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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 2/14/06


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Jamie: Amanda, where the heck have you been?

Amanda: Jamie, you have to help me, please! You have to get everybody out of here.

Janet: Amanda!

[As Janet runs to save her daughter, the ballroom explodes in a ball of fire. While chandeliers and all manner of debris fall on the horrified guests below, those on the mezzanine plummet down until all is eerily quiet and still.]

Singer: Somewhere there's music. How faint the tune? Somewhere there's heaven. How high the moon? There is no moon above, when love is far away, too. Till it comes true, that you love me, as I love you. The darkest night would shine, if you'd come to me soon. Until you will, how still my heart? How high the moon?

[Classical music plays as bodies are strewn around the rubble that was once a festive ball. Slowly, one lone bloodied and bruised man sits up and plaintively cries out.]

Tad: My God. Is anyone alive?

Jack: Lily?

Jack: Reggie! Lily!

Jack: Lily? Reggie!

Janet: Amanda? Amanda? Oh, my God. Oh. Oh. Oh, my baby. My baby. No. Oh. Amanda. Look what you people made me do. I will never forgive. Do you hear me? I will never forgive!

Tad: Brooke? Brooke? Sweetheart? Lay still. Are you all right?

Brooke: Was it real?

Tad: Yeah. Can you move?

Brooke: Where's Jamie?

J.R.: Have you seen Babe? I have to find Babe.

Tad: We will, J.R. We'll find everyone.

J.R.: Ah!

Jack: Lily?

Brooke: Danielle? Dani? Are you ok?

Danielle: I want my father. Has anyone seen my father?

Tad: Here, easy. Easy, sweetheart.

Anita: Oh, Julia. Thank God you're ok.

Opal: Tad?

Tad: Ma?

Opal: Tad?

Tad: Mom, where are you?

Opal: Here.

Tad: Ma?

Opal: Oh.

Tad: No, Ma, don't, don't.

Opal: Where's Jamie?

Tad: I don't know. I'm working on it, Ma. I'll find him. He'll be all right.

Opal: Find Jamie.

Tad: He's got to be.

Opal: Are you ok?

Tad: You?

Opal: Palmer. Find Palmer.

Di: Tad? Tad, I can hear you.

Tad: Di?

Di: Tad?

Tad: Where are you?

Di: Tad?

Tad: Keep talking. I'm here, hon.

Di: Tad?

Tad: Right here.

Jack: Erica! Reggie!

Reggie: I'm here!

Di: Tad? Tad? Tad?

Jack: All right, all right.

Reggie: Dani, are you hurt? You all right? You ok?

Jack: Reggie. Have you seen Lily?

Reggie: No.

Jack: She was on the balcony with Jonathan.

Danielle: The balcony.

Jack: Yeah.

Danielle: It's --

Jack: Lily! Lily!

Reggie: I'll be back.

Jack: Lily, talk to me! Has anyone seen my daughter? Lily!

Reggie: Dad, go up.

Jack: Lily! Lily!

Julia: That smell.

Tad: Yeah, I'd say that rings a bell.

Julia: Gas leak. It's -- I can smell it, it's still leaking.

Jack: Lily.

Tad: Son of a bitch.

Julia: We can't stay.

Tad: No, I got it, I got it. Listen to me, listen to me -- we did not survive to die now, ok? I want you to grab everybody who can stand, get them to help everybody who can't out of here as quickly as possible. We don't have a lot of time, so let's not waste any. Everybody, if you hear the sound of my voice --

Dixie: Help. Help! Help!

Tad: Dani? For the last time, hon, you've got to get out of here, all right, out in the fresh air. You can help people out.

Danielle: Not until I find my father.


Di: Tad!

Tad: Del? Del. Take Mama out of here now.

Opal: I'm not going without Palmer.

Tad: Yes, you are. Mama, Mama --

Opal: No, I got to find Palmer.

Tad: Mama, you're going. Everybody goes.

Opal: I've got to --

Brooke: Opal, there's a gas leak.

Opal: God. Oh, my God.

Di: Come on. Come on, Opal.

Opal: Oh, Palmer!

Di: He'll be all right. He'll be all right.

Jack: Lily! Reggie? Reggie? Stay there, stay there.

Reggie: I got to find her.

Jack: No, no, listen to me --

Reggie: I have to find Lily.

Jack: Listen to me. The exit is down there.

Reggie: No, Lily could still be in here.

Jack: Listen, listen, listen, I want you to get out of here. You should get out of here now, please.

Reggie: I got to help.

Jack: Please.

Reggie: Can I help?

Jack: Get Marian and get out.

Reggie: Marian?

Marian: Stuart?

Reggie: Hey. Hey.

Marian: Someone please find my husband. Please, I beg you, someone find Stuart.

Aidan: We need to get everybody out, get a head count, and turn off the gas.

Erin: No problem.

Julia: One step, big step.

Aidan: Take it easy.

Julia: All right.

Aidan: Get her out.

Julia: Keep looking.

Aidan: Excuse me, sir, where are you going?

Greg: My son is in here.

Aidan: You want to help your son, you need to stay alive, you need to get out. It's too dangerous. Come here. It's ok.

Janet: You people. You took my daughter. You -- my beautiful, sweet Amanda. I'm going to bury you all.

Brooke: Here, let's get her over here.

Aidan: There was no warning. Suddenly there was an explosion. The place is still filled with gas.

Brooke: Our son is in there, and friends and volunteers. The tickets have been sold out for days, so there's still a lot of people in there.

Tad: These are our families. You have to let us go in there.

Firefighter: I can't let you do that.

Aidan: Look, that's not your choice.

Firefighter: Yes, it is my choice. I'm not even letting my own men in there yet, not until the gas is shut off and the place is vented. You try to get by, we'll stop you.

Tad: So all the people that are left in there that are unconscious, that are trapped?

Aidan: We got to stay here and do nothing?

Jack: Hey, hey, hey --

Reggie: No, J, I just can't sit here while Erica and Lily need us -- and Kendall.

Jack: And I need you safe.

Julia: Will you just let me look at it?

J.R.: Hey, maybe you didn't hear me because of the blast, ok? I don't have time for this.

Julia: Would you rather bleed and get an infection?

J.R.: No, I want to find my son's mother. That's all that matters. Nothing else matters. What, do you guys not get this? We have people that we love in there! You expect us to stand out here while they're dying?

Babe: Anybody? Any-- anybody hear me?

Josh: Hey!

Erica: How did this happen? How did the mansion explode? Why am I stuck in here with you and not with the people I love?

Josh: Who knows. You know, I bet they cut into regular programming. This is going to be huge. You imagine? Out of the rubble and devastation come the sole survivors, the famous La Kane, rising star Josh Madden. This so beats Slater’s story any day.

Erica: Sick. Demented.

Josh: I just keep thinking I should've been the one that was stabbed in the gut instead of just getting that scratch on my arm, protecting you from yourself. The show could've followed my recovery -- selfless hero on the mend.

[Josh laughs]

Erica: You? A hero? Help! Somebody get me out of here!

Josh: Erica? Are you all right, Erica?

Erica: Touch me and die.

Zach: You ok?

Simone: What, I look all right? What about you?

Zach: You want to know how I am? That's -- that's nice.

Simone: No, I'm worried about everyone else. My God, what happened? You're to blame for this, aren't you? It's your fault! You did this!

Zach: I was otherwise occupied. I'm sorry to disappoint you.

Ethan: Don't be modest. This is a prime example of the Slater scorched-earth policy. What is this, vengeance for me and Kendall and Ryan?

Zach: It's an old building, old furnace. Things happen.

Simone: Yeah, things happen. Right, then heaven just cracked open and God just smacked down giant rats and power lines and sperm freezers!

Zach: You think my karma reaches all the way to you?

Simone: No, no, I don't! I think my karma's not exactly squeaky clean. I may have done, like, one or two things that are bad in my previous life.

Ethan: Hey, I need to know something, Simone.

[Ethan grunts]

Ethan: I need to know, what kind of flowers -- what kind of flowers did you pick for our wedding? I wasn't listening before, sweetie.

Simone: I love you.

Ryan: Kendall?

Ryan: Ok. You got a pulse. You look ok. Come on. Ugh! You're going to be all right. You're going to be -- hey.

[Kendall wakes up coughing.]

Ryan: You ok?

Kendall: Zach? Zach? Zach, where are you? Zach! What happened?

Ryan: There was an explosion, ok?

Kendall: Ow!

Ryan: Careful, careful. Please, please. We're stuck. We're going to be ok.

Kendall: Ow.

Ryan: Ah! Wait a second. We're stuck.

Kendall: What, are you trying to get us -- trying to get us out of here or --

Ryan: I didn't do anything.

Kendall: Trying --

Ryan: Ah!

Kendall: To get out of here, or you just want to stay here and torture me, Ryan? Is anybody out there!

Ryan: Just relax. Please relax. Everything's going to be fine. How's the baby? How is the baby? You have any strange contractions?

Kendall: Stop it, no, it's not any of your business, Ryan! None of this is your business, ok -- not my body, my life, who I love, or who betrayed me, ok? Just leave me alone. None of this is your business.

Ryan: Just calm down. Please calm down. I want you to calm down, please. Ok. Ok. All right. Just stay here and calm down.

Kendall: Don't tell me what to do, Ryan, ok? I cannot believe that I am stuck here with you of all people, ok? I want to get out of here now. Help! Somebody get me out of here! Just get me away from him!

Simone: Zach, you're bleeding.

Zach: Just popped a few stitches. It's ok.

Simone: No, let me try to help you.

Zach: You going to let your fiancée play nurse to me?

Ethan: I don't "let" Simone do anything, Zach, she's her own person. She wants to waste her time on a lost cause like you, that's --

Simone: We can't let him bleed out, Ethan.

Ethan: That would be a shame. Hey, listen, why don't we --

Zach: Didn't we do this already? You deciding my fate? Yeah, we did. Wildwind Stables.

Ethan: You asked me to let you die.

Zach: And you couldn't do it.

Ethan: It was a momentary lapse, Zach. At least I got you arrested for murder.

Zach: It's getting old, isn't it? What do you think?

Simone: Yes, it's getting old! Why can't we just, like, play charades and stop --

Zach: No more charades, no, no games. Come on, Ethan. What do you want? You want me to live or you want me to die? This is it. End of the line, maybe the end of the world. What do you want from me?

Lily: 33,980. 33,981. 33,982. 33,98 -- 33,980. 33,983. 33,984. 33-- 33,983. 33,984.

Jonathan: Lily? Hey, Lily? Yellow daisies. Lily? Remember what Julia's mom said about when life gets too scary? Just think about yellow daisies. We can do that now, if you want. Just think about yellow daisies, ok? Purple tulips! Lily, purple's your favorite color. Let's think about purple tulips instead.

Lily: But Julia said --

Jonathan: No, we -- we can make our own decisions, right? And if we want purple tulips, we can have purple tulips.

Jamie: Smells like a gas leak. Which means we got to get out of here before this whole --

Amanda: Do you want to make love?

Jamie: What, total destruction turns you on?

Amanda: Look at us, Jamie -- small space, no food, no water, no way out. But plenty of gas fumes. Do you have a better idea than sweaty love?

Jamie: Yeah, actually, I do.

Amanda: Ok, do your pants come off in your version?

Jamie: You just explain to me what you meant -- when you ran in and said everybody had to get out? Right before the whole thing blew.

Tad: Look, you just said the gas was off, so there can't be any risk of explosion.

Jack: Andy, Andy, we're going in.

Tad: You're damn right.

Andy: Listen to me. Hey. There's jagged glass in there, busted wood in there. You make one false step, and you're a casualty!

Tad: No, listen to me, all right? We're talking about our friends and our family in there. They're buried under God only knows what. Either we pay you or you put us on the payroll, but one way or another, we're going in there.

Jack: That's right.

Andy: All right. You disobey one order, break regulations, and I'll come in there myself and drag you out and lock you up. Are we clear?

Danielle: Works for me.

Jack: Reggie, come on, me and you, let's go, son.

J.R.: I'm coming, Babe.

Firefighter: I got a casualty inside. I got to get him stitched up before I can even move him, but he's stuck in a space too tight for my guys.

Julia: I got this.

Joe: Well -- hold on, I'm not sure that's the wisest --

Anita: No, tight space, fast hands? Julia's right, it's all her.

Julia: Do you think I'll fit?

Firefighter: Best chance he's got.

Joe: All right, go in.

Dixie's voice: Ha, ha!

Tad's voice: I gave you a music box. It said "Yours Forever."

[Stuck in the rubble, Dixie remembers happier times with Tad but can't bring herself to answer him now.]

Tad: Hello? If anybody can hear me, let us know you're alive! If we can hear you, we can get you out! You're going to be all right!

J.R.: You see them?

Danielle: Daddy?

Julia: Not yet.

J.R.: Hey, do you have another one of those? Thanks.

Julia: Ok. Oh, God, I see him. It's Stuart.

Tad: Anybody? Give me a sign, you're as good as out! If you can, call out! Kick! Tap! Anything! If we hear you, we can get you out! It's as simple as that!

J.R.: Tell him that Little Adam needs a bedtime story and only Stuart will do. He's a Chandler. He's going to be just fine. So will my dad and Krystal and Babe, wherever they are.

[When Babe tries to move, more debris showers down on her, making her escape impossible.]

Babe: J.R.! Mama!

Josh: You stay in pain just to spite me? Go ahead, Erica!

Erica: No, I want you to stay far away from me. I swear to God, you stay far away from me. I intend to survive this evening.

Josh: Erica, I'd be a damn good doctor. Just ask my father. I have a gift! If I really wanted to spend 36 hours straight taking orders from a guy twice as old as I am who knew half as much as I did, I would do it.

Erica: The way you talk. Who are you?

Tad's voice: Erica, Josh Madden is your son.

Erica: The way you speak, the things you say -- you came into my office, and you just assumed that I'd give you a job, and you just assumed that I'd make you my friend.

Josh: Spare me the shock. As if I'm so bizarre to you.

Erica: I don't know you at all.

Josh: Then why don't you take a good look, Erica? Go on. Take a look at me. I'm the guy that woke up every day wondering if this was going to be the day that the world finally took notice and paid me my due. Movie star, king of the world, president -- didn't matter. Just had to be big, and bigger than anyone else.

Erica: Just like that?

Josh: Why not? Do I come across as an everyday Joe Schmoe to you?

Erica: And all this fame and fortune -- this was just going to come out of nowhere? You didn't have to earn it?

Josh: Oh, I did plenty. I was born.

Erica: Oh. Just like that. That's it?

Josh: Haven't you heard, Erica? I'm a miracle baby! I'm ready for my standing O.

Erica: My God. You really believe this, don't you? You're just entitled to have it all come out of nowhere and fall into your lap, and all you have to do is just sit there and wait for it to come.

Josh: Well, actually, it did come. You went all psycho-slasher on Slater. The network execs liked what they saw -- talented, not crazy, ready to do my thing. Came right on schedule. Just so happened to involve you going crazy. It's nothing personal.

Erica: Nothing personal? Nothing –

Zach: Tell me, Ethan. What kind of father were you expecting? Huh? What were you hoping for? Nothing? No private thoughts, no secret wishes? Nothing?

Simone: If he did, Zach, he would tell me, not you. And if he wants to say anything now, he'll say it to me. Forget about it, Zach, ok, baby? Just -- let's just pretend it's you and me, ok? We're alone.

Zach: What do you want from me?

Ethan: Live, die, Zach, I don't care. I just want to get out of here, ok, and I can do it never seeing your face again.

Ryan: I want you to lie down, I want you to sit there. I want you just to relax.

Kendall: No, you just had to prove that he was a liar and you -- and you are St. Lavery. You know what, you're very obnoxious when you gloat, especially when it could be your last words.

Ryan: You think I'm gloating right now? You think that this is gloating? Listen, when you have screwed up as badly as I have screwed up, the very last thing that you do -- the very last thing -- is you gloat.

Kendall: Is this some sort of reverse psychology to make me think that, "No, no, Ryan, you don't screw up, you never screw up"? Except that you do, Ryan, and you do over and over again.

Ryan: I betrayed you and Greenlee -- your words. I let you tie yourself into knots, because I let you think that I was dead.

Kendall: You watched us cry.

Ryan: Yes.

Kendall: You let Greenlee leave us.

Ryan: Yes.

Kendall: You've cost me Greenlee and Zach and everything else.

Ryan: Yes.

Kendall: I hate you.

Ryan: The pain that you are feeling -- it was all my fault, Kendall. You didn't want to know the truth about Zach, but I told you anyway. I told you to make up for my lies.

Kendall: Well, then why -- then why don't I feel better? Why? Why does this hurt still feel so bad? Why do I hurt so much?

Ryan: We'll make the pain go away. We're going to -- we're going to make it better.

Kendall: "We," meaning?

Ryan: Take a look around, Kendall. You're stuck with me.

Jamie: You were freaked. Right before the explosion, you ran in, wanted my help clearing everybody out.

Amanda: I still don't remember. Can we maybe focus on the fact that we're stuck --

[Debris falls]

Amanda: Did you hear that?

J.R.: Is anybody there?

Amanda: Here!

Jamie: Yeah, right here, right here!

Amanda: We're here! Help us! Oh, my God.

J.R.: Jamie?

Jamie: Hey.

J.R.: You heard from Babe?

Amanda: Are you kidding? We could've died in here. The only thing that matters is the slut that lied about running me down?

J.R.: That's fine, dig yourself out.

Tad: Jamie? Hey, Jamie? You all right?

Jamie: Yeah.

Tad: Ok, we're going to get you out. Amanda, you all right?

Amanda: Yeah, can we just go?

Jamie: What about the blow to your head?

Amanda: Look, I'm fine. I just need some fresh air, some space, peace and quiet.

Tad: Easy. Easy, easy, easy the place is a mess. Make one wrong move, they'll be looking for all of us.

J.R.: You've been down there the whole time, Jamie. Have you heard Babe?

Jamie: I'll be right back to help you look.

Lily: Red. Red. Red. And red. Bars to the left, dead brother to the right. I gave you the gun.

Jonathan: No --

Lily: You called me a moron. Then red, and loud, and red.

Jonathan: No, Lily, never. I -- no, no. I'm so sorry I was bad to you, Lily. I never want to be bad again, ok? I just want -- I want to be your friend. I want --

Lily: No touch!

Jonathan: Ok, I'm sorry.

Lily: Red! Loud!

Jonathan: I'm sorry, Lily, I'm sorry.

Lily: No, touch, no touch.

Jonathan: Look. Look right here, Lily. Look. Look right here. No, look at this. This is the ballroom, ok? This is the ballroom right here, and -- and right here were the stairs. They took us up here to the balcony, where we were, and -- and there were no bars and no rocks and no guns, no bombs. Just -- just music and flowers and you. And we danced. You remember? It was the best dance of my life.

Lily: We -- we danced. We -- we danced here.

Jonathan: Yeah. Yeah, that's right, we did.

Lily: Red. Red!

Jonathan: No, Lily.

Lily: Red. Red.

Jonathan: Ok, come back to me.

Jack: Tell Daddy where you are!

Stuart: My queen of hearts.

Tad: He's talking about his wife, Marian. Let's get him to her.

Julia: Ok.

Firefighter: Ready, guys? One, two, three. Go! Stepping up. One, two, three. Clear.

Danielle: Oh, Dad, you're ok! Oh!

Ryan: Can anybody hear me?

Kendall: When we get out of here, I swear to you I will walk away and never look back.

Ryan: Well, that would be just fine --

Kendall: Did I ask you?

Ryan: Let me finish, please. That would be just fine if you weren't who you were, and you weren't carrying my child.

Kendall: Ok, you know what, Ryan? You're not the boss, all right? You are -- you are nobody to me, and you are no one to this baby.

Ryan: Those papers that you signed -- they say otherwise.

Kendall: Yeah, well, those papers were a mistake. That doesn't -- you couldn't -- you couldn't possibly be a good father to this poor, innocent child.

Ryan: Oh, I see. And so you would rather Zach be the father instead?

Kendall: That supposed to be funny? Don't talk, ok? Don't talk to me, don't look at me. Pretend like you don't even know me. Stay over there on your side, I'm going to stay over here on my side. And when we get out of here, you better stay the hell away from me, or I swear to you -- oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Julia: Hi, sorry.

Joe: You did fine work in there. Well, better get back to your patients.

[While hiding in the background, Janet overhears her daughter's conversation.]

Amanda: I just want to get out of here, go home, and forget tonight ever happened.

Jamie: You knew that explosion was going to happen, that all those people were in trouble. Now, there's only one way you could've known -- you were behind it. Or you know who was or you were a team. It was Janet, wasn't it? Amanda, your mother did this.

Amanda: My mother is nowhere near Pine Valley. Just leave me alone.

Tad: Erica! Ethan!

J.R.: Babe!

Tad: Come on, guys!

J.R.: Little Adam needs you! I need you.

Babe: Please, I'm in here! I'm still alive.

Tad: If anybody can hear me, we're here to help! We can get you out! Just let us know you're there!

[Unable to escape from the falling debris, Dixie groans as she hears Tad calling but refuses to answer.]

Tad: Everybody, quiet. Nobody move. Heard something.

[Tad hears scratching sounds coming from below where Dixie is trapped.]

Tad: Somebody down there?

Josh: You think I'd fetch coffee? Pay my dues? Do grunt work? You know what? You know who pays their dues? Suckers. Losers who don't know how to make it happen. That's not me, Erica. I'm not going to sit around and wait while somebody else has what I deserve.

Nick's voice: Well, you got to go where the action is, Mona. Isn't that right, Erica? I mean, Pine Valley isn't exactly the corner of Hollywood and Vine.

Nick's voice: Yeah. Well, I've been on that corner. It's not all it's cracked up to be.

Erica: When I'm set on a man, he's going to have success written all over him before our marriage even starts. And when he makes it, I'm going to be just what he bargained for. Tad can't be right, can he? Are you -- are you really --

Josh: Am I what?

Jack: Lily? Lily, sweetheart, I hear you! Keep -- keep talking!

Lily: Daddy. Daddy?

Jack: Lily, Daddy's going to get you out!

[While trying to rescue Lily, Jack falls through the ceiling, landing on the pile of rubble below with a sickening thump.]

Zach: The walls aren't done shifting.

Ethan: I'm not wasting any more time. Come here, come here.

Simone: What?

Ethan: Come on, darling, stand over here. Stay there.

Simone: Don't do anything.

Ethan: Shh. Just --

Simone: Ethan!

[Instead of finding a way out, Ethan manages to bury himself under more rubble.]

Ryan: Kendall? I'm going to get you out of here, Kendall. I'll get you out of here. I'll get you and the baby -- I'll get you to a hospital.

Kendall: No, it's moving. Our baby is moving.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Josh (to Erica): Why does the story of my birth upset you so much?

Kendall (to Zach): You had to come and force the truth on me. Now I have nothing to look forward to except loneliness.

Ryan (to Kendall): You have me.

Tad: J.R.?

J.R.: Yeah?

Tad: We're going to need another couple of hands. Watch where you step.

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