fine. We're going to get you to the hospital, get you cleaned up. You'll be brand-spanking-new in no time. You have my word.

Reporter: Great, we got it. We can move.

Josh: It's ok, Erica, I was just doing what I had to do.

Erica: You can't be my son.

Zach: Hey. I'm your dad.

Ethan: Good for you. You can say it without flinching. You'll never be my father.

Zach: Let me help you.

Ethan: I don't need your help. I don't need your help. I don't need your help.

Simone: Honey, they're going to come for us, ok? They'll be here and -- and everything's going to be ok. Can you feel this? I'm holding your hand, I'm right here.

Ethan: Yeah, you came back.

Simone: Who? Who came back?

Ethan: You -- you haven't met, that's right. I missed you, Mum.

Kendall: Takes an explosion and being trapped in a small space, possibly left to die, but at least we know.

Ryan: Know what?

Kendall: Why we ended up such a raging disaster.

Ryan: "Raging" is kind of a strong word, don't you think?

Kendall: Yeah, well, people who don't remember things, they're doomed to repeat the past. But our memories are A-Ok. So Greenlee's gone, and Zach is Zach, and we're having a baby.

Ryan: All true. What's your point?

Kendall: Maybe we should try again.

>> Next week on "All My Children" --

Kendall (to Ethan): Please be ok.

Julia (to Zach): He's bleeding internally. He's going into deep shock.

Winifred (to the Chandlers): It's the baby! Little Adam’s gone!

Babe (to Janet): Are you saying that this cabin could explode?

Josh (to Erica): I don't want to be your son.

Di (to Tad): I want to try and earn a place in your heart.

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