AMC Transcript Friday 2/3/06

All My Children Transcript Friday 2/3/06


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Erica: You ungrateful little bitch. How dare you do that to me! 

[As Erica slaps Amanda, in the tunnel Janet feels her daughter's pain.]

Jack: Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. 

Amanda: Erica, what -- what did I do? 

Erica: Oh, please. "What did I do?" Little Miss Innocence? 

Amanda: Why did you slap me? 

Erica: You know very well why I slapped you. I should slap your head right off your shoulders! 

Derek: Easy, Erica. 

Erica: "Easy"? Because of this -- this stupid, vicious little brat, my reputation -- you may have ruined me! 

Lily: Getting here in 15 minutes and allowing time for you to get your coat and your briefcase, you must've driven 10-15 miles an hour over the speed limit. 

Livia: Well, let's keep it a secret. Jonathan, you've changed your mind? You want to post bail? 

Jonathan: Yeah, Livia. I -- I want to get out of here. 

Livia: Jonathan, if you're considering skipping bail, I cannot -- 

Jonathan: No, no. I'm -- I'm not going to run. 

Lily: Well, Aidan and I have concluded that Jonathan's been framed -- well, figuratively speaking. 

Jonathan: Right, right. It's -- someone has arranged all the evidence to make it look like I did it, so I'm not worried anymore, Livia. I mean, if I'm out, I'm not going to hurt anyone, so tell them that I accept bail and then Lily and I can get out of here. 

Lily: We have a party to go to. 

Livia: It's -- it's not so easy. 

Jonathan: But no, this -- this just isn't any party. This -- I'm going to take Lily to the Mardi Gras Ball. 

Lily: Which is tonight. 

Livia: Whoa, ho, ho, ho. You want to get out of jail, so you can date Jack�s daughter? I'm sorry. I won't help you. 

Jack: Amanda, I would very strongly suggest that you get yourself an attorney. 

Amanda: Look, I know I haven't been the most perfect employee -- 

Erica: I gave you the entry-level job of everyone's dreams -- television -- and how do you thank me? How do you repay me? All the message sites, all the blogs are screaming that I'm out of control and "New Beginnings" is in jeopardy. 

Amanda: But what do I have to do with that? 

Erica: Thanks to you and your filthy trick, my reputation, my credibility, it's all on the line. How would you do that? What did you think, you were -- you were funny? Slip Erica some drugs and see if she gets silly? 

Amanda: Drugs? I didn't do any-- 

Erica: How could you do that? How could you dose me with that medication? 

Amanda: Dose you? 

Erica: Don't you have a conscience? 

Amanda: What medication? 

Josh: There's no way out this time, Amanda. We all know. You might as well admit it. 

Di: Oh. Tad. 

Tad: Yeah. Must be low tide -- 

Di: Oh! 

Tad: Because look what washed up. I caught him trying to shimmy out a second-floor window down a drain pipe. 

Di: Oh. 

Tad: You want me to call the cops? 

Di: Oh, oh, oh, oh! Nice try, Marty. Nice try. No, no, Ryan locked him in an upstairs room, so that he couldn't get out of doing us a favor tonight at the Mardi Gras Ball. 

Marty: If I go along with this, Zach will see it as a double-cross. That's not going to make him very happy. 

Zach: I can think of worse things. 

Kendall: Is that a yes? You'll marry me tonight? 

Zach: You're serious? 

Kendall: If I find the judge, will you say "I do"? 

Zach: Hmm. And then what? 

Kendall: We'd go to the ball and then we fly somewhere breathtakingly romantic before anyone knows that we're married. 

Ryan: Come on, seriously. How's my timing?

Simone: Do not say a word. Oh, gee -- 

Ethan: Hey, hold on. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. 

Simone: Ethan. 

Ethan: What are you doing? 

Simone: I opened my big mouth, ok? I told Kendall that Ryan thinks Zach caused the blackout that caused Kendall to be pregnant with Ryan's baby instead of Greenlee. I couldn't just cut off my finger. I should cut out my tongue. 

Ethan: Does Kendall -- has she had it out with Zach yet? 

Simone: Well, we haven't heard any explosions, but -- Kendall knows Ryan knows, and Ryan knows Kendall knows he knows, so God knows when it's all going to hit the fan. Look, I blew it, Ethan. So good-bye. 

Kendall: Ryan, Zach just got out of the hospital. He doesn't need you here harassing him. 

Ryan: Hey, Kendall, Zach, just sit down, take a load off, save your strength, whatever it is that you need. I actually came here to talk to you. 

Kendall: Fine. Talk to yourself. I told you I never wanted to see you again, and I meant it. 

Ryan: Close your eyes and listen. 

Kendall: Ryan, please leave. We're busy. 

Zach: We have time. Why don't you say what you came here to say? 

Kendall: What, are you and my mother a tag team? She started the job with a knife -- what are you packing? 

Ryan: I honestly didn't come here to bother you. In fact, I thought you'd still be in the hospital. I'm very, very happy to see that you're not. I came here to talk to you. I know you're helping your mom with the whole Mardi Gras Ball, and I just thought you might need an escort, that's all. 

Kendall: You? I wouldn't even cross the street with you. 

Ryan: Well, you got to go, Kendall. Your mom's hosting tonight. 

Zach: She's going. We both are. 

Ryan: Great. I just -- making sure. I didn't think you should go alone, that's all, so I'll see you there. 

Zach: Did you find what you were looking for in my office? 

Ryan: I really wasn't sure that there was anything worth finding. 

Zach: What'd you turn up? 

Ryan: Honestly? Nothing worth bragging about. In fact, I owe you an apology for what went down at the hospital, Kendall. 

Zach: What went down? What did I miss? 

Ethan: Where are you going? 

Simone: Somewhere where they don't speak my language, or I can't cause trouble or wreck anyone else's life with my big jabbering mouth. 

Ethan: I'm pretty fond of that mouth, you know. 

Simone: Ethan -- you and Ryan have all kinds of plans and with one blurb out of me, it all goes down the tubes. What, so I'd write "Do not confide in me" on my forehead with our glossy brick lip-gloss? 

Ethan: It's a little too late for that. 

Simone: But I could get my jaw wired shut, my lips sewn together. 

Ethan: You could still hear and write. 

Simone: Ah, so I'm hopeless. That's what you're saying. 

Ethan: That's not what I'm saying. 

Simone: Don't tell me anything, ok, because I might just broadcast it to the world. You know, it's a genetic disorder. Why haven't you dumped me? How come you don't take that ring back and run? God, that is why I love you so much. You're so nice, too nice. You're too much of a gentleman. So you what? For once � for once, my flabbering lips have done the right thing. I said it all for you. We're over. You Brad, me Jennifer -- done. 

Ethan: I should say good-bye, but for a bigger reason than this. 

Di: I mean, Marty, how far can you go with what's in your wallet? 

Marty: Di, this could land me in jail. 

Di: Oh. 

Marty: Let me go.

Tad: Wait a minute. What's your plan? 

Di: Marty just has to stick around long enough for Ryan to get back and then do whatever Ryan wants. 

Marty: Goodbye, freedom. 

Di: Oh, Marty, come on. I mean, you've got a nice, easy jet ride to look forward to when you get this job done to a life you're going to like a lot better, courtesy of Cambias Industries. 

Marty: Yeah, if I don't get busted first. They're crazy! Let me go, help me out. 

Tad: We are. Working with us is a hell of a lot safer than working for Zach. In the meantime, I'm going to find you a nice small room with no windows and a big lock. 

Jonathan: You're not my lawyer anymore? 

Livia: Jonathan, I would be a fool to help you get to the Mardi Gras Ball. 

Lily: Well, I'll be with him. He won't get into any trouble. 

Livia: Lily, people think Jonathan is guilty of a variety of crimes. 

Lily: Well, it's ok. We can ignore them. 

Livia: Lily, does your dad know that you're dating Jonathan?

Lily: Yeah, he knows I like Jonathan. 

Livia: And he doesn't approve of it, does he?

Lily: Well, he didn't like it when Greenlee married Ryan or when Zach married Kendall. 

Livia: Mm-hmm.

Lily: And Erica really hated when Zach married Kendall. 

Livia: And what does that teach you? 

Lily: That it's a tradition in our family for women to choose men that our father doesn't like.

Livia: Aye! I'll see what I can do. I can probably post bail for you. But you've got to keep a low profile. You cannot rub people's faces in your freedom. 

Jonathan: No, I'm -- I -- I won't. I mean, that's what Ryan told me, too, that I -- that I have to keep a low profile. 

Livia: That is very good advice. Do not show your face in public especially at the Mardi Gras Ball, for your sake and for Lily's. All right. I'll see what I cado to get the bail wheels turning. 

Jonathan: Ok. What are we -- what are we going to do? I mean, if I can't show my face, then we're stuck. 

Lily: We just have to get you a new face. 

Josh: You know, I covered for you, bought your excuses. 

Amanda: Josh, I would never do -- 

Josh: What, give anyone drugs? 

Babe: Some of us know better. 

J.R.: Finally we can put her away. 

Amanda: I wouldn't do that to Erica, I wouldn't. 

Josh: Yeah, well, when you knocked your purse over, I found a pill bottle. 

Amanda: I'm not on any medication. 

Derek: Where are the pills, Amanda? 

Josh: I put them back in her purse. 

Derek: You better turn them over to me. 

Amanda: I am not admitting anything. I am innocent, and you can't search my purse without a warrant. 

Josh: You know what? He can't, but I can. 

Amanda: Stop it! You don't know what you're doing! 

Josh: Excuse me. 

Amanda: Stop! 

Josh: Oh, what do we have here? "Phenothiazine" -- 

Jack: Let me see those. 

Josh: The same antipsychotic that they found in Erica's bloodstream. 

Jack: This is going to just kill your father. Poor Trevor. So how did you give these to Erica, huh? 

Amanda: I didn't. It wasn't me. 

Erica: Tea. You slipped those drugs to me in the tea you gave me to drink. 

Amanda: No, I didn't put anything in the tea! I didn't make it. Josh did. You dirty SOB. I didn't drug Erica, you did. Give me those. You set me up! 

Josh: I hired you! It's my fault you even got to Erica. 

Amanda: You took the pills out, slipped them in Erica's tea, and had me give it to her. 

Jack: Oh, come on, Amanda. Why would Josh do that?

Amanda: He's been doing this kind of thing, maybe building up to this moment, since I started. 

Josh: I was such an idiot to even bring you onboard. 

Amanda: I would get to work and Josh would ask me about something he supposedly asked me to do -- scheduling or rearranging, and I wouldn't know what he was talking about. 

Josh: Yeah, your lost hours. She had these psychotic episodes. 

Amanda: You knew I couldn't remember stuff, so you made me think I was messing up at work. 

Josh: You were a walking disaster, Amanda!

Amanda: Only I wasn't! 

Josh: She said you and her mother were tight, so I tried to cover for her. 

J.R.: This isn't the first time she's misused meds. 

Babe: It's practically her MO.

Amanda: That's not true. I swear I didn't drug Erica. 

J.R.: Then she's the exception. She's even dosed herself once to get Jamie's attention. She had to go to the hospital for that, yeah. 

Derek: Is that true? 

Amanda: It was a stupid mistake. 

J.R.: Yeah, because you got caught. 

Babe: And it wasn't the only time. 

Amanda: We're talking about Erica, about this time. 

Babe: She scored some kind of date-rape drug at the mall. I saw her.

J.R.: Sloppy, Amanda, sloppy. 

Derek: Seems like you have quite a history with drugs. 

Babe: See? She got them to slip to Jamie. She was desperate to marry him and figured he'd agree to say yes if he was high on that junk, but luckily, we found out in time. 

Erica: Oh, my God. And here I've had you on my payroll all these months and -- and none of us is safe. 

J.R.: Not unless she's locked up. Why are we all so surprised that she's lethal? Just check her bloodline.

Lily: Well, nobody has to show his or her face at the Mardi Gras Ball. I mean, everybody will wear a mask, and no one will know it's you. 

Jonathan: Livia doesn't want me any place with a lot of people. 

Lily: Yeah, but I want you to go, because it's going to be very crowded and loud and there's going to be red in the costumes and everything. 

Jonathan: Well, that'd still be true even if I went. 

Lily: Well, I've made some adjustments to help me cope, lenses and eyeholes for when I hold it up. And then, when I'm not holding it up, I have a new pair of sunglasses in my purse. 

Jonathan: You think of everything. 

Lily: No, not everything. Nobody can do that. But I have learned to plan in advance, and that's why I want you to go � because you understand how I feel. Like remember when we were at the mall, and you brought me that sign that showed me where I was? You made it clearer and made me calm. 

Jonathan: But -- but you still had to leave. 

Lily: I know. I feel ready for this party if you can go with me. And no one will know it's you. You'll be in disguise. 

Jonathan: Do you think it could work? 

Lily: If it worked with the chameleon lady, I think it can work for you. 

Jonathan: If we could keep my profile so low that no one can see it at all -- 

Lily: We can. We can, so they won't be scared or mad, and better and more secure if you were with me. 

Jonathan: I want to go. I want to go. But you might not always have on your mask, but I'm going to have to wear mine all the time. 

Lily: Ok, well, you -- you might have to leave a little early, because at some point -- I think when the clock strikes 12:00 -- everyone takes their masks off. 

Amanda: Please believe me. I would never hurt you. 

J.R.: Yeah, but the rest of us are fair game? 

Amanda: Why would I? You have been so great to me. You and my mother were close. I admire you. 

Erica: Amanda, please. I had to reprimand you on your job performance, and I did it in front of witnesses. I threatened to fire you. 

Amanda: Ok, you don't drug someone, put them in danger for that. 

Erica: No. I don't. I stabbed a man. I could've killed him, because you had to have your revenge. 

Amanda: Because Josh drugged you! He took the pills. 

Erica: Your pills, Amanda, your pills. They were in your purse. 

Jamie: Amanda never told me she was taking anything. Maybe Josh planted the pills. 

Josh: You make as little sense as your little girlfriend over here. 

Jamie: It's your mother's prescription? 

Erica: Those are Janet's pills? 

Jamie: What are you doing with Janet's meds? They can't help you. Look at me and tell me the truth. 

Amanda: I forgot I had them. 

J.R.: Thought you used them up on everyone else? 

Amanda: Jamie, you've got to believe me. 

J.R.: Why do you have your mom's pills? I mean, what's going on here? 

Amanda: It's no big mystery, ok? The last time my mother was here, she dropped them, I forgot to mail them to her, so give them back, and I'll do it. 

Derek: When was Janet last here? This prescription was just filled in PineValley. 

Amanda: Oh. That's because my mother was just here. Babe, didn't you talk to her in the park? 

Derek: Is that right? 

Babe: We talked. 

Amanda: My mother was in town, so I have her pills. So do about 85% of the women in PineValley. 

Jack: Not the same pills that were found in Erica's bloodstream, and their mothers don't have the same history yours does. 

Amanda: You can't make this about my mother. 

Jack: Look, did you tell Janet? Did you tell your mom that Erica humiliated you in front of your co-workers? 

Amanda: It wasn't that big a deal. 

J.R.: Not to someone dealing with a full deck. 

Erica: Did you tell Janet that I threatened to fire you? 

Jack: Amanda, answer the question. 

Amanda: I am not on the witness stand, ok? You cannot make me talk against my mother. 

Jack: Nobody's asking you to talk against your mother. What we're asking for here is the truth. 

Derek: That's all we're after. 

Amanda: No. No, you're all after me, just like the whole town was after my mother. It was a big old witch-hunt just like this. 

J.R.: You're off a letter. More like bitch hunt. 

Erica: Amanda, your mother was so proud that you were working at "New Beginnings." How could you disappoint her like this? 

Amanda: I'm not, I didn't. 

Erica: Your mother loves you, and she had faith in you and -- and this is what you do to her? 

Amanda: What about what my mother is doing to me? 

Jamie: What's Janet doing to you, Amanda? You can't say something like that and then just back off. Tell us what Janet's done. 

Amanda: Ok! Ok, you're so hot for it, I'll tell you the truth. 

Di: Oh. 

Tad: You know, in all the years I've been coming here, I've never seen that room. 

Di: Yeah, you know what Julia told me? That in the original state in Budapest, they used to use it to smoke meat in there. 

Tad: Huh. Too many jokes. 

Di: Huh. 

Tad: Are you sure your friend Marty is going to want to go along with this thing? 

Di: Come on -- Tad, yeah. You know what? Thanks to me, he doesn't really have a choice. 

Tad: And you're enjoying this? 

Di: Oh, I kind of liked playing Marty. And Ryan has a plan, you know, tonight and I want to help him see it through tonight at the ball. Ok, so you're not so much enjoying this. 

Tad: No, I'm just waiting for some lab results. It's not exactly my strong suit. 

Di: My God, Tad. What is wrong? Are you --

Tad: They're not my lab results. It's not even medical. That doesn't mean I'm not praying that I'm wrong. I told you to cross your fingers, remember? 

Di: Yeah, you know, and I don't really know what this is about. Is it Erica or Madden -- 

Tad: Yeah, nice try. Listen, I asked you to help me out with the whole Greg Madden thing. It doesn't mean I'm going to ask you to help me out with the anxiety. 

Di: Why not? Come on, what can we do? What can we do to, I don't know, take your mind off of it? We can -- we can play cards, do a crossword puzzle. Ok, try some pole-dancing, huh? 

Tad: I'm no good at all three, thank you. 

Di: Yeah, like you've tried all three. 

Tad: I happen to know firsthand, though, that you are excellent at one of them. 

Di: At one of them. Well, we haven't played cards. We haven't done a crossword puzzle. 

Tad: So I'm sorry, but as difficult or embarrassing as J.R.'s little video ambush might have been for you -- 

Di: Yeah, it might have been. 

Tad: Thanksgiving was really edifying for -- 

Di: I bet it was. 

Tad: You know, it's none of my business, but just out of curiosity -- where did you learn to move like that? 

Di: Um -- well, one day on the subway, you know, I just decided to let myself go. 

Tad: Well, it must have been a fun commute. 

Di: I don't know whether to hit you right now or kiss you. 

Tad: You want to guess which one I'd prefer? 

[Phone rings] 

Di: Yeah, I think I can guess. 

Tad: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa -- hang on a second. It's them. Let me hear. You're kidding. No. No, don't -- don't do anything. I'll be right there. 

Di: What? What is it? 

Tad: It's the lab. I got to go. 

Ethan: Hey, come on. 

Simone: Saying good-bye to me would be the best thing that you've ever done. 

Ethan: I love you, ok? Why can't you see that? 

Simone: I do in a sort of it's-too-good-to-believe way. 

Ethan: See, that really drives me crazy. 

Simone: You're too good for me, Ethan. 

Ethan: Have you forgotten all the terrible things I've done? 

Simone: Oh. Well, I'm blinded by your handsomeness. 

Ethan: You and I are perfect for each other, ok? When I brood, you say something. 

Simone: Something I probably shouldn't, like somebody else's deep, dark secret. 

Ethan: Because of you, I can't take myself seriously. Every day is brighter and better, and I adore you for it. 

Simone: God. Oh. You have fallen underneath my evil spell. Yes, quick say my name three times and hop on one foot out the door right now. Escape. 

Ethan: Back to boring, predictable life without you? Face it -- come on. The things that you call your weak points are things that I love about you the most. 

Kendall: Ryan was just being Ryan. Now he's being even more Ryan. 

Zach: What did you do or say? 

Ryan: I -- I said some things and I was out of line. You know what? Forget it. 

Kendall: Fine -- forgotten. Not even you can mess up this wonderful day. Zach stood up for my mother. He defended her. If you hadn't said what you did, I don't know what could've happened to her. But that's why we're not waiting any longer. Zach and I are eloping. 

Ryan: Maybe you'll save me the last dance before you run off and tie the knot. 

Kendall: I'll wave to you from across the dance floor. 

Ryan: I'm really just trying to prove to you that I'm still your friend, Kendall, that's all. I just want what's best for you. 

Zach: What did he say at the hospital? 

Kendall: It was stupid and insulting. 

Zach: I can take it. 

Kendall: I won't repeat it. 

Zach: I want you to. 

Kendall: Well, I don't want to, and you can't make me. 

Zach: Hell I can't. 

Kendall: You better not try. 

Zach: Tell you what. I'm not going to go anywhere until you tell me. 

Kendall: Ugh -- for God's sakes -- ok. Ryan -- Ryan accused you of some grave misdeed. 

Zach: I've been guilty of a few. 

Kendall: Yeah, but this was -- this was ridiculous. It was absurd. 

Zach: Run it by me. I'll tell you if I'm guilty or not. 

Kendall: You're not, so shut up, ok? Stop. No, no -- 

Zach: Hey -- 

Kendall: No, Zach, I know you, so I know the truth. And anyone who tries to tear you down, I'll rip them to shreds, including you. And if you don't like it, I'm sorry, that's just the way I do things. 

Zach: You're kind of sexy when you're mad.

Kendall: Ok, now you're delirious, so I -- we need to find you help. But first, we're going to find a judge. And this way, we can get remarried before it's too late. So I'm going to go now. 

Zach: You can't do that.

Simone: I am an embarrassment. 

Ethan: You're a joy. 

Simone: I'm a business liability, a total curse. 

Ethan: Everybody who meets you is charmed.

Simone: Oh -- you know, I could possibly change. You know, try -- reform. 

Ethan: If you do that, I'll divorce you. 

Simone: Ethan, seriously, I could screw up big, and I could cost you a fortune. 

Ethan: Good. I've got a lot of fortunes to go through. 

Simone: I offer you a way out. I gave you plenty enough reason to grab that ring and run, and you -- 

Ethan: Simone, face it. You and I are perfect for each other. Now, are you going to put that ring back on your finger, or am I going to have to do it for you? 

Jonathan: I don't know my size. 

Lily: Ok, put your arms out really wide and turn around very slowly. Ok -- arm to arm, 19 inches. Arm to shoulder to wrist, 35 inches. Across the front of the chest, 22 inches. Waist, 31 inches. Waist to ankle, 45 inches. And inseam, 33 inches. 

Jonathan: How did you know that? 

Lily: Well, I can measure in my head. I might be a little off, but not so much where it would matter. 

Jonathan: If you say so. 

Lily: Ok, well, I'll get everything for you, and I'll have it delivered to your apartment. And meet me at the ball. And don't forget to put your mask on. 

Jonathan: Lily -- I wish that you didn't have to wear a mask. Because I like looking at your face. You're beautiful. 

Amanda: With so many righteous, brilliant people against me, I must be guilty, right? A great legal mind, chief of police, rich and mighty Chandler, and a TV superstar. You must be right. Yeah, I have been leading a one-woman crime war against the whole town. I slipped a special ingredient into the Chandler Thanksgiving soup. Oh, I dressed up as Santa so that Little Adam wouldn't scream when I grabbed him. And back at the hospital, I got up out of my wheelchair and pushed Babe down the stairs. Oh -- let's not forget my finest moment. I snuck up behind a bunch of your loved ones, smacked them in the back of the head, and loaded them onto a truck. Next stop, quicksand. Why not? I mean, what else is there to do in PineValley, right? Hang out at the local Dairy King? Yeah, I've been one busy little psycho, but you found me out. 

Derek: Amanda, maybe you want to wait until you have a -- 

Amanda: No, why fight it? I am being steamrolled by the crème de la crème. I mean, cuff me, take me in. 

J.R.: What are you waiting for? That was a full confession. 

Amanda: Don't. Don't. Stay where you are. You haven't proven anything against me except that I have my mother's pills -- the same pills that probably hundreds of people take, anyway. 

Erica: But you had reason to use them. 

Amanda: I'll be fine. There's no evidence against me. I'll be fine. I have a mother and a father who believe in me and love me. And that makes me strong enough to stand up to all of you and win. I just wish that I had stayed home with them and not come to this town and have to put up with backstabbers, like all of you. 

Babe: We wish you would have stayed there, too. 

Amanda: If you charge me with anything, I'll get out of it so quick. And I will go back home where my mother will be waiting for me, and we will be so happy far away from here. 

J.R.: Who cares? Derek, will you drag her out of here already? We've got places to be. Like the Mardi Gras Ball. 

Erica: Oh, God. That's right. Derek -- Derek, I am pressing full charges against her. Ok, let's get out of here. I have to get ready. 

Janet: Oh, my sweet baby -- oh, my beautiful, brave little girl. You're being persecuted by a bunch of smug holier-than-thou animals. But not for long, sweetheart. Not for long. I'm going to teach them all a lesson. And together, you and I -- we are going to dance on their graves!

Ryan: No, I have to do this now. I have to do it right now. Otherwise, Kendall and Zach -- they're going to run off, and they're going to get married, and it'll be too late. And after that, they'll never believe the truth. 

Di: Yeah. I have no doubt you'll be able to pull this off, but -- 

Ryan: But what? What? I've gone over this, like, 100 times. 

Di: But are you sure you want to go through with it? I mean, this is big, Ryan. It could affect people for years. Generations, even, you know? And you can take it from me -- even when your motives are pure, you can still end up holding the dirty end of the stick. 

Ryan: But it's the truth. It's the truth. I want people to know the truth. 

Di: Yeah, well, the truth -- it can still wreck a lot of lives. Especially a truth like this, about children, about relationships, about who people really are. You're springing something here that you're not going to be able to control once it's out there. I mean, look -- look at how the Chandlers ended up. God, I mean, they might never recover. 

J.R.: You know, Erica must have been as crazy as Janet to hire Amanda. 

Babe: I'm just glad Derek took her in. 

J.R.: Well, at least you don't need a bodyguard following you and Little A around every second of every day. 

Babe: And you can relax. Your undercover days are over. 

Jamie: I'm not so sure of that. 

Babe: What did he mean by that? 

J.R.: Who cares? Now we can talk about us.

Babe: Didn't I settle that? There is no "us." 

J.R.: The more I see, the more I realize that we got to be the only normal people in this town. We got to stick together. 

Janet: My old pal Erica was Amanda's accuser. I mean, whatever happened to loyalty? Whatever happened to trust? 

Image: Mewling about misplaced trust and loyalty -- hmm! When are you ever going to learn? 

Janet: Oh, I have. I've learned plenty. And now, it's time to educate them. 

[Jack whistles in appreciation when Erica enters the room.]

Erica: Well, if I've learned anything, it's how to put a game face on and go. 

Jack: Yeah, well, let me tell you something about that game face -- yours could launch 1,000 ships. You look absolutely stunning. And while I think it would be wrong to deprive the citizenry of PineValley of this vision that stands before me, they would understand if you missed the ball. 

Erica: Oh, no, they wouldn't. They would talk, they would gossip. They would say that I've lost my nerve, that I'm a pill-popping, would-be murderess afraid to show her face. 

Jack: They know better than that. And they know that you are not afraid of anything. 

Erica: Jack, the media's already teeming with rumors -- I fell off the wagon, I'm under the influence of drugs, I went mad and stabbed my daughter's once-and-hopefully-not-future husband. 

Jack: All I'm saying is that we could -- could do the damage control later. 

Erica: Now. 

Jack: Ok. 

Erica: It has to be done now. There's no time to lose. Because if I don't face this tonight with my head held high, then my own new beginning -- you know, that could be over. It's so important, Jack, that I show them that nothing anyone can say and anyone can do can beat me down. That I am still Erica Kane. 

Tad: I'm sorry, and I don't want to alarm you, but this can't wait. I just got these results back. 

Joe: Are you all right? Is there something wrong? 

Tad: No, no, no, I'm ok, I'm ok. There's plenty wrong, it's just not about me. It's more about you and Mom and half of this entire town. It's -- it's more ethical than it is medical. 

Joe: What is it? 

Tad: Dad, brace yourself. I don't even know where to begin. Look, you just take a look at the results yourself. Because if you believe it, then I'm just going to have to. 

Ethan: It's amazing. It slips on so very easily. And getting it off is -- 

Simone: Next to impossible. 

Ethan: I know. 

Simone: It's, like, psychological. My mind over matter, you know? I mean, I don't know -- I think I'm doing the right thing. But then my ring finger knows better, so then it swells. 

Ethan: Listen, we have to get to the ball.

Simone: Oh, yes. 

Ethan: Ok? Ryan needs us today. 

Simone: Ah! Don't -- don't -- don't tell me anything. Haven't you listened to anything I ever say? Nothing -- don't tell me anything. La-la-la-la la, la, la la-la-la-la-la la, la -- 

Zach: You deserve better. 

Kendall: Yes, but I want you. That -- it was a joke. 

Zach: Oh. Ok. 

Kendall: Hmm. 

Zach: Well, I want to give you the wedding you always wanted. 

Kendall: Well, you will. We'll have it. It doesn't matter when or how or where. 

Zach: What's going on? You afraid something, someone's going to screw this up? 

Kendall: No. No, that's -- that's ridiculous. I just -- I want to be your wife again. I -- I don't see why we should wait. Why wait? 

Zach: Because we should try to create something that we're going to remember when we're old and gray and full of sleep. You know, something for our great-, great-, great-grandchildren to talk about. You know, just tell me what you want it, and I'll make it happen. 

Kendall: Zach, that's sweet, and I love it. I do. Are you sure this isn't your blood loss talking? 

Zach: It's probably part of it. 

Kendall: Yeah. Probably all of it. Well, anyway -- I -- this is good. So I think we should do this, but I don't think we should go to the ball. I think we should wait and we should stay home and plan our wedding. That's what we should do. 

Zach: Erica needs us there. 

Kendall: Are you sure? 

Zach: Damn right. 

Ryan: I've kept secrets before, Di, and they cost me Greenlee. 

Di: So do you want to maybe just rethink tonight's plan? 

Ryan: I don't want the same thing to happen to Kendall. I mean, she'll go off, and she'll start a whole new life, and then the truth will come out, and it will destroy everything that meant anything to her. 

Di: So just pull the rug out from under her now? I mean, just don't expect her to thank you for it. 

Ryan: Look, Kendall and Zach -- they can run off, and they can get married after the ball if that's what she wants, but at least she'll do it knowing exactly who Zach really is. 

J.R.: Well, what are you waiting for? Go get in your gown. 

Babe: I'm on my way, right now. 

J.R.: Then we can go to the ball. 

Babe: But not together. I'm going alone. I'm going to have fun. 

Tad: Dad, nobody knows the test was run except me. It's got to be true. 

Joe: Yeah. 

Tad: It's all right there. 

Joe: Yes, I see it. But it's not possible.

Tad: Well, then, you're a man of science. You explain those results. 

Joe: I can't. 

Tad: However it happened, it happened. It's a fact, and there's the proof. 

Joe: You know, this -- this involves far more than just your mother and me. I mean, God knows how many other people's lives are affected. 

Tad: Chief among them is Erica. 

Joe: Yeah. 

Tad: And I'm the guy that's stuck telling her. How the hell do you tell someone something like this? 

Josh: Erica? Erica? 

Erica: Right here. 

Josh: Wow. All you've been through and you've never -- there's no way you could ever look more beautiful than you do right now. 

Erica: Thank you. 

Derek: Now, you shot yourself in the foot back there at the Chandlers. Now, if you want to take it back, I'll see what I can do to get -- 

Amanda: I'm not taking back a single word.

Derek: As stubborn as your old man. 

Amanda: Enjoy the view? 

Jonathan: Your voice isn't right. 

Amanda: Just what I need -- a wack case critic. 

Jonathan: They showed me your -- your pictures. 

Amanda: Am I supposed to understand this? 

Jonathan: Now I know -- you're not the one. 

Amanda: The one what? 

Jonathan: The one who's setting me up. The -- the lady doing all the bad things in PineValley. 

Janet: Where do I start? They all need to be taught a lesson, even Erica. But how to implement my lesson plan -- that's the question. Of course. By George, I think I've got it. 

Josh: I am so sorry, Erica. I should have gotten rid of Amanda ages ago. If I had only known -- you have nothing to worry about now, though. Amanda can't hurt you, and I'm going to make sure that no one else can hurt you. 

Erica: Well, you keep that promise, and I will sail through this night. 

Janet's voice: Oh, Erica, my erstwhile friend, have I got a surprise for you. Girl, we are going to have a ball. 

On the next "All My Children" -- 

Babe (to Krystal): I'm going to make J.R. want me so bad, he's going to beg to marry me. 

Jesse (to Erica): I can keep you on the air under one condition -- take on Josh as your co-host. 

Jonathan (to Janet): You're the one who set me up! 

Ryan (to Ethan): This is the way it's got to be -- tonight, we pull the plug on Slater. 

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